Vax Fatigue Strikes Israel

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of RT:

Vaccination fatigue among young Israelis: no need for boosters

Israel was the first country to introduce vaccination certificates, which gave vaccinated people more freedom. The country appeared to be in good control of the pandemic. There has already been a boost since July. However, young Israelis in particular seem to be tired of vaccinations.

The population of Israel is relatively young by international standards. Around 28 percent are under 15 years old and only 12 percent are over 65. The number of those who refused to be vaccinated is estimated at 670,000.

Currently, only 5,000 people are being given a booster vaccination per day in Israel. Politicians are now apparently facing a new problem: around 15 percent of Israelis over the age of 16 do not want to receive a booster vaccination. In the age group between 16 and 18 years, only half opted for a booster vaccination. Among 19- to 29-year-olds, 37 percent refuse.

The Israeli health insurance company Clalit Health Services HMO investigated this phenomenon, which affects one million people. The head of the insurance’s vaccination campaign, Ruth Baruch, provides the following explanation:

“We get all kinds of answers and reasons, but we feel like people have lost their will. They thought two doses of vaccine would do it, but now they say to themselves, what, now we’re going to get vaccinated every six months. Like with the flu? We are not vaccinated against the flu, either.”

Many therefore see no urgency in the booster vaccination. For some, the coronavirus seems to have been defeated, for others, new variants keep popping up, against which the vaccinations may not offer any protection.

The Israeli government under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and the health authorities are now trying to put pressure on those who refused to receive the booster vaccinations, because they are concerned that the new omicron variant will spread further. The elderly in particular have no problem getting boosters. Only 9 percent are against it here.

The number of those who have not been vaccinated is estimated at three million. This also includes children who are not yet vaccinated due to their young age: Only 10 percent of the 5- to 11-year-olds have received a vaccination so far.


The latest essay by our Israeli correspondent MC discusses Nationalism and Socialism. Which one is good, and which one is bad? And which one is currently ascendant in this our twilight dystopia?


by MC

“Hear nothing that we do not wish you to hear. See nothing that we do not wish you to see. Believe nothing that we do not wish you to believe. Think nothing that we do not wish you to think.”

— Joseph Goebbels (Peikoff p.60)

The Bible tells us that Yah split the people into nations, and that behind the pre-Babel globalism was ‘Nimrod’ the mighty Hunter.

In the Hebrew, Esau was also a ‘mighty hunter’ — literally ‘a man of the field’; it is one of those phrases in ancient Hebrew that is not well understood. Just think how confusing the 1955 Doc Brown found Marty’s use of the word “heavy”…

The Trinity of Nimrod, Semirage and Tammuz was not at all healthy. The tower (of Babel) that they built was obviously designed to withstand a repeat flood, giving Yah the finger as such. The same kind of flood that Yah had used to wipe out a pre-flood mankind that was playing with genetic modification and creating chimera as described in the Book of Enoch., The flood wiped out the Nephilim (Giants), which Nimrod also wanted to reconstruct, post-flood.

Mankind could not be trusted with globalism even then, and this ‘new’ globalism is likely to be similar to what it was under Nimrod, with Satan rubbing his hands in glee.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with Nationalism, but it does mean that we have to decide whether the problem with the Nazis, the National Socialist German Workers Party. was the Nationalism or the Socialism, or both.

Socialists claim it was the Nationalism that was at fault and have demonized ‘nationalism’, even whilst, in many ways, upholding it. After the war they took the moral high ground, claiming that all wars would be stopped if ‘nationalism’ was eradicated. This is one of the founding memes of the European Union and it is there in the preamble to the Treaty of Rome: the idea of “ever closer union”. Although the EU has a democratic façade, it is ruled by a committee, a “Council of Ministers” which ‘votes’ on items submitted to it by a ‘commission’ which comprises senior civil servants from the member nations under their respective ‘commissioners’ (a sinecure position given to retiring national politicians). There is, in the EU, a democratic deficit which is hidden behind the façade of a powerless European Parliament.

In many ways this European behemoth resembles the Nazi administration posited in its 1942 planning, and when compared with the way the United States tackled the same set of problems with disparate states in a federal (nationalist) setting, one can begin to see the contrasts. The USA, historically, had an amazing ability to recognize problems early and resolve them before they became fatal.

