An Institutional Rupture in Brazil

As discussed in a number of previous posts about Brazil, the Federal Supreme Court is the most powerful institutional force that opposes President Jair Bolsonaro. Alexandre de Moraes is a justice of the Supreme Court, and he also happens to be the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Earlier this week Mr. De Moraes, acting on behalf of the TSE, denied a lawsuit filed by President Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party (PL) that questioned the legitimacy of the result of the recent presidential election. The PL had alleged that irregularities in the functioning of some of the voting machines demonstrated that the final tally was fraudulent.

Silas Malafaia is a Pentecostal televangelist in Brazil. In the following video Pastor Malafaia delivers a spirited rant about Alexandre de Moraes and his decision on the PL lawsuit.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Harvest Home

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Today and part of tomorrow will be family time, so posting will be lighter than usual. Nevertheless, I should have no problem putting up a news feed tonight. Which unfortunately means looking at the news, eventually. I’ve had a break from it so far today, which is nice, but it can’t last indefinitely.

Enjoy your feast, if you’re here in the USA. If not, feast anyway while you can, and then dream when there’s nothing to feast on.

Saman’s Uncle Danish Spills the Beans

As reported here earlier today, searchers in Italy found a body near Novellara that is thought to be that of Saman Abbas, the young Pakistani woman who disappeared in April of last year, and who is believed to have been honor-killed by her family. Now it appears that it was Saman’s Uncle Danish who revealed to the police where her body was buried.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

“The uncle revealed where the body of Saman was”: Breakthrough in the case

It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the farmhouse in the search for the human remains of Saman Abbas: But the prosecutor remains cautious.

by Angela Leucci
November 20, 2022

A year and a half of silence, of efforts to misdirect. But in the end, he reportedly talked. It was reportedly Danish Hasnain who led investigators to the place where his niece, Saman Abbas was hidden.

As reported by Quarto Grado [4th Grade]: Danish, considered the material perpetrator of the honor crime, was accompanied to Novellara by the penitentiary police of Reggio Emilia. Here, in the town where the Abbas family lived and worked, he reportedly indicated the vicinity of the abandoned farmhouse where, with Ikram Ijaz and Nomanhulaq Nomanhulaq, he allegedly dug a hole and hid the body of his niece.

The news was confirmed by qualified sources. The operations for recovery of the remains were initiated yesterday and will continue today: the Carabinieri and fire department are at work. Saman had disappeared the night between April 30 and May 1, 2021. Immediately, investigators focused on the theory of murder: The 18-year-old Pakistani girl had been opposed to a forced marriage with an older cousin.

Quarto Grado had already been in the vicinity of that abandoned farmhouse, as well as the program “Who Saw It?”, also because the investigators had already been there during the search in the summer of 2021. Quarto Grado had noticed that the “ruin had not been inspected in a thorough manner. The searches of the structure, in fact. were particularly difficult due to the accumulation of ten years of debris, so much that a later inspection by Carabinieri and the fire department had met with negative results.” “Who Saw It?” broadcast the images on May 6, 2022 and sent them to the competent authorities.

The farmhouse, very close to the residence in which the Abbas family lived, reportedly has some rooms still intact, with flooring and a roof, while others are open to the sky and overgrown with vegetation. The place was usually used by Danish and his relatives to meet and drink alcohol, prohibited by the Islamic religion. In one of these rooms, without flooring and deep in debris, the 2-meter-deep hole was dug, the famous 6 feet under the ground usually dug to bury someone.

This important breakthrough has nothing to do with the arrest in Pakistan of Shabbar Abbas, Saman’s father. Yesterday afternoon, the prosecutor of Reggio Emilia, Gaetano Calogero Paci, flatly denied it. “It has absolutely nothing to do with it.”

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Has Saman Abbas’ Body Been Found?

In April of 2021 a young woman named Saman Abbas, of Pakistani origin but living in Italy, disappeared from Novellara and was assumed to have been “honor-killed” by her parents and male relatives. Now, at long last, her body may have been found.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Human remains found near Novellara: “Could be Saman”

November 19, 2022

During a new inspection in Novellara, forensic investigators have found human remains a short distance from the place where Saman Abbas lived with her family.

