Covid-19, a Gift From the Gods

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has the latest on the endless political crisis in The Netherlands, which is exacerbated (or augmented, depending on one’s preference) by the endless coronavirus “pandemic”.

Covid-19, a gift from the gods

by H. Numan

You know who owes his position to the curse of China? Joe Biden. Without the Covid-19 pandemic he hadn’t a hope in hell of getting elected. The DNC smelled an opportunity and ran with it. By now Joe probably lacks the cognitive abilities to realize that. The man is declining rapidly. He isn’t the only one to benefit massively from the Covid crisis.

In Holland we had elections in the beginning of March. After that… nothing. Do the math: those elections were nine months ago. If you impregnated your wife on the eve of the elections, you’d be a proud father by now. I’m pretty sure we won’t find a new cabinet in our shoe on 5 December, and Father Christmas isn’t going to bring one, either. Why?

Our dearly beloved prime minister Mark Rutte ran three cabinets. It has never happened that a PM chaired four cabinets. He wants the distinction of becoming the longest-ruling Dutch PM ever. No matter the consequences. Like Biden, it doesn’t matter at all to him if he were to be rated the worst PM ever. As long as he gets the distinction of being the longest-ruling.

For him, the Covid-19 crisis is a blessing. He is ruling the country as demissionary PM, but with emergency powers, due to the crisis. Rutte openly said that he didn’t mind at having his cabinet resign. You can’t fire a cabinet that has already resigned. Now he can do more or less what he wants.

Negotiations are dragging on. Of course the results of the elections were almost impossible to work with. There was no clear winner. Rutte’s VVD party won, but that is looking at the numbers only. In reality he lost two seats. Not a lot, much less than the VVD deserves. The winner was the D66 party with Sigrid Al Qaq-Kaag. She did everything possible to become the new PM. Again, look at the numbers. Her party stands at a total of 24 seats. That’s much less than Rutte with 34 seats.

Her tactic was to gain a majority within the cabinet by inviting two socialist parties, PvdA (Labor) and GL (GreenLeft, ex-communists). That way D66 could form a block with PvdA and GL, outvoting the other coalition partners. In such a cabinet the VVD would be a minority party, despite having the most votes and the PM. Of course Rutte refused that; it just took many months before he did so.

Now they are muddling along to see if the present coalition can be extended. Why? Because nothing else will work. Geert Wilders did all right, but not overly so. He stands at 17 seats. A real conservative cabinet would require no less than seven parties, and that is simply not going to happen. So we will enter the new year without a new government. Rutte happily muddles along.

There’s another reason why Rutte is very happy with Covid-19: now he can ban fireworks. For decades this has been a hot political potato. A growing majority wants fireworks to be banned. A very vocal minority doesn’t. That very vocal minority ran amok in Rotterdam a week ago. Who? According to the police mostly hooligans. Add to that, juveniles with a phobia for pork and beer. Something the police forgot to mention.

Fireworks in The Netherlands can only be bought legally by anyone over 16 years from 12 December until 31 December. You can’t let them off; that is only legal on 31 December from 2pm until 1 January at 4am.The problem is, nobody abides by those rules. Lots of kids (usually boys) roam the streets during their Christmas break having fun with fireworks. Every year insurance companies have to pay out 30 to 70 million euros in damages. Every year all emergency services have to do overtime with every officer available to minimize havoc. Every year houses are burned to the ground and lots of people loose eyes and hands due to mishandling fireworks.

Every year lots of sellers are penalized for storing tons of unreliable fireworks insecurely. Very often a garden center or tobacconist makes some extra money by selling fireworks. Not outright to minors, but hey. If a bloke of 18 comes in surrounded by a bunch of kids of 10-12, what do you think? Storing a couple of tons of explosives in the attic or basement is pretty much standard.