The Nazis sought a homogeneous German culture which excluded ‘non-Aryans’. The EU wants a unified ‘European’ man. The modern “Great Reset” wants to recreate a homogenized feudal culture where enslaved people across the whole world are allowed to exist solely to produce food and goods for the master race.

In the USA, each state has retained its unique character. Why? Because the idea was to keep Federal interference at a minimum, limited by a Constitution to defence and affairs of state via an elected executive. The EU, however, seeks to ‘harmonize’ the various member states via diktats from an unelected body. In the UK we always bought petrol (gas) by the imperial gallon, and butter by the half-pound. That all had to change once we joined the EU, and many small gas stations had to close down rather than buy new gas-pumping equipment calibrated in litres.

Another EU diktat also required that abattoirs have separate entry roads and exit roads. Again, many small local abattoirs had to close down.

Eventually the UK decided to leave the Union, and it seems many other groups across Europe are considering the same. Poland is having its issues, too, finding out that the EU is intolerant of Polish tradition and culture. There is a hidden cost to membership and access to funds: that of conformity and cultural suicide.

Over the top of all this are the ghoul billionaires, injecting cash into a globalist agenda. Soros and Gates were preceded by a hundred years by the multi-millionaire Cecil Rhodes who used his fortune to set up the original infrastructure (The Round Table) for world domination.

An interesting read on Rhodes and his influence is here. Although it contains the real history, it is a propaganda piece where the history is spun in such a way as to create a conspiracy theory.

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“Israel Has Transformed Into a Dictatorship”

In the following video an Ethiopian Jew who is a member of the Knesset in Israel describes the draconian totalitarian laws that have recently been enacted by the new leftist government, ostensibly in response to the latest surge of the Eternal Corona.

Many thanks to RY for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The New ‘Good’ and the New Evil

We are approaching Endgame after more than a hundred years of the Culture Wars. In the essay below MC picks his way through the grotesque highlights of what is currently underway.

Most modern medicine assumes that God does not exist, and that mankind (‘experts’) must therefore control medical ethics in order to ensure that doctors and others with an interest in medicine do not sacrifice their ethical integrity in order to either maximize their wealth from an exceedingly profitable industry, nor pursue greater knowledge at the expense of the health of their patients.

In 1947, following cruel and murderous experimentation by seemingly normal doctors on inmates of concentration camps in Nazi Germany, international law was laid down concerning human experimentation, coercion and informed consent.

These laws are now being violated on a daily basis by politicians, doctors, nurses and health administrators who advocate and enforce the COVID-19 vaccine. This is not new; it is an old, old story. We are back to bleeding, scoring and purging, leeches and mercury; the medicine of barbers and barbarity.

The Covid vaccine is experimental, and under the Nuremburg and Helsinki LAWS, it cannot be mandated. YOU cannot be forced to violate your bodily integrity — even if granny is in danger.

But granny is not in danger, at least in any statistical sense any more than she usually is, and if she were to take the correct prophylactic treatment to raise her zinc and vitamin D levels then her chances of surviving a CV19 attack are much improved. Unfortunately, it seems, the Powers That Be in medicine and politics want her dead, so they are withholding the real science and the real medicine from her. Granny dead from Covid is a bounty that can be collected…

The ‘science’ as dictated by the government/Big Pharma alliance is to leave CV19 granny alone until her lips turn blue, then put her on a killer ventilator until she dies. For this, a hospital gets a substantial government grant. She is a useless eater — Aktion T4 for her. Do we inject her with phenol, gas her, or put a plastic bag over her head? No, we withhold crucial and effective treatment and inject her with an experimental gene therapy — and this is ethically acceptable?

We are so, so ignorant, we don’t realize that although all the names have changed, the methods have not.

On the whole, the billionaires who are financing this modern Holodomor are stupid frightened individuals who believe in a humanist-based cult whereby:

  • There are too many people on the planet.
  • The planet is being poisoned by too much ‘carbon’
  • That the ultra-rich are entitled to rule over all other groups and use all available resources.
  • That Islam, by its ultra-controlling influence, can be used to divide and rule dangerous ‘Christian’ populations.
  • That fossil fuels can be replaced by ‘batteries’ (where does the electricity come from to charge the batteries?).
  • That solar and wind power can provide enough energy for the remnant population to survive.
  • That putting God at the centre of the Constitution in 1776-1784 had no effect on the subsequent rise of the American Dream; it was purely a coincidence.
  • And that removing God from society is therefore no problem and will not turn the dream into a nightmare.

