Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/31/2016

Indian nationals who have been laid off but remain in Saudi Arabia are facing a food crisis. The recent drop in oil prices has caused the Saudi government to cut back on many projects, leaving foreign workers stranded. The local Indian community in Saudi Arabia, with the help of the Indian government, is working to get donated food to people in desperate need.

In other news, two more “Frenchmen” have been arrested in connection with last week’s halal slaughter of a priest in a church in Normandy.

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Doctor Forbidden to Practice for Standing on his Principles

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief report from Junge Freiheit:

Professional Ban on Asylum-Critical Doctor

July 28, 2016

VIENNA. The medical association of Vienna has forbidden a medical doctor to practice because he refused to treat asylum applicants at taxpayer expense. In January, Thomas Unden had posted a notice in his practice in English and German, saying: “No asylum-seekers will be accepted in this practice.”

The health insurance company had already announced in February that his practice had to close. The doctor stood by his opinion. “I am not prepared to treat asylum-seekers at the expense of rate-payers. I stand by that. I have treated war refugees in Libya, and know people who fled war. I can only say — These are economic refugees,” he said to the news portal

He referred to the medical association as an “insignificant organization: which had “proven no professional malfeasance” on his part. It was his patients above all who were suffering from this decision. “That is 2,500 people who were under my care and now have one fewer health care provider. My position was removed without any replacement and there will be none,” Unden complained. And this is happening despite a shortage of doctors. Unden intends to proceed legally against the decision.

[Photo: “Closed” sign for doctor’s office]

Boys Will Be Boys

The following piece originally appeared at the Polish Counterjihad site Many thanks to Gekon for the translation:

That nice young kid who slaughtered the priest

This friendly boy (19) is dead. His name was Adel Kermiche, and on Monday, July 26th he cut a priest’s and nun’s throats.

by Grzegorz Lindenberg

The priest is dead; the nun is fighting for her life in a hospital. The priest would not kneel, but Adel forced him to. The priest, 66 years older than he, was not a challenging opponent.

Adel lived with his parents in Normandy and was generally an ordinary boy. Like every young lad, he dreamt about shooting. But he was serious, so before he turned 18, he tried to go to a place where he could shoot — to Syria, where his mate Maxime Hauchard had already enrolled in the Islamic State. Maxime starred in videos in which he executed captives. With such a friend and a photogenic face, he would definitely have a chance to shoot, use knives and star in popular Islamic State videos. But alas, he was caught in Germany and handed over to the French, who made him stay in his parents’ custody. He did not sell off his youthful ideals, though, and as soon as he came of age, he left through Switzerland for Turkey, where again he was caught at the border and returned to France.

The French authorities did not approve of his juvenile fascination with guns and Islamic State, and sentenced him to thirty months in prison. Luckily they came to their senses and refrained from destroying the life of such a promising young man, and he was conditionally bailed after less than a year. The condition was that he would live with his parents and wear an electronic bracelet. It is obvious though, that such a bracelet seriously breaches human personal freedom; therefore they agreed for the bracelet to be turned off between 8:30am and 12:30pm every day. Fortunately, masses at churches take place in the mornings; the one celebrated by Jacques Hamel started at 9am.

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Angela Merkel: What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

The resemblance between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President-Anointed Hillary Clinton grows more striking every day. Their characteristics — both politically and personal — are remarkably similar. And according to Nash Montana, Mrs. Merkel recently reinforced the resemblance with her use of a certain tic of verbal expression:

This is Angela Merkel’s “What difference at this point does it make” moment. When she says, “Who cares whether the recent terrorists came before or after September 4th to Germany,” she doesn’t really say “who cares”; she uses the word “EGAL”, which is a milder kind of a way to say that you don’t give a s***. For instance, “Es ist mir egal” means “I don’t care.”

