What Did You Go Out to See? A Reed Shaken by the Wind?

The video below was on today’s Larwyn’s Links*, a page moderated by Director Blue. LL is a compendium of news stories from a wide range of sites. Every time I visit the page I read some new site he’s found or that’s been sent to him. DB is often more varied than the Drudge Report, but one goes to Drudge for different reasons.

This video is two weeks old, so no breaking news. It’s short but definitely worth your time for the obvious lessons learned:

Apparently, the pro-immigration Dutch jornolists got mugged by Reality.

The Baron pointed out that at least one of these idiots jornolists appears to be wearing a keffiyeh. Was that supposed to be for protection? As in “See? Palestinian signage here. We’re in solidarity with you.” But it was of no help as an amulet or as codespeak for “We friends. We come in peace.” As if anyone in the Calais Jungle gives a fig for Palestine, while on the other side, the visitors from Outside obviously think all Muslims are alike. It’s amazing these reporters are allowed to move about without supervision.

Of course, that scarf may have just been fashionable lefty attire, like a Che t-shirt.

At least one of them was meat a woman. Using her Dutch mode-Western habits of categorizing, she may have may have thought (using the word loosely) that being a woman kept her safe. Welcome to the brave new Islamic jungle, ma petite.

Just a small lesson on the road to Reality for these Dutch jornos, eh? There are thousands more small blips yet to encounter if they can keep their heads about them.

Given the admittedly brief evidence of this sojourn into the immigrants’ space, it would appear that such intrepid investigators would be able to learn quickly from experience. Once they were safely back in the Netherlands I doubt they rejoiced at their safety and then set out to join the PVV in solidarity against further immigration for violent thugs. Nope. They will simply stay in their safe white ethnic enclave, grateful to have all their body parts still intact.

One wonders what the learning level is for the willfully blind members of the elite. Would it have to be as grievous as missing body parts or genital violation for the message to penetrate? The message being, of course, that “We are not like you. Just because we want to invade your country and take over your space doesn’t mean you have anything else to offer us. Except perhaps your wallet and underage girls.”

Indeed, the carapace acquired through life-long indoctrination about the importance of good intentions has made Leftists like these two impervious to novel information that goes against their Consensus indoctrination.

A question for our readers who actually have to encounter the everyday well-meaning idjit: what do y’all think it would take in terms of personal experience to change the average programmed mind in Europe or Canada or the U.S.? The post-Breivik era in Norway left me pessimistic about broad change in politically correct totalitarian states where “niceness” and “tolerance” are the greatest virtues.

In other words, what does your own experience tell you about what your fellow citizens are likely to do, say, or believe after a confrontation of this sort? What tipping point would finally make them sound the alarm? What is their Achilles’ Heel? What scares the bejayzus out of them besides right-wing loopies?

In a Theodore Dalrymple book I read some years ago, he remarked on the fact that the patients he saw were generally drawn from the bottom of the gene pool in terms of education or upbringing. But to a man (this was a prison population) they prided themselves on their tolerance. For them the ultimate insult and shame would be the tar brush of racism. That’s pathetic.

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Here’s the information accompanying the video above [my emphasis in italics]:

Journalists Attacked In Calais Migrant Camp, Pro-Immigration Activists Urge Them To Remove Evidence From Internet

Two Dutch film makers have been attacked in the infamous Calais Jungle camp by migrants wielding pepper spray and a knife. Members of the Calais Migrant Solidarity group have urged them to remove the clip from the Internet, stating menacingly: “You are not doing yourself a favour by putting it online as I think this is not what you came for to Calais…”

Here is the swell group making that threat, and here’s what they say about a series of incidents against migrants, though they have no proof for their claims. In fact, notice the anonymous level for all this reporting — both the “journalists” and those who say the immigrants have been repeatedly assaulted:

On the night of Thursday 21st January, three refugees from Syria were brutally attacked in Calais. The assault happened close to an abandoned field near Impasse des Salines between midnight and 1.00 am. Six fascists in plain black boiler suits, similar to police clothing but without emblems, were identified by those attacked. The assailants had their faces covered and were all carrying a side arm.

[Note: The whole story smells, as do the threats against those who posted the video. We’re to believe “fascists in plain black boiler suits” robbed and then beat these three anonymous Syrian and African immigrants and that this happened on consecutive nights? What in heaven’s name were any of them doing hanging about an abandoned field at midnight? And why keep going back? After the first night why did more victims continue to show up?]

