In Duisburg and Berlin, the Kids Are All Right… NOT!

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

In Berlin and Duisburg: elementary school student slashes his friend’s arm, ten-year-olds mistreat animals!

Two serious crimes committed by children: Serious crimes committed by young people occurred independently in Duisburg and Berlin. In Berlin, an 8-year-old girl cut the arm of a 7-year-old classmate with the blade of a pencil sharpener.

As the police announced, “Neither he nor his parents showed any remorse when the matter was clarified. The boy was initially suspended from school for several days.” The police are investigating. [I guess he’s a jihadist in training.]

Mistreatment of animals in Duisburg

In Marxloh in the Petershof in Duisburg, children tortured animals in a brutal way. As WAZ and Der Westen report, three children between the ages of 9 and 10 broke into the social pastoral center in Duisburg’s problem area [is this the same as a “sensitive zone”?] and stoned a chicken to death. They then attacked a goat.

As the portals report, the break-in is the climax of a series of break-ins in recent weeks. Animals keep disappearing. In response, Petershof installed a surveillance camera. The recordings from last weekend were “unbearable”. Killing the chicken and torturing the goat amounts to a “real excess of violence”.

Accordingly, the children are said to have thrown paving stones at the chicken and abused the goat with spades, stones and sticks. The offense is said to have lasted 45 minutes before the Duisburg police caught the children in the act. At that moment, the children were about to use electric hedge trimmers.

Afterword from the translator:

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Senegalese Culture-Enricher Runs Wild With a Knife in Saxony

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Drunk Senegalese in Saxony harasses women and attacks passers-by with a knife

In the community of Gelenau (population 3,000) in the Erzgebirge region of Saxony, a drunk Senegalese man attacked passers-by with a knife on Saturday. As Bild reports, a 41-year-old was wounded and taken to hospital. At around 8:40pm, local police received an emergency call after witnesses saw the man attacking another man with a knife. At the scene, officers found the victim had severe cuts. The attacker was able to escape.

As a police spokesman told Bild, the suspect returned to his home address, an asylum accommodation in the Spinnerei district of Drebach. There the drunken Senegalese was overpowered by a special unit around 9:30pm. Because he was mentally disturbed, he was taken to a psychiatric hospital. [Well, isn’t that a surprise for a change?] The suspected weapon, a knife with a large blade, has not yet been located.

The 36-year-old is now being investigated for grievous bodily harm. The police are also examining evidence that the Senegalese man is said to have harassed several women in the area of a supermarket before the attack.

Afterword from the translator:

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Injured vs. Wounded

When someone gets stabbed, or shot, or blown up by a suicide bomber, or deliberately run over with a vehicle, would you describe him as “injured”? Or is he “wounded”?

For many years, guidelines provided by the Gates of Vienna style book have advised that anyone who is hurt but not killed by deliberate human actions should be described as “wounded”. I follow that rule when editing essays and translations: I change “injured” to “wounded” where appropriate.

Even if a translation is exactly, literally correct, I’m going to change “injured” to “wounded”, because I think the use of the former word is part of the media propaganda war intended to hide the full horror of immigrant atrocities. That type of obfuscation is being attempted in all languages.

Injuries happen during car wrecks, train disasters, hurricanes, and other acts of God, but anything human-inflicted is a wound.

The difference is subtle, but the nuance is picked up subliminally by the reader, who becomes conditioned to think that that someone who is “injured” by a culture-enricher with a machete is basically the same as the victim of a natural disaster.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon for many years in English-language news reports. People who receive horrible wounds at the hands of jihad terrorists, muggers, and “teenagers” playing the knockout game are described as “injured”.

If you hear that often enough, you become desensitized to the difference between the two words.

I won’t be a party to the propaganda: those victims are WOUNDED.

Culture-Enriching Arsonist Can’t Be Deported

I posted yesterday about an Algerian culture-enricher who tried to burn down a synagogue in Rouen, and was shot dead by police for his efforts. The unfortunate youth had been ordered to leave France, but could not be deported because he had appealed the order.