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Sea-Watch Lands More Wretched Refuse in Sicily

A boat full of puir wee African bairns has finally been unloaded at a Sicilian port, thanks to the timely arrival of a storm at sea, which raised the tear-jerk quotient high enough to force the Italian authorities to allow the landing.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

New “specialists” arrived: Sea-Watch 4 unloads 461 in the Sicilian port

The migrant ferry Sea-Watch 4 had been waiting for a “safe harbor” to be assigned since Monday; Italy and Malta refused several times. Then a storm came up, the ship got caught in a storm off the coast of Sicily and the crew declared a state of emergency. Now finally Italy took pity and gave permission to enter the port of Augusta, where the shuttle ship arrived yesterday his 461 guests on board, mostly young men. 14 guests were evacuated in advance, sick and pregnant women.

SOT, Alberto Mallardo, Sea-Watch spokesman (Italian): “Of the people on board, 149 are unaccompanied minors, 9 are pregnant women and several small children. You all have to disembark now and find a place in our country.”

They are not the only “safe havens” in Europe, especially when those willing to travel are picked up on the Libyan coast. The collected could have been allowed to go ashore in Tripoli, for example, instead of holding them on board for eight days and playing a number of misery and suffering in order to extortionately force entry.

Sea-Watch announced on November 23, 2021 on Twitter: According to international law, we have to bring people rescued from distress at sea to a safe place that can only be in Europe. The authorities must finally allow the landing!

You put your own international law together, the word “next” is simply left out and only “Europe” is added.


Afterword from the translator:

Libya faces along to the Mediterranean and had been effectively the cork in the bottle of Africa. So all problems, economic problems and civil war in Africa — previously people fleeing those problems didn’t end up in Europe because Libya policed the Mediterranean. That was said explicitly at the time, back in early 2011 by Muammar Gaddafi: ‘What do these Europeans think they’re doing, trying to bomb and destroy the Libyan State? There’s going to be floods of migrants out of Africa and jihadists into Europe, and this is exactly what happened.Julian Assange

Is Islam a Threat?

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this post from the Portuguese blog Inconveniente:

Is Islam a threat?

by Jose do Carmo

A few days ago, someone said to me that in his opinion, Islam is a religion like others, and he casually rejected the idea that it was a threat to the rich, strong, and civilized West.

Are there really no reasons to fear?

Well, beyond the very clear and explicit exhortations to violence and conquest, which can be read in the sacred texts of Islam, it is always history that shows us that since this religion emerged about 1,400 years ago, Muslims have consistently followed the Koranic command to make war on the infidels, on the House of War.

As a result, almost 75% of what was then called “Christendom” was definitively conquered by the House of Islam, including all of North Africa, Anatolia, Syria, etc.

Many European territories were under Muslim occupation, at times for centuries, from Portugal to Russia, passing through Spain, France, Italy, Ukraine, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, etc. etc, only being liberated by force of arms.

More than 15 million Europeans were captured and enslaved in the name of jihad, in a process that lasted until the 19th century, reaching faraway Iceland. In fact, one of the first external wars waged by the USA (Jefferson and Adams) was precisely against the Muslim slavers, with Portugal as an ally.

All in all, for more than 1,000 years, Islam has been the principal and permanent threat to Western Civilization and has always been on the offensive when the relative potential of combat has been in its favor.

In the 20th century, Europe modernized itself and managed to neutralize jihad, but now seems to have forgotten everything about this old and constant threat.

For many Westerners, Islam is just a religion like others, and some, without knowing anything of history and the texts, even proclaim that it is “a religion of peace”.

No, it is not.

What history tells us is that it is the most formidable and persistent enemy that our civilization has faced up to today, and this has not changed just because circumstantially, we believe that we are on top.

The major problem, still, is not the forgetting of history, but its rewriting, so that it fits into new, politically correct narratives.

And this woke narrative, conveyed in the schools, in the media, and in the cinema, is that Muslims are part of the extensive group of historical victims of the West, that is, of the “heteropatriarchal whites” or by definition, the “oppressor”.

For example, the Crusades, effectively a military reaction to the Islamic conquest of the so-called Christian holy places, is described as a cruel and unjust attack on the poor Muslims, who were peacefully in their lands drinking tea and smoking water pipes. Moreover, the Muslim invasions are not even described as such, rather as innocuous “advances” by Arabs, Moors, Almoravids, Tatars, Mamluks, Ottomans, etc., deliberately hiding their true rational aggregate, jihad against the infidel.

