“Fear is a Good Tool for Governance”

Boris Reitschuster is a German journalist and vlogger. In the following video, which was recorded at an anti-lockdown demonstration, Mr. Reitschuster interviews a practicing physician whose views on the Wuhan Coronavirus are decidedly politically incorrect.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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On Being a Compliant Drone

I’ve been specializing in European affairs, particularly the European migration crisis, for almost fifteen years. Even a cursory look at the migration issue tells us that the massive influx of uneducated third-worlders — most of them Muslims — are a net drain on the economies of the countries that host them. Even after many years of residence, unto the second and third generation, they consume more in social benefits and other state transfers than they pay into the treasury in the form of taxes. After Angela Merkel opened the floodgates to asylum seekers in 2015 the shortfall became even more apparent.

By now it is glaringly obvious that the State gains no fiscal advantage from the importation of the replacement population. The original rationale — that the newcomers would be needed to pay the taxes that would fund the care of the white native population after retirement — has become completely unsupportable. The migrants themselves will remain net consumers of state welfare benefits even as the original population ages into senescence.

Why, then, is the “refugees welcome” ideology still propagated with such fervor? Self-interest would seem advise taking the opposite tack. Why the continued push for mass immigration?

I used to wonder whether a form of pseudo-religious mania might be at work, some sort of collective suicidal madness. Or was it perhaps that the elites who foisted their migration policies on the populace had realized their earlier mistakes, but were unable to change course without risking their political careers?

In the last few years, however, I’ve come to a different conclusion. The Powers That Be don’t want to import producers; they want to import consumers. The production machine that is a modern Western economy requires a consumer base to buy all the stuff that keeps the system humming.

Productive workers aren’t as necessary to that system as they were fifty or sixty years ago. Automation has moved in and taken over many of the functions that had previously been performed by the lowly proletariat. Machines have made those workers redundant, but their patterns of consumption are necessary to keep the entire system operating at optimum capacity.

Bringing in ill-educated foreigners is necessary to make sure there are enough consumers to buy food, drink, and gewgaws, to use the electricity, to occupy the housing, and to keep the social workers employed. Thanks to automation, far fewer productively employed workers are needed nowadays to generate consumer goods. The magic of quantitative easing ensures that the State always has sufficient money to stuff into the pockets of welfare recipients, whether native or immigrant.

All Western nations are now governed to varying degrees by corporate fascism. Huge transnational corporations have a symbiotic relationship with elected political leaders and the permanent governing class. The elites who sit at the apex of this syndicalist pyramid become fabulously wealthy by vacuuming up just a small portion of the financial transactions generated by the process of production and consumption. Producers — whether human or mechanical — are needed for this process, but consumers are also an absolute necessity. Preferably consumers who spend every drachma that comes into their hands, and go deeply into high-interest debt to consume even more stuff.

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more sophisticated, fewer and fewer unskilled or low-skilled workers will be required. We are moving towards a future dominated by the unimaginably wealthy, who will employ a relatively small managerial class of administrators, engineers, and technicians. The only low-skilled workers needed will be personal servants and sexual playthings.

But the system will still require the lumpenproletariat as consumers. That’s where the compliant drones come in.

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More Rocks for Vox

Last Friday I posted about violent Antifa attacks against leaders of the anti-immigration Vox Party during a rally in Vallecas, a district of Madrid. Vallecas is described as an “underprivileged” neighborhood, which means its residents tend to vote for socialists, which is why Vox is not permitted to campaign there.

The video below was taken at the same event in Vallecas. It includes extensive footage of the violent behavior of the anti-Vox rioters. The first minute of the video shows police attempting to deal with young hoodlums who continuously pelt them with rocks and bricks.

There was a time not too many decades ago — within my lifetime; I can remember it — when this level of ultra-violence during a riot would be answered with the judicious use of live ammunition by riot police. This was true even in “advanced” countries, but the rules of engagement have changed throughout the West in the intervening years. Lethal force may never be used against violent rioters, even when their own actions may be potentially lethal for their victims.

