A Medley of Cultural Enrichment, Text Edition

As a follow-up to last night’s posted videos, here are all the cultural enrichment articles that have accumulated in my to-do folder over the last few days.

First, from PolitikStube, an op-ed by Alice Weidel of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Scandal judgment: Court invites all poverty migrants to Germany!

Alice Weidel: The Lower Saxony State Social Court has for all intents and purposes abolished the laws against the entry of migrants who are already registered in another EU member state. In a judgment it stated that those “refugees” who live in precarious conditions in an EU country may receive full social benefits in Germany. So for those who, in their opinion, receive too few social benefits in Italy, Spain or Greece, the court has opened wide the door to Germany.

The court also found that Germany’s interests in migration policy had to take a back seat. In other words, it has denied our state the right to control migration according to established criteria.

This verdict is a domino-effect scandal. Germany, whose social benefits acted like a magnet before, is now becoming a chosen migration destination even more often. In addition, there is family reunification, the conditions of which have now been eroded to such an extent that proof of kinship no longer has to be provided.

The legislature must finally act. Germany can no longer be seen as a richly-laid table for all those wishing to enter the country. Our resources are finite. Future generations will have to foot the bill for judgments like the one from Lower Saxony. The federal government must finally react and limit migration!

The second article is from Sweden. It reports on gang violence against a court trial by “youths” in a suburb north of Stockholm. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Attunda district court attacked by masked gang members — Ongoing murder trial interrupted

May 6, 2021

A police-guarded murder trial in Attunda District Court north of Stockholm was exposed to a violent attack Thursday. Some twenty masked persons, armed with bomb-like pyrotechnics, attacked police.

At about 9 in the morning, a gang of upwards of twenty masked young men, linked to the criminal gang groups, X-Team, Bandidos, and Bredängs Network, attacked the court building in Attunda with powerful bomb-like pyrotechnic pieces, so-called bangers. These were also thrown at police who were brought in to guard the trial and at the reinforcements who arrived at the scene after the attack began.

About ten of those involved were taken into custody by police. It is not clear if they were subsequently held in detention or released on the spot. Only after lunchtime did the police gain control of the situation.

The gang-related trial, where four men are accused of planning murder at a children’s party, was earlier transferred from Södertörn District Court due to similar violent incidents with some eighty people involved.

The Attunda District Court specifically has a security room. However, even in the new courtrooms, proceedings cannot be conducted in legal order.

The main proceeding consists of several trial days, of which this was one.

The third article, from Germany, was translated by Hellequin GB:

Wicked! Family of asylum seekers required to leave the country — Muslim mother invented rape of her daughter (4) in daycare

Many rejected asylum seekers are not lacking in a wealth of ideas to prevent deportation or simply to ignore a voluntary departure. The trickery ranges from rioting, threats including biting and spitting attacks, inventions of illnesses (especially psychological ones) to threatening to leap from the roof. Lying, deceiving, playing for time and hoping it will pass and you can stay as intended.

An absolutely despicable case occurred in Koblenz last year. A family unsuccessfully applied for asylum and is obliged to leave the country. The last lifeline for staying in German paradise is a pitiful lie dished out by the Muslim mother that her daughter (4) was raped in the Kita [daycare].

The claim is fictitious, the victim is the only educator at the daycare center, his story of suffering ranges from criminal charges to death threats and illness to occupational disability. A life or professional life destroyed because of a perverse deception, that of alleged protection-seekers who are not even allowed to be here and who abuse the right of asylum to immigrate.

The family of asylum seekers seems to have disappeared in the meantime. They have nothing to fear, as no investigations have been initiated. Surely it can’t be that the Muslim mother will get away with it?

From Austria, a report on culture-enriching violence against women, translated by Gary Fouse:

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A Medley of Cultural Enrichment, Video Edition

The recent power outages along with my getting a jab in the eye made me emulate Bill Clinton — I’m getting a little behind in my work. Numerous items have accumulated over the past three days, so I’m going collect them in groups based on their general topics.

There were so many cultural enrichment stories that I’ve divided them into two posts, one consisting of videos and the other of articles. One article that accompanies a video report will be posted here with all the videos.

The first video concerns a particularly gruesome murder that took place in the French city of Mérignac, near Bordeaux. The alleged perpetrator is an Algerian culture-enricher, if I am not mistaken. He is reported to have shot his wife and then burned her alive while she was rendered helpless by her wounds.

