Little Girl ‘Lost’?

MC uses the hostages in Gaza and the stabbings and riots and Dublin as the jumping-off point for a discussion of various ghastly features of our current dystopia.

Little Girl ‘Lost’?

by MC

Words tend to change meaning over time, but also tend to have a meaning locked to a time and a place. Words such as ‘Fascist’ and ‘Nazi’, for instance, described a particular view of Socialism which was a modification of Communism where the means of production remained in the hands of the ‘owners’ but where every nut and bolt was controlled by the party.

Both of these word have become epithets used by ignorant people to describe conservatives and conservative thought, the so called ‘far-right’ in modern parlance.

Demonstrations in Dublin, Ireland were blamed on the ‘far-right’ because a culture-enricher took a knife to grade-schoolers. Conservatives on the whole see children as extremely important members of society. Leftists see them as a weapon to use against ‘conservatives’.

So a little girl, kidnapped by terrorists, was ‘lost and then found’, as if from a popular hymn about slavery.

Children are a vulnerability in a normal, decent society. They need to be physically protected, and now it appears that they need to psychologically and emotionally protected. To attack them by indoctrination appears to be one of the most malignant traits of modern collectivism, The USSR had its Komsomol, Nazism had its Hitlerjugend and Bund Deutscher Mädel, where children were taught to perceive non-Aryans as Untermenschen and thus disposable. Hamas, too, has its presence in the schoolroom.

The Boy Scouts in the UK was the first to fall. In the ’60s it was transformed from a paramilitary (non-political) boys’ club to a proto-collectivist ‘Komsomol’. Gone were the knots and splices; in came the socialization and ‘voluntary’ work (motivational slavery).

Pre-1966 ‘Advanced Party’, we used to go to one of the local girls’ reform (prison) schools/homes to help in removing some of the more dangerous trees from their grounds. We would fell them, de-branch them and then cut them up into manageable logs. In return we were given a really nice lunch (served by the girls themselves; it was the only contact we were allowed). This was symbiosis at work: we became mini-lumberjacks competent to use axes, crosscut (two-man) saws, splitting wedges and ropes.

That stopped…

Boy Scouts became ‘Scouts’. Boyish (risky) pursuits and games (“Briish buwdog” [sic]) were gradually removed.

As Sea Scouts this hit us very hard. Overnight we lost our sailing qualifications and had to requalify under the Royal Yachting Association rules which included a mandatory course and cost hundreds of pounds. Scouts became a classist group where ‘the puir wee bairns’ could get help from welfare, but whole swathes of kids were now excluded because their parents were not rich enough to afford the training, but were not on welfare either.

Scouts, particularly Sea Scouts, became a club for the entitled.

Another word that holds historic meaning is the word ‘pogrom’ from Czarist Russia. It was a very specific term to describe government/church-sponsored mob brutality towards Jews. But what do we call a pogrom as we have seen in London, Berlin, etc. in the past few weeks?

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Brown Border

After a long hiatus, Max Denken returns with a film review that is much more than a review: he has a family connection with the area of Poland that abuts the border with Belarus and is featured in the movie.

Brown Border

by Max Denken

The movie

Tired and jet-lagged upon arrival in Warsaw, I bide the daytime hours. A walking distance from my hotel, a movie theater is playing Green Border, the new film by Polish émigré film director Agnieszka Holland.

America’s most prominent film school and a stab at a Hollywood career are as long behind me as are Holland’s days at the FAMU film school in Prague. I once introduced to a Los Angeles audience Krzysztof Zanussi, the Polish film director with whom, as his assistant director, Holland began her career, but my paths never crossed hers nor did my interests in film or life run parallel. Still, I loved her children’s film The Secret Garden (1993) and, as an animal lover, could identify with her revulsion at a driven hunt’s wholesale slaughter of wildlife in Spoor (2017). I drag myself out of the hotel and go to see Green Border, Holland’s film that had just had its premiere screening at the 80th Venice Film Festival in September, 2023.

What I proceed to endure for two and a half interminable hours is an agitprop salad similar in intent but far below the artistic level of such famous purveyors of film propaganda as Sergei Eisenstein for the Bolsheviks and Leni Riefenstahl for Hitler. There is no story with real human characters in the traditional narrative sense but a weepy outburst about numinous Syrian, Afghan, and African refugees trying to invade Poland’s via its border from Belarus and being brutally repulsed.

The New York Film Festival synopsized the film as, “A Syrian family leaves the violence of their country behind, hoping to cross from Belarus into Poland and then onto the safe haven of Sweden. But, like so many lost souls, they end up caught in a political maelstrom, demonized by the Polish government and press and used as pawns in an inhumane, deadly border game.”

The reality background to Holland’s invention is that in July, 2021, Alexandr Lukashenko, the dictator leader of Belarus, threatened to “flood” the European Union with drugs and migrants and proceeded with this scheme of hybrid warfare. Belarussian agencies in tandem with some Middle Eastern airlines fraudulently promoted easy entry into the EU’s territory and arranged for the delivery of migrants to the Polish-Belarus border. It was an inhumane, cynical ploy probably ordered by Lukashenko’s ally in the Kremlin to either force a stream of undesirables onto Russia’s foe, Poland, or to make Poland look bad if it refused to grant them passage.

A flood of Iraqis, Syrians, Afghans, Congolese, Cameroonians, and Sudanese followed to the forested border. By November 2021, Poland’s border guard had intercepted over 32,000 migrants’ attempts to invade Poland. Having defied the EU’s order to take in a share of Angela Merkel’s invitees since 2015, Poland’s PiS government, to its credit, was not going to yield to this Putin/Lukashenko ploy, either.

And that evidently unleashed in Ms. Holland — daughter of a Polish-Jewish high communist official and notorious European “progressive” — her own flood: that of the maternal bonding female hormone oxytocin. The same one that a group of German — what else — scientists stated in their 2017 paper “Oxytocin-enforced norm compliance reduces xenophobic outgroup rejection “ would reduce “xenophobic outgroup rejection” if administered to all those racist white people who don’t want half a billion African and Middle Eastern Muslim refugees in Europe and North America.