During last night’s new search in Novellara, a municipality in the province of Reggio Emilia, forensic police (RIS) discovered some human remains a short distance from the place where Saman Abbas lived with her family. According to what has emerged so far, the remains of a cadaver were reportedly found, and at this moment, investigations by the Carabinieri are underway to determine if they are the remains of the 18-year-old.

The arranged marriage

The young Pakistani girl, who had refused a marriage arranged by her parents in her country of origin, disappeared on the night of April 30, 2021. She was not heard from after that, and all searches produced negative results. The Prosecutor’s Office believes she was killed for refusing to assent to a marriage with a distant cousin ten years older than herself. Five of Saman’s relatives are under investigation for homicide. In the past few days, the father of the girl, Shabbar Abbas, was arrested in Pakistan. Identification has not yet been confirmed, and it will be necessary to conduct all the analyses and await the results of the autopsy. Only in the coming hours, or perhaps, in the coming days, will it be known with certainty whether a turning point in the mystery has finally been reached, and if the remains discovered are actually the body of the 18-year-old.

The new search and the discovery

The human remains discovered in Novellara were buried inside an abandoned shed, immersed in the fog, located a few hundred meters from the house in which the family of Saman lived. The Carabinieri from the investigative unit of the provincial command of Reggio Emilia, along with those from the Company of Guastalla, and coordinated by the prosecutor’s office led by Calogero Gaetano Paci, conducted a further search yesterday evening. The area has been closed off, and since the early morning hours, the Carabinieri, together with the forensic police (RIS) of Parma, are proceeding with the operation of recovering and finding the remains. The Fire Department of Reggio Emila has also arrived at the scene.

“It is premature to say anything; the activities are in progress: We will evaluate it after recovering the remains discovered. Obviously, we will proceed with all the necessary analyses, and it will take a few days,” the Reggio Emilia prosecutor, Gaetano Paci, stated, responding to AGI. The head of the Reggio-Emilia investigators is proceeding to the scene with the medical examiners.

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The Blunder That Could’ve Cost John Fetterman the Election

I’ve made no bones about my opinion of John Fetterman and the “election” that sent him off to exercise his notable oratorical skills in the United States Senate. However, there is another side to the Oz vs. Fetterman story, which concerns the relationship between Dr. Oz and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

My sentiment concerning the Pennsylvania senatorial election was: “Why can’t they both lose?”

I always like to present a variety of opinions at Gates of Vienna, so here is David Boyajian’s take on Fetterman, Oz, and Turkey.

The Blunder That Could’ve Cost John Fetterman the Election

by David Boyajian

“If John Fetterman lacks the stomach to expose the entire Oz-Turkish love affair, particularly Ankara’s support of ISIS, he may lose… and will deserve it.”

My Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey said that back in October.

It spelled out Oz’s alarming relationships with the Turkish government, President Erdogan, and shady Turkish organizations and Turks. Benjamin Baird’s Behind Dr. Oz’s Curtain and other writers had covered similar ground.

Yes, soon-to-be Democratic Senator Fetterman did beat the Republican Oz, by roughly 240,000 votes out of 5.3 million — 51% to 46.6%.

Yet victory was never assured for the stroke-stricken Fetterman and his anemic campaign. Polls showed Oz gaining on, and sometimes beating, his opponent. Early voting before Fetterman’s dismal October 25 debate performance probably helped his campaign.

Oz has dual citizenship with Turkey. That’s vastly different than dual citizenship with, say, France or Norway. Turkey is a rogue NATO member, unashamedly repressive and corrupt, and has long supported international terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Oz’s foreign ties, some of which we’ll list, were his most glaring vulnerability. Yet Fetterman never exposed those ties.

Had he hammered home Oz’s troubling foreign relationships in blistering attack ads, Fetterman would undoubtedly have won more decisively.

