Convicted of Exposing Islam?

The following article about the travesty of “justice” inflicted upon my Danish friend Steen was written by Peder Jensen, better known as Fjordman.

Earlier this month Steen was convicted in a Danish court and given a four-month prison sentence (suspended) for writing about and linking to a video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women by mujahideen in Morocco in 2018. He simply described what happened and linked to a site that had posted the murderers’ video of the atrocity, and that was enough to bring down the wrath of the Danish legal system upon himself.

Before I get to Fjordman’s account of what happened, I’d just like to say a few words about my association with Steen. I got to know him online in early 2007, and stayed with him at his flat in Copenhagen later that year when I attended the first of a series of Counterjihad conferences in Europe. He and I became good friends, and he is one of the finest people I know. (As it happens, that event in Copenhagen was the first time that Fjordman and Steen met, but that’s another story.)

Back then Steen, Fjordman, and I all wrote pseudonymously. Nowadays all three of us are public — how times have changed!

Steen took over the small blog Dansk-Svensk in 2004 and turned it into Snaphanen, retaining the combined focus on Danish and Swedish affairs. He was neither a blogger nor a writer by trade, but a professional photographer. Nevertheless, by patient work as an editor and collator, he made Snaphanen into the largest blog in Denmark.

In July of 2011, after the massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya, like so many of us Steen was exposed to the glare of the media klieg lights by his site’s association with Fjordman. Under the same circumstances, numerous other Counterjihad activists fled and hid in the shadows in the face of all the vicious publicity, shutting down their sites and retiring from activism.

But not Steen. He remained defiant. He kept Snaphanen open and active, saying to those who would bring him down, in effect: “Here I am. Come and get me.”

Seven years later the Powers That Be at last managed to find a way to get him. The case against him is ludicrous. It’s buffoonery. The Danish government ought to be ashamed of itself.

Somebody should market lapel buttons featuring the slogan (in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English): “We are all Steen now!”

Many thanks to LN for translating this Danish-language article from Snaphanen:

Convicted of exposing Islam?

by Fjordman
February 24, 2022

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen met a beastly death in the Atlas Mountains. Back home in Denmark and Norway the media and authorities did not want people to know about it.

For many years the Danish writer and photographer Steen Raaschou has run the website On September 20 2022 he was sentenced by the District Court of Copenhagen to four months’ imprisonment, suspended, for writing in December of 2018 about the murders of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland in Morocco, and for linking to a video that showed the atrocities.

The trial has taken several years. Early on the morning of May 8 2019, Raaschou had his private residence searched by at least five police officers. They confiscated his computer equipment and handcuffed him as if he had been a dangerous terrorist. Raaschou was by then a pensioner and had no criminal record.

However, the authorities wanted a harsher punishment. The prosecutor had asked for six months of unconditional imprisonment for Raaschou. But the judges decided to impose a suspended sentence, partly because of the defendant’s age and health. Steen Raaschou has been seriously ill with cancer and is still taking numerous medications on a daily basis.

I know Mr. Raaschou personally, and was present in court myself, as one of dozens of witnesses. As a non-lawyer, I immediately found the application of the law to be strange.

Raaschou was convicted by the Copenhagen District Court of violating ¶264d of the Danish Criminal Code, which prohibits the dissemination of images relating to the “private affairs” of another person and which are clearly not in the public interest.

An example of this practice is if you were to distribute or publish nude pictures of your ex-girlfriend or spouse. Such actions are intended to personally harass and humiliate another person with images that are clearly private and certainly not in the public interest.

People die every day. Some die more brutally than others. Death by murder places an extra strain on the survivors, on the family and friends of the victims. This is because serious crime is not just a private matter. The right to privacy must be balanced against the public’s right to be informed about what is happening in the world around them. People should be made aware of problems and potential threats. They have a right to demand to receive basic information about the society in which they live. Moreover, withholding truthful information may often encourage the spread of rumours, which can be both true and false.

The double murder of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland bore the stamp of an act of terrorism. The militant Muslims who committed the murders in an extremely brutal and ritualistic manner sympathised with terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State (IS).

