Sir Robert Peel Must be Rolling in His Grave

Our English correspondent Seneca III weighs in on the current UK police state under the ChiCom virus regime.

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”

— George Washington

Sir Robert Peel Must be Rolling in His Grave

by Seneca III

Things have come to a sorry pass in this once green and pleasant land. As I look around subsumed by dismay and morbid fascination, I have been forced to come to some appalling conclusions:

  • A society in which you are investigated for your thinking when you openly question whether men can “be” women is a Sick Society.
  • A society in which you are arrested for detaining a man who molests your daughter in public is a Dhimmi State.
  • A society in which tens of thousands of organised sexual crimes against children go knowingly unpunished to avoid the terrible charge of racism is a Conquered State.
  • A society in which it is bigoted to object to having ageing men dressed as women “twerk” to pre-school children in a public library is a Deviant Society.
  • A society in which basic observations of reality are forbidden by the use of magic words — “racism” “-phobia” — is a Silenced State.
  • A society in which you can be ruined for speaking the truth out loud is a Police State.
  • A society in which the shameful and disgusting are celebrated as virtues is a Failed State.
  • A society which has replaced the national home with the borderless market of everywhere is a Globalist State.
  • A society in which an invented grievance is a good career move is a Doomed State.
  • A society that penalises the talented and the bright in the name of “diversity” is a Suicidal State.

It is no surprise then that UK cops have been knuckling down clearing the streets and public places when there is no necessity to do so under even the latest Covid rules, and even when people were complying with them. They have actually gone to the length of poisoning scenic lakes so that people will not endanger the new status quo by travelling to look at them and enjoy the scenery and the fresh, healthy air.

This is no surprise, really, as it is axiomatic that the more power given to any police, the more they will abuse it. That is a law of nature, has ever been thus, and is one which in this particular case is exacerbated by three factors. The first is that their officer class is, on the whole, populated by graduate Common Purpose drones and ambitious box-tickers who appear to have nothing but contempt for Peelian principles. I doubt if they’re even taught anymore at Bramshill* (or whatever they’ve restructured and renamed it in the name of PC progress since 2015).

The second is that the collective IQ of the beat constabulary is now not, shall we say, particularly high for reasons iterated below, and thus thinking things through pragmatically in the light of observed reality is not really their forte. This leads them to function as a type of pre-programmed automata in accordance with the vague instructions given to them in their last briefing from the drones and box-tickers who have even less of a clue about what is happening in the real world.

The third and final — and the one with perhaps the most detrimental effect on the front line — is the introduction of ‘Affirmative Action’ over the last few decades and the consequent lowering of physical and mental entry qualifications in order to meet politically mandated quotas, many of such recruits having ideological motivations not in keeping with those of the majority population they exercise power over.

These powers are not something they or the government will willingly give up, and it is not out of the question that come the day — in approximately six months by my reckoning when they should do so by self-relinquishing these powers through the ‘Sunset Clause’ recently appended to the enabling legislation — they may not, but extend instead.

Consequently, for the time being, when being questioned or having your thoughts corrected, being fined or arrested, just smile sweetly, be polite and always use English with as many three or more syllable words as you can muster. There is little else you can or should do until the moment of truth re the Sunset Clause — and if it is extended, then…

Basic Rules for Guerrilla Warfare

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Brother Antony Silenced on Breitbart

Regular readers are familiar with the work of our English correspondent Seneca III, who has been contributing essays to Gates of Vienna for more than twelve years. In recent years he has also been commenting on various sites under the name “Brother Antony”, and has just been banned from Breitbart News Network under that soubriquet. Below is his account of what happened.

Banned and be damned

by Seneca III

For a long time now I’ve been fighting our battle on other fronts under my other handle ‘Brother Antony’ which I suspect you are aware of.

My primary vehicle has been Breitbart London, now under the little-publicised Managing Editorship of one James Delingpole (according to Dr. Steve Turley) since Raheem Khassam left.

