Why Azerbaijan is Unfit to Rule over the Armenians of Artsakh

Below is David Boyajian’s latest report on the aftermath of the recent conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Artsakh.

Why Azerbaijan is Unfit to Rule Over the Armenians of Artsakh

by David Boyajian

Corrupt, sadistic, and run by a hereditary dictatorship, Azerbaijan is unfit to rule over others, least of all Armenian Christians.

Yet that iniquity could materialize due to the recent 44-day war by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and terrorist jihadis against the Artsakh Republic (Nagorno-Karabagh) and Armenia. The November 9, 2020 armistice could force democratic, Armenian-governed Artsakh (pop. 150,000) into Azerbaijan’s (pop. 10 million) despotic grip. Since the war began, though, mainstream media have rarely pointed out Azerbaijan’s depravity and long-standing abuse of Armenians.

In the 1920s, Stalin transferred the ancient Armenian provinces of Artsakh — 96% Armenian — and Nakhichevan to Turkey’s friend, Azerbaijan. The delusional tyrant mistakenly believed that this would lure Turkey into the USSR’s web. That injustice has brought Artsakh nothing but agony. Even before the transfer, Azerbaijan had been massacring Armenians in Artsakh and Baku.

Unlike 3,000-year-old Armenia, no country named Azerbaijan existed before 1918. Its inhabitants didn’t even call themselves Azeris until the 1930s.

Artsakh’s Long Nightmare

Artsakh was officially autonomous within Soviet Azerbaijan, but the latter held the real power. Artsakh’s Armenians were persecuted due to raw Azeri fanaticism, not the Soviet system.

  • Armenians sank from 96% to 76% of Artsakh’s population by 1988, the result of repression, deportations, economic warfare, and murder by Azerbaijan.
  • Then-KGB Major General Heydar Aliyev (Azeri dictator Ilham Aliyev’s father) acknowledged importing Azeris into Artsakh to replace Armenians that he’d exiled.
  • Azerbaijan maliciously closed many Armenian schools, orphanages, and libraries.
  • Armenian language inscriptions on ancient monuments were depicted as Azeri.
  • Museums were looted of artifacts that proved Artsakh to be an ancient Armenian province.
  • Even the name Artsakh was banned.
  • Large quantities of meat, dairy products, and wool were directed to Azerbaijan instead of to needy local Armenians.
  • Baku frequently imprisoned local Armenian leaders who protested, but gave Azeri gangs free rein.

Breaking Free

Artsakh voted to exit Azerbaijan in accordance with Soviet law in 1988 and international law in 1991 as the USSR dissolved. In response, Azerbaijan massacred Armenian civilians in Artsakh, Baku, Ganja, and Sumgait. The ensuing war ended in 1994 in victory for Artsakh’s Armenians. Armenians fled the rest of Azerbaijan, and Azeris fled Armenia.

Artsakh became self-governing, reformist, and widely respected. It maintained representative offices in Washington, D.C., Europe, and elsewhere. Azerbaijan proceeded to gorge on revenue from its gas and oil fields. Yet it still mirrored its Soviet self: repressive, corrupt, violent, and anti-Armenian. Artsakh became doubly determined to never again submit to Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan’s Post-Independence Horrors

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A Week of Cultural Enrichment in Europe

The incidents described in the news stories below did not necessarily occur during the past week, but the translations about them all landed in my inbox during that period.

First, from Germany, yet another travesty perpetrated by a (failed) “asylum seeker”. Hellequin GB, who translated the article, refers to the incident as “another sacrifice on the altar of Political Correctness in Germany”.

The story from Politically Incorrect:

SPD Lord Mayor Mädge downplays the act

Lüneburg: 19-year-old brutally murdered by “refugee”

by Manfred W. Black

19-year-old Jana D. was found stabbed to death in her car in Lüneburg four days ago. “The officials already have a suspect” (Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung). For days, media such as the HAZ, the Lüneburger Landeszeitung (LZ), the Hamburger Abendblatt and the NDR have hardly published any details about the perpetrator. Although the police and the media seem to know that the assailant is a rejected asylum seeker. Scandalous: The mayor of Lüneburg belittles the cruel act.