Antifa “activists” are bold with their violence because they are confident that they incur almost no physical risk by doing so. And if they happen to be arrested — which is statistically unlikely — in most jurisdictions they will earn at most a slap on the wrist, and be out on the streets again prying up paving stones within 36 hours.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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You Can Take Your Dictatorship and Shove It!

The spirited woman in the video below is an Italian business owner who refuses to knuckle under to the Coronamadness. When the Carabinieri come to shut her down, she has a few choice words to say to them, and to the surrounding community.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Rocks for Vox

Vox is a popular anti-immigration party in Spain, the third-largest party in the country. At a recent Vox rally in Madrid, Antifa activists were allowed to get close enough to the stage to throw rocks, injuring at least one of the Vox leaders.

It’s important to remember that the police only allow such violence to take place because they are ordered to do so. If they had been ordered to crack down hard on Antifa, no rocks would ever have gotten near the Vox people. Their orders come from the municipal authorities, which means they are sanctioned by the national government.

In other words, the government of Spain is using Antifa as a proxy paramilitary force to suppress its political opponents. The fact that the “anti-fascists” are not official state forces gives the regime plausible deniability about the resulting violence. From my perspective, the plausibility and deniability were always thin, and are now all but non-existent. But as long as the state retains full control of the media, it can get away with such atrocities.

Video #1 was translated by Gary Fouse. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video #2 is a French-language report. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript: #1

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The Rantings of a Tschandala

Our Israeli correspondent MC explores the historical roots of 21st-century Wokism.

The rantings of a Tschandala

by MC

“The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, by the disenchantment of the world.”

“Precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have retreated from public life either into the transcendental realm of mystic life or into the brotherliness of direct and personal human relations.”

― Max Weber

I am in my 70th year. I was born in 1951, the year the King died.

For most of my life we have been in the post-WW2 ‘hot’ peace — Korea, Suez, Aden, Cyprus, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia (I was there), Israel, Oman, Northern Ireland (I have the medal for this one), Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and probably more in India, Pakistan, Burma/Myanmar, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Grenada, Angola, Mozambique, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.

But only now do I get shivers down my spine as the moderating hand of Western Civilization circles the plughole prior to disappearing down the drain.

The long struggle to remove slavery from the equation, to deliver some degree of liberty to all and sundry is in the process of failing, failing because Karl Marx and his sponsors did not like mere Christianity.

It is no accident that civilization and Christianity have walked hand in hand. Here in Israel we are celebrating Pesach (Passover) in memory of the time in which Yahovah brought His people (and a lot of Egyptians — the Mixed Multitude) out of slavery and into a new land.

Tomorrow is Bikkurim, the festival of first fruits, signalling the end of Matzos (Unleavened Bread) and the beginning of the counting of the Omer leading up to Shauvot (Pentecost).

I am a biblical fundamentalist. I start at the beginning of the book, not the middle, and that is the difference. Christianity is the religion of Constantine, an amalgam of the religions of Rome in the third century; Mithras, Celebe, Dagon and Jesus amongst others, but based on the Ten Commandments of the Jews.

It is those ten commandment that led to the enlightenment and to the industrial revolution, and above all, to contract law and legal systems which made farming and commerce (and mining/drilling) — and therefore manufacturing — viable. A law applicable both to rulers and the ruled.

For the first fifty years of my life, these things seemed set in stone, but Marx had set in motion a set of forces that put man’s commandments above God’s commandments. The leaven of the Pharisees 2: intellectuals know best!

Under Marxist theory, the rules only apply to the ruled; the elite can do as they please. This used to be called Feudalism, but Marx picked it up, cleaned and polished it and rebranded it under new management — bold, sexy and utopian.

No churches, no priests, no landlords, everybody equal — just commissars and apparatchiks ‘caring’ and sharing their superiority (with the help the odd persuader or two)….

We all know how that worked out, it was later revamped as Fascism (Statism) and then as Nazism (Leader {Fuhrer} Worship). It is a little-known fact that the Nazi Party did not sign the 1945 surrender document; only the military did. Thus the government did not surrender as such, and Nazism did not die, it relocated, it morphed into something maybe even more deadly. But that’s ‘conspiracy theory’.

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Loosen These Chains!

