Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War

Since the start of the war in Ukraine almost a year ago, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has been somewhat of a contrarian, opposing NATO’s designs to use Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as a proxy to wage war against Russia. But is Mr. Orbán really a maverick? Or is he simply acting out a role, with very limited autonomy, as scripted for him by the architects of the New World Order?

Our Hungarian correspondent László examines the possibilities.

Viktor Orbán on the Escalation of War

“Getting Closer to Actual Troop Intervention” — a Tinfoil-Hat Analysis of Rod Dreher’s Report on a Journalists’ Meeting with PM Viktor Orbán.

by László

First, a lengthy excerpt from Dreher’s article:

“The West doesn’t understand that time is on Russia’s side in Ukraine. Russia is a huge country, and can mobilize a vast army. Ukraine is already running out of troops. When that happens, then what?” [Orbán said]

“We are in big, big trouble,” he said, of the West. If Russia’s coming spring offensive proves successful, then the NATO countries are going to be faced with the question of do we send in soldiers to fight for Ukraine? This is not something Orbán thinks the American people are considering, but it is front to mind among a growing number of Europeans, whose countries stand to be devastated if war spreads.

Really? NATO troops fighting Russians in Ukraine?

Yes, said Orbán. It sounds crazy today, “but if you look at the tendency of how we got to this point today, it can’t be ruled out.”

The West is “in a war with Russia. That’s the reality,” he said. “Every day we are moving further in.”

To add clarity that was plain from the context of his discussion, Viktor Orbán doesn’t want the West to be in a war with Russia. He is pushing for peace, and has been from the beginning, saying nobody wins from this war. But he says that far too many Westerners are deluding themselves about what’s really happening — and what could happen. The West might think it’s not in war with Russia, but by sending more and more weapons, and getting closer to actual troop intervention, “Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves, with Russia, and with Western publics,” concludes Orbán. A journalist asked the prime minister if he thought the war could go nuclear. “I can’t exclude that they would use it,” he said, of the atomic bomb. He clarified that he was talking about tactical battlefield nukes, not mushroom clouds over Warsaw and Berlin — “but I can’t exclude that either.” If Ukraine somehow, using Western weapons, gets to the point of crossing the border into Russian territory, then the future of the world will be so bright the West will have to wear shades.”

Now, put your tinfoil hats on, before you proceed:

The ongoing world war is obviously a very complex game, and there would be a lot to unpack here from Rod Dreher’s “conservative” PR piece, in order to arrive to a model of reality that is somewhat close to actual truth. While there are a lot of partial truths in this article, on many levels, it is obvious that Viktor Orbán’s take should not be taken completely at face value (as no politician’s opinion should).

That said, the bottom line is that PM Orbán has apparently been initiated — in one way or another — in some parts of the globalist game plan, while at the same time he is playing the game of politics (which he actually enjoys a lot) as a chess piece with limited, but not zero, autonomy. Hence, he knows his place, and knows Hungary’s place (in the New World Order).

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“They Are a Criminal Government That Has Betrayed Their Own People”

Santiago Abascal is a leader of the Spanish anti-immigration party Vox. Last Sunday Mr. Abascal addressed a rally in Madrid, which also featured an in-person speech by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, and video addresses by Donald Trump, Giorgia Meloni, and Viktor Orbán.

For a really biased left-wing report on the rally in Madrid, see this article from ABC News.

Below are excerpts from Mr. Abascal’s remarks. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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After 2030 Comes 2060

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has long-range plans for his country, and its relationship with the EU, which may or may not align with those of the New World Order. Our Hungarian correspondent László sends this report.

After 2030 Comes 2060

by László

2060 — yes, you read that right.

The reason why I find the following article interesting is that Viktor Orbán seems to have proven to be a sort of insider in the NWO (a Young Global Leader). For example, one of his strategic goals listed below, “Continuous modernisation of the economy”, may or may not be a synonym for the technological introduction of Agenda 2030 in Hungary. The development of self-driving cars, “sustainability” and “smart cities” are all official government strategies. Whether these will be gradually forced on the population the way the globalist rulers want, or will be subverted by us Hungarians, is another question.

Also, his reference to China as a good example of doing “capitalism” is rather chilling for me — because once up and running, such a system will override the personal motives, however benevolent they may be, of those who launch it.