The father discovers the body of his own daughter

It said in the LZ that the alleged murder weapon was found near the crime scene, as the suspect is a “friend” of Jana D. Other media write that the murderer is the “friend” of the victim. The LZ reported that the 19-year-old’s father discovered the body of his own daughter in the early morning, around 3am. In a parking lot in the Lüneburg district of Schützenplatz — in a car used by the daughter. According to the police, the victim had “several injuries” that allegedly led to death. The father was looking for his daughter; previously he had waited in vain for her at home.

According to media reports, the evening before the crime, the victim worked in a Lüneburg restaurant that offers take-away sales.

First, the Bild newspaper puts the facts on the table

On January 20, the Bild-Zeitung did not provide any more detailed information about the knife. It only said: “The public prosecutor’s office did not want to provide further information on the (professional) background of the accused for reasons of privacy protection.”

On January 21, during the day , the Bild — as the only media outlet — published details on the perpetrator. The daily reported that last month Jana D. and her later murderer named “Fares A.” celebrated Christmas together. Bild even presented a — pixelated — photo in which the unequal couple is kissing.

It was also stated that the perpetrator, who apparently lives with his parents, is an asylum seeker whose application for asylum was rejected long before the offense, and who should have been deported long ago. The knife assailant was therefore — like millions of other “immigrants” whose asylum applications were officially denied — simply “tolerated” here. Certainly with all the usual social benefits around the clock. This widespread wrong decision by the responsible authorities has now cost this young woman her life.

Bild bows down — the PC-Mayor of Lüneburg trivializes the crime

In later versions of the Bild report, however, all information on the “refugee” status of the knifeman has been deleted. Apparently the editor in charge has been recalled. If at all possible, nothing should leak to the public about unpleasant facts about Angela Merkel’s “refugee” policy.

The Bild newspaper is apparently also supposed to bow to the mendacious Political Correctness (PC).

The Lord Mayor of Lüneburg, Ulrich Mädge (SPD), reacted scandalously to the terrible act. According to the Heilbronner Zeitung, he played down the knife murder with words that must sound like sheer mockery to the parents of the victim: “We all know that wherever people live together, the worst things can always happen, including in the neighborhood — but knowledge is one thing. When it actually happens, you can hardly believe it. “

How would the media have reported on a murdered Muslim woman?

If the victim had been a Muslim and the murderer “of German origin”, all newspapers in Germany would certainly have published all available social data on the victim and the killer. But when it comes to a violent criminal “refugee”, there is suddenly a booming silence in the forest of leaves when it comes to informing the population with at least an approximation of adequacy about the background of the respective crime.

Such comprehensive, manipulative reporting takes place every day in this country, although there is supposedly “freedom of the press” in Germany.

From Sweden, yet another murder by a culture-enricher who had had an earlier sentence reduced. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

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So Here There Be Dragons! (Part IV)

The essay below is the fifth in a series by our English correspondent Seneca III. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

So Here There Be Dragons!

by Seneca III

Part IV — Lacunae

This part of the series is a short list, with commentary, of some factors contributing to the moral, cultural and political dilemmas we face today, i.e. those either not covered in the preceding parts in detail, not at all or at best only alluded to. A Summaries and an Afterword follow in Parts VA and VB.

“Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.”
— William Pitt the Younger — Speech in the House of Commons (18 November, 1783).

“The tyrant’s plea, / excus’d his devilish deeds”
— John Milton — Paradise Lost, Book iv, line 393.

1. Language — its function and evolution

Language uniquely separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. It enables us to organise and cooperate in complicated ways, to clearly communicate ideas (even abstract ones), emotions, intentions, and much else. It is not a sessile but a motile, dynamic construct constantly being expanded by the introduction of neologisms and also contracted through words and definitions, ‘archaisms’, falling into disuse. Language allows and inspires us to jointly explore and mutually contemplate ourselves and the world and universe around us in a variety of ways practical, philosophical and metaphysical. In competent, successful speaking or writing, language and thought are contiguous, and the words chosen offer us an immediate presentation of some aspect of reality.

Yet, we simply don’t know how language originated. We do know that the ability to produce sound and simple vocal patterning (a hum versus a grunt, for example) appears to be in an ancient part of the brain that we share with all vertebrates, including fish, frogs, birds and other mammals. But that isn’t human language. It is suspected that some type of spoken language must have developed between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago, well before written language (about 5,000 years ago). Yet, among the traces of earlier periods of life on Earth, we never find any direct evidence or artefacts relating to the speech of our distant ancestors. Perhaps because of this absence of direct physical evidence, there has been no shortage of speculation about the origins of human speech. An understanding of how and why human languages developed is a rich field. Darwin was of the opinion that:

“Music, rhythms, frogs, birds, the nightly howling of canis simensis across the Ethiopian high plateau, the song of whales, communicate in ways limited to their immediate environment, establish but limited or for mating purposes, not that our ways in that circumstances are worthy or would stand well under scrutiny.”

