Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/31/2015

A brawl broke out today among “refugees” at an asylum center in the northern German town of Itzehoe. The trouble began when an Arab insulted a group of Kurds, and escalated to involve at least fifty people. The combatants threw furniture and beat each other with table legs. At least six people were injured.

Meanwhile, Germany has decided to make the asylum process more orderly by restricting the inflow of migrants to only five locations along its border with Austria.

In other news, a Russian passenger jet crashed in the Sinai, killing all 224 people on board. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for shooting it down, but experts consider it very unlikely that ISIS could have shot down a plane traveling at that altitude.

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Shaker Aamer — Genuine Jihadist or an Innocent Abroad?

In his latest essay, Paul Weston takes a jaundiced look at the orgy of media effusiveness directed at the latest “British” culture-enriching celebrity and kinetic activist.

Shaker Aamer — Genuine Jihadist or an Innocent Abroad?

by Paul Weston

Rejoice! Rejoice and let peal the church bells! An innocent British man who suffered years of imperialist injustice has finally been freed! He is due to land any second now at Biggin Hill Airport, just outside London. The massed media eagerly awaits the puff of tyre smoke as the private jet carrying Mr Shaker Aamer lines up for the runway once used by Spitfires and Hurricanes during a very different time, indeed during a very different civilisation. Cute little flopsies from the BBC with tears of joy running down their concave cheeks are already breathlessly informing us of the beatings and torture this poor British man had to endure at the hands of those beastly Americans and their running-dog-lackeys-in-crime within the British establishment. Justice! Finally justice, for this poor innocent victim of Western aggression!

But it’s not really like that at all, despite the BBC’s wishing for it — praying for it — to be true. For a start, good old Shakey Aamer is not even British; he is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, not Britain and is only described as British because he is married to a woman in possession of a British passport. This gushing fanfare for a Saudi Arabian with a possible jihadist past is all a little odd, I find, although I do appreciate my dreadful view isn’t shared by the English media, nor by the legions of human rights lawyers already flipping through brochures depicting shiny new BMW’s and exotic holidays abroad.

There are a number of questions the media should be asking about the erstwhile Aamer, but I rather doubt any relevant questions will be forthcoming. What we will witness instead is an orgy of Western self-flagellation. Sinister friends of Mr Aamer will be earnestly interviewed by curiously uncurious TV journalists who, whilst eagerly accepting Aamer’s word as Gospel, will do little to elicit the views of military intelligence officers or security specialists.

I suppose it is just possible the man is innocent, although this does seem to be rather improbable. After all, if you were a normal, law-abiding citizen living in England in the summer of 2001 would it, in all honesty, occur to you to give up your job, ignore your lawn which now needs mowing at least once a week and toddle off to an Afghan war zone with your wife and nippers in tow? I must confess that although 2001 is quite some time ago, the thought never occurred to me, as far as I can recollect…. but then again, perhaps I am just a little odd and Mr Aamer is made of saner stuff.

Shakey and the family only stayed in Afghanistan for a couple of months. When the U.S. started its bombing campaign in October 2001 he took his wife and children to Pakistan before returning to do some sort of charity work in Afghanistan, as is the usual way of life for Brits abroad. The BBC doesn’t seem terribly keen on establishing which particular Islamic charity Shakey was helping out, although we can be reasonably sure it was something along the lines of aiding photogenic Afghan children orphaned or maimed by explosive devices indiscriminately lobbed in their direction by wicked, infidel Uncle Sam.

There is no evidence of Aamer ever working for an Afghan charity (perhaps the BBC will utilise one of its impartial investigative reporters to find out which charity it was…) but the self-sacrificing and well intentioned Saudi had indeed worked for Islamic charities during the 1990s — which turned out to be, surprise, surprise, front organisations involved in raising money for Al-Qaeda. One was called the “Revival of Islamic Heritage Society” which was placed on the Al-Qaeda sanctions register by the United Nation’s Security Council in 2002. Silly old Shakey! How could he have muddled up his building-homes-for-orphans ambition and ended up supporting a terrorist organisation instead?