Many thanks to HeHa, Gary Fouse, and Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article about the murder in Mérignac was translated by HeHa:

Mother burned alive in Mérignac had filed complaint against her companion who had just left prison

In the aftermath of the drama, astonishment and terror are still very much alive in this suburban quarter of Mérignac. A woman aged 31, the mother of three children, is dead in the middle of the street after being burned alive by her companion. He had just come out of prison.

May 5, 2021

There is incomprehension in this suburban quarter of quiet reputation in Mérignac. How could such a drama have happened? At 18:10 Tuesday evening, May 4, when the residents of Avenue Carnot heard cries and bangs.

“At first, we thought it was firecrackers,” says a local resident. “We thought the young people were having fun.”

But very quickly they realized the drama that was building up. According to the first elements, the 31-year-old woman manages to flee from the house, but she can’t go very far, followed by her armed companion in the street.

“We passed him. He passed in front of us with a shotgun and some cartridges. We called the police. In the meantime, he set fire to the house.”

According to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office, “two witnesses saw her fall to the ground.” Her partner, armed, shot her once, then a second time. She was wounded in her thighs, lying on the street, but still breathing.

The 44-year-old individual, from whom she was officially separated, took a can from a van parked nearby, splashed his wife with a liquid, and set her on fire. The first responders could not save her. The family home, situated a few hundred meters from the scene, was discovered at the same time, partially burned and empty of occupants.

The perpetrator, who left the scene on foot, was arrested by the services of BAC, without any injuries to police, a short time later, at 18:45 in the proximity of Avenue Leon-Blum, in the municipality of Pessac.

The prosecutor confirmed that the subject was heavily armed, carrying a 12-gauge shotgun, a gas pistol, and a cartridge belt. After a preliminary investigation, it turns out that Mounir B. is unfavorably known to police and judicial authorities.

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O Muslims, We Will Have Our Revenge Against France!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from F. Desouche:

After the murder of Samuel Paty, the cutthroat of Rambouillet wrote on Facebook: “O Muslims, now we will respond to the insults from France.” Two months later, he obtained his residence permit.

by Koba
April 30, 2021

Four months before the attack at Rambouillet, the Prefecture of Val-de-Marne had issued a residence permit to the murderer Jamel Gorchene. Before awarding such a title, the services of the prefecture verify that the person doesn’t constitute a “menace to public order”. In his case, there had been no alert. This in spite of the troubling messages that he had posted on Facebook.

How did the Prefecture of Val-de-Marne come to regularize an undocumented person who spread radical propaganda on social media?

Jamel Gorchene, this Tunisian national who stabbed a policewoman to death at the police headquarters of Rambouillet (Yvelines), had been issued a temporary residence permit on 28 December 2020, well after the first alarming messages had surfaced on his online profiles. Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor Jean-François Ricard also emphasized: Since the fall, the attacker showed on his public Facebook account, “an adherence to an ideology legitimizing violence against those who have offended the Prophet.”

These messages, visible to all — Marianne gained access without difficulty — seem to bear witness. Beginning in April, 2020, he only posted prayers and Koranic verses, while closely following the radical sermons of Sheikh Ali-al Qaradawi, a 72-year-old Qatari close to the Muslim Brotherhood. A few days after the beheading of Samuel Paty, he justified future violence on social media. “O Muslims, now we will respond to the insults from France and Macron against our Prophet Mohammad.”

The New Improved Multicultural Germany

Hellequin GB has translated three articles from PolitikStube on migration-related news from Germany.

The first article reports on Germany’s front-runner status in the “asylum” race:

Germany leads the way in asylum applications in the first quarter

With over 26,000 asylum applications in the first quarter of this year, Germany is the front-runner in the EU. In contrast, Estonia accepted eleven and Hungary only eight asylum applications.

“The figures come from a confidential status report by the EU Commission on the current migration situation,” reports Welt am Sonntag and refers to previously unpublished figures from the EU asylum authority EASO (European Asylum Support Office).

It also emerges that, according to the document, 41% of applicants in Germany are Syrians, followed by Afghans (14%) and Iraqis (7%).

This outrage, according to which Germany receives by far the greatest number of asylum applications in Europe, must be ended immediately. In addition, incentives in the German asylum procedure — for example, excessively long procedures, access to the labor market before recognition, excessive social benefits, failed deportations — that primarily attract asylum seekers within the EU to Germany must be removed.

