Think No More

MC’s latest update from Sderot is prefaced by some historical musings and a look at the larger political context.

Think No More

by MC

Over a hundred years ago Captain Alfred Dreyfus, a French Jew, was stripped of his rank and imprisoned. The world was happy that “the Joo done it” and no more questions were asked.

Whilst it was obvious the Dreyfus had not done ‘it’, the alternative was not thinkable; thus Dreyfus remained ‘guilty’ until Émile Zola forced a reinvestigation to prove him innocent.

Largely as a result of the Dreyfus affair, Theodor Herzl realized that Jews could not overcome anti-Semitism and would always be unacceptable in European circles. Thus he gave birth to the Zionist movement, the essence of which was to provide a homeland where Jews could be Jews.

The word ‘Zionist’ has changed meaning over the last 129 years, and has been turned into an epithet of all that leftists hate about Jooz.

Zion is the ancient name of Jerusalem, but like most Hebrew words carries a much deeper meaning, that of a place with a direct connection to Yahovah.

The word Yahovah itself has the meaning “I was, I am, I will be”. But unfortunately its meaning is lost in the translated Greek of the New Testament; see John 8 v 5. ‘Yahovah’ is a word of power and caused the Pharisaic arrest team to fall over.

There is a reason why Satanic forces continue to attack Jews, and Romans 10 & 11, oft ignored or glossed over, explains.

One must apply Occam’s Razor to both Judaism and Christianity to try and cut away the pagan influences and get to the TRUTH of Creation. Satan knows this so much better than we do, and thus continues to attack Jews.

Palestinian propaganda has been wildly successful, and even the White House is quoting the Hamas Gaza ‘Health’ Ministry (GHM) unchecked and verbatim.

Thus the canards of ‘starvation, Aid Worker protection and Rafah’ go both unresearched and unchallenged.

The UK called in the Israeli ambassador solely on the basis of a propaganda statement from the GHM — folly, considering the GHM’s past performance.

There are no ‘lies’ as such in Islam, and any fabrication is permitted if it hurts the enemies of Islam. It is incredible stupidity to trust any statement originating from the depths of the GHM.

But, of course, if that information is useful to pacify the residents of Dearborn (and help them vote Democrat), then think no more…

This also explains why the feminist left had such problems condemning Hamas’ (sexual) violations of female Jooz (and males). They had to make some decisions, and the thought of supporting ‘colonialist and oppressive’ Jewish women in the face of non-colonialist and non-oppressive Muslims proved too much. Rape is not a crime if the victim is deemed to be an oppressor.

So now, October 7th having been forgotten, they are free to support ‘Palestine’ and the institutionalized slavery of Muslim women — toujours c’est la même chose…

The burka is very pleasant to wear, you know — it stops men looking at you!

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Whose Face Will Be on the Trillion-Dollar Bill?

Some of the things that President Biden and the Democrat Party have been doing over the past few months are pretty bizarre, considering that this is an election year.

Hispanics and even blacks are shifting away from the Democrats. Young people — the parti-colored Zoomer TikTok generation — are increasingly drawn towards Donald Trump. The way things are going, there won’t be enough dump trucks available to haul in the “found” ballots required to put Joe Biden over the top on the night of November 5th. The Democrats are virtuosos at rigging elections, but even in the dystopian twilight of 21st-century America, elections can only be stolen at the margin. The race has to be at least somewhat close in order to pull off an effective steal.

The Democrat apparat seems utterly unconcerned with making sure the race is a tight one. One unpopular policy after another is being pushed — open borders, criminals released without bail, the promotion of sexual perversion, the war against the internal combustion engine, uniformed soldiers with pink hair mincing around in high heels…

And, to top it all off, there was the “Transgender Day of Visibility” on Easter Sunday. Don’t they even want to win the election?

Well, maybe they really don’t.

I’d been thinking along those lines for a while, and then last week I happened to read something similar at ZeroHedge, an essay saying that they’re going to let Trump win.

These are the key paragraphs:

Let Trump back in, and fight him on home turf — in the maze of the executive bureaucracy. Some of his backers have announced their intention to become politically competent in the event that he wins — but compared to the alternatives, that’s a very manageable risk.

More importantly: let Trump hold the bag for the all-but-guaranteed economic calamity of the next four years. The regime could skate for another decade if they succeed in pinning the collapse on a dangerous, erratic right-wing upstart. [emphasis added]

Everything I say here tonight is pure speculation. I’m not an expert on any of these matters, and especially not on financial issues. I’m just a reasonably well-informed layperson who reads a lot of information from diverse points of view.

