Angela Merkel: What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

The resemblance between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President-Anointed Hillary Clinton grows more striking every day. Their characteristics — both politically and personal — are remarkably similar. And according to Nash Montana, Mrs. Merkel recently reinforced the resemblance with her use of a certain tic of verbal expression:

This is Angela Merkel’s “What difference at this point does it make” moment. When she says, “Who cares whether the recent terrorists came before or after September 4th to Germany,” she doesn’t really say “who cares”; she uses the word “EGAL”, which is a milder kind of a way to say that you don’t give a s***. For instance, “Es ist mir egal” means “I don’t care.”

I have a pet peeve with the word “EGAL”

Here’s a brief video excerpt from Mrs. Merkel’s press conference where she uses the relevant phrase. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following article from Junge Freiheit, also translated by Nash Montana, discusses the chancellor’s cavalier attitude towards her country and the German electorate:

Merkel doesn’t care about the consequences of her politics

The land is divided, its citizens deeply rattled? “We can do that!” Sexual attacks on women in swimming pools and festivals? “We can do that!” Terror attacks by Islamists in Germany? “We can do that!” Growing frustration and disgruntlement towards politics among the citizens? “We can do that!”

On Thursday Angela Merkel held a federal press conference in regards to her refugee politics and its consequences. But whoever expected even just one single self-critical word of the chancellor was disappointed. The CDU leader justified herself, saying that she only acted according to her own best knowledge and conscience, and she stands by her decisions. Admittedly the asylum politics which she is responsible for is a “huge litmus test”, and she never said that it would be easy, either. But she still is convinced that “we can do that!”

Merkel ignores the problems

But who is “we”? Not a word from Merkel about that. Not a word to the many women who on Silvester Night in Cologne and elsewhere were victimized by sexual attacks — exactly by those who Merkel so eagerly brought into the country with her welcome politics of open borders and friendly faces.

Not a word to the citizens who have had to deal with the consequences of this asylum storm for a full year now. Not a word to the communities that have been completely overwhelmed with financing and housing of these asylum seekers. Not a word for the police who — thanks to unchecked immigration — are at the breaking point. Not a word to the soup kitchens [“Tafeln”, free food, groceries for poor and low income people; really more than soup kitchens, more like free grocery stores — translator] who have to ration food because of fierce fighting during distribution. Not a word about the tear in the social fabric that Merkel’s refugee politics has caused, which not only splits the country, but also splits families and friends. Not a word about the fact that her decisions have led Germany and Europe into the abyss.

She is hovering above the “we”

Certainly it is rare that politicians admit error. And even rarer that they suffer the consequences of those errors. When one asks a chancellor if he/she made a wrong decision, one might as well ask a tobacco lobbyist if smoking is dangerous to one’s health.

But Angela Merkel is different altogether. She doesn’t even begin to try to sell something wrong as right. She also doesn’t want to divert attention from possible dangers or play them down. She simply doesn’t care [in the text, the word “egal” is used, which basically means “doesn’t give a s***”]. The chancellor has proven this to us today, with a smile on her face. Angela Merkel has long been hovering above her labored “we”. She has lost contact with the presently existing Germany in the real world.

And just what Merkel thinks of the consequences of her actions she had made very clear late last summer at the conference of the union fractions of the Bundestag: “I don’t care [again, “egal”= “I don’t give a s***” — translator] if I am to blame for the influx of refugees. Now they’re here.”

Video transcript:

2:33   All that we owe the victims of these bloody deeds
2:36   those who had to give their lives,
2:39   those who brought away severe injuries to body and soul,
2:43   and of course we owe that to their relatives.
2:47   All that we also owe to everyone’s security,
2:50   and we also owe it to all the many innocent refugees
2:55   who also have to deal with the fact that in the case of the terrorists
2:59   of Würzburg and Ansbach, the two men who carried out these attacks,
3:03   that they came as refugees to Germany.
3:06   Two men therefore who sought protection in our country,
3:10   or maybe they just pretended to seek protection,
3:13   but which now in any case wanted to spread fear, death and horror
3:16   and have spread it.
3:20   That two men, who came to us as refugees, are responsible
3:23   for the deeds in Würzburg and Ansbach,
3:27   it mocks the country that had taken them in,
3:31   and I want to add, thereby it additionally completely doesn’t matter
3:35   if — along with the many refugees — these refugees came here to our country
3:40   before or after the 4th September of last year.
3:44   It mocks the helpers, the volunteers,
3:47   who so kindly were caring for the refugees,
3:50   and it mocks all the other refugees
3:53   who really need help to get away from violence and war,
3:56   who want to live peacefully in a world
3:59   that is completely foreign to them,
4:02   after they have lost everything somewhere else.

30 thoughts on “Angela Merkel: What Difference, At This Point, Does It Make?

  1. An interesting (to the lingustically-minded) clarification on the word “egal.” It’s a literal transcription of the French word for “equal.” The closest French translation of “Est ist mir egal” would be “Ca m’est egal,” or “It’s all the same to me.” All very similar to Hillary’s own famous exculpatory phrase.

    • EXACTLY! And to interpret the word on a more street level basis, it’s equivalent to “ist mir scheissegal”, which means “I don’t give a s**t”.

    • I believe that expression has its origin in French, and when I was learning French, I was taught “Ca m’est egal” is exactly ”I don’t care”.

      The phrase is also found in Spanish, ‘A mi me da igual”, and it means the same thing.

  2. She’s the new Magda Goebbels. Killing her own family. That’s the thing about being a “progressive.” It is never having to admit to a mistake.

    • Except she killed her family to save them from the Soviets. Who is Merkel saving anyone from, as before she opened the borders no one was in any danger?

