Gendarmes Mobilized to Track Down The Fly

As I reported yesterday, a young “French” independent entrepreneur named Mohamed Amra was sprung from penal custody by accomplices on Tuesday and is now in the wind. Two prison guards were killed during the liberation of “The Fly”, and four others were wounded.

The incident has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Below is a video report about the flight of The Fly. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   A penitentiary van that was taking care of the transfer of a detainee
00:03   was attacked this Tuesday morning in Eure [department]. At least two penitentiary agents are dead
00:06   and three others were injured and are in critical condition.
00:09   The detainee, Mohamed Amra, fled with the attackers.
00:12   At the current time, he is still wanted. We assess the situation on the latest information.
00:15   So it all starts at 11am at the toll gate of Incarville.
00:18   Several armed men take over a penitentiary convoy that is carrying out the transfer of a detainee.
00:22   The latter manages to escape with the attackers, while two penitentiary officers
00:26   are killed and three others are injured. Earlier in the morning the fugitive had appeared before
00:30   the examining magistrate of Rouen, for attempted murder,
00:33   and the attack took place on the way back to the prison in Évreux.
00:36   The detainee, Mohamed Amra, nicknamed “The Fly”, is a 30-year-old man
00:39   who is already known to law enforcement. He was sentenced twelve times,
00:42   and a thirteenth time last Tuesday, to 18 months of prison, for aggravated theft.
00:45   The “Plan Épervier” [rapid intervention plan] has been triggered since late morning, to find him:
00:48   200 gendarmes have been mobilized, as well as police officers and the [elite tactical unit] GIGN.
00:52   An investigation has also been opened by the Prosecutor’s Office of Paris and entrusted to
00:55   the Central Office Fighting Organized Crime for “murder and attempted murder by an organized group”,
01:00   “prison escape by an organized group”, “purchase and possession of war weaponry”,
01:03   and “criminal association in preparation of crime”. For his part, Prime Minister Gabriel Attal
01:07   took the floor around 3 pm before the National Assembly, to pay tribute to the two officers.
01:10   It is the republican order that has been targeted. It is our justice system.
01:16   We will track them. We will find them. And I tell you: They will pay.

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