I’ve made many like-minded friends there, but today [26 March 2020] I’ve been summarily banned by ‘Breitbart News Network’ without even the courtesy of an explanation. Their prerogative, of course, but rather uncivil of them nonetheless. However, as there is nothing I can do about it, I would be grateful if you could just let the guys and gals from the BB comments section (those who also follow GoV, that is) and with whom I’ve had so many interesting and heart-warming conversations over the years know that I’m sorry I could not say goodbye in person, and I thank them for the memories. I will not be returning there even if given the opportunity, for I will not accept being chastised for speaking truth freely to power. Nor will I ever again offer my neck to the jackboot of those particular censors.

This is the offending post:

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Religion vs Religion

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC wades into the deepest swamps of the Culture Wars.

Religion vs Religion

by MC

Perhaps my love of America and all things American has its roots in the regular supply of US comics sent to my brother and me by various relatives in the ’50s and ’60s, and amongst which was the occasional edition of MAD magazine.

Much of MAD was over my young head, but Spy vs Spy was always amusing and sticks in my mind, especially their pointed snouts clamped together when investigating a box (trap) from opposite sides.

However, Religion vs (political) Religion is not so amusing, nor is it confined to ink and paper, for the successful side of Western culture is defined by its (Christian) religion, and its demise is defined by the political religions which seek to destroy Christianity and all that goes with it.

The Christian revolution (I am not a Christian but I believe in the Bible) occurred when the Bible was translated into local languages and printed for all to read, and the Church was dragged out of its roots of feudalism (slavery) into what became democracy and even republicanism.

An important part of this process was the separation of Church and State; the Church having been responsible for many abuses that had held the communities of Europe in thrall for over a thousand years.

The feudal system over which the Church held suzerainty was a typical product of tyranny: a small elite, the aristocracy, owning most of the people as serfs, to do with as they please, and a tiny middle class of tradesmen to manufacture those things consumed by their betters. This was just a slight variation on the ‘warlord’ culture that has run most of the world from time immemorial and to this day in some places.

In the UK the feudal system was broken first by the Black Death, which killed off some 30% of the workforce. The subsequent competition for labour destroyed the idea of ‘ownership’ of people. Secondly, and as a consequence of this pandemic, a growing equality of opportunity was provided by increasing access to quality education. Ex-slaves and serfs used their newfound freedom to better themselves.

Under the feudal system, the church provided education and the higher-IQ peasant children were syphoned off into the cloisters. To a great extent this provided the stability required as potential peasant leaders were ‘kidnapped’ into religion (Janissaries, anybody?). Heresy invited a death penalty and life was cheap. In feudal times the Church was very much a political religion, and the Pope reigned over all the monarchs of Europe.

All this emerging freedom from under the tyranny of political religion, however, took hundreds of years to get to the idea of individual liberty. The cultural and economic impacts were minimised by being spread over such a genteel timescale. My paternal grandfather was a boy coalminer at age 12, but his sons went to grammar schools, receiving a quality education, and his youngest son even got a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

But do not think that the ‘elites’ did not fight back. Their main ploy was to create another politicized version of the feudal system that the church had failed to sustain. This took the form of ‘socialism’ where the elite claimed to be working in the best interests of the ‘working class’ by controlling all aspects of their lives. This was yet another political religion, of which we have now seen quite a few forms. Each causes its own mayhem, because there is no separation between political religion and state, and thus there is nothing to stop the killing when it inevitably starts.

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Debate in Die Linke: Shoot the Rich? Or Send Them to the Gulag?

A controversy has emerged in Germany recently over remarks made at a party strategy conference for Die Linke (The Left). A participant casually referred to shooting the rich “one percent”, and was smilingly corrected by a colleague, who said the rich would simply be sentenced to forced labor.

