Data Points

On November 24, 2015 a Turkish F-16 shot down a Russian Su-24 supersonic tactical bomber over either Syria (the Russian version) or Turkey (the Turkish version). The crew ejected from the Russian aircraft, and one of them met a horrible fate when he parachuted into the hands of the mujahideen of a Turkmen militia in Syria.

As might be expected, the Russian government objected vehemently to what the Turks had done, and demanded that the Turkish government make amends. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was defiant, however, and responded belligerently to Russia’s communications. He continued with his customary bombast and braggadocio for months afterwards.

As I followed these events in the news, I assumed that Turkey would eventually pay a price for its actions. Russia does not let that sort of attack go unanswered, especially one that is carried out by a less powerful adversary. But the Russians were (and are) patient and thorough, and I knew they would wait until the moment was right to exact their revenge on the strutting popinjay of Anatolia.

Mr. Erdogan continued in the same vein until the middle of the following June, when he suddenly changed his tune. Without any prior indication of contrition, on June 27, 2016 he made a groveling apology to Russia, obsequiously asking forgiveness for Turkey’s “mistake”.

A few days before the Turkish president said sorry, the Russian government had cut off all flights across the Black Sea to Turkey. The Anatolian beach resorts were favored destinations for Russian holidaymakers during the summer months, so this was a significant move. The Russian government also advised any of its citizens who were in Turkey to leave.

For his part, Mr. Putin declined to accept Mr. Erdogan’s apology. He said that unfortunately, an apology was not enough, and that Turkey needed to experience harsher consequences.

At that point I said to Vlad: “Holy [excrement]! Putin is about to do something to Turkey — wait and see!”

It was one of those rare occasions when, after putting a lot of data points together, I went out on a limb and made a specific prediction, on the record, with Vlad as my witness.

On June 28, 2016 — the very next day — a group of mujahideen carried out a suicide bombing attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. 45 people were killed and more than 200 others wounded. Vladimir Putin expressed his sincerest condolences to the citizens of Turkey for the horrible tragedy that had befallen them.

Strangely enough, no terror group ever claimed credit for the attack. The attackers were eventually identified, and they hailed from the “stans” — Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Their atrocity may have been organized and coordinated by Chechen terrorists.

The FSB, continuing the work of its Soviet-era KGB predecessors, is known to have thoroughly penetrated all the terrorist networks in that part of Central Asia.

All of the above data points led me to conclude that Vladimir Putin had ordered the hit on the airport in Istanbul. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a fact, regardless of whether it can ever be proven.

Turkey was required to experience harsh consequences for shooting down a Russian jet, and it did. Afterwards Mr. Putin and Mr. Erdogan shook hands and made up. Cordial relations between the two countries were re-established.

And you can bet that Turkey will never, ever shoot down another Russian jet, not as long as Recep Tayyip Erdogan is in power.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I wrote the above recap of what happened eight years ago as a preface to the events of March 22, 2024. I assume that readers know the general outline of what happened at Crocus City Hall last Friday, so I won’t give a detailed account of the attack and its aftermath.

Here are some relevant data points that I have observed:

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Inflection Point: Biden Administration Must Pander to the Muslim Vote

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Inflection Point: Biden Administration Must Pander to the Muslim Vote

by Clare M. Lopez

Topping the list this month has to be the Biden administration’s desperate outreach to Michigan Muslims in a must-win state it fears he may lose over his support of Israel. In early February 2024, Biden’s White House sent a clutch of senior officials to Michigan to listen to the foreign policy demands of Muslim voters there. No evidence the Biden admin’s groveling swayed any of Michigan’s Muslim electorate, but its shameful public appeasement certainly showed our ally Israel — and the rest of the world, friends and enemies alike — what its pledges of friendship really mean.

  • [Editor’s Note — A former French President expressed support for Israel, but retracted it after one of his ministers pointed out the fact that France has a lot of Muslim residents and expressing support for Israel was no longer smart as a matter of domestic politics. It appears the Democrat Party in the U.S. has reached the same inflection point.]

