Sudden Death

Below is the recently-released documentary video Died Suddenly. It concerns the worldwide surge of excess deaths that has been underway since the rollout of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

This documentary focuses primarily on the strange elongated rubbery “blood clots” that have frequently been found in the blood vessels of deceased people by undertakers and embalmers, beginning when the vax was first introduced. The accounts given by multiple embalmers about the clots, and the visual evidence of the clots themselves, are what make the video so valuable — the independent testimony from so many witnesses is difficult to refute.

The rest of the footage contains a lot of sensationalized material, including clips of people who collapse suddenly. Some of these may be fakes, and some samples were definitely taken from videos that predate the COVID hysteria. But the sections featuring the embalmers are convincing, and very important.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video. WARNING: some of the autopsy footage is graphic, and sensitive viewers may find it disturbing:

They Worked Their Will on John Barleycorn

After the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, Communism was dead. Or so we were told at the time. However, it should be clear by now that Communism is the John Barleycorn of political ideologies:

They worked their will on John Barleycorn, but he lived to tell the tale.

That is, Communism was thought to have been destroyed, but not only did it survive, it eventually came to dominate those who believed they had destroyed it. (A full-length exegesis on this conceit may be found in my 2008 essay “John Barleycorn Was Dead”.)

The 21st-century version of the victorious ideology is not called “home-brewed ale”, but rather “Progressivism”, or the “New World Order”, or “Global Governance”, among other terms. The process of imposing the new global utopia is, of course, referred to as “the Great Reset”. Which is currently well underway, and will probably be completed before most people realize what is happening.

One of the features of latter-day Communism is that it has always been able to count on a multitude of fellow travellers among the members of the political class in the liberal democracies. The Soviets recruited agents of influence in Western governments and cultural circles, but they really didn’t have to work all that hard to find them; there was always a pool of idealistic intellectuals who were eager to embrace the utopian vision provided by the Socialist Revolution.

Communism is primarily a disease of the intellectuals. The proletariat — the purported beneficiaries of the socialist revolution — are generally indifferent to the allure of progressive utopias. But those who hold multiple advanced degrees are especially attracted to the idea of a glorious future planned and implemented by technocrats. They can draw up detailed plans for the construction of an ideal political economy, but they lack the political power to realize their dreams. Achieving such power tends to consume all their energy for well over half their lives; hence the pursuit of power becomes an end in itself.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The following remarks by Diana West were delivered on October 27 at the Institute of World Politics in a talk entitled “Secrets of the Archives: Reconsidering Research of Bukovsky and Romerstein”. In it she draws extensively on the work of the well-known Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, who was given access to the archives of Soviet intelligence during the brief interregnum in Russia after the breakup of the USSR. This recording is audio-only, but well worth your time:

In her talk, Diana refers several times to her book American Betrayal, which is available here.

The Unmentioned Surge in Excess Deaths

In the following video Paul Weston discusses this year’s wave of excess deaths in England, which make the “Great Plague Year” of 2020 pale by comparison. What he describes is similar to what has been occurring in Continental Europe, Canada, the United States, and all the other countries that pushed their citizens to get “vaccinated”. Yet, for some reason, the media refuse to talk about it.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: LN.

When the Music Stops

Earlier this afternoon there was a discussion on Skype about this post at American Partisan quoting Egon von Greyerz concerning the imminent meltdown of the global financial system.

Below are excerpts from my exchange with one of the translators:

Translator: What can we do when the whole shebang collapses? Governments all over the world are already prohibiting people from buying gold and silver above a certain amount, and then that has to be declared so that they can come afterwards and take it away by force. What will happen to people who own their properties outright? Will these be taken along with those that borrowed from banks? I hope that NOBODY will sell any food to the rich afterwards. Let them eat their money.

Baron: It all depends on who is holding the AK-47s when the time comes. Those will be the ones who “own” whatever they want to claim.