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A Passage to Germany, Part 2

As mentioned here last night, trafficking in smuggled “refugees” is a huge business in Turkey. There is nearly unlimited demand at the moment, and organized crime is rushing to meet it.

The following investigative report from German TV shows how easy and relatively cheap it is to obtain a forged Syrian passport. To become a “Syrian” when entering Germany tends to open up the hearts and wallets of the German people, and makes it much more likely that asylum will be granted.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (timed from the original clip):

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Reflections on The Way Home

Autumn Fundraiser 2015, Day Six

Ahhh, the Sixth Day of our Autumn Quarter’s Fundraiser is here already. It’s come so quickly, but then it always does, always catching me a bit by surprise…

To those whose generosity has contributed to our “successful-so-far” journey, our gratitude. May the Karma Dude smile on all of you. This is like throwing a party and hoping all the guests will come: a week of tension that slowly dissolves as the tip jar fills and once more we breathe easier again, grateful to continue.

Tip jarTo those who have yet to tip the jar: I hope your circumstances permit you to do so in the next day or two. I’m not talking to or about those whose means are so limited that their only Internet access is the public library. I have known and worked with folks like that and (except in rare, distressing instances) they’re not our target audience. Only people whose needs for shelter, clothing and food have been comfortably met could possibly have the mental energy and intellectual wherewithal to walk through the Gates of Vienna to peruse what’s on offer. But the uncomfortable fact remains: many stroll through here without contributing even a small token of appreciation; they read for free over the shoulders of the those who have paid to make sure this place continues to exist.

There is yet another kind of ‘reading for free’ which people are beginning to report to us. This phenomenon is deeply unfair to our volunteer translators who labor here without recompense. As the B says, due to their efforts, what we post is often the “bleeding edge” of news not otherwise available in English. Well, we’re a small place, what concern is it to anyone if it appears that there is an occasional rip-off from our translators elsewhere? We don’t go looking for these thefts, readers report instances of word-for-word “twins” of material they saw here first. Could there be other translators out there who find exactly the same wording in each and every case? Not likely. At the very least, such pilfering, if it is the case, shows a lack of integrity; and yes, both blogs and news sites appear to be “liberating” some of our translations.

One person who never fails to cite us on any material he uses is Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit. Whenever he uses something of ours (or Vlad’s), we get full credit. It’s a bonus — the only bonus they’ll get — for our translators to see their work spread with attribution. How do we know Jim does this? Our site meter reflects a significant uptick from his site whenever he sources us — as he does everyone else he cites.

Gateway Pundit’s focus is the American scene. His work rivals the best of the news aggregators, including newspapers, when it comes to chronicling the chaos in our deeply troubled urban areas and displaying our dystopian present. Read Gateway Pundit and you see very clearly the paucity of leadership in America. No website in Europe would be permitted to simply present reality as he does; Jim would have been up on “hate speech” charges long ago just for the video cuts he shows. He’d be in the prison cell next to Tommy Robinson. It is an obvious reflection of his personal sense of abundance that he credits all his sources. Those who appear to have cut and pasted our translators’ material are not so generous: they operate from a grab-and-go mentality.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

As I mentioned at the start of this fundraiser, our theme of Home is one that resonates for us all.

As children, Home is our starting point in becoming “socialized”. Totally dependent on the people who brought us into being, we “live and move and have [that] being” in an irreplaceable environment, one which we will seek to replicate or to rebel against as we move out into the world.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/30/2015

Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said that preparations are underway to build a border fence between Austria and Slovenia. She was at pains to emphasize that the initiative is designed to ensure the safety of migrants who attempt to cross the border. Meanwhile, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has harshly criticized Chancellor Angela Merkel for her policies on the refugee crisis.