Points Fetterman Missed

  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-2013, acknowledged in 2020 that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and… ISIS logistical materials… making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”

    As a Turkish citizen, Oz had a responsibility to condemn Turkey’s ongoing support of ISIS and other terrorists. Yet he remained silent.

  • I’ve never found forthright criticisms by Oz of Turkey’s myriad human rights abuses, corruption, and mistreatment of Christians.
  • In 2019, Oz said, “I met with our leader [President Erdogan] in Turkey.” Our? Erdogan is Oz’s “leader”? The doctor offered to “help Turkey as a representative.” As a U.S. senator, perhaps?
  • The photo of a beaming Oz double-clasping the hand of his corrupt, ISIS-supporting “leader,” President Erdogan, speaks for itself.
  • In 2019, Oz embraced Turkish “Justice” Minister Abdulhamit Gul in New York City. The U.S. Treasury Department penalized Gul in 2018 for his role in Turkey’s unjust detention of Andrew Brunson, an American Christian pastor.
  • Oz produces lifestyle programming on the BiP communications platform. Erdogan’s Turkish Wealth Fund owns BiP.
  • Oz’s extensive real estate holdings in Turkey include a $2 million dormitory leased at no cost to the corrupt regime’s Education Ministry.
  • Why did Oz hold a meeting with Turkey’s U.S. Ambassador, Hasan Murat Mercan, and why did the ambassador immediately phone Oz when he announced his candidacy? Mercan, incidentally, was a founder of Erdogan’s corrupt, Islamist AKP party.
  • As a special guest at a 2019 Turkish fundraiser, Oz sat beside Murat Guzel, co-host of the event. Guzel was reportedly questioned by Federal agents and given immunity in an investigation regarding political donations.
  • Oz was once elected to the High Advisory Council of the Istanbul-based World Turkish Business Council (DTiK). The latter is affiliated with Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEiK), an arm of Erdogan’s regime.

    The doctor spoke at DTiK’s 2019 conference in NY City co-hosted by Gunay Evinch. Erdogan hired Evinch’s law firm, Saltzman & Evinch, to collect intel on some of Turkey’s critics in America.

  • Republican Mike Pompeo, the ex-CIA director and Trump’s Secretary of State, said Oz must explain the “scope and depth” of his relationship to Turkey because they raise “national security concerns.”
  • Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA basketball star, former Turkish citizen, and Erdogan critic, tweeted, “[Dr. Oz] is a Foreign Agent and he works for Dictator [Erdogan].”

    Also: “Whatever Erdogan wants… Dr. Oz is going to do.”

Just a few of these facts in skillfully produced attack ads would have demolished Oz’s persona and campaign.

The bottom line: Voters won’t tolerate candidates who look to an atrocious foreign government — in this case, Turkey’s — for leadership and personal gain. Voters must first, however, learn the facts in hard-hitting campaign ads.

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Father of Saman Abbas Arrested in Pakistan

In April of last year a young Pakistani woman named Saman Abbas disappeared in Italy, and was thought to have been “honor-killed” by her parents and male relatives. Now her father has been arrested on an Interpol warrant in Pakistan.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Tempo:

Pakistan: Shabbar Abbas arrested for murder of his daughter, Saman

November 16, 2022

Shabbar Abbas, the father of Saman, was arrested yesterday in Pakistan. Tomorrow in a court hearing in Islamabad the man will likely be served with a notification of an international arrest warrant for the murder of his 18-year-old daughter, who disappeared from Novellara (Reggio Emilio) on 30 April 2021 after refusing an arranged marriage.

After a very long evaluation due to a complicated case without precedent, local authorities have reportedly decided, as far as can be learned, to apply the “red notice”, that is, the international arrest request, already in the Interpol system, delegating the authority to the police of Punjab, the region where Saman’s family comes from. In the case of arrest, negotiations for extradition, already requested by our country, could be opened. So the arrest yesterday is reportedly for the charge of homicide and not for fraud against a co-national, as had initially transpired.