Biden is sending aides to Michigan to see Arab American and Muslim leaders over the Israel-Hamas war” by JOEY CAPPELLETTI, AAMER MADHANI and SEUNG MIN KIM at the Associated Press/ABC 8 News, February 7, 2024

“Top Biden Official Panders to US-Arab Leaders in Closed-Door Meeting, Says He Has ‘No Confidence’ in Israeli Government” by Margaret Flavin at Gateway Pundit, February 10, 2024

“In Private Remarks to Arab Americans, Biden Aide Expresses Regrets on Gaza” by Reid J. Epstein and Erica L. Green at the New York Times, February 9, 2024

“KASSAM: Biden’s White House is Outsourcing Foreign Policy to Michigan’s Muslim Leaders” by Raheem Kassam at National Pulse, February 10, 2024

Biden sends delegation to meet with Hamas supporter” by Daniel Greenfield at Israel Today, February 11, 2024

  • And it wasn’t just a “HAMAS supporter” — Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer met with one Osama Siblani who has openly declared his support for HAMAS, Hizballah and other Islamic factions whom he calls “freedom fighters”.

Biden invited Muslim leader who publicly supported terror group Hezbollah to meet with his top aides” by Joe Schoffstall at Fox News, February 8, 2024

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Marry a Child, Beat My Wife, Rape at Will — Allahu Akhbar!

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Marry a Child, Beat My Wife, Rape at Will — Allahu Akhbar!

by Clare M. Lopez

“Muslim 13-year-old girl forced to marry 29-year-old, ‘A girl can’t say no. It’s against our culture.’” by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, February 20, 2024

  • The heart breaks watching this little 13-year-old girl, who ought to be looking forward to high school, instead wiping away tears as she tells us about her forced marriage to a 29-year-old man.

“France: A Syrian man who has been living in France since 2019 is being tried for terrorising his family by, among other things, beating his wife if tea is not served quickly. He admits to the judge over his interpreter: “In Syria, you can beat… you can do anything” at Medforth, February 8, 2024

  • This one’s about a Syrian Muslim on trial in France for multiple charges of domestic abuse. First, he lies; but then he seems genuinely surprised that in civilized society, it’s actually against the law to beat your wife and children. Marriage for love and love of one’s children is obviously a concept entirely missing from this man’s Islamic life experience before coming to France.

“Family who left arranged marriage bride in vegetative state by ‘dousing her with chemicals’ and ‘force-feeding her pills’ are jailed” by Dan Grennan at the Daily Mail, February 14, 2024

  • This poor woman, forcibly married in Pakistan, brought to the UK by her family, was horrifically abused. Her husband, father-and-mother-in-law, brother-and-sister-in-law all participated in the abuse, were found guilty and sentenced to prison… but it was too late for the unfortunate wife, who’s been left in a vegetative state. All perfectly legal under sharia.

“Women in Northeast Iran Province Barred From Exercising in Parks” at, February 6, 2024

  • This was the ruling of a provincial Director General for Sports in Iran, who decreed women could exercise in certain designated areas only. All supposedly to “protect” them from the predations of Muslim men, who will never be held responsible for their own behavior.

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Why Does Islam Abuse Women? — It’s the Doctrine, Stupid!

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Why Does Islam Abuse Women? — It’s the Doctrine, Stupid!

by Clare M. Lopez

Details about the sexual atrocities that HAMAS jihadis perpetrated and self-filmed with glee keep emerging, each more horrific than the last. Even the New York Times is now reporting results of its two-month investigation, including the unspeakable acts of rape, mutilation, torture, and murder committed by these savages. What they too often omit, however, is that it’s all sanctioned as legitimate under Islamic Law (sharia).

What Hamas Did to the Girls and Women in Gaza” by Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page Magazine, January 4, 2024

BEATEN & TORTURED: Bloodied Faces of Karina, 19, Daniela, 19 Agam, 19 Liri, 18 Hamas Hostages” by Dr. Rich Swier, January 9, 2024. Citation from United With Israel, January 8, 2024

“Does Islamic Law Sanction Hamas’ Rape of Captives?” by Robert Spencer at PJ Media, January 19, 2024

  • Here, Robert cites the UK’s Guardian, which not only reported about the mass rape of Israeli captives by HAMAS in the October 7 Shabbat Massacre and after, but noted that captured HAMAS jihadis told Israeli interrogators they were actually instructed to commit such sexual abuse and additionally referred to Qur’anic justification for it (Q 4:3). Read both pieces—they are both revealing and instructive.