2. The use and abuse of tone poetry and figurative language

Languages come in many variants and from different roots yet most are composed of nouns, verbs adjectives, etc. expressed through vowels and consonants. One exception is the ‘click languages’ of Africa, a group of languages in which clicks function as normal consonants. The sole example of a language using clicks outside of Africa is that of ‘Damin’, a ritual vocabulary of the Lardil tribe of northern Queensland, Australia.

In written language punctuation primarily serves to create sense, clarity and stress in sentences, to indicate pauses in the flow and to emphasise or explain certain ideas or thoughts through words, facts and phrases that are presented in the text, thus structuring and organising the written word. If punctuation is missing, as in the [paragraph] below, and as it is in many legal documents, or in what passes for modern journalism, then the use of emphasis, obfuscation, opinions, conflation, relevance and disambiguation can lead to different or preferential interpretations thus, permitting a situation where to precisely define what is true and what is not is difficult or near impossible.

[In written language punctuation primarily serves to create sense clarity and stress in sentences to indicate pauses in the flow and to emphasise or explain certain ideas or thoughts through words facts and phrases that are presented in the text thus structuring and organising the written word If punctuation is missing as in the paragraph below and as it is in many legal documents or in what passes for modern journalism then the use of emphasis obfuscation opinions conflation relevance and disambiguation can lead to different or preferential interpretations thus permitting a situation where to precisely define what is true and what is not is difficult or near impossible.]

However, oratory and rhetoric, which are essentially verbal streams of consciousness used to educate, motivate, deceive or misinform are slightly different, whereby emphasis or the lack of it, pauses, tautologies, gesticulations and responses to audience responses can and often do project and affirm falsehoods favouring the position supported or being proposed by the orator. Skilful lawyers can and do utilise such techniques during the course of a trial and when making closing statements to juries; politicians, particularly on the hustings when trying to con the electorate, do the same, which is why so many of them manage to slither into Parliament in the first place. Media audio-visual presenters do this as well, and they are pretty good at it. Instead of actually addressing the argument itself they focus on a rhetorical flourish that you may consider overly dramatic, inappropriate or irrelevant then, if you question this, they imply that your emotional response invalidates your case. That is tone poetry.

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An Italian Mujahid Returns Home to Jail

The following news story concerns an Italian convert to Islam who journeyed to Syria to fight in the jihad. He has now been arrested and brought home to serve his sentence in Italy. One presumes he finds the accommodations in Pescara to be far more congenial than those in a Syrian prison.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Palestine Comes to Antwerp

The following article concerns two Palestinain brothers in Antwerp who have been harassing Jews on the street. It includes a video with an audio entirely in Arabic, so it has not been subtitled.

Gary Fouse, who translated the text, includes this explanatory note:

Michael Freilich is a member of the conservative New Flemish Alliance Party (N-VA) and the former editor of Joods Actueel, a Flemish-language Jewish news outlet in Belgium.

The translated article from Joods Actueel:

Video of Palestinian skaters harassing Jews — Millions of views

In YouTube videos we see Amjad and Adham Saleh, twin brothers from Gaza, literally making the streets and sidewalks of the Jewish neighborhood of Antwerp unsafe. They ride with a Palestinian flag at high speed past people and shout, “Free Palestine”. They harass Jewish passersby, do not obey traffic rules, and are a downright danger to their fellow citizens. The videos have been viewed more than two million times.

N-VA Member of Parliament Michael Freilich condemns the behavior and warns against the importation of the Middle East conflict onto our streets. “These twin brothers are from Gaza and fled five years ago to Belgium. They were granted asylum here, housing, and a job. So it is especially regrettable they harass people, and they should know better. Jews in Antwerp are not Israeli citizens, but rather Flemish.”

Jewish Forum

The FJO (Forum of Jewish Organizations in Belgium) lodged a complaint with the UNIA and asked that the case be investigated. According to lawyers, there are several crimes, such as offenses against traffic rules, and harassment, with the aggravating circumstance that Jews were specifically targeted (anti-Semitism). And this could be described as an unauthorized demonstration. Finally, the videos concerned may raise questions about the assimilation of refugees.