As for selling stuff — what will people use to buy it with? Our assumption is that there will have been a financial collapse, and that the old currencies will be worthless. There will be barter, and there will eventually be a new currency based on something of real value. Probably multiple privately-issued currencies. Those currencies that reliably back up their scrip with gold or silver will become the new dominant media of exchange.

But there will also be a lot of starvation and violence, especially in the big cities.

T: I wonder how much longer we still have?

B: That’s a good question. Lots of people said the end was near back in 2008 and 2009, so we’ve already gotten an additional thirteen years for free.

I no longer make any predictions. The Powers That Be have shown that they can keep the bubble of imaginary money inflated for an indefinite amount of time. It can’t last forever, but I have no idea when the real crash will occur.

T: The South Sea Bubble also burst, despite the British and other European governments trying to keep it going.

B: Yes. This is just the biggest such bubble ever inflated. The first truly global one.

T: Although I’m not so sure how that affected the peasantry at that time, because they could still feed themselves, unlike their modern counterparts who have been made dependent on supermarkets.

As far as I remember, in France the rich exchanged most of the “paper money” for gold and silver before the big crash, and shipped it out of France into Switzerland. Nothing changes, now, does it?

B: People like Soros will know exactly when to cash in their paper gold and take delivery, while the price is still set artificially low. After that the price will skyrocket, and there will be a mad rush to take delivery of physical gold. Then the supplies will be exhausted — after less than 10% of the paper has been exchanged — leaving the rest of the metals-traders holding worthless promises to deliver.

It will be like financial musical chairs: when the music stops, those who are left standing with their paper gold and silver will be ruined, while the ones who sat down early will have their metals.

That will be part of the systemic collapse. The question is: can all that gold help keep Soros and his ilk alive? I mean, they can pay their mercenary guards with their gold, but what’s to prevent the most ruthless and capable of the mercenaries from eliminating the middleman and appropriating all the gold for themselves?

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How Males Became Toxic

In the following essay MC digs into the core of the current Gender Wars.

How Males Became Toxic

by MC

It is true that many men beat their female partners, but in the UK the statistics show that more women use violence against their spouses than do men. It is just that the men do more harm because they are bigger and stronger — yep, men are physically different; both in their minds and in their musculature and skeleton, let alone other physical differences.

In time of war, when home and hearth are threatened, then the fighting male is a hero, but what happened in the Pax Americana? Just how did the male become ‘toxic’?

I was born six years after the end of WW2. I was born into a world where men had duties and responsibilities, and in which all men (in the UK) served ‘National Service’ during which they were taught to fight, to be warriors. I fired my first rifle at age 10, a .303 SMLE re-barrelled to take .22 long. We were not allowed to handle the bayonet; that was considered too dangerous.

That I could hit the target at age 10 (but could not even properly lift the rifle unaided) was a huge joke to the Royal Marine instructor.

Later, at the grammar school I attended, we had Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and I got to shoot full clips of .303. In an earlier age I would have been trained as part of a Lewis or Vickers machine gun crew.

Also, in the boy scouts (sea scouts) we had regular interaction with the Royal Navy, which was old hat to me, being the son of a Naval Officer. I have a vivid memory of standing on the quarterdeck of HMS Vanguard, the last of the British battleships, looking up at the 15 inch guns, and my father threatening to send me to crawl up the gun barrel to polish it…

In the 1950s and 1960s men (and boys) had a part to play in society. It was accepted that in the end, we had to send our sons, husbands and fathers to war to defend the homeland if necessary, and that we young lads were the last line of defence.

So boys could be boys — because boys had to learn to be warriors and to be MEN!