A deadly terrorist attack against a Danish and a Norwegian citizen is of obvious and general interest to citizens of Denmark, Norway and other countries. It is quite unreasonable to treat this in the same way as the dissemination of private nude photographs.

Steen Raaschou referred to this fact on his website in December of 2018 because he felt that the mainstream media were not reporting the whole truth about what had really happened in Morocco. The media in Denmark and Norway wrote diffusely that the two women had received “injuries to their necks”. This is such a gross paraphrase of what actually happened that it is in fact a complete lie. Raaschou himself says that he wrote to inform the public of the truth. In no way was this done to cause inconvenience to the victims’ families.

The judges at the Copenhagen District Court rejected the arguments by Raaschou and his lawyer that he had used his freedom of speech to inform the public. They considered that the victims’ interests outweighed the defendant’s freedom of expression.

It was also argued that Raaschou could have reported the double murder in a different way, rather than by showing a diffused screenshot and providing a video link to another website.

The video footage of the murders was not shown to the parties in court. However, a witness who has worked for the police was called. He described parts of the video. The judges prohibited reporting the content of the video.

Everyone present in the courtroom, including members of the audience such as myself, were thus prohibited from describing what we heard mentioned in the courtroom about the video. Violation of this prohibition could, in the worst case, lead to our own prosecution.

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Long Live Free, Strong and Sovereign Italy!

The polls will close shortly in Italy, and the counting will begin. It seems likely that the right-wing alliance — Fratelli d’Italia, the Lega, and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia — will win a majority and form a new government, with Giorgia Merloni acting as prime minister.

Several days ago Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, issued a warning to the Italian electorate about how it should vote. Her remarks included the threat that the European Union will intervene, using its “tools” (presumably the denial of EU funds) against Italians should they vote wrong.

Below is a composite of two video clips showing the reaction of former (and probably future) Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to Ms. Von der Leyen’s threat. Many thanks to HeHa and Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times are from the original separate clips):

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You Will Be Controlled Through Your Phone

Ernst Wolff is a German finance writer. In the following interview Mr. Wolff discusses the outlines of the coming New World Order (a.k.a. “Build Back Better”) as outlined by the boffins in the brain trust of the World Economic Forum.

His remarks have reinforced my conviction that it is crucial not to own a cell phone or any other hand-held device, because it is through these portable electronic gizmos that the diktats of the new techno-state will be enforced. Digital money, social credit, universal surveillance — all will depend on the ubiquitous cell phones for their implementation.

When cell phones are made mandatory for all citizens, I suppose I’ll meet my inevitable Waterloo. Until then, however, I intend to remain as defiantly independent as I possibly can.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Wintry Outlook

The German authorities are preparing for civil unrest in the coming winter. What’s interesting about this report is the role that the extreme Left is expected to play in the disturbances. The proximate cause of the crisis is an extreme shortage of natural gas due to the sanctions against Russia, which means that the climate-change zealots will be poised to raise trouble if more coal plants are fired up to try to cope with the dearth of electric power, or other uses of fossil fuel are proposed as a way to mitigate the crisis. That must not be allowed, no matter how many people freeze or starve, because we must save the planet!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

BKA apparently sees a growing threat to internal security

If people see their existence threatened, things could get tricky in the next few weeks: according to a media report, the Federal Criminal Police Office is preparing for possible protests, blockades and attacks.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) sees increasing dangers for internal security in Germany in the coming weeks due to the energy crisis and high inflation, according to a report by the Tagesspiegel.

A similar situation to the protests against Corona measures since the beginning of the pandemic may be expected “if a significant proportion of the population feels it is or actually gets into an existential situation as a result of political decisions,” says an internal BKA memo, from which they quoted from the Tagesspiegel.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has also registered attempts by Islamists to take advantage of the current crisis situation. Attacks on the “economic infrastructure” were called for. A spokesman for the Islamic State jihadist militia called for the use of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the unstable political situation in Europe to their advantage, the Tagesspiegel quotes, citing the BKA.

Demonstrations and criminal offenses such as those seen in the Corona protests of recent years are also expected. In addition, there could be occupations and blockades of companies in the energy and armaments industry by the leftist scene.