The following video from RT shows a demonstration in Italy where protesters demand an end to the severe coronavirus restrictions, which include lockdowns, a curfew, the mandatory shutdown of businesses, etc.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Correction on the Bus Placard in Budapest

A couple of days ago I posted a report by our Hungarian correspondent László about an apparent “vaccine passport” that was required to board buses in Budapest. It turns out that the placard in question was a well-executed hoax. László sends the following correction, emphasizing that the rest of his report — drawn from official Hungarian government sources — is accurate.

Fact check: the placard is fake, but Corona apartheid is in the air in Hungary

by László

THE PLACARD IS FAKE. I phoned the office of the PR department for the Budapest Public Transport company (BKV) today, and they told me that the placard is fake, and no vaccine passport is required on the public transport in Budapest. The woman who answered the phone told me that others were also contacting them about the placard.

Yesterday I wrote an email to the party that posted the fake placard, and to the Budapest public transport company, but none of them responded, so I decided to call the PR Department of the transport company, which did answer the call despite the holiday.

I am sorry; I take the responsibility for this.

However, the rest of the report GoV posted is valid, meaning that the discriminatory digital vaccine passport will eventually be introduced in Hungary, in some shape or form.

I started suspecting that the placard was fake when I couldn’t find any other news about it within a couple of days. I usually check important pieces of news at several sources. But this time I failed to do that because the placard looked so real — and it confirmed my expectations…

There is another placard at the official webpage of the Budapest Public Transport company. This placard does not discriminate the unvaccinated, it just states (issued on March 26) that the front door is closed for EVERYBODY — as you can read in English on the placard in the link. And here is another clue from March: this photo shows that the front seats are closed down, but there is no word about the vaccine passport, either.

So now I have been duped, which is a shame. But I was not the only one — so the moral of the story is that vaccine apartheid is in the air in Hungary, because it has been announced by the Prime Minister.

The good side of it is the party that posted the fake image (Mi Hazánk / Our Homeland) opposes lockdowns and the discriminatory “vaccine passport” (and they are the only party that does so).

All in all, the vaccine apartheid on the public transport may be another “conspiracy theory” that will come true in the near future; since Corona Fascism has proven to be mutating too, as it follows the new “mutations” of the virus…

Corona Apartheid in Budapest

A number of Western countries have instituted various forms of discrimination against those who have not been “vaccinated” against the Wuhan Coronavirus. Hungary now has its version of the infamous “vaccine passports”. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report from Budapest.

Corona apartheid on Budapest public transport — photo

by László

Lockdown extortion morphs into vaccine apartheid, Israeli-style. The above photo shows Corona apartheid on public transport in Budapest.

Text on the placard:

Yellow text on red surface: “VACCINATION BOOKLET”

White text on green surface: “Get on by showing your VACCINATION BOOKLET”

Explanation of the placard: You are not allowed get on the bus at the front door unless you prove that you are vaccinated / immunized, to save the driver from the virus. It is not the heralded digital “vaccination passport” yet; it is a printed one.

Hungary’s Corona policy is now shifting from lockdowns towards vaccination apartheid. As PM Viktor Orbán said in a recent interview titled “We are on the way to freedom”:

“Those who think that the lockdowns can stop the virus are mistaken.” In his opinion, this was true for last year’s virus, but the new British variant can only be slowed down by restrictions, but it cannot be stopped. […]

Viktor Orbán also said: “when people see that some services and ‘the opportunities for happy community life are connected to the ‘proof of immunization’, then the number of registrations [for vaccination] ‘will get a boost’ and more people will feel that it is worth it to get themselves inoculated.” (Koronavirus_gov_hu)

So extortion by lockdowns is seemingly morphing into extortion by ‘vaccine passports’ / ‘immunity passports’, as your ‘happy community life’ will now depend on your immunization status.

Hungary is following Israel’s (fascist) Corona policy: PM Viktor Orbán even visited Israel a couple of weeks ago to meet PM Netanyahu and study the Israeli “pandemic strategy”. And the Hungarian media are proudly trumpeting that Hungary’s population is one of “the most vaccinated” in the EU, with the number of those inoculated above 2 million i.e. 20% of the total population.

