Shaker Aamer — Genuine Jihadist or an Innocent Abroad?

In his latest essay, Paul Weston takes a jaundiced look at the orgy of media effusiveness directed at the latest “British” culture-enriching celebrity and kinetic activist.

Shaker Aamer — Genuine Jihadist or an Innocent Abroad?

by Paul Weston

Rejoice! Rejoice and let peal the church bells! An innocent British man who suffered years of imperialist injustice has finally been freed! He is due to land any second now at Biggin Hill Airport, just outside London. The massed media eagerly awaits the puff of tyre smoke as the private jet carrying Mr Shaker Aamer lines up for the runway once used by Spitfires and Hurricanes during a very different time, indeed during a very different civilisation. Cute little flopsies from the BBC with tears of joy running down their concave cheeks are already breathlessly informing us of the beatings and torture this poor British man had to endure at the hands of those beastly Americans and their running-dog-lackeys-in-crime within the British establishment. Justice! Finally justice, for this poor innocent victim of Western aggression!

But it’s not really like that at all, despite the BBC’s wishing for it — praying for it — to be true. For a start, good old Shakey Aamer is not even British; he is a citizen of Saudi Arabia, not Britain and is only described as British because he is married to a woman in possession of a British passport. This gushing fanfare for a Saudi Arabian with a possible jihadist past is all a little odd, I find, although I do appreciate my dreadful view isn’t shared by the English media, nor by the legions of human rights lawyers already flipping through brochures depicting shiny new BMW’s and exotic holidays abroad.

There are a number of questions the media should be asking about the erstwhile Aamer, but I rather doubt any relevant questions will be forthcoming. What we will witness instead is an orgy of Western self-flagellation. Sinister friends of Mr Aamer will be earnestly interviewed by curiously uncurious TV journalists who, whilst eagerly accepting Aamer’s word as Gospel, will do little to elicit the views of military intelligence officers or security specialists.

I suppose it is just possible the man is innocent, although this does seem to be rather improbable. After all, if you were a normal, law-abiding citizen living in England in the summer of 2001 would it, in all honesty, occur to you to give up your job, ignore your lawn which now needs mowing at least once a week and toddle off to an Afghan war zone with your wife and nippers in tow? I must confess that although 2001 is quite some time ago, the thought never occurred to me, as far as I can recollect…. but then again, perhaps I am just a little odd and Mr Aamer is made of saner stuff.

Shakey and the family only stayed in Afghanistan for a couple of months. When the U.S. started its bombing campaign in October 2001 he took his wife and children to Pakistan before returning to do some sort of charity work in Afghanistan, as is the usual way of life for Brits abroad. The BBC doesn’t seem terribly keen on establishing which particular Islamic charity Shakey was helping out, although we can be reasonably sure it was something along the lines of aiding photogenic Afghan children orphaned or maimed by explosive devices indiscriminately lobbed in their direction by wicked, infidel Uncle Sam.

There is no evidence of Aamer ever working for an Afghan charity (perhaps the BBC will utilise one of its impartial investigative reporters to find out which charity it was…) but the self-sacrificing and well intentioned Saudi had indeed worked for Islamic charities during the 1990s — which turned out to be, surprise, surprise, front organisations involved in raising money for Al-Qaeda. One was called the “Revival of Islamic Heritage Society” which was placed on the Al-Qaeda sanctions register by the United Nation’s Security Council in 2002. Silly old Shakey! How could he have muddled up his building-homes-for-orphans ambition and ended up supporting a terrorist organisation instead?

Another unusual aspect about Mr Aamer is that when taken prisoner in December 2002 by Afghan forces in Jalalabad, he was carrying a Belgian passport which can only be described as a somewhat strange possession for a Saudi Arabian citizen married to a British wife then residing in Pakistan. There are so many peculiarities about this entire case, some of which are highlighted in a report by Douglas Murray’s Henry Jackson Society which I would encourage everyone to read if they want some detailed information unavailable to those who rely solely on the BBC for their propaganda… sorry, I meant “news”.

The report may or may not be entirely accurate, but it does seem to suggest that Mr Shaker Aamer was very much a trained jihadist with links to the Taliban, al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden; that he was a military commander held in awe by fellow jihadists; that he fought in Bosnia during the 1990s and that his circle of accomplices seems to revolve around jihadists, extremists and terrorists all around the world. As I say, please read the report and then wonder why nothing, NOTHING about this overwhelming evidence (allegedly….yawn) is being raised by the BBC or indeed any other branch of our mainstream media in Britain.