I have a pet peeve with the word “EGAL”

Here’s a brief video excerpt from Mrs. Merkel’s press conference where she uses the relevant phrase. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article from Junge Freiheit, also translated by Nash Montana, discusses the chancellor’s cavalier attitude towards her country and the German electorate:

Merkel doesn’t care about the consequences of her politics

The land is divided, its citizens deeply rattled? “We can do that!” Sexual attacks on women in swimming pools and festivals? “We can do that!” Terror attacks by Islamists in Germany? “We can do that!” Growing frustration and disgruntlement towards politics among the citizens? “We can do that!”

On Thursday Angela Merkel held a federal press conference in regards to her refugee politics and its consequences. But whoever expected even just one single self-critical word of the chancellor was disappointed. The CDU leader justified herself, saying that she only acted according to her own best knowledge and conscience, and she stands by her decisions. Admittedly the asylum politics which she is responsible for is a “huge litmus test”, and she never said that it would be easy, either. But she still is convinced that “we can do that!”

Merkel ignores the problems

But who is “we”? Not a word from Merkel about that. Not a word to the many women who on Silvester Night in Cologne and elsewhere were victimized by sexual attacks — exactly by those who Merkel so eagerly brought into the country with her welcome politics of open borders and friendly faces.

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Unrest and Escapes at the Kiskunhalas Refugee Center

When Angela Merkel invited the entire Middle East into Europe last summer, the first wave of hundreds of thousands of “refugees” passed through Hungary on their way to Austria and Germany. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was adamant that Hungary would not remain a transit point for the migration, which violated the Dublin Regulation on the disposition of immigrants who cross the outer borders of the Schengen Zone. He asked parliament to order the building of a fence to seal off the border, which it did, first along the Serbian border, and then along the Croatian one.

The flood of migrants into Hungary was thus reduced to a tiny trickle, but the Hungarians were left with some thousands of “refugees” that had to be accommodated and processed. The Kiskunhalas Refugee Center, located in southern Hungary near the Serbian border, is one of the facilities that houses the migrants while their asylum applications are processed, after which most of them will be deported.

The inmates in the Kiskunhalas center are unhappy with their conditions, and have recently been agitating for changes, the most prominent of which is that the center should be opened up, granting them freedom of movement. The latest news stories say that some of the migrants were threatening to jump from the roof of the center if their demands were not met.

The report below is from the Hungarian government news site’s English-language service:

On Wednesday evening György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister told public television channel M1 that more migrants in the Kiskunhalas reception centre have threatened to jump out of the building if authorities do not open the camp.

Mr. Bakondi said that three migrants of Arabic origin were standing in the second floor window and are making their threats from there.

Earlier on, two migrants of Syrian and Iraqi origins respectively climbed onto the rooftop of the reception centre demanding the opening of the camp. They were being watched by some 150 fellow migrants. The two men threatened to jump off the roof if their demands are not met; these two protesters have already been brought down from the rooftop. Their requests for asylum have already been rejected, they are awaiting their deportation from Hungary, Mr. Bakondi explained.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/30/2016

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls thinks that his country needs to establish a renewed rapport with Islam. In an interview with Le Monde, Mr. Valls said, “We need to reset and invent a new relationship with Islam.”

In other news, more than 5,000 immigration-critics took to the streets of Berlin today in a demonstration against Chancellor Angela Merkel and her migration policy.

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Sharia and the Moral Economy of Islam in the West

Update: A reader in Hungary just sent us this note:

There is a standard English translation of this article at:

Abdessamad Belhaj is not an economist but an expert in Islam and social sciences.

The following interview with the Morocco-born economist was published at the Hungarian website Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

For the Jihad anarchy and war-economy are holy; the warlords are saints; the crimes are acts of mercy. Jihadism is heated by a religious and apocalyptic narrative, where the destruction of the infidel West and final victory of Islam is the focus. In reality all this serves economic interests while it creates an illusion of religious self-realization — says Abdessamad Belhadj, a social scientist from Morocco who teaches and does his research in Belgium and Hungary, to (online magazine). Belhadj believes that Muslim migrants have the desire for the elegant West and its lavish lifestyle, but as the crisis of the second- and third-generation migrants shows, they can’t take possession of it. That is why violence can gain ground.