The second article concerns the abandonment of criminal proceedings investigating official corruption in the awarding of asylum status to applicants:

Criminal proceedings against the former head of the Bremen refugee office stopped

It all started in October 2017, when a forged (Asyl) Decision from the Bremen branch of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF [Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge]) in Hesse emerged. In the spring of 2018, the public prosecutor began to investigate. The suspicion: The former head of the migration authority, together with several lawyers, wrongly helped hundreds of asylum seekers to obtain positive decisions. The public prosecutor’s office was investigating violations of official secrecy, data falsification and taking advantage.

Now the Bremen regional court has ruled, and the proceedings against the former head of the Bremen BAMF branch office have been discontinued against payment of €10,000. In September 2019, the Bremen public prosecutor’s office initially listed 121 alleged crimes that the ex-head of the agency and two lawyers allegedly committed. One of the investigators’ central allegations was that they illegally prevented foreign clients of the lawyers from being deported or improved their residence status.

Uwe Witt, chairman of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] parliamentary group in the Labor and Social Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag: “The Bremen example clearly shows how lawyers, senior officials and the judiciary work together to smuggle asylum seekers into our social system. The judgment of the regional court strongly reminds me of the saying “One crow does not prick the other’s eye.”

And who has to pay for it? The German taxpayer.

The final article concerns the German government’s questionable official statistics on the number of Muslims in Germany:

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Belgian MP Gets Culturally Enriched

The N-VA (Nieuw-Vlaamse Alliantie, New Flemish Alliance) is a Flemish separatist party in Belgium. In the following video you’ll see a member of parliament for the N-VA, Mathias Vanden Borre, trying to escape the efforts of a group of “youths” in Brussels who seek to culturally enrich him. The video ends just as the beating begins.

Even though Mr. Vanden Borre is a member of a party that wants Dutch to be the sole official language in Flanders, for some reason he is speaking French when making the recording on his cell phone.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this Dutch-language article from Het Laatste Nieuws about the attack on Mathias Vanden Borre:

MP films how Brussels youths attack him: “Stomped, beaten and almost robbed”

[Photo caption: Brussels MP Mathias Vanden Borre (N-VA) suddenly surrounded and receives a couple of heavy blows]

Brussels MP Mathias Vanden Borre (N-VA) has made a film in which can be seen how he was attacked by a number of youths. “I was attacked, stomped, beaten, and almost robbed,” Vanden Borre tells HLN. The MP was able to flee but sustained injuries. The police have confirmed the story and are conducting an investigation.

The events occurred around 5pm in Brussels in the Essegem neighborhood, on the border of Jette and Laken. “I was with my wife and my 7-day-old son visiting a photographer. While my wife and my son were still inside, I went out for a walk around the block,” said Vanden Borre to HLN. The N-VA member of Parliament knows the area because he himself lives nearby.

“Suddenly six or seven young guys came walking behind me. They began yelling at me to intimidate me. I grabbed my cell phone and began to film. Then they came closer. I first got a kick in my side, then a blow on my jaw. One of them tried to steal my cell phone. Then I ran.”

Vanden Borre was able to escape, but the gang ran after him. “Then I ran another 500 meters and called the police.” They were at the scene within a few minutes with several teams, according to the MP.

Ringing in the ears

“My jaw is swollen, and I suffer from ringing in the ears,” says Vanden Borre, who visited a doctor this afternoon and is unable to work for three days. He has no idea why the youths attacked him. “They came after me out of nowhere,” said Vanden Borre.

A police spokesperson confirms to HLN that an investigation of the attack is in progress. Whether the perpetrators have been caught is not clear. “A police officer immediately recognized one of the guys from my images. So I assume that they are well-known to the police,” Vanden Borre also said at the police station this evening where he was filing a complaint. He hopes that the images taken, which he has put on social media, will help in the identification of his attackers.

Video transcript:

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French Generals: If Nothing is Done, Civil War Will Come

On April 21 an open letter signed by twenty retired French generals was published. It warns about the imminent danger to the Republic if action is not taken to reverse the establishment of areas of France that are no longer governed by French law.

The first of the signatories is none other than General Christian Piquemal, the former commander of the Foreign Legion. Longtime readers will remember Gen. Piquemal from back in 2016, when he was arrested after speaking at a PEGIDA rally in Calais. Some sort of pressure was brought to bear against him — I suspect threats against family members — and he was forced to recant his remarks. However, he didn’t retire permanently from the Counterjihad scene, and spoke out again in 2017.