But that is history, the appeasers will say. That time has passed. We have to look to the future and enter into a new era of mutual respect and tolerance, even if to do this, we have to gild history a bit.

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The Migration Beat Goes On

As the Omicron variant rages through the media panic porn, the flood of “refugees” into Europe continues unimpeded.

Below are three translated articles about various aspects of the migration crisis in Europe. The first one concerns the arrival in the Canary Islands of hundreds of culture-enrichers, almost all of them from sub-Saharan Africa. The EU has just shut off flights from Africa to stop the spread of the dreaded Omicron variant, but you can bet those puir wee bairns who are landing in the Canaries will be able to make their way to the continent of Europe without any problem.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Illegal Immigration Canaries: The Daily Madness

With Europe genuinely promoting illegal migration, the external borders are experiencing a huge onslaught. But the mainstream media only cover events on the border between Belarus and Poland. There, where violent migrants tear down the provisional border barriers and throw stones at the police in order to gain illegally into the land of milk and honey. There are no reports of the arrivals in the Canary Islands.

The shuttle services have been back in operation around the clock here since Friday night. After almost 600 migrants were picked up on 14 boats off Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura at the weekend, the Armada was joined by a further 428 Africans on nine boats on Monday. And tonight the shenanigans with 7 boats continued.

Of these have been picked up, there were 75 men, 12 women and children off Gran Canaria, 86 men, 13 women and six children off Fuerteventura, 93 men, seven women, 13 minors and a baby off Lanzarote and 56 men, four women and seven minors off El Hierro. All migrants were handed over to the responsible police.


The second article concerns the impact on Europe, particularly the Netherlands, of the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the right-wing Dutch broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland:

Migrant crisis in Eastern Europe exposes gut feeling of the Left

by Jan Omvlee
November 26, 2021

The Dutch Refugee Foundation is giving aid to hundreds of migrants who have illegally crossed the Polish border from Belarus. The need is great, they say.

In the space of a few weeks, an estimated 7,000 residents of various countries in the Middle East have flown into the Belarusian capital of Minsk. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is using them in his fight against the economic sanctions placed against him by the European Union following human rights violations. Upon arrival, the travelers get help from the security forces to illegally cross the barbed-wire border with Poland and the Baltic states.

To condemn migration or not?

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen calls the migrant flow a “hybrid attack”, which has as its aim the destabilization of the EU. She also expresses her support for the EU member states that border Belarus and refuse to allow the migrant flow.

The idea that the migrant flow should be condemned as an attack against the EU, however, cannot count on much enthusiasm from the Tweede Kamer [Dutch Parliament, House of Representatives]. In mid-November, a letter sent by the foreign commissions of 17 European parliaments to Von der Leyen and NATO Secretary Stoltenberg was not supported by the House because D66 [party] and the leftist parties did not want to be too strict in regards to asylum law. Member Kati Piri (PVDA) explained this vote against the letter by pointing out that the letter proposed adapting the “existing legal order” to situations in which illegal migration is used as a weapon. “If we make an exception for the Belarusian border area with Poland and Lithuania, we throw the entire refugee treaty in the trash,” said Piri. In other words: The right for people to request asylum in EU member states cannot be compromised, even when used as political pressure by hostile neighbor states.

Tineke Ceelen

For the Dutch Refugee Foundation, the widening of activity to Poland offers new opportunities for fundraising, especially now that the crisis is in the media spotlight. Tineke Ceelen, since 2003 the director of the Refugee Foundation, wandered along the Polish eastern border and tweeted about the bad weather conditions and the dangers the refugees face in the forested border area. Belarus is not the cause of the misery, he finds, rather the victim, Poland. The country is callously closing its eyes to the human suffering on its own border. Poland is sending automatic text messages to all cell phones in the border zone, in which refugees are warned in English to go back to Belarus. Ceelen also thinks that the Polish military and police are being very intimidating, including by the use of tear gas.