Holland’s migrants are “refugees” and “people like us” — middle class in their countries, handy with English and cellphones, and with means sufficient to have paid the stiff costs of this passage. In reality, they are not like us.

Holland’s Syrian “refugees” are not the stabbers of children in a playground in Annecy or hateful attackers of Jews in Vienna. They are not the Syrian refugees who just in 12 months of 2016/2017, set a homeless man on fire on Christmas in Berlin or, screaming “Allahu Akbar,” attacked and injured four people at a bus station in Lünen. They are not the Syrian refugee who murdered a pregnant woman with a machete and wounded two others at a bus station in Reutlingen.

They are not the Syrian “asylum seeker” who raped a 44-year-old mentally disabled woman in Soest. They are not the 27-year-old Syrian who stabbed and killed a Red Cross mental health counselor in Saarbrücken, or the one who tried to behead 64-year-old Ilona Fugmann who had offered him a job at her beauty salon in Herzberg.

They are not the Syrian “asylum seekers” who were filming and molesting underage girls at a swimming pool in Löbau or the ones who did so in Mariendorf, or the one who sexually assaulted a ten-year-old girl in Tübingen.

Holland’s Syrians are not the “migrant” who went on a “stabbing-spree” on board a train in Bavaria, or the one who attacked passengers on a bus from Berlin to Milan. They are not the “asylum seeker” who blew himself up next to a wine bar in Ansbach and wounded 15 people, or the one in Pittsburgh, who sought to blow up a church for Isis. Nor are they like Abdalfatah who sought refuge in Germany after murdering 36 people in Syria for the Jabhat al-Nusra jihadist group.

No, they are just a cute family with a genial grandpa, a well-married couple, and their nice boy, little girl, and a baby. Not even a Syrian “refugee” family where the father murders his wife because she irritated him, or murders his wife and two daughters and leaves them dead in a freezer.

Holland’s Afghan refugees in the film consist of one English-speaking, kind woman who “helped the Americans” during the Afghanistan war. In reality, Afghan rapefugees sow terror in the heart of Europe’s women. They rape and murder. Again and again, everywhere in Europe, solo and in groups, boasting of it on Facebook, the victim alternately an adult, girl, or boy.

Holland’s sole Afghan is not the 19-year-old Afghan “asylum seeker” who stabbed three people in Ravensburg, or the 41-year-old who murdered a five-year-old Russian boy and severely wounded his mother in Arnschwang, or the one whose sexual intercourse with a woman in Limerick included stabbing her to death in a “frenzied attack “. Nor is she portraying the Afghan migrant who murdered two people in Serbia and then one in Britain, or the one who stabbed seven people in Sweden. Just a kind, educated, Afghan woman mistreated by Polish goons-in-uniform.

Holland’s Africans are not the testosterone-filled, young primitives landing on Europe’s shores by the hundreds of thousands and terrorizing the local population, roasting cats, brandishing their penises or defecating in public, brawling and destroying property incessantly and everywhere. One ought to check out the @RadioGenoa account on X to see much evidence of what they are about. But for Holland they are just a couple of nice, well-behaved teens.

The border has a barbed wire fence. Those nice Syrians, Africans, and one nice lady from Afghanistan are trying repeatedly to breach that fence and each time are repulsed by pitiless, all-black (in character) goons serving as Poland’s Border Patrol. When on the staging side of the barbed wire fence, they are exploited and humiliated by even worse Belarussian goons-in-uniform, and then pushed through that fence into a country whose Border Patrol pushes them back.

They are hungry, thirsty, cold. Some are sick. But then, before Western progressives decided that reality is optional, the law of the Universe has always been that one suffers the consequences of one’s mistakes. Few mistakes can be as bad as to have traveled from faraway Asia and Africa to the Polish border in the belief that it will give way.

Eventually, some manage to get through the fence and, after more harrowing adventures like drowning in a swamp, are aided by a group of young Polish radicals, given food, medical treatment, and shelter and transportation deeper into Poland in the approving glow of the demiurge of this moral fantasy: Agnieszka Holland.

Holland portrays the enforcers of Poland’s territorial sovereignty as primitive cartoon villains, pitiless at the bottom, and fascist at the top. The bottom is the Polish Border Patrol that has no pity even for pregnant women. They toss one over the fence back onto Belarus soil and manhandle many others. Their officer shouts that the pitiful group of migrants mired between the barbed wire and the swamp are “not people” but bullets fired into the heart of Poland.

The only border guard portrayed with sympathetic shading is Jan, whose wife is pregnant and disapproving of his “brutal” occupation. Jan initially participates in the pushback actions but is gradually sickened by the required violence and softens to the point of pretending not to see “migrants” transported into Poland’s interior by another kind Pole.

At the top are the “fascists” — Poland’s slightly right-of-center PiS ruling party that has given the finger to the European Union’s demands for absorbing a “fair share” of the kind of “refugees” that Angela Merkel and the EU were importing by the millions before Lukashenko decided to give them more of their medicine.

Holland, along with most of Poland’s cultural elite, is an outspoken, leftist enemy of PiS — the party that has said No to invaders from alien cultures. She has gone so far into the swamp of “progressive” hysteria that one of her two more developed “good-guy” characters, Bogdan, tells his therapist that he cannot stand the “Nazis” marching in Warsaw under the protection of the “fascist” government — a lie so grotesque as to indicate the warped furniture in Ms. Holland’s brain. Bogdan confesses as well that because of those Polish “Nazis” and fascists he is impotent, cannot sleep, eat, or think.

Vitality returns to Bogdan’s so-dreary life with a loving family in a luxurious villa near Warsaw when he too engages in the “activist” effort. He and his wife and children host three young North-African migrants just smuggled in from the border, invite them to their dinner table, and so on. In a scene characteristic of the twisted minds of Holland and white progressives everywhere, Bogdan’s sons bond with the Africans by joining them in a French rap.

For the white rich kids, knowing French is normal. But what’s more telling is that they, Poles far removed from Africa, have adopted the black culture and they rap in French as expertly as their African guests do. In Poland.