See these previous posts about Gen. Piquemal:

Last week’s open letter has been published at a number of French-language websites; the version below was translated from a copy posted at Valeurs Actuelles.

The original is in the grandiloquent formal style that the French reserve for important and solemn occasions. A machine translation doesn’t do justice to it, so I’ve been waiting for a manual translation by a native speaker. The translator remarked that “A machine translation would have produced two big contresens and a rather flat style.”

We owe Nathalie a debt of gratitude for undertaking this major translation:

Mr. President,
Ladies and gentlemen of the government,
Ladies and gentlemen of the Parliament,

The hour is one of great peril: France is in the greatest danger and she is assailed on all sides by a number of mortal threats. We, who, though retired, shall ever remain soldiers sworn to our duty to France, cannot remain indifferent to the fate of our beautiful country.

Our tricolour flags aren’t mere pieces of cloth, they symbolise the tradition of those who, across the ages, and whatever their faiths and colour of their skin, have served France and given their lives for her. On those flags are written in letters of gold these words: “Honour and Fatherland”[1]. Our honour today lies in the denunciation of the crumbling disintegration of our motherland.

— A disintegration whose only goal, via a certain anti-racism, is to create on our soil a discontent, even a hatred between communities. Today, some speak of racialism, indigenism[3], de-colonial[4] theories; but through those words we know them: racial war is the ultimate aim of those hateful fanatics. They hold our nation in utter contempt; they loathe her culture, her traditions and want to see her crumble to dust by annihilating her Past and her History. That is why they are so keen, through the destruction of statues, on besmirching great soldiers and statesmen of old, by analysing words that were written centuries ago.

— A disintegration of the land itself, where Islamists and the hordes from the Projects[5] carve out their own territories where our Constitution is disregarded and alien dogmas hold sway. Yet each and every Frenchman, whatever his belief or non-belief, should be able to call every inch of the territory home; there cannot and must not be any town, any neighbourhood where the law of the land no longer applies.

— A disintegration, for hatred triumphs over fraternity when, as the French people, wearing yellow jackets, demonstrate in the streets to express their despair, the authorities wield the forces of law enforcement as auxilliary forces and scapegoats.

This when hooded agents provocateurs smash shops and sometimes threaten these same police forces. Even though the latter are acting under the orders, sometimes contradictory, of you who give those directives.

The menace grows more formidable, and violence grows stronger with each passing day. Who could have predicted ten years ago that a teacher would one day be beheaded as he left work? But we, who serve the Nation, who have always been ready to lay down our lives for her, as our duty demanded of us as soldiers, cannot possibly remain idle spectators when faced with such acts.

It is thus the duty of those who govern our country to gird their loins and eradicate those perils. To do so often requires nothing more than enforcing existing laws, without pusillanimity. Do not forget that, like us, an overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens are angered by your shilly-shallying and your guilty silences.

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Asylum Seekers vs. Native Dutch: Who Gets the Housing?

The following video features interviews with two members of the Dutch parliament who have contrasting views on the public housing crisis in the Netherlands. The first is Freek Jansen of the FVD (Forum for Democracy, Forum Voor Democratie); the second is Daniel Koerhuis of the VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, Volkspartij Voor Vrijheid En Democratie).

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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“Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas”

More than ten years ago I posted a series of articles about political rallies in Belgium where an alliance of leftists and Muslims chanted “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”

The video below is from Arnhem in the Netherlands. In it you can hear fans of the soccer club Vitesse chanting the same thing, in reference their opponents, Ajax. If I understand it correctly, the Ajax soccer club has a Jewish background.

It’s not clear from the video or the accompanying article whether the Jew-hatred was chanted primarily by native Dutch supporters of Vitesse, or whether Muslim culture-enrichers were involved.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

An article from DeStentor.nl (also translated by Gary Fouse) has more on the topic:

Anti-Jewish cries at rally by Vitesse fans leading up to match with Ajax: Police conduct investigation

Police in Arnhem have begun an investigation after a group of Vitesse supporters chanted anti-Jewish slogans Wednesday evening on a bridge in Arnhem

Marco Bauman
April 15, 2021

During a rally involving the hanging of an enormous banner in the run-up to the cup finale between Ajax and Vitesse, there were shouts of “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.”

On video images (see below, shared on Instagram) of the rally chants can clearly be heard directed against the Jewish background of the Amsterdam soccer club.