That all changed…

Hey, Bungalow Bill
What did you kill
Bungalow Bill?
He went out tiger hunting with his elephant and gun
In case of accidents he always took his mum
He’s the all American bullet-headed saxon mother’s son
All the children sing
Hey, Bungalow Bill
What did you kill

Deep in the jungle where the mighty tiger lies
Bill and his elephants were taken by surprise
So Captain Marvel zapped him right between the eyes
All the children sing…
The children asked him if to kill was not a sin
”Not when he looked so fierce”, his mummy butted in
”If looks could kill it would have been us instead of him”
All the children sing…

The slow poison of opinion changed. Martial male pursuits became toxic, and with it came the feminisation of society. But not female as such, a much more a male-envy form of female.

Unique to the female is the giving of life, and of nurturing and feeding that life, but these female warriors were not interested in motherhood; their war was against male ‘privilege’. The Pax Americana meant that in the short term males were superfluous, and could be dumped like so much military surplus, and as for motherhood — how uncool!. To share your body with an embryo human, one that would need effort and treasure for twenty years or so.

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Pregnant With Meaninglessness

I have an extensive image library with graphics for all occasions — or so I thought. This evening, when I went looking for something to illustrate a story about a pregnant trans-man, unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. However, I stumbled across the poster above, which will just have to do. It’s a sojourn down memory lane for hippies of a certain age.

The following article was originally published in German, but it concerns the latest trans insanity from the UK. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website:

ZDF wants to sell us pregnant men as normal trans-propaganda for [TV license] fee money

I’m probably hopelessly old-fashioned. And my level of knowledge is completely outdated. Anyway, that’s the conclusion I should actually draw from a new ZDF tweet. See for yourself:

ZDF presents us with a man who has been pregnant twice and has given birth to two children. #ReformOerr #OERRBlog

— ÖRR Blog. (@OERRBlog) September 25, 2022

I have to admit quite frankly — even at the risk that some “woke” contemporaries will classify me as a “Nazi” — that I have always assumed that only women can bring children into the world. Maybe you, too? Then we are something like fellow victims.

ZDF now wants to teach us otherwise. For which we also have to foot the bill ourselves with our [TV] license fees.

The fee broadcaster’s tweet is pure propaganda. According to Duden [dictionary], this is defined as the “systematic dissemination of political, ideological or similar ideas and opinions with the aim of influencing general awareness in a certain way.”

And here the wish is clearly conveyed that in the future it shouldn’t matter who carries a child. And subliminally gives the impression that it is normal for men to have children.

But it is not. And children can only be given birth to by men who were born as women. And who didn’t have her uterus removed. And during the time of pregnancy, do without the hormone treatment that you otherwise need to be a man.

I wish everyone the happiness of having a child. And I’m happy for every trans-man who can make this dream come true. But I don’t want to be showered with propaganda from stations funded by public money.

Apparently it’s not just me.

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Diana West: The Silence of the Institutions

As most readers already know, Diana West is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. In the following video, Vlad interviews Diana about the COVID hysteria, and the subsequent experimental mRNA treatment that was marketed as a mitigation of the effects of infection with the virus.

Because real information concerning the “vaccines” is largely occluded, discussions about what is going on must of necessity be speculative. There are, however, a few undeniable facts. For example: the propaganda push behind the vax has been the greatest I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime, far greater than any wartime propaganda. Which is remarkable, given that COVID-19 is relatively mild, as contagious diseases go.

That alone tells you that there’s more to this “pandemic” than meets the eye.

Then there are the excess deaths. We’re in the early stages of data collection on this issue, but it’s already clear that something not directly related to Corona is killing a lot of people. No one can say for certain what the causes might be, but what’s happening now is exactly what was predicted by independent critics of the mRNA jabs back in late 2020, before mass “vaccination” began.

Those are just two of the relevant facts. There are many others, such as the bizarre and frightening blood clots that are being pulled out of the circulatory systems of cadavers during autopsies.

