Christine Williams to the OSCE: We Must Not Discriminate When Applying Rules on Racism, Xenophobia, Intolerance and Discrimination

2018 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Working Session 17: Combating racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination

Intervention read by Christine Williams, representing Mission Europa

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

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Being Green Means Never Having to Answer a Question

Last weekend Bavarians went to the polls to vote in the state’s regional parliamentary elections. The CSU, who have ruled Bavaria with an absolute majority for decades, were cut down eleven points to 37%, and the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) entered the state parliament for the first time with about 11% of the vote.

The video below is an excerpt from a town hall event from before the election featuring the Green Party candidate Katharina Schulze. In it you’ll hear Ms. Schulze bob and weave even more effectively than Barack Obama to avoid giving any direct answers to questions. The only questions she answered firmly were on completely innocuous topics.

MissPiggy has translated text and video about the event. The précis below is from Bild:

Election Campaign — final spurt in Bavaria!

The Green-top candidate Katharina Schulze (33) was at the BILD talk on the Bavarian election in the brewery Augustiner Klosterwirt on Monday morning [last week] to answer the questions of BILD readers. The question time was moderated by Anna von Bayern and BILD boss Julian Reichelt.

But anyone who hoped for clear answers was disappointed. Schulze, when pressed for a clear message, tried to talk her way out, which increasingly annoyed spectators who wanted clear statements. Just before the end of the program it became too much for a spectator. A man from the audience, according to his own words a Green sympathizer, railed against Schulze: “It reminds me of the student spokeswoman in the Max Planck Gymnasium!” He said, Schulze has “no battle plan”, and he could not understand why she just couldn’t say yes or no.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Which Does Marine Le Pen Need More: A Shrink or a Lawyer?

The French government employed a vintage Soviet strategy against Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National): they demanded that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation. This came on the heels of her being charged for displaying photos of ISIS atrocities on Twitter, which was in response to someone who compared her party with the Islamic State.

In the following MSM clip from French TV, the interviewer attempts to get Ms. Le Pen to admit that displaying the ISIS photos was indeed likely to stir up hatred.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Generation Identity: “This is Our Home and We Are the Ones Who Enforce the Rules”

In the following interview from TV Libertés, the spokesman for Génération Identitaire (Generation Identity) discusses his decision to become fully public, and the persecutions from the Left that the Identitaires have to endure.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Update on the Terror Attack at McDonald’s in Cologne

As of last night, the German authorities were still maintaining that yesterday’s firebomb attack and hostage-taking in Cologne had “no connection to terrorism.” Today the story looks a little different.

(Also, just before I went to bed last night, I read that police had shot the terrorist and taken him into custody, apparently still alive.)

Here’s MissPiggy’s update:

The suitcases brought by the terrorist to the McDonald’s at the Cologne train station were filled with fire accelerants. Steel balls were included.

“Cologne terrorist wanted to do ‘immense damage’.”

We’re not getting this news in Germany; this report is from Austria.

If the identified culprit, a 55-year-old Syrian, had exploded his total inventory of gasoline and gas cartridges, with steel balls attached, there would have been a much more violent crime on Monday with “much greater damage” created, said Cologne Chief of Criminal Investigations Klaus-Stephan Becker on Tuesday.

MissPiggy:   Thank God for the sprinkler system in McDonald’s — kind of wrecked his plan.
VladTepes:   If that didn’t, the food would have, maybe.
MissPiggy:   McDonald’s is for sure Haram.

A Molotov Cocktail and Hostage-Taking at a McDonald’s in Cologne

There was some sort of firebomb attack and a hostage situation today in a McDonald’s restaurant in the mall area of the main train station in Cologne. As of this point, it’s not clear how or whether the standoff was resolved.

According to MissPiggy, who translated the video and ancillary material, the culprit was said to have detonated a Molotov cocktail in a fast food restaurant, injuring the 14-year-old girl.

More information:

Cologne: ‘Islamic State Sympathiser’ Takes Hostage, Sets Fires

  • He had set a 14-year-old girl’s shoes and legs on fire with an incendiary device
  • He also apparently wanted to set the kidnapped woman on fire

According to police, the perpetrator proclaimed allegiance to the terrorist militia ISIS. He called that out to passers-by. The police are investigating all leads. This also includes a possible terrorist background.