Previous posts about the honor killing of Saman Abbas:

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ISIS: The Italian Connection

An unsavory second-generation culture-enricher in Italy joined Islamic Jihad, and later the Islamic State. He made the pilgrimage to Syria so that he could realize his dream of being a jihad fighter and torturer. After being captured by the Kurds, he was eventually returned to Italy, tried, convicted, and sentenced to prison. He is now serving a four-year term, which is a pretty stiff sentence by European standards.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Tempo:

Italian foreign fighter arrested for torture: “He is a soldier for ISIS”.

November 12, 2022

Brescia police have executed a measure for preventative custody in prison issued by an investigating judge in Brescia for 28-year-old Samir Bougana, an Italian foreign fighter, born in Brescia, and of Moroccan origin. The man is accused of “kidnapping and personal injuries, aggravated by the use of torture and acting with cruelty as well as terrorism and racial hatred.” Bougana, born in Gavardo (Brescia), of a Moroccan family, is currently detained in the prison of Sassari (Sardinia), where he is serving a sentence of four years for terrorism and has been served with a new order of preventative custody. In 2010 he moved to Germany and thence to Syria in 2015 with the woman who then became his wife.

After joining Islamic Jihad, Bougana left for Syria where he became a soldier of ISIS. Captured by the Kurdish Peoples’ Protection Unit in 2019, he was taken to Kobane (Syria) where he was placed under arrest by Digos (Italian Security) of Brescia and by the Central Directorate of Prevention Police, at the conclusion of an operation conducted in close cooperation with Aise, the FBI, and Syrian authorities, and charged with association for the purpose of terrorism.

After a radical ideological adherence to Islamic Jihad, begun in Italy and continued in Germany, he left for Syria. In July 2020, the Tribunal of Brescia sentenced him to four years’ imprisonment, a sentence later confirmed under appeal. The investigations, however, led to identifying other episodes for which the 28-year-old was responsible. In fact, responsibility reportedly emerged for the foreign fighter, who allegedly inflicted torture upon at least two persons, among them, an adolescent who had refused to fight for ISIS, and who is currently a refugee in Germany. The testimony of one of the victims of the torture was taken in Dusseldorf by the prosecutor assigned to the investigations, officials of the Central Directorate of Preventative Police, and Digos of Brescia. The witness, in fact, also told of torture perpetrated with electric shocks against Kurdish detainees belonging to the Yazidi minority to force them to convert to Islam.

How Our Military Crumbles

Readers may remember Bret Weinstein from the great culture wars during the halcyon pre-Corona days of 2017.

Mr. Weinstein was a professor of biology at Evergreen State College in Washington State until he ran up against the woke madness that had infected his campus. White people were requested to stay away from campus for the annual “Day of Absence”, to highlight the struggle of people of color against discrimination and white supremacy. Or something similar. Professor Weinstein declined to participate, which placed him at the center of an enormous storm of controversy. He and his wife were eventually hounded into resigning their positions (see the précis of what happened at the bottom of this post).

After the COVID-19 madness had set in, Mr. Weinstein made himself even more of an outcast by speaking out against vaccine mandates and related issues. He is now described as an “anti-vaxxer” and “COVID denier”, and has been relegated to the Outer Darkness of popular culture.

The funny thing is, as I recall, he used to be more or less a regular liberal in his political opinions. He just happens to be one of those rare liberals who (like Bill Maher) is a First Amendment absolutist. And that makes him a “right-wing extremist” in the view of the degraded political culture of 2022.

In the following video Bret Weinstein leads a discussion about the military mandate that requires service members to be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The policy has effectively caused the attrition of around 80,000 active duty service members, and has had a devastating effect on military readiness. In Mr. Weinstein’s view, the only possible conclusion is that the vax mandate is a deliberate act of sabotage of the American military.