Not Just a News Story About a Culture-Enriching Rape

There’s more than meets the eye to the following TV news story from Hungary. The main topic of the report is straightforward enough: a culture-enricher from Yemen did pull a woman off a bus and attempt to rape her. However, the translator has noticed that there is subtle but definite propaganda in the last part of the news story.

We’ll get to that aspect of the report, but first let’s watch the video. Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Translator’s comments regarding the main topic of the report:

It could be rape Jihad, although there is no mention of his being a Muslim, and I have no info on whether he had known his victim prior to the attack. It is worrisome that this is the first time in Hungary when the nationality of the attacker was at first omitted by the news — to the indignation of many readers (in the comments below the articles). The fact that the perpetrator was of Yemeni origin has only been published now, days later. Initially, the news was about “a man” or a “foreign man”. Hungarian women have been rather safe from this kind of enrichment so far, with very few attacks. Recently however there are more and more Muslims who stay here LEGALLY, like this attacker.

László explains the additional, subliminal message underlying this seemingly straightforward news report:

However, this video is not what it seemed to be in the first place. Only after finishing the translation did I come to realize that in reality it is an insidious propaganda piece for Corona submission. Because it suddenly hit me what a ‘beaten maskless man’ is doing in this story:

“Some days ago a maskless drunk man got punched, on bus No.9 too. Despite the requests of his fellow passengers he would not put the mask on; then the transgressor passenger started arguing with one of them, which led to the brawl.” — states TV2 in the video that started up as a crime story about a rape case.

So they almost say that the maskless man deserved it, in effect declaring maskless people fair game.

The story is also very skewed in the video. Earlier, in other news there was not much mention about a ‘brawl ‘or a ‘fight’ between the maskless man and the male Karen who finally hit him. Some days ago I heard on the radio that a man was arguing on a bus that ‘he had the right to be free of mask and that he had the power to protect himself’. And then the other man who initially Karenned him to put the mask on hit the maskless guy, who fell to the ground. So he was probably not fighting, he just got beaten up because a Karen’s ego wanted to make sure that the New Normal gets enforced against any dangerous arguments.

In other news on the same crime there was also no word about any fellow passengers who allegedly told him to put the mask on. This is probably a lie to create peer pressure on the audience. The fellow passengers most probably were silent like lambs all the way (as they usually are here in Budapest when they see a fight).

Also notice that the maskless man gets defamed when the news anchor says that he was “drunk” — to support the moral high ground of those who are masked. And then he is even called “disobedient” [of the Corona mask rules], but no name-calling for the other one who beat him up. The ultimate victim-bashing comes when the presenter says that the maskless man’s arguing led to the fight. It is similar to the way Islam says that women who do not dress properly are responsible for their getting beaten up.

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Sacrificing Liberty for Fear

Once again our Israeli correspondent MC does battle with the Narrative of the Great Pandemic of 2020.

Sacrificing Liberty for Fear

by MC

Bolshevik Communism was supposed to take over the world. The Third Reich was also to be a worldwide movement. So what is ‘Globalism’ but a reincarnation of both at the expense of our liberty?

Men rise to power, and then the ‘power’ takes over. They see themselves as gods, having a vision of world betterment, creating ‘new men’ to follow their doctrines and their beliefs, or to die in their dissidence.

There has been much talk of the mRNA vaccines being a mass elimination event. Although they are probably not, it has demonstrated how easy it is now to use fear to get people to voluntarily submit to be injected with strange experimental substances, to willingly sacrifice their hard won freedom of choice for an insubstantial but highly propagandized fear.

First a word on Spanish Flu. SF is the benchmark for ‘pandemics’, but like the plagues and black deaths before it, we know very little about it except that the described symptoms match those of Reye’s Syndrome (not influenza).

The existence of the first viruses was confirmed in the 1930s with the advent of the electron microscope, but there has been a tendency to equate all undefined illness with ‘viruses’ ever since. One can read about this in the Japanese ‘enteroviroform’ (SMON) issue of the 1960’s. Here is a 1974 paper where scientists are still looking for a ‘virus’ causing SMON.