They sound like Bernie Sanders’ supporters, don’t they?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article on the same topic from Bild (also translated by MissPiggy):

Brutal Revolutionary Fantasy on the Left

CDU General Secretary: “The attitude of the Left is abhorrent”

March 3, 2020

After the brutal fantasies of revolution in the Left Party, the party and left-wing leader Bernd Riexinger (64) are reaping sharp criticism!

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak (34) speaks of a “disgusting attitude” that a participant in the party’s strategy congress showed on the weekend in Kassel. She called for “a revolution, if we shot one percent of the rich,” and needed an energy transition for heating and mobility.

The fantasy of violence was rewarded by the spectators with roars and applause. Instead of directly reining in his party friend, Left-wing leader Bernd Riexinger fuelled the statement.

Right next to her on the podium, Riexinger listens calmly. His clarification follows: “We don’t shoot them, we use them for useful work.”

For CDU General Ziemiak, the derailments on the left are confirmation of why the federal CDU rejects any cooperation with the party.

To classify Riexinger’s reaction to the Congress (“We don’t shoot them, we use them for useful work.”): In the Soviet Union, historians estimate that more than 30 million people were retrained in labor camps and forced into inhumane labor. Reluctant estimates suggest that about three million of them died in the process.

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Denny Abrahamsson Experiences the Full Force of Swedish “Justice”

Our Swedish correspondent LN has compiled a report on the persecution by Sweden’s “justice” system of a Swede named Denny Abrahamsson, who committed the unpardonable crime of saying negative things about Islam on social media.

First, LN’s prefatory note:

The government and agencies in Sweden are constantly working to reinforce anarcho-fascist tyranny. State-funded denunciation, primarily through the “Net Hate Examiner”, of forbidden thoughts spoken or published, or so-called “net hate crimes” against foreigners, Muslims, etc., is growing all the time. 2019 was a record year for the Net Hate Examiner’s operations: “We are up by 1400-1500 cases”.

Below is a typical example showing the result of such a state-sponsored denunciation, from Samhällsnytt, February 14, 2020.

The translated article:

Denny Abrahamsson, 73, is a native of Stockholm, but lives during the winter season in Thailand. After a defeat in the Court of Appeals, the Net Hate Examiner has notified him again, and now he will stand trial. Thai doctors discourage him from flying home, but Stockholm District Court rejects the certificates and threatens the pensioner with a fine.

Samhällsnytt has previously reported on Denny Abrahamsson who, after a long battle with the judiciary, was finally acquitted in the High Court (Hovrätten) on the charge of incitement of hatred against an ethnic group. At that time he was charged, among other things, for writing that Islam is a “fascist ideology”. However, it did not take long before he was denounced again to the police by the same actor (the Net Hate Examiner) as last time.

Previously: 71-year-old Denny called Islam “fascist ideology” — was prosecuted with hatred against ethnic Group.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Excerpt from the lawsuit:

Responsibility claims, etc.

Hatred Against a Group of People

5000 K352049-17

Denny Abrahamsson has expressed disdain for Muslims with a creed. He has written several posts in an open group on Facebook with anti-Muslim content. The messages are propagated by being available on Facebook. It happened on March 17, 2017 in an unknown place, Stockholm city.

Denny Abrahamsson committed the act with intent.

Legal basis: Chapter 16 § 8 § 1 of the Criminal Code

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Samhällsnytt has had access to police interviews with the man. According to the interrogation, he is now suspected, among other things, of having written on Facebook that “low-IQ cultures do not mix well with high-IQ societies” and that “cousin marriage and inbreeding in Islamic culture cause birth defects, low IQ and aggression.”

This was reported to the police by the state-funded Net Hate Examiner sometime in 2018.

Since then, the trial date has been moved several times, finally to January 27 of this year. Abrahamsson has sent two medical certificates from Thai doctors showing that his legs have swollen, probably as a result of blood clots. He has been prescribed blood thinners to take to dissolve the clots. At the same time, he is advised against air travel for more than four hours, for the reason that blood clots are often formed after sitting still for too long and can settle into the heart or lungs at risk to life.