Below are three news videos from French TV about events in Rouen. Many thanks to HeHa for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3 (remarks by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin):

Video transcript #1:

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“I Am Afraid to Be an Israeli in Belgium”

An Israeli Jew and his daughter were physically attacked by angry Hamas supporters in the Belgian city of Brugge (known in French as Bruges).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish daily De Morgen:

“It is dangerous to come here.”: Serious violence against Jew who took down anti-Israel poster in Brugge [Bruges] station.

On social media and in the Israeli press, images appear of 64-year-old Israeli, Amnon Ohanah, who was attacked by youths in Brugge. He tells his story.

by Bruno Struys
May 17, 2024

“It is not just verbal abuse or spitting, but now there are also physical attacks, which can end in disaster,” Rabbi Menachem Margolin, chairman of the European Jewish Association (EJA), told the Times of Israel.

The images of a man who was kicked and beaten in the Brugge station have been commented on in the Israeli press and widely circulated on social media.

“Anti-Semitism!” says Antwerp City Council member Andre Gantman (N-VA) on X. “The result of continuous, rabid Israel-bashing!”

“Free Palestine”

The images spread predominantly on Friday, but the incident turned out to have happened on Monday. The 64-year-old Amnon Ohanah had been living in Belgium for seven years and had his 29-year-old daughter for a visit. He was eager to show her our country. On Monday, he took her to Brugge for a tourist visit.

It went well until on the way back in the station, Ohanah reportedly took down a “Boycott Israel” poster.

“A group of people began to shout, “Free Palestine,” he says. “I paid them no attention and wanted to leave. And then someone came up to me and broke my jaw. I was able to grab him so that he couldn’t escape. Then the rest of the group came and were kicking me.”

Video was recording

The police arrived, interviewed the man, and took a statement for intentional assault and battery. The police advised Ohanah to go to a hospital for an examination.

The next train was delayed, and while Ohanah and his daughter were waiting, they were again attacked by youths. At that moment, his daughter decided to film the violence.

A medical report shows that his jaw is, indeed, broken, his ribs bruised, and he has abrasions to his legs and arms. Ohanah is unable to work for a week.

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More and More Migrants go on the Dole in Germany

According to the latest government statistics, the proportion of migrants among welfare recipients in Germany is now well over 50%. It seems that the “New Germans” are adept at extracting the jizyah social benefits from their hosts.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Migration into the social systems

The proportion of welfare recipients with a migrant background is growing

The number of migrants of German citizenship is constantly increasing. Three federal states particularly stand out. But Germany is not only changing in terms of its social system.


The vast majority of citizens’ benefits recipients in Germany have a migration background. Last year their share was 63.1%, reports Welt am Sonntag, citing information from the Federal Employment Agency. According to it, 2.48 million of the total 3.93 million recipients of guaranteed citizens’ income had a migration background. The authorities understand by this to mean people who were themselves or whose parents were born without German citizenship.

According to the federal authority, of those with a migration background receiving the citizens’ allowance, 1.99 million were “with their own migration experience”, 427,000 were “without their own migration experience” and 61,000 were “with a migration background without further details.” 1.83 million people with a migration background did not have a German passport. Accordingly, foreigners made up 46.56% of citizens’ benefit recipients.

One in three people has a migration background)

The proportion of employable people with a migration background, as they are called in the official language, is particularly high in Hesse (76.4%), Baden-Württemberg (74.1%) and Hamburg (72.8%). In addition to the classic unemployed, the category also includes “top-ups” who receive benefits because of an income below the legal subsistence minimum.

The data were collected from a survey of all benefit recipients. 73% took part. Nevertheless, according to the Federal Agency, “a reliable statement about the migration background can be made for the population”.

Over the past decade, the number of people with a migrant background in Germany has increased dramatically. While in 2013 around one in five people had a migrant background, in 2023 it was almost one in three. The number of people without an immigration history fell by 8% to around 58.6 million. During the same period, the migrant share of those eligible for benefits rose from 43% (2013) to the current 63% (2023).

Afterword from the translator:

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Culture-Enricher Tries to Burn Down a Synagogue in Rouen

An Algerian culture-enricher tried to burn down a synagogue in the French city of Rouen, but was shot dead by police before he could consummate his heart’s desire.

