Desiderata For Our Time

A few inspirational thoughts from our English correspondent Seneca III for this, the Winter of Our Discontent.

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Desiderata For Our Time
by Seneca III

Go with stout heart amid the noise and turmoil, and remember what peace there may be in victory. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with your own and forgive them their timidity for they do not understand what is upon them.

Give neither time nor succour to those loud and aggressive people who are inimical towards you; they are vexatious to the spirit and a threat to your person. If you compare yourself with them you waste your days in needless introspection.

Enjoy your achievements and those of your forebears, and stay true to your past. Keep yourself interested in your freedom, however demanding; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your governance, for those who would presume to govern can often be full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtues there are amongst your own; many people strive for high ideals, and everywhere the lives of your brothers and sisters are full of quiet heroism.

Speak truth unto tyrants and listen to others who do the same. Speak of this even to those of your gentle neighbours who stand confused amidst the tumult; they did not ask to be defenestrated and consumed in an inferno of treachery.

Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection for those who hold none for you. Neither be cynical about your love for your own; they who do not possess this gift are in all their aridity and disenchantment as sterile as the sands of their deserts.

Take wisely the council of the years, gracefully surrendering the naivety of youth; it is not ordained that your bloodline be scoured from the pages of history nor that your lives and livelihoods be torn asunder on a rack of barbarism.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/31/2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that she expects the “refugees” from Syria and Iraq to return home once their countries are at peace again, carrying with them the skills and knowledge they have acquired during their stay in Germany. Meanwhile, the latest polls shows that her party, the CDU, has lost an additional two percent in its approval rating with voters.

In other news, the kinetic activists of Boko Haram attacked a village near Maiduguri in Nigeria, killing scores of people and burning the village to the ground. The incident had nothing to do with Islam.

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What Did You Go Out to See? A Reed Shaken by the Wind?

The video below was on today’s Larwyn’s Links*, a page moderated by Director Blue. LL is a compendium of news stories from a wide range of sites. Every time I visit the page I read some new site he’s found or that’s been sent to him. DB is often more varied than the Drudge Report, but one goes to Drudge for different reasons.

This video is two weeks old, so no breaking news. It’s short but definitely worth your time for the obvious lessons learned:

Apparently, the pro-immigration Dutch jornolists got mugged by Reality.

The Baron pointed out that at least one of these idiots jornolists appears to be wearing a keffiyeh. Was that supposed to be for protection? As in “See? Palestinian signage here. We’re in solidarity with you.” But it was of no help as an amulet or as codespeak for “We friends. We come in peace.” As if anyone in the Calais Jungle gives a fig for Palestine, while on the other side, the visitors from Outside obviously think all Muslims are alike. It’s amazing these reporters are allowed to move about without supervision.

Of course, that scarf may have just been fashionable lefty attire, like a Che t-shirt.

At least one of them was meat a woman. Using her Dutch mode-Western habits of categorizing, she may have may have thought (using the word loosely) that being a woman kept her safe. Welcome to the brave new Islamic jungle, ma petite.

Just a small lesson on the road to Reality for these Dutch jornos, eh? There are thousands more small blips yet to encounter if they can keep their heads about them.

Given the admittedly brief evidence of this sojourn into the immigrants’ space, it would appear that such intrepid investigators would be able to learn quickly from experience. Once they were safely back in the Netherlands I doubt they rejoiced at their safety and then set out to join the PVV in solidarity against further immigration for violent thugs. Nope. They will simply stay in their safe white ethnic enclave, grateful to have all their body parts still intact.

One wonders what the learning level is for the willfully blind members of the elite. Would it have to be as grievous as missing body parts or genital violation for the message to penetrate? The message being, of course, that “We are not like you. Just because we want to invade your country and take over your space doesn’t mean you have anything else to offer us. Except perhaps your wallet and underage girls.”

Indeed, the carapace acquired through life-long indoctrination about the importance of good intentions has made Leftists like these two impervious to novel information that goes against their Consensus indoctrination.

A question for our readers who actually have to encounter the everyday well-meaning idjit: what do y’all think it would take in terms of personal experience to change the average programmed mind in Europe or Canada or the U.S.? The post-Breivik era in Norway left me pessimistic about broad change in politically correct totalitarian states where “niceness” and “tolerance” are the greatest virtues.