All in all, the “leaked” information puts a lot of things into perspective regarding the Hungarian national strategy and the destiny of Europe.

PM Orbán’s Predictions and Strategy till 2060

The governing party Fidesz held its annual informal meeting, for the 21st time, on the 10th of September, behind closed doors. Some of PM Orbán’s predictions and long-term strategies have leaked out, Index claims.

Excerpts from the article published by Index, entitled “Viktor Orbán’s Speech In Kötcse has Leaked Out”:

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Party Like It’s 2015

The situation on the border between Hungary and Serbia has deteriorated to the point that it looks like we will soon be seeing a reprise of the Great Migration Crisis of 2015.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Illegal migration: Hungary’s southern border “under siege” — soon scenes like 2015?

The number of illegal entry attempts into Hungary has increased by 90% this year compared to the same period in 2021. Apparently the Balkan route is moving again. Will we soon experience a reprise of scenes like in 2015?

In Hungary, “siege-like conditions” prevail on the southern border with Serbia, as Balázs Orbán, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s political director, said on his Facebook page. According to Balázs Orbán, the number of border violators in Hungary has increased by more than 90%. He explained that the food crisis caused by the war is already showing its effects and illegal migration is increasing. As early as June, Budapest reported that the situation on the Balkan route was deteriorating again.

[Twitter link]

Balázs Orbán also shared some research in his contribution, according to which no fewer than 36 million people have fled their homes in Africa this year due to worsening economic and political instability, and many of them have already made their way to Europe.

One of the main destinations for migrants is Germany, which, according to critics, is already experiencing a population exchange similar to Austria’s as a result of the mass immigration that has been taking place for decades.

[Twitter link]

The political director explained that the new wave of migration has now reached the borders of Hungary: they are trying to cross the border using increasingly violent methods, and armed clashes have already erupted on the Serbian side, resulting in one person’s death. He added that border guards have arrested more than 150,000 border violators in this year alone, a more than 90% increase from 2021. Orbán added that the government has already started strengthening the country’s southern borders and is building a border hunting system.

[Twitter link]

The training of 200 contract border guards has started in Nyírbátor, whose task it will be to ensure the inviolability of the Hungarian state border and prevent illegal border crossings. The director concluded his speech with the words: “In the long run, however, only restoring peace can provide a solution, because only then can food shortages in developing countries be ended and another migration crisis avoided!”

Afterword from the translator:

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The Ultimate Guide to Making a Globalist Death Threat

A top official of an official Austrian state media outlet expressed his wish that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán should die. What was he thinking of??

Our Hungarian correspondent László sheds some light on the issue.

George Soros with Vienna Mayor Michael Ludwig

The Ultimate Guide to Making a Globalist Death Threat

by László

(An advanced course for aspiring globalists, on the art of posting about your mostly peaceful death threat against PM Viktor Orbán)


The plot of the case study below features Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary, as the target of the death-wish recently made by Karl Pachner, a top manager of the Austrian state broadcaster ORF. In the meantime, the third actor in the play, Mr. George Soros, is lurking behind some lavish Viennese Biedermeier curtains before he jumps onto the stage.

If you are an aspiring globalist, don’t miss this course! Your membership in the Comintern may depend on it!

The Case Study:

Dear Reader, please imagine that you are Herr Pachner, a devoted Austrian neocommunist entrusted with the task of holding your finger on the trigger of a subversive Weapon of Mass Manipulation misleadingly called as “Austrian state media”. Also imagine that it is a nice summer morning in Vienna, and after greeting your colleagues with a harsh “servus!” as you arrive in the office at eleven o’clock sipping your Starbucks coffee, you suddenly decide to regurgitate this pile of unwashed globalist propaganda on your private Facebook page:

“May Mr. Orbán step down soon… A heart attack would be in order, considering his corpulence and penchant for uproars. Putin, Erdogan and Orbán — if they were just no longer around, Europe would be happier, more peaceful and the world a much better place. Unbelievable, that the self-proclaimed Magyar Chief Catholic stands up for this Russian-imperialist figure. Let’s not forget when the Russians invaded Hungary (twice). This just means that Orbán is Europe’s “fifth column”. He only wants to blackmail us, due to the Hungarian corruption proceedings against his buddies and proceedings due to his destruction of press freedom and the rule of law. If it were up to me, Hungary would no longer be in the EU. What a mistake to accept this ungrateful country with its thankless and nationalistic population! Without EU funds, Hungary would be like Moldova or Bulgaria. I expect countries whose budgets we help finance to basically be accommodating, not just handholding.”