Abdessamad Belhadj is a social scientist who was born in Morocco in 1974. Presently he is a tenured professor at Leuven Catholic University and a member of the MTA-SZTE (Hungarian Science Academy- Szeged Scientific University) Religious Cultures Research Group. He earned his first doctorate in 2001 in Islamic Sciences and the second one in 2008 Political and Social Sciences. As a guest speaker and researcher, he works in Finland, France and Germany. He has written four books and had more than fifty studies published in international publications.

Interview by Bianka Speidl

Recently you lectured in Brussels about the relations of Muslims to material needs. There you described the neo-liberal economy profiting from Sharia as it regulates the life of Muslims. How did you arrive at this conclusion?

While studying the manifestation of different forms of European Islam, I found the phenomenon of “moral economy”. Under moral economy, I mean an informal economic system which looks at religious and cultural works of mercy concordant with Islamic laws as market products. Then it uses its financial success to prove the superiority of Islamic moral. This economic system is embedded in the basic principles of Islam and its societal reality and relies on a circular train of thought: everything regulated by Sharia (Islamic law) must be good, so everything which works must be regulated by Sharia. The moral economy is opaque and manipulative, even so if it declares itself just and ethical. It came up as a research topic when one of the leaders of a Belgian Muslim community explained it: “While the reform of Islam could be justified by moral reasons, any divergence from traditional Islam would be catastrophic for the community.” This is what I call moral economy and this is nothing else but the economy model of Islam.

In the lecture you said the “possession is the tool of the religion” How theology becomes economy?

Moral economy has interdependent religious and economical prerequisites. To simplify it, if you have money, you have it because of religion, and where religion is there money will be also, based on religious redistribution. Under Islam all earthly possessions are owned by God; when he gives it to a man, as an exchange, he expects the believer to use all of it to serve Allah’s cause. The only valid law; Sharia, appropriates all wealth to be used for religious purposes so Islamic law has the disposition of it. For the believer the wealth is coming from God, and not the fruits of work. The more he has at his disposal, the more he is convinced he must return it in the form of donations for mosque, mission and to support Jihad. With this attitude the moral economy, with continued expansion and exhaustion of resources, can be sustained indefinitely. The circular processes have two important consequences: the believer’s trust in Allah and his isolation from the state.

Everywhere in the Muslim world people live in poverty. Why do they still trust this system?

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Erdogan’s Seizure of Power

Longtime readers will remember Sabatina James, who has appeared several times in this space, most recently as a speaker at the Brussels conference in 2012. In the following article translated by Rembrandt Clancy she discusses the recent failed coup in Turkey, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan manipulated and exploited to assist his attempts to assume dictatorial powers.

About the Author

Sabatina James was ostracised by her own family and condemned to death because she gave up Islam and professed Christianity. Born in 1982 in Pakistan, she is a publicist living today in a secret location in Germany under police protection. She is an advocate for persecuted Christians and for women in forced marriages. Among her books is Sharia in Germany: When the Laws of Islam Break the Law, which has appeared in the last year.

Erdogan’s Seizure of Power

by Sabatina James

Original German Language Source: Junge Freiheit
Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

21 July 2016

The coup in Turkey automatically reminds us of German history. The attempted assassination of Hitler, along with the endeavour to remove him from power on 20 July 1944, was planned primarily by officers who otherwise may have been unable to act against him. The event was preceded by difficult discussions.

To begin with, Hitler wished to dispense with democracy, but then decided in favour of taking the democratic route to the seizure of power. So on the one hand, he had actually sidelined democracy; yet on the other hand, he came to power electorally, and the Reichstag approved his Enabling Act with a two-thirds majority, keeping in mind that beforehand Hitler had substantially restricted freedom of the press and then also expelled the Communist deputies from parliament so as to achieve this two-thirds majority.

The Reichstag fire was in reality no danger whatsoever to democracy, but Hitler’s previous restrictions on democracy were the real danger. His subsequent purges did not lead to the preservation of democracy as he maintained, but rather more so to its abolition. After the assassination attempt, the officers were accused of an attempted coup; after democratisation, the accusation maintained that the officers had acted much too late and should have intervened much earlier, as soon as the democratic structures were being dismantled. The question of who the real putschist is, Hitler or his adversaries, has been assessed very differently at different times in Germany, even in opposite ways.