It’s undeniable that the country is headed towards some form of fiscal calamity. As I mentioned last month, money-printing is being taken to new extremes:

I swore off making specific predictions after the previous great fiscal crisis in 2009, when my prognostications were so completely wrong. I never would have thought they could keep the racket going for another fifteen years, but here we are. The Powers That Be have managed to do a lot with derivatives and real estate bubbles.

But the debt graph can’t keep going up with a steadily increasing slope — it just can’t. Someday the pyramid scheme will come crashing down, and the chickens will come home to roost. Based on the current debt acceleration, it won’t be much longer. It might take a week; it might take a decade. But the chickens will be roosting relatively soon.

The thing is, the people who keep the Ponzi scheme afloat know exactly what’s coming. They know the money-printing tactic will eventually stop working. It’s a complex process, what with cryptocurrencies, CBDCs, derivatives, paper and digital “futures” of precious metals, and now the BRICS alternatives. Keeping those plates spinning must surely be a tricky business.

And the people in charge know that a collapse of the dollar will eventually come. In order enrich themselves fully, and assure themselves an unbroken hold on the levers of power, they will need to time the crisis carefully. At exactly the right moment they will topple the pillars supporting the dollar-based economy, after having thoroughly prepared the replacement system that will be built on the smoking ruins of the old one.

So which patsy will be nominally in charge when the house of cards comes tumbling down? Who will preside over the Great Collapse?

Whose face will be on the Zimbabwe-style trillion-dollar bill?

For a long time I thought Brandon was being set up as the fall guy. He was always obviously a disposable president, a non-re-electable senile geezer who could be pushed aside when he was no longer needed. The people who crafted his policies and wrote his speeches clearly didn’t try to make him more popular. I assumed that when the time was right, he would be gently eased out (and Kamala, too, although that part would be tricky), and a substitute such as Gavin Newsom or Big Mike installed to run in 2024, someone who was at least plausible enough that the election could be rigged on his behalf.

But it never happened. And the scripts that Brandon has been following have been so damaging to him that it’s obvious that his handlers don’t really want him to win re-election. It is intended that he go down in flames, taking the Democrat Party with him.

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A Letter to the Cousins

Our English correspondent Seneca III addresses his latest remarks to his American cousins.

A Letter to the Cousins

by Seneca III

On this side of the pond and then on over the ditch to Europe, there is increasing chaos. The political classes, the academics and the politicians we have elected are scrambling around and promoting this DEI excrement which has turned so much of our national socio-economic landscapes into moral wildernesses by selling out to these ‘new citizens’, the so called ‘immigrants’ and ‘refugees’ who are in fact illegally-entered black and brown criminals (mostly Muslim) from every failed country on earth. They are slowly and violently taking over the streets, public spaces and public transport across the continent.

Stabbings, street robberies, rape gangs and shootings are now an unwelcome integral part of our way of life, and parts of several major cities such as Londonistan, which is now minority white, are infested with dangerous no-go areas unsafe even in daylight. At night they become war zones where different factions, races and gangs fight it out for control. Europe, with a couple of notable exceptions, is much the same.

In Aberdeen, Shell’s headquarters were targeted today with orange paint as Just Stop Oil activists claimed responsibility. They seem not to understand that the Universe, even if only to the extent of the thirteen-billion-year time/distance limited horizons we can presently observe, is huge beyond our comprehension. It is deep, complicated, profoundly mysterious and interconnected in ways we do not yet understand… if we ever will. That Extinction Rebellion and its various analogues should presume to tell us how it works on our cosmological microscale and that we are responsible for perfectly natural events smacks of the destructive knee-jerk response of simple-minded children.

We still do not know if solar activity and climate are constructive partners or destructive antagonists, for our collective life span is too short compared with that of Mother Sun. Homo sapiens sapiens still has a long way to go to complete its evolution into Homo solaris and even further to Homo stellaris, but one wonders how those far-distant descendants of ours will look back and view the twitterings of these gullible drones so taken in by the great global warming/carbon tax scam.

With much time on my hands these days, this redneck from over the pond has used it to keep a beady eye on you guys and I have a subliminal feeling that a major geopolitical sea change is underway over there. It’s hard to pin down amidst the furore surrounding Trump, the November presidential election and what will happen after, but there are some clues to be found in these snippets I have picked up during my interweb meanderings:

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Our Dystopian Moment

The two videos below are unrelated; I just happened to encounter them both today. They seem somehow emblematic of the apocalyptic times that we Americans are forced to live through.