It would never have occurred to Holland to write the scene in the opposite way, with the African guests making an effort to adapt to the culture of their hosts and singing with them a Polish song with the harmonies that are Europe’s culture heritage.

Julia is the other more developed “good guy” character. She is Bogdan’s psychologist and Zoom interlocutor. Moved by the plight of the migrants in the forest near her home, Julia turns from a bystander to a committed rescuer working with the younger activists to smuggle as many migrants into Poland as possible. Maja Ostaszewska, who plays Julia, is a well-known “progressive” and major pro-migrants activist in Poland.

The rest of the positive characters are the bleeding-heart Polish volunteers who help the migrant invaders and made it past the border fence. They are all unalloyed cartoon goodness just as the border guards and policemen who are the barrier against the invaders are the unalloyed evil.

I have written a book and several articles about the horrors that refugees, “refugees,” and migrants from Asian Muslim countries and Africa inflict on Europe. I saw this film while a true African invasion was landing on the beaches of Lampedusa. I am writing this in November, when that invasion is continuing while huge crowds of Muslim imports are marching and rioting all over Europe and the entire Anglosphere, waving black jihad flags, shouting “Death to the Jews,” and generally behaving in ways not seen since the Kristallnacht. I am appalled at Holland’s specious propaganda masquerading as a film drama, her smearing of the one, rare state sane enough to have resisted to rush to self-obliteration, her libelous depiction of the Polish Border Patrol.

I am therefore renaming Green Border as Brown Border. The brown adjective comes from my long-ago Hollywood mentor, an Irish curmudgeon who had elbowed his way to a position of influence in that Jewish-founded-and-dominated industry. Art had long-ago mastered Yiddish, so he taught me some. When it came to a lousy film, hackneyed book, or a revolting painting, he invariably called it dreck. When it came to a lousy human being, he reverted to his native Irish brogue: shite.

Whether dreck or shite, it’s the same color. Green Border is not a work of art but a lying, hysterical outpouring of agitprop by a female raised in a privileged communist home, favoring her ideology over reality, and attacking a polity that, since 1989, no longer adheres to diktats of the Comintern. It’s par for the course that the World Socialist Website attacked Holland’s detractors in a headline reading “The Polish far-right’s vicious campaign against Agnieszka Holland’s film ‘The Green Border’ replete with ‘ antisemitic and fascistic undertones against the film’.”

The reality

Something needs to be said about those “bullets into the heart of Poland” — words that Holland put in the mouth of the Border Guard’s commander, no doubt to imply that he is the epitome of evil. In reality, those words are appropriate and would have been even if the border-busting migrants consisted mostly of women, children and kind men — which they didn’t.

A still frame from Zielona Granica (Green Border) shown on the web page of the 2023 Venezia Biennale film festival.

The Poland-Belarus border, with the actual menacing migrants trying to force it.

One now has ample opportunities to see what happens to countries that had a more tenderhearted approach to Muslim refugees and “refugees.” Here is Berlin and here is London. Or New York, or Dearborn, or a hundred other cities in the pathologically altruist West. A European or Europeans-founded country signs its death warrant even if taking in African and Asian Muslim women and children, let along young, military-age men who are the great majority of the invaders.

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Palestine Gets Its Évian

Our Israeli correspondent MC discusses the issue of “Palestinian” “refugees” in the context of the war between Israel and Hamas.

Palestinian irregulars near a burnt armored Haganah supply truck, the road to Jerusalem, 1948

Palestine gets its Évian

by MC

In 1938 there was a conference in the French town of Évian, called by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The conference was to apportion refugee German Jews to nations prepared to take them. There were few takers — Jews were despised across the globe.

Today we have a ‘Palestinian’ refugee problem.

German Jews did not destroy nations, but ‘Palestinians’ do. Lebanon was once a gorgeous French Riviera-type destination, now it is a [hole full of excrement]. Why? Because they, as a Christian country, lost control of the Muslim ‘Palestinian’ refugees that they so kindly took in and sheltered.

Jordan nearly went the same way. Only the machine guns saved the day.

In the ‘Palestinian’ context, a ‘refugee’ was someone who had been resident in the land for over two years.

A UN agency UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) was set up to assist these “puir wee bairns”, but somehow refugeeism amongst ‘Palestinians’ became a permanent hereditary entitlement keeping thousands of UNRWA employees very happy.

Most of my fellow residents of Sderot are now refugees, too. They have been rehoused in other cities around the country, probably more than 30,000 if one includes kibbutzniks and those fleeing from Netivot (Our neighbouring city about twelve miles away, but only about five miles from Gaza). Nobody is looking after them.

Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, as is CAIR in the USA. The MB is the epitome of Islamofascism, and its founder, Hassan Al Banna was an acolyte of Adolf Hitler.

In 2016, Hamed Abdel-Samad published a provocative book entitled Islamic Fascism in which he suggested that the ‘Islamofascist’ worldview has its origins with the Muslim Brotherhood, which ‘had always eulogized the principles of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.’ Abdel-Samad also suggested an association between the ‘Islamofascist’ ideas of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Amin al-Husseini: His hatred for Jews, support for Hitler, and praise for the Holocaust. In the midst of US airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Salam Saadi, the editor-in-chief of Rudaw Kurdish, pinned the fascist label on the ISIS:

The Islamic State (IS) is nothing but a blend of Islamic fatalism and radical nationalism that tries to compensate for all the past humiliations of the Arab world. This makes IS a fascist ‘state’.”

The fascination of Islamic radicalism with fascism is not new. Hassan Banna, the Egyptian founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, said in a book in 1935 that Italian fascist and dictator Benito Mussolini was practicing one of the principles of Islam.

The relationship between Islamic extremism and fascism is historical. The extremists have used the Koran to look down on and degrade non-Arabs, boasting that God sent his latest revelation in their language.

Western politicians run scared of the MB and its capacity for violent extremism (and its globalist backers):

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International Law or Sordid Double Standards

As the bloody conflict in Gaza rages, the more important war is the propaganda war, which Hamas is handily winning, thanks to the help of Western progressives, especially in the universities. Our Israeli correspondent MC sends his observations on these grim events.