In other news, the notorious “Norwegian” firebrand Mullah Krekar has been sentenced to a year and a half in the pokey for praising the attempts to murder Motoon cartoonists and threatening Kurdish activists.

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A Passage to Germany

There has never been a better time to be in the people-smuggling business in Turkey. It’s a bull market — lots of demand, and now lots of supply, with 25,000 smugglers providing services to customers, according to the following Czech news report. Business is booming, and the price of a passage to Europe keeps dropping,

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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A Palestinian Inadvertently Acknowledges Jewish Ownership of the Temple Mount

An Israeli Arab named Ahmad Tibi probably wishes he had studied Jewish scriptures more closely.

In a recent session of the Knesset, MK Tibi compared King David’s righteous behavior to that of modern Jews in order to find the latter wanting. From a Palestinian perspective, however, the anecdote he used was a bad choice — it was an accidental acknowledgement that Jews had purchased the property now known as the Temple Mount lawfully, paying generous compensation to the previous owner.

The following video shows Ahmad Tibi’s OOPS! moment. Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the Facebook post (also translated by D@rLin|{) by a member of the Knesset named Yinon Magal, who posted it to accompany the original Hebrew video:

MK Ahmad Tibi came to curse but ended up blessing us.

Yesterday, in honor of the upcoming “Tanakh Day” he gave a speech in the Knesset, trying to compare today’s Jews and the Jews from the Bible.

Out of all Tanakh stories, Tibi chose the one about King David’s purchase of Arvana’s goren (threshing floor).

The story was supposed to show how the mighty King David refused to rob a non-Jew of his property (in contrast to what the modern Jews routinely do to Palestinians, according to Mr. Tibi).

The King insisted on paying the Jebusite owner full price for the place, which Tibi said was somewhere in Galilee, Israel’s north.

Well, maybe the honorable MK is not aware of this, but the place, purchased by King David for a just and full price, is none other than the Temple Mount.

Here is the quote from Chronicles:

“Then Solomon began to build the house of the Lord in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah, where the Lord had appeared to David his father, at the place that David had appointed, on the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite.”

Video transcript:

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Homeland and Heartland

Autumn Fundraiser 2015, Day Five

This is the fifth day of our quarterly bleg, and it’s been a hectic week so far. Fortunately, our supply of coffee is holding out!

Begging for money from our readers is a time-consuming job, and has to somehow be layered on top of all the other quotidian tasks. By the end of the day (usually about 3am) I’m beat.

Dymphna and I divide up the labor here at Gates of Vienna, and fundraising week is no exception. We traditionally alternate the writing of bleg posts — I usually take the odd-numbered days, and she takes the evens. I handle all the processing and record-keeping, with the help of the Auxiliary Brain — that is, this computer with its custom-written software. Before her health deteriorated, Dymphna used to write most of the thank-you notes, but I’ve taken on more of those in recent years. Even so, she still writes regular lengthy emails to some of our donors. Communication is one of her best skills.

Tip jarWe’ve always split up the blogging tasks, each according to his or her skills and proclivities. Early in the history of our blog we started to specialize in the topics chosen for our posts: I became interested in the Islamization of Europe, and began covering European issues extensively, while Dymphna focused on American politics and culture.

We continued the division of labor even after her fibromyalgia began to worsen a few years ago. For example, she’s very good at Twitter, and I’m not, so she does most of the Gates of Vienna tweets. I also assign her the reading of small-print documents (including both printed texts and fixed-font files such as PDFs), given how bad my eyesight is these days. Arranging for translations and coordinating with translators is almost entirely my job. Keeping up with Refugee Resettlement Watch is mostly hers.

It’s the same in our household. Despite her precarious health, Dymphna still cooks. Which is fortunate, since she is an exceptionally skilled cook, and I would probably poison both of us if the job were left to me. For her part, she says she will never change a flat tire — it’s a matter of honor.

Such is the division of labor between husband and wife in their shared home. Which brings us back to this week’s fundraising theme: “Home”.