The first clip shows remarks made by Peter Navarro at CPAC. Mr. Navarro is an economist who served as a presidential advisor during the Trump administration. After the “election” of 2020 he, like so many other Trump associates, became a target of the January 6 Inquisition when the Democrats were in control of the House. He refused to comply with a congressional subpoena to provide documents and testimony, and was charged with two counts of contempt of Congress. After being convicted on both counts, he was sentenced to four months in prison. He is appealing the verdict, but the judge ruled that he must serve his sentence in the meantime.

I don’t have any opinion on Peter Navarro, nor any idea on the merits of the legal cases against him. However, I know that the treatment of him is shameless political persecution. The mickey-mouse stuff he was accused of doing would have merited no notice if he had been a Democrat, or served under an elected pol with a “D” after his name. He is being persecuted because he had the temerity to hitch his star to the evil Orange Man.

He made the following remarks just prior to beginning his prison sentence:

The second video is an excerpt from Tucker Carlson’s interview with the inventor and entrepreneur Steve Kirsch. Mr. Kirsch has great expertise in statistical methods, and since early 2021 he has been investigating the statistics on the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. He has done great service to his country by digging up and exposing to public view the ghastly figures on the adverse effects, especially deaths, caused by the vax. The CDC and the other panjandrums of the political-corporate power structure are doing their utmost to marginalize and shun him so that the general public will never become aware of the harm the government has done by coercing them to get jabbed.

I watched the full interview, which is almost an hour long, but it has since been taken down, presumably because TCN is zealously protecting its copyright. The video below shows only the first eleven minutes, but it will at least give you a taste of what Steve Kirsch had to say:

Hat tips: Vlad Tepes and Steen.

At the Precipice

The three videos below feature Tucker Carlson discussing various aspects of the current crisis that finds the United States poised to embroil NATO in a direct military confrontation with Russia.

Two clips contain excerpts from Adam Carolla’s podcast. In the first one Mr. Carlson explains the logical progression of the Deep State praxis that points to the eventual assassination of Donald Trump in order to prevent him from being elected president:

In the second video Tucker Carlson describes what seems to be a deliberate attempt to foment a war between the United States and Russia. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Full Adam Carolla show.

In the final video, recorded in Hungary, Mr. Carlson interviews Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán about the war in Ukraine and the dangerous actions initiated by the USA that risk a direct war between NATO and Russia:

Hat tips: WRSA and Conservative Tree House.

Paul Weston: “Question Everything”

After an extended sabbatical — during which he decamped from Blighty and set up camp at an undisclosed location abroad — Paul Weston returns with this video about the Rainbow Curtain of Science that is now descending over the entire West and ushering in our totalitarian future:

Hey, the Bugs Ain’t So Bad

I’ve often recommended an excellent blog called Conservative Tree House. I read the site every day, because Sundance (who does most of the political posting there) is almost invariably right in his predictions on domestic American politics. He has the knack for research and analysis that enables him to forecast the upcoming political trends in this country with uncanny accuracy.

His basic premise is that the national leadership of the Republican Party is thoroughly globalist in outlook, and is interested only in preserving its funding sources. Winning elections is of secondary importance; it’s the money that matters. And, when winning would compromise the continued flow of cash, the party will covertly make common cause with the Democrats to make sure the Republican candidate loses. That’s what happened in 2016 when Donald Trump unexpectedly won the Republican presidential nomination.

The same coalition was at work in 2020, and is currently being mobilized to stop Trump in 2024. Sundance calls it the “R.A.T. alliance” — Republicans Against Trump.

He has provided us with a useful prediction for the upcoming political season. He advises us to watch for the Republicans to start saying, in effect:

“Hey, the bugs ain’t so bad.”

Here’s a sample of what he posted today:

People were confused ten months ago when I said the 2024 DeSantis coalition will be fully laughable once they start saying, “Hey, the bugs ain’t so bad.” However, it’s the natural conclusion to this R.A.T. alliance. Those who were hiding as CONservatives in order to retain their influence and affluence, are merging into the traditional big corporate Republican Party apparatus and reflecting an attitude that says elitism isn’t so bad after all.


Another dynamic that is really interesting to watch is to remember the GOPe establishment Republicans were the support system for the 2016 Trump-Russia nonsense. In 2016, the professional Republicans joined with the leftist Democrats in their Never Trump effort to support Hillary Clinton.

Those Bush establishment Republicans are now in an alignment with the conservative pundits (Team Cruz, now Team Ron) who previously were attacking the fabrication of the Trump-Russia narrative.

This “Russiagate wasn’t so bad,” in combination with the “Bugs might not be too bad,” in combination with the “Big Tech ain’t so bad” Elon love, is buckets of funny. They hate me for pointing it out. Actually, they hate me for everything, but it’s fun to point out how easily the CONservatives compromise themselves for money.

At the end of the day, that’s what all of these alliances are about, MONEY!

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