[Highlights are mine; translation by Miss Piggy, exclusively published by Gates of Vienna.]

A Course on Making a Globalist Death Wish:

OK, you aspiring globalist, a.k.a. “Herr Pachner”. Imagine again that you are in a key Intercom media position in Austria, and you have just said the silent part out loud… it would be better if the Hungarian PM died.

What were you hoping for? That the Azov terror brigade, that has put Mr. Orbán on their death-list, would immediately fulfill your wish?

No, no, no, no, no: it doesn’t work like that, Herr Pachner. Not yet.

You can’t openly pursue the policy of a deep-state-funded neo-Nazi group (Azov) and suggest that PM Orbán is a Nazi who deserves death at the same time. You must also understand that your words go beyond the accepted limits of the commie invention of “hate speech” — therefore you will not be exempt from the consequences; not even because you are a commie.

As a media expert you should have known better that the general public of your country still believes in all the [offal] your media have force-fed them for decades — ideas such as the alleged benevolence of their “philanthropic” masters (i.e. the government that represents the interests of the global parasitic overclass you are serving). And you should have known that the sheep-like naïveté of the populace must be exploited for furthering the One World Government agenda… in a stealthy way.

You must not wake the slumbering subjects up, just like that!

Because if you do, unpleasant things will happen. For example, you may stir up a diplomatic disturbance and the Hungarians will summon the Austrian ambassador to Budapest and reprimand him. The Austrian and Hungarian media will be full of your post (which you have been trying hard to delete from the public mind in vain, in your effort to save your ass). And even though your employer was trying to ride the storm out by pretending to “suspend” you; and even with your Foreign Ministry trying to save the good name of the globalist cause by “distancing” itself from your post and claiming it was just a “private” matter — it will all be in vain:

The genie is out of the bottle.

The Austrian public will start demanding that you step down from the management position of the public institution they are paying for. Therefore you will have to step down and leave your cosy office for good. And it has already happened to you. Very unpleasant.

What else did you think would happen? After all, people may realize that an expressed desire for the death of a head of government made by the head of state media might — just might – be in line with the official policy of the said state media, and, by extension, state policy.


But your gravest mistake is that your supervisors, who abide in the divine realm of the Davos mountains, cannot forgive you that you have exposed the evil nature of their agenda.

What do I mean by that? I will describe the mistakes you have made, in three points:

1. First of all, in your Facebook post you exposed the fact that your personal death-wish is not that personal, but it is part of a larger geopolitical game, by stating that:

“Putin, Erdogan and Orbán — if they were just no longer around, Europe would be happier, more peaceful and the world a much better place.”

Now, in that context you have kinda sorta wished for a political assassination. Nasty.

Yes, I know that you did it only from your liberal good intentions “to make the world a much better place” as you just said. And what could make the world “a much better place” á la John Lennon, than a mostly peaceful yet covert wish for the assassination of the democratically elected leader of a neighbouring country?

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Viktor Orbán Declares a State of Emergency in Hungary

Yesterday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán declared a state of emergency, due to the ongoing war next door in Ukraine. A video of Mr. Orbán’s announcement is below.

There has been much discussion of Hungary’s surrender to the “pandemic” narrative of the last two years. One would like to believe that Hungary is different, but it locked down and restricted its citizens’ liberties much like the rest of the West. Not as bad as, say, Canada, but worse than Sweden or Denmark.

Nevertheless, I still believe that Mr. Orbán is trying to carve out a space where Hungary can maintain its identity to a limited extent within the structure prescribed by the New World Order. Most Western leaders — Johnson, Macron, Rutte, Trudeau, etc. — aren’t even attempting that sort of thing. They are surrendering unconditionally.

Many thanks to László for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

László has provided his take on what is going on now in Hungary, and specifically with the state of emergency:

The first specific “war emergency measures” have been officially announced, and they are actually socioeconomic. They have nothing to do with a kinetic war, at least for the moment.