The horrors for women living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan never end.

“UN Mission Says Taliban Putting Afghan Women In Prison For Protection From Violence” by RFE/RFL, December 14, 2024

  • Violence by whom? Under sharia, it doesn’t matter: it’s the woman’s fault. Taliban is claiming it’s putting Afghan women in prison for their own protection—after having closed all the state protection centers for women, saying those are “a Western concept”.

Christian Women Forced to Wear Islamic Dress in Afghanistan” at, January 8, 2024

The Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is cracking down on all women — Muslim, Christian, or any other faith — who appear in public without being completely covered up either in a ‘proper’ hijab or full mobile tent burqa.

Islamic rule in Iran continues to brutalize women and girls, too. Dr. Rich Swier calls out feminist and other leftist groups whose silence in the face of such abuse is despicable.

“Iran’s Islamic Regime WHIPS Young Woman 74 Times For Not Covering Her Beautiful Hair in Public” at Dr. Rich Swier, citing the Jerusalem Post, “Kurdish-Iranian woman whipped 74 times for not wearing hijab” by Tzvi Joffre, January 7, 2024

  • Woman in Iran gets 74 lashes for ‘public morals’ violation” at AlArabiya News, 7 January 2024

    Interesting to note that Al Arabiya is a Saudi-owned media outlet based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This piece cites an Iranian source who says the whipping penalty was carried out “in accordance…with shariah”.

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Islam: Abolition of Civilisation, Part II

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir sends this follow-up to last week’s essay about Islam.

Islam: Abolition of Civilisation (Part II)

by The Kafir

In the year 1988, Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was published. Khomeini issued the fatwa. Salman Rushdie was a British citizen. The UK government immediately forced him into hiding, with heavy police protection. The UK had its Muslims. There was no way to know who among them might kill Rushdie. A mob could have come and lynched him. The British knew all this.

If the British knew all this, one might expect they would figure out all the logical things which followed from the affair: Muslims do not respect the West’s concept of free speech, there is no way to find out which Muslim is a potential killer of a blasphemer, and Muslims become mobs for the most outrageous of causes. Therefore, if the UK wanted to keep its free speech rights, it needed to stop Muslim immigration.

In fact, this should have been done by all the Western countries. Instead they opened the gates wider. They even encouraged Muslim immigration, legal and illegal. For example, Tony Blair. And Angela Merkel.

How did the West reach this point? The times when the elites of the most educated, advanced, prosperous, and happy countries of the West want to destroy the countries they are ruling? And the citizenry seem to be just clapping along?

The answer is that in the nineteenth century a man was born named Karl Marx. He confused the masses, and he frightened the elites. He misunderstood the source of wealth, let the masses loose on the elite, and they started making compromises, and now know nothing except making compromises, with anybody who threatens violence.

Burnham understood that Marxism/Communism/Leftism was also the abolition of morality: ‘“Dialectical logic.” Is simply a devise that declares “whatever serves the interest of communist power is true.” (Burnham quoted in the introduction to Suicide of The West, written by Roger Kimball [page 11, Kindle edition]). And the liberals ruling the West are Marxists lite. They know no absolute morality. It is all relative for them. Therefore, they now have different moral laws for different sections of society.

They started with the industrial workers. According to the leftists, the industrial workers are an exploited lot; therefore they are entitled to use violence. Normal laws of morality do not apply to them. They can picket the industrial plant, can wreck it, can even kill the owners. Because they are exploited. The ruling elites gave in. Perhaps they were afraid that if the workers were not allowed to burn down the industrial plant, they might march to parliament building and burn it instead. This was the first exemption from the moral laws granted by the civilized, and it has been downhill ever since. It led to the destruction of industrial plants in the West and rise of the Dependency Class. Work has this profound magical quality that it creates character in the men doing it. Without work, on welfare, Western people lost that character. Word also got around that being a ‘victim’ or ‘oppressed’ gives one exemption from the moral laws. Liberals began manufacturing ‘victim classes’, and people happily joined, because, well, who wants to be burdened with the morality?