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“We’ll Wait Until Germany Takes Us In”

The migrants who have fetched up on the Belarusian side of the border with Poland are finding conditions there far less salubrious than those that obtain in the Club Med facilities set up on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The Belarusian and Polish guards don’t treat their guests with the same tender solicitousness that the migrants experience at the hands of the Guardia di Finanza. And, more importantly, now that winter is coming on, the weather is far harsher in the Belarusian forests than it is in the balmy southern Mediterranean.

As a result, the culture-enrichers are complaining about their lot to reporters for the Western press.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Der Tagesspiegel:

Refugees report torture after returning from Belarus

For days, thousands of migrants have been staying at the Belarusian-Polish border in the cold. People from Iraq talk about beatings, torture and starvation.

Migrants stranded on Poland’s external EU border and returning to Iraq from Belarus report severe abuse. The people were beaten and tortured by Polish and Belarusian police officers, several victims from the Kurdish autonomous regions in Iraq told the German press agency on Saturday.

A 38-year-old from Dohuk said he was ill-treated and later forcibly deported from Belarus. In addition, he and other migrants had neither water nor food. The Iraqi wants to try again to get there, despite his disappointment with the countries of Europe. “We were treated inhumanely,” said a 71-year-old Yezidi woman who, according to her own statements, no longer feels safe in Iraq and therefore wants to visit relatives in Germany. The terrorist militia Islamic State (IS) abducted several of their children. A 41-year-old man from Erbil also said he was tortured by officers from Belarus and Poland. He also says: “The Belarusian authorities have betrayed us.”

For days, thousands of people have been staying at the Belarusian-Polish border in the cold to get into the EU. They wanted to stay until the EU let them in, numerous Iraqis and Syrians told a reporter for the German press agency in the emergency accommodation in a warehouse in Brusgi. The border point there is closed with concrete barriers and barbed wire. In front of the emergency shelter, helpers continued to provide people with food and medical help on Saturday. The hygiene conditions are bad. The civil defense also strengthened fire protection.

The people were able to get everything they needed, said the general secretary of the Belarusian Red Cross, Dmitri Shevtsov to the dpa [German Press Agency] in front of the converted logistics center. According to estimates, around 2,000 people stayed there who refuse to return home and want to go to Germany, Belgium and other EU countries. They are guarded by armed uniformed men and cannot leave the premises.

“We wait until Germany accepts us”

As the ARD reports online, there are toilets, tankers with fresh water and, more recently, trucks on the site in front of the large warehouse, as mobile kiosks and snack bars. In the hall, people lie close together. “You sleep two minutes and for three are you awake,” said the 13-year-old Bahash to the broadcaster. Nevertheless, it is far better here than in the woods, where she and her family had stayed for days — in the hope that they might still make it across the border into the EU. Also because the Belarusian border guards behave very differently towards the refugees here. “They give us food, they give us sleeping bags — everything! They give us blankets. They help us somehow.” Like almost everyone here, Bahash and her family want to go to Germany. They had had asylum there for a number of years, but no permanent residence status. It is her second and final attempt. The offer to fly back to Iraq via Minsk is not an option for them. “We will never go back. We’ll wait until Germany takes us in,” says Bahash.

Belarusian investigators also continued questioning migrants who were injured by the Polish side last Tuesday when using water cannons and tear gas. Children had also been hit. The people were questioned with the help of interpreters. The investigation committee in Belarus speaks of 100 victims.

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Och, the Puir Wee Bosnian Bairns!

A German journalist was caught trafficking migrants across the border from Bosnia to Croatia. It seems the enterprising member of the Fourth Estate contrived to enable the border crossing in order to create a heart-rending story that he could write up for his newspaper.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian tabloid eXXpress:

Employee of the left-wing Tagesspiegel arrested as a human trafficker

It is reminiscent of the “Relotius” case. The German blogger and journalist of the left-wing Berlin portal Tagesspiegel Sebastian Leber (44) was arrested on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina — he was accompanied by a group of migrants whom he allegedly wanted to bring illegally across the border to write an article later about their harrowing trip.

Leber had crossed the border illegally with seven migrants. The attempt to create his own “maudlin” story was stopped by the Croatian border police.

The German blogger and journalist of the “Tagesspiegel” Sebastian Leber was arrested in Croatia because he wanted to smuggle migrants illegally across the EU’s external border and make a story out of it.