It is difficult for us to understand the role of God in society, for without God, societies are basically two-tier master/slave societies where the masters work hard to keep the peons in abject slavery.

In the historical British feudal system, the serfs were largely village idiots, kept in a state of abject poverty and malnutrition. The role of the then-Church was to perpetuate the system by removing any intelligent children at an early age into the cloisters for special indoctrination. Wise lords of the manor also took bright children into their service, thus removing leaders from the peasant body.

Britain at the time did not have a skin colour problem; everybody was white. Even in my childhood 1950s England was overwhelmingly white, I had seen non-white people because I had travelled to Singapore as a very young ‘britbrat’ (child of armed forces personnel), but to others in my class at school, they were an abstract from the pages of National Geographic and Hollywood.

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A COVID Epidemic Among the Vaccinated in Israel

Israel is one of the most-“vaccinated” countries in the world, possibly second only to Gibraltar. It is currently experiencing a surge of infections with the Wuhan Coronavirus, and the majority of the infected patients have been vaccinated, many of them with three shots (i.e. including the first booster).

The following video from Israeli TV is in Hebrew with English subtitles. The unidentified woman who posted it says that it has already been taken down by Facebook once, so she is presenting it again in a different manner and is asking people to spread it, in hopes that it can propagate widely before it is taken down again.

Participants in the video speak very rapidly, so that it is hard to read the subtitles. The woman who presents it videotapes it from her laptop’s screen, pausing it when necessary, while she reads the titles out loud. This is a useful strategy to make sure the information in the video gets through clearly.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video to 3speak where it can’t be taken down:

Pfizer Done It!

In the following video from Israel, the man operating the camera loudly proclaims his insistence that the plight of the young lady on the stretcher was caused by Pfizer. I don’t have any further information on the background of this clip except that the translator says that the man’s Hebrew is so deficient that she had difficulty putting it into normal English.

Many thanks to Rachel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The EU Funds Jew-Hatred in Palestinian Textbooks

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert:

With the votes of the left-wing parties, the European Parliament voted for the continued financing of anti-Semitic schoolbooks with 20 million euros

EU funds anti-Semitic books in Palestine with 20 million euros.

The European Union is supporting the school system in Palestinian areas in Israel with several million euros, including for books. Now a study shows that the books are strongly anti-Semitic. Nevertheless, the European Parliament decided that this program will continue.

Jews are portrayed as the enemy

According to the revealing report of the European Commission, the Palestinian children are trained to be activists. In many places, the Jews are portrayed as the enemy. As Bild reports, the commission put the continuation of the program to a vote in the European Parliament— which voted in favor!

Red-Green-Left always the first

From the German point of view, it was the deputies of SPD, the Greens, and the Left Party mainly responsible for the voting result. The Union [CDU and CSU] and the FDP voted unanimously against a continuation, the AfD [Alternative for Germany], for the most part, as well. Incomprehensible when you consider how quickly the Red-Green-Left bloc in German politics always warns mantra-like about “anti-Semitism” at every sign of patriotism.

Alternative peace project rejected

The amount involved is not insignificant: Just for the current legislative period of five years, €20 million in taxpayer money is allotted for the anti-Semitic school books. Especially scandalous is that they already had an alternative plan for the money. With a negative vote result, the money would have flowed to organizations in the Palestinian area that demonstrably promote peace. How this Red-Green-Left could refuse it is something their deputies have to explain to the voters.

Pollyanna — Please Come Home

In the following essay MC tackles the dire state of affairs in the fragmented country formerly known as the United States of America.

Pollyanna — Please Come Home

by MC

I truly believe that Communism/Nazism/Socialism is Satanic. Whilst the useful idiots may actually believe that they are doing the “good works” of Socialism, to Yah they are as “filthy rags” (in the Hebrew this is understood as “used sanitary towels”): “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.” (Isaiah 64:6)

Socialists of all stamps seem to feel righteous and superior when they inflict their ‘good’ doctrines upon us. But their coercion and forcible conversion are essentially meaningless in the realm of Yah’s knowledge of Good and Evil, and they too will be judged against the Ten Commandments. They will be held accountable for their theft (redistributive taxation) and their murder as well as of throwing their ‘gods’ in Yah’s face (first commandment in Hebrew).