It is assumed that the Spanish Flu came back with the soldiers from the WW1 trenches, but there is an alternative explanation as well (note: aspirin is acetyl salicylic acid):

The high case-fatality rate — especially among young adults — during the 1918-1919 influenza pandemic is incompletely understood. Although late deaths showed bacterial pneumonia, early deaths exhibited extremely “wet,” sometimes hemorrhagic lungs. The hypothesis presented herein is that aspirin contributed to the incidence and severity of viral pathology, bacterial infection, and death, because physicians of the day were unaware that the regimens (8.0-31.2 g per day) produce levels associated with hyperventilation and pulmonary edema in 33% and 3% of recipients, respectively. Recently, pulmonary edema was found at autopsy in 46% of 26 salicylate-intoxicated adults. Experimentally, salicylates increase lung fluid and protein levels and impair mucociliary clearance. In 1918, the US Surgeon General, the US Navy, and the Journal of the American Medical Association recommended use of aspirin just before the October death spike. If these recommendations were followed, and if pulmonary edema occurred in 3% of persons, a significant proportion of the deaths may be attributable to aspirin.

Given that our obsession with viral pandemics is centred upon the assumption that Spanish Flu and its extraordinary death rate amongst young people was actually a viral pandemic rather than an iatrogenic accident, it is incumbent upon us to understand what is known of the event, and understand as well the many unanswered questions that still exist a hundred or so years later. I suggest reading the whole article as it throws some light on modern pandemic planning, and the assumed narrative of the ‘killer virus’ that is behind the great 2020 plandemic.

Covid-19 may well be new, and may well be the result of careless handling of bio-warfare pathogens, but its effects were minimal except amongst those compromised by age and chronic disease. It was no worse than the ‘Asian flu’ of 1957 that I can just about remember (extra school holidays).

What is new about Corona was the fanning of the flames of fear by highly paid and connected public servants and the ultra-rich, probably for their own benefit but basted with a liberal virtue-signal of supposed philanthropy. Is Fauci a hero or a cheat?

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We’re Keeping an Eye on You

Karl Lauterbach is a professor of health economics and epidemiology at the University of Cologne. He is also a politician for the Social Democratic Party (SPD). The following article discusses Prof. Lauterbach’s remarks about the extent to which the German government is spying on its citizens, as a result of measures imposed to control the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube:

[Lauterbach quote, from screen cap:

We know that many meetings take place in the evening. We know that from the movement logs of vehicles, from the movement logs of cellphone data. That means it is not the case that people walk around the block alone in the evening, but they also meet privately.]

Karl Lauterbach admits: We monitor the citizens

Ken Jebsen: Clear-thinking people have long been aware that the Federal Republic of Germany has now been converted into a totalitarian surveillance state. But with this statement by Karl Lauterbach, it should actually also become clear to the last sleeping sheep what is going on here.

The fact that Lauterbach states so openly that millions of citizens are spied on and monitored shows a clear arrogance. Obviously he is of the opinion that people will no longer defend themselves against these totalitarian measures. Let’s hope he won’t be proved right!

A Potpourri of Coronamadness

By taking a leave of absence from Schloss Bodissey for two days, I allowed a massive backup of translations to accumulate in my inbox. To expedite posting them, I’ll collect related items on each topic into several large posts.

The six articles below, all translated by Hellequin GB, concern various aspects of the ongoing Wuhan Coronavirus crisis.

First, in this op-ed from PolitikStube, Alice Weidel of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) takes issue with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s edict banning commerce and social activities over the Easter holiday:

Alice Weidel: Merkel takes an entire country hostage!

Anyone who believed that the federal government had long since exhausted its repertoire of arbitrary measures will now be taught better: From April 1 to April 5, i.e. before Easter and over the holidays, a complete lockdown will be decreed.

Traveling to see relatives?


Enjoy the sun in the beer garden?


But the arbitrariness and nonsense of the measures can be seen above all in the fact that the food retail sector has to be closed on April 1st, i.e. before Good Friday. Above all this proves the heedlessness of the resolutions. Because the reduction to opening on only three days during Easter week means a significantly higher rush in retail. Customers will either be crowded in the shops or find long queues. The risk of infection is not reduced, but artificially increased.