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Islam: Abolition of Civilisation

After an extended sabbatical, our Indian correspondent The Kafir returns with an overview of the civilization-destroying ideology that is Islam.

Islam: Abolition of Civilisation

by The Kafir

“Moreover, whatever may be the respective crimes, virtues and deserts of various races, classes and nations, civilized society requires a certain rule and order to hold back from the edge of anarchic savagery where it is always precariously poised. Human beings must have at least a minimum security in life and property, must be able to move through the streets and between the cities, must accept certain common rules in their mutual inter-course, or civilization does not exist. If this necessary order is subverted, the civilization is destroyed, whether the subversion take place from the best or worst of motives, whether or not it is in some supposedly moral sense justified, whether it is carried out by saints or devils. At some point the guardians of a civilization must be prepared to draw the line.” — James Burnham (Suicide of The West, page 227 [Kindle edition])

Human perception is a very strange thing. Man’s mind may have perceived everything needed to visit the moon. But sometimes it may fail to see the most obvious, glaring thing, not for a few moments or days, but for centuries.

What exactly is Islam? A man born in the Arabian city of Mecca around 1400 years ago claimed that he had been contacted by the God who created this world, had been given a book, and had been commanded to preach that man should worship only that God, in formlessness. So far so good.

Each of us believes so many claims by our fellow men. Men are totally free to believe this man also. They are fully entitled to believe that he was a messenger of God, and should worship God the way he said He should be worshipped. There is no problem so far. The world will go about its business, some nations will have good rulers and hence will be rich, others which have not so good rulers will remain poor. There will be aid for the starving.

But that man said something else also. He said that his fellow men had no choice in the matter. They Must either believe that he was a messenger of God, and worship the way he said, or they ‘will have no security in life and property, will not be able to move safely through the streets and between the cities, and his followers are bound by no rules in their mutual intercourse with non-believers.’ (James Burnham paraphrased) That is, he abolished Civilisation. He abolished the moral laws that make Civilisation possible. (Qur’an 8.39, 9.5, 9.29 and hadith Bukhari 1.2.24).

Kafirs have made mistakes in their response to him from the very first day he proclaimed his mission. They did not figure out his true intentions, and they did not even translate his words properly. For example, jihad.

Jihad is variously translated as Holy War, warfare, or just war. But in a war, an army comes, challenges the army of the target country, the two armies fight, and the victorious army gains possession of the country. People start paying taxes to the new government. This is a war. The only way of war between the civilised countries.

Does this happen in jihad? No. From the very first “battle” the Muslims fought, jihad means something else entirely. In jihad, you can attack trade caravans, you can kill non-combatants, you can simply attack a home/village, kill all the men, rape women and sex-enslave them, and enslave children and trade them around like goods; and loot the goods of household. This is sanctioned in the Qur’an, this is sanctioned by the examples of early Muslims, this is sanctioned in hundreds of hadith, and there are whole chapters of sharia manuals devoted to detailing this. The only condition is that you have to share 20% of the looted women, children and goods with the leader of the moment, the Imam/Caliph/Amir.

Does it all sound like a war? This is actually dacoity.

Merriam Webster defines dacoity as “robbery by dacoits — now used in the Indian penal code of robbery by an armed gang of not less than five men” Dacoity is word taken into English from India. The synonym is robbery/loot. The same dictionary defines robbery as “larceny from the person or presence of another by violence or threat.” So the correct translation of jihad is dacoity/robbery. The man made dacoity/robbery lawful against those who did not believe him. He made dacoity/robbery a religious duty.*

And civilisations died. Wherever his followers went, the places they seized, civilisations died. Baghdad or Cordoba are paraded around as examples of Islamic civilisation. That is, Islam is claimed to have established civilisation of its own kind after it has conquered a non-Islamic civilisation. But what are the creations of Baghdad or Cordoba except some translations of Indian/Persian/ Greek texts? Any literature, science, architecture, paintings, roads, canals, dance forms, music, universities? Anything that we take as achievements of a civilisation? In reality, every Muslim kingdom meant only one thing: regular raids on the kafir villages and cities, the killing of men, the looting of women, children and household goods. That is, dacoity.