International Law or Sordid Double Standards

by MC

Nobody applies ‘international laws, rules and standards’ to Hamas, and we must ask ourselves: Why not?

The first obvious answer is that Hamas is a terrorist group and just does not care about ‘infidel’ morality. Their standards are defined in the Koran, the Sunnah and the Hadith, not in anything coming out of Geneva.

In Europe prior to the Treaty of Westphalia, the whole of the continent was torn apart by religions which were, in fact, political entities, and which recognized no national boundaries. For each religious sect, Catholic and Protestant alike, the ends — i.e. absolute power over the other — justified the means used to get it. Forget do as you would be done by.

That had to stop, and the religious zeal (and personal ambition) eventually had to be tempered by biblical imperatives to ‘love your enemies’. In Christianity the central character was truly a man of peace. Trying to justify a barbaric war of mass extermination against another ‘Christian’ sect proved to be impossible, and the men of conscience finally prevailed.

Thus “Jaw Jaw, not War War” became important.

The wars of the 20th century dictators followed. WW1 was a war of trenches, machine guns and artillery, with a an act of gross stupidity at its beginning. Not so much the assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand, but the follow-up assumption that the Serbian government did it, and the terrible ultimatum issued by Austria-Hungary on the assumption of said ‘guilt’.

The WW2 was the result of the Central Powers failing to learn the lessons of the first war. The Nazis combined a sense of victimhood and resentment arising from WW1 with a schadenfreude of an immortal, undefeatable mythological Volk proclaiming the Germanic people’s right to rule, enslave, occupy and exterminate. To generally play god…

But Islam does not go by Christian norms, and the separation of mosque and state is not even contemplated.

Many people do not believe that the events of 7th October actually took place. I do; I was there. I heard the massacre in Sderot and I saw the aftermath. My son was about three minutes behind the pickup trucks loaded with AK-shooting terrorists.

He was in shock for a week.

Many blame nationalism for WW2, and have striven ever since for globalist socialism based on Marxist principles. But what if the ‘nationalism’ in National Socialism was actually benign, and that it was the ‘socialism’ part that caused all the problems and the huge death toll? It is only then we can suddenly understand that global Marxism is a catastrophe of epic proportions and that the utopia it is meant to bring is nothing but a cruel and impossible pipe dream.

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The Muslim Underground Surfaces, Part II

As promised, here is the second part of Seneca III’s two-part essay on the Islamization of Britain.

The Muslim Underground Surfaces

Part II: Mosques, the Prepared and the Unprepared

by Seneca III

Prologue: The neologism “dimorphicloyalty” doesn’t exist in any dictionary, but it adequately describes the substance of the unctuous pro-Islam edicts emanating from that privileged rabble pontificating in the Palace of Westminster. Laws, rules and regulations, although occasionally written with the best intentions, often suffer a slip twixt cup and lip and our Courts exist to act as the ultimate arbiters when adjudicating between the intended spirit of such edicts, as opposed to the inventive interpretations and replacements superimposed by the new colonisers and their indigenous supporters. The reality is that Parliament, the courts and the legal profession as a whole have been infiltrated by the enemy within, so there is no hope that any help will be forthcoming from them, because the exact opposite is happening.

The false, constructed crime of ‘Islamophobia’ is getting increasing traction and airing in the media. It would appear that the people promoting this oxymoron are either unaware of the meaning, plain stupid or simply malicious turncoats. For their information, I point out that a phobia is defined in the OED as an irrational fear. Yet, in view of recent events on our streets, I see nothing irrational or fearful about it. It is definitely not a phobia but a natural survival reaction to an obvious threat, a threat that even our pathetic political classes now have to accept as they sit huddled in the Cobra Room in Downing Street deciding whether or not to raise the domestic terror threat from Substantial to Severe.

Mosques: As iterated in Part I, the number of mosques in the UK varies depending on the source and the definition of a mosque. However, a reasonable estimate is that there are around 1,800 to 2,000 mosques. These mosques serve about three and a half million Muslims, who make up about 5% of the UK population. The most common size for a mosque in the UK is between 101 and 200 people.

In the main, mosques are constructed by Muslim contractors and, where Muslim contractors are lacking the major project skills and the necessary licenses as are required by law, it is non-Muslim civil engineers who are contracted to build and certify the main structure, its foundations, its drainage and the overall safety thereof according to the approved plan.

The intricate maze of none-structural-weight-bearing accommodations, store rooms, offices, lavatories, kitchens and powerful sound systems to blast out sermons of hate and calls to Jihad are then carried out by Muslims away from unclean (and observant) infidel eyes. An additional factor is that most of these mosques have been built in areas controlled by Muslim majority Labour councils who appoint Muslim building inspectors to sign off on them, including the maze of internal sub-structures.

This is disturbing, because to my knowledge no mosque in the UK , other than Finsbury Park mosque which was raided by the Security Service in 2003, has ever been searched for any reason whatsoever, never mind for arms, explosives and other forms of contraband using sniffer dogs and cavity detectors. If this thought bothers you, then may I suggest that you carefully read the section on Luton airport and see if you can see any possible connections between it, British mosques and Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s statement that “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets.”

So now to the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque, also known as the North London Central Mosque. It is a five-storey abomination located next to Finsbury Park station close to Arsenal Football Club’s Emirates Stadium in the London Borough of Islington. It is registered as a charity in England, serving the local community in Islington and the surrounding boroughs of North London.

The mosque hit the headlines after Abu Hamza al-Masri, a radical preacher, became its Imam in 1997. In 2003, the mosque was closed by its trustees following the anti-terrorist police raid, and re-opened in 2005 under new leadership. New leadership? Well, Hooky Hamza is certainly no longer there, as he is otherwise occupied enjoying life in an American high security hospitality centre, but the Jihadi Doctor Abdul Wahid, a.k.a. the GP Dr Wahid Asif Shaida, holds a high position on its executive council.

As head of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the UK, Abdul Wahid celebrated the barbaric Hamas terror attacks that slaughtered 1,400 Jewish men, women and children earlier this month as a ‘very welcome punch on the nose’ to Israel, but he has also spent more than twenty years practising as a family doctor under his real name, Dr Wahid Asif Shaida.