Criminal offenses against politicians and decision-makers are to be feared from right-wing extremists and Corona skeptics, as well as “violent forms of action” from Corona critics.

A renewed tightening of the Corona measures could also drive parts of the civil-democratic spectrum into the arms of the milieu of the Corona protests, the BKA writes according to the Tagesspiegel.

Afterword from the translator:

I’m afraid to say it, but this has all been planned for some time, and the German government is working towards this. Then the demonstrators are driven apart by the police and possibly the Bundeswehr. And this with brute force. Will the order to shoot then follow? I wouldn’t put it past this government.

Requiem for a Culture, Part 1: The Sentinel

Requiem for a Culture

Part 1: The Sentinel

The past is never dead. It’s not even past.

— William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun, Act I, Scene III (page 80 in the Vintage paperback edition)

I first read the above quote more than four decades ago, and in the years since then I have always associated it with the Civil War. However, upon looking it up while preparing this post, I noticed that the context is the personal history of one of the main characters, and refers to events in the early to mid-20th century. Nevertheless, the Recent Unpleasantness is woven into the fabric of the novel, so that relating it to the war seems appropriate.

For a Virginian whose family was caught up in the struggle, the 157 years since the surrender at Appomattox is a short time indeed. Generations in my mother’s family were long, so that I heard family stories about 1865 from a relative who heard them from an aunt who was alive at the time and witnessed the events herself. So that’s not really far back at all.

The past is never dead. It’s not even past.

Back in the 1990s I wrote a poem entitled “Mason Dixon” that concludes with these lines:

How can one forget? Millennia hence,
when English is just the language of the scholiasts
or the key to ancient software, Gettysburg
will mean no more than Thermopylae does to us,
and Jackson’s tactics, like Hannibal’s,
will be studied by commanders
training for the galactic wars.

Then Appomattox will no longer appear on any map,
with Bull Run just a vague rumor,
a place somewhere off to the east
of the Blue Ridge Islands.

The War Between the States is something that one never quite comes to terms with. It is the wound that will not heal.

When you cross into Appomattox County, Virginia from one of the adjacent counties, you are greeted with a sign that reads: “Welcome to Appomattox County, Where Our Nation Reunited”.

To an unreconstructed Southerner, this upbeat sentiment seems inaccurate. A more apposite greeting would be: “Welcome to Appomattox County, Where Sovereignty Was Destroyed, and the Southern States Became Vassals of the Federal Behemoth”.

But I guess that’s too long and wordy to be euphonious.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’ve been trying to write this post for almost three months. I kept thinking of new things I wanted to say, and amassed more material than would readily fit into a single essay. I’ve decided to break it up into bite-sized chunks to make it easier to write, and easier for the reader to digest.

This introduction to the topic concerns the proximate cause of my decision to finally become an official member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans: the removal of the Confederate rifleman who had stood sentinel for almost 120 years in a little park on High Street in Farmville, Virginia. There was never a referendum on whether the town’s inhabitants wanted the statue taken down, and the city council’s decision to do so was taken behind closed doors, with no public input.

I asked one of the members of the local SCV camp what prompted the council’s action, and he said, “Some a**hole at Longwood [University] complained about it.”

The removal of the statue occurred during the height of the George Floyd craze, when monuments, Confederate and otherwise, were being taken down all over the country. Farmville’s Confederate fared better than many others, which were broken up and/or melted down (presumably so that George Floyd statues could be cast from the metal).

Last year the Sentinel was relocated to the Confederate cemetery just across the Appomattox River, where he is safely out of sight of everyone except those who choose to visit the site to pay their respects to the 300-400 Confederate fallen who are buried there in unmarked graves.

Back in May I posted about the Memorial Day observance organized by the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Sons of Confederate Veterans in that same cemetery. Last year the Sentinel was relocated there, and stands on his reconstructed plinth behind the honor guard in the photo below:

Those who attended the ceremony came to honor the soldiers who died defending Virginia in the Civil War, and their ancestors who fought in the conflict.