  3. What is the ‘all that’ that ‘we’ owe to the victims? And since when was merely fleeing war a ground for refugee status? If that’s the case, will Germans qualify for refugee status as they attempt to escape from the war that’s been imported?

    • I was wondering about that “all that we owe” as well. I know it is translated but I am not sure it was actually a sentence or made a point and it sounded offensive initially. All we owe them – We don’t owe the dead more than whatever but it was nonsense.

  4. “Es ist mir egal” means “I don’t care.”

    How could a stupid, unconscionable, extortionate, dishonorable, deceptive, base, enemy of its own flesh and blood, . . . be elected? What did she pretend to have been while campaigning? Or the people who elected her are gullible, sentimental (vote for her because she is a female and has motherly kindness. ( motherly kindness for jihadis)

    As a matter of fact, it seems, in “democracies” mobs elect their spitting image : naive, infantile and base.

  5. The childless, ex-Communist witch has spoken.

    We need to bring back witch burning.

    1) [Naming
    2) Names
    3) Can be interpreted as incitement].

    […] Yes, such public propositions make me nervous. I like my website. I don’t trust the current PTB. I am going to err on the side of discretion.

    Call me Falstaffia.

    • I’m childless, unfortunately. What the fornication does this have to do with anything? Or is it only a negative for prominent women?

      Odd to find myself defending this indefensible person, but really…

      • In this case I would interpret it as a sign of selfishness, whereby her career and having fun in her youth has proven more important to her than taking the time to raise a family. Living up to the socialist ideal, as it were.

      • The problem is that since Merkel is childless and has no emotional ties to the West as well, for all her ties and promise lies with the DDR, it makes her even more cold in her decisions.

        Let’s just say, that a lot more people in Germany have kids than not have kids, and she makes decisions about people that affect these people’s kids in ways that are unimaginable.

        I had a screaming match with my neighbor the oder day, because she has a Bernie Sanders sticker on her prius. I have tons of Anti obama and anti hillary stickers on my one ton diesel truck:

        My neighbor is a childless unhappy wanna-be tyrant who feels the need to tell everybody what to do including how to raise their kids. So she walks up to me and tells me that she does not approve of all my anti-democrat stickers, to which I told her that I didn’t approve of her communist Sanders sticker and how dare her supporting a candidate for President that is a communist and therefore will make my child grow up in an unfree communist world and she should go f herself and I told her if communism had a face I’d punch it right now, which was another way of saying for me that she needs a punch in the face.

        But it’s the same with Merkel. A childless communist water carrier, they make the best ones’. Because they literally have not a stake in the game of ‘let’s see how we can end civilization with a bang’.

  6. At this point it’s academic. Either the German people depose this dictator or Germany starts down the same road that France, the UK, the Netherlands etc have and accept that future generations will not enjoy the same standard of living or the same level of security as those who lived in a truly Western style democracy.

    • standard of living??? are you kidding??? germans and the western countries that let those animals in will enjoy sharia living soon, if not now

  7. The Islamic murderer mocks those Moslems who only tepidly follow their faith.

    What difference does that make?

  8. I am not even sure how to react to such neglectful and indifferent attitude. Psychopath serial killers showing such lack of remorse when being asked about what they have done. I guess I am not far in my statement about Frau Merkel…

  9. Could it be that Frau Merkel, a child of the GDR, is merely carrying out the wishes of the 3rd Reich? We know the GDR considered Israel to be Nazi’s and viciously treated the 3000 some Jews who resettled from the concentration camps in the 1940’s. What better way for the Germans to finish off the remaining Jews – with a pool of their natural enemies?

    • Greetings

      Its the opposite Jeff. The people behind her want to kill off the Germans, and the rest of Europe, to shatter it so that it becomes more manageable.. Who are the people surrounding her?


      • Tell us, Rolf: Who are they?

        I think I know what you mean with your sly elliptical references, but why don’t you just spit it out?

        Go ahead, tell us so that everyone knows who the real enemy is.

  10. Merkel:
    refugees who really need help
    to get away from violence and war,
    who want to live peacefully in a world
    that is completely foreign to them,
    after they have lost everything somewhere else.

    Mujahideen doing hijra [soldiers of Islam doing migration jihad]
    who are instructed to do violence and war
    who are instructed to live aggressively imposing Islam in a world
    which they are told is filthy and needs to be “cleansed”
    after they have paid thousands to people-traffickers.

  11. Senior German constitutional judges declared her actions in opening Germany’s borders ( and the rest of Europe’s too) without consulting Parliament, her party or her people as ILLEGAL!

    Eminent psychologists have observed that she has long since been showing clear indications of megalomania and sociopathic traits in her behaviour.

    Yet she is still permitted to slither off to Ankara at will and sell her countrymen further down the river.

    Surely a nation is not going to fall for want of ridding itself of this childless, Stasi communist, middle aged, frumpy harridan?

    Wake up Germany for God’s sake. When 50,000 Turks take over Cologne
    To demonstrate for their favourite Turkish Tyro ( if they love him so much why don’t they return from whence they came) you must know you are in trouble.

    • Aaaargh! Lose the personal abuse (para 4). It reflects no credit on you, GoV or the antijihad in general, and especially gives ammunition to our opponents on the left. Would you make similar comments about a prominent male politician?

  12. Love that your banner shows her wearing green – just like the evil Hillary Clinton was wearing when she spoke those hateful words. But when are the Germans going to get rid of this evil woman?

  13. I am sure Time will give her another front page cover for standing for her principles.
    – She also does not appear to have any particular reason to care. Who is there to replace her? Sigmar Gabriel?

  14. Well, mad Merkel, it may be “all the same to you” but it is definitely NOT “all the same” for us. The native German people must rid themselves of this traitorous witch.

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