Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/31/2022

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, after withdrawing to an undisclosed location when the Freedom Convoy of truckers converged on Ottawa, has tested positive for COVID-19. Mr. Trudeau said he would not meet with the organizers of the truckers’ protest, presumably because he does not want to infect them with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

In other news, last November’s asylum applications for the European Union approached the record levels recorded during the migration crisis of 2016.

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“Peace” and Translating Tariq

Long-time readers will remember the noted Swiss philosopher Tariq Ramadan, who also happens to be the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Dr. Ramadan spent time behind bars in France for thrusting his unwanted attentions on several young women. He was released on bail, and recently spoke publicly on Khalil Gibran and Machiavelli at a literature conference scheduled for January 21 (see Jihad Watch, “Tariq Ramadan, Accused of Rape by Five Women, to Speak at French Conference”).

The following account by Michael Copeland provides some useful context to the public utterances of the silver-tongued Tariq Ramadan.

“Peace” and Translating Tariq

by Michael Copeland

Peace, we are assured by Western politicians, is the theme of Islam. Those leaders, as Pat Condell says, are all Islamic scholars: “They are, aren’t they?”

“Islam is peace.” — George W. Bush

“Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people…” Hillary Clinton

The peace message was contradicted by Anjem Choudary to the BBC:

“You can’t say that Islam means peace. Islam does not mean peace: it means submission.”

His interviewer scowled with disbelief: apparently the BBC know better. Choudary’s assurance has, in any case, not been heeded by British leaders. Consider their confident unanimity:

“The doctrine and teachings of Islam are those of peace and harmony…” — Tony Blair

“…a peaceful religious faith” Gordon Brown

“Islam is a religion of peace.” David Cameron

“A religion of peace was being distorted, …perverted…” Nick Clegg

“Islam is a peaceful religion.” Theresa May

Rather significantly, these politicians all have something in common: they were advised by Tariq Ramadan. What Ramadan said to British leaders has not been published, but in an interview with the BBC he assured his interviewer of:

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Beware the Jabberwock!

I must confess that I was shocked — shocked! — to learn that there are hoaxters among those who promote the experimental mRNA treatments for the Wuhan Coronavirus. What happened to the incorruptible physicians of the utmost probity who previously inhabited the profession?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

“Impfluencer-Gate” [Jabberwocky-Gate*]: The alleged intensive care doctor on Twitter was a PR fake

The case of the Twitter account “Narkosedoc” shows the pathetic tricks that the pro-government nudge-and-frame agitators of vaccination propaganda play within Germany as well. The alleged doctor gave his 56,000 followers on Twitter supposedly shocking impressions of the Corona frontline in an intensive care unit. Now it turns out: everything was fraud and swindle.

The finance professor emeritus Stefan Homburg, who has distinguished himself as a tireless critic of the Corona measures and incorrect databases since the beginning of the so-called pandemic, managed to thoroughly demystify this “impfluencer” at the beginning of the week. He researched the background of the suspect “narcotics doctor”. There are many more testimonials of this sort to be found, primarily on Twitter. They claim to be surgeons, emergency physicians, intensive care physicians or otherwise, but do not use real names or provide any other specific information that could be used to identify them.

Narkosedoc is one of the most well-known “impfluencers”. He claims to work in a Corona intensive care unit in North Rhine-Westphalia and reports in a highly dramatic style, always bordering on kitsch, about the life-threatening consequences of the virus and his alleged everyday hospital life on the front line. In addition, of course, he does massive vaccination propaganda and tends to denigrate anyone who denies that the health system is overburdened by Sars-CoV-2 or who is skeptical about vaccinations.

Homburg has now found out through a security hole that the alleged doctor is actually a PR team run by women. They work for the “Doccheck” portal, which claims to be “the largest community for medical professionals in Europe.” Behind this in turn is the agency of the doctor and dentist Frank Antwerpes, whose financiers, ironically, include the vaccine manufacturer Pfizer.

Since the scam was uncovered, Narkosedoc has only been available on Twitter to its followers. Before that, however, he fired a full broadside at Homburg: “One day the humbug disciples will choke on one of those easily digestible bites that the confused professor throws at them every day.” Other profiles of this kind were also suddenly changed to “private,” and are therefore no longer generally visible.