Left to their own devices, a husband and wife will arrange the division of labor in their home according to their aptitudes and inclinations. If ideology does not interfere, the tasks will tend to be allotted according to sex stereotypes — and there are good reasons for such stereotypes; they are based on biological differences between men and women that have formed through millennia of evolutionary adaptations.

This doesn’t mean that everyone will always fall into such patterns. I once knew a husband who did all the vacuuming, not because some feminist told him he should, but because he was better at it than his wife. In another household of my acquaintance, the wife had a knack for fixing plumbing problems. Once again, this was without any interference from feminist ideology.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/29/2015

Police in the town of Passau, just across the border from Austria in Bavaria, warn that they have completely run out of accommodations for “refugees”, and that migrants will soon run a real risk of freezing. They say that it is only a matter of time before a baby freezes to death.

In other migration news, the “refugees” who protested at being relocated to remote camp in Sweden have changed their minds, and decided to accept accommodations there, despite their fear of the trees.

In other news, the Chinese government has abolished its one-child policy, which had been in force for 36 years.

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Thanks to C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, Nick, Upananda Brahmachari, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Another Kangaroo Court in the Hague

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands, is facing a third “hate speech” trial sometime next year. His “offense” was to ask his supporters whether they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

Below is a translated article and interview with Mr. Wilders from the print edition of today’s De Telegraaf.

Wilders awaits unfair trial

by Wouter de Winther and Ruud Mikkers

The Hague – PVV leader Geert Wilders awaits an unfair trial if he stands trial next year for stating that he wants “fewer Moroccans”. That is what his lawyer Geert-Jan Knoops says.

The lawyer is upset about the fact that the judge has allocated only 1 percent of the investigation requests of Wilders’ defense. “These include doing further research by experts. The defense has serious concerns about whether Mr. Wilders in his criminal case can adequately defend himself,” Knoops says in a statement.

“When all reasonable requests are rejected, they apparently want to convict me at all costs,” the PVV leader concludes. Wilders is expected to appear in court sometime in 2016.

“A correct picture of the context of the alleged statements of Mr. Wilders is essential,” says Knoops. “In order to present this picture to the judge, Wilders should get the chance to have the investigation he has asked for.” The lawyer says that Wilders is seriously harmed in his defense. “This way, Mr. Wilders does not get a fair trial.”

“The verdict seems to be ready’

PVV leader Wilders feels provoked. He says he will not get a fair chance to defend himself in the trial in which he is being sued for group insult and incitement to hatred and discrimination. Almost all his requests to call experts or to examine whether the declarations against him have been tampered with have been dismissed. He has appealed, because this way the chance of a fair trial would be reduced to nil.

What are the indications that suggest that you will not get a fair chance at a defense?

“I notice that the judicial authorities get more intransigent as we rise in the polls. At the first meetings, the magistrate still said to me, ‘You are entitled to a fair chance, the law will be interpreted broadly.’ But the opposite has happened. The magistrate uncritically follows the prosecutor. If all reasonable requests are rejected, then they apparently want to convict me at all costs.”

Why would Lady Justice suddenly take off her blindfold for Geert Wilders?

“For months, we have been working on the defense and therefore you suggest that further investigations be conducted. For example, about government ministers who already declared me guilty before the trial had begun, such as [Justice Minister] Opstelten. And we also want to know what has happened with all the pre-printed complaint forms. We have discovered that various forms have same signatures on them! We also want to hear experts, for example about the accusations of racism. A nationality is not a race, so how can I be guilty of racism? I am convinced that if today I ask “Do you want more or fewer Syrians,” no one would take offense at that, let alone that there would be complaints would be filed.”

But then we are dealing with refugees without a residence permit. Not Dutch citizens who have already been here for thirty or forty years.

“Yes, but I’m talking about the concept of nationality versus race. That is what everyone objected to, while I think that would now no longer be the case. If I would ask, ‘Do you want more or fewer Belgians, I do not believe that many people would feel offended. I want to hear the opinion of experts about this. I want to defend myself, but I must also be able to defend myself. The frustrating thing is that we have made 39 requests and zero have been granted. One of them has been kept in deliberation.”

