A Passage to Germany, Part 2

As mentioned here last night, trafficking in smuggled “refugees” is a huge business in Turkey. There is nearly unlimited demand at the moment, and organized crime is rushing to meet it.

The following investigative report from German TV shows how easy and relatively cheap it is to obtain a forged Syrian passport. To become a “Syrian” when entering Germany tends to open up the hearts and wallets of the German people, and makes it much more likely that asylum will be granted.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (timed from the original clip):

7:39   In the heart of Istanbul forged Syrian passports are openly offered.
7:44   Karaman Jaruss and Jurgen Kreller report about the commerce with hope.
7:48   The hair flat towards the front, not too conspicuous.
7:52   Our reporter Karaman Jaruss makes himself look like a Syrian.
7:56   In Hamburg we go to the photographer, and then we fly to Istanbul, Turkey with the photo.
8:03   Istanbul is a stopover for many refugees.
8:07   Azaiba Plaza. Here we wait for our contact. He promised us on the phone
8:12   that he can provide us with a Syrian passport.
8:15   Many refugees hope that with passport from the civil war torn country,
8:19   they have a better chance to receive asylum in countries such as Germany.
8:23   The man doesn’t want to be on camera. He disappears with the photo somewhere into
8:27   a maze of side roads, where he will meet with the counterfeiter.
8:31   “The contact man will be back to bring me a Syrian passport in three hours.
8:35   I am excited to see if he can do it.”
8:38   People from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq come here.
8:42   An estimated 200,000 refugees live in Istanbul. Most of them want to go on to Europe.
8:46   Amir, an Iranian, is one of them. He says he used to live in Austria.
8:51   He is waiting for a coyote to bring him to Greece.
8:54   “There are many boats, but…
8:58   Whether it works out or not, God only knows.”
9:02   Amir wants to go to Germany. In Iran he just has no freedom, he says.
9:07   Almost 100 coyotes are active here at the plaza every day.
9:12   They try to convince newly arrived refugees
9:16   they can smuggle them safely across the border.
9:19   In a side road the refugees can find everything for their passage, including swim vests for €20.
9:25   Amir’s coyote wants $1,200 from him, but Amir only has $1,000.
9:32   “I have an appointment with him today at five, if he accepts the $1,000”
9:39   And indeed, the coyote takes Amir with him on a journey into the unknown.
9:44   We, as well, are progressing. The fake Syrian passport with our photo of Karaman Jaruss is here.
9:49   His name is now (…) and he comes from Sarmada (Syria).
9:54   “Barely three hours passed, and my contact man came back with this passport. With my picture.”
9:59   $600 was the cost, $100 for the middleman, and $500 for the counterfeiter.
10:04   The journey to Europe with a Syrian identity —
10:08   it could begin now.

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    “It is in the air”, a broadcast from October 14, 2015. The Iraqi Christians and Syrians were isolated in specific reception centres after being continually harassed. One of them testifies to France 5 : “when we were welcomed, the volunteers played music, the arabs played their jihadists chants, and the German volunteers clapped without understanding anything”

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    • So utterly predictable of the New York Times to pose this catastrophe, not as a devastation brought down on civilization by Merkel, but as the Terrible Threat of Hitler’s Rising from the Dead.

      Once again the Nazi menace, used by the Communists to great affect, (trampling on the graves of the 60 million they slaughtered in the SU and China – far more than Hitler) is a deliberate attempt to smear legitimate opposition.

      It is ridiculous. The Jews never threatened to strike the necks of those who wouldn’t convert to Judaism. In fact it’s almost impossibly difficult to be accepted as a Jewish convert. Nor did those the Nazis despised strap suicide bombs to their bodies in order to blow up innocent civilians!

      Modern day Nazis and modern day Marxists, lie ADJACENT to each other on the wheel (not the straight line) of political philosophy.

      Sad to say, but the threat of civil war is the only guarantor of liberty and that is what Merkel and her ilk have now unleashed. Those who have once tasted freedom will fight to preserve it. VIVA LA RESISTANCE!


  2. I think this is a great clip, very interesting and informative. It’s the way journalism should be. Hands on, on location, unbiased.

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