Something evil is definitely afoot.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

The Idea of the Monarchy

Long-time readers will remember Rembrandt Clancy’s extensive scholarly translations from the German. The following essay is his own composition, and was occasioned by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Idea of the Monarchy

by Rembrandt Clancy
18 September 2022

While the marriages, ideological proclivities or political associations of individual members of the royal family matter, our purpose here, on the occasion of the end of the seventy-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is limited to exploring the meaning of monarchy as a symbol, mainly through the writings of Oswald Spengler and George Orwell, with the British monarchy serving as the primary exemplar.

Some hours after the death of the Queen, Jordan Peterson gave a rather conversational video talk honouring her long reign (cf. How the Queen’s Passing will affect the World). In the course of his remarks, he pointed to the many contributions the United Kingdom has made to representative governments such as those of Canada, Australia, the United States and India. His central focus, however, was on a single concept: the wisdom of the symbol behind the British monarchy.

In the United States, the checks and balances to power are accomplished in principle by three divisions of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. Peterson goes on to explain that in Britain there is a fourth division where

“the monarch holds the symbolic weight [of power], and that’s really smart, because it separates it to some degree from the political weight.” (6:17 min.)

For Peterson, the monarchy is an added bulwark against tyranny. In the American system, on the other hand, the executive and the symbolic weighting are combined in one branch, giving rise to “temptations” for a president to assume monarchical pretensions and thereby accumulate a surfeit of power to his own person. Peterson’s meaning is that while the president cannot help but carry these two weightings in his capacity of President, he may be tempted to cloak himself personally in the symbolic element, hence suffer from a type of psychological inflation, a puffed-up condition akin to l’état, c’est moi, or to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim, that “I represent science”: to damage him is to damage science (cf. The Washington Times, 28 Nov. 2021)

In the American executive branch, only the nomenclature changes: the King becomes President — rather than a Prime Minister — and the Queen becomes a First Lady; the White House is akin to a palace where on official occasions the President walks on and off stage to the equivalent of a trumpet fanfare. Moreover, there is a certain dynastic tendency attached to the presidency, which strives to come to the surface for recognition. In later years, for example, the Kennedy dynasty, the Clintons and the Bushes come to mind; but in practice, a hereditary presidential line has not been successful. Trump made a mockery of it when in 2016 he frustrated Hilary Clinton’s right of succession. Nevertheless, this dynastic tendency draws attention to the sense of entitlement among an entrenched nouveau riche called “the elite”.

Peterson says that “Trump, he’s King and President all rolled up into one, and that’s just too much” (7:24 min.). We understand that Peterson is trying to exemplify the dangers inherent in the office of President-King, but is Trump a good example? Why is the office of President-King “too much” for Trump and not for any other president? That Trump accumulated fame; first, as a nouveau riche businessman; then, in the TV series The Apprentice and finally in the presidency does not build a case for any of it going to Trump’s head by simply summing it all up as being “too much”. Having actually built something, having media savvy and experience with a variety of people are normally assets. Trump’s knowledge of the media contributed greatly to his handling of the legacy media. One wonders why all of Trump’s accumulated experience becomes dangerous in his case. The socially agreed, American, monarchical simulacrum was already awaiting Donald Trump as long-established ‘royal’ protocol when he entered the White House ‘palace’. All presidents have the opportunity to bask in that pseudo-royalty. On the other hand, instead of taking these displays seriously, Trump ridiculed the disingenuousness of acting presidentially multiple times through mime: “If I acted presidential, I can guarantee you this morning, I wouldn’t be here” (cf. PJ Media, 26 April, 2016). By bringing his case to the granular level of a particular president, Peterson buries his own lead, for his main purport was to show that in the United States, the very country that separated itself from the monarchy of George III through revolution, incorporated monarchical trappings in the office of the presidency itself.

Why has the monarchical tendency returned to the America despite her revolution against monarchy? Peterson says

“that’s partly because there is that demand for the symbolic weight that the leader should manifest, and you also see that to, some degree, in the United States, which is a star-worshipping culture obviously, with the glitterati and the royalty of Hollywood” (6:55).

But that begs the question of why there is a demand for the symbolic weight of monarchy in the first place.