Jonas (@realjonaswd) November 21, 2021

Smuggling charges dropped — appeal

The incident occurred on Friday in the municipality of Cetingrad near the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Karlovac City Court sentenced the journalist to a fine of 3,600 kuna (€500) for illegally crossing the border. The court dropped the charge of smuggling brought by the border police. The border police announced an appeal against the first instance judgment.

UPDATE: Statement from the editor-in-chief

Update: Late in the afternoon, the editor-in-chief of the Tagesspiegel, Lorenz Maroldt, spoke up: Leber went to the border as a reporter, the comparisons with Relotius were “absurd”. In addition (as can be seen in the eXXpress article, editor’s note) the charge of smuggling was dropped.

Mutti is Worried About the Migrant Crisis at the Polish Border

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Epoch Times:

Merkel calls development at the EU’s eastern external borders “worrying”

At her meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Berlin, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) emphasized the “worrying developments” in relations with Russia and at the EU’s external borders.

In view of the Russian troop deployment on the Ukrainian border and the refugee crisis on the Belarusian border with Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, there is a “need for discussion,” said Merkel on Friday before she withdrew to talks with Stoltenberg.

During her tenure in office, she always “advocated a dialogue between NATO and Russia,” said Merkel. “Unfortunately, it has cooled down at the moment.” Nevertheless, “it is always better to talk to each other than not to speak.”

Putin accuses West of “escalating” the conflict in Ukraine

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of “escalating” through maneuvers in the Black Sea and arms deliveries to Kiev. Western fighter planes would only fly “20 kilometers from our border”, Putin criticized on Thursday at an event by the Russian Foreign Ministry, warning the West not to cross a “red line”. Ukraine had previously announced that it would buy more weapons from the West because of the threat from Russia.

“Our western partners are escalating the situation by supplying Kiev with deadly modern weapons and holding provocative military maneuvers in the Black Sea,” Putin said in his address.

The Russian President was apparently referring to recent exercises by US and other NATO military ships in the sea area. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby had rejected the criticism. “All of our exercises are defensive in nature and are consistent with our alliances and partnership commitments in the region,” he said.

For their part, the NATO partners and Ukraine have been accusing Russia for days of fueling tensions by deploying large numbers of troops on the Ukrainian border and possibly even preparing an invasion of Ukraine.

Stoltenberg also worried

Stoltenberg also expressed concern about the Russian troop deployment on the border with Ukraine. The NATO partners and Kiev accuse Russia of fueling tensions and possibly even preparing an invasion of Ukraine. The situation is being monitored and “political and practical support for Ukraine” is being provided by NATO, said Stoltenberg.

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Canada’s Hateful “Anti-Hate” Network

The following report by Janice Fiamengo was originally published at FrontPage Mag.

Valerie Price, Executive-Director of Act! For Canada with friends Tarek Fatah (left) and Salim Mansur (right)

Canada’s Anti-Hate Network Attacks ‘Act! For Canada’ in Desperate Hunt for Hate

Inside the Left’s twisted world of innuendo and unfounded allegations.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) is Canada’s ironically named version of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an intolerant organization that can’t stop patting itself on the back for opposing intolerance. Though lacking the formidable political heft, war chest, and extensive reach of its more robust American cousin, the CAHN exists to rain calumny down upon groups or individuals who do not share its progressivist viewpoints. Never content merely to disagree or rebut, the network pursues its ends almost exclusively through Hall of Shame-style attacks on those it deems “far right” enemies.

Recently, Peter Smith and Elizabeth Simons of the CAHN published a wordy hit piece on Valerie Price, long-time Executive-Director of Act! For Canada (AFC), an organization founded in 2009 and dedicated to defending Canada’s freedoms, security, and core values. To this end, Price hosts a website, distributes a weekly e-newsletter, encourages activism, and (pre-Covid) organized conferences and special speakers on such subjects as Islamic terrorism, the Islamization of Canadian culture, and threats to freedom of speech.