According to police, an ID document was found at the scene, which was issued to a 55-year-old Syrian. It was not yet definitively confirmed whether it belongs to the hostage-taker who was critically injured during the police operation.

You won’t get all those culture-enriching details from this MSM news video, however:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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It’s That Time of the Year

The October chill has set in, reminding us that it’s almost time for Saint Nick — no, wait, I can’t say that: Muslims and atheists are offended by saints.

It’s almost time for Santa Claus — no, look! There’s a “saint” hidden in “Santa”!

OK, it’s almost time for Kris Kringle to slither down they chimney and deliver the treats to all those good little girls and boys. H. Numan sends his annual essay on the ancient Dutch origins of the tradition, and the efforts of the PC brigade to scupper it.

But just wait till the Powers That Be find out that “Kris Kringle” is derived from the German dialect word Christkindl, or “Christ Child”. Then I’ll be in deep trouble for allowing an implicit instance of the C-word to appear in a public space. They’ll flay me alive!

It’s that time of the year.

by H. Numan

The happy season is about to begin. It’s almost a tradition by now: I have to explain that Black Pete has nothing to do with racism. Year after year after year. Left-wing activists never give up. Neither do I. So here’s the background for those of you who are not familiar with this very sad affair.

Let’s start with Santa. The original Dutch Santa, that is. It goes back to pre-medieval times, even. But we start with Saint Nicholas, who was bishop of Myra (in Turkey) in 343 AD. His festival day is 5 December, and widely celebrated in The Netherlands and Belgium. Your Santa is a mixture of German, Dutch and Anglo-Saxon traditions. They merged together into Santa or Kris Kringle. The Dutch original is much, much older.

The present version goes like this: Sinterklaas (that’s were ‘Santa’ comes from) or Sint Nicolaas lives in a palace in Spain. No igloo in Nunavut for him! The lovable bishop travels once per year on a steamboat from Spain to The Netherlands, where his arrival is televised on all media and witnessed by all children. The mayor of the town welcomes him, and Sinterklaas makes a grand tour through the city. Your American Santa is a fat jolly man, always laughing ho ho ho. Our Sinterklaas is a Roman Catholic bishop. He’s a bit more formal than your Santa and certainly not overweight. He is dressed in full bishop regalia, including the pointy hat and the crucifer.

His arrival is always on the first Saturday of November. From that day onward, children are wildly exited. They don’t hang their stockings by the chimney, but place their shoe in front of the fireplace. Or central heating system, nowadays. Often with a bowl of water and or a carrot for Sinterklaas’ horse, which is named Amerigo. Always a dapple, and his name is always Amerigo. Why that is, I have no idea. Parents, as you already guessed, put some candy in the shoes. Sometimes little gifts as well.

Sinterklaas is not (yet) an issue. But his helpers definitely are. Sinterklaas is always accompanied by jet black-Moorish servants, called Zwarte Piet(en) or Black Pete(s). Left-wing extremists — and that includes the full upper echelons of Dutch society — want to abolish Black Pete, for that is ‘blackface’ and that is ‘racism’. Or so the story goes.

Sheer ranting idiotic nonsense. As I said, our Sinterklaas lives in a palace in Spain. His black Moorish servants are dressed in 16th century fashion. That is the time of our national revolution, the 80 Years’ War against Spain. Why did Sinterklaas take up residence in Madrid? Well, at the time that was ‘far away’. About the same as your Santa living on the North Pole, but with much nicer weather. Our tradition, as we celebrate it now, has its origins in that 80 Years’ War.

Zwarte Piet is definitely not in blackface. First of all, most North European “santas” have black helpers. That is usually a depiction of the (tamed) devil. Until the last century Black Pete accompanied Santa on foot, with a bag of goodies and a bunch of twigs to chastise bad children. Once the bag was empty, Black Pete filled it up with naughty kids who had to do a stretch in the marzipan groves in Spain. Until WW2, Sinterklaas was accompanied by one Pete, or at best two.

The way we celebrate it now comes from 1945, courtesy of our American and Canadian liberators. The last winter of the war, 1944-45, was terrible. Very cold, and almost nothing left to eat. The only recorded mass starvation in a first-world country happened in Holland, and the results are even today studied among the descendants of the affected families.