In other words, what does your own experience tell you about what your fellow citizens are likely to do, say, or believe after a confrontation of this sort? What tipping point would finally make them sound the alarm? What is their Achilles’ Heel? What scares the bejayzus out of them besides right-wing loopies?

In a Theodore Dalrymple book I read some years ago, he remarked on the fact that the patients he saw were generally drawn from the bottom of the gene pool in terms of education or upbringing. But to a man (this was a prison population) they prided themselves on their tolerance. For them the ultimate insult and shame would be the tar brush of racism. That’s pathetic.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Here’s the information accompanying the video above [my emphasis in italics]:

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Pat Shea, CEO of the YWCA, Betrays Women and Puts on a Hijab

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #193 — Pat Shea, CEO of the YWCA Betrays Women and Puts on a Hijab

Some women say their hijab represents religiously mandated modesty.

Some women say their hijab is a political statement.

Some women say they are forced to wear a hijab.

Pat Shea, a non-Muslim, voluntarily put on a hijab during a mosque sermon on “Domestic Violence/Compassionate & Honorable Treatment Towards Women in Islam.”

Pat Shea is the YWCA CEO and operates the largest domestic violence shelter in the state of Tennessee. Does Shea know that the hijab is a source of violence to Muslim women worldwide and in the U.S?

Muslim women have been killed for refusing to wear a hijab. For example:

  • 2007 — Canada, murder of 16 year old Aqsa Parvez choked to death by her father with the hijab she refused to wear
  • 2014 — in Somalia, woman murdered for refusing to veil
  • 2015 — Iraq, five women stoned to death for not wearing a hijab
  • 2015 — India, father kills his four year old daughter for not wearing a hijab at dinner

January 2015, a non-Muslim woman living in Muslim-majority Bangladesh murdered for not wearing a hijab

Muslim women have been threatened with violence for not wearing a hijab. For example:

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Is There a Partition in Sweden’s Future?

Our Indian correspondent Krutya sends his observations about the European “refugee” crisis, and specifically the situation in Sweden. He includes a series of questions about the problems associated with Muslim integration in the West, and invites input from Gates of Vienna readers.

Sweden’s Refugee/Immigration Challenge

It may go the way India went in 1947: to partition

by Krutya

I read the news from Sweden and other European nations, and I want to help, but I do not know how. I feel very badly for Sweden’s immigration/refugee crisis. No country that opens its doors to the refugees should be punished for its generosity by the same people whom it embraces.

The refugees from war-torn, impoverished nations of Middle East, North Africa and Arab nations pouring into Europe is a major challenge to the original inhabitants of Europe. I am going to avoid all political correctness.

A point of clarification: While Islam is practised the world over, the major problems seem to come from the Arab and Middle Eastern cultures, whose influence has been felt in Africa and other parts of the world. While my questions are about the Muslim population, I am primarily focusing on the Muslims from these Arab, Middle Eastern and African nations.

I am an Indian and I would like to believe I am as liberal and rational as the other person. What is my interest in Sweden’s refugee/immigration debate? Simple: I want every nation to maintain its unique cultural heritage proudly. That’s what makes the Earth interesting and livable. I have never visited Sweden, but those Scandinavian and some European nations are among the best nations to live in. While it may be futile to replicate their economic standard of living, perhaps every country could imbibe some of their values of social welfare, the rule of law, health care, education and a measure of broad-mindedness. If such open societies were to absorb sizeable populations from a society that is closed, regressive and sometimes incompatible with modernity, these accommodating cultures will experience a threat to their existence. Sweden has to only look at India to understand the influence Islam has had on its history.

The India that the British ruled included India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Up until 1000 AD, the Indian subcontinent was largely Hindu with sizeable populations of Jains, Buddhists and followers of animism. In 1000 AD the Islamic invaders from Arab and Middle East began to make successful forays into India, eventually ruling India for 850 years.

By 1947 the Hindu population was reduced to 68% of the Subcontinent. Muslims were 24% of the population. The Muslims convinced themselves that under a united India, Muslims would be under threat from the Hindu majority, and that they might lose their religious and cultural identity. Mind you, it was Muslim invaders from the Middle East and Arabia who invaded India, destroyed Hindu temples, and erected Grand Mosques upon the foundation of these Hindu and Jain temples, stamping their victory on the pagans and idolaters and violently converting the local populace.