Some background:

The government has been maintaining a special price for the public utility service costs for private consumers, for example the cost of energy or water has not been raised too much recently, despite the surge in market prices. In Hungary the utility companies are not in foreign private ownership any longer, because the government declared those “strategic” and bought them back some years ago. As a result, electricity costs, for instance, are still quite cheap here for ordinary people (not for companies, though).

The state media were full of reports for months in the winter how the Germans and others in Western Europe were freezing because they could not afford sufficient heating any more, while we Hungarians were well-off, thanks to government policy. (Which is true. Our middle-class family could afford to partly heat the house with electricity last winter.)

Now the government will levy a special tax on the “extra profit” of some large corporations listed below, from which a new fund will be created, which will finance the artificially low utility costs of the population plus some military development costs. It looks like Orbán does not want us to freeze and starve for sake of the Great Reset — unlike what the European Commission and German politicians would like. But of course it is still a Great Reset-like policy, with a socialist flavour of a nanny state. In other words, it is a soft and mostly humane mass-line strategy. Hungary is the “Most Cheerful Barracks” once again!

The naming of the new measures (“war emergency”) has created some misunderstanding, I guess…

It is still war, but a different one.

He adds:

At the same time I KNOW that Orbán is not a psychopath (unlike most “leaders” in the West), and really cares about the nation, the people, the culture, the national heritage.

Since what he is doing is a sort of successful (yet soft) mass-line strategy that handles the Hungarians very well, the Powers That Bee the roost… until they don’t. The cost: medium-term submission to the Great Reset (lots of ‘sustainable’ government programmes going on, under the radar!). The PTB know that subversion is a decades-long process, and Eastern Europe lags behind…

If the globalists were to make a “colour revolution” here, they might even lose Hungary, because all the woke nonsense and tough tyranny (Canada-style) would shock the Hungarians. There would be a civil war for liberty and the people would probably win. It happened in 2006 big-time — the globalists failed! They tried it again in 2018… and failed again. And “they” know that!

So they need more time to subvert the minds of the youth…

This is how I can reconcile Orbán and the NWO, in a nutshell.

Video transcript:

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Viktor Orbán’s Speech at CPAC in Budapest

Due to the geopolitical exigencies of Hungary’s size and location in Europe, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is forced to walk a fine line among the larger powers that surround him. From my point of view as an outsider looking in, he seems to be doing his best to preserve the unique Hungarian heritage and culture, even as he has to go along with parts of the basic program being imposed by the New World Order.

Hungary recently hosted the American Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Budapest, which took place shortly after Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party won an overwhelming victory in the latest general election.

The following video of Mr. Orbán’s speech has been subtitled using the official English translation on the prime minister’s website, based on the original video source.

Our Hungarian correspondent László, who kindly timed the transcript for subtitles, highlights the points in Mr. Orbán’s remarks where he seems to adhere to the talking points of the NWO:

When your readers look at this part of Orbán’s speech, the penny should drop for many:

“Our seventh point: do not get pushed to the extreme. I say this because extreme conspiracy theories rear their heads from time to time on the right — just as extreme utopias regularly rear their heads on the left. If we take a deeper look, we see that in fact people want neither. But, Dear Friends, what is the difference between the denial of science by the extreme right and the denial of biology by LGBTQ movements? The answer is simple: there is no difference whatsoever. We must render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, unto God the things that are God’s, and unto Science the things that are Science’s. We may gain immense popularity on internet forums by promoting conspiracy theories — and indeed sometimes there is truth in them; but in reality we will alienate a large proportion of the electorate, find ourselves pushed to the margins, and eventually we will lose.”

I guess “science” means the Corona psy-op. And “far-right denial of science” means that the “Mi Hazánk” (Our Homeland) party has exposed the Corona psy-op and has been voted into the Parliament.

Again, Hungary is playing the antagonist in the NWO theater, against the more overt “woke” part of the global Communist revolution, along with the invited US Republican party and the whole “conservative idea”. And the more covert part of the Communist revolution is the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” within the “Great Reset”, which Hungary is heavily invested in. The Powers That Be are playing both sides.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Viktor Orbán: The Red Line is the Energy Embargo

In the following video Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán talks about where he draws the line on sanctions against Russia. He makes it clear that an energy embargo is off-limits because of the damage it would do to the Hungarian economy.