I haven’t yet seen a name for the alleged would-be perpetrator, so I can’t assign a Mohammed Coefficient to the incident.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from France Bleu:

Attempt to set fire to the Rouen synagogue: “A particularly serious anti-Semitic act,” denounced by Gerald Darmanin

For the Interior Minister, the attempted arson of the Rouen synagogue by a man shot dead by police Friday morning is “obviously an anti-Semitic act,” Gerald Darmanin announced that he was going to decorate the police officer who fired the shot.


May 17, 2024

A few hours after the attempt to set fire to the Rouen synagogue by a man shot dead by police, the Minister of Interior, Gerald Darmanin, traveled to the Norman city to address his “support to the city of Rouen, to the Jews of Rouen and of France.” For him, it is “obviously an act of anti-Semitism, which took place at a sacred place for the Republic, a place of worship.”

Gerald Darmanin declared that “this act touches all of us deeply,” expressing regret for the disgraceful, unacceptable violence against French Jews. He stated that “Rouen was not the object of any particular threats.”

The officer who fired the shots will be decorated

The minister wished to salute the work of the firefighters and police who intervened Friday morning and who faced “an individual who was particularly dangerous and violent.”

“This individual, with a large knife, rushed at a young deputy police officer, age 25, who was extremely courageous and professional,” Gerald Darmanin emphasized, who stated that he (the officer) had reason to use his weapon. For that, the officer, placed on limited duty within the framework of an investigation being carried out by IGPN [National Police General Inspection Service], will “be decorated by the Republic for his support given to the protection of places of worship.”

“Personally, I am fed with this criticism of the police. I have decided to decorate this officer because I believe he did his job,” said the minister.

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A Rightly Guided Caliphate in Hamburg

I posted last month about a demonstration mounted by Muslim culture-enrichers in Hamburg, demanding a caliphate in Germany.

The video below was recorded at the same event. A young journalist from Nius attempts to ask some of the demonstrators questions, but is met with a uniform wall of “no comment”. Her job is made even more difficult by the fact that the organizers of the demo want to keep female journalists out.

Many thanks to Brunhilde for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Gendarmes Mobilized to Track Down The Fly

As I reported yesterday, a young “French” independent entrepreneur named Mohamed Amra was sprung from penal custody by accomplices on Tuesday and is now in the wind. Two prison guards were killed during the liberation of “The Fly”, and four others were wounded.

The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Below is a video report about the flight of The Fly. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Palestinian Culture-Enricher in Germany Sentenced to Life For Double Murder

Last year a Palestinian migrant in Schleswig-Holstein went on a stabbing rampage on a train, killing two people and wounding four others. He has now been sentenced to life in prison. His lawyer told the court he has PTSD.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Palestinian killed teenager on regional train near Brokstedt: Life imprisonment for the murderer of Ann-Marie and Danny

In the trial surrounding the fatal knife attack in Brokstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, the Itzehoe regional court sentenced the defendant Ibrahim A. to life imprisonment on Wednesday for murder and attempted murder. The chamber considered it proven that the 34-year-old stabbed two people and seriously wounded four on a regional train in January of 2023.

On January 25, 2023, the 34-year-old stateless Palestinian Ibrahim A. stabbed passengers in a regional express from Kiel to Hamburg near the small town of Brokstedt. The attack killed 17-year-old student Ann-Marie and her 19-year-old boyfriend Danny. Four other people were also wounded, and a 54-year-old later took her own life.

In their plea, the public prosecutor’s office demanded a life sentence and a finding of particular gravity of guilt. The defendant acted out of frustration over an unsuccessful appointment with the immigration authorities in Kiel.

Psychiatric expert: “Ibrahim A. fully responsible”

The trial, which lasted more than ten months and lasted 38 days and involved 97 witnesses and experts, also dealt with the question of whether the defendant was responsible. The defense attorney believes the 34-year-old is not guilty due to a psychotic disorder and is demanding that he be admitted to a forensic psychiatric facility. If the court would not allow this, he pleaded for a prison sentence of ten years for two counts of manslaughter and four counts of dangerous or serious bodily harm. [Where do they find these type of humans, these so called “defense attorneys”? In Do-Gooders Digest?]

A psychiatric expert had denied that Ibrahim A. had psychosis. He is fully responsible. The expert Arno Deister said he saw psychotic symptoms, but no psychosis. There is severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The presiding judge Johann Lohmann has already stated that the chamber assumes that the defendant had PTSD at the time of the crime, but not psychosis.