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Islam’s Saints

This week’s edition of Dymphna’s greatest hits is from the spring of 2006. Until I reread the piece this morning, I had forgotten about the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghan man who faced death for converting to Christianity, and who probably would have been executed had it not been for pressure brought to bear by the U.S. government.

The links embedded in the original no longer work, and have been removed.

Islam’s Saints

by Dymphna
originally published on March 28, 2006

The Christian convert in Afghanistan who faced execution has been let go, at least for the moment. Because Afghanistan’s President is anxious to join the modern world, which has a secular rule of law, he was able to bring pressure to bear on the Sharia Court to let the religious prisoner go. And because he wants to bring his country into the 21st century, Karzai was open to the urging of world leaders who called him to intervene in this case.

Things will not go so well for the Sharia-shackled prisoners in Iran. The government there is deaf to any pleading, and in fact, is planning its executions in secret so as to fly under the radar of humanitarian groups who might seek to interfere. Here are two current cases:

The first is a 17-year-old young woman named Nazanin who was out walking with her niece and their respective boyfriends in March, 2005. The two girls were set upon by three men. When the men began stoning the girls, the boys ran away. Injured from the stones, the girls were dragged to the ground and Act II, the rape, began. Nazanin managed to get out a knife she carried to protect herself from attacks. She stabbed her rapist in the chest and he died from the wound. So, of course, Nazanin now faces execution for this act of self-defense. She was sentenced in January, 2006, though the date of execution isn’t certain.

The second case is an older woman, Fatemeh Haghighat-Pajooh, who murdered her “temporary husband” for his attempted rape of her daughter. The whole sick idea of “temporary marriage” is Sharia-speak for permitting adultery and prostitution, which would otherwise be punishable by execution. “Temporary marriages” can be of any duration, from a quick assignation at lunch, to many years’ duration. You can be married to one woman and still contract with another for a muta. This is largely a Shi’ite permutation, though Sunnis have been known to use it when convenient. Needless to say, built in to this corruption is a lack of protection for the “wife” of these arrangements:

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A Swedish Look at Tommy Robinson

The following documentary about Tommy Robinson was made by the Swedish dissident website Samhällsnytt under the direction of Kent Ekeroth, who did the interviews and narration. Mr. Ekeroth is an anti-Islam activist and a member of the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna).

The Swedish portions of the video have been translated and subtitled in English, except for the wrap-up at the end, which is only summarized. The English portions of the footage are not included in the transcript.

In this video Tommy is given an extended opportunity to explain himself and narrate his experiences in the EDL, with the media, and in prison. It includes excellent footage of Modern Multicultural Luton, which has been thoroughly Islamized. It also excerpts from earlier videos of Tommy going back almost ten years.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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When Was the Last Free Election in Germany?

The following essay refers to the brief and temporary break in the cordon sanitaire against the AfD that occurred recently in Thuringia, as reported here on Thursday.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian Tuti Blog:

When was the last free election in Germany?

by Paranoid Android
February 7, 2020

With an embarrassed smile we can say that it was a long time ago.

German Communists who welcome the Nazi-Liberal coalition in Hungary as an anti-dictatorial opposition coalition are in effect dismantling a provincial government because someone has received the wrong majority of the vote. By the way, this state was formerly governed by a triple coalition of communists (German Socialist Unity Party, alias Die Linke), stupid liberals (formerly SPD) and angry Greens. This did not offend anyone’s taste, because the Communists committed massacres not out of malice, but of humanism, and the intention was important, not the deed.