Finally, Freilich extends his hand to the brothers. “It would be nice if they made a video about and with the Jewish community instead of inciting against them. Surely, given the enormous number of followers they have reached with their videos. That would be a positive message for society.”

A Swedish Take on the Muslim Brotherhood in America

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Swedish blog Ledarsidorna. It was written by Johan Westerholm, an expert on the Muslim Brotherhood and the author of the book The Muslim Brotherhood — Islamism in Sweden:

Muslim Brotherhood strengthens its influence over the American Congress

The Muslim Brotherhood’s most influential North American networking organization, CAIR, is advancing its position. The Brotherhood now has support from 30 American members of Congress.

Earlier in December, one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s largest and most influential North American networking organizations, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was noted by Representative Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and 29 other Congressional colleagues who together urged Facebook to take immediate action to eliminate anti-Muslim exaggeration platforms.

In the call to Facebook, examples were given of “the way platforms are used to de-humanize Muslims” as well as how Facebook stays passive in relation to this.

In the letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Dingell demanded that Facebook immediately carry out the following measures:

  • Form a working group consisting of higher-level executives with a focus on anti-Muslim issues, and responsible for coordinating work within the company to confront hate groups and education against discrimination.
  • Ensure that policies prohibit whites from using the platform for events and group sites in order to terrorize Muslims and other vulnerable groups.
  • Undertake an independent review by third parties of the company’s role in enabling anti-Muslim violence and genocide against Muslims.
  • Commit to working proactively in the discovery and removal of anti-Muslim content and all other forms of hate before it is even seen.
  • Conduct regular training against discrimination for all of Facebook’s personnel.
  • Education of key personnel in civil rights issues and common words, phrases or images used by hate actors in order to de-humanize and demonize Muslims.

That the Brotherhood’s role will change and gain increased influence with a Democrat president in the White House is considered inevitable. That CAIR will advance its positions will come as no surprise. An influence that will increase, given the majority Democrats have in the American Congress.

The question is more how CAIR and Swedish organizations like Ibn Rushd, the Islamic Association of Sweden, and Islamic Relief choose to tone down their connection with the ever more pressured Brotherhood.

But that the Brotherhood continues to make demands upon, among others, Facebook, with US Congressional support, is a development reasonably to be expected. Whether that is directly through network organizations such as CAIR or via a second network which is not as clearly associated with the Brotherhood will be shown in the future.

The Mystery of the “Extremist Ideology”

Khairi Saadallah, the Reading mujahid, has pleaded guilty to three murders in a court in the UK, but has not yet been sentenced. The following essay by Michael Copeland is about Mr. Saadallah’s crime, and the cluelessness of the judicial authorities concerning Islamic law.

The Mystery of the “Extremist Ideology”

by Michael Copeland

In the trial of the Reading park jihad killer, who knifed three men to death and wounded three others while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”, prosecuting counsel Alison Morgan QC said:

“…the defendant believed in carrying out this attack he was acting in pursuit of an extremist ideology he appears to have held for some time. He believed killing as many people as possible, he was performing an act of religious jihad.”

What is this mystery “extremist ideology”? Does it have a name?

According to politicians the accused must be a “misunderstander”, or, as the Daily Telegraph has put it, a “warped nutter”. Does he hold, as Tony Blair expresses it, “a radicalized and politicized view of Islam, an ideology that distorts and warps Islam’s true message”? Is he, as Blair says, one of those “extremists who pervert the true faith of Islam”, one who has allegedly twisted and distorted the teachings he has received? Does he espouse, as David Cameron puts it, “a poisonous ideology of Islamist extremism that is condemned by all faiths and by all faith leaders”?

How had this come about? Was he badly taught? Is he a hopeless learner? Are his beliefs all mistaken? Is he a poor dear who has got it all wrong?

The case is being heard by Mr. Justice “You know nothing about Islam!” Sweeney, to quote the accolade given him in court by Lee Rigby’s killer. The judge, with no training in Islamic law, had just told him that what he did was “a betrayal of Islam”. The killer, unlike the judge, had studied the Koran, all of which forms part of Islamic law. He had made a note of thirty-two Koranic instructions to kill kafirs, and given this to a bystander.

Killing kafirs is no “betrayal of Islam”: it is a dutiful fulfilment of it. It is what Islam has been commanding — and performing — for nearly 1400 years. The Koran is law. Muslims who kill kafirs in obedience to it are “doing exactly what this book says”, to quote Lt.-Col. Allen West.