During your previous trial, you made serious and less serious requests, you asked to hear Gaddafi or invite the Iranian president as a witness. What requests did you make this time?

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Zimbabwe on the Rhine

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer turns his gaze southward from Scandinavia to take a dyspeptic look at the current mess in Germany and beyond.

Zimbabwe on the Rhine
by The Observer

One of the first things that comes to mind when observing current events in Europe today — and especially since Angela Merkel and the rest of the top echelon of the EU decided to go all out and demolish the already leaking floodgates that were originally put in place to keep Europe safe from aggressive third world Lebensraum jihad — is this: how far is a leader allowed to go in destroying his or her country before someone finally steps in and says “Enough is enough”? Are there any limits as to what they can and cannot do?

Judging by the mass insanity that seems to have gripped the continent and the daily destruction and irreparable damage caused to nations and societies that date back several thousands years the answer has to be a resounding NO! There are no limits, only the leader’s imagination or the lack thereof determines the degree of destruction and treason that he or she is allowed to inflict upon their nations.

Because we have to be honest and call things by their proper names, and what is going on in Europe at the moment can only be referred to as cold hard treason. There is no other way to describe it and still expect to be taken seriously by any rational individual. If you do a quick Google search of the “The legal definition of treason” you get this:

“The betrayal of one’s own country by waging war against it or by consciously or purposely acting to aid its enemies”.

As the above example shows, the term “treason” isn’t difficult to explain, nor is it hard to put into words. One doesn’t have to be a lawyer or well-versed in the legal jargon of the judicial system to understand its significance. It is very straightforward, and it can be condensed down into a sentence of merely twenty-one words, which of course means that no individual can justify their treason by maintaining that they didn’t fully comprehend the legal definition of their crime.

Any action that is carried out purposely and which will cause damage to or severely weaken a nation’s ability to maintain its national security must be considered treasonous, that is if it is carried out and condoned by one of its own citizens. The motivation behind the actions that leads to such an outcome is completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether it was done for humanitarian purposes, whether it was done in the belief that it would somehow benefit the nation in the long run or whether it was simply done out of sheer incompetence and ignorance. The only thing that matters is the end result. The only thing that matters is the treason itself.

It’s hard not to draw parallels between the current situation in Europe and what has happened to Zimbabwe under the leadership of African dictator Robert Mugabe. When Mr. Mugabe assumed office in the late 1970s the African nation was one of the wealthiest country on the continent. Now, more than thirty-five years later, it is one of the poorest. Zimbabwe has been on a steady decline towards rock bottom, due to political incompetence, sheer stupidity and an insatiable hatred of traditional Western values. One can of course describe Zimbabwe’s transformation by slightly tweaking Norwegian anthropologist Thomas Hylland Erikson’s infamous quote about white majority nations in Europe:

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The Heart at Home

Autumn Fundraiser 2015, Day Four

Here we are at Day Four of our Fall Fundraiser and we’re still chugging along. Your response has been gratifying. I never fail to be amazed at your faithful generosity. When I look at the list of donors I want to break off to respond…but y’all know I wouldn’t dare do so right now — I will indulge later on today, though.

The rains of the last few days — including some few shreds of post-Hurricane Patricia thunderstorms which blew through here yesterday — are gone. What that Gulf weather left behind is a balmy, dappled day. The vestiges of Autumn colors stubbornly remain, not yet ready to fully surrender, determined to hang on despite the storms.

For those of us who live in the largely temperate zones of North America and Europe, there are inevitable comparisons between the natural world and the ways our human endeavors resemble those cycles. The scheduled move through the seasons provides a felt sense of both a dependable continuity and continual day-by-day change (even if this process and our response to it remains below our conscious awareness, it’s still there and operative). That’s one reason I’ve come to enjoy our quarterly fundraisers: they’re inevitably seasonal, predictable and predetermined.