To avoid any doubt, we do not like the Alternative for Germany [AfD, Alternative für Deutschland] either, because they are also filled with stupid Germans, but at least they show some basic instincts for life. That is why a bare quarter of voters are already voting for them, because beating people to death in the streets and using German national income to Islamize Europe is not logical. The party press in Germany is trying very hard to explain to them the usefulness of these two things. However, something may have gone awry, because there are some who do not want more Muslims and do not want to learn Arabic.

Good governance is the best tool against the rise of extremist Nazi, fascist, communist, liberal parties.

In Hungary, the establishment of Jobbik was also due to the “unprecedented successful governance” (sarcasm) of Ferenc Gyurcsány [socialist prime minister from 2004 to 2009]. Germany’s extremism is also due to a politician, Merkel, who, for whatever reason she knows, worships ideological decisions that lower Germans’ standard of living and portend, in the medium term, the total collapse of the German nation and Germany.

But the destruction of the German energy system and a few million Muslims were not enough: Merkel also has ideas for killing democracy. A now completely insignificant and sick chancellor, as usual, using the custom of stupid people trying to create a picture of an enemy (the AfD) to gain some attention for her farewell tour. We must note that the views of AfD, with the exception of the mentally ill in all parties, would not only have fit in well with the CDU 25 years ago, but might even have been considered a leftist point of view.

The AfD is a representation of a realization without ideology that current German policies necessarily create a dysfunctional society. It is so obvious that some German law professors have been pondering for a few years how the proliferation of people who do not accept German culture and rules could lead to the end of current German statehood as a result of the disappearance of constitutional values. This was found to be legal nonsense and unconstitutional and illegal. The beauty of liberal thinking is that they are not whining about the real consequences, but only the legal implications.

So Merkel sent a message about how the vote should have turned out.

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The Cordon Sanitaire Shudders in Thuringia

The FDP (Freie Demokratische Partei, Free Democratic Party) is a relatively minor conservative business-oriented party in Germany. Nowadays it would be described as “classical liberal” if it were in an American context. In last fall’s state elections in Thuringia, the FDP just barely surpassed the threshold to seat representatives in the state parliament. The Left (Die Linke) gained the greatest share of the vote, but the constellation of leftist parties did not have enough seats to automatically form a government.

Since then there has been wheeling and dealing by all parties in an effort to establish a viable coalition. Yesterday came a big surprise: with the support of the CDU (Christlich Demokratische Union, Christian Democratic Union) and the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), Thomas Kemmerich of the FDP was elected minister president (the equivalent of premier or governor) of the state of Thuringia.

When I first saw the news yesterday afternoon I was surprised — it seemed the cordon sanitaire against the AfD had been breached. Up until now, all across Western Europe the major immigration-critical populist parties had been kept out of government: the Sweden Democrats, the PVV in the Netherlands, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, and the AfD in Germany. Even though those “xenophobic” parties are quite popular, they have yet to obtain a majority of the vote in their respective countries, and the other parties simply agree never to join a coalition with them. Did yesterday’s events in Thuringia signal a change?

Not quite. The cordon shuddered a little bit, but remained intact. It seems the FDP never asked for the support of the AfD, and received it unexpectedly. Mr. Kemmerich and his party were just as appalled by the AfD as the leftist parties were. And Mr. Kemmerich announced he would resign his position to force new elections.

It’s not clear whether Chancellor Angela Merkel’s prominent public denunciation of the election in Thuringia helped pressure the FDP into making the decision to withdraw.

MissPiggy, who has been monitoring the situation closely, had this to say about today’s events:

It’s hard to keep up with what’s happening. Now Thomas Kemmerich has resigned. They are calling for new elections (entirely new, not just for the minister president). Apparently his family, home and children were threatened with violence.

Below is a tweet by DW (Deutsche Welle) about the chancellor’s demand that Mr. Kemmerich resign:

Merkel demands AfD-backed state premier step down

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the election of Thomas Kemmerich as Thuringia state premier with far-right help “unforgivable.”