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China, the Clown State

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan reports on the latest geopolitical news from the Far East.

China, the clown state

by H. Numan

You’re not going to believe me. Recently new corruption scandals have rocked the People’s Republic of China. The commander of the Chinese Rocket Forces disappeared. A bunch of army, navy and air force top commanders also vanished in Nacht und Nebel. That happened a couple of months ago, but now they are all officially charged with corruption. Not just a bit of corruption. Corruption on a scale that baffles even Russians. China is very busy trying to become a superpower. They have the biggest army in the world, the biggest navy in the Pacific… but… it’s of little or no use. It is all falling apart.


Before I continue, two related stories from Thailand. The new Srettha government was planning to allow Chinese police stations in tourist areas. Real People’s Police offices with semi-diplomatic status, where Thai officials would be welcome only on invitation. All to accommodate and support Chinese tourists, of course. What else?

A part of the soft power of China is tourism. Thailand relies heavily — as do many other nations in the region —on Chinese tourists. About one-third of all foreign tourists used to be Chinese. They vanished during and because of the Covid pandemic. Now the pandemic is over, Thailand wants them back. Apparently, at all costs.

That gave the Chinese government a nice opportunity. China is, as we all know, a communist dictatorship. Its citizens cannot freely travel, not in China itself (you need internal passports) and certainly not abroad. Percentage-wise, not that many Chinese can afford to travel abroad, but with +1 billion you have a lot of tourists who can. Most Chinese travel in groups. That’s a pretty common way to travel in Asia anyway, but in China there is another reason. A group is much easier to control than individual travelers. And China can control who gets this pot of gold. Provided they are nice to the Chinese government, that is. For example, micro states in the Pacific who acknowledge Taiwan suddenly didn’t get any tourists. Until they cut formal relations with Taiwan. Then, all of a sudden all ‘problems’ were solved and the flood of tourists came back.

People’s Police stations in Thailand

The Chinese government wanted real Chinese People’s Police stations in Thailand. Once that happened, all restrictions would be lifted. To manage Chinese tourists? Of course! What else? To control Thailand? The very idea! Thailand is an independent country, and proud about it. This created so much of a nationwide outcry that PM Srettha hastily withdrew those plans.

The Kra Canal

We’re not done yet, because China is big. They have more irons in the fire. The next one is ongoing, with a (small) possibility of succeeding. The Kra canal. You all know the most famous canals of the world, being the Panama and Suez canals. Another maritime choke point is the Strait of Malacca. At the moment maritime traffic is at a maximum. Large ships have to make reservations in order to cross it. For China it is of vital importance. All oil and most commerce to and from China has to pass the strait. It’s very easy to block by just about anyone. India, for example, is fortifying the Andaman Isles just to be able to do that. A canal through the narrow part of Thailand in the deep south might solve that problem for China, and give them another route. Which could just as easily be blocked, but now you have two passages to control.

That would be the Kra Canal. That’s a centuries-old dream of Thailand/Siam/Ayutthaya. They always wanted such a canal. However, it’s far more difficult to construct than the Panama canal, so nothing ever happened. Many projects were initiated, but no shovel ever hit the dirt. As long as I have been in Thailand (30 years!) rumors about reviving the Kra canal came and went.

This time the Chinese government is putting a lot of pressure on Thailand to construct one. Money is not an issue. Engineering can be done by the Chinese. We finance it too, on (for China) excellent conditions. Just allow us to build the damn thing!

I doubt very much whether it will ever happen. Singapore isn’t exactly thrilled to see half of their maritime trade sail away. A small state, to be sure, but with a lot of commercial power. America won’t be overjoyed either. Biden or Trump doesn’t matter. A Kra canal is not in the interests of America.