Wahid told the baying crowd: “Victory is coming and everyone has to choose a side. Whose side are you going to be on?” but some patients told the MoS his leadership of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Britain called into question whether he was capable of fairly treating Jewish, female or gay patients. Wahid is also said to have a close association with the infamous Finsbury Park Mosque. (More on that hotbed of Jihad later.)

[Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international Islamist movement seeking to unite Muslims under one Islamic caliphate. Hizb ut-Tahrir members have been linked to violent acts in multiple countries. The group itself has been banned in at least 13 countries, including many Muslim-majority countries, but not by the vote-whoring dhimmis of Westminster.]

A security source also questioned whether Wahid would follow his legal duty as a GP to report patients with signs of extremism to the Prevent anti-terror scheme, saying: “What guarantee is there he will refer extremists when he himself is one?” Professor Anthony Glees, a terrorism expert, added “A GP who glorifies Islamic extremism like this not only puts his patients at risk, but is a risk to national security.”

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood added that…

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What the Friendly Muslims of Greenwich Are Saying

I’m certain that they say quite nice things when they’re speaking in English. However, the esteemed gentlemen who gave the Friday sermon at the Greenwich Islamic Centre was speaking in Arabic, so the message was somewhat different…

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Muslim Underground Surfaces, Part I

Seneca III sends his latest report from the Emirate of al-Britannia.

The Muslim Underground Surfaces

Part I: Saturday 28th October 2023

by Seneca III

As I write (1200 hrs GMT, October 28) large crowds of Muslims of every flavour, together with other aficionados of the Demented Slaves of Allah, are gathering in Londonistan, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and probably in other smaller locations that have also been infected with the Religion of Death and Atrocity virus.

This clandestine occupation has been long in the making and, relative to Israel’s recent experience, it has been a quieter process in terms of outright violence here in Britain. We have had, of course, the 7/7/2005 bombings in London, the Manchester Arena bombing in 2/5/2017 and the Satanic Verses debacle accompanied by its global fatwa and book-burnings, plus the child grooming (raping) gangs operating with impunity in their British-occupied territories, but not with the real feral mass insanity and bloodlust that Israel is dealing with today, and which we will be faced with in the near future, and should see a revealing glimpse of today and cannot afford to ignore.

The grim reality is that Islam travels in a Trojan Horse named Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, i.e. DIE, a phrase that acronymically, albeit accidentally, perfectly describes what the future holds for us unless we indigenous Caucasians eliminate it and them once and for all.

We are very close to the edge now, and it comes as no surprise that many British Jews have travelled to Israel because they feel far safer in places such as Tel Aviv where they are under constant aerial attack than they do in London and other European cities.

[1330 hrs: Gatherings increasing in volume in Londonistan and Birmingham. No surprises there in either case, of course; both have long been fully occupied and can no longer be considered British in any way, simply festering cesspits full of primitives. This is a photo of Gaza, not Birmingham…


Mosques in the UK: The number of mosques in the UK varies depending on the source and the definition of a mosque. However, a reasonable estimate is that there are around 1,800 to 2,000 mosques. These mosques serve about three and a half million Muslims, who make up about 5% of the UK population. The most common size for a mosque in the UK is between 101 to 200 people. This figure does not include the many secret mosques in residential properties established without planning permission from the relevant local authorities. I speak from personal experience here: seven years ago, an extended Muslim family moved into a small bungalow located on the corner of a quiet cul-de-sac in my town. This move was carried out quietly and in the depths of night. Subsequently they applied for planning permission for some small additions/alterations inside the house which, in fact, was not owned by the applicants at all but by one of the two sizeable mosques located in our county town twenty-five miles away.

During the time the local authority was processing this application, the ownership came to light and the fact that this application had not been submitted by the actual owners of the property as is required by law, but by their tenants. The application was then adjusted and resubmitted accordingly and later approved.

The deceit did not end there, however. Neighbours later noticed that a large extension taking up most of the garden had been secretly built in the rear and that on Fridays the cul-de-sac was clogged by out-of-town cars. They complained to the local Town Council who in turn passed it onto the District Council for resolution. The DC finally sent a building inspector to look into the situation and what he found was an eye-opener even for this cynical old observer of Islam.

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Going, Going, Gone?

Seneca III sends this update from the nook-shotten isle of Albion on the latest political doings of the Islamic-Socialist Labour Party.

Going, Going, Gone?

by Seneca III

The latest internecine convolutions of the British Marxist-Socialist-Muslim Party, known colloquially as the Labour Party, are a pleasure to watch. Today the media are slavering at the rumour that four Labour shadow cabinet members are on resignation watch over the senior leadership’s stance on Gaza.

It appears that the party is about to implode and eat itself in an ideological feeding frenzy after Sir Kneelalot Starmer appeared to back Israel’s cutting off of power and water to the baby-murdering terrorists in Gaza. This was followed by a meeting with Muslim MPs and other Hamas-loving members of Labour’s principle voting base, a meeting that is reported ‘‘to have made things worse”. All the usual Allahu Akhbar suspects involved, of course.

There are said to be four shadow cabinet members about to leave the front bench, but so far only three names have been mooted as below:

1.   Sarah Mei Li Owen, born 11 January 1983, is a British politician and trade unionist serving as Member of Parliament (MP) for Luton North since 2019. A member of the Labour Party, she has served as Shadow Minister for Local Government and Faith since October 2022 having previously served as Shadow Minister for Homelessness, Rough Sleeping and Faith in the same shadow department between December 2021 and October 2022. Owen is of mixed heritage and the first MP of South East Asian ancestry. She states that her “mother’s side of the family are Malaysian and a mix of Singaporean and Nonya with Chinese ancestors.”
2.   Rachel Louise Hopkins (born 30 March 1972) is a British politician who has served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Luton South since 2019. A member of the Labour Party, she has been a Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office since 2021.