Many of you know well the story behind our fundraisers, but with all our new donors I thought a bit of institutional history might be in order. The old hands can skip what I’ll have to say next…

When we first floated the idea of fundraisers, it was as an alternative to the distraction of revenue-raising ads. Our readers’ response to the idea of being ad-free was enthusiastic and has remained so. Before starting on this new venture, we sought advice from an expert, someone who did fundraising for nonprofit organizations. After mulling over those suggestions, the Baron settled on this quarterly format and it remains largely unchanged. There has been a time or two when we’ve missed a quarter; we tightened our belts as a result, and survived the loss. We learned.

Some readers have asked if we’re a nonprofit. Not on your life! Both of us have worked for or helped small groups in their struggle to receive a 501(c)(3) status (that’s the reference in the tax code) which would permit them to keep all their donations, with no tax penalty. Given our bloated bureaucracy skewing ever more Leftward, we weren’t about to go through the time-consuming paperwork hassle to end up putting ourselves at risk of being targeted by a now-armed Internal Revenue Service. We aren’t big enough, and that “tax-free” status isn’t really freedom, even for very large conservative nonprofit groups who use it for their mega-donors.

For small fry on the Right any such efforts end in a trap, as the various local Tea Party groups learned to their sorrow. “Tax-exempt”? No thank you. The sharks in those waters have made sailing treacherous for small boats steering to starboard. Gates of Vienna is and will remain a mom-and-pop outfit. No foundations, no endowments, but full freedom — at least for the moment. When the Baron was gainfully employed and we started up the blog, his workplace was a liberal environment. Good work, nice people, but keep your opinions in your shirt pocket. The savings from the salary he earned there allowed him to travel to the first European Counterjihad Conferences but when the graft and corruption of the sub-prime mortgage scandals finally collapsed, so did a lot of jobs. Including his. For a while he had contract work and editing, but with my worsening health he was no longer willing to commute so far. The decision to throw ourselves into this and hope we could survive was a good one, and that remains the case. While he was working I put away as much money as I could from his paycheck — a regular squirrel, I was. So that is our emergency funding. Banks don’t pay interest anymore, and inflation continues, but I trust deeply in this ever-renewing vocation of the Baron’s. His ability to draw together people from around the world will always amaze me — it is as awe-ful and as inspiring as are the paintings he produced over the decades of hot Virginia summers…many of them are scattered far and wide. I think of them as his gift to the future, when a love of beauty returns.

Tip jarAll of that means we don’t have a significant pot of money to back up our efforts; and that hard fact ensures that we remain mindful of who it is that sustains us: YOU.

There’s an inherent desire to be financially careful when your work and vision depends on the generosity of others. We are beholden only to our readers, specifically those who donate their time, talents and resources — and yes, the last includes money. Do we pay taxes on your donations? We sure do. Ironically, we work in rhythm with the Department of the Treasury, i.e., being self-employed means we pay our quarterly “dues” to Uncle Sam.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/28/2015

Germany expects to send tens of thousands of migrants back to the Balkans, according to Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere. He says that when their asylum applications are processed, any “refugees” who turn out to be economic migrants will be repatriated.

In other migration news, Austria is now planning to build a fence along its border with Slovenia in an attempt to control the flow of asylum seekers.

In other news, a Swedish news team that visited an alleged “no-go zone” in the culturally enriched Tensta suburb of Stockholm was attacked by “youths” who objected to any encroachment on their territory.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to C. Cantoni, Caroline Glick, Insubria, JD, Nick, Takuan Seiyo, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

Notice to tipsters: Please don’t submit extensive excerpts from articles that have been posted behind a subscription firewall, or are otherwise under copyright protection.

Caveat: Articles in the news feed are posted “as is”. Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible. The link to the original is included with each item’s title. Further research and verification are left to the reader.