It is thus becoming increasingly clear that said fake propaganda profile is not an isolated case — and that the Twitter profiles of alleged doctors who, out of sheer concern about Corona, are constantly calling for vaccinations (and otherwise pushing them on anyone who does not want to comply) are about orchestrated PR campaigns by pharmaceutical lobbyists and other interested parties. Cruel interest politics is being pursued here, taking advantage of the trust that most people have in the medical profession.

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Cars Powered by Salt Water?

The following article from Switzerland is a couple of years old, but still of interest, given the intensifying climate debate.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this post from Claudio Graf’s blog:

Salt water as fuel… is a reality

That is actually the alternative, which should have been made public a long time ago and whereupon everyone would wake up and of course the sleeping would finally leave. The whole elite s*** of wind turbines, e-mobiles (with dirty and too little electricity) solar energy, CO2 lies, climate lies, abuse of young people (schoolchildren and children like Greta Thunberg) would finally end.

With this, the NWO goals are finally torpedoed by an efficient solution, the rip-off for the climate hype ended, the fear of sovereignty and existence without authorization, but people should and can finally learn to think in terms of solutions.

Source: nanoflowzell, Focus2018

We have to see one thing: it may not work without sacrifice, but better an “end with sacrifice than a horror without end.”

In 2.8 seconds to 100km/h, electrically operated, a range of 600 kilometers, thanks to salt water. Sounds like science fiction, but it’s already a reality. The Quant e-sports sedan from nanoFlowcell AG, which was presented at the 84th Geneva Motor Show, makes it possible. And best of all: it is even TÜV-tested [the safety standards authority] and therefore approved in the EU. But why is this car not even mentioned in the climate discussion? This car would make the oil industry almost redundant. The established auto industry doesn’t like the e-sports sedan either. What sounds like science fiction could already revolutionize electric mobility today.

The fact that electric cars are enjoying ever greater popularity is nothing new. The global demand for electrically powered cars has never been as high as in recent years, which is certainly not least due to the diesel scandal. More and more people now know that electric cars are not really as sustainable as we have been told for years. However, unlike the widespread lithium-ion technology that is used in conventional electric cars, the manufacturer of the Quant e-sports sedan uses an innovative, specially developed flow cell battery called “nanoFlowcell®”.

The nanoFlowcell®, developed in our own research center in Zurich, represents a quantum leap for the automotive industry. “We are very fast, fully committed, we push our limits and are a bit ahead of our time,” says Nunzio La Vecchia, technical director of nanoFlowcell AG, who thought up, developed and built the prototype.

nanoFlowcell® — the powerful and mobile further development of flow cell technology As early as 1976, NASA had the principle of the flow cell patented.

But the innovation, which was intended as an alternative storage technology, did not make a revolutionary breakthrough. Due to the supposedly low-energy density of the electrolytes in salt water, no further efforts were put into the technology and it was abandoned by NASA. Nunzio La Vecchia, however, believed in the potential of flow cell technology and continued to do research until, sixteen years later, he finally achieved the breakthrough with nanoFlowcell.

“With the nanoFlowcell® we have succeeded for the first time in reducing a flow cell to the size of a briefcase and at the same time increasing the energy density of the electrolytes tenfold. With the development of the nanoFlowcell®, flow cell technology becomes powerful and mobile — nanoFlowcell® opens up completely new technical perspectives for a large number of applications,” explains the manufacturer of the same name.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2022

Truckers in the Netherlands formed a convoy against vax mandates in solidarity with their Canadian counterparts. Meanwhile, a wag on social media said that Canada should change its name to “Truckistan”, and suggested that Ottawa be renamed “Dieseldorf”.

In other news, T-Mobile sent a memo to corporate staff notifying them that employees who remain “unvaccinated” will be fired by April.

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Thanks to Dean, Reader from Chicago, Upananda Brahmachari, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Mass Shooting in Heidelberg

The following article appeared several days ago, but I’m just getting to it now. The incident it describes took place on Monday, January 24 at Heidelberg University. The shooter was later identified as one Nikolai G. According to the wiki on the shooting, the 18-year-old was a member of a neo-Nazi organization.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of Epoch Times:

“We are all shocked” — Two dead, three injured in rampage in Heidelberg

A large-scale police operation is underway on the university campus in Heidelberg. A man is said to have shot a student and injured three other people. The attacker is now dead.