Hopkins was a Member of Luton Borough Council from 2011 to 2021, on which she served as Executive Member for Public Health. FYI, Luton, both North and South, is Tommy Robinson’s and the EDL’s home town, so no surprises there, either.]


Since the 2011 census, Luton has had a white British population of less than 50%, one of three towns in the United Kingdom along with Leicester and Slough; London likewise, but it is designated a city, not a town.

Consequently, Luton is a majority minority town in which no single ethnic group make up the majority of residents. However, by broad multi-ethnic groups, Whites make up 54.7% of the population, a decline of 25.5% from 1991 when Whites made up 4 out of every 5 residents (80.2%). Asian British people have grown in proportional size, having gone from 14% in 1991 to nearly one third of the town’s population (30%) in 2011. Black British residents have also increased from nearly 5% to nearly 10% in two decades as well as Mixed residents who have gone from 2.6% in 2001 to 4.1% in 2011.

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Reality Bleeds to Death as the Ummah Celebrates

The view from Blighty, as sent by our English correspondent Seneca III.

Reality Bleeds to Death as the Ummah Celebrates

by Seneca III

In this once green and pleasant land where reality and truth are now under attack from every quarter there are few voices brave enough to speak out publicly. One of them is (was?) the relatively new Broadcaster GB News, which is rapidly overtaking the long-standing BBC in viewership. Since its inception GBN has had to exist under the axe of impending closure (i.e., having its broadcasting licence withdrawn by the Quangonistas of Ofcom, the Broadcasting Regulator staffed almost exclusively by ex-BBC apparatchiks who are determined to protect their mentor’s tax-funded monopoly).

As a consequence, GB News has to tread very carefully indeed, particularly with what it posts in the comments section below each programme.

As I write, the programme still being presented by the charming and erudite Emily Carver is dealing with the horrendous ‘demonstrations’ that took place in several major British cities yesterday, where howling mobs of Muslims of various flavours, including ‘Palestinians’ (to whom we have granted asylum, residency, free accommodation and endless handouts), vented their blood lust, both verbally and with banners, and called for another holocaust, essentially, the extermination of all Jews in general and Israelis and Israel in particular.

Our governing classes have since postured and snivelled in the public media, both broadcast and in print, in essence claiming that that these savages haven’t actually broken any laws and that is why the police were extremely limited in any actions that they could take.

Make of that what you will. I present it is as the background to the short story which follows and which illustrates what a collection of angst-ridden wet wipes some of us are becoming. Aux armes, mes amis!

To continue. I have an old friend, not just old in friendship but older in years as well, which is quite remarkable in view of my increasing decrepitude. That said, he is an acute observer of our troubling times, and occasionally posts in the comments section following GB News programmes. This morning he attempted to post a comment re. the Emily Carver presentation, but was knocked back twice without explanation, despite having asked why it had been knocked back in the first case.

He received no reply, so I will reproduce his comment below as a public service, but first I will tell you that he asked me if I could hazard a guess as to why this had happened. All I could offer was to suggest that his comment was both reasonable and correct in all particulars but that such things no longer carry any weight in public discourse, for the fearful and the treacherous now have full control of the levers of power and the mainstream media are fully complicit therewith.

Here is what he said:

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Report From Sderot: Two Weeks

Here’s MC’s latest report, two weeks into the war between Hamas and Israel.

Report From Sderot: Two Weeks

by MC

So we are at the stage where, as usual, Hamas is manipulating the world media and plucking at the heartstrings of the gullible. The BBC’s excuse for disseminating Pallywood fiction is that the ‘explosion’ at the al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City was too big to be a Quassam…

Unfortunately, at the time the PIJ were shooting the bigger Grad missiles, longer range with larger warheads. Grads are a WW2 missile and likely to be some 6o years old and somewhat rusty, it is no surprise that Hamas and PIJ have had hundreds of misfires so far. Much of the past destruction in Gaza has been caused by Hamas’ relentless and ruthless obsession with its jihad against Israel.

Hamas took power when elected by the Gazan Palestinian ‘civilians’ in 2006. The election manifesto was to pursue aggression against Israel and Jews as a perpetual ‘holy war’.

Hamas has no mandate of care for Gazan civilians, and are quite happy to dig up water and sewage pipes to make missiles, and then blame Israel for insanitary conditions. They used conscripted slave labour to construct extensive terror tunnels, and then executed the labourers so they would not tell the world of their plight.

In other words, Hamas is a vile dictatorship, as bad as any of the vicious regimes that had to be put down in the 20th century. There is now not one thing that the Nazis did that Hamas has not done, too. But Hamas is a victim of the West’s ‘Islamophobia’, and thus a woke special case…

To be Muslim is to be above criticism. To be Jewish is to be despised (and envied).

But the BBC, Harvard students, the Democrats, and the left generally all support Hamas against the “filthy, vile, Jewish capitalists”.

Of course, this time these lefties cannot yell their usual “disproportionate response” mantra. What is a proportionate response to rape, murder and torture of children and babies?

What kind of person rapes a young woman then stands up and shoots her?

What kind of person beheads a baby with an entrenching tool?

Israel is angry, but the rest of the world seems to be more concerned that poor ‘innocent’ Palestinians are hungry and thirsty.

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She Had it Coming

This is an unpleasant issue that has been bothering me for a while. It’s not something that I really want to write about, but a discussion seems warranted.

I’ll make up an example of what I’m talking about, because I don’t want to target specific commenters or argue about any particular news item.

Imagine that a young Swedish woman is visiting Italy, and gets gang-raped by African culture-enrichers in a park near the central railway station in Milan. When the news comes out, I post a translated subtitled video about the incident, and soon afterwards comments like these start rolling in:

Swedish women voted for the refugees-welcome, open-borders parties, so she has only herself to blame.

White Western women love the rapefugees and support sanctuary-city policies. She got what she deserved.

Liberal white women voted for more immigrants. She had it coming.

Etc. etc.

Mind you, all of these remarks are made without there being any information whatsoever about the victim’s political opinions or which parties she voted for. Readers know absolutely nothing about her, except for the fact that she was raped in a park in Milan.