According to Oswald Spengler in his great intuitive work, ‘The Decline of the West’ (Der Untergang des Abendlandes)[1], Faustian (Western) nations owe their very existence to the “dynastic idea” (Vol. II, p. 179):

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Terra Australis Incognita

Terra Australis, world map by Rumold Mercator, 1587

From deepest antiquity until the early 19th century, it was widely believed that there was an enormous continent occupying most of the Southern Hemisphere. Known as Terra Australis, or Terra Australis Incognita (“Unknown Southern Land”), it was thought to be centered on the South Pole, and to extend far north into the temperate regions of the South Pacific and the southern Indian Ocean. The necessity of its existence was logically deduced from the fact that large landmasses were known to exist in the Northern Hemisphere, but not in the Southern. It was posited that there had to be a southern mass to balance out the globe, so a huge continent must exist in the far south.

At various times Tierra Del Fuego, the northern coast of Australia (then called New Holland), New Guinea, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, and miscellaneous large islands in Polynesia were identified as portions of the coastline of Terra Australis.

Later, as exploration of the far south continued and maps became more completely filled in, the possible dimensions of Terra Australis shrank, and Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand, and eventually even Tasmania had to be identified as free-standing islands (or, in the case of Australia, a continent). Eventually the idea of Terra Australis had to be completely abandoned, and it joined spontaneous generation, the four humors, phlogiston, and the celestial spheres in the dusty attic of discredited scientific exotica.

For centuries the imagined continent had been referred to as Australia. When it became clear that it didn’t exist, New Holland (by then a British territory) was renamed Australia so that it could be identified without reference to either the English or the Dutch. Then, when the real Terra Australis was finally discovered, it had to be given the name Antarctica, since “Australia” was already taken. It turned out to be a cold, bleak, and unromantic place. The customs and practices of the indigenous penguins are nowhere near as interesting as those of the elaborate autochthons imagined by the devotees of Terra Australis.

The people who believed in the great southern continent weren’t wild-eyed zealots espousing a religious cult. They were explorers, scientists, geographers, cartographers, and their aristocratic patrons. The fact that they could hold such firm but erroneous beliefs shows how sober, rational, intelligent, educated men, proceeding carefully and methodically, can get a matter of such great significance completely and utterly wrong.

The elaborate maps and descriptions of Terra Australis arose out of a combination of small scholarly errors and a paucity of well-documented information on the southern reaches. With so little detailed first-hand observations available, a few slight inadvertent errors — mistaking “north” for “south”, the conflation of similar names, etc. — allowed the construction of the imagined continent, assisted by the powerful engine of wishful thinking. Even the habits, customs, and apparel of the natives were described in vivid accounts of the fabulous South.

The idea that there ought to be a landmass in the Southern Hemisphere to balance those in the North makes complete sense. Knowing what we know now, I could have told them: “Yes, there is an actual imbalance in the Earth’s landmasses because of the catastrophic collision that created the Moon and left a big hole on one side of the planet. The southern regions, especially in the Pacific area, comprise the remains of that hole, which is still being filled in by the extremely slow drifting of the Earth’s continents.”

But they had no way of knowing that back then. Their conjecture completely fit the facts, as they understood them.

There may be some lessons in there for us modern-day folk who think we understand everything about everything. Each epoch has embraced its share of “facts” that everyone knew to be true. They were well-understood, beyond discussion, and established by the consensus of the scholars. Yet they were eventually discredited, and now appear as historical footnotes or in anthologies of quaint archaic fancies.

Does anyone believe that our own time is exempt from such misguided fancies?

If not, what are our most significant delusions?

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More than a year ago I wrote about something that had become increasingly obvious: both the Wuhan Coronavirus and the “vaccine” that ostensibly protected recipients from the disease were deliberately designed to cull the population of elderly citizens in the West and thereby delay the collapse of national welfare systems. I referred to this ghastly plan as “geronticide”.