It is not the first (time) that the chorus of the Arnhem fans has been chanted. In 2018 it was heard during a Premier Division match between Vitesse and Ajax. The Arnhem club then placed a stadium ban on six fans.

The chorus has been reported to the police. They are now calling on witnesses to the action on Wednesday to report to the police. “The fight against discrimination has a high priority. Therefore, we will further investigate this matter,” says a spokesperson. “We are very dependent on information we receive from the public.”

Maurits Straatman:

“Beautiful fireworks display today by fans of Vitesse. You can be proud of that. What also happened was the mass of chants, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas” was chanted. As Vitesse fans and Arnhemmers, you cannot be proud of that.” (April 14, 1:07pm)


“Make us proud. Show them who we are” (April 14, 1:08 pm).

Video transcript:

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Jihad in Rambouillet: Yet Another Mentally Disturbed Attacker

As reported here last Friday, a “lone wolf” attacker stabbed a French policewoman to death at police headquarters in the town of Rambouillet. As is often the case, what might appear to an unsophisticated observer to be a jihad attack is in fact something entirely different: mental illness. An immigrant youth endures so much racial and religious discrimination that the stress pushes him over the edge, inducing him to commit an isolated act of violence, using religious sentiments as a pretext.

Below is a follow-up report on last week’s attack. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Paris Match:

Rambouillet attack: A radicalized assailant with “personality disorders”

April 25, 2021

[Photo caption: Attack committed at Rambouillet 22 April 2021]

The profile of the killer of the fatal attack committed Friday at Rambouillet is becoming clearer little by little.

The fatal attack Friday against an officer at the Rambouillet police headquarters, near Paris, was committed by a 36-year-old Tunisian, whose radicalization “seems hardly contestable” and who presents “certain personality troubles”, indicated the anti-terrorist prosecutor Sunday.

“Several elements substantiate the tracking of the path of this resident of Rambouillet, radicalized within a few months,” announced National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor Jean-Francois Richard to the press.

A “rapid search” of the telephone of the attacker, Jamel Gorchene, revealed “that he had, immediately prior to proceeding to the act, consulted videos of religious chants glorifying martyrdom and jihad,” he stated.

The prosecutor also referred to his posts on Facebook going back to last fall which revealed “an adherence to an ideology legitimizing violence against those who have offended the Prophet.”

“A Koran” and “a prayer rug” seized

Thus, “On 24 October 2020, a few days after the murder of Samuel Paty (by an Islamist in the department of Yvelines), the perpetrator joined a campaign of support for the Prophet in the face of offenses allegedly committed against him,” stressed Mr. Ricard.

“A Koran” and “a prayer rug” were seized in his scooter and his basket. And, shortly before the incident, a video surveillance camera filmed the assailant heading to a “provisional prayer room”, without the images confirming that he directly entered it. He was seen re-entering the city center a little more than an hour later.

“If the radicalization of the attacker seems hardly contestable, the presence of certain personality disorders can also be observed,” Mr. Ricard revealed. In police custody, the Jamel Gorchene’s father evoked his son’s “rigorous practice of Islam” and “behavioral disorders” observed at home “at the beginning of the year”.

He had undergone two psychiatric consultations at the Rambouillet hospital in February. However, “his condition did not require either hospitalization or treatment,” Mr. Ricard reported.

Tunisia, whose collaboration is being solicited by France in this case, has “energetically” condemned the attack in a statement from its embassy. It denounces a “barbaric act occurring in the middle of the month of Ramadan, the holy month which invokes, rather, the values of tolerance and brotherhood between individuals.”

“We hadn’t detected signs of radicalization”

At 14:25 on Friday, Jamel Gorchene, “wearing headphones”, stabbed Stephanie M., a 49-year-old administrative officer who had no weapon or uniform, in the abdomen and throat, when she was in the security area of the police station. According to witnesses, the assailant cried “Allahu Akhbar”.

In response, a police brigadier fired two shots at the attacker, who refused “to drop the knife”, “a blade of 22 centimeters”. Falling to the floor, he threw the knife in the direction of the police officers, according to the prosecutor.

A fifth person, a cousin of Jamel Gorchene, was placed in custody Sunday. His father who lived with him, a couple who housed him (according to records), and another cousin have already been in custody since Friday and Saturday.