After the Muslims dynasties had ruled India for 850, years until the 1850s, in 1947 they thought they were under threat from a Hindu India. Not all Muslims were convinced by such an explanation, but a large number were. Even though they were culturally Indian, the Muslims who migrated to Pakistan related to the Arab culture. The native, ethnic Indian culture is all but dead in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In the Indian subcontinent, the population of Hindus decreased from 68% in 1947 to 61% in 2015. During the same time, the Muslim population in the subcontinent increased from 24% in 1947 to 33% in 2015. In India we have 172 million Muslims, as compared to 191 million Muslims in Pakistan and 153 million in Bangladesh. Hindus are almost extinct in Pakistan and are down to less than 10% in Bangladesh. Hindu culture is destroyed in Pakistan and under constant threat in Bangladesh.

In India, Islam was introduced by the sword, with bloodshed, looting, rape and pillage. While that may be the way armies behaved in the medieval world, Islam’s spread in India has been terribly violent, to put it very mildly.

Islam as we know it was never a spiritual path, but a political statement. In large numbers, Islam shows no mercy towards the other. In small numbers they successfully play the victim and appeal to the same modern values of liberal-mindedness that they so disdain to introduce in Islamic culture. I fear that Sweden may have opened its doors too widely and carelessly without fully knowing the history of Islam’s propensity to violently and totally eliminate the native culture wherever it finds a home.

I am proud of the heritage that I was born into. But I find it distressing that I must be careful in protesting against the sometimes favourable treatment meted out to my Muslim compatriots lest I be labelled a right-wing extremist. True, Muslims have their set of challenges in India, but the problems for them were not created by the Hindu majority. If that were true, how can the growth in proportion of the Muslim population in India from less than 10% to 15% be explained? Why are India’s biggest movie star, its most celebrated music director, its second-richest man and its most-loved President Muslims?

I am disappointed that while I have to follow the Law of the Land, our Muslim citizens have a separate set of civil laws. While such laws were justified in the immediate aftermath of India’s partition, continuing with such laws has no rationale. Suggesting they follow a Uniform Civil Law is shouted down by saying that we are majoritarian, and do not respect a Muslim’s right to practice his tradition. And this is just one of the many examples.

Muslim apologists, ultra-liberals and pseudo-secular “intelligentsia” demand that rich, peaceful, well-developed and liberal European Nations accept more and more immigrants/refugees from the troublesome Muslim nations. These host nations are blameless for the troubles of these Muslim refugees. To demand that they pay for someone else’s mistakes is unreasonable, to put it mildly.

In this communication I hope to put forth my support for Swedish culture, and to pray that it succeeds in maintaining its proud culture and heritage.

As for the refugee/immigrant debate, I present my observations and ask questions for which I would like to know some answers. For ease of comprehension, I have divided them into four categories. Further, I define refugees as those fleeing from atrocities for dear life, while immigrants are moving towards a better life than the miserable one their nation has handed them.

The Commonality of Crisis


1.   Most refugees/immigrants are Muslims from Muslim nations usually running from atrocities committed by other Muslim groups. These groups could be: Terrorist organizations, nations with a majoritarian belief system (such as Sunnis against Shias), kingdoms, ethnically different cultures with animosities between them predating Islam itself.
2.   Most refugees/immigrants are from Arabian, Middle Eastern, or African nations with a distinct Islamic influence.


1.   Why is it that refugees are mostly from Islamic nations?
2.   Are all these Islamic nations so utterly useless in protecting their compatriots and citizens?
3.   If a Muslim is not safe in a Muslim nation among his own Muslim neighbours and citizens, why does he hope for a better life in an Agnostic/Non-Islamic/Christian nation?
4.   If he can’t find peace in a nation that practices Islam — the Religion of Peace — and if he searches for a peaceful life in the Dar-al-Harb or Dar-al-Kufr, is he not being blasphemous?
5.   If Islam can’t foster peace and brotherhood among the millennia old animosities among African and Arab tribes and kingdoms, then how does it claim to be the only path to peace?

The Commonality of a Better Life


1.   These refugees choose a well developed country — such as Sweden, Germany, Canada — that is religiously different, linguistically alien, culturally unimaginable, in the hopes of a better life.