This clip was translated from its Italian subtitles. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the English subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Orbán Must Die! And Also Pope Francis, While We’re At It

In Ukraine there is an unofficial internet hit list of the enemies of the Ukrainian state. It is “unofficial” in the same way that the Southern Poverty Law Center is “unofficial” in the USA: it provides a convenient resource that the state can utilize while preserving plausible deniability. The main difference with the Ukrainian version is that the targets on the hit list are specifically recommended for assassination.

The Ukrainian enemies list recently added Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović as targets.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

Enemies of Ukraine: Kyiv puts Orbán and Milanović on death list

It is actually an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary, Croatia, and thus against NATO and the EU. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatian President Zoran Milanović now find themselves on a state enemy list.

Do you know the website No? Well, it was created by Ukrainian government officials in 2015, just a year after the Maidan protest leaders took power in Kyiv, to publish the names and personal details of thousands of people considered “enemies of Ukraine.” This site (whose name literally means “Peacekeeper”) is allegedly managed by the Ukrainian Security Service and officials from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. It is thus a kind of death list for politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs and other public figures who have been “cleared for shooting” by Ukrainian patriots.

Now the names of Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović have been added. A step that can be seen as an unofficial declaration of war by Ukraine against Hungary and Croatia, and consequently also against NATO and the European Union. After all, this can certainly be understood as an incitement to murder high-ranking government or state politicians — and that by official Ukrainian government representatives. But so far there has been no criticism from EU or NATO representatives, nor any consequences from these state alliances.

“Accomplices of Russian War Criminals”

For example, Viktor Orbán is described on the site as an “accomplice of Russian war criminals”, “an accomplice in the crimes of the Russian authorities against Ukraine and its citizens”, for his “participation in humanitarian aggression against Ukraine”, as an “anti-Ukrainian propagandist”, and listed for his general “collaboration with the Russian aggressor”. Orbán’s specific “crimes” include his refusal to allow weapons destined for Ukraine to be shipped through his country’s territory and his decision not to refuse Russian gas supplies in the long term. The prime minister’s willingness to pay for Russian gas in rubles is also mentioned. The website also recalled Orbán’s April 4 statement on the forces Hungary faces in order to remain independent, ranging from the local opposition to “the bureaucrats in Brussels, money and institutions of the Soros empire, international media as well the Ukrainian President”. […]

Croatia’s President Zoran Milanović is listed as an “accomplice of Russian invaders” for his alleged “humanitarian aggression against Ukraine,” “distribution of Kremlin propaganda,” and so-called “support and justification of Russian aggression against Ukraine.” The site recalls Milanović’s comments on February 2, 2022 that Russia must be “a factor” in the “equation” of pan-European stability and his opposition to Ukraine’s joining NATO. The Croatian President recently announced at an event in Vukovar that he would veto the invitation of Sweden and Finland to the NATO summit and implement a patriotic policy for his country.

List releases personal information — reports of death threats

In 2015, the website began publishing personal data of Russian military personnel involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria. The Interior Ministry adviser at the time, Anton Gerashchenko, publicly called on the “Islamic State” to “proceed” with the Russian troops according to Sharia law. In 2016, Myrotvorets obtained detailed personal information on about 5,000 Ukrainian, Russian and Western journalists who had worked in Donbass. The leaked records included detailed personal information such as phone numbers and addresses, and many of the journalists reported threats against their lives.

Orbán is not the first Hungarian to be included on the Myrotvorets list. In 2018, the website listed over 300 ethnic Hungarian residents from Zakarpattia who had “illegally” acquired Hungarian citizenship (Ukraine does not allow dual citizenship, but much of the country’s political and business elite nonetheless hold two or more citizenships). In October 2018, Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó criticized the site and the Ukrainian government, claiming authorities in Kiev were using the site as part of a “hate campaign” in a desperate attempt to boost then-President Petro Poroshenko’s plummeting approval ratings.

If Viktor Orbán has to die, what about Pope Francis? The Holy Father recently criticized NATO for “barking at the gates of Russia”. Surely Comrade Bergoglio also deserves to die…?