In Acts we read of a community of “followers of the WAY (of Yah)”. The important thing to understand is that this was a totally voluntary community, no coercion; people were happy to share what they could bring to the community. Anas and Safira sought to deceive and were struck down, not by the community, but by God himself.

But this Acts community is not Socialism or Communism where the community is not voluntary and the ‘pigs’ exploit Snowy — Snowy must join the bread queue whilst the ‘pigs’ have their food brought to them by servants.

Many point out the nasty side of the Bible, the death penalty for sodomy, adultery and fornication, for example. But this was for the same voluntary community structure that we read about in Acts. You keep the Commandments, leave and go to one of the refuge cities, or be put to death.

What is missing from Socialism is the “voluntary” element. The few who believe themselves ‘enlightened’ and thus qualified to dictate to the rest of us how we should live. This is forcible conversion, not to a ‘religion’ as such, but to a much nastier and more ruthless political religion.

The COVID-19 vaccine mandate falls into this category of forcible conversion. Everything about the SARS-COV-2 saga is a lie. But an effective one that has panicked half the world into compliance.

I have never been a fan of vaccination. From the days of Edward Jenner it has been a huge revenue-earner, and this always seems to have been of greater priority to medical professionals and their Big Pharma owners than the safety and effectiveness of the products.

This link sums up the Naturopathy view of vaccines: dangerous biologicals for the treatment of non-dangerous (in clean and well fed-people) diseases.

If the Covid vax were safe and effective, then why worry about a so-called “pandemic of the unvaccinated”? Why are the unvaccinated deemed to be a danger to the vaccinated? Is this a political stunt rather than a medical one? The evidence that it is becomes more and more convincing as we listen to the vaccine effectiveness countdown, now at 3% and dropping.

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Do you Love to Hate?

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this essay on the dire excesses of contemporary public policy, including the “vaccine” situation in Israel, which suffers from one of the worst cases of the Coronamadness.

Do you Love to Hate?

by MC

Any private view that deviates from the approved ‘liberal’ meme is now labelled as hate. I hate Islam, for example; I do, I do.

They send these missiles over and they explode near me and my family, but although the firing of missiles at civilians is a war crime, it is an acceptable war crime because Islam is a religion of peace and lurve. Isn’t it?

I have to say it is because to point to the world-domination aspects of Islam is ‘Islamophobia’ and Islamophobia is a ‘hate’ crime.

In 1941, in operation Barbarossa, the Nazi armies swept across the Russian Steppes, raping, looting and burning as they went. Liberals (modern day Nazis) would have those peasants whose livelihood had just gone up in flames smile and accept their fate for the greater good. A freezing winter of starvation and death is not an excuse for ‘hate crimes’; to be a hate crime, the action must fall into a violation with very narrowly defined victim and perpetrator groups.

To criticize Islam is a hate crime, full stop. To criticize Judaism is less black and white. To criticize and demean Israel, the only Jewish State, is to be encouraged.

If you come to Israel you will find that the majority of people are of Mediterranean appearance, with very dark Ethiopians, and very light Russians, but to liberals Israel, and all Jews, are white supremacists, no matter what their skin colour. Since most Jews in the USA are Ashkenazi Jews of European extraction, then Jews in Israel must therefore be ‘white’ and ‘supremacist’ (living in the ‘holy land’ as ‘occupiers’ claiming to be the ‘chosen race’, regardless of their origins).

Everybody knows that God in his wheelchair, just before he died, anointed all liberals to carry on his works of lurve, compassion and coercion. After all, it is ‘right’ and ‘just’ to make people conform for the benefit of all of us. Forcible conversion is a major part of the socialist creed.

For a Liberal, there are two ways of doing things; the Liberal way and the wrong way. To do things the wrong way violates Liberal principle and is thus implied criticism; a hate crime because ‘liberalism’ is one of the defined victim/perpetrator groups.

We no longer debate issues; we just manoeuvre our opponents into the treacherous quicksand of mudslinging. Any dialogue can be reduced to a monologue by just a few well-placed liberal epithets invoking ‘racist’, Nazi, Fascist, hate and conspiracy theory.