In addition to Bret Weinstein, this video features:

John Bowes is a lieutenant in the US Air Force. He is a student F-16 pilot who has been grounded over the COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Olivia Degenkolb has been in the US Navy for 20 years as an active-duty service member. She is a foreign area officer, and was selected by the Secretary of the Navy to represent the United States as an Assistant Naval Attaché (Designate) to China. After completing training and moving preparations, her diplomatic assignment was withheld due to her COVID-19 vaccination status.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Videos featuring additional excerpts from discussions among the same group may be seen at Vlad’s channel.

Below the jump is a summary of what happened to Bret Weinstein at Evergreen State College:

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Christianity Must Be Erased From Münster

First it was Claudia Roth in Berlin, and now it’s Annalena Baerbock in Münster: the push by the Greens to extirpate Christianity from Germany is proceeding unabated.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Bild:

Godless G7 in Münster

Baerbock has the cross removed!

G7 summit in Münster: The foreign ministers of the most important countries in the world are there — but the cross of God must remain outside!

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (41, Greens) had the centuries-old Council Cross removed from the Hall of Peace in the historic town hall in Münster for the duration of the G7 summit.

The G7 foreign ministers’ meeting takes place in Münster’s historic Peace Hall: in 1648 it was the scene of the invocation of the Spanish-Dutch Peace — part of the Peace of Westphalia.

But for the duration of the meeting, Baerbock blocks out an important part of the story: the 482-year-old council cross is missing!

It is actually part of the permanent inventory of the hall, but at Baerbock’s request it has now been taken down, as the Westfälische Nachrichten first reported. The city of Münster confirmed a corresponding request to the newspaper.

Such a request has never been addressed to the city, administration circles said to the Westfälische Nachrichten.

“The cross was removed for reasons of protocol,” the Foreign Office said, when asked by Bild.

The cross dates back to 1540. To this day, all new council members in Münster are sworn in before it — unless they explicitly refrain from adding “So help me, God”.

Not the first excitement about a missing cross: Only two days ago, the green culture officer Claudia Roth (67) caused outrage when she wanted to make Bible quotes disappear from the dome of the Berlin City Palace and have them overwritten with other texts.

Afterword from the translator:

What else can one expect from a communist Baphomet admirer with a Satan chip in her “brain”? I wonder if she also has fits when the host is walked past her or holy water sprinkled on her, or shivers like Merkel when the German National Anthem is played? 482 years ago they’d have invited her for a very personal BBQ for this. A pity we’re not allowed to do that any longer; some really DO deserve it.

Halloween in Vienna: Firearms and “Allahu Akhbar”

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the Halloween antics of migrants in Austria and Germany, here’s a report about culture-enriching gunfire in Vienna on All Hallows’ Eve. The article includes a video of a culture-enricher screaming “Allahu Akhbar” and firing off gunshots. According to Hellequin GB, he also shouts “F*** you, f*** you sons of whores!”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Heute:

“Allahu Akhbar” Man shoots gun off in Vienna

On Halloween, rioters left a trail of devastation in Vienna. Along with illegal fireworks, a gun was also fired into the air.

Scenes of fear and terror. In Linz, serious riots occurred on Monday evening; also in Vienna, young men caused numerous police and WEGA [Special Operations Unit] operations. In Floridsdorf, garbage containers and telephone booths were blown up, while in the Sonnwend quarter, firecrackers were thrown into crowds of people and caused panic, and numerous residents reported hearing gunshots. The police could not, however, confirm this on Tuesday.

Shots and cries of “Allahu Akhbar”

Now a video has surfaced that provides the sad evidence for the escalation on the evening in question. A band of youths moves completely unhindered and screaming in the Sonnwend quarter near the Vienna Central Train Station. A young man walks with a gun in his hand along the street, screaming, “Allahu Akhbar” [God is Greater in Arabic] and fires several times into the air.

“Scenes like in war”

“There were scenes like in war,” recounts one witness of Halloween night in Favoriten [Vienna district] that obviously completely escalated. Concerned residents alerted police the same evening — a WEGA operation was the result. However, nobody was cited because the suspects fled in all directions when they heard the sirens. According to State Police in Vienna, nobody was injured in the incidents. Shell cases were initially not found. A resident of the surrounding houses collected them at daybreak, however, and turned them over to the police.