Smith and Simons’ innuendo-laden “M-103 to the Pandemic: Evolution of Canadian Islamophobic Activists Shows How Hate Movements Adapt” has all the incisiveness of a midnight-concocted term paper by two second-year Sociology students who never learned the principles of argument. It also clearly illuminates the challenges that face the CAHN and similar groups in Canada. What are hate-hunters to do when there is no hate to be found? Having spent hours combing through AFC’s website and affiliated Facebook group — as well as those of a later-formed companion group, Action4Canada, run by Price’s associate Tanya Gaw-Smith — Simons found nothing objectively hateful nor anything dishonest or defamatory. The very worst they could discover was a supportive message for a young ex-Muslim activist, Sandra Solomon, who subsequently tore out pages of the Koran and left them on car windshields around a mosque. AFC’s failure to disavow Solomon, who objects to the treatment of women in Islam, left Smith and Simons aghast.

With nothing worse to expose, the vigilante authors could only present the facts of AFC’s various information campaigns as if they were far more incendiary than they actually are, informing readers breathlessly that Price has, over the years, posted articles on her website about the arrests of terror suspects, the possibility of Iran launching an EMP attack (with “electromagnetic pulse” put in scare quotes, as if the authors couldn’t hold back their incredulous laughter), and about the political results of the Arab Spring. The implication, never made clear in the article, is that pure-hearted multi-culturalists should have no truck with any such discussions.

According to Smith and Simons, AFC has also posted articles expressing dismay at the legalization of marijuana, criticizing the radical trans agenda, and supporting the right to life of unborn children; during the last two election campaigns, Price went so far as to endorse the People’s Party of Canada and the Christian Heritage Party. Perhaps realizing that such actions are nowhere near enough to justify calling AFC a hate site, the authors also rely heavily on innuendo and unfounded allegations too numerous to catalogue here, with special emphasis on Price’s alleged “anti-Muslim” sentiments, for which not one iota of evidence is ever presented. In the process, the article pretends to analyze how “the far-right adopts and packages new grievances to recruit support.”

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“We Are Not a Pension Fund for Welfare State Nomads”

René Springer represents the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the Bundestag. In the following op-ed he addresses the existential issues posed by the current crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

We are not a care institution for welfare state nomads from all over the world

Historically, in major conflicts, those who have brought a new weapon into use have often left the field victorious. Attackers with spears were superior to defenders with hand axes. Spears were followed by catapults, artillery and cruise missiles. Then as now, cunning, deception and as yet unknown strategies or tactics are always the most effective weapons. Glorious victories and catastrophic defeats, the rise and fall of great empires were tied to them.

That is why it was and is always one of the main tasks of the defenders to recognize a new strategy and a new weapon as such. Troy fell because it couldn’t see the troop transport in the wooden horse.

In the natural societies of past millennia, resources were often conquered by force of arms. A quick attack with a closed, armed formation was usually not difficult to recognize as such. However, a prolonged attack with a non-closed, unarmed unit, such as in the times of that great migration that significantly brought the Roman Empire to the collapse, is not always recognizable as an attack even if it ultimately also pursues the same goal: the procurement of resources.

Germany shares responsibility for escalation at the EU external border

Word has got around in the poor regions of the world that it is easier to enjoy the resources of the supposedly rich Europe if you leave your weapons at home and claim that you are being persecuted and your life is threatened or that you come from a war zone. The sympathy of Germans in particular opens the door to almost everyone.

A few days ago, the Polish eastern border, which is currently being defended by around 20,000 security forces, was breached, mainly by groups of men from some of the well-known asylum-claim countries. For the first time, Belarusian troops were on Polish territory. Germany shares responsibility for this escalation at the borders of our Eastern European neighbors.

Because the illegal intruders on the Belarusian-Polish border mainly want to go to Germany to apply for asylum and social benefits. The fact that a well-developed full-coverage state is likely to be the main incentive for illegals is shown not only by a study by Princeton University from 2019, but also indirectly by the Federal Statistical Office: Of the approximately €13 billion to non-German citizens in Hartz IV, around six billion go to people from the top eight asylum-seeker countries.