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Knife Jihad in Grozny

The following news report describes a knife attack against police in Grozny, the capital of the Chechen Republic in Russia. One police officer was killed in the attack before the mujahideen were shot dead by other police.

The attackers (immigrants from Ingushetia, another Islamic republic in Russia) presumably wanted to take the policemen’s guns for further jihad.

The report is in Russian, with voice-over for the Chechen parts. Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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So Here There Be Dragons! (Part II)

The essay below is the second in a series by our English correspondent Seneca III. Previously: Part 1.

So Here There Be Dragons!

by Seneca III

Part II — Ragnarök, männerbunden, eudemia and eufemia

“The centre of the Vikings’ cosmos was the ash tree Yggdrasil, growing out of the Well of Urd. Yggdrasil holds the Nine Worlds, home of gods, man and all spiritual beings. The gods live in Asgard and Vanaheim and humans inhabit Midgard. Giants live in Jotunheim, elves in Alfheim and dwarves in Svartalfheim. Another is the primordial world of ice, Niflheim, while Muspelheim is the world of fire. The last world comprises Hel, the land of the dead, ruled by the goddess Hel. —From “An Overview of the Culture and History of the Viking Age

“It is not that trash accumulates in human cities — it is that cities turn what accumulates in them into trash.” — Don Colachio


In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of events, including a great battle, foretold to lead to the death of a number of great figures (including the gods Odin, Thor, Týr, Freyr, Heimdallr, and Loki), natural disasters and the submersion of the world in water. After these events, the world will resurface anew and fertile, the surviving and returning gods will meet and the world will be repopulated by two human survivors.

In the Poetic Edda, the event is referred to as Ragnarök or Ragnarøkkr, old Norse for ‘“Fate of the Gods” or “Twilight of the Gods”. Wagner titled the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas Götterdämmerung, meaning “Twilight of the Gods” in German.

Männerbunden, eudemia and eufemia

In those peoples that are called ‘primitive’, but which most often represent only the degenerate and ensavaged remains of more ancient races and civilizations, the phenomenon of the ‘Männerbunden’ has often attracted the attention of observers.

In such peoples, the individual, to be considered as a merely natural being, is up to a certain age left to the family and especially to maternal care, under the feminine-maternal sign, beneath which these societies locate everything which has bearing for the material, physical side of existence. But at a given moment a change of state occurs. Special rites, which are called ‘rites of passage’ and which are often accompanied by a preliminary period of isolation and hard trials, bring about, according to a schema of ‘death and rebirth’, a new being, which alone can be considered a true man. Indeed, before this, the member of the group, no matter his age, is held to be a member of the women and children, indeed even of the animals. Once he has undergone his transformation, the individual is therefore united to the so-called ‘Männerbunden’. This society, having an initiatic (sacral) and warrior character, has the power of a group. Its right is to be differentiated in terms of its responsibility and its functions. It has the power of command. It has a structure similar to that of an ‘Order’.

With the epoch of the revolutions, there began a mighty assault against whatever could conserve the semblance of a ‘Mannerbünden’, proceeding so far as a complete inversion of values and ideals.

While in the last century [19th century] there was a tendency to derive the State from the institution of the family, a more modern current has rightly located the origin of sovereignty precisely in the phenomenon of a ‘Männerbunden’. The scheme which is now indicated effectively contains the fundamental elements which appropriately define every order, and specifically every political order, and which do so with a clarity that one would seek for in vain amidst the crumbling and degraded theories of our days on the origin of sovereignty. In that schema we encounter above all the idea of a virility in an eminent and spiritual sense, the quality of man as vir (as the Romans would say) and not as simple homo. To this is tied, as has been seen, a ‘break in level’, or a change in state; in its simplest expression, it is the detachment from the sensible, vegetative, physical state. Then there is the idea of a specific unity, much different from any other of ‘naturalistic’ character (as the family, the simple ‘people’, etc.). Finally, there is the idea of power as something connected essentially with this higher plane, so that originally it was recognized as possessing the character of a force from on high, of a ‘sacred power’ (auctoritas and with it imperium in the ancient Roman idea).