So in October 1945, the mayor of Amsterdam asked the Canadian commander for assistance. Why, of course! We’ll be happy to do what we can, was the reply. Once the troopers were familiar with the story and the tradition, they went for it. Instead of one or two Black Petes, lots of Canadians dressed up, and clowned around. Everybody loved it. Before 1945, Black Pete was much more of a bogeyman. ‘Behave, or Black Pete will put you in his bag to Spain for a year!’ mothers used to tell their unruly children. From 1945 he became a friendly clown handing out sweets.

There is no relation at all with blackface, racism or discrimination whatsoever. However, if you think long, deep and hard, you always find what you want. Which is blackface, racism and discrimination.

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Merkel’s Motto: “After me, the Sharia”

Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following video shows a recent speech by Dr. Curio in the Bundestag.

It’s quite bracing to hear such clear, well-articulated truths spoken on the floor of a European parliamentary assembly. As far as I know, nothing similar has been spoken in any parliament west of the Iron Curtain, not in the UK, not in France, and probably not even in Denmark.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Tommy Robinson Has Won

No, he hasn’t won his court case — that won’t come up again for weeks, or maybe months; they’ll drag it out for as long as they can.

But Tommy has won. This is not a little victory, but a major one: his actions have forced the local authorities in Bradford to explicitly and publicly acknowledge that Pakistanis make up a massively disproportionate share of the suspects in “grooming” cases — that is, the organized sexual enslavement of underage white girls by non-white Muslim gangs.

And those same authorities acknowledge Tommy’s role in what they are discussing: “If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will.”

In the pie graph above you can see the Pakistani share of the cases, which looks like a Pac-Man icon with its mouth open wide. Can you imagine what it would look like if the figures had been normed to reflect the size of each group as a percentage of the population? The big mouth would snap shut on the little sliver of the “White British” share.

Yes, Tommy Robinson has won: The Powers That Be in Britain have been compelled to admit that what he has been vilified for saying for the last nine years is in fact TRUE.

Here’s the article from The Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will”

Ethnic Breakdown of Grooming Suspects ‘Should be Addressed’

A COUNCILLOR has asked what is being done to address the fact that a “shocking” amount of suspects in grooming cases in Bradford were of Pakistani origin.

Councillor David Ward (Lib Dem/Independent, Bolton and Undercliffe) was referring to recently released figures that show that around 63 per cent of child sexual exploitation suspects identified in the past year were classed as Asian/Pakistani.

He was told that the high proportion was due to a specific ongoing police investigation into historic grooming offences in the district, which had identified a large number of Asian suspects.

The question was asked during a meeting of Bradford Council’s Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee last night, when members were discussing an annual report into CSE in the district.

The report reveals that from April 2017 to the end of March this year, there have been 317 CSE flagged offences recorded on Police systems.

People of Pakistani descent made up around 63 per cent of the suspects identified in that period, with white British suspects making up around 20 per cent.

During the meeting, which was attended by members of the police, Bradford Council officers and children’s charity Barnardos, Cllr Ward said: “These charts show a disproportionate number of perpetrators that are Asian, and it is something we need to address.

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will next time he is down in Bradford.

“There is nothing in this report that really refers to this statistic. It is a shocking statistic — 63 per cent of perpetrators. This has an enormous impact on community cohesion, but we have to ask these questions, if we don’t others will.”

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, is a far-right activist and former leader of the English Defence League.

Police responded to Cllr Ward by referring to Operation Dalesway, an ongoing operation to tackle historic grooming offences. The report says the operation has led to the arrest of 109 suspected perpetrators since 2014, with dozens more arrests expected in the coming months.

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Social Justice: An Analysis (Part 4)

Below is the final part of a four-part guest essay by Richard Cocks about Social Justice. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Social Justice: An Analysis

Part 4
by Richard Cocks

Who gets to be a student?

In the 1980s in New Zealand, university students tended to be the children of parents who had also been university students. This was at a time when only five percent of the population was admitted to college. Universities were funded by the government at great expense and reserved for the academically capable. Standards were high, with no grade inflation. Every student was literate and/or numerate and tended to be interested in his studies. Nearly every student pursued his own reading agenda and most would take an interest in classical literature and foreign (i.e., difficult) movies.