Christianity Must Be Erased From Berlin

The state cannot abide any competitor as an object of worship. Those who worship Jesus Christ must be marginalized, silenced, and preferably extirpated. Only the Modern Multicultural State is worthy of worship.

Such is the opinion of the Greens who now formulate public policy in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op=ed from the Berliner Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Federal government wants to cover Bible text on the castle dome

by Gunnar Schupelius

Culture Commissioner Claudia Roth does not consider the Christian symbols on the Berlin Palace to be cosmopolitan, and therefore they are inappropriate. In asserting this she makes a huge mistake, says Gunnar Schupelius. Quotations from the Bible can be seen on the dome of the Berlin City Palace. They are located all around the Tambour, in gold lettering on a blue background.

The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, Claudia Roth (Greens), wants to make the Bible words there disappear and overwrite them with other texts. An “art project for the temporary superimposition of the reconstructed inscription with alternative, commenting and reflective texts” is being worked on, she wrote to the CDU/CSU parliamentary group at their request. She did not write exactly what these texts should look like. [In simpler words, it will be unrealistic WOKE manure.]

The quotations from the Bible were selected by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV (1795-1861) and reconstructed on the dome in 2020. Literally it says there: “There is no salvation other… than in the name of Jesus, to the glory of God the Father. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, which are in heaven and on earth and under the earth.”

The inscription drew criticism from the start. The Christian words would exclude other religions, it said. The state-run “Humboldt Forum Foundation in the Berlin Palace” then placed a plaque next to the dome on the roof terrace with this text: “All institutions in the Humboldt Forum expressly distance themselves from Christianity’s claim to sole validity and sovereignty, which the inscription expresses.” [MORE WOKE MANURE.]

That wasn’t enough for Claudia Roth. She repeatedly emphasized that the words from the Bible and the golden cross on the dome contradict the “cosmopolitanism” that characterizes the Humboldt Forum. “I’ve got to tackle this,” she said on February 21, 2022 in an interview with the Tagesspiegel. So now she picks it up, and the Bible words are “superimposed”.

Is it true that the quotes document the “claim to power of Christianity”? No, that’s not what they originally meant. They come from Paul’s letter to the Philippians (Philippians 2:6-11). He called for kneeling only before Christ and not before the Roman emperor. [And that’s why it is now controversial and un-cosmopolitan. Bow to the emperor, you dirty peasants.]

The Catholic Archbishop of Berlin, Heiner Koch, said in an interview with the BZ that the words of the Bible are still to be understood today, namely “that people should only bow before God and should not show this honor to any earthly power.” This speaks of a great freedom. [That’s not something that can be allowed in this so-called “free” society.]

It is strange how the Federal Government, under the leadership of Claudia Roth, is campaigning against words that have been in the Holy Scriptures for 2,000 years and which they apparently did not understand at all. [I rather doubt that they’ve even read the Bible or any other scripture from other “religions”. If they had, they wouldn’t flood Europe with hostiles, now, would they?]

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The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Inspired by Vlad’s essay, our Hungarian correspondent László put together this analysis of the apocalyptic culture war that is now underway throughout the West.

The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Circumstances, Causes, Goals and Consequences

by László

Some additional circumstances (not mentioned in Vlad’s essay) that have been created in the West that support the war on procreation:

#0 Cheap contraception, obviously

—which enabled the first waves of feminism because it allowed women to become disloyal without becoming an outcast due to getting pregnant out of wedlock. It dynamited the entire structure of human societies, starting with families and tribes. How much this process of making cheap contraception available to all has been accelerated by the Powers That Be is another issue — but it is a fact that they own the chemical industry and Big Pharma…

# 1 State welfare systems

— in Third-World countries, especially in Muslim ones, people raise huge families that serve as private “pension funds”. In the First World you do not need to have many children to live a somewhat dignified life when you grow old. (But this will now be changing.)