A man shot and killed a student during a rampage during a lecture at the University of Heidelberg. Security circles in Baden-Württemberg confirmed the death of the young woman to the AFP news agency on Monday.

According to the police, three other people were injured by shots, some seriously. The attacker is also dead. According to security circles he committed suicide.

The police announced further information on the crime for Monday evening; the public prosecutor took over the lead in the investigation. At first, investigators did not want to confirm the student’s death. In addition, they did not confirm that the attacker died by suicide.

The police initially gave no further information on the biography of the alleged gunman and the origin of his weapon. The investigators seem to rule out religious motives — the police wrote on Twitter in a dialogue with a user that religion played no role in the relevant details of the crime.

Gunshots during an ongoing lecture

As is known so far, the attacker fired several shots in the lecture hall during an ongoing lecture. After the attack, the alleged attacker, armed with a long gun, fled to the outside of the university.

There he committed suicide. The police assume it was a lone perpetrator. Security forces said that all the more detailed circumstances and the previously known information about the shooter speak for it.

The crime scene is in the Neuenheimer Feld area. There the police triggered a large-scale operation. However, after the attacker’s death, there was no longer a dangerous situation. The on-site investigations were in full swing; the police also activated a citizen phone line.

The campus in the Neuenheim district on the northern bank of the Neckar is primarily home to the university’s natural science faculties, parts of the university hospital and the botanical garden.

Federal Minister of Justice expresses horror

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) said his thoughts were with the victims and local people. “Thank you to the emergency services for their service,” he said.

Heidelberg Mayor Eckart Würzner (independent) said: “We are all shocked and appalled by the killing spree that took place in Neuenheimer Feld today. The heart of science of the city of Heidelberg beats on this campus.”

The fact that a violent criminal would break into this world and seriously injure people stunned him and the entire city. “I would like to thank all emergency services for their quick action. Our thoughts are with the families of the victims,” said Würzner.

Election Fraud in Berlin

Election fraud has played a significant role in American politics for a long time. The fraud surrounding the presidential election in 2020 reached a grotesque new level, but did not differ in essence from previous traditional chicanery at the ballot box.

Now it seems that similar electoral practices are being adopted in Germany. I wouldn’t have thought that orderly, law-abiding Germans would engage in such shenanigans, but then I saw that the city reporting the questionable results was Berlin, a notoriously culturally enriched metropolis. It’s quite possible that there were no Germans involved in the perpetrating of the fraud.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of Epoch Times:

Historic record: around 2,100 objections to the 2021 federal election

Four months after the Bundestag elections, 2,100 objections to the Bundestag elections were lodged with the so-called Bundestag Election Review Committee. This is reported by the magazine Business Insider with reference to “committee circles”. The number is an historic record.

In the past, between 80 and 300 lawsuits were common. Only in 1994 was there a clear outlier with 1,450 objections. Most of the submissions against the election came from Berlin.

Four months ago, the chaos in the conduct of the federal elections in the capital caused outrage across Germany: there were numerous problems in dozens of polling stations in the capital, including unreasonable queues, missing ballot papers and the relocation of polling stations at short notice.

As a result, not only did the state returning officer Petra Michaelis resign, the federal returning officer Georg Thiel even lodged an objection with the Bundestag against the outcome of the elections in several districts.

The election committee members, nine members of the Bundestag, must now check whether there was actually an electoral error that violated the federal election law, the federal electoral code, or the constitution. Or whether the reported electoral error has an impact on the distribution of seats in the Bundestag. There should therefore be a so-called mandate-relevant electoral error.

While the then-state returning officer Michaelis denied this in a secret report to the federal returning officer Thiel, the latter sees the possibility of doing so in several Berlin constituencies in his objection to the Bundestag. That would affect tens of thousands of Berliners.

If the committee follows suit, the election could be repeated in these districts. The entire Bundestag would then have to decide with a simple majority on the basis of a corresponding recommendation from the election examination committee, writes Business Insider.

Shoot the Anti-Vaxers!

The mayor of the German city of Ostfildern has authorized the use of physical violence to prevent citizens from going on forbidden “Monday walks” to protest the Corona vax mandate. His order is understood to include the possibility of using firearms if it becomes necessary.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the regional news site Tag24:

Use of Firearms Against Corona “Walkers”? S***storm Against OB [Lord Mayor] After Tweet!