Another problem that will rear its ugly head: the revolting southern muslim provinces. They are located exactly on the other side of the proposed canal. The first problem will be unruly muslims milking the project for all they can. The second problem is that once the canal is there, independence is no longer a pipe dream. Rather something that almost certainly will happen when those provinces are separated by a huge canal from the mainland. A lot of water will flow through the Chao Phraya before it will happen. If at all.

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Kajal Hindustani: “Jihadis Are Putting a Target Mark on Every Hindu”

The following video from India shows a speech by a Hindu nationalist named Kajal Hindustani. RAIR Foundation has posted this background on the speaker:

In a powerful speech in Kalol, Gujarat, on December 23, Kajal Shingala, popularly known as Kajal Hindustani, addressed a crowd of Hindus and emphasized the importance of unity against Muslim jihadis. Her speech resonated with the audience, urging Hindus to stand up for themselves and their country. However, Kajal Hindustani’s journey as a vocal advocate for the rights and well-being of the Hindu community has been fraught with controversy and threats by Muslim jihadis and their left-wing enablers.

Read the full story at RAIR.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Justice For Saman

In the spring of 2021 a young Pakistani woman named Saman Abbas disappeared from Novellara in Italy, and was assumed to have been “honor-killed” by her parents and male relatives. Months afterwards her body was found. Saman’s father and mother fled to Pakistan. In the meantime, her uncle and two cousins were arrested in various European countries.

Investigators had concluded that Saman’s uncle Danish was the one who actually killed her, but in his testimony in court, Danish denied committing the act, and placed the blame elsewhere: on Saman’s mother.

Italian prosecutors attempted to extradite Shabbar Abbas, Saman’s father, from Pakistan, and eventually succeeded. The following article doesn’t mention whether Saman’s mother was also extradited, so it’s possible that she was being tried in absentia.

The Criminal Court in Reggio Emilia has now handed down a verdict. Finally, after more than two and a half years, there is justice for Saman — of a sort. By European standards, the sentences imposed were stiff: the parents got life. But the cousins got off scot-free.

If it had happened in Sweden or Germany, the court would probably have treated the parents much more leniently, taking into account the “cultural differences” that made them believe that what they did was not a crime (which it wasn’t, not under Islamic law, but that’s a whole different story). In Sweden they would have probably gotten off with a couple of years in a comfortable prison with racquetball facilities, and then some hours of community service.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Il Sole 24 Ore:

Life imprisonment for the parents of Saman, 14 years for the uncle, cousins acquitted

No compensation for the brother and boyfriend of Saman, both civil parties in the trial of the death of the 18-year-old.

December 19, 2023

Life imprisonment for the father, Shabbar Abbas, and for the mother, Nazia Shaheen. Fourteen years for the uncle, Danish Hasnain. The cousins Ibrahim Ijaz and Nomanhulaq were acquitted and ordered released immediately. The criminal court of Reggio Emilia ruled in the Saman Abbas (18) murder trial after almost five hours of deliberations.

No compensation for the brother and boyfriend of Saman, both of whom were civil parties in the trial for the death of the 18-year-old. It emerges from the ruling by the Reggio Emilia Criminal Court that the parents are sentenced to life imprisonment, fourteen years for the uncle, while acquitting the two cousins. Compensations are instead granted to associations for violence against women (€25,000 each), to the Islamic ones (€10,000), to the Union of Lower Reggio Municipalities (€30,000) and the municipality of Novellara (€50,000).

Previous posts about the honor killing of Saman Abbas:

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The Puir Wee Afghan Bairns Arrive in Leipzig

As I reported last month, the government of Pakistan decided to deport more than a million illegal Afghan immigrants, due to the increase in suicide bombings in the areas where the Afghans reside. Sympathetic migrant-welcoming Germans lobbied to get the puir wee Afghan bairns accepted in Germany, and now the first tranche of new Afghan “refugees” has begun to arrive.

The article below refers to the government’s “obligation to protect Afghans”. But what about its obligation to protect native Germans from Afghans?

Oh, right, I forgot: no such obligation exists. Only “refugees” have rights.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Die Zeit:

Migration: 188 Afghans travel to Germany from Pakistan with promise of acceptance

The federal government wants to protect Afghans from mass deportations from Pakistan. 188 of them are now scheduled to arrive in Leipzig, and more could follow.