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Does ISIS Have Four Nukes?

The following video and text don’t supply an answer to that question.

The author of the text (which is in German) is purportedly a former member of the Islamic State who wants to warn the West that ISIS possesses four nuclear devices, and plans to use them against the United States, Russia, France, and Germany. What he says may well be a hoax, or more specifically, deliberately planted disinformation to achieve particular political ends. I can think of several Great Powers who would find it useful to disseminate the fiction that ISIS is ready to use nuclear weapons.

However, it could also be true. If it is, you may be sure that the intelligence services of Russia and the major Western powers are well aware of it. As the ISIS defector points out, the West has moles inside the highest levels of the Caliphate.

Before making this video, Vlad and I discussed the pros and cons of whether we should publish this material. After all, it serves the propaganda interests of the Islamic State to have this sort of thing disseminated. On the other hand, if it turns out to be true, and a mushroom cloud were to light up Berlin or Paris next week, we would have been remiss not to have put the information out.

So here it is, but with a huge CAVEAT: We have no idea whether the information given in this video and text is authentic. Listen to it or read it, and make your own best judgment.

The video and pdf were originally published by Netzplanet, which is also unable to confirm the authenticity of the story.

The text read out in the video and the text of the pdf are the same. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/30/2016

Tommy Robinson traveled to Ireland today to meet with Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland in Cork. At a press conference the two men announced that a PEGIDA Ireland chapter would be officially launched next weekend, when simultaneous PEGIDA demonstrations will be held all across Europe. Mr. Robinson, like so many Counterjihad activists from Sydney to Seattle (including at least two here at Schloss Bodissey), is of Irish stock.

In other news, Swedish vigilantes went on a rampage today against immigrant predators in Stockholm’s main railway station. Meanwhile, the National Front and other British patriotic groups were in violent confrontation with pro-immigrant leftists in Dover, where several swastikas were scrawled in blood on the sides of buses.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to AF, C. Cantoni, Dean, Dora, Fjordman, Insubria, JD, Jerry Gordon, Nick, Seneca III, Vlad Tepes, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Sacrificial Virgins

Our Israeli correspondent MC adds a gloomy coda to what was originally intended to be a three-part series.

Sacrificial Virgins
by MC

I was not going to write the fourth part of what otherwise was a trilogy, as its subject is not particularly nice, but events have made it a necessity. Events all across Europe where Muslim morality — or the lack of it — have put more than half our population into abject fear.

Whilst President Obama and his administration are waging non-violent war against Israel, and Swedish dignitaries are playing the old, old game of anti-Semitic blood libel at the behest of foreign (Muslim) relations, they are allowing forced religious prostitution of young girls and women all across Europe, Canada and, one must assume, the US. No cases have yet come out in the US, but one can be sure that the motivation is there, but maybe, just maybe, the thought of an angry father, armed to the teeth, is more than the average ‘brave’ Muslim sex jihadist can contemplate.

Religious prostitution was common in classical times, and the young girls may well have been sold into slavery. We thought these events had been left behind in our history, but think again.

1,400 girls as young as 11 were abandoned to the religious sex trade in Rotherham in the UK by the Religion of Socialism to appease the sexual appetites of the Muslim ‘Religion of Peace’ community for young flesh. The reason: community cohesion and avoidance of ‘peaceful’ violence.

Tell me: is there anything that socialism does not corrupt?

There have so far been no arrests of police or public servants in Rotherham, and I strongly suspect that there will never be any. It would not be individual criminals on trial. It would be socialism itself.

The mass molestation in Cologne has exposed the sheer folly of our EU-centred society, and the emerging North American Union society. That unarmed women cannot protect themselves against unarmed men is a given, and ‘keeping a distance’ is not possible when the males ‘own’ the space that the women have to move through to get to safety.

It is all too easy for three men to remove the clothing of a woman, most of which is elasticated and slips down easily. It then acts as a hobble denying further movements. In a public square or a train station there is no reasonable defence for the lone unarmed victim.

The simple solution is to allow women a weapon, but this is against the religious dogma of socialism where only the almighty god State can authorise its own priesthood with weaponry to ‘protect and serve’ the innocent compliant.

If the will were there, those women would be protected, but the will is elsewhere. There are other needs which must be met, and the women are abandoned to unwilling prostitution; sacrificed on the altar of Political Correctness.