Since then a year’s worth of additional data have rolled in, forcing me to extend my analysis. It seems that my focus was too narrow: the forces behind the culling (presumably the loose globalist oligarchy that we commonly refer to as the New World Order) will be satisfied with nothing less than a drastic reduction of the population across all age groups.

The vax is thus just one part of this multi-pronged effort to effectuate mass population reduction. Other prongs appear to be war (naturally), drastic energy and food shortages, widespread power blackouts, shortages of crucial life-saving medicines, and probably another “pandemic” of some sort.

Also, a radioactivity emergency originating in Ukraine remains a distinct possibility. A lot of vax deaths in Europe could then be disguised as deaths from radiation sickness. In fact, all of the various thanatogenic strategies can be used as cover for deaths caused by the mRNA shots. Multiple boosters will have weakened the immune systems of millions of Europeans, so that when the bitter cold and hunger set in this winter, many of them will succumb much sooner than they would have otherwise. And who’s to say the vax is a contributing cause? Disease and malnutrition are explanation enough.

For the later stages of the plan to work smoothly, the power grid will have to remain up at least part of the time, because citizens of the new order will need to recharge their handheld devices every day or so. That way they will be able update their social credit scores and find out whether they’ve accumulated enough CBDC to buy a few kilos of mealworms and some patches for their bicycle tires.

Boosters at least twice a year. Continuing wars. More diseases (whose symptoms will conveniently resemble those caused by vax damage). Mysterious new fatal syndromes, such as SADS, which will be blamed on the unvaxed or Donald Trump or whoever the new Emmanuel Goldstein is.

The population will gradually decline, but actuarial statistics will no longer be published. Meanwhile, the proles will be gaslighted with the looming disaster of “overpopulation”.

Furthermore, periodic mRNA injections will reduce fertility, so that those who survive the tender ministrations of the NWO will reproduce themselves at a far lower rate.

All the while the populace will be under constant surveillance through their handheld devices and “smart” everything — cars, appliances, street furniture, even clothes. Cash will have been abolished, and every facet of human activity will be monitored by AI on all electronic pathways. Under those conditions the survivors will be instructed to own nothing, and be happy. A boot stamping on a human face — forever.

That, I think, is the plan.

Whether or not it will succeed is anybody’s guess, but that seems to be the lofty ambition of our betters in the NWO.

Three years ago I would have thought such ideas were totally insane. But at this point something resembling what I outlined above seems to be the only explanation that fits all the data points, and Occam’s razor kicks in.

Why else would the powers that be deliberately destroy the world economy? The only reason I can think of is that they’re looking to reach the Georgia Guidestones target population in just a few short years.

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The Winter War

Over the last three months or so it has become quite clear that the Western alliance has decided to commit energy suicide in order to continue to wage its lunatic proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. Russia and China are being strengthened by the West’s foolhardy sanctions against Russia, and Europe will be impoverished as it shivers in the dark this coming winter.

The following article explains in detail what is happening in the worldwide energy markets, and especially in Europe. Many thanks to LN for translating the German-language text from the Swedish site Poddtoppen:

For the West, the day of reckoning comes in winter

by Rainer Rupp
September 2, 2022

In my Daily Dose last week, I briefly discussed an article by the British professor Helen Thompson published in the Financial Times (FT) on August 19, 2022. Ms. Thompson teaches political economy at the University of Cambridge and is no stranger to the subject. The neoliberal-oriented Financial Times is an organ of the business world read around the globe. Politically, the FT usually follows the British government line and is behind the particularly close relations between London and Washington. This was also expressed in its previous coverage of Russia and Ukraine, in which it follows a strictly anti-Russian course, along the lines of Ukraine-must-win. And that is precisely why Prof. Thompson’s article in the FT has attracted so much attention everywhere.