Ostfildern — Christof Bolay (54, SPD), mayor of the city of Ostfildern near Stuttgart, is currently under heavy fire. The reason: a general decree against the so-called “Monday walks”!

But first things first: Tens of thousands of people have been taking to the streets across Germany for weeks, protesting during “walks” against the Corona measures taken by the federal and state governments.

In Baden-Württemberg, too, thousands are always on their feet.

The “walks” are often a thorn in the side of politicians, and numerous cities have banned the unannounced protests.

This also applies to the 39,000-inhabitant town of Ostfildern. And that’s when the trouble started for the head of the town hall, Bolay.

The 54-year-old posted the corresponding general decree of his city on his Twitter account.

“There’s no other way,” he noted, “from January 28, unregistered ‘walks’ staged to oppose the applicable Corona rules are prohibited in Ostfildern — no matter what day of the week.”

But the users took a closer look at the general decree and discovered one passage in particular that raised blood pressure.

Politician fumes: “Asocial and anti-democratic!”

It says there: “In order to ensure that the ban on assembly is observed, the use of direct coercion, i.e. the influence on people through simple physical violence, tools of physical violence or the use of weapons is threatened.”

After weighing up the conflicting interests, this is proportionate. And: “It is necessary because there are no more lenient means that would prevent potential meeting participants from holding the prohibited meetings.”

Use of weapons against measures critics? All hell broke loose under the tweet!

Almost 700 comments have been collected so far (as of 2:10pm).

For example, one user wrote: “Is this the mayor’s secret dream, to shoot at those who think differently? I remember it from before…” He posted an animated image of the DDR flag.

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The Revolution Has Begun

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers that converged on Ottawa this weekend, and Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau’s ignominious flight from the capital.

Mr. Weston sees the convoy as the start of a revolution that may spread to other countries where oppressive Corona policies are in place (which means most countries). Success is not guaranteed, so he urges his audience to support the GoFundMe initiative that helps keep the convoy going:

Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a Path Towards Totalitarianism

Thierry Baudet is the founder and leader of FvD (Forum voor Democratie, Forum for Democracy), a populist conservative party in The Netherlands. He has become the most prominent figure in a political niche that was previously occupied solely by Geert Wilders and the PVV. He is also the only major Dutch political leader to oppose the global “pandemic” hoax and the experimental mRNA treatments that accompany it.

The following interview with Thierry Baudet was originally published in German at Politically Incorrect on January 19. Many thanks to Thomas Landen for the translation:

Thierry Baudet: The Netherlands is on a path towards totalitarianism

Many in Germany were deeply shocked, early this month, by pictures of how a police dog mauled a peaceful anti-lockdown protester in Amsterdam as officers brutally beat him up. (Videos:, Ruptly on Twitter)

The leading voice of the protests against the lockdown and anti-Covid measures in the Netherlands is Thierry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament and the leader of Forum voor Democratie (FvD). At the same time that the demonstrator was being mauled, a group of policemen accompanied an Antifa gang marching to the Forum party office in Amsterdam just a few blocks down the road. The police stood complacently by and did not interfere as the Antifa militia vandalized the party building with a burning paint bomb.

What is the matter in the Netherlands? Last week, PI-News went to Amsterdam to interview Mr. Baudet. He is one of the most outspoken politicians against the Covid hoax in Europe and is looking for allies in Germany.

How do you explain the behaviour of the police forces in the Netherlands?

It is part of the strategy of fear that Western authorities are using against those who question the narrative of the authorities about Covid. They are savagely beaten up by the police, while the criminals who vandalize property are left unhindered. Similar intimidation methods were also used against the dissidents in the former Soviet bloc. They are characteristic of all totalitarian regimes.

Has the Netherlands become a totalitarian state then?

Well, it is shocking, but it is on a path towards it. What happened since 2020 has made me painfully aware of this. I became a member of Parliament in 2017. During the previous decades, national sovereignty had gradually eroded, national governments were supplanted by supranational organizations and our society had become ever more globalist. This has facilitated the growth of giant multinational corporations that are more powerful than national governments.