December 7, 2023

With a promise of acceptance in Germany, 188 Afghans from Pakistan have been flown to Leipzig. That was learned by the DPA News Agency from circles within the German embassy in the capital Islamabad. It is the first large charter flight from Pakistan with admitted Afghans in ten months. The majority of people are traveling under the federal admittance program, including former local employees.

The federal government has announced that it wants to protect Afghan refugees from mass deportations from Pakistan with a promise of admittance to Germany. In the beginning of October, the Pakistani government announced that refugees without residence permits would be deported. According to government figures, some 4.4 million Afghan refugees are in the country, 1.7 million of whom are without valid papers.

According to federal government figures, about 11,500 people from Afghanistan who have been promised acceptance are awaiting travel to Germany. Of those, some 3,000 are in Pakistan, 300 in Iran, and more than 8,000 in Afghanistan. Since the end of June, 573 have actually traveled to Germany. Relatives of Afghan journalists and activists have been criticizing the federal government for a long time for failing in its obligation to protect Afghans.

Among those eligible to enter the country, 572 also have a promise of acceptance under the federal admittance program. Through the federal admittance program, Afghans especially in danger due to their work for women’s and human rights or through their activity can come to Germany. The program would accommodate 1,000 Afghan women and men per month.

Muslim Subjugation of Women is the Same the World Over

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Muslim Subjugation of Women is the Same the World Over

by Clare M. Lopez

This month, we include follow-up on the unspeakable atrocities HAMAS jihadis inflicted on Jewish women and girls on 7 October 2023 during the Shabbat Massacre. Including also a few other reports from elsewhere in the world, including Western Europe and right here in the USA.

First, a 5 November 2023 Twitter/X posting from a woman identified as a “Female Islamic Scholar” on the permissibility of taking sex slaves from among non-Muslims and raping them. In this way, they attempt to justify rape during the Shabbat Massacre.

[See the original post for embedded video.]

Hamas Targeted Israeli Women With Rape and Unspeakable Atrocities, Israelis Say” by Dan M. Berger at Epoch Times, 11/16/2023

“Kingwood teen allegedly beat, choked by own mother for not wearing hijab in social media post” by Bryce Newberry at, October 4, 2023.

This took place near Houston, Texas.

“Pakistan: Abducted and Forcibly Married Christian Girls Seek Justice in Courts” by Marco Respinti at, October 24, 2023

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“It Will Be a Massacre of Millions of People”

I first started researching Tablighi Jamaat almost eighteen years ago, in December of 2005. That was not long after I began investigating Jamaat ul-Fuqra. The results of web searches for both organizations overlapped, due to the commonality of the word “Jamaat” — that’s how I found Tablighi Jamaat.

[“Jamaat” means “community”, or “group”, or “association”. Jamaat ul-Fuqra is the “community of the impoverished”, while Tablighi Jamaat means, roughly, “association of preachers”.]

Back then Tablighi used to skate by without being declared a terrorist group, because it never engaged in any of the wetwork itself. It was billed as an educational group, and the bombing and throat-slitting were always done by some other outfit — Jamaat ul-Fuqra, Al Qaeda, and some years later the Islamic State.

Based on the following investigative report from Italy, Tablighi Jamaat is now a rising star in the world of Islamic supremacism. It is unabashed in its assertion that Islam will eventually conquer Rome and other infidel lands, and that the conquest will require a massive amount of bloodshed.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Jihad in Spain

Pakistanis are currently crossing the southern border of the USA, along with innumerable additional “refugees” from China, Nigeria, Yemen, Bangladesh, and other wonderful multicultural paradises. Interestingly enough, Spain is also seeing a culture-enriching influx of Pakis. Must be something in the air…

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Pais:

14 detained for Islamist radicalization in macro-raid in six provinces in Spain

The arrestees, of Pakistani origin, joined six other arrestees for jihadism since the war broke out in Gaza.

by Patricia Ortega Dolz
November 7, 2023

A macro-raid staged by the General Commissariat of Investigation (CGI) of the National Police on Tuesday resulted in 14 arrests in several provinces in Spain: seven in Barcelona, one in Lleida, one in Malaga, two in Gipuzkoa, two more in Valencia, and one in Logroño. The arrestees are primarily of Pakistani origin, and presumably, were radicalized and adhered to a fundamentalist interpretation of the Koran, the sacred book of Islam, confirm sources within the investigation, which remains open and began months ago. At the moment, pending the arrestees appearing in court, more details on this operation are not known.