Therefore, we can with good right regard all of these matters as ‘constants’, that is, basic ideas which, in very different applications, formulations and derivations, appear recurrently in every major political organization of the past. On account of the processes of deconsecration, of rationalization and of materialization, which have grown ever more accentuated in the course of the times, these original meanings were forced to conceal themselves and to recede. But this remains ever unchanged: where these meanings have been totally obliterated, so that they no longer exist even in a transposed and debilitated form, without any longer even a background of initiatic or sacral character, there no longer exists a true State; every concept has been lost which, in an eminent and traditional sense, makes political reality, in its specific dignity and difference with respect to all the other spheres of existence and, in particular, with respect to all that which has an exclusively economic or ‘social’ character.

With the epoch of the revolutions, there began, in Europe, a mighty assault against whatever could conserve the semblance of a ‘Männerbunden’, which is to say, an assault against the very political principle itself, against the principle of every true sovereignty, proceeding so far as a complete inversion of values and ideals. Indeed, in one form or another the societarian ideologies have reigned for some time now — ideologies which represent simply the anti-State, and also a kind of protest against the virile principle on behalf of all that which, for its connection to the simply physical life of a society, and according to the aforementioned view of the origins, has an analogously ‘feminine’ and promiscuous character. While for the ‘Männerbunden’ honour, battle and dominion are values, for the simple ‘society’, on the other hand, peace, the economy, material well-being, the naturalistic life of the instincts and of the sentiments, and petty security are values: and, at their limit, hedonism and eudaimonism, as against heroism, rank and aristocracy…

[Julius Evola: The Crisis of Modern Society]

In my youth, joining the brotherhood of the military was a rite of passage, an entry into Männerbunden. Now, ‘military’, in the full meaning of that word, is slowly being hollowed out by the enforced entry and the affirmative-actioned fast-track promotion of women, racial minorities — particularly Muslims despite their being acolytes of a belief system dedicated to the subjugation or extermination of Judeo-Christians — and every possible sexual, ideological and moral deviant imaginable, most of them being unsuited for the purpose to which they are assigned, the defence of the realm. In the West our Nation States are in dire jeopardy.

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The Enricher Who Stole Christmas

Youness Ouaali is a well-known “Dutch” vlogger and community leader. In the video below he argues that celebrating Christmas is worse than anal sex or doing drugs.

Last year Mr. Ouaali was convicted of having sex with a minor girl who has a learning disability. He has also reportedly done cocaine, and allegedly blew up the apartment of the parents of another vlogger with whom he had a disagreement.

At the end of the video there is a photo of the Moroccan soccer player Chouf Nador next to a Christmas tree, which apparently is what prompted Mr. Ouaali to record his video.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

See also:

Video transcript:

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The Penny Finally Drops

German authorities are shocked — shocked! — to discover that Muslims in Germany are using deception and obfuscation while weaponizing the law against the German state.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Taqiyya tactics finally understood?

Office for the Protection of the Constitution warns against Islamists in sheep’s clothing

The creeping Islamization of Germany is always vehemently denied. After all, Islam, with its numerous mosques and the call to prayer belongs to Germany, which is why the politically responsible are consistently devoted to the greatest danger for the country — right-wing extremism, which alone could threaten the internal security of the colorful republic.

Although any criticism of the peaceful religion is prevented and even punished, security authorities are busy registering and monitoring Islamists, the number of whom is growing significantly.

Now the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution [Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV] in Cologne is warning of “legalistic Islamists” who act inconspicuously and in conformity with the law while secretly wanting to establish an Islamic theocracy according to the rules of Sharia.

Those responsible are the old parties, churches, etc., who made the breeding ground for the spread of radical Islam possible, and who, out of cowardice, convenience and leftist ideological blindness, ignored the risks and side effects, defamed every critic and placed them in the “right” corner.

Now they are just there, a new version of Islamists — unsurprisingly for the enlightened citizen — who use taqiyya tactics, who pretend and deceive to hide their real intentions.

Assembly With Menaces

The article below by Michael Copeland was originally published at Liberty GB in February, 2015. It refers to demonstrations after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, the fifth anniversary of which is coming up on January 7.

Assembly With Menaces

by Michael Copeland

A large number of Muslims gathered outside the gates of Downing Street on Sunday February 8, 2015, in a gender-segregated “show of strength”, blocking half of Whitehall for rather too long — some three hours. This was a month after the mass murder by Muslims in Paris of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and of the Jews in the Kosher Hypermarket, and not long after the release of the film of the deliberate burning alive by the Islamic State of a Jordanian pilot, confined in a cage.