Recently we have seen quite a few so called ‘conspiracy theories’ prove to be accurate. When somebody puts two and two together and gets four, when they were supposed to get five, if we then yell “CONSPIRACY THEORY” for all we are worth we can make it all go away.

The so-called conspiracy theory was once the domain of the loony left, but has morphed over the last few decades into a weapon to suppress logical speculations. Here is some logical speculation:

  • China released the COVID-19 virus at the Armed Forces Games in Wuhan in October 2019.
  • Releasing a dangerous bioweapon of mass destruction is justification for war.
  • In December 2019 General Milley was worried that President Trump might declare war on China, so he took steps to acquire the power of the Commander-in-Chief for himself.
  • Milley tells his counterpart in China that he will give them a heads-up if the POTUS decides that China has committed an act of war.

If we put these points together we can logically draw the following conclusions:

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Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

Our Israeli correspondent MC weighs in on the two great shibboleths of modern political correctness: COVID-19 and climate change.

Medical Tyranny and Climate Tyranny

(Or the confessions of an inveterate kludge)

KLUDGE (Klooj) — N. Disparaging term for genetically unmodified human being; see also “uber”.

These are words that blend nicely: Medical tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten days’ time; climate tyranny is fear of what will happen in ten years’ time.

In a godless environment these are real and morbid fears, fully justified when mankind boasts invincibility but cannot hold back the waves of nature. “DO SOMETHING — ANYTHING” people scream at their leaders, and expect a response.

People get very angry when they go to a doctor and don’t get a bunch of pills to pop. Prescribing placebos is not uncommon so I am told.

About three years back I had a heart attack, not a big one, but painful and a shock. Cardiovascular disease is a symptom of an underlying failure. Modern medicine assumes it is all to do with ‘cholesterol’, at least that is what it tells its clientele, and cholesterol is what has, in the past, been taught at med school. First it was all cholesterol, and we had to give up butter and chicken skins. Then it was low-density cholesterol, and we all had to take statins. Then along came vLDL and we all had to lose weight. The cholesterol-centric view is outdated, but is still mainstream in the doctor’s surgery and in the pharma advertising. The underlying inflammation causing the cholesterol/plaque is largely ignored.

So I was given a handful of pills and told to make a will. There was no attempt to find out what the underlying cause(s) might be. Modern medicine is a profit-making concern, so it treats the symptoms, and is not the least interested in ‘healing’. To heal, one must find the cause, and that is not instantly profitable.

Luckily, I could afford private medicine. I went to a real healer: my daughter is studying to be a naturopath. I asked her advice, and I subsequently met Etti.

I spent almost a whole morning with Etti going through my back history, starting with childhood problems.

She then arranged for me to have a full GI tract analysis. It came back with a surprise: malnutrition — fat malabsorption, and subsequent problems with fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K. The vitamin D deficiency was serious and debilitating and had been so for many years.

I was a scrawny child, so much so that my mother took me to the doctor as a ‘fail to thrive’ problem. The doctor was dismissive — “children don’t starve themselves.” Nobody bothered to ask me; I could have described the gagging (GERD) and the overwhelming tiredness, the aches and pains in my limbs…

This was within ten years after the end of the war — British society had all sorts of consequential hang-ups over food, and a little boy gagging and vomiting was just prima-donna behaviour.

I came to dread mealtimes, at school and at home. I had a reputation which I just could not live down.

It was sixty years later that Etti found the problem, Celiac disease — to me the gluten in wheat, barley and rye is poisonous and over time, stops the small from intestine digesting food and causes leaky gut syndrome and its subsequent cytokine storm and rabid inflammation.

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We Have to Lie to Them, Otherwise They’ll Never Take the Vax

During an “hot mike” moment in Israel, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz inadvertently revealed their government’s ongoing mendacity about the “science” behind its policies concerning COVID-19 and “vaccination”.

This is something that most of us have known to be true for a long time, but still, it’s startling to hear it discussed so openly and so plainly.

Many thanks to Rachel for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Only Fear

Our Israeli correspondent MC examines the similarities between the COVID/vax crisis and the AIDS/AZT crisis, as well as other examples of manufactured mass hysteria.

Only Fear

by MC

There is no virus; there is no killer COVID; there is no Delta (It is just vaccine breakthrough); but there are huge buckets of fear.

When we give up Judeo-Christianity, we also give up a faith in an afterlife, which means that death is a huge boogaloo rather than a passing from one state to another.