Advocacy of Sharia

In the case of Turkey, the situation appeared to be more straightforward, at least as long as one did not look at the situation too closely. Erdogan was no blank slate. As leading member of the Islamistic-fundamentalist party under Erbakan, he became the Lord Mayor of Istanbul. He drew attention with the sentence: Democracy is like a train: we ride it “until we reach our destination”, then we step off.

His public advocacy of sharia through the elimination of democracy earned him an arrest; the sentence was one year in jail and a life-long ban on political activity; in effect, he was never again allowed to hold political offices. To counter this, Erdogan managed a shrewd chess move: he re-established the banned party with fewer explicit formulations, became party leader without himself taking part in elections, won the elections by invoking Islam and had a law passed which served only one purpose: the lifting of the political ban against him.

With that, the way was clear to the highest offices of the state. However, the constitutional state, the separation of powers and democracy had been damaged, especially considering Erdogan had not become opposed to his earlier propositions.

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Viktor Orbán: “Hungary Does Not Need a Single Migrant”

Last Tuesday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern met for talks on the EU’s migration policies. Afterwards they held a joint press conference about the issues.

The brief video below features a succinct summary by Mr. Orbán of Hungarian policy, which is the polar opposite of that promoted by the imperial center in Brussels.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Why Destroy a Church? “Because I am Muslim!”

The following article from Politically Incorrect is a fitting follow-up to the video posted earlier today about the dhimmi Church of France. This time, it’s the dhimmi responses of the leadership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church to the destruction of the interior of one of their churches by an Afghan culture-enricher.

May thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

Hamburg: Afghan destroys inside of church

by Michael Stürzenberger

It happened a week ago, but since the police kept the incident under wraps and the church didn’t press charges, we only now find out about it: A 19-year-old Afghan stormed into the church in Hamburg last Friday evening around 7:20pm, during an open community evening; he overturned chairs and benches, threw a rack with Bibles to the ground, which made the glass on the rack shatter, and he threw songbooks to the ground. According to a witness, the worshippers who were present were very afraid and just let him continue. No wonder, he was wearing a flowing Islamic garment, under which an explosives belt could easily have been hidden.

Update: A picture of the attacker and an eyewitness report. And when he was asked why he did it, he yelled: “Because I am Muslim!”

The Muslim didn’t speak during his rampage, and he also didn’t have any connection to Salafists, and therefore the department of state security of the land office of criminal investigation in all earnest says that they do not assume an “Islamic” motive. It is inconceivable just how little knowledge there is in these circles about Islam.

Update: Eyewitness Peter H., who took the picture of the Afghan attacker, asked him in front of the church in Hamburg-Eilbek, after the man was done with his rampage, why he did it. The Afghan yelled his answer: “Because I am (a) Muslim!” Peter H. told this to the police on multiple occasions. It is incredibly outrageous that the police ignored this important information and did not make a report about this scandalous incident. It goes to show again and again that the police very obviously take their orders directly from the government to hide and omit as many incidents as possible that have any connection to asylum seekers, so-called “refugees” and Muslims.

The fact alone that he is Muslim shows his Christian-hostile motive: Christians are cursed in the Koran (sura 9, verse 29), they are vilified as “evil creatures” (98:5), one should never take them as friends (5:50), but instead fight them (9:28), until Islam has gained the victory over all other religions (48:27).

The hammer: This Afghan Muslim was known to the police for several incidents of causing bodily harm. He first became a delinquent in Hamburg as a 15-year-old and as a consequence was sentenced to multiple so-called “disciplinary measures” such as “social studies” (whoa!). In the past year he was looked after by a “juvenile court aid”.

Just imagine for once what would happen in this country if 19-year-old Max were to vandalize the inside of a mosque in this way: The chain of lights would go from Flensburg to Garmisch, our spineless politicians would stand in line in front of the mosque to utter their statements of shock and dismay, and the media would outdo themselves with warnings of a new “crusade” of the supposedly aggressive Christendom against such a peaceful Islam.