I say “defending Virginia”, because Virginia was understood to be a sovereign state until 1865, when state sovereignty was overthrown, and modernity began. And also because Virginia was invaded. In 1861 a hostile foreign force invaded the Commonwealth from the north and the east, intending to capture Richmond and put an end to the nascent Confederacy. Thanks to the skill, determination, and courage of the forces commanded by Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, inter alia, that final reckoning was put off for four years, after which the former Confederate states were reduced to poverty and vassalage under the federal government of the United States.

The photo below shows Appomattox Courthouse being guarded by Union soldiers:

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After 2030 Comes 2060

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has long-range plans for his country, and its relationship with the EU, which may or may not align with those of the New World Order. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report.

After 2030 Comes 2060

by László

2060 — yes, you read that right.

The reason why I find the following article interesting is that Viktor Orbán seems to have proven to be a sort of insider in the NWO (a Young Global Leader). For example, one of his strategic goals listed below, “Continuous modernisation of the economy”, may or may not be a synonym for the technological introduction of Agenda 2030 in Hungary. The development of self-driving cars, “sustainability” and “smart cities” are all official government strategies. Whether these will be gradually forced on the population the way the globalist rulers want, or will be subverted by us Hungarians, is another question.

Also, his reference to China as a good example of doing “capitalism” is rather chilling for me — because once up and running, such a system will override the personal motives, however benevolent they may be, of those who launch it.

All in all, the “leaked” information puts a lot of things into perspective regarding the Hungarian national strategy and the destiny of Europe.

PM Orbán’s Predictions and Strategy till 2060

The governing party Fidesz held its annual informal meeting, for the 21st time, on the 10th of September, behind closed doors. Some of PM Orbán’s predictions and long-term strategies have leaked out, Index claims.

Excerpts from the article published by Index, entitled “Viktor Orbán’s Speech In Kötcse has Leaked Out”:

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Silenced in Slovenia

Back in 2020 I was interviewed by the Slovenian magazine Demokracija, which published the text online in the original English, and translated it into Slovenian for the print magazine. At that time the editor-in-chief of Demokracija was Jože Biščak, with whom I have corresponded occasionally since the time of the interview.

Mr. Biščak and a colleague have recently been convicted of “public incitement of hatred, violence or intolerance” for a satirical piece published in Demokracija. The were given suspended sentences of five months and six months in jail (a Slovenian-language account of the case may be read at the website of the state broadcaster RTV Slovenija).

The following article from Demokracija describes what happened to Jože Biščak and his colleague Aleksander Škorc:

No more freedom of speech in Slovenia! Former Demokracija magazine editor Biščak and external collaborator Škorc convicted for satirical writing!

by Peter Truden

The hearing in the Škorc commentary (gloss) case concluded at the Ljubljana District Court (Slovenia). The former editor-in-chief of Demokracija Jože Biščak and the former external collaborator of Demokracija, Aleksander Škorc, were sentenced to suspended sentences at first instance for satirical writing. The ruling is not yet final, as an appeal has been announced.

Aleksander Škorc’s December 2020 entry entitled Surpluses 5 was a gloss, a stinging and satirical note about how if the government can’t deal with illegal migration, God will. God will not stop at illegal migrants, but will deal with all the bad people on Earth, regardless of race. Judge Primož Štancar found this to be an affront to human dignity. In his opinion, it did not matter whether it was written in a satirical manner or not; a criminal offence had been committed under Article 297 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Slovenia.

Aleksander Škorc was sentenced to five months’ imprisonment suspended for a probationary period of two years, while Jože Biščak was sentenced to six months’ imprisonment suspended for a probationary period of two years. The fact that the former editor-in-chief Biščak received a higher sentence than the author of the gloss suggests that the trial itself was politically and ideologically motivated because of the satirical note. The main targets of the pogrom were the Demokracija magazine and the SDS party (co-owner of the magazine), which have a clear rejection of illegal migration, Jože Biščak wrote on Twitter.

Here [are excerpts from] the closing address by Jože Biščak:

Dear Mr. Judge, Prosecution, my lawyer Mr. Cerjak, Mr. Škorc.