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The Interfaith Jihad in Sweden

Below is the latest in a series of articles on the Muslim Brotherhood in Sweden.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this piece from Ledarsidorna:

Sida[1] doesn’t mention Islamic Relief’s violent history in its examination

Sida’s examination of Islamic Relief Sweden resulted in the aid organization’s getting the green light to continue being a strategic partner to the aid authority. But the examination was heavily circumscribed, and Sida did not mention a word, and neither did the Swedish Church, about the violent history of the organization’s founders. A history that, over time, has gone hand in hand with the terror sect Al Qaeda.

Islamic Relief Sweden was founded by Imam Haytham Rahmeh and the Islamic Association in Sweden in 1993. Islamic Relief was already in the foundation as a part of Islamic Relief Worldwide. The Islamic Association’s first location was in the basement of property at Ringvägen 137 in Stockholm. This environment, which was always characterized by strong anti-Semitic elements, today includes a number of known representatives of civil society in Sweden: Mahmoud Khalfi, now the imam in Stockholm’s mosque, Mahmoud Aldebe, former chairman of Sweden’s Muslim Council, which entered into a cooperation agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and Mostafa Kharraki, the former chairman of Sweden’s Muslim Council.

The basement mosque on Ringvägen 137 later moved to a larger and more suitable location in 2000. After several years of rebuilding, renovation, and appeals, they were able to move to the former Katarina Station, Södermalms Electricity Works, in Björns Garden in Södermalm, Stockholm by Medborgarplatsen.

In March 1995, Stockholm’s City Council, after first consulting with Muslims they described as representatives of Muslim organizations, decided to convert the old transformer station, Katarina Station, to a mosque.

The previous year, 1994, representatives of the basement mosque on Ringvägen 137 appeared for the first time on the Stockholm municipality workers nomination list when, among others, Mahmoud Khalfi, now head imam in Stockholm’s mosque, was nominated to committees and company boards.

Khalfi’s representative Haytham Rahmeh has since then been the key person in inter-faith dialogue with the Swedish Church and the Social Democrat Fraternity Movement, which today goes under the name Social Democrats for Faith and Solidarity, but disappeared from public view at the start of the 2010 decade. In 2012, it was revealed by Sweden’s Radio that Rahmeh switched over and began as a weapons smuggler for his organization, Commission for the Protection of Civilians.

“It is no secret that Haytham Rahmeh and this group send weapons to Syria,” says the researcher Raphael, who follows the group closely for Swedish Radio.

Léfèvre is a researcher at the University of Cambridge. Léfèvre is a recognized expert in the Muslim Brotherhood and developments in Syria and Lebanon especially, as well as the author of Ashes of Hama— The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria (Oxford University Press, 2013).

The militia group that Haytham Rahmeh set up and furnished with weapons fought together with, among others, the Fath Army, a part of the al Nusra Front, and Al Qaeda.

Stockholm’s mosque provides other militias with personnel

This happened about the same time that another parishioner in the Stockholm mosque, Tarif al Sayyed Issa, joined the armed group Fath-Army. Al Sayyed Issa came to command and was in Idlib at the same time that the ethnic cleansing of Christians was taking place. He died in a hospital in Turkey after having been targeted by a car bomb in Idlib in 2018.

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Knife Jihad in Rambouillet

Earlier today a Tunisian “youth” stabbed a policewoman to death inside a police headquarters in the French town of Rambouillet before being shot dead by another officer. The report below doesn’t mention it, but according to other accounts she was stabbed in the neck. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes. (Koran 8:12)

Police say the assailant’s motive remains unknown.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Monde:

Knife attack in Rambouillet: Police officer killed, National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor takes over

The assailant, whose motivations are not known, was shot down by another police officer. The prime minister and the interior minister arrived at the scene of the drama in the afternoon.

Le Monde with AFP (Agence France Presse)
April 23, 2021

[Photo caption: Police block a street in the area near the Rambouillet police headquarters, where a police officer was stabbed to death Friday, 23 April. Bertrand Guay/AFP]

A man stabbed a 49-year-old police officer to death at the police headquarters in Rambouillet, in the Yvelines [Île-de-France region], on Friday April 23 before being shot down by another officer, as announced by the prosecutor of Versailles.

According to a police source, the events occurred around 2:20pm in the security area of the police headquarters of this town of about 26,000 residents, located about 60 kilometers southwest of Paris. The administrative officer died of cardiac arrest at the scene despite the efforts of emergency responders.