Since the 1970s, Big Business has convened with politicians in organisations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), working out strategies to increase the power of both Big Business and Big Governance. Big Business aims to swallow up small and medium-sized companies; Big Governance aims to eradicate national identity. Their mutual enemy is the nation state, because national sovereignty and national borders not only safeguard local democracy and self-governance but also protect small and medium sized companies against multinational giants. The common goal of Big Business and Big Governance is the abolition of nation states, mainly by three means: the promotion of mass immigration, the hollowing out of national sovereignty, and the invention of so-called looming catastrophes, such as climate change, which need to be tackled on a supranational level.

Until 2019, I was optimistic because I thought we were going through a Conservative Spring. I thought that voters in the West had had enough of immigration, the undermining of national sovereignty, the climate alarmism. There had been Brexit, the election of Trump, the electoral triumphs of mainstream populist parties such as the Lega Nord, the Sweden Democrats, the AfD, and others. And then, all of a sudden, there was Corona, which became the perfect alibi for Big Business and Big Governance to attempt to turn the whole world into a quasi-totalitarian state modelled on the Chinese neo-Communist template and to trample our fundamental liberties. At this moment, I have become very pessimistic about the future. I fear politicians might not be able to do much to counter the process we are in.

Surely, that is not a message people want to hear from a politician?

Perhaps not, but it is an honest message. Before 2020, we knew that the ruling powers were pushing transnationalism through immigration, climate hysteria, the dismantling of the nation-state. But now, a new element has been added to this. The so-called pandemic has become the perfect alibi for what Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the WEF, calls “the Great Reset.” By 2030, they hope to introduce a Sinofied society over the entire world. They try to sell it to the people as a utopia in which, to quote the WEF, “you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Unfortunately, many people either fall for it or do not understand the implications.

Politicians can do little to counter this via political means. Even if an individual leader were to try to safeguard his nation’s freedoms, he would be blocked by the international system. I have become very cynical, not only about the ruling elites, but also about the electorates in the West. It is not difficult to see what the next steps are going to be: the introduction of QR codes, the abolition of cash money, biometric authentication through which everything we do will be permanently controlled. But most people do not seem to realise this. They have been paralysed by fear of “the virus”, and they fall for the lies of the media. The majority thinks that without lockdowns, without masks, without vaccinations, boosters and QR codes, they will become ill and die.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2022

Tonight’s news is overwhelmingly Canadian, as truckers in the Freedom Convoy converged on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and brought traffic to a standstill. Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau is self-quarantining at an undisclosed location during the crisis. The CBC floated the idea that the activists involved in the convoy have been infiltrated by Russian agents.

In other news, a Swiss man who identified as a woman changed his gender and as a result was able to retire on a full pension a year earlier than he would otherwise have been allowed to.

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Thanks to Dean, Insubria, PS, Reader from Chicago, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Two Out of Three Germans Can’t Be Wrong

Below is a potpourri of Corona-related news from Germany, arranged as a timeline from the last few days.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of Epoch Times:

Almost two out of three Germans for compulsory Corona vaccination

An overview of the latest developments relating to Corona measures, politics and vaccination.

+++ News ticker +++
1:37 p.m.: South Africa is no longer considered a risk area from Sunday

In South Africa and neighboring countries, the Corona variant Omicron raged first. From Sunday these countries are no longer even considered a “high-risk area”. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Friday that it would make a corresponding change. In addition to South Africa, Angola, Burundi, Eswatini (former Swaziland), Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Uganda will also be removed from the list.

As of Sunday, new “high-risk areas” Corona are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the French overseas territory of New Caledonia, Guatemala, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Cuba, Oman, Pakistan, Palau, Singapore and Ukraine. “Virus variant areas”, i.e. the higher category with stricter travel restrictions, still do not exist, according to the RKI. The category of “simple” risk areas was already deleted last summer.

12:00 noon: Almost two out of three Germans support compulsory Corona vaccination

According to a survey, a clear majority of Germans are in favor of introducing general Corona vaccination. In the new ZDF “Politbarometer”, 62 percent of the participants spoke out in favor of it, as the broadcaster announced on Friday. 36 percent rejected such a requirement. At the same time, only 39 percent believed that compulsory vaccination would actually be introduced — 59 percent assumed that this would not happen.