Unfortunately, these and other resolutions are not an April Fool’s joke, but the bitter seriousness of the Chancellor. Although yesterday the Higher Administrative Court in North Rhine-Westphalia overturned the restrictions, especially for the retail trade, another breach of the law will be committed. The measure is now finally full; the complete restriction of freedom is no longer reasonable for the citizens. Yes to the protection of risk groups, no to ongoing hostage detention by the Corona cabinet!

Mrs. Merkel was forced by intense opposition to withdraw her edict about Easter. From PolitikStube:

Criticism even in the left mainstream: Merkel rescinds Corona resolutions on Easter break

After massive criticism, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) decided to stop the federal-state decision on the so-called Easter break. Merkel announced this on Wednesday in a hastily convened switch with the prime ministers of the federal states, as the German press agency learned from several participants.

After massive criticism of the Easter resolutions of the Federal States Roundtable at the beginning of the week, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) again briefly consulted with the Prime Ministers of the States.

The German Press Agency learned on Wednesday in Berlin that there will be a call between the Chancellor and the heads of government at 11.00 a.m. It is expected to be about dealing with the ongoing criticism. Above all, displeasure was sparked by the fact that after the hours of Corona consultations on Tuesday night, the implementation of central resolutions was still open.

The government survey with the Chancellor planned in the Bundestag for 1 p.m. will therefore reportedly take place as planned. From sources in the federal states it was said that the new deliberations might involve the template planned by the Federal Ministry of the Interior to implement the resolutions of the Minister-Presidents’ meeting with the Chancellor from early Tuesday morning. According to DPA [German Press Agency] information, the model ordinance is to be sent to the federal states in the afternoon after a vote within the federal government.

An editorial from PolitikStube:

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Inverting and Subverting the Woke Paradigm

Most readers will remember the “It’s OK to be White” poster campaign that has popped up from time to time around the country over the last few years. It was (and is) a brilliant move by subversive guerillas in the information war. They troll the Social Justice Warriors with an innocuous slogan that causes consternation and outrage, provokes billions of bytes’ worth of angry posts on social media, and ties up law enforcement resources as police are ordered to investigate the posters as “hate crimes”.

And those racial theatrics produce a clarifying moment for the culture at large. All the outrage and vitriol and legal actions demonstrate in a most emphatic manner that it is not OK to be white. That my whiteness — an inherent characteristic that I am unable to change — makes me a doubleplus ungood creature who cannot redeem himself, no matter how much he apologizes and debases himself and grovels at the feet of the Brown Ascendancy.

Any white person who hasn’t already drunk the Critical Race Theory kool-aid must surely have noticed by now that there is nothing he can do to appease the Woke brigades. Extermination is the only solution to the problem of “whiteness”.

The technique employed in the “It’s OK to be White” posters might be termed an inversion. It takes a common trope from the dominant culture and turns it around to create an unexpected message. And the genius of this particular idea is that it makes the message as inoffensive as possible. It’s not “White is Beautiful” or anything of that nature, which would have been an exact inversion. Instead it is mild and reasonable, which means that the inevitable hysterical response highlights the deranged animosity motivating the shrill harpies who dominate public discourse.

I was thinking about all this while I was travelling last week, and it occurred to me that we need more inversions of the Woke paradigm. Mild, harmless images and words guaranteed to make the SJWs apoplectic. The billboard at the top of this post is an example of what I mean — a kind, friendly, attractive black person who has white people as friends. What could be more racist and hateful than that?

If we were to put up a real billboard with the message, we obviously couldn’t use that particular photo of Tyler Perry, who is apparently a famous and very rich actor. I seriously doubt he would allow himself to be featured in any “white supremacist” propaganda. But surely there must be some non-Woke black people who would get the point and enjoy the joke. Walter Williams comes to mind, but he is, alas, no longer with us.

Just think what the reaction would be if billboards like that began popping up here and there in American cities. Mind you, it might be difficult to actually get any of them up. Even if a billboard company were inattentive enough to allow the message to appear, the local franchise of Woke Central would immediately call down the wrath of the police, the mayor, the city council, state legislators, and possibly the U.S. Congress against the WAYCIST who bought and paid for the space.

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