According to the initial reports of eyewitnesses at the scene, the attacker, a man of Tunisian nationality, with legal [immigration] status, had reportedly appeared making several passes in front of the police station, his phone in hand. He then reportedly took advantage of the entrance of the victim into the double door security area of the police station to rush after her and wait till the door closed again, thus locking the electronic control device of the entrance.

Motivation unknown

The individual then reportedly brandished a knife before the eyes of the officers stationed at the reception area of the station, on the other side of the security glass of the secure entrance, before stabbing the administration officer. After unlocking the security door, one of the officers opened fire twice at the assailant. He died after being hit by the two shots from the officer. “For now, it is impossible to know his motivations,” added a police source.

“Some witnesses claim to have heard the attacker shout, ‘Allahu Akhbar!’ twice inside the security area, but they were on the street, several meters from the entrance,” a source at the scene also explained.

The National Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) has gathered the facts and opened an investigation into the murder of a public official in relation to terrorist activity and terrorist association, assigned jointly to the DCPJ (Central Directorate of Judicial Police) and the DGSI (General Directorate of Internal Security).

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And the Beat Goes On

The cultural enrichment beat, that is.

Below are four recent articles about various aspects of the migrant invasion of Europe. The first article (translated by Hellequin GB) concerns a deadly attack by a Syrian culture-enricher in Berlin. The report doesn’t make it clear, but I suspect that both his victims were also culture-enrichers.

Translator’s note:

I couldn’t find the article from the Berliner Zeitung, but the gist is clear: another case of Cultural Enrichment.

The word “colorful” in the title (German Bunte) is a reference to multiculturalism, roughly equivalent to the way “rainbow” was used in the USA before it was co-opted by LGBT.

The article from PolitikStube:

Colorful capital: Attack on two Berliners, one dead, one seriously injured — Syrian (30) arrested

In the politically correct police report from April 20, 2021 it says: Emergency services arrested a 30-year-old man yesterday evening. He is suspected of having killed a 56-year-old man in his apartment on Huttenstrasse in Moabit. The 56-year-old was found lifeless in a room in his apartment around 8:40 a.m. yesterday. The situation and the injury pattern indicated a homicide.

The arrested person is also suspected of having tried to kill a 56-year-old man in his apartment on Neue Schönhauser Strasse in (Berlin) Mitte. The investigations into both cases are ongoing and are being led by the Third Murder Commission of the State Criminal Police Office and the Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office. The 30-year-old suspect is due to be brought before a judge today.

The Berliner Zeitung reports in more detail: The suspect is a Syrian national who is said to have attacked two Berliners in their apartments. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office obtained the suspect’s temporary placement in a closed psychiatric facility.

Article #2 is from the conservative Austrian site Unzensuriert, and was translated by Gary Fouse:

“Closed borders” are only for Austrians: New asylum record in the first quarter of 2021

[Caption: Still in vivid memory: 2015/16 tens of thousands of illegals stormed our country. If the interior minister still cannot protect our borders, we will soon be back.]

In the flood of daily media Corona numbers game — and fear-making mode — other, potentially much more dangerous reports are lost — some on the topic of massively increasing illegal migration to Austria. The assurances of ÖVP-interior minister Karl Nehammer aside, the “social travelers”, particularly in the past year, did not adhere to his “total border closure” and came into the country in large numbers, largely unhindered. 14,200 asylum applications were counted to the end of the year, the first increase since 2015, and then by an impressive 12% (versus 2019).

In March, 90% more illegals than last year

It is likely to get worse this year, as even the Kurier cannot conceal. By the end of the first quarter, end of March, according to the Federal Interior Ministry, there were already 5,024 applications nationwide — that is an increase from the previous year of an impressive 42%. In a monthly comparison, there were, in March 2021, 90% more illegal social migrants compared with March 2020, who merrily streamed over the “closed” borders of our land.

In spite of the end of the war, Syrians continue to lead the way

And it is always the same, those who come. Also this year, the lion’s share are Syrians (2,267 applications), who have the greatest chance of recognition, although the civil war in Syria in a wide part of the country has for a year been all but ended and the bombed county needs every young man for the rebuilding of houses, businesses, and infrastructure. Because it is mostly young men who seek our protection (82% of those who traveled here).

It is almost all Muslim males

And it is almost without exception Muslims, who are hardly compatible with our Western value system. Behind the Syrians are the Afghans and Moroccans (the latter have little chance of asylum, but are no longer accepted by their country in case of deportation). Behind those are found Iraqis, Turks, and Somalis. 554 of the uninvited guests were (allegedly) “unaccompanied minors”.