Ibrahim A. grew up in the Gaza Strip and, according to the findings, came to Germany in 2014. He initially lived in North Rhine-Westphalia and later moved to Kiel. Until a few days before the crime, the defendant had been in custody in Hamburg for another crime [Imagine my shock… NOT]. There and later in custody in Schleswig-Holstein he was observed to be unruly. Several doctors reported in court about the suspected diagnosis of psychosis. [It’s called ISLAM. As simple as that.]

Afterword from the translator:

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The Fly Has Flown

A culture-enriching “French” entrepreneur nicknamed “The Fly” was sprung from police custody by associates equipped with automatic weapons. Two police guards were killed in the process, and several others were wounded. The Fly is now at large.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro (including late updates):

Prison van attacked in Eure: What we know about the deadly attack

by Esther Paolini
May 14, 2024

The attacked van was transporting Mohamed Amra, nicknamed “The Fly”, a criminal who was closely guarded, most notably convicted of “attempted homicide”. A manhunt is underway to find him.

A major manhunt is in progress to locate several fugitives, including Mohamed Amra, a particularly dangerous prisoner, who escaped in the fatal attack on the prison van that was transporting him near Évreux in Normandy.

At this stage, the attack, carried out with heavy weapons has left at least two dead among the corrections officers, according to a statement from the judicial tribunal in Paris. According to our information, the officers, one born in 1989 and the other in 1972, were working in the court transport center in Caen. “One of them leaves behind a wife and two children, who were to celebrate their 21st anniversary in two days,” stated Eric Dupond-Moretti. “The other leaves behind a 5-months pregnant wife, relatives and friends.” Three other officers are seriously wounded, one of whose condition is critical, and two are hospitalized in relative urgency.

In total, the escort was comprised of five officers, divided between a van and a utility vehicle, a prison source informs us. In a video disseminated on social media, we see at least five men dressed entirely in black firing military weapons at the two vehicles.

Attack on prison van in Eure: Two officers killed, one prisoner escaped

Tuesday, 14 May, the transport van between Évreux and Rouen, the prisoner escaped

The attack took place shortly after 11:00 at the Incarville toll stop.

Not a “particularly notable prisoner”

The attack happened as the prisoner, born in 1994, and sentenced on May 10, 2024 by the Évreux court for burglary, had been removed from his cell at the Évreux Detention Center to appear before an investigating judge at the Rouen Judicial Tribunal in connection with a criminal procedure in which he had been charged for attempted murder. The escape occurred at 10:57 on return from this hearing, at the Incarville toll station. The van was struck from the front by a stolen vehicle, which had passed the same toll station a few minutes earlier, according to a statement by the Paris Prosecutor’s office. Several armed persons came out from a second vehicle that was following the convoy, thus blocking all possibility of escape. The thugs then opened fire with several rounds at the two prison vehicles, the prosecutor’s office states.

The man was not a particularly high-profile prisoner (DPS), but his profile “necessitated a level 3 escort,” stated the Paris national prosecutor.

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The Cultural Enrichment of German Railways

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

The horror in Thuringia: “Assaulted, spat on, insulted, threatened”

Railway workers even lock themselves in for fear of migrants

It is politically extremely “incorrect” and has so far been an absolute taboo topic that hardly anyone has dared to address publicly. No wonder, as things are extremely explosive in red-green Germany: there is fear on the railways. It’s gotten to the point where employees are locking themselves in out of fear of migrants — as an official from the Railway and Transport Union (EVG) in Thuringia is now openly reporting.

Insults, threats and knife attacks are now the order of the day on the railway. When asked who is responsible, EVG office manager Steffi Recknagel says quite frankly: The main perpetrators are young asylum seekers. Stating this obvious fact is considered a particularly bad case of heresy in Germany in 2024.

Railway employees are increasingly exposed to attacks from passengers, especially on local trains, said the railway worker in an interview with Göran Schattauer from Focus Online: For the staff in Thuringia, the job is “sometimes life-threatening”.

‘Insults, threats, knife attacks’

“These are descriptions that leave you speechless, that trigger anger,” writes Schattauer, whom I know from our time together in the editorial office: “Frightening scenes that train drivers and train attendants in Thuringia experience almost every day: verbal and physical violence, insults, threats, knife attacks.”