In mid-December 2020, at the height of the media pogrom against Demokracija magazine, Mr Škorc and me, I wrote a commentary. ‘Grateful to God for what happened’ was the title. I wrote that I was grateful to God that I had seen and experienced what I would never have believed possible. Then came the denunciations. Then the police knocked on my front door. Then came the indictment. Then came the trial, which ends today.

I would like to express my astonishment at two things. The first is that it has really come to this. I honestly thought that the prosecution would not prosecute us. But I have already experienced such a minor pogrom before. Mr Branimir Štrukelj sued me civilly because I wrote in a comment that I would spray the trade unionists with bug spray. Of course, that was a metaphor, it was not meant in any way that I would take a really huge can of spray and go after Mr Štrukelj. Mr Škorc also played with words, which is a necessity for the column he was writing for (but not the rule, of course). And it was clear even then that it was a gloss, and it was clearly labelled as such. But it remained as it started. As I recall, Škorc’s writing was first published on the social network Twitter. And if I remember correctly, it was posted by one of the employees of RTV Slovenia. Certain parts were underlined in red, and this post then spread with lightning speed. Of course, nobody wrote in which section of the magazine it was published. This reminded me of a case in the US, when a website
reported that CNN presenters use a washing machine drum instead of a teleprompter. What followed was comical. A number of fact-checking websites have labelled the information as false. Even Facebook has come forward and threatened to block the website. They later apologised, saying that they should have known that the information was published by the satirical website BabylonBee. In my case, what happened was this: before I could explain that it was a gloss, that it was the fifth part of a whole, the campaign was already so big that it could no longer be stopped. It was a pogrom straight out of Saul Alinsky’s textbook.

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A Vaccine-Only Exit

The following video features an interview with a Quebec nurse named Bethan Nodwell. Ms. Nodwell describes her experiences with the political chicanery that surrounded the Wuhan Coronavirus. First the lockdowns and the useless mandatory masks, then the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of the disease, commonly but erroneously referred to as a “vaccine”. The exclusion of all other treatments and the intense push for the vax — which made it all but mandatory in many jurisdictions — represented the most notable skullduggery of the “pandemic”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

See the accompanying article at RAIR Foundation.

The Unvaccinated Should Just Die!

The following report from Germany shines a light on the role played by the Federal Police in the creation and perpetuation of the Corona dystopia.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Wishing death to the unvaccinated” — massive police harassment

“Deeply frightened by the apparatus the Federal Police have degenerated into”

“Conditions like in an authoritarian regime” — an interview with a Berlin police officer recently appeared on my site under this article. What the man delivers in terms of inside views from the capital after 27 years in senior service is unbelievable. And sheds a frightening light on the conditions of the law enforcement officers, who, because of their brutality in dealing with demonstrators, were even targeted by the UN report on torture at the time, which spoke of a “culture of police violence”; two people died after brutal police operations (see here and here). After the interview, the Berlin police reacted immediately — in contempt of the law and the principles of democracy, they refused the author future press releases and denied that she was a journalist. The fact that authorities in Germany decide who is a journalist or not should actually be taboo as a lesson from history. I also got reactions to the post from the police — positive ones, from officials who also complained about their suffering. A letter touched me so much that I would like to publish it after consultation with the sender. I deleted particularly drastic details, as they would entail the risk that the officer (m/f/d) would have to be identified.

I’ve been working for the Federal Police as a control and patrol officer for several years now. Since the pandemic was declared, a few things have happened that shook me to my core and changed my view of the Police Force.

For example, when 3G [vax pass system] was introduced at the workplace in Bavaria in mid-November of 2021, as an unvaccinated person I had to show a negative corona test before starting work. A self-conducted rapid corona test was not sufficient. The test had to be carried out either at the office or at an official corona test station.

Since it was not always possible for me to do a quick test before starting work due to the work times of shift work, I sometimes had no choice but to have myself tested at the office immediately before starting work. Of course, I wasn’t given a duty period for this. However, when in spring 2022 all employees were required to be tested, regardless of whether they were vaccinated or not, every official was suddenly given an extra 15 minutes. The first unequal treatment.