Every time we look out the window we see Creation, but whose creation? Darwin posited a random evolution from a basic cell, but made no speculation as to how the cell got there in the first place. That was left for others to argue about, an argument that is still raging, an argument that requires an explanation for ‘intelligent design’; a panspermia or an alien creation of some sort but not God, never God…

Yet we are still left trying to explain human consciousness in a rational manner. How did we become self-aware?

And how did we manage to throw it all away and succumb to fear? Yet again…

It is not the first time it has happened. Ruthless people can induce fear and terror to make a profit, to get what they want, be it shaheed status or wealth beyond measure.

Regimes that specialize in terror are called tyrannies, but we have never had a worldwide tyranny before, not like this one, not the global reset as a result of a pandemic that never was.

Except what? Virus cancer research would have crashed to a halt except that, in 1981, five cases of severe immune deficiencies were described by a Los Angeles physician, all among homosexual men who were also all sniffing amyl nitrite, were all abusing other drugs, abusing antibiotics, and probably suffering from malnutrition and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). It would have been logical to hypothesize that these severe cases of immune deficiency had multiple toxic origins. This would have amounted to incrimination of these patients’ lifestyle. Unfortunately, such discrimination was, politically, totally unacceptable.

Therefore, another hypothesis had to be found — these patients were suffering from a contagious disease caused by a new retrovirus! Scientific data in support of this hypothesis was and, amazingly enough, still is totally missing. That did not matter, and instantaneous and passionate interest of cancer virus researchers and institutions erupted immediately. This was salvation for the viral laboratories where AIDS now became, almost overnight, the main focus of research. It generated huge financial support from Big Pharma, more budgets for the CDC and NIH, and nobody had to worry about the lifestyle of the patients who became at once the innocent victims of this horrible virus, soon labeled as HIV.

Twenty-five years later, the HIV 1 AIDS hypothesis has totally failed to achieve three major goals in spite of the huge research funding exclusively directed to projects based on it. No AIDS cure has ever been found; no verifiable epidemiological predictions have ever been made; and no HIV vaccine has ever been successfully prepared. Instead, highly toxic (but not curative) drugs have been most irresponsibly used, with frequent, lethal side effects. Yet not a single HIV particle has ever been observed by electron microscopy in the blood of patients supposedly having a high viral load! So what? All the most important newspapers and magazine have displayed attractive computerized, colorful images of HIV that all originate from laboratory cell cultures, but never from even a single AIDS patient. Despite this stunning omission the HIV I AIDS dogma is still solidly entrenched. Tens of thousands of researchers, and hundreds of major pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits based on the HIV hypothesis. And not one single AIDS patient has ever been cured.


But the real disease is ‘Virus Mania’: the belief that there are lethal pathogens out there just waiting to ambush us and take us as hosts and kill us in a gruesome manner…

Bugs… and boogaloo.

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The Truth is Out There

Our Israeli correspondent MC takes a look at the way the Coronamadness dovetails with Modern Multicultural Political Correctness.

The Truth is Out There

by MC

But it is obscured and obfuscated by the liars. “Follow the science” in newspeak rhetoric means ‘you are ignorant; we are wise — just do as we tell you and don’t complain’

As a decades long anti-vaxxer, am I ignorant or have I gone through the data for myself and decided that vaccines are neither ‘safe’ nor ‘effective’?

There is much room, and evidence to doubt both, but the vaccine thugs want to remove my right to make my own decision and coerce or trick me into taking the shot. And Kerching! goes the cash register.

Unfortunately, I do not believe in germ theory. Koch and Pasteur were successful mavericks, not scientists. The science was done by Béchamp, Royal and those others bravely studying pleomorphism against the medical establishment (the ability of bacteria to change according to the terrain).

If terrain theory is correct then most ‘treat the symptoms’ medicine is naïve and dangerous — Iatrogenic mistakes were the third-largest killer in the USA pre-Covid.

If you see the mechanic maintaining your car, and trying to start is by hitting it with a sledgehammer, you tend to ask him what he is doing (Some early gasoil tractors were actually started by screwing an explosive charge into the top of the cylinder and hitting the percussion cap with a hammer — hence the folklore — the DHC Chipmunk I learned to fly on was started with a shotgun cartridge with a striker).