Since the war in the Middle East began a month ago, after the Hamas attack and the response from Israel with its bombardments and later incursion into Gaza, police operations have taken place in Spain, while the terror alert level has risen to 4 (out of 5), in the face of possible jihadist attacks such as those that occurred precisely in these past weeks in France and Belgium. In connection with the latter, on October 27 police also detained Kamal Afoullah in Belhavis (Malaga), a Belgian citizen of Moroccan origin (51) whom Brussels authorities have linked with Abdesalem Lassoued, the perpetrator of the jihadist attack in Brussels that cost the lives of two Swedish football fans in the Belgian capital on October 16.

On October 20, agents of the CGI also detained four other youths, among them a converted couple in the localities of Huetor-Tajar (Granada), Cubelles (Barcelona), Madrid, and Toledo. The arrestees are accused of “self-indoctrination with terrorist purposes, indoctrination of third parties, and glorification of terrorism,” according to police sources.

That same day and prior to the escalation of violence in the Middle East, the acting minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, convened and presided over a meeting on October 20 with the representatives of the parliamentary groups with the objective of communicating to them the results of the meeting of the Terrorist Threat Evaluation Board, held days before, as well as the conclusions of the material addressed by the interior ministers of the 27 member states of the EU in the meeting just held in Luxembourg.

Finally, on November 3, it was made known that a young Moroccan, Said B., (25) residing in Terrassa with his family, was detained and accused of encouragement to commit terrorist attacks in Spain and for being especially combative against the Jewish community and the LGBTQ collective. Police sources revealed that he was very active on TikTok social media, where he amassed 370,000 followers.

Taliban? Fine With Us!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Apollo News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

No Ban on Activity

Interior Ministry makes it clear: Taliban are not banned in Germany

Most recently, Taliban supporters marched unmolested through German cities with the flags of the Afghan terrorist militia. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has now confirmed to Apollo News: The Taliban are neither banned nor banned from operating in Germany.

Flags of the Taliban and other jihadist groups have been waved several times in recent weeks at pro-Palestinian demonstrations. Police intervention? None. Instead, they often say that they don’t see anything illegal. And in fact: the notorious Afghan terrorist group is nowhere to be found in the list of banned organizations.

Now, at the request of Apollo News, the Federal Ministry of the Interior is making it clear: The Taliban are permitted as an organization in Germany. It is therefore legal for Taliban supporters to march through German streets. A spokeswoman for the ministry explained: “The Taliban or the self-proclaimed ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ are not banned as an organization in Germany. There is also no ban on activity.” [It’s that the reason why Muslims can kill Germans without serious repercussions, because the German government allows it? Hang them ALL.]

German soldiers fought against terrorist group — in Germany they are allowed

A total of 62 German soldiers died fighting the Islamist terrorist group in Afghanistan. The group is not only closely linked to the equally notorious terrorist organization Al Qaeda, but has also carried out countless terrorist attacks on both civilians and soldiers — often with suicide bombers or car bombs. In Germany there is still no reason to prevent marches and organization of the group. The Federal Ministry of the Interior does not mention any further steps — so apparently nothing will change.

In response to our question about what preconditions were missing for a ban, the ministry only referred generally to the legal situation. The Interior Ministry did not respond specifically to a question about the possible ban on the Taliban flag — but since the Taliban are not banned, the neither is flag.

What may sound unthinkable to many is actually a bitter reality: even more than twenty years after the terrorist attacks on September 11, the Taliban are legal in Germany. They can march undisturbed in Germany and celebrate the war against Israel and Jews with their flags.

Afterword from the translator:

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