Despite comprehensive 2G test evidence only for official use

So when I had the Corona test carried out at the office, the procedure was as follows:

The vaccinated colleague was tested by a “trained” official (self-test assistant) and the negative result was confirmed to him on a test record. The vaccinated person could use this test record, although not required, for the service. However, he could also use the test certificate for private matters, such as visiting a swimming pool or a restaurant.

The unvaccinated colleagues were also tested. The difference here was that the unvaccinated person was expressly only allowed to use his test for internal purposes. This special test certificate was designed in such a way that it was pointed out in bold red letters that this test was only valid for internal purposes of the Federal Police. This made it immediately clear to the examiner of the document that this test is not to be recognized if it is used outside the Federal Police.

The authority issued instructions specifically for this, which obliged the self-test assistants to issue this test certificate to unvaccinated colleagues.

The interesting thing here is that at that time it was only possible for the unvaccinated to use public transport/bus/train with a test certificate, since 2G or 2G+ applied to everything else.

So while the vaccinated colleagues were able to celebrate and go out to eat, the unvaccinated colleagues found it difficult to show up for work at all.

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No Demonstrating Without Permission!

Udine is a city in northeastern Italy near Trieste. The following video features an interview with a young activist from Udine whose group participated in demonstrations last year against the “Green Pass”. A member of his movement has now been prosecuted for helping to organize an unauthorized demonstration.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Philadelphia Address

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends a European take on the notorious speech given by our Dear Leader in Philadelphia on September 1.

The Philadelphia address

by H. Numan

Normally I don’t write about American politics, but in this case I feel I have to. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Emperor Palpatine Biden deliver his speech. It’s definitely one for the history books. Not for its eloquence; that would be the Gettysburg Address. Not for its brevity. That honor goes to Roosevelt with his declaration of war on Japan. Certainly not for its literary qualities. Churchill holds that honor. No, it was the most divisive speech by any US president in history. An open invitation to please revolt, so we can finally arrest you all. A weird address full of contradictions.

What’s a semi-fascist? Someone who is almost a fascist? Or more like a semi-truck, a kind of super fascist? You tell me. Biden is rambling about the dangers of MAGA Republicans, but seconds later about their dwindling numbers. It can’t be both at the same time. On and on he rambled.

Then the backstage. This was not sleepy Joe going off teleprompter. It was carefully planned, organized and executed. Who was the director? Leni Riefenstahl? Nope, she is dead. Steven Spielberg? George Lucas? I doubt if those two would want to destroy their reputations for that. The chap who directed it was definitely a Star Wars fan. Only two things were missing: Lord Darth Biden didn’t wear a black cape with a hoodie, and the Imperial March wasn’t played.

Riefenstahl would certainly have liked the blood-red backdrop and the two security unit members supplied by the US Marine Corps. Security unit translates to Schutzstaffel in German. That was, I think, a first in US history. A president delivers an address with two marines prominently visible in the background. I have great respect for the USMC, but they should have declined or at least complained. They didn’t. That really hurts their reputation. I’m definitely not the only who finds this… ‘a bit unusual’.

Normally when Biden goes off-prompter, the White House hastens to rectify the damage. Not this time. Highly unusual, it was Biden himself who — sort of — retracted his words a bit, a couple of days later. No, he didn’t mean all Republicans. There are some good Republicans too. For him, that’ll be RINO or dead republicans, of course he didn’t say it out loud. When asked ‘what exactly is a semi-fascist’ his reply was: ‘you know’. Really weird, the White House supporting the president’s words while the president carefully backpedals.

Which brings me to the question: what exactly is Biden up to? Not much good, that’s for sure.

I’ve witnessed several coups here in Thailand. Twice much too close for comfort, to be honest. Those coups didn’t come from thin air. No general (or activist leader) ever got up, heard the birds chirping, and thought: what a great day for a coup! Far from it. It’s dangerous, can easily backfire and you never know for certain you have won. Until you have, of course.

Biden has a deadline to meet: 4 November. Vilifying 50% of the population mere weeks before the election isn’t going to help him. This kind of sowing discord needs to be spread for much longer to have any effect. It might be an act of desperation, but I really doubt that. It’s too carefully planned and orchestrated. I worry about what comes next.