5:03 AM — Feb 6, 2020

The following article from RTL, translated by MissPiggy, reports on the threats against Thomas Kemmerich’s children:

Heated mood after controversial Thuringia election

Election in Thuringia is highly controversial

Some of Thuringia’s new Minister President Thomas Kemmerich children went to school with an escort today. RTL learned this from Kemmerich’s entourage.

One of Kemmerich’s younger sons under escort to school

According to the report, one of his younger sons was supposed to have gone to school under protection, whereas his son of full age went to school alone. One of his daughters is said to have stayed at home with her mother.

The LKA [Germany’s version of the FBI] is currently preparing a security concept for the family. However, the LKA did not want to comment on this. “According to the nationwide uniform standards, all matters of personal and property protection are subject to secrecy. The TLKA [(Thuringia’s FBI] will not provide any further information on tactical protection measures,” the LKA informed RTL upon request.

The Jena police confirmed to RTL that Kemmerich’s home in Weimar was ‘attacked’ last night. An attempt was made to smear the pavement in front of the house with a slogan, but this was prevented. “The police have been alerted to the issue and will continue to monitor such objects more closely with patrols,” said press spokeswoman Franziska Groh to RTL.

Kemmerich is married and has six children.

Protests after election of Thomas Kemmerich as Minister President/Governor

Kemmerich was surprisingly elected as the new head of government in the Thuringian state parliament on Wednesday with the votes of Liberals, CDU and AfD. Kemmerich prevailed by one vote over the previous incumbent, Bodo Ramelow (Left). The result has led to fierce reactions nationwide, with demonstrations also taking place in front of Kemmerich’s house. There were also protests in several other cities – even outside Thuringia.

The notes to this RT video describe the Antifa response to the election in Thuringia:

Germany: Anti-fascists oppose new AfD-backed Thuringia premier

Hundreds of anti-fascists protested outside Thuringia’s parliament building in Erfurt on Wednesday, only two hours after electing Thomas Kemmerich as the new State Prime Minister.

Hundreds of anti-fascists protested outside Thuringia’s parliament building in Erfurt on Wednesday, only two hours after electing Thomas Kemmerich as the new State Prime Minister.

Kemmerich was supported by his own party, the Free Democrats (FDP), by the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which threw all of its weight behind him in the third round of voting.

The ruling coalition in the German state of Thuringia, constituted of the Die Linke, the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) and the Green party, saw its candidate and the incumbent for state premier Bodo Ramelow lose by a single vote.

The migrant and asylum seekers supporting organisation Pro Asyl tweeted that the result of the election was “horrifying” and a “taboo breaker”.

On their official Twitter page, Die Linke accused the FDP of believing that it was “better to rule with fascists than not to rule at all.”

After being elected as the Prime Minister, Kemmerich, said he will refuse to form a ruling coalition with the (AfD).

Thuringia held its state election in October last year. The ruling party Die Linke won the highest share of the votes with 31 per cent, while the AfD doubled its own share and came second with 23.4 per cent. The FDP barely cleared the 5 per cent hurdle required to entire the regional parliament.

The BBC reports the resignation of Mr. Kemmerich, and gives more details about Mrs. Merkel’s call to maintain the cordon sanitaire:

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The De-Platforming of the AfD in Berlin

Throughout the West attacks by the “anti-fascist” Left routinely prevent conservatives and critics of mass immigration from meeting and disseminating their views. We’re all familiar with the phenomenon. But the situation in Berlin has gotten so bad for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) that a member of the party addressed the state (local) parliament about the fact that the AfD party conference has been blocked by Antifa — that is, the entire party has been de-platformed in the city.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Canuck Stasi Interrogate Ezra Levant

Actually, the word “Stasi” does not provide an adequate analogy for these two amiable fellows from the Canadian federal election authority. “Stasi” connotes an air of overt menace, but these guys are low-key. Their menace is more subtle and subdued. They’re nice, the way all Canadians are expected to be. Which makes them even more menacing, when you realize what their mission is: they’re tasked by unnamed authorities with investigating Ezra Levant for writing a book during an election campaign.