The following article from the Austrian weekly Der Wochenblick was also translated by Hellequin GB:

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“Listen, Viktor!”: Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

A couple of days ago Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a video in which he addressed stern and officious remarks to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an attempt to pressure the latter into joining the sanctions regime against Russia and otherwise assisting Ukraine in its cause. Our Hungarian correspondent László provides an analysis of Mr. Zelensky’s statements as they relate to the goals of the New World Order.

“Nazi” Hungary Berated by the Deep State for War Hesitancy

“Listen, Viktor!”: Ukrainian Deep State Puppet Reprimanded the Hungarian PM for War Hesitancy, Branded Hungary as Nazi

by László

If you’ve ever wondered what the voice of the global Deep State would sound like if it were a person, listen to the Ukrainian puppet-president Volodymyr Zelensky calling on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to stop “hesitating” and get his country more deeply involved in the war in Ukraine.

The Globalist media outlet Telex published a subtitled portion of the video that Zelensky had posted on his Facebook page. It is a condescending and manipulative message sent to Hungary, delivered by Mr. Zelensky.

Before you watch the video (translated from the Hungarian subtitles, kindly subtitled by Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation), here is some context to help you understand the sinister insinuations he made:

Hungary has been one of the more reluctant European players to take sides in the Ukraine war. I’ll call it “war hesitancy”, referring to the now established pattern of Deep State psyops that seek to psychologically “inoculate” everyone with their current poisonous substance — this time with warmongering. Previously one’s intention to remain unharmed and free was officially called “vaccine hesitancy”, and it also had to be mocked, criminalized and subdued for “the greater good”.

To that end, the Deep State tool Zelensky specifically addressed Hungary and PM Viktor Orbán, as a part of his longer speech at a recent EU and NATO summit, in an effort to guilt-trip Hungary into joining the war by bringing up the country’s involvement last century in the persecution of Jews.

In his speech, Zelensky refers to the so-called “shoe memorial” on the bank of the River Danube in Budapest, where Jewish people were shot into the river in 1944 and 1945 by the Nazis.

“The memorial was erected in 2005 to commemorate the systematic killings of Hungarian Jews by Hungarian fascists (Hungary allied itself with Nazi Germany in the false hope of regaining territories lost in WW1),” writes Budapest Danube.

The text of the video (the highlights are mine):

Hungary! I must stop here and be honest. You must decide once and for all whose side you are on. You are an independent country. I’ve been to Budapest; I love the city. I’ve been there several times; I loved it, it’s hospitable, like the people. You have been through tragic moments. I went to the quay where I saw your memorial. I saw the shoes on the Danube bank where a mass murder had taken place. I was there with my family. Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on at Mariupol? Please go to the riverbank, and look at those shoes! And you will realize that genocide can happen again in the world, even today. And that is what Russia is doing now. Mariupol has the same shoes and the same people. Adults, children, grandparents. Thousands have died already, thousands are gone. And you are hesitating whether to impose sanctions or not?! And you are hesitating whether to send the guns or not?! And you are hesitating whether to trade with Russia or not? There is no time to hesitate. It is time to decide now. We believe in you, we need your help. We believe in your people. We trust in the European Union, and we trust that Germany will be with us in the crucial moment, as well. Thank you! Slava Ukraini! [Glory to Ukraine]

It is obvious that Zelensky’s masters were trying to emotionally blackmail Hungary — by covertly branding Hungarians as ‘Nazi mass murderers’ unless the country gives her expected contribution to the war, on the side of Ukraine.

Yet, while accusing Hungary of Nazism, Zelensky concludes his video with the now infamous battle cry that is also used by the Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion: “Slava Ukraini” [Glory to Ukraine]. This is the same current of double-dealing Internazi politics that has endeavoured to flood Europe with huge masses of murderously Jew-hating Muslims — recently Hungary too, a country that is still a safe haven in Eurabia for Jews.

Since the video was posted, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán has rejected the demands, making clear that the effects of the sanctions to be imposed on the energy imports from Russia would seriously endanger the Hungarian economy. On Hungarian state radio, PM Orbán went even further, saying that if the country stopped buying Russian oil and gas, it would literally stop the economy cold very soon.