So let’s focus first on what is going to happen after 4 November, as most people think it might. Biden’s party loses by a landslide. The House and Senate become Republican, with a substantial majority. Biden will be impeached as soon as the new members are sworn in. Together with him, most of his cabinet. Certainly the top of the FBI and the DOJ. Hunter Biden will almost certainly be arrested, unless he flees the country. Very likely the Clintons and a certain Mr. Hussein will have to explain a lot.

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Michael Stürzenberger Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

The German Islam-critical activist Michael Stürzenberger has been sentenced to six months in prison for the crime of reporting official German government statistics on culturally enriched crime. One assumes that Mr. Stürzenberger will have to do his time in a Muslim-rich environment, since Muslim migrants are over-represented in the German prison population.

Below is an interview with Michael Stürzenberger in which he elaborates on this latest news. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

For links to previous posts about Michael Stürzenberger, see the Michael Stürzenberger Archives.

Socialism is the Loser of History

Many thanks to LN for translating this essay by Karl-Olov Arnstberg from the Swedish blog Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle: Postmodernism and truth

September 4, 2022

Of the classic questions of philosophy is how we are able to know anything about existence and being (ontology).

Does reason provide an objective view of the world? In Plato’s cave analogy, a group of people sit chained in a cave, their faces turned towards the cave’s interior. Behind them is a wall, and behind the wall burns a fire. Between the wall and the fire walk people, holding up objects above the wall. The fire casts shadows on the cave walls, and these shadows are all the prisoners in the cave can see, and they spend their time trying to make sense of this blurred reflection of existence. Many people are also familiar with the French philosopher René Descartes’ short sentence Cogito ergo sum, which means “I think, therefore I exist”. Everything can be doubted, but not that one thinks. At least that we can know that we exist.

A century on, the Enlightenment’s answer to the question of what we can know about reality is to put our faith in reason. Our senses are what tell us about reality. Those usually placed in the display window are Voltaire, Diderot and the encyclopaedists of France, but I would rather highlight three English geniuses, because it is England that will be the cradle of industrialism and therefore of our modern age. The three names are Francis Bacon as an empiricist and scientist, Isaac Newton as a physicist and mathematician, and John Locke with his writings on empiricism, reason and liberal politics.

Soon there was a counter-movement that argued that reason was not at all sufficient to understand existence and the world. Reason does not provide answers to existential questions. What about belief in God, in traditional values such as duty, sacrifice and solidarity? Moreover, reason is irreducibly subjective. People are not at all in agreement about what their minds tell them about the world. Take the Indian sutra that has spread around the world as the Buddha’s parable.

A king has brought an elephant to his palace and asks the city’s blind men to examine it. As the men feel each part of the elephant, the king asks them, one by one, to describe what an elephant is. One man has felt the elephant’s head and describes it as a pot, another has felt its ear and describes it as a basket or a sieve. One has felt the tusks and describes a coulter, and another has felt the legs and talks about tree trunks. They have all experienced the elephant in different ways and cannot agree.

I will not stray further into the catacombs of pre-modern philosophy, but what I want to say is that the truth about our existence is and remains an unsolved problem. As John Ajvide Lindqvist writes in his new novel Reality: there is no way to prove that the world was not created five seconds ago and that everything we think we remember is a fabrication put into our heads by an alien entity. There is no way to know.

The 20th century is the century of reason, and the advances are amazing; liberal politics, democracy, free markets, scientific progress and technological innovation. But industrialism also builds a class society. It gets its counter-movement in the form of communism, which believed that the contradictions of capitalism would lead to revolution. Eventually, the exploited workers would have had enough. As we all know, that was not the case. In the First World War, the proletarians chose not Marx, Lenin and socialism but nationalism. The lesson for the communists was that revolution would not come by itself. The proletariat needed the support and guidance of an intellectual elite. Such an elite was built above all by the Frankfurt School.

The First World War also led to a different and revanchist movement. Today we see communism and national socialism as two extremes — one on the left, the other on the right. Moreover, we classify Marxism as sophisticated and intellectual, while Nazism is the ideology of the rabble-rousers. However, it wasn’t really that simple in 1930s Germany. The Nazis also had an elite and a respectable academic tradition with philosophers like Schopenhauer, Herder and Nietzsche. Marx, in a corner, was also involved.