This fact about the parentage of university students was presented as a problem.

However, far from being unfair, it only stands to reason. The children of academically successful people are likely to have inherited a higher genetically derived intelligence. They are more likely to be exposed to a larger vocabulary from their parents, along with relatively sophisticated concepts. Their parents are likely to read to them and to treat education as valuable and important. There will likely be easy access to books with frequent trips to the library. The parents are more likely to be exemplary role models in their own reading habits. Academic subjects might be treated as interesting and discussed around the dinner table.

Many of these New Zealand students grew up wanting to be educated and knowledgeable. Some of it was just vanity and fear — not wanting to be the only person at the party who did not know about, say, Freud.

In my own case, long before attending university, “The Academic Calendar,” a bound book in which all university courses were listed along with their reading requirements, would be eagerly examined. Practically salivating at the books that would be read and discussed, fantasies of alternative course loads ensued. Imitating a friend of the family meant wanting from the age of seven to be a philosophy professor, before even knowing what philosophy really was.

The advantages of having university-educated parents were ones of class, family and genetic inheritance. Are those advantages fair? They are neither fair nor unfair. They are certainly an undeserved good fortune a.k.a. luck.

Crucially, what is the alternative to such a state of affairs?

Social justice would require “fixing” these advantages. One problem with this is that a student who is less able, less literate, less motivated, less interested, with a smaller vocabulary, having read fewer books would take the other’s place. This is a poor use of resources and creates its own unfairness. The other problem is that social justice attempts a kind of unknowable counterfactual — one of putting someone where they would have been had not social, familial and genetic factors counted against him. Sowell points out that social justice requires non-existent God-like abilities to determine what might have been.

Unintended consequences of social justice

One thing that was attempted in many countries to try to counteract disadvantages acquired “through no fault of their own” was to take children away from parents who were poor, unemployed, perhaps drug- or alcohol-addicted, unsuccessful, with bad attitudes towards education and industriousness and to put those children in more middle-class and successful households. This happened to Australian Aboriginal children and to Native American children among others. This attempt at cosmic justice is now regarded as an abomination, though it was well-meaning. Ripping such children from their birth home changes their likely educational and employment attainments positively, but destroys families and the parent/child bond. It is now completely out of fashion and widely condemned.

However, the desire for cosmic justice continues in other forms and similar sorts of things result from it.

In the 1960s liberal judges argued that amateur criminals often implicated themselves in ways that professional offenders would not. Bizarrely, the judges wanted to even the playing field for the amateurs and instituted the Miranda Rights rule. This means more violent criminals wandering the streets, getting off on technicalities, and more difficulty in prosecuting them. A certain number of extra victims will have died as a result of judges’ wanting amateur criminals to avoid conviction as often as the professionals. Those living in high-crime areas such as inner cities will have particularly suffered, and a very high proportion will have been black. Similarly, justices wanted hard-luck stories concerning murderer’s childhoods to be considered, even though there is no way to tell how much this contributed to their offending. These kinds of considerations mean murder trials commonly extend for three years at great expense, while violent criminals are out on bail.

“Social justice” for criminals means more victims, rapes and deaths, especially among the poor.

Traditional justice means one rule for all. Social justice for vicious murderers means the punishment will vary depending on how bad the killer’s childhood was. This means a different punishment for two criminals who commit the same crime. A criminal who could prove he had a particularly harsh childhood could expect a reduced punishment. Reducing the punishment means there is less of a disincentive to offend. If anything that contributes to his greater chance of offending should mean a lighter sentence, then the rule that criminals with bad childhoods should get lighter sentences will justify giving criminals even lighter sentences, thereby reducing the disincentive to offend, ad infinitum.