His best-selling book was about the election, so releasing it during the campaign was an unremarkable business decision. And the two agents concede that books and publicity for books are exempt from the law that restricts political campaign activities. Nevertheless, they think that his book may somehow violate laws promulgated by the Supreme Canadian Soviet, so they want to know why he wrote it, when he wrote it, how he wrote it, and who helped him research it.

Mr. Levant plans to hire the best lawyers to fight the Nice Stasi, and will spare no expense in doing so. As a result he is appealing to his audience for help in funding his cause:

This video is only part 1. Part 2 should prove interesting.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

Anders Danielsson: Dissidents Are Terrorists

Anders Danielsson is the former Director-General of the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) as well as the former head of SÅPO, the Swedish security agency.

The following article is a useful follow-up to last week’s article about the Swedish government’s plans to use the military against its own populace when the Boogaloo (Swedish: bögalö) kicks off in Sweden. In light of last night’s post about Renaud Camus, it’s also a reminder that the systematic repression of dissent is widespread in Western Europe.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Anders Danielsson: Regime-critical views can be likened to terrorism

January 22, 2020

It was at the National Conference of People and Defense in Sälen — the annual gathering of the security establishment in Sweden — that the former Director General of Säpo and the Swedish Migration Agency stated that there are “similarities” between terrorism and a form of democratic opinion which he called “psychological warfare”.

Anders Danielsson was Director General of the Swedish Migration Agency during the time of the 2015 migrant crisis as well as the head of a number of agencies before that, including Säpo. He is now a state investigator for the Psychological Defense Authority, which will be set up on Prime Minister Stefan Löfven’s order.

The official purpose of the new authority is to counter and combat so-called psychological warfare by foreign powers. However, Samhällsnytt has previously published internal e-mails from MSB [Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap, Civil Contingencies Agency] which reveal that staff at the authority sees opportunities to also fight internal actors with the help of a “psychological defense”. MSB Head of Unit Mikael Tofvesson wrote in an email that:

“My view is that regardless of an external threat, the development of a strong psychological defense also brings with it many internal gains for our democracy and freedom of speech. It feels like we’re heading in the right direction.”

During the last day of the conference in Sälen, Anders Danielsson gave a speech on the issue. He began by explaining the purpose of psychological warfare — and said it could be likened to terrorism, because its purpose is, among other things, to “cause decision-makers to make different decisions”:

“We have thought about it so clearly, and there are similarities to terrorism and terrorism legislation — where one targets a state… And the purpose is to cause a split in society, to cause the decision-makers make different decisions, to instill fear, to destabilize. There are similarities between a terrorist act and psychological warfare. And it can be the same methods — spreading rumors. We are used to it, what we read in the newspaper, fake news, etc.”

Further on in the speech, Danielsson believes that both the police, the security police along with other authorities and the media must work together to “do something” for in attempts to have an impact.

During question time, Danielsson receives a question from the moderator about what to do with “influencers located in the country”. To that question, Danielsson answers that the psychological defense authority should also operate in peacetime and that such “impact operations” are in a gray zone. He calls for vigilance against all actors who express opinions that are not approved by the establishment:

“We must not be so naïve as to think that it always comes from Russia Today, or Sputnik, or easily identifiable opponents, but it can also be that we, society, media are exploited as good idiots.

Danielsson also pushes for even more extensive censorship of the media in the future to block the opportunities for free formation of opinions:

“If I were a media manager, I would be pretty happy if someone were to knock on the door and tell me: You, you are now being exposed to something that is quite serious. Not just your newspaper, your company, but society, democracy or whatever it may be. These value words I use that are very important to us. So I would be grateful if there were anyone, but it is based on our trust in each other.”