The sober realism with which Prof. Thompson analyzes the Ukraine crisis, omitting the politically correct anti-Russian bias, is what makes her article so exciting. For it breaks not only with the Financial Times‘ previous line, but also with the mantra constantly repeated in Germany that Russia’s economy is down because of Western sanctions. As alleged proof of this, the public propaganda organs of the German government had recently once again calculated for us that the slump in Russia’s gross domestic product GDP in the first half of 2022 was many times greater than in Europe or Germany.

Of course, the sudden withdrawal of hundreds of Western companies from Russia and the disruption of supply chains had a shock effect on the Russian economy. In March 2022, initial projections expected GDP to slump by as much as -14% for the current year. In the meantime, this bad news has been corrected to -4% percent, because inflation in Russia has fallen rapidly just as the high key interest rates of the Russian Central Bank have, the currency is super-stable, the manufacturing economy has recovered and in many sectors is already back at the level it was before the Russian special operation in Ukraine began.

Optimism reigns in Russia’s economy; new sources of supply have been found; the stores, factories and service providers abandoned by Western companies have found successors to carry on the business of IKEA, McDonald’s hamburgers, Coca Cola and hundreds of other companies. These successors come either from Russia or from friendly foreign countries such as China, Turkey or India. Recently, for example, an Indian food company took over a supermarket chain “For a penny and a pound” in Russia from which a Western company had withdrawn at a loss due to Western sanctions.

The joy of the Western economic warmongers over the collapse of Russian car production in the first months of the sanctions was also short-lived. That’s because the Russians were able to replace the microchips that had previously been supplied by cooperating Western car companies with supplies from China. A few weeks ago, Russian car production returned to its “pre-economic war” level. At the same time, the withdrawal of Western car producers has helped the good and inexpensive small and medium-sized cars from China to break through into the Russian market.

The public propaganda organs of the German government do not report on all this, because that would only illuminate another side of the EU’s bottomlessly stupid suicide sanctions. For the Western sanctions are anything but sustainable. They have only caused a short-term shock. Everything Russia has obtained from the West it either doesn’t need or can get elsewhere. The Russian population can live quite well without French cheese or Parma ham from Italy or cosmetics and luxury items from Dior. And technical products, spare parts, etc. can be produced by the Russians themselves — albeit at higher cost — or they can have them produced cheaply in China. Western technology can also be ordered on short notice from friendly third countries such as India and in Central Asia. This transition takes time but, overall, Russia has managed it so far with flying colors.

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Let’s Play WW3, Fellow Puppets!

I’m not on social media, so I wasn’t aware of the latest Twitter fad, which is to post a single significant word (or phrase). Our Hungarian correspondent László sends his analysis of what’s going on.

Let’s Play WW3, Fellow Puppets!

World Leaders Mischievously Declare War on Russia, in a Twitter Flash Mob

by László

The Hungarian mainstream globalist media outlet Index posted an article that claims they spotted a chain of coordinated Twitter-messages by world leaders. The Hungarian MSN also published the Index article. I have not yet found anything about it in English:

World leaders, ministries and other officials posted strange messages on Twitter on September 2. The words “freedom”, “respect”, “victory”, “democracy”, “justice”, “solidarity”, “rule of law”, “arms” and “diplomacy” appeared on social media. But Turkey, somewhat contradicting the concept, simply posted “Turkey”.

The list of words resemble the style and content of well-known global deep-state themes, and taken together they seem to convey the message that “We are ready to somewhat openly declare war on Russia, while blaming Russia for it”.

My more detailed “translation” (in italics) is below — anyone who follows politics could provide something similar:

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, also posted just one word: “Freedom”. = “We are ready to ruin Ukraine in order to “free” it from the Russians who dare to interfere in the Democrats’ business there. The show must go on.”