Suspension of asylum rights as the only way out

What that means for the security of our country and our citizens is reported regularly by Unzensuriert. The only way out of this hopeless situation would be the suspension of asylum rights, long-demanded (unfortunately only) by the FPÖ, which, with the prevailing pandemic in the face of unvetted and uncontrolled travelers, in the sense of public health, should be easy to argue.

Austria has the most illegals in the EU, Hungary the fewest

In addition, the economic migrants cross several safe countries on their way to the most lucrative European social paradises before they reach Austria. Speaking of Austria. While the asylum numbers have risen exorbitantly in Austria in spite of “Corona closures”, in the rest of the EU, they were significantly reduced in the previous year (416,000 applications in the 27 member nations, the lowest since 2013). Every fourth application succeeded in Germany (which, by the way, is exclusively surrounded by safe countries). The lowest number of illegal entries was in Hungary.

Article #3, from PolitikStube, translated by Hellequin GB:

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Deadly Enricher vs. Enricher Violence in Liège

Last week the Chechens fought the Kurds in Liège, Belgium. One unfortunate culture-enricher died in the affray.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Flemish daily De Standaard:

28 arrests after deadly confrontation between rival gangs in Liège

April 16, 2021

Two rival youth gangs fought out a conflict Friday afternoon in the streets of Bressoux, a suburb of Liège. During the fight, there was one death and two wounded. The Liège prosecutor’s office has begun an investigation.

In the Liège suburb of Bressoux a severe fight broke out on Friday afternoon. The events took place around 5pm Friday evening on the Avenue de Nancy.

A young man of Chechen origin was attacked by a gang of masked men with baseball bats when he was driving on the street in his car. “The young man tried to drive away, but in doing so, he drove into some parked cars. He was then shot at,” says Damien Leboutte of the Liège prosecutor’s office. The victim later succumbed to his wounds in the hospital.

Two others were injured during their arrest. In total, the police, who arrived at the scene en masse, arrested 28 people.

The prosecutor’s office of Liège opened an investigation after the events. Those arrested were interrogated, and Friday evening, an investigating judge, a police doctor, and a ballistics expert also came to the scene. According to the Liège prosecutor’s office, the latter expert was called because heavy weapons were used. There are pictures that have appeared in which a Kalashnikov is visible.

During the confrontation, a TEC bus was hit with a stone. Several lines have been diverted or canceled this weekend.

According to various French-language media, the fight was the result of a conflict between youths of Kurdish and Chechen backgrounds who live in Liège or Verviers. The information was not confirmed by the prosecutor’s office. The young man who died is reportedly a Chechen.

According to the Wallonian newspaper La Meuse it was about a settling of scores. The two gangs did not meet each other by chance. The confrontation was set up via social media. They are reportedly very young gang members.

The police are wary of retaliation. On social media, a call for revenge is now circulating. On Saturday afternoon one of the gangs reportedly wants to go to Verviers. “The Verviers police are aware of the call and have taken the necessary measures,” the RTBF reports.

Correction 4/17: We first reported that the dead victim was a woman, but that is not correct.

Women’s Work — Or the Lack of It

The female culture-enrichers who arrived in Germany during the Great Migration of 2015 remain largely unemployed and dependent on state benefits. Who could possibly have foreseen this distressing outcome?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

The “skilled workers” of 2015: Only 27% of migrant women employed — the majority are not looking for work anyway

What a disaster: after five years of residence, according to a study, only 27 percent of migrant women are gainfully employed, but it also means that 73 percent live well and happily on German taxpayers’ money, and probably permanently. For the 27 percent of employed migrant women, the question arises: Who works full-time and who works as mini-jobbers?

In 2015, who could have foreseen that the level of education, especially among Muslim migrant women, would be rather low and that integration in the labor market would have a negative impact? Well, the majority — 56 percent — are not looking for a job anyway and are more concerned with the crowd and the household. The child benefit and social benefits as sources of income are also completely sufficient, so why go to work and make a living for the family?

Are these the propagandized “skilled workers” that Germany absolutely needs? Hardly — 73 percent of immigrant women have been living out of German taxpayers’ pockets for five years already; this is the most unique invitation in the world [for parasitical Cultures to thrive], and thanks to Merkel. One can only pray the tax and social coffers are still well-filled; unimaginable that those free blessings might suddenly be absent.