Meanwhile, the fear of the virus is receding. While in the previous survey in mid-January 53 percent of the participants stated that they saw their health as being endangered by the pathogen, this time only 42 percent said so. 55 percent were of the opinion that the virus did not endanger their health.

Satisfaction with the currently applicable Corona containment measures increased compared to the previous survey. 49 percent of the participants rated the measures as appropriate — five percentage points more than before. 25 percent (minus five) thought the measures had to be tougher, 23 percent (plus one) thought they were exaggerated.

74 percent also expressed their belief that the hospitals can cope with the Omicron wave; 23 percent did not believe this. However, only a good fifth of those surveyed (21 percent) took the view that the Corona pandemic would by and large be over in Germany after the Omicron wave. The vast majority of 75 percent assumed that there would be further waves with new virus variants and high numbers of cases.

For the “Politbarometer”, the Mannheim research group conducted election surveys from January 25 to 27, 1249 randomly selected voters by telephone. The error range of the representative survey is around two to three percentage points, depending on the proportion.

10 a.m.: New IMK boss Herrmann for a differentiated view of Corona demonstrators

The new chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers (IMK), Bavaria’s Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), has called for a differentiated view of the participants in protests against the Corona policy. “You have to make a clear distinction and not lump all protesters together,” Herrmann told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung on Friday.

As long as someone only protests against restrictions or against excessive bureaucracy and state regulations, that is absolutely permissible. “They are not automatically extremists or enemies of the Constitution.”

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Islamic Underage Sex Slavery in the UK

Tommy Robinson screened his documentary “The Rape of Britain” today in a car park in Telford, as part of a mass protest against “grooming” gangs. The following article from 2014 provides some relevant context. Many thanks to Michael Copeland for sending it.

Islamic Underage Sex Slavery in the UK — a Woman’s Heartfelt Response

by Susan Chapman

Excuse the rant and long-winded post; if there is one subject that gets my goat, it’s the ‘grooming gangs’. This is absolutely the largest, most well-organised network of abuse carried out by Muslims. It shows so clearly that they have no respect for the people of this country, how the police and government have worked, and are still working hand in glove to protect them, how well-organised their infrastructure is and how they work together to protect all Muslims involved. This is not about sexual gratification; it is a career choice, a source of untaxed income; it is big business and no doubt funds other enterprises.

David Cameron, after his two-day stay with a Muslim family, said:

“Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

So, what skills do we need to develop to emulate the Asian [Muslim] way of life, to profit from sexual slavery? We need a network of buildings all over the country where we can meet in private, say, five times a day where we can talk without fear of being overheard, advertise our wares and arrange little get-togethers; and of course reinforce our sense of superiority over the animals we live with for now. What personal skills are needed for this line of work? We need to choose someone young and good looking, preferably with a younger brother the same age at the same school as the girl to be targeted, so he can introduce the abuser.

If the target is a Sikh girl, he can always pretend to be Sikh. He must be ruthless and have absolutely no humanity or conscience, be able to deceive and convince an 11-year-old virgin that he is in love with her while knowing the pain, humiliation and degradation that awaits her. He will need a nice flashy car parked outside the school to bait the trap, money for presents and clothes, and the ability to convince her that her parents don’t really love her, that they are cruel because they don’t let her go to bars or take drugs.

Once she trusts him and believes he loves her as she loves him, he can treat her to alcohol and drugs before raping her. Take naked pictures of her (always a good blackmail tool), invite a couple of friends to enjoy her or tell her that he desperately needs money and if she will only have sex with one of his friends, the man will pay him the money he needs.

It depends on how long he wants to play out the deception. She may continue to think it is a warped kind of love, be addicted to drugs, or she may come to her senses and decide she wants nothing more to do with him. This is when the blackmail comes in — a threat to send the naked photos to her family, or post them on Facebook with her mobile number, advertising her services. He can always fall back on threats to gang-rape her mother or sister, or petrol-bomb her home if she refuses to do what he wants. If she threatens to talk to the police he can nail her tongue to the table.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/28/2022

The United States Navy has begun to discharge sailors who refuse to be “vaccinated” against COVID-19. Meanwhile, the western portion of the Canadian Freedom Convoy is said to have broken a world record for the longest parade of trucks ever assembled.

In other news, a stewardess on a Spirit Airlines flight forced a passenger to remove his “Let’s Go Brandon” mask.

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