# 2 Infantilizing young people

The whole culture has been shifted towards the world of children in adult bodies. This seems to be a deliberate effort operating on all fronts, but especially in popular culture as a brainwashing tool — which is the known battlefield for subversive powers with long-term plans used for takeover. Our artificial idols and stories created in Hollywood and elsewhere encourage a lifestyle that does not include children. This started a long time ago — think of “Sex and the City”.

But the more fundamental psychological aspect targeted by the PTB is the notion of an “easy life without responsibilities”. This is the well-known leftist weapon of mass destruction of the equality of outcomes — vs. equality of opportunity.

# 3 The lack of initiation into adult life (which does not exist anyway)

— in tribal societies, or even in ones that were more centered around survival, all sorts of formal or informal initiations were used to separate childhood from adulthood. This caused deep psychological changes in the participants and the attitudes of their surroundings towards them at the same time. An interesting example is one that was (is?) used by some aboriginal tribes (Indians?), which includes hanging young males by their skins from trees. The extremely painful challenge marks their adulthood and new roles and responsibilities.

There are no such rituals today that mark the beginning of adulthood (as there is no actual adulthood).

# 4 Making real estate too expensive to buy or even rent

— young people cannot move away from their parents — which is not only infantilizing, but mitigates against starting their own families.

A mass phenomenon in Italy is the “mama hotel” in which the only thing that makes theoretically grown-up people different from real children is that they have more money than their parents because they stay with their parents, who keep on serving them and paying the bills.

# 5 The school system

— it is obviously not about helping people become useful for society and thus independent, but to brainwash them for as long as possible to turn them into dependent useful idiots for Marxism.

With mass production and multinational corporations that have eliminated traditional trades and local service providers, usefulness is taken out of the hands of the individual — hence the individual becomes obsolete but at least interchangeable. You, as a unique human being, are not needed any more.

All of the above causes and circumstances (weaponized for culturecide) are — partially deliberately — interconnected in many ways which would require too long an essay to elaborate on, but I will still make a brief attempt:

“Multigenerational genocide”, a term I have just coined, in the West seems to be centered around CONTROL, through influencing the factors of (1) responsibility, (2) dependency and (3) individuality.

The goals of central control and the creation of a comprehensive power monopoly in the world correspond with the “production” of masses of “grownup children” without supportive communities. There is a feedback mechanism built into this process, because adult children are less likely to have children, and if they do have children against all odds, they cannot raise them to become mature adults, which makes the next generation so infantile that it is less likely to procreate as well.

(1) Responsibility

The goal of the enemy is to reduce the sense of and ability for responsibility and turn it into responsiveness. People are prevented from responding to the challenges of life and, instead they are induced and even forced to respond to authority, i.e. state power.

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The following essay was posted earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Vlad embedded the videos in the original post, but I’ve just included them as links.

It is about stopping people from reproducing

by Eeyore

All of it, from what I can tell. First, watch the opening 40 seconds of this video where it is revealed that the group the EU wants injected with Covid shots the most is pregnant women:


The list of legal changes, not to mention attacks and transformations on the culture all have a few things in common depending on what level of abstraction we operate on. But at the practical its for sure one result. Making normal human reproduction nearly impossible and certainly very undesirable. In fact, changing the cost-benefit of having a family in every possible metric, sexually, psychologically, financially and in every way.

So let’s look at some of the things which make reproduction less likely. These are not in chronological order. Just the order I remember them.

Feminism: The original Feminist project was a rebranding of a Marxist line of effort to make marriage and families difficult. To collapse the West by creating a “war of the sexes” (before they came up with the word “gender”) when in the 200,000 years of human evolution prior to that, there was no war of the sexes. Below is an interview I did with an expert on feminism, Karen Straughan, back in 2018. It is still interesting and to the point, in my opinion. Karen is actually listed at the SPLC as a Male Supremacist enabler. So you know she has to be worth listening to. She covers a lot in this video, including insane and unfair divorce laws which also make people less likely to have children.