A Daily Telegraph article states Mr Aamer should have been released in 2007 after being cleared by President Bush. So why wasn’t he? The Telegraph doesn’t go into this of course, but the reason is simple. He was cleared for release in Saudi Arabia but Mr Aamer did not wish to go to Saudi Arabia… for a very good reason. As one TV reporter intimated, it is a very difficult situation regarding these people. Letting them free in the West presents dangers for us, whilst returning them to their own countries presents human rights issues regarding their immediate imprisonment upon arrival, followed by possible torture due to their terrorist activities in the past…

As I write this, I am watching the news in utter bemusement as the BBC gently interviews Cage director Moazzam Begg about the injustices suffered by Shaker Aamer. Cage, incidentally, is the “Human Rights” organisation which defended to the hilt Mohammed Emwazi, otherwise known as Jihadi John, ISIL’s beheader-in-chief-of-British-citizens, torturer, crucifier and pilot burner. And the BBC treat the admirer of such a man with kid gloves! Everything he says must be true with regard to the alleged abuse meted out to Shakey by American spooks! How could such a decent, moral, humane man possibly lie to us?!

Oh Lord, how these Islamists are laughing at us! They must find it hard to believe what unquestioning dupes we are. Can it really be this simple they are asking themselves as they roll around the floor clutching their sides. Will the media really not ask us just one embarrassing question out of the many they could ask? If we can get away with this, we can get away with anything, they must be thinking! The spineless Brits seem to have given up already! We won’t even have to fight them in the future in order to take over! Insh’allah!

And as we roll out the red carpet for a man who could well have been waging war against us — and who is now in line for one million pounds of compensation — the wife of Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman, a man jailed for defending his country, continues to fight for justice. I don’t think she will find any justice though, nor a large sum of money in compensation. Sgt Blackman is English, possibly even a Christian — and a soldier to boot. This combination makes him a decidedly unfashionable person in terms of human rights lawyers or sympathetic BBC coverage. Far better to be old Shakey Aamer in today’s Britain. As I say, how they must be laughing at us.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

28 thoughts on “Shaker Aamer — Genuine Jihadist or an Innocent Abroad?

  1. The only things that gives me satisfaction is that the day of reckoning will come. The Left has taken over the West, but it promotes economic bankruptcy and nation-wrecking which will eventually run out of money from supporting so many genocidal Muslim parasites and their Western counterparts. It’s an unsustainable model!

    Meanwhile, India, Korea, Japan and the other Asian tigers are pouring money into high quality education, innovation technologies and refusing to allow the uneducated of the Third World to be dumped in their territories.

    The non-Muslim Asians also appreciate the former greatness of Western culture, unlike the Marxists who have been attacking it for the last 100 years. It is true their human rights record is not squeaky clean, but the only people who have human rights in the West now are the self-appointed victim groups. Christians, for example, are treated like germ carriers of a belief the Marxists despise – a refusal to trust in the viability of a secular utopia.

    First we had the Communist utopia (60 million dead – 20 in SU and 40 in China) and now we have the PC Left Utopia. The death toll is only at the beginning in the Muslim jihad the Leftist West refuses to fight seriously.

  2. Shaker Aamer . . . I know exactly what you are going to do. You are going to join your Jihadi buddies. BUT of course you will do that after you the naive for wrong imprisonment, get 10 million dollars in jizya then join.

    Are not infodels wonderful people: granting money to their killer since 622 AD.

  3. What is it these people have on us? Our Governments will say nothing against them neither will our media. I know the National Union of Journalists charter, a leftist document devised by convicted felon and former Labour MP for Rotherham Denis McShane, contains a long screed containing the victim mantra while stating that nothing negative should be said about about ethnic minorities and islam. But what about the rest?

    It’s like the thought police are operating across the globe to enforce the law of islamic slander and preventing the truth about the religion of peace from coming out.

    • After all the high culture and higher education the best the west has come up with is that ignorance is bliss and nothing in life matters beyond sex drugs and money. [redacted]- it looks like I’m going to be one of the defenseless old farts cowering with the former feminist women and children.

      [Admin note: a reminder that home-schooled children read our site. We promised their parents to keep the comment section orderly]

    • That is exactly what it looks like to me. I just left an Irish town where the Islamists are opening a “coffee shop” named “The Alexandria”. Guess what?

  4. That same ol’ white hot hate humanity leer that somehow only a Muslim can turn on. It is so sickening. Obama has got it too-thy.

  5. Shaker Aamer looks like a bearded deeply religious muslim but the clincher is his wife wearing a burkha. It seems to me that the de rigueur look for male and female Isis recruits is just that.

    I’m dismayed that the Daily Mail is also propagating his “new born” innocence.

  6. I imagine the long overdue sucker punch is on its way. Just like with 9/11 the lazy security and indifference to what was well known apparently by the intelligence services. How can sovereign countries continue to give any power at all to such a bunch of daft ideologues in Bruxelles. Muslims are poison and “enrichment” only in the sense that the more we get “enriched” by their toxic ideology of hatred for humanity, like with a nuke the greater the cloud cuckoo land will be.