The English-language Hungary Today writes:

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán rejected the demands to take sides: “Hungary stands on Hungary’s side in the Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after the EU and NATO summit in Brussels. […] PM Orbán stated that if sanctions are extended to energy, “the Hungarian economy will come under intolerable pressure, while the Russians might hardly notice it.”

According to Telex:

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Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

One of the curious facts of our time is that both Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky are alumni of the Young Global Leaders sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Moreover, just about all prominent Western politicians (and many who are not at all prominent) are also alumni.

So what’s really going on with the war in Ukraine? With that question in mind, our Hungarian correspondent László fisks a recent speech by Mr. Putin.

Putin’s War Speech Exposes Agenda 2030 in Russia

by László

Below are excerpts from the transcript of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s recent speech that was supposedly on the war with Ukraine and the West.

“And I emphasize: even in the current difficult situation at the end of the year, we need to achieve a reduction in the level of poverty and inequality. This is a quite feasible task even today. I ask the Government and the regions to focus on achieving this task. And I would like to add that it is not only of an economic nature, as we all understand, but is also a matter of social justice.”

“reduction in the level of poverty and inequality”

— Communism. (He is talking about it in connection with the situation inside Russia.)

“social justice”

— Socialism.

“I would like to express my gratitude to the Russian business community, the labor collectives of companies, banks and organizations that not only provide an effective response to the sanctions challenges, but also lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy.”

— “Sustainable development” is a known buzzword for the transformations planned for ushering in the New World Order (NWO). Most governments in the West have it in their written strategies. And the president of a country “expressing his gratitude” to private entities speaks volumes. Moreover, the fact that Putin says that these companies “lay the foundation for further sustainable development of our economy” is a clear indication of public-private partnerships… Actually, there is a more accurate term for public-private partnerships: it’s called fascism.

“a decree giving additional powers to regional heads”

— Arbitrary state tyranny.

“this is how we have built our counter-coronavirus measures”

— In the name of freedom, of course. Is Russia different? No, it isn’t. And remember, it is supposed to be a speech on the Ukraine war, right after the Corona-hoax.

“I am instructing all branches of the federal government in the regions to coordinate their work with the regional authorities in the next six months, and for governors to create operational headquarters to ensure economic development, and to personally lead this work.”

— Building back the economy from above; like the good old “five-year plans” in the Soviet era. “Rhymes” with Build Back Better in the West. Controlled demolition provided by the “war with the West”, so that you can “build back better”.

“The State Council and its specialist commissions have already proven their effectiveness. I ask the State Governance Committee headed by Sergei Sobyanin to work together with our government colleagues to identify problematic issues on the regional agenda, develop the best solutions and apply them to all of Russia’s regions. We have had good experience in dealing with the epidemic.”

— He seems to entrust the same people with the transformation, justified by the war, who were also responsible for the Plandemic measures. An NWO crisis-team that need not be ‘specialists’ in anything (like healthcare or the economy) but the transformation of society.

“All the strategic, national goals we have set for the period until 2030 must be achieved. The current challenges and the opportunities they present should only mobilize us, and that is what we should set ourselves up for, aiming to achieve tangible results in the interests of our citizens.”

— Agenda 2030. And “mobilizing” for it now. Because Ukraine. In the interests of the citizens, of course… NOT. “Set ourselves up for” — oh, yes, it is all a setup.

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The Fifth Balkan War?

The Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe has been a tinderbox for the past 120 years. The volatility of the region was interrupted by the Cold War, but after the Soviet Union fell in 1991 it resumed where it had left off.

The first two Balkan wars — in 1912 and 1913 — were prodromal symptoms of the Great War, which followed shortly after them. Some writers refer to the events of 1914-1918 as the “Third Balkan War”. Along the same lines, one might call the period 1991-1999 — from the breakup of Yugoslavia to the Kosovo War — as the Fourth Balkan War.

Is the Fifth Balkan War at hand?

Last night I posted about an old Soviet-era drone that crashed last Thursday in Zagreb after traversing the airspace of Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Croatia. I tended to agree with our Croatian correspondent Vortac that the launch of the drone was likely a Russian operation, intended as a twofer: to gather intelligence about the reactions of three NATO member states, with the blame for incident assigned on the Ukrainians. But that was just an educated guess after applying Occam’s Razor to the available information.