Not all Swedish women support mass immigration — I happen to know personally a number of them who oppose it. The victim in Milan may be one of those. She may be one of those dedicated people who works tirelessly as a volunteer for organizations that oppose mass immigration. She may even have been in Milan to attend a Europe-wide conference on stopping the migrant-ferry NGOs, and had the misfortune to be at the railway station late at night.

But none of that matters to the commenters. She’s a white woman from a country dominated by progressive politics. She deserved what she got.

In other words: your political opinions and personal actions don’t matter. The only thing that counts is whether you’re a member of a particular class — the class of white European women, or straight males, or suburban Christians, or whatever group happens to be a particular target of opprobrium at any given time.

White guys have it coming. So do straight males. And Episcopalians. Boy, am I in trouble!

If you happen to be a white person living in a certain country (or in a certain state of the United States), then you are condemned. You’re from Minnesota? Then you deserve every bad thing that ever happens to you!

Think carefully about these matters. Is this really a path you want to follow?

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The Abomination That Is Islam

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends his assessment of the situation vis-à-vis Islam in Formerly Great Britain and elsewhere.

The Abomination That Is Islam

by Seneca III

Once again Islam is revealing its inherent barbarism, demonstrating for the whole world to see that it is nothing more than a collection of mindless sub-human psychopaths trapped in the eternal death spiral of an evolutionary time warp — a time warp of its adherents’ own making, the product of their unremitting intent to descend into eternal darkness.

Subliminally and consciously their minds are a foetid, bubbling swamp of atrocity, death and bloodlust, an existence totally bereft of any sense of human dignity or decency. They are as much use to the human race as the sterile deserts from which they came, a voracious plague of human locusts that leave nothing behind them but death and wastelands that make the depredations of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Hordes seem insignificant.

Not only must they be eradicated in the Levant but also throughout the whole of the Western Ecumene, starting here in the UK where in the last few days so-called ‘British Palestinians’ in London and elsewhere have been joyously revelling in the streets at the reports of the horrors their cohorts in Gaza have inflicted upon innocent women, children, babies and whole families.

The photographs of those Israelis and other westerners who have been mercilessly tortured, raped to death on top of the dead bodies of their sisters, burned alive and beheaded are a nauseating reminder of the fate awaiting any country that allows them to put down roots and destroy the long-established socio-political status quo.[1]

They are the enemy within, encouraged and sustained by our vote-whoring mainstream political parties. Already in the UK there are fifteen elected Muslim MP’s polluting and subverting the Mother of Parliaments. Thirteen are from Labour constituencies and two from conservative ones… So far, but we have a general election coming up next year. [2]

In the north, the Caliph of the Muslim Satrapy once known as Scotland, one Humza Yusaf, is whingeing about the safety of members of his extended ‘Palestinian-British’ tribe who, he and his wife claim, are stuck in Gaza. Why they are there other than for a normal Hamas ‘family visit’ to celebrate the atrocities at first hand is not explained, although we can await with interest a claim that his family is there for humanitarian reasons, probably as doctors and nurses or rescue workers or charity workers or whatever else is available and nice in caring-sharing Islam. Absolute testicles, of course.[3]

[I will say ‘Palestinian-British’ again in order to let the full horror of our situation sink in. We have been incrementally occupied by swathes of sub-human ‘British Pakistanis’ and ‘British Bangladeshis’ (both of Rotherham fame), ‘British Iranians’, ‘British Syrians’, ‘British Afghanis’ and ‘British Lebanese’ all of whom who are no more British than I am a ‘British Martian’.]

In the Antipodes, Australians were also experiencing some enrichment in Sydney….

…and in Brisbane…

And also, surprisingly, even in Japan of all places…

When will the West ever learn and understand what it is we are dealing with? We here in Britain found out at terrible cost in London on 7th July 2005 when four men with rucksacks full of explosives attacked central London. The target was London’s transport system, at the end of the morning rush hour. Four bombs went off there — three on the London underground and one on a bus.

The underground station bombs went off at about 8.50am on trains near Liverpool Street and Edgware Road stations, and on another tube train travelling between King’s Cross and Russell Square. A fourth bomb went off on a bus in Tavistock Square, London, about an hour later.

The bombers’ journey began at 04:00 BST as three of the group — Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, and 18-year-old Hasib Hussain — left Leeds, West Yorkshire, in a rented car bound for Luton, Bedfordshire. There they met their fourth accomplice, 19-year-old Germaine Lindsay, before heading to the capital by train.

Here they are. You will see their lookalikes in any city in the UK to this day:

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The Peace of Allah

Seneca III sends some observations prompted by the situation in Israel and Gaza.

The Peace of Allah

by Seneca III

As I write this, the latest attempt to impose ‘The Peace of Allah’ on Israel and its people is well underway. Governments and other observers across the Western Ecumene are wringing their hands and crying foul whilst describing it as a war.

In one sense they are correct, but in another they are not, because they do not really understand the precise meaning of the disingenuous phraseology that the demented slaves of Allah use. Nor do Westerners on the whole understand the practices of taqiyya and kitman, which are mandated in the Quran, and are designed to confuse more advanced but fatally humanitarian and naïve developed cultures.

Taqiyya is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice. It is an Islamic juridical term whose meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie about Islam and conceal his, her, or Islam’s intentions.

Kitman has the specific meaning of dissimulation by silence or omission. This practice is emphasized in Shi’ism whereby adherents are permitted to conceal their religion and, as under Taqiyya, are permitted, indeed encouraged under Sharia Law, to lie about Islam and conceal his, her, or Islam’s intentions.

Furthermore, the word ‘peace’ means something totally different to the Eurocentric mindset of the West than it does to the primitive, unreconstructed, psychotic Islamic Ummah, which is consumed by a determination to subjugate the whole of the human species under the jackboot — or sandal, if you will — of a universal Caliphate (a.k.a. the Imamate).

According to Ibn Hajar al-Haythami, there will be an era in which justice, plenty, abundance, well-being, security, peace, and brotherhood will prevail among humanity — and if any bleeding-heart muddle-minded Westerners believe that garbage they should immediately be sectioned for their own good and that of their society at large.