Had they come to express sympathy for the victims? Condolences for the next of kin? Solidarity with free speech? Disgust at the barbaric burning? No. Remember, like all similar Muslim events, this event was not in the least spontaneous: this was “organised”, that is, instructed, in the mosques, and at the behest of the Muslim Action Forum. They had come to make an assembly with menaces.

The Muslim Action Forum is lying

The Muslim Action Forum made an announcement, but they were lying. Lying, however, is not only permitted under Islamic law when it is done to non-Muslims in the cause of Islam, it is in some circumstances obligatory. It has an Arabic name: taqiyya. The Muslim Action Forum makes claims that are supposed to be so sweet and reasonable. They are nothing of the sort.

Incitement, hatred and provocation

“We need to move from actions of incitement, hatred and provocation”, say the Muslim Action Forum. Oh yes? Who are “we”? Muslims? How can that be? Islam’s own texts repeatedly include incitement, instruct hatred and commend it, and express provocation.


“Kill unbelievers wherever you find them,” incites verse 5 of Koran chapter — “sura” — 9, the Sura At Tawba. This is the one cited by the killer of Lee Rigby. It overrides and “abrogates” all the verses of peace and forgiveness elsewhere in the Koran, because it is later in time sequence. This is the effect of Islam’s doctrine of Abrogation. The doctrine, like the Koran, is part of Islamic Law. The teachings of the Koran are “true, …universal and trans-time,” explains Ahmed Saad, of North London Central Mosque. That verse is straightforward and legally binding incitement.

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Subservient in Serbia

A refugee-welcoming official (female, of course) in Serbia caused a ruction and got herself into hot water at a migrant camp when she accidentally trod on one of Allah’s sacred prayer rugs.

Many thanks to László for translating this article from the Hungarian-language Serbian media outlet delhir.info:

Rampage of invaders: migrants go wild and humiliate a Serbian woman into the dust at the immigration center

December 27, 2020

Migrants (young men only) housed in the Bogovađa reception center near Lajkovac in western Serbia recently caused a serious incident.

After a 34-year-old female official of the Serbian High Commissioner for Refugees, who supports unstoppable migration and provides comfort and privileges for immigrants, accidentally stepped on an Islamic doormat (or, to be polite: a Muslim prayer rug), the immigrants began to rage.

To calm the mood, the woman agreed to the humiliation of kissing the “desecrated” piece of cloth.

The satisfied migrants began to “Allahu Akhbar”.

After many people were able to see what happened via social media, the Serbian regime could no longer take it lightly.

The police arrested (for the sake of appearance?) two underage Afghans, although it is clear that many (perhaps the complete “population” of the reception center) were involved in the incident, and therefore mass deportation would probably be the only logical solution.

However, it is likely that the two arrested perpetrators will be released soon. Unfortunately, it is also possible that the humiliated woman will continue her activities.

One of the attached videos shows the incident and the other one reflects the atmosphere in the Lajkovac reception center.

See the original article for the videos. Without knowing the language or detailed context of the situation, however, I wasn’t able to get much out of them.

Bringing It All Back Home

The German government has chartered a private jet to fly German refugees home from Syria. And these are no ordinary refugees: the returnees are ISIS brides and their offspring. And some of them are actual Germans — converts to Islam, i.e. Islamic State groupies — and not just “Germans”. Check out the names.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from mmnews.de:

Secret operation by private jet: government takes ISIS prisoners back from northern Syria

For the first time, this weekend the federal government is bringing captured German ISIS members from northern Syria back to Germany.

The Federal Foreign Office chartered a plane for the long-planned return transport of three women and their children as well as several orphans from Kurdish camps. According to information from BILD, the three adults are Leonora M. (21) from Sangerhausen, Merve A. (24) from Hamburg and Yasmin A. from Bonn.

The federal government had previously refused to repatriate captured Germans with reference to the political situation in Syria, having only repatriated three orphans and one seriously ill toddler in the summer of 2019. A few weeks later, through American mediation, a German citizen and her children were handed over to the Foreign Office and brought back.

The current repatriation was actively pursued by the federal government and had been planned for a long time, but had been delayed due to the Corona pandemic and negotiations with the Kurdish side. According to information from BILD, there are still around seventy adult Germans in Kurdish captivity, plus 150 children of German parents.

Almost two dozen Germans have fled captivity in northern Syria since last year, and ten of them returned to Germany.

Hat tip: Ned Kelly.