(There is some language in this video)


Experimental mRNA injections: We have been writing daily about these shots. But it became known early on that the spike proteins your own body makes by the trillions after the shot have a special affinity for ACE2 receptors. These can be found in the heart, but especially in the endometrium and also the gonads. Both male and female. Dr. Chris Shoemaker reported that there is a dramatic drop in sperm production for six months after each injection. Which is quite a coincidence, as that is when WEF-controlled Western governments seem to demand the entire population space out their shots. At least one every six months.

I should add that Bill Gates introduced a vaccine to India some years ago which had the effect of sterilizing a lot of people who received it. One may suspect that was the primary purpose of that shot, since the effect was so far afield from the one for which it was administered.

Also, here a Kenyan medical doctor reminds us that attempts to sterilize people with vaccines is not new.

Children’s Health Defence documentary on use of vaccines to sterilize third world populations

Infertility: A diabolical agenda

Glorification of all sexuality other than heterosexual which could lead to conception:

Gay pride is all year. A flag substantially larger than the US flag was photographed hanging on the side of the US Embassy in Ottawa well after “pride month” was ended. It was the new flag that includes every possible sexual activity other than men with women and women with men. Homosexuality is positively canonized. Criticism of any sexual activity other than men with women is pretty much a crime, as Canada’s loathsome hate-speech laws now include non-“heteronormative” groups as needing the protection of censorship. One of the cabinet members of British Colombia, BC’s health minister Dr. Bonnie Henry, during Covid suggested along with social isolation and masks and so on, that men use “glory holes”. Can’t imagine why you wouldn’t get Covid that way, but I can see how no one gets pregnant. But then, BLM protests and ANTIFA protests where also immune from Covid. Only conservative gatherings were a health risk in 2020.

[Pride flag at the US Embassy in Ottawa; see photo at the top of this post]


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Score One For the Prophet

The Dutch chapter of the anti-Islam group Pegida tried to stage a Koran-burning in Rotterdam, but failed miserably. I suppose they lack the trademark panache exhibited by Rasmus Paludan in Denmark. Or maybe there just isn’t enough popular support for resisting the Islamization of the Netherlands.

The Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld was arrested at the event, and the Koran that was slated for burning was seized by police. I hope they wore gloves and exhibited the requisite respect when they handled the holy book, the way the guards at Guantanamo did when bringing Korans to Al Qaeda prisoners.

The following video and article report on the Pegida protest, and the much more numerous counter-protesters. In the photo at the top of this post, it’s worth noting that in addition to the clenched fists and Turkish flags, we see the one-finger sign of the Salafists, which represents the tawhid, the oneness of Allah.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The article below (also translated by Gary Fouse) about the Pegida event appeared on the website of the Dutch state broadcaster NOS:

Brief unrest in Rotterdam at Pegida action and counter-protest

There was a short period of unrest near the Rotterdam Central Train Station today. The reason was a scheduled Koran-burning by the anti-Islam movement Pegida, which attracted hundreds of counter-demonstrators.

Pegida was to start demonstrating at 2pm at the station square, and there was a plan to burn a Koran. However, it did not happen: The police seized the Koran from Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld in order “to prevent escalation, and thus serious disorder.” Wagensveld was arrested because, according to police, he shouted “an insulting slogan”. Other than Wagensveld, there were very few Pegida followers, said a police spokesperson.

The counter-protesters, mostly young Muslims, burst into cheers. The mobile police unit was deployed to contain the group of youths. They often shouted “Allahu Akhbar” and, according to the regional news outlet Rijnmond, threw eggs and smoke bombs at police.

Previously, various parties had objected to the burning event. For example, the Muslim umbrella organization Spior sent in a notice of objection, and the political fraction Denk [the Turkish party] requested an emergency debate. Deputy Mayor Robert Simons subsequently wrote in a letter to the city council that it was forbidden to light a fire in public space, and that therefore the Koran-burning could not go forward.

Tweet from Paul Verspeek with photo:

Pegida leader Edwin Wagensveld is arrested for “insulting the faith”.

Video transcript:

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