Consistent deportations, benefits in kind and border controls

The Belarusian head of state Lukashenko seems to have adapted the business model of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the least passive use of the migration weapon: With high immigration pressure on the core of Europe, presumably the calculation goes, the European Union may be blackmailed for billions.

The Federal Government is jointly responsible for the current escalation of the situation. It maintains the actual reasons for fleeing unchanged and is leaving our Polish friends in the lurch in dealing with the crisis.

Poland is now facing a conflict with Belarus that would be relatively easy to end on the German side: Immediate introduction of permanent border controls at the German-Polish border, conversion from cash to benefits in kind for asylum seekers, simplified and shortened asylum procedures, consistent deportations and above all: Return to the application of current law regulating asylum and migration.

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Did Mutti Cut a Deal With Lukashenko?

The crisis at the border between Poland and Belarus is not about the illegal migrants who are trying to get into the European Union.

Or rather: that’s what it’s about for the globalists and the NGOs who are funding and facilitating the transport of migrants to Minsk and thence to the border with Poland. That’s what those Soros-backed organizations want, and they’re paying to make it happen.

However, that’s not what’s causing the crisis. For the past couple of months I’ve been studying the data points on recent events, and it seems clear that the crisis is about the nearly-completed Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline that runs from Vyborg in Russia to Lubmin in northern Germany.

Alexander Lukashenko has been president of Belarus for twenty-seven years, since the office of the presidency was first established after the country became independent. He can only continue to hold that position with the permission and support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. We may therefore assume that Mr. Lukashenko is doing nothing vis-à-vis the migrants without the approval of Mr. Putin, and perhaps even at the latter’s behest. Belarus has nothing to gain by its hostile and provocative behavior towards Poland, so it seems clear that there are larger issues at stake, ones that bear upon policies emanating from Moscow.

Nord Stream 2 is a project of Gazprom, the Russian state energy company, and has been under construction for almost a decade. From the very beginning it was clear the pipeline was intended to give Russia significantly more leverage over the former Soviet Republics and Warsaw Pact states in Central and Eastern Europe. Russia remains the primary source for natural gas consumed by Western Europe. The current pipeline runs through Ukraine and Poland to Germany, where it is distributed to other countries in Western Europe. As a result, Russia is unable to discipline Ukraine, Poland, and Hungary by cutting off their gas supplies without hurting its more compliant customers further west.

Nord Stream 2 is intended to change that dynamic. Once the spigot under the Baltic is open, Mr. Putin can make Poland and Ukraine freeze whenever he feels like it without causing Germany any difficulties.

Russia successfully induced the Biden administration to waive sanctions against the new pipeline, but those aren’t the only issues that irritate Moscow (for example, the measures put in place by Washington to mitigate the new pipeline’s economic damage to Ukraine and Poland).

Pushing the migrants from Belarus into Poland was simply one weapon in President Putin’s arsenal to bend the European Union to his will. He is an intelligent man, and has no doubt closely observed events in Western Europe since the summer of 2015. He will have realized that the issue of migration is the Achilles’ heel of the European Union, and particularly Germany. It is a weapon against which the West has virtually no defense. As soon as the Puir Wee Bairns appear for their photo ops at the razor-wire fences, the media frenzy commences and the battle is essentially over.

There have been signs in recent days that the EU is ready to capitulate. Several days ago Turkey announced that it would no longer allow citizens of Iraq, Syria, and Yemen to fly from its territory to Minsk. The next day the Belarusian state airline, Belavia, announced that the same nationalities would no longer be allowed to fly on its aircraft.

Why were those decisions made in close succession? Why terminate what was obviously a lucrative business for all concerned? The only plausible answer is: orders from above. The “refugees” are cannon fodder for Russia’s hybrid war with the EU, and enough of the culture-enriching troops have been assembled at the border to successfully conclude the operation.

Further data points: Belarus has shut down one of its transmission lines for electricity to Poland, ostensibly for “planned maintenance”. At the same time it experienced technical difficulties with a nuclear reactor, and cut off electricity to another line that supplies Ukraine.

Does anyone think that all these things are coincidences? Or that Alexander Lukashenko is engineering these crises on his own?