Before the attack, the refugees were asked for their documents, their mobiles, and any money they were carrying. They were then searched to see if they had surrendered everything that could be stolen. After the shake down, the 3 men were beaten with iron bars again and again. The fascists kicked them in the face and jumped on their bodies, over and over. When one of the refugees was severly bleeding from the head a member of the fash group said: ‘arret, arret’, and the attack stopped. Heavily injured from the assault the 3 Jungle residents managed to get back to the relative safety of the camp, later activists brought them to the hospital. One of the men attacked left the hospital before the others and went to the police station to make a complaint. The police took samples from the crime scene and will investigate further the source of these attacks.

This disgusting and violent assault is the fourth in four nights. It comes after a prolonged period of police and neo-nazi cooperation. This is not in any way a unique event, in fact the night before, on the 20th, a 15 year old Afghan minor was attacked resulting in wounds requiring stitches on his head and lips. The size and the severity of this 6 man assault suggest a well coordinated operation. The violence on the city streets of Calais experienced by those living in the Jungle, either sanctioned by the state or not, shows the shameful depths of nationalist ideologies in France today.

So there you have the thread of conflict running from the top to the bottom of our cultural divide: will sovereignty and the age-old idea of borders, cultures and individual nations prevail, or will a swamp of transnational ‘globalism’ overrun us all?

Hat tip for the video and picture: News Foxes

*   Larwyn’s Links: I used to have the Larwyn page on our Blogroll but in one of the periodic clean-ups, it was removed since we also have Director Blue, the admin, aka Doug Ross on the sidebar. It was a mistake to remove her; I realize that Larwyn isn’t coming back…

The back story: in the beginning years of running this site, say 2004-2005 ff, a whole bunch (as our President is wont to say when he’s being informal and or devious) of us vast right wing bloggers (VRWB) started out our adventures more or less together. Larwyn wasn’t a blogger herself, but she collected links and offered her inimitable point of view on the stories she offered for our use. She also solicited stories from those on her email lists. She was cheerful and optimistic and I liked our email chats aside from her dailies. She gradually developed problems with her sight. Since the B went on, almost a decade later, to find out he had macular degeneration brought on by years and years of sitting in the noonday sun painting landscapes, I came to the sad conclusion that may have been Larwyn’s fate, too. But she developed before they had the cure the Baron was fortunate enough to get. It was only five years or so ago that the medication used on his eye was approved for such use. Prior to that, these angiogenesis inhibitors were used to inhibit tumor growth. I only knew about them at all because one of their developers, Dr. Judah Folkmann, was a researcher I’d admired when he was doing his work at Children’s Hospital in Boston. How strange it seems now to realize the long hours I saw him put in would one day contribute to saving my husband’s sight.

But I don’t think this breakthrough came soon enough for Larwyn. I haven’t asked Director Blue; one doesn’t like to barge in. But I still miss her effervescent spirit. A genuine counterjihad fighter…

13 thoughts on “What Did You Go Out to See? A Reed Shaken by the Wind?

  1. If they were true Leftists they would go home and reflect on their unpleasant experience, then come to the conclusion that as members of the white imperialist oppressor class they probably deserved all they got.

    • Regardkess of the specifics, as long as they return to their group of leftist lotus eaters they will be more interested in virtue signaling their inclusion in that group than trying to understand reality.

      Their actions may change some but their talk will probably not.

  2. Likely they will say every group has a few bad apples. Whites are just as bad.

    The only ones who can change their minds are the ones who started in the middle rather than on the left.

  3. Are these womym aware that these are not mumzxoxomen from 2016 or girlymen dates from 1968. These are the dregs of Islam from 916. Oh well it is said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Or old tricks about the new dogs.

  4. I would say that there is a hardcore of around a third of the UK population that will never change their views on Islam or immigrants and are indoctrinated leftists of a severe or mild degree.Let us say all of the middle third (of which I was one 14 years ago ) will eventually come around to realising the majority of themselves and the (realist) third that always had a suspicion about it all, are now coming to the fore for good and obvious reasons.
    The trouble is the first third hold most of the cards. The media, most political parties, newspapers. Above all they demand a hyperbolic humanism that they bombard us with from caring about animals, the disabled , minorities and causes that makes them feel good about themselves.
    They have no understanding that good can be bad or bad can be good. Balance is a mirage they hold in their minds whilst in reality they make the scales tip their way only.
    This first third will never change! To be anything other than white guilt ridden non-racist humanists would be more than they could bare.