Danielsson calls for more “openness” and “honesty” between the media apparatus and the state, which will “trust each other”. At the same time, he worried about how to maintain the democratic backdrop of an “open society” as repression increases.

Furthermore, the panel continued to discuss the future psychological defense. The panel included Olof Petersson, professor emeritus of political science, head of the operational department at MSB, the federal chair of MUF Benjamin Dousa, the former Landsort writer Patrik Oksanen and SVT’s [state TV] CEO Hanna Stjärne — who looked uncomfortable in this company.

Earlier, Samhällsnytt revealed that Patrik Oksanen himself carried out impact operations together with several left-wing extremists and people from the security establishment to link up the right and the threat from Russia.

During the panel discussion, the moderator again raised the question of what to do with people expressing their views in “media without responsible publishers, online podcasts, threads, social influencers and so on.”

“How do we get it? This is perhaps where the danger lies much more than in the Hudiksvall newspaper, or in Svenska Dagbladet, or in Sweden’s Television?” she asked the panel.

Then Olof Petersson explained that there are opportunities to legally act against these elements even within existing legislation:

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A Spectre is Haunting Europe

I posted last Monday about the conviction of the French writer Renaud Camus, who was sentenced to two months in prison (suspended) for writing about immigration as the Great Replacement of European peoples.

The following article from the Swedish dissident site Samhällsnytt discusses Mr. Camus’ conviction. Many thanks to LN for the translation:

French intellectual sentenced to prison — for talking about immigration as a population replacement

January 22, 2020

The French writer and political thinker Renaud Camus has been sentenced to two months in prison. This is because he described mass immigration to Europe in terms such as invasion, colonization and population replacement.

Renaud Camus is best known for his book Le Grand Remplacement from 2011 in which he develops his thoughts on an ongoing exchange of people directed by a political elite.

In a court in the French city of Auch, the author was sentenced to prison and €1,800 (about SEK 19,000 [$2,000]) in fines. He says this himself in a post on Twitter…

Renaud Camus also has to pay €1,800 to two “anti-racist” organizations that are the target in the case — SOS Racism and LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism).

The crime he is accused of is “a general call for hatred or violence because of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion”.

The speech for which the author has now been sentenced was given in 2017 and can be read in its entirety — translated from French to English.

The video version of Mr. Camus’ speech is here. Below is the English text:

A spectre haunts Europe and the world. It is Replacism

Renaud Camus, President of the CNRE [National Council of European Resistance]

January 15, 2018

Immigration has become invasion, invasion a migratory submersion. France and Europe are a hundred times more colonised, and more seriously so, than they ever colonised themselves. The only irreversible colonisation is a demographic one, the one which takes place via population transfer.

Some people now say there is no colonisation, that the word is not proper, because there is no military conquest. Those people are wrong. The army of conquest are the delinquents large and small, all of those people who make life impossible for Europeans by harming them in every possible way, from the so-called incivilities to terrorism, which is in fact nothing but an extension of the rest. All the perpetrators of terrorist attacks launched their career in the violation of common law. Moreover, there are no terrorists. There is an Occupier who, from time to time, executes a few hostages, as occupiers have always done. I call occupiers all those who declare themselves to be such, or behave as such.

The change in people, ethnic substitution, the Great Replacement, is by far the most important event in the history of our country since it has existed, because, with another people, the history, if it continues, will no longer be the history of France. France has always marvellously assimilated individuals who wanted to be assimilated. It cannot — it simply cannot — assimilate peoples, much less peoples who are hostile, demanding, even hateful and conquering. It requires a peerless form of vanity and complete ignorance of what a people is to think that with a changed population, another people, France would still be France. In the present situation, all words are liars but the most mendacious of all is “French”. There are no “French” jihadists, for example. If they are jihadists then they are not French.

To believe that there are only French people in France is a complete illusion. There are invaders and invaded, colonisers and colonised, occupiers and the occupied.

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