Several days ago I remarked to various participants in one of our skype groups that it looked like a deal was about to be cut between the European Union and Russia, with Belarus as the cutout. Vladimir Putin is an extremely shrewd player of political chess, and is always three or four moves ahead of his opponents. That’s how he is able to take Sun Tzu’s advice and win wars without ever unsheathing his sword.

The report below about Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conversation with Alexander Lukashenko provides yet another data point. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that I think a deal is about to be cut. The migrant theater at the border will continue for a few more weeks, which is where all the media’s attention will be focused. Then it will gradually abate, and when the smoke has cleared, somehow Vladimir Putin will be all smiles after achieving his major objectives.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

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Migrants in France Offer Their Opinions on the Great Replacement

The popular French commentator Eric Zemmour has stirred up a lot of controversy in France by running for president and doing surprisingly well in the opinion polls. Unlike most talking heads in French politics, Mr. Zemmour is unabashed in his discussion of the Great Replacement, the process — which is now well-advanced — by which the autochthonous French are being supplanted by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East.

In the following street interviews, French culture-enrichers volunteer their opinions on Eric Zemmour and the Great Replacement.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Poland in the Spotlight

The latest migration crisis in Europe is focused on the border between Belarus and Poland. Belarus, under President Alexander Lukashenko, has enabled a flood of “refugees” from the Middle East to his country and then helped them swarm the border with Poland. The culture-enrichers are, of course, using Poland as a means of transiting to Germany, which is their intended destination.

Below are two clips concerning Poland and the migration crisis. The first is a crude propaganda video from Belarusian state TV that demonizes the Poles in a way that has not been in fashion in the West since before 1945.

Green Infidel, who translated the video from the Polish subtitles, includes this explanatory note:

The clip is from a regular show by Grigoriy Azarenok, a well-known propagandist on Belarus state TV. Previously, he was notorious for describing oppositionists in Belarus in dehumanising terms, such as: “vile reptiles”, “abominations of the human race”, “inhuman”, “parasites and idlers”, “macaques”, “rats”, “jellyfish” and “corpse-looking witches”.

Now, during the current border crisis, Azarenok has turned his attention to Poles, likewise using dehumanising language.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The second video features a speech concerning the situation in Poland given by Dr. Gottfried Curio, a member of the Bundestag for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), on the floor of the Bundestag.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript#1:

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Memorial to Samuel Paty Vandalized

Samuel Paty was a French schoolteacher who was beheaded a little over a year ago for showing some Motoons to his students.

The following report describes the vandalism of a memorial display for Mr. Paty. Although the reporter doesn’t mention ethnicity, I assume culture-enrichers were responsible for the damage.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the French news channel BFM TV:

Manosque: Glass display window paying homage to Samuel Paty destroyed, investigation opened

by Romain Hirt
November 12, 2021

A group of individuals was seen Thursday evening in the process of destroying a glass display window by throwing rocks. An investigation has been opened by the prosecutor’s office in Digne-les-Bains to find the perpetrators.

On Friday the prosecutor’s office in Digne-les-Bains opened an investigation in Manosque (Alpes-de-Haute-Province) after Thursday evening’s damage to a glass display window paying homage to professor Samuel Paty, BFM DICI learned from a police source.

On Thursday at around 9pm some neighbors of the Saint Charles College at Manosque witnessed the damaging of a glass display case, located on the college’s facade, paying homage to the history professor who was decapitated on 16 October 2020 after showing some cartoons of the Prophet during a class at the college of Bois d’Aulne, at Confians-Sainte-Honoine (Yvelines).

According to initial reports, a group of individuals was seen in the process of breaking this glass display window by throwing rocks. Though the photos in the window were neither stolen nor damaged, the window was destroyed.

What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?

The following video is a German public service announcement for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It addresses current anxiety about the availability of electrical power in Northern Europe as winter sets in. The failure of wind and solar sources to provide sufficient electricity, coupled with uncertainty about the availability of natural gas from Belarus and Russia, have led to fears of electrical blackouts in Germany.

This clip advises German citizens not to worry — candles, oil heaters, and the help of African migrants will enable elderly German citizens to make it through this difficult season.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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