During the afternoon and into the evening, the number of similar posts multiplied, and we show which politicians and officials shared which words in their posts:

  • Olena Zelenskaya, wife of the Ukrainian head of state — Truth. = “We can justify this; the opinion of the voters and the life of our citizenry is of no value for us. Go ahead.”
  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain — Ukraine. = “As a US vassal state we are ready to ramp up the conflict in Europe.”
  • President of Poland, Andrzej Duda — Solidarity. = “You can count on us, boys and girls, because our population is against Russia. We are in. Polish blood is cheap, so do not worry about our support.”
  • Joe Biden, President of the United States — Democracy. = “We will not stop until the world communist revolution led by the US deep state leaves no morsel of liberty anywhere in the world.”
  • German Chancellor Olaf Sholcz — Respect. = “We do not respect the wish of our voters to stay out of this mess, as we are the underdogs of the US deep state mafia to whom we are now publicly pledging allegiance.”
  • Dmitro Kuleba, Foreign Minister of Ukraine — Arms. = “We are prepared to push all our people into the meat grinder. No questions here. Will fight to the last Ukrainian.”
  • German Ministry of Justice — Rule of Law. = “We do not know what it means; Mr. Soros told us to put this down. But it probably means that “rule of law” justifies any violence against those who resist the test run of the world government called the EU.”
  • US Department of State — Diplomacy. = “Don’t worry, guys, we will pretend that we wanted a diplomatic solution, so it is only Russia to blame for what is coming. And please get the doublespeak: after all, war is the continuation of diplomacy, isn’t it?”

Sweet, brave camaraderie!

…shameless clowns.

Who. Writes. Their. Scripts?

There is a good chance that the handlers of these nasty puppets are taking the mickey out of us. Judging from my own reaction to it, I would say that this is a wartime PR-stunt used as a propaganda weapon. The mysterious chain of messages smells of a childish boy-scout-like Commie performance. They want us to do exactly what I am doing: to start guessing what our almighty rulers are up to.

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Stop Waiting For WW3

The following essay by our Hungarian correspondent László is a follow-up to this post from last March.

Stop Waiting For WW3

It’s Agenda 2030.

by László

I was reading an article about WW2 in a Hungarian media outlet the other day, when I bumped into this paragraph:

“The mission of the US 15th Air Force was, among other things, to destroy and cripple the oil refineries and military installations in Hungary, as well as the transportation infrastructure, especially the railways. These objectives were maintained until March 1945. […]”

And it suddenly struck me that this is a common point in WW2 and Agenda 2030: the enemy targets oil supplies and the transportation infrastructure. The various air force(s) often bombed the oil refineries of their enemies in WW2, because oil was (and still is) the lifeblood of the economy and the army.

In general, targeting energy is an Agenda 2030 tactic. As SDG Report puts it:

“The war on energy is ramping up as the Davos crowd and World Economic Forum seeks to implement UN Agenda 2030 restrictions on oil, gas, coal and natural gas fuel sources all under the guise of climate change and green energy.”

Indeed. And also under the guise of “war” in Ukraine and the allegedly looming threat of “WW3”.

And if you have any doubts that oil is in “their” crosshairs, look at this post over at Vlad Tepes, where you can watch a far-left terrorist group called Just Stop Oil destroy petrol stations and vandalize an art gallery in London — apparently without fear of retribution.

No need to say that the war on oil is the war on life.

The globalist propaganda is trying to convince us that we are teetering on the verge of WW2-style kinetic warfare, in order to scare us and make us go along with Agenda 2030. We are expected to sign off on our own destruction. In other words, this is the end game of the assisted suicide of the West that has been going on for a long time.

This is probably an aim of the Soros-propaganda that I call “WW3 psyop”. “They” want to make us believe that we must anxiously be waiting for the horrors of WW2 to return — thus creating an excuse for making us accept the real WW3 that is ongoing.

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Criminal Lunacy All Across the West

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the dramatic increase in excess deaths in the UK beginning in early 2021. The explosion in mortality stands in stark contrast to the “plague year” of 2020, which was much less deadly:

For links to Paul Weston’s previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.