“I have an average of three employees sitting in my Erfurt office every week for legal advice. They were attacked, spat on, insulted, threatened or pushed,” says Steffi Recknagel.

“The worst case was that a train attendant was threatened with a knife,” reports the railway worker in an interview with Schattauer. Another was attacked from behind: “She was deprived of air.” In other incidents, female employees were “slapped,” “kicked,” “pulled on their jacket,” and attacked in a “totally aggressive manner.” Sentences such as “As a woman, you have nothing to say to me!”

There are problems on a number of routes in Thuringia, says the trade unionist Schattauer. But it is particularly “extreme” on the approximately 50km-long route between Erfurt and Suhl. The Thuringian initial reception center for refugees is located there. Several hundred migrants live there, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Turkey. Many of them regularly take the train to Erfurt and back, says Schattauer.

She herself travels the Erfurt-Suhl route every day, said Recknagel in an interview with her colleague: “And unfortunately I have to say it this way: it is mostly young men from the initial reception center who misbehave so completely on our trains. They always travel in groups and feel strong together.” [That’ what I’d call a RAT-pack. Maybe they should start thinking of employing Kammerjägers/Pest-controllers throughout?]

Anyone who tries to make young men aware of the rules and laws in their host country must expect headwinds, says the trade unionist: “Recently, a passenger who got involved was also threatened. If something happens while driving, it’s now the case that one or the other says to themselves: I’d better look away now before I become the next victim.”

The railway workers themselves generally prefer to avoid conflicts. “It is sometimes life-threatening. Our people are afraid, very afraid,” says Steffi Recknagel: “We have employees who say: If these groups are on the train, then I won’t check tickets. Then I stay at the front with the train driver or lock myself in my cabin until I get to a safe station and they get out.”

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Pierre Martinet: “The Ideology of Hamas is Very Widespread in Europe”

Pierre Martinet is a former agent for French intelligence. In the following video he discusses the Islamization of Europe, with a focus on Scandinavia.

RAIR Foundation provides this introduction:

Former DGSE (General Directorate for External Security) agent Pierre Martinet recently shared insights on CNEWS, shedding light on the growing threat Islam poses to European societies. Leveraging his extensive intelligence background, Martinet discussed the pervasive reach of Islamic terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the broader trend of Islamization across the continent.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Insane Democrats Funding ‘Death to America’ Crowd

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Insane Democrats Funding ‘Death to America’ Crowd

by Clare M. Lopez

In the midst of ongoing IDF operations in Gaza and spreading pro-HAMAS student lawlessness on American university campuses, a number of stories remind us that the enemy is already inside the gate here at home.

“Several Michigan Democrats Fail To Condemn ‘Death To America’ Chants” at Dr. Rich Swier, 10 April 2024

  • U.S. university campuses are hotbeds of what appear to be very well-organized pro-HAMAS demonstrations and protests that are becoming increasingly violent as authorities both inside and outside numbers of schools have refused to enforce either law or the universities’ own regulations.

Biden Gave $5 Million to Terror-Tied Islamists in 2023 (But Still Much Less than Trump)” by Sam Westrop at, March 26, 2024

  • Of course, as we know, there’s no such thing as “Islamists” [Editor’s Note — As Erdogan said, “There is only one Islam.”], but the connection here is about a set of grants provided by Biden administration Cabinet Departments to Jamaat-e-Islami and ICNA Relief (aligned with the Islamic Circle of North America — ICNA), among a slew of other dubious recipients. It beggars belief that top levels of the USG are not aware of Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups’ affiliations.

U.S. Funneled Nearly $1 Million to Hamas-Linked Charity That Hosted Terror Leader’s Son, Report Says” by Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon, April 8, 2024

  • More taxpayer money being channeled to a so-called “humanitarian group” [Bayader Association for Environment and Development] based in the Gaza Strip where obviously it collaborates with HAMAS.

“Rep. Torres Secures $1 Million for Oct. 7 Supporters” by Sam Westrop at the oddly-named Western Islamism, April 16, 2024

  • New York Congressman Torres was able to secure over $1 million for the Bronx Muslim Center, which is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Muslim American Society (MAS). Naturally, they are “closely aligned with pro-HAMAS causes”, according to this article.

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