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The “Refugee” Crisis from a Croatian Perspective

I exchanged several emails today with our Croatian correspondent Vortac about the “refugee” crisis as it is currently being felt in the Balkans. Before we get to Vortac’s comments, however, let’s do a brief review of the major migration routes now being used by “refugees” to get to Central and Western Europe.

The bulk of the migrants pass from Turkey into Greece, either by the land route through Thrace, or more often by sea from Anatolia to the Aegean islands. The island arrivals are ferried to Athens by the Greek government.

The “refugees” then proceed northwards through Greece, and thence into Macedonia and Serbia. Until Hungary closed its border with Serbia, the preferred route to Austria passed through Hungary. For a brief period after the border closure, the migrants made a little side-trip through Croatia to get to Hungary. In response, Hungary closed its border with Croatia. Very little of the migration flow passes through Hungary now.

The new alternate route proceeds northwestwards through Croatia and Slovenia into Austria, and from there into Bavaria and points north.

The following map shows the current migration routes through Croatia and Slovenia to Austria. I could only find a German version of it, but it should be fairly clear. Ungarn is Hungary and Österreich is Austria. The dark blue lines show the migration routes. The light blue line is the outer border of the Schengen Area. The broken red lines show border controls at internal Schengen borders. The solid red line marks the closed border between Hungary and Croatia. The black line represents a border fence when solid, and when dotted, a planned border fence.

(Click to enlarge)

As you can see, a feeder line from Bosnia joins the main flow. Presumably many of those “refugees” are Bosniaks, i.e. Muslims.

Notice also that the route forks in Croatia before entering Slovenia. We’ve previously covered the eastern route and its deleterious effects in Austria — the latest videos from Spielfeld are horrific. But I haven’t yet seen any footage or photos from Klagenfurt on the western route, so I don’t know how bad it is there.

Here’s Vortac’s email about conditions in Croatia:

The consequences of multicultural insanity have finally reached Croatia. Luckily, I live in the western part of the country, which hasn’t been affected by the refugees so far, but I am aware it’s only a question of time now.

Croatians were under the Ottoman yoke for centuries, and people are generally very cautious (to put it mildly) about Islam in any shape or form, but there are big differences in opinions how to deal with the crisis at hand, from advocating firmly closed borders at one end all the way to “we should welcome refugees heartily and offer them jobs” on the other end. Our government has taken a position somewhere in the middle, opening the borders and allowing all the refugees to pass freely, shipping them as fast as possible through the country (previously to Hungary and now to Slovenia), but it’s obvious this strategy will buy us maybe a couple more months, and then we will face progressively increasing problems soon afterwards.

What’s even more depressing than this invasion is the sorry demise of the EU political system, with local politicians and bureaucrats bickering about how many refugees can be shipped through, and even threatening each other with “sanctions” according to the Schengen Agreement, as if that agreement has not been a dead piece of paper for many months now.

A few weeks ago, the Croatian government even closed official border crossings with Serbia, causing huge delays in legal, international traffic. It was a desperate attempt to force Serbian government to re-route refugees to Hungary and not to Croatia. So we had a situation where legal crossings were impossible, with a huge column of trucks stalled at the border, but only 100 meters away refugees were crossing the same border on foot, illegally, without any documents. That insane policy was rescinded after a few days, and official border crossings were opened again, but it’s a good example of the Orwellian levels of absurdity we are reaching here now. The EU Politburo is abandoning its peripheral members, and local politicians — used to getting directives from Brussels — are now left on their own to deal with the situation.

Again, I must say how useful a source of information GoV is in a crisis like this. Even now, when Croatia is experiencing the full brunt of multicultural disaster, the mainstream media are still serving up the usual PC/MC propaganda. In fact, it’s not even propaganda now, it’s becoming more and more obvious that the journalists themselves do not believe in what they are writing anymore, but it’s like they are stuck in a loop and cannot force their brains to write anything different now.

When I wrote him back, I said this:

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