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Asylum Homes in Germany: “Women Are Treated Like Dogs”

The following account from Die Welt tells the story of a Russian woman who sought asylum in Germany along with her daughter. Based on her description, the situation for female refugees in German asylum accommodations is nothing short of horrific.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation :

“Women mean nothing. They’re treated like dogs”

Women are victims of sexual and physical violence in German asylum homes, says one asylum seeker. Natalya G. has lived in multiple asylum homes. They only went to the bathrooms in pairs.

Natalya G. looks like a ballet dancer. She looks strict and girly at the same time with her wide-spaced eyes. G. is a Russian TV reporter. But she got into trouble because of her regime-critical reports. When her daughter, 17, marched at a Moscow peace demonstration, in which she wanted to show her support for Ukraine, she was attacked and injured — quite likely by a police officer.

So in March of last year, G. flew to Hannover with her and filed for asylum in Germany. As she lived in four different homes — three of them with their own management — she realized that she could not feel safe everywhere in Germany. “What women have to endure is terrible,” G. says. “I never thought that such conditions were possible in Germany.”

Today, she is doing well; she was able to fetch her two younger daughters, 11 and 13, from Russia. A family is letting her and her three daughter stay in an apartment in their house, so the four of them now live in Dortmund. Her girls are attending an integration class. “I am very lucky that I can be here in Germany, in safety,” G. says. But it was a difficult start.

Home management did nothing: Absolutely nothing

G.’s first stop with her oldest daughter was Braunschweig. Mind you: Like a lotto jackpot, they were given a room for six people, in which only two more women lived. “Every evening the police came, there were fights between two groups of men the whole time”, G. says. “One of the men was constantly in the women’s bathroom, when I wanted to use it. They would switch with others, as if they were standing guard, and wanted to show: We disregard you, you have nothing to say here.”

G. and her daughter only went to the bathroom together. And never without telling others that they went, so that they could alarm home management in case they didn’t return. “Finally after five days I dared to take a shower”, she says. “I knew it might happen any moment that someone would break the door down.”

G. asked home management: Why aren’t you doing anything? And she got no answer. Her impression: The threat against women was silently accepted. “One evening a man from the security detail came and pushed a 13-year-old girl from Albania into our room and asked us to watch her. The father of the girl is violent towards her mother, and the girl needed protection,” G. says.

“We hid her in our room for the night. I impressed on her the importance of not opening the door for anyone, don’t go to the window, and don’t go to the bathroom. I let her pee into a cup,” she says. She had asked the security officer what was going on with the mother. He only said, “We will see in the morning.”

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/29/2016

“Refugees” at an asylum center in the town of Emmaboda in southeastern Sweden went on a rampage after a staff member refused a request to supply them with candy. The high-spirited youngsters broke windows and caused general mayhem, while the staff were forced to barricade themselves in a room for their own protection.

In other news, a young “British” woman who took her toddler with her to Syria and joined the Islamic State has been convicted of terrorism offenses in Birmingham after returning to England.

To see the headlines and the articles, click “Continue reading” below.

Thanks to AF, C. Cantoni, Insubria, JD, Jerry Gordon, Upananda Brahmachari, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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Geert Wilders in Milan: “We Are Facing an Existential Threat”

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands was one of the participants in a conference hosted by the organization Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF). Below is the statement he gave for the occasion.

Statement by Geert Wilders
Press conference Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF)
Milano, 29 January, 2016

I am extremely happy to be in Milan. Because this is the city which in 2005 awarded the late Oriana Fallaci, a true Italian hero, Milan’s highest award, the Ambrogino d’Oro.

She deserved it. She was one of Italy’s greatest and most courageous women and journalists. Whenever I come to Italy, I do so in honor of her: Oriana Fallaci, whose bravery in warning against the dangers of Islamization I greatly admire. Her book The Force of Reason — La Forza Della Ragione — was one the best books I have ever read. It was published in 2004 and inspired me to start my own political party that same year, a party that today — twelve years later — is by far is the biggest party in all the polls in The Netherlands with almost 30 percent of the votes.

Thank you Italy, thank you Oriana for the inspiration. I am very proud to have been awarded the Oriana Fallaci prize in Rome in 2009.