  7. Why does his picture remind me of one of the characters in the movie “4 lions”? I wonder if he tried to eat his sim card yet?

  8. EVIL TRAITORS. The one million pounds Reward to the Muslim is money that must be given instead to every one of the hundreds of thousands of native British non-Muslim, gang-raped, tortured sex slave child victims of Muslim monsters – Satan’s Spawn.

    UK leaders must explain why this dangerous, terrorist-linked Muslim who is NOT British is being returned to Britain which is NOT his country and why native Brits are being forced to REWARD the Muslim who is a huge security threat to Britain with one million pounds compensation. He is a massive security threat and should not be allowed to step one foot on British soil.

    • But surely you know by now that “UK leaders” don’t have to explain squat to anyone and certainly not to its citizens.[Nor are our U.S. despots held to account.] The tragedy of Rotherham is just one example of what ordinary Brits are forced to endure – “rape before racism”. How virtuous of them.

      The crimes against children are hardly confined to Islam, though it leads the world in chronic child abuse, even outlining in its rules which kinds of sexual contact with infants are permissible. No wonder these children grow up to be such deviants (at least by Western standards).

      I’ve deliberately avoided reading the details of Savile’s crimes against children. But even with “investigations” we’ll never know the full truth about this vile pedophile:

      I can’t find the source now, but several years ago I read a detailed investigative report about the pedophile rings that exist in Brussels, servicing the politically-connected whose expenses needn’t be accounted for. One American diplomat was appointed to Brussels despite his documented pedophile proclivities.

      Islam is a problem all right, but the wide-spread cultural degradation and softening-up that preceded the deliberate importation of massive numbers of third world immigrants (to be used as political fodder) was what permitted the tsunami in the first place.

      • “The crimes against children are hardly confined to Islam…” Yes. Islam has nothing to do with Western society’s production of mentally and culturally abused children which it makes available for physical and sexual abuse.

        Islam is a problem because the political and social establishment is a problem.

  9. His wife is Zin Siddique who is in possession of a British passport. Possessing a British passport doesn’t make an immigrant/invader/coloniser ‘British’.

    Brits are intensely loyal to the Christian nation of Britain and ready to fight and die for our native people.

    Shaker Aamer is a friend of Moazzam Begg. At Gitmo, Begg identified Aamer as a ‘recruiter for al-Qaeda’.

    He said that Aamer had fought in Bosnia and had been a member of the jihadist group run by Abu Zubair al-Haili (a senior al-Qaeda operative from Saudi Arabia) and had among other things spent ’30 days training on the AK-47 and rocket propelled grenades’.

    Seven separate sources at Guantanamo also described Aamer’s connections to al-Qaeda.

    In addition to One Million Pounds, what Other Wonderful Rewards are UK ruling elites planning to give to their Top Favorite al-Qaeda Terrorist?

    • I noted both the wife and daughter are fully hidden in black with slits for eyes. Shaker possesses the bushiest of beards.
      You can be forgiven if you doubt his innocence as judging by his and his family’s appearence, Shaker looks something of a radical.
      I doubt he is a supporter of gay marriage.

    • Cheech Marin brought side splitting laughter to a generation. This disgusting ISIS worm degeneration will bring bloodshed and hatred in any and all ways possible – I imagine. We are such hypocrites. Jesus weeps.

  10. Along with his family, he must be returned to his homeland, Saudi Arabia. Let Saudi Arabia support his wife and four children financially, NOT hard working native British taxpayers whose taxes should go to the thousands of homeless British vets and other desperate, homeless Brits who live on the streets, DENIED HELP because they’re non-Muslim, white, native Brits.

    • Again, I ask you how this imperative, the demand that he be returned to Saudi Arabia, will be carried out. You want that and so do many other UK citizens. But too often alcohol consumes any will to fight back. I don’t know the stats on alcoholism in the UK but surely it must be a growing problem. An increase in alcohol consumption (to-the-point-of-frequent-impairment) is just one symptom of hopelessness in a culture. Russia is a prime example: 70% of people who die there are drunk when they shuffle off this mortal coil.

      So we have booze, the circus of Kate-and-Will, football, and the telly. All distractions and/or soporifics. It’s the same here, except that we replace the Royals with our degenerate Kardashians.

      Thus any edicts are useless. The fix is in and that is what we fight against. This dude is merely an example of a larger problem. He is permitted to arrive while people like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are deemed too dangerous…

      • The human condition on the long march again. A veritable Mao tee ting vs Chiang kai-shek again. Where’s the Neuro Tawain?

  11. Is that the real guy? Smiling? Waving?

    Something is wrong here, if I had been imprisoned, valid reason or not, I would be very unhappy, and certainoy NOT smiling!

  12. He’s mocking the useful idiots. Can’t blame him really considering the endgame. “It works bros it really works. These kufars and their derected representatives. They can’t tell their Gates of Vienna from a hole in the wall.”

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