The two ideologies were siblings. For example, both Goebbels and Mussolini were socialists in their political thinking. In The Road to Serfdom (English first edition 1944), the Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek writes that when students, after studying on the Continent, returned to England, they were unsure whether they wanted to be Communists or Nazis. On the other hand, they were quite clear that they hated capitalism. The big difference was that National Socialism put the nation and the people first, while Communism focused on the class and the proletariat. Neither ideology had anything whatsoever in common with democracy. The Communists were committed to the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Nazis to the Aryan race, i.e. the dictatorship of the German people.

Since Germany was the great loser of the Second World War, Nazism perished as an ideology. The second sibling, as we know, survived — even though its days were numbered. The first attack came in 1956 when the Hungarian uprising was crushed, the second in 1968 with the Warsaw Pact’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. Soviet power exposed the totalitarian core of communism, in all its horror. Then, when East Germany collapsed in 1989 and the Soviet Union a few years later, the saga of communism should have been over. It should be as ideologically dead as Nazism.

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More than a year ago I wrote about something that had become increasingly obvious: both the Wuhan Coronavirus and the “vaccine” that ostensibly protected recipients from the disease were deliberately designed to cull the population of elderly citizens in the West and thereby delay the collapse of national welfare systems. I referred to this ghastly plan as “geronticide”.

Since then a year’s worth of additional data have rolled in, forcing me to extend my analysis. It seems that my focus was too narrow: the forces behind the culling (presumably the loose globalist oligarchy that we commonly refer to as the New World Order) will be satisfied with nothing less than a drastic reduction of the population across all age groups.

The vax is thus just one part of this multi-pronged effort to effectuate mass population reduction. Other prongs appear to be war (naturally), drastic energy and food shortages, widespread power blackouts, shortages of crucial life-saving medicines, and probably another “pandemic” of some sort.

Also, a radioactivity emergency originating in Ukraine remains a distinct possibility. A lot of vax deaths in Europe could then be disguised as deaths from radiation sickness. In fact, all of the various thanatogenic strategies can be used as cover for deaths caused by the mRNA shots. Multiple boosters will have weakened the immune systems of millions of Europeans, so that when the bitter cold and hunger set in this winter, many of them will succumb much sooner than they would have otherwise. And who’s to say the vax is a contributing cause? Disease and malnutrition are explanation enough.

For the later stages of the plan to work smoothly, the power grid will have to remain up at least part of the time, because citizens of the new order will need to recharge their handheld devices every day or so. That way they will be able update their social credit scores and find out whether they’ve accumulated enough CBDC to buy a few kilos of mealworms and some patches for their bicycle tires.

Boosters at least twice a year. Continuing wars. More diseases (whose symptoms will conveniently resemble those caused by vax damage). Mysterious new fatal syndromes, such as SADS, which will be blamed on the unvaxed or Donald Trump or whoever the new Emmanuel Goldstein is.

The population will gradually decline, but actuarial statistics will no longer be published. Meanwhile, the proles will be gaslighted with the looming disaster of “overpopulation”.

Furthermore, periodic mRNA injections will reduce fertility, so that those who survive the tender ministrations of the NWO will reproduce themselves at a far lower rate.

All the while the populace will be under constant surveillance through their handheld devices and “smart” everything — cars, appliances, street furniture, even clothes. Cash will have been abolished, and every facet of human activity will be monitored by AI on all electronic pathways. Under those conditions the survivors will be instructed to own nothing, and be happy. A boot stamping on a human face — forever.

That, I think, is the plan.

Whether or not it will succeed is anybody’s guess, but that seems to be the lofty ambition of our betters in the NWO.

Three years ago I would have thought such ideas were totally insane. But at this point something resembling what I outlined above seems to be the only explanation that fits all the data points, and Occam’s razor kicks in.

Why else would the powers that be deliberately destroy the world economy? The only reason I can think of is that they’re looking to reach the Georgia Guidestones target population in just a few short years.

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