Today our civilization is still in danger, as a matter of fact worse than ever before. We are facing an existential threat.

You can see it everywhere, in all Western European countries. Our borders have been opened to Islamic mass immigration. And the consequences are terrible.

The costs are gigantic, the attacks horrible and the threat of terrorism has never been higher.

So we need to act.

That is why we are here today in Milan. With a message of strength and unity.

Together with my good friends from Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, the U.K. and other countries we have forged an alliance. An alliance with a historic mission.

Our mission is to save and defend our nations and our Western civilization, built on the legacy of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem. The survival of our freedom, identity and values are at stake.

My colleagues and I, we ring the bells of the revolution. A democratic and peaceful revolution to regain our national sovereignty. To stop the invasion.

To protect our own people, our women, our culture. We have to become the masters again of our own borders, our own budgets, our own destiny.

Our mission is to do what our governments fail to do. We say: Basta! Finita la commedia!

And there is good news. Ever more people – millions of people – join us. A patriot spring is on its way. The European elites are running our nations into the ground. We will not allow that. We will not accept that. The people will not accept that. The people will resist that.

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Facebook Blocks Anti-Semitic Content — Kind Of

The following report from Israel discusses the strange way that Facebook handles anti-Semitic content. If you are accessing the social media site from an Israeli profile, the Jew-hating material will not be visible. However, outside Israel, such pages are clearly accessible.

Facebook denies taking any specific selective action to block such content in Israel. Is it simply a default setting when an Israeli profile is set up? The answer is not clear.

Many thanks to D@rLin|{ for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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A Gaggle of Geese, An Incompetence of Leaders

In this new video Bill Whittle points out the danger we face as a country. He doesn’t say so, but it is the same problem many other Western countries face: we have a deep incompetence of leaders across the political spectrum.

This is the first example I’ve seen of a commentator who refused to sink into the mud of invective and name-calling. Thank God there is one remaining.

Otherwise, the utterances of soi-disant “Conservative” talking heads regarding Donald Trump are sickening. Literally so. Diana West published an abecedary of samples of invective that these self-important luminaries have used in their frantic attempt to push back against the rising tide of Trump supporters.

Diana’s list gets about half-way through the alphabet, but she terms it “a work in progress”. Had I the stomach for the job, I’d help dig up some of the letters further down the alphabet, but it’s too dispiriting to watch them move to the dark side once again, as they did with Diana, in their efforts to bring down someone who scares them. Her list so far makes all too clear the sad fact that they’ve again abandoned a fundamental principle of conservatism, i.e., no matter what the provocation, vile invective has no has a place in Conservative rhetoric:

The Big Conservative Dictionary of Donald Trump

The fun part about The Big Conservative Dictionary of Donald Trump is that it is brought to you by those erudite conservatives who, some even between birthing the stink bombs below, endlessly deplore crudeness and “tone” in simply scads of elevating sermons and television lecture-bytes. (See “Rudeness Is not a Conservative Value,” “Against Trump,” etc.)

Here we go — so far.

Then comes the first clod of dirt, this one in a Tweet by one Rick Wilson, a GOP consultant and erstwhile talking head on cable news. He is directing this odious call-out to Anne Coulter. The whole of the Tweet reads:

@Anne Coulter Does Trump pay you more for anal?

Erudite fellow, eh? That scatological insult — sans a whit of real criticism — was right at the level of emails we used to get from Swedish professors during the Breivik aftermath. I never thought to ever see this level of crudity displayed by a purported Conservative in this country.

[Because it works so well in American language usage, from now on let’s just call each of these lads who betray their principles in support of a good cause — because they’ve accepted the Marxist rule about what is justified by ends — let’s say each is a “purported Conservative”, or pC for short.]

Wait. They’re not done with ‘A’ yet:

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German Police: “Your Daughter is a Liar”

The video below shows excerpts from an interview with the lawyer for the family of Lisa, the ethnic Russian 13-year-old living in Germany who says she was abducted and raped by migrants.

What is notable about this case is the assertion by the police that no crime had been committed, apparently without any forensic medical examination of the girl. It should have been fairly easy to determine whether or not she had engaged in recent sexual activity. If she had, that is evidence of a crime, regardless of her “consent”. Or it would be in this country; I’m not sure what the age of consent is in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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