Vortac was of the opinion that the drone carried no explosives, based on the diminutive crater it produced upon impact. However, the Croatian defense ministry appears to disagree, according to an incidental mention in this article from Hungary Today about the reaction to the drone by the opposition parties in the Hungarian parliament:

Opposition Demands Answers from Gov’t about Foreign Drone in Hungarian Airspace

DK, Jobbik, LMP, the Everyone’s Hungary Movement (MMM), Momentum, the Socialists (MSZP), and Párbeszéd said in a joint statement that Orbán must answer without delay and without hesitation whether the Hungarian armed forces are able to defend Hungary in view of the fact that on March 10, a TU-141 type drone stayed in Hungarian airspace undisturbed for 40 minutes and, according to the Croatian defence ministry, carried a bomb.

The aircraft had likely crossed over the entirety of Hungary or parts of neighboring countries before hitting the ground.

The parties also asked Orbán whether Hungarian Gripens had been scrambled to intercept the drone and if not, why not.

In case the Hungarian armed forces intercepted the drone, it is an unacceptable explanation that they did not think it posed any danger, the united opposition said.

The defence ministry said a similar incident had occurred again around noon on Friday in north-eastern Hungary.

That little tidbit makes this latest news from Hungary even more interesting. It seems Hungarian fighter jets were scrambled to intercept a civilian plane that entered Hungarian airspace from Serbia while allegedly carrying an explosive device.

Also from Hungary Today:

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Viktor Orbán: 2030 Will Be a “Serious Stress Test” for Europe

As has been mentioned in this space on several occasions during the past two years, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán seems to have lost the plot concerning the Wuhan Coronavirus. His government has overseen a strict lockdown and “vaccine” push like most other European countries.

However, last Saturday Mr. Orbán gave a speech to the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce in which he demonstrated that he is spot-on about other important issues — including private property, the importance of traditional culture, and the need to resist and withstand the crisis that will be brought on by the World Economic Forum between now and 2030.

Many thanks to László for translating these excerpts and writing the accompanying essay, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Hungarian PM Orbán: “Around 2030 Nations Will be Put Under a Serious Stress Test, Much Greater than This Pandemic”

by László

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke at the Opening Congress of the Economic Year of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 19 February 2022. At the end of his more than hour-long speech, PM Orbán briefly spoke about ‘Agenda 2030’, although without explicitly naming it, and emphasized the importance of preparing the country for the coming “serious stress test, much greater than this pandemic.”

PM Orbán said:

…[A]nd around 2030 when there will be all sorts of big shifts in the world, which I don’t have time to talk about now, but from America to the European Union, a lot will happen.

That [period of] time around 2030 will be a trial for all nations and will put them under a serious stress test, much greater than this pandemic.

By that time in 2030, our nation, our national community including its economy, must be in a condition [that enables us] to withstand those challenges there and then, and even use them to prosper! This is what is ahead of us…

The Wider Context

Viktor Orbán spoke in the context of the relationship between the government and the Chamber. He stressed that in order to achieve the aforementioned future prosperity and a regional Hungarian competitive advantage by 2030, the Chamber and the government need the agreement that was to be signed between the two parties that day:

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Dachau on the Danube

A couple of days ago I posted about Austria’s lockdown of the unvaxed, and titled it “Austria Goes Full Retard”. Well, I was wrong: That wasn’t the full retard. That was partial retard. Austria has now announced a mandatory vaccination for all adults.

Many thanks to László for translating this announcement from ORF, the Austrian state broadcaster:

General vaccination mandatory from February 1

A general vaccination mandate is being prepared with immediate effect, and is to take effect February 1. Those who still do not want to be vaccinated will face administrative penalties. “For a long time, the consensus in this country was that we didn’t want compulsory vaccination,” [Chancellor] Schallenberg said. “For a long time, perhaps too long,” it was assumed that it would be possible to achieve a high vaccination rate even without compulsory vaccination. Now we have to face reality, he said.

English-language reports:

I titled this post “Dachau on the Danube” because in addition to Vienna, Budapest is also on the Danube.

If you’re a fan of Hungary, as I am, read it and weep (also translated by László):

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