I think the lockdown and the masks amply justify my view. Science has shown that not only are masks and lockdowns ineffective, they are actually both potentially dangerous, yet our illustrious leaders still persist in inflicting them on us. Are they ignorant or malicious? I don’t know; I suspect the latter.

In this video, the editor of the Australian Daily Mail is instructing his employees to ridicule and belittle anti-vaxxers wherever they find them — regardless, of course, of either people’s rights to make up their own minds, or of the truths that are already out there.

The mRNA covid ‘vaccines’ change the cells in the body such that instead of producing needed proteins, they produce Covid ‘spike’ proteins. These proteins escape into the bloodstream and attach to the endothelial cells that line blood vessels (ACE2 receptors). In small blood vessels known as capillaries this makes the inner surface very rough and the body assumes, quite rightly, that the capillary is damaged, so that the body’s own healing mechanisms, the platelets, are deployed. They thus rupture on collision with the spike, and cause a microscopic blood clot. Which is exactly what they are meant to do, but not in every capillary in the muscle/organ. That’s when people start dying.

Most survivable injuries are localized, but spike proteins are randomly distributed throughout the body, and instead of a few hundred blocked capillaries, we are looking at possibly millions, all at the same time, and upon their location — brain, heart kidney, liver — depends what damage is done, and some of the damage is permanent or even fatal.

So why do newspaper editors want us to volunteer for a potentially fatal jab? Is it sheer ignorance? Is in order to protect and enhance advertising revenue? Or is it something much more sinister?.

But then, why do our ‘betters’ fail to see the disruptive, murderous effect of mass Muslim immigration?

The methodology is the same: demonize the dissenters, shame them into abiding by the lies.

For lies are the bedrock of tyranny.

So we deceive them all into thinking ‘racism’ is a (thought) crime, that ‘capitalism’ is evil, that the bourgeoisie exploit the workers, that Muslims are peaceful, law-abiding citizens who cannot be criticized. Even that jooz own the world, run the Capitol and pretend that there was a holocaust.

And that left-wing tyranny is better….

We manipulate the statistics, where the study showed statins are really 1% effective (with side effects), we can say that their ‘relative’ effectiveness is 50% (2% as compared to 1%) and even the doctors are fooled — they are also not allowed to not be fooled on pain of removal of licence.

mRNA vaccines have a relative effectiveness of 95%, they have a real effectiveness of less than 1%, as is demonstrated by the number of ‘breakthrough’ cases — put down to a so-called ‘Delta’ (Indian) variant and blamed on the unvaccinated — exactly who do you think you are kidding, Mr. Fauci?

The Home Guard?

If said Fauci is responsible for ‘gain of function’, of suppressing HCQ and ivermectin, and promoting the mass vaccination with a toxic gene therapy, then he is worse than Hitler and his Aktion T4 programme.

Fauci is making war on innocent women and children, using fear as a weapon of mass destruction, and, in our complacency, and our obsession with our smart phones and the propaganda they thrust at us, he is going to get away with it.

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Palling Up With the Palis

The Belgian government is drawing flak for continuing its financial aid to “Palestine”, despite the fact that the money is being diverted to support terrorist attacks against Israel.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian Dutch-language site

Belgium continues with development aid for Palestine despite suspicions that the money ends up with terrorists

by Tom Lallemand
August 3, 2021

Our country is continuing with controversial development support for Palestine. An investigation warned that Belgian money may possibly end up in the hands of a terrorist organization, but the minister of development cooperation, Meryame Kitir, sees no reason to put a stop to the developmental aid.

In recent years, millions of euros in Belgian developmental aid has been sent to Palestinian NGOs, but a report from the Israeli intelligence services accuses the NGOs of channeling that money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization officially labeled as terrorist by the EU.

However, Belgium will not stop the developmental aid to Palestine. That is what the minister for developmental cooperation, Meryame Kitir, said after she conducted a Belgian investigation. “On the basis of that investigation, I see no reason to freeze the resources, nor to conduct an additional external investigation. I trust in our Belgian partner organizations and in the existing control system,” said Kitir.

There is necessary outrage on social media about Kitir’s decision. “Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But the government, after its own investigation, sees no reason to freeze the money,” said the De Tijd investigative journalist Lars Bove, who was retweeted by various N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) leaders, such as Theo Francken.


“Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But, after its own investigation, the government sees no reason to freeze the money,”