The crowning: The churches in Hamburg decided to forgo taking increased security measures. This was “a terrible single incident” but the level of threat in Hamburg has “not changed”, says Remmer Koch, speaker of the Evangelical Lutheran Church district Hamburg-East.

Even the larger church districts were prompted to retain the “openness” of the Christian church. “A house of God is a location that stands for peace and brotherhood; any kind of violence does not fit this stance,” says Karl-Heinrich Melzer, deputy bishop in Sprengel Hamburg and Lübeck.

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Monsignor Dumas: Christ Calls us to Suicide


Naive am I. After all these years, one would think I’d have realized ahead of time that a post about religion would be a magnet for all the true believers across the spectrum from the strictest orthodox atheism to anti-papists to bible fundamentalists. And so it has attracted those iron filings, with hissing and spitting about doctrinal differences all the way down the page. It’s not about changing hearts and minds, it’s about leaving as many bruises as possible on the stupid people who believe something different from the One, Pure Truth. Plus ça change etc.

Well, the darn thing is up now and – unfortunately – we don’t remove posts. However, commenters be warned: anything less than absolutely civil, courteous exchanges are going into the circular file as soon as they hit the door. You’re entitled to believe anything you want, but you’re not entitled to put it on display here so you can let others know how wrong, wrong, wrong they are.

This might be a good time to learn the difference between process and content. The Baron’s post below is about the process of political correctness in the modern multi-cultural church, of whatever denomination. Unfortunately, some of the comments I’ve barred at the door are about content – i.e., doctrinal differences between/among the various denominations.

Enough already.

The following video is an example of the Postmodern Christian Church — Catholic or Protestant — at its worst.

According Monsignor Ubaldo Dumas, a spokesman for the Church of France, the only possible Christian response to the bestial violence of Islam is to surrender, to roll over, to turn the other cheek (all four of them, actually), to go meekly to the slaughter — in a word, to submit.

Father Dumas is fond of repeating what “Christ calls us to”, but his understanding of the Gospels is different from mine. And it’s different from the Church’s historical understanding — prior to the 20th century — of its mission. If the current Vatican interpretation had prevailed in antiquity, there would be no Christian Church today — and no Western Civilization, for that matter.

As I’ve often pointed out, Jesus instructed his disciples to carry a sword when they went on the road. Why were they supposed to carry it? To slice up pomegranates?

Or is it possible that a committed Christian might, just might, need to use arms occasionally in self-defense?

Readers who have a weak stomach may want to skip this video, because one of the listed side-effects of watching it is uncontrollable retching. I could scarcely bear to sit through it.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/29/2016

Using the slogan “Merkel must go!”, thousands of German anti-immigration activists are calling for a demonstration tomorrow in Berlin. A coalition of groups is planning to gather in Washington Square at 3pm for a rally.

In other news, the Venezuelan government has issued a decree requiring employees of both public and private corporations to work in the fields, a desperate attempt to ease the country’s severe food shortage.

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The Wretched Lies of the German Media About the Murder in Reutlingen

Last Sunday a Syrian culture-enricher ran amok with a machete in a restaurant in the German town of Reutlingen. Since then a number of rumors have circulated about the relationship between young Mohammed and the Polish woman that he killed. Below is a brief account from a German site that tries to set the record straight. It was drawn from Polish sources, and has been translated into English by Rembrandt Clancy.

Machete Terror: The Wretched Lies of the German Media about the Murder in Reutlingen

German language source: Deutschland-Luege
German language source taken from Polish: FACT24.PL
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

Machete-Terror: The wretched lies from the German media about the murder in Reutlingen are coming slowly to light.

Here is a short summary of the facts from the Polish press.

The dead Polish woman, a single-parent mother, leaves behind two children. The youngest child is eight years old. The murdered woman had no relationship with the Syrian and he had not worked in the sandwich bar!

Three months ago she started work in the kebab snack bar as kitchen help in order to earn money for the family/the children. On Sunday she had just returned after visiting her family in Poland.

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