  5. The carapace of Idjitness can only be worn away by the slow drip of the acid of reality over many years. And even then, I agree with the person who divided the West into thirds: a good proportion of people will remain forever committed to their dream world of Kumbaya. They have too much invested in it, their social circles are filled with like-thinking people, and simply cannot ever bring themselves to conclude that they were … wrong. The Kool Aid, once drunk, is usually transformative for life.

    The keffiyah wearing Jorno reminds me of one Vittorio Arrigoni – he was a lifelong Palestinianist who sported said garment, smoked a long curved pipe for that individual touch and had a tattoo of Palestine on his arm. He lived in Gaza City excoriating the Zionists and extolling the Palis. An utter nincompoop. He was abducted, bound, beaten and brutally murdered in Gaza by a bunch of crazed Islamic thugs (is that a double tautology?) a few years back. I’ll bet his final hours were spent thinking: but, but, (whack) I’m one of you (smash) I hate all the things you hate. Apparently the not-so-young Vittorio set up house with a young Pali lad and this offended Muslim sensibilities. In that world men are not meant to live with their male lovers. Hamas cried crocodile tears over Vittorio, claiming members of a splinter group were responsible for it. Yeah right. Nobody has yet publicly blamed the Zionists but there are murmurs.

    On tolerance, there is a vile character called Keith Talent in Martin Amis’ novel “London Fields”. Amis has created Talent as the epitome of a horrible modern person, his gross flaws are too plentiful to enumerate – he is an amalgam of Theodore Dalrymple’s white working class patients. Amis has given Talent one “virtue”: he is a paragon of tolerance in matters racial and ethnic. Talent will and does beat up his wife, the mother of his daughter Keithette, but is genuinely incensed and will beat up anybody who says anything “racist”.

  6. A good, and IMO important, set of questions…

    “what do y’all think it would take in terms of personal experience to change the average programmed mind in Europe or Canada or the U.S.?”

    It varies – depending on their level of interest, and the level of indoctrination. I’d like to think that I had some influence on a couple of friends who changed their way of thinking. One was a staunch leftist, who used to think I was bigoted and regularly voted for far-left parties in Britain (Labour not being left-wing enough). But he’s also a history buff – so we ended up having a lot of deep (non-political) discussions. In his case, I think the turning point may have been a sharp, brutal encounter with “cultural enrichment” on his doorstep in south London – which could have ended a lot worse, but luckily meant only a spell in hospital with concussion and some necessary stitches. Since then, and other cultural enrichment encounters, he’s very critical of both multi-kulti and the far-left.

    And I think others (to a lesser extent) display a similar trend. But for others, having a more “fanatical” level of far-leftism, such as most German Antifas, I guess there may be no cure… Luckily though, they’re not the mainstream – who just want some peace and prosperity in their lives. And the key to winning is to win the mainstream – NOT the loonies, such as these journalists. We should accept that they will never be turned.

    “What tipping point would finally make them sound the alarm? What is their Achilles’ Heel? What scares the bejayzus out of them besides right-wing loopies?”

    For the great majority, I suspect the major tipping point would be “not looking good on Facebook”… most people these days are massively image-conscious. Hence possibly why they want to be seen as “caring and sharing”. I suspect if there was a major campaign of “reductio ad absurdum”, to take our current society’s “welcome” attitude to its ridiculous conclusion, via catchy, funny Facebook memes, short films and the like – but without touching any nerves (eg proofed against any accusatiions of racism) – that may have an impact…

    • To expand on one point – the “achilles heel”…

      Most modern, indoctrinated people are trained to think that right-wingers are crazies. Gung ho, irrational, impractical, fanatical, out of touch – personified by Donald Trump. In my experience, expanding on common interests usually helped a lot – be it history, football, music, travelling or something else. Once your interlocutors see you as a rational human, rather than a crazy monster, who’s potentially dangerous, you become a lot more difficult to attack. And if the subject turns to something controversial, it’s important to show respect, even if their ideas seem loony, and to develop the discussion and show an interest. Otherwise one can become categorised as having a sore point, and the subject may perhaps never be broached again.

  7. The woman will probably return with roses to give to all those oppressed young men. Reality simply can’t be allowed to be true.

    • They need to show how not racist they are.

      I think we should make the phrase “virtue signaling” into a commonly used, household phrase. Because it attacks their vanity, their self-righteous posturing. Or at least it gives them pause.

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