Affirmative action programs in California, for instance, were shown to actually reduce the graduation rates of blacks and Hispanics. By putting such students in colleges for which they did not qualify based on their grades, the students found themselves outgunned and at the bottom of their classes. This discouraging state of affairs tends to undermine self-confidence and reduce graduation rates. When the University of California system was forbidden by legal decisions to engage in affirmative action admission policies, the graduation rates of blacks and Hispanics rose by 55%.The number of doctorates among that group in the sciences went up 25% after affirmative action policies were banned. [1]

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Despite the Repression, We Will Continue to Defend Our Identity

Twenty-two members of Generation Identity (Génération Identitaire) in France were recently arrested and later released under judicial restrictions. The following video is a defiant message to their fellow patriots and the government that is persecuting them.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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No Truth Allowed in the Swiss National Council

According to the government’s own statistics immigrants are over-represented in Switzerland among the perpetrators of domestic violence (i.e. violence against women). However, the Swiss Justice Minister — a woman — won’t allow discussion of that aspect of the problem in the National Council.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the article and video below. Here’s the brief description of the debate from Blick:

BERN — During the debate over a tougher stance against domestic violence and stalking in the National Council, the SVP [Schweizerische Volkspartei, Swiss People’s Party] tried to turn the stalker problem into a foreigner problem. Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (SP) visibly annoyed.

Parliament wants to better protect victims of domestic violence and stalking. After the Council of States, the National Council has now approved a bill project. The measures include electronic foot restraints for stalkers. Over 17,000 domestic violence offenses were registered last year. 21 people died, most of them women.

The SVP tried to give the debate a different direction. The party wanted to have a discussion about criminal aliens. Straight rows of SVP representatives came to the podium to ask Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga (58, SP) unpleasant questions.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Sharia4Belgium — In Your Face

In the following video, members of the ISLAM Party in Belgium make no bones about their goals for the country: they want full sharia. If it weren’t for the annoying inconvenience of Belgian and European law, they’d already have polygamy and a ban on alcohol, among other progressive innovations.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Vera Lengsfeld and Henryk Broder: Declaration 2018

The following video shows excerpts from a presentation in the German Bundestag by Vera Lengsfeld and Henryk Broder. The debate concerns a petition known as “Declaration 2018” for restoring the legality of German borders.

Miss Piggy, who translated the video along with the accompanying texts, sends this summary of Declaration 2018:

Vera Lengsfeld said: “We demand, with our petition, the immediate cessation of illegal migration to Germany. Since 5 September 2015, Germany has been in a state of emergency. The decision by Chancellor Merkel to open the border for a few thousand refugees who with the help of left-wing activists had set out from Hungary to Germany triggered a veritable migrant flow.” The border has not been closed again only because “the federal government feared unattractive images.” And the former CDU deputy criticized in all sharpness: “To date, anyone who is able to pronounce the word ‘asylum’ can pass through the German border without papers.” As a result, “since 2015, well over one million migrants immigrated, mainly young men, including numerous criminals and terrorists. To this day, we do not know who they are because we only have the information of the migrants, who either have no documentation or fake documents.”

They are submitting a petition to the petition committee to end the emergency directive issued by Thomas de Maizière to open the borders for endless massive uncontrolled immigration and return Germany to the state it was in before 2015. They also want a real humanitarian refugee policy. The goal is to have the petition “Declaration 2018” presented in the Bundestag.

165,316 signatures were collected.

Vera Lengsfeld is a former politician and author. Henryk Broder is a popular columnist and commentator.

The petition process, like many things in Germany, is complicated. After the initial signatures were collected and recognised, the process required an additional 50,000 signatures within a month. In an interview she said — I paraphrase — the government was manipulating the second step. They had a difficult time getting signatures registered, even by registered mail. (just mysteriously never arrived — multiple cases).

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Translation of the Wikipedia article on the Joint Declaration (Gemeinsame Erklärung 2018):

The Joint Statement 2018 (a.k.a. Declaration 2018) is a call made on March 15, 2018 by German authors, publicists, artists and scientists, who stand against the “damaging of Germany” through “illegal mass immigration” since the ongoing refugee crisis in Germany that began in 2015.

The declaration is worded as follows:

“With growing bewilderment we observe how Germany is damaged by the illegal mass immigration. We identify ourselves with those who peacefully demonstrate that the rule of law is restored at the borders of our country.”

— Website of the declaration 2018

The initiator Vera Lengsfeld said in Tagesspiegel that the aim of the statement was to “return the migration policy from being on its head, back onto its feet.”


The statement was first signed by 34 people, quickly reached several thousand signatories and was handed over on May 16, 2018 with 165,290 signatures to the committee chairman of the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag.

First signers were among others:

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