Muhammad said that this blessed period will be experienced through the mediation of the Mahdi, who will eradicate godless ideologies (his God, of course) and bring an end to the prevailing injustice… but, not gender slavery, mind you, that is an eternal given.

Moreover, al-Haythami said He (the Mahdi) will make religion like it was in the days of Muhammad, and cause the Quran’s moral teachings to prevail among humanity; that is precisely what we see being attempted in Israel today.

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Invasion of the Country Snatchers

Our English correspondent Seneca III sends this report on the political and cultural Ragnarøk that is now underway in the failed state formerly known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Invasion of the Country Snatchers

by Seneca III

Throughout the Western Ecumene including the UK socio-cultural collapse and ethnic treason in high places continue apace. Mind you, this debacle is not confined to this small archipelago; wherever one looks from the USA to Canada, from non-EU Europe (Norway, Iceland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.) and to the EU itself and then on south to the Antipodes, the picture is the same.

Simply put, we are in the midst of a mass invasion by primitive barbarian hordes, an invasion enabled and orchestrated by ruthless global power seekers who are pulling the strings in the background whilst at the same time paedophiles, perverts and deviants of every conceivable persuasion simultaneously infiltrate and poison virtually every public and private body with their toxic sexual indulgencies. The once Hallowed Halls of Academia have become so infested with this insanity that they now do little more than churn out young people with minds so crippled that they cannot differentiate between make-believe and reality.

Nevertheless, it is worth bearing in mind that Europeans became civilized only after several centuries of methodically executing criminals and invaders and imposing other violent forms of civilisation. In Africa, genetic patterns that had been significantly reduced in the other primary human sub-species were never eliminated and are still prevalent there and throughout the African diaspora.

[Disambiguation: The short précis in the paragraph immediately above is written from my memory of an article I read quite some time ago but did not archive. Furthermore, I do not recall ever reading any anthropological or genetic arguments, either then or now, challenging or substantiating the article’s central hypothesis so I must leave that line of research to any interested readers, other than to say that it is not unreasonable to conclude that evolution by artificial selection doesn’t produce new species, but it most certainly does produce more socially coherent and smarter human beings. —SIII]

The latest result of this African-heritage genetic pattern was horrifically demonstrated a few days ago in the London Borough of Croydon, a.k.a. the stabbing capital of London, where a 15-year-old black schoolgirl trying to defend her friend on the way to school was stabbed to death by a 17-year-old black ‘youth’ because her friend had rejected his advances; he subsequently used a foot-long, serrated zombie knife to stab the girl in the neck and chest. This, however, is really no surprise when looks at the demographics of Croydon.

According to the latest 2021 census, Croydon is predominantly white at 48.4%** with non-white minorities representing the remaining 51.6% of the population. Black people were the largest minority group in Croydon accounting for 22.6% of the population. In England more broadly the portion of the population that is white is 81%, 10% are Asian and 4% are Black. Metropolitan Police statistics also show Croydon had more stabbings than any other London borough in the year to last month — recording 211 knife crimes. (** ‘Predominantly white’ is an obfuscation used to mislead the reader from the reality that Croydon is a minority white Borough in the heart of our capitol city). The barbarians are definitely through the gates and increasing by the day; this could well be described as a form of ethnic Quantitative Easing which is eliminating the civilised values of this nation.

So, we the people of the West have a choice: either impose the same cruel and merciless system of punishment on criminals and invaders today that the medieval Europeans did, or watch our civilisation collapse everywhere such archaic genetic patterns are permitted to prevail. We must let Anarch’s Legions march or we are finished. Hence, the only question now is just how brutal and comprehensive the process of recovery will be, and as for the biology-denying plague of transgenderism, it is a fabricated attention-seeking condition used to legitimise abnormal behaviour, and will simply cease to exist in the midst of that great turmoil that will soon impact us.

Further on the home front, we now live with violent criminality by day and night in the form of drug peddling, stabbings, muggings, violent burglaries and gangs of organised thugs plundering shops and businesses [1] & [2], in the main perpetrated by a protected criminal sub-class with little fear of meaningful punishment in a system that is terrified of being labelled as racist unless the offender is white. As a consequence, the everyday activities of millions of law-abiding citizens are curtailed, and they now go in fear of their lives and livelihoods even before they are hit with yet more punitive taxes simply for leaving their homes in vehicles that are not compliant with Sadiq Khan’s highway robbery project.

Add to this the undefined number of homegrown benefit junkies sucking at the public teat and further emptying what little is left in the nation’s coffers already drained dry by supporting the hundreds of thousands of criminal predators and parasites who have invaded these islands by land, sea and air.

Where I live is not to too badly infected at the moment; it remains somewhat of a backwater, an island of semi-calm within the eye of the storm that is tearing the rest of the country apart, although this small town has had its quota of ‘asylum seekers’ secretly dumped on it (quietly in the dead of night, of course, in case we long-established inhabitants should be so white racist as to object to this forced non-British occupation) and who have taken up all of the available social housing where they are sheltered, fed and watered and provided with free pocket money at the taxpayers’ expense whilst our own young people despair of finding affordable rental housing for themselves.

Londonistan/Africa-on-Thames, long under the draconian thumb of a Labour Muslim Mayor, plus Birmingham, Manchester and every other large urban conurbation in the UK are no longer British in any meaningful sense of the word. They have become the fiefdoms of the imported scum of the world, in many cases by the Demented Slaves of Allah, who have arrived both illegally or, as with the Pakistani and Bangladeshi paedophile rapists…

…mostly legally thanks to decades of high treason on the part of the self-serving drones who are still warming their posteriors on the green benches in the House of Commons and the red benches in that geriatric nursing home known as the House of Lords, all of whom are now themselves being quietly cleansed and replaced in both the Legislative and Executive arms of government. The photograph below, published by Khan’s apparatchiks in the London Assembly, make it quite clear what future lies in store for what remains of the native British still managing to survive in their capital city and elsewhere throughout this once green and pleasant land.

Sadiq Khan’s official website recently published a photograph of a young white family with the words: ‘Doesn’t represent real Londoners’: [3]

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