Does Sending “Peacekeepers” to Ukraine Guarantee World War III?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Austrian outlet eXXpress. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Orbán warns of secret EU plan: peacekeepers for the front in Ukraine?

“Peacekeepers, peacekeepers from the EU nations, are to be sent to the front lines. If that happens, World War III will draw closer,” warns Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a recent interview.

According to Viktor Orbán (59), the plan for sending tens of thousands of peacekeepers to the east of Ukraine, which has already been discussed among the heads of state of the EU nations, sounds sensible on the surface: These EU troops are intended to separate the two warring parties and thus secure a ceasefire zone — it should bring a quick end to the bloody hostilities.

But the Hungarian Prime Minister sees an extremely great danger in this plan: “We are approaching World War III with it,” says Viktor Orbán in a recent interview with Kossuth Radio.

With peacekeeping troops in the Ukraine, there is a risk of a world war

And it’s pretty clear what Orbán means by this: If German, British, French, Polish and maybe also Austrian peacekeeping units are standing in the rubble fields of Bakhmut and other frontline towns, incidents may very quickly occur — the first shots could lead to firefights, then escalate to massive acts of war. This would mean that NATO and EU countries would suddenly be involved in a dramatic military conflict with the Russian Federation. [Personally, I believe that this is the name of the game — ESCALATION.]

The motivation behind the elaboration of the EU plan to send peacekeeping forces to the front lines in Ukraine is not difficult to see: not only are the Ukrainian armed forces running out of weapons systems and ammunition in the current war of attrition, they are also increasingly short of soldiers. The 1,200km-long front is impossible to hold with fewer and fewer able-bodied men.

The government in Kiev is still hiding the current casualty figures, but according to their own statements, battalions deployed near Bakhmut lost up to 80% of their soldiers. In addition, military observers in Western Europe know that a radical wave of recruitment is once again underway in Ukraine: even extremely young boys and older men are being forcibly drafted into the army. [Sounds like 1944-45 in Nazi-occupied Germany, doesn’t it?]

Orbán warns: “Our security is at risk”

The Federal Government has not communicated how Austria is reacting to these EU plans. On the one hand, there is nothing to be said against another peacekeeping mission by neutral Austria; on the other hand, the resulting high risk of being drawn into a direct conflict with the Russian Federation should be given sufficient attention.

And Viktor Orbán also said in an interview with the radio station: “In any case, the war is becoming more and more brutal and bloody. The Hungarian population is concerned; our safety is at risk. We must reach a ceasefire — if there is one, then peace talks are possible.”

Afterword from the translator:

I wonder if Victor Orbán is really so naive in the hope that his perfect reasoning against this idiocy will fall on fertile ground? I rather doubt it; he’s far to astute a politician and a leader not to know what this “peace-keeping mission” is to achieve, namely the escalation into a full out war with Russia by Europe on the behest of the Biden junta and his handlers, since their motto for decades has been: Sequor omnia tanta, quisquis in arma vocas (“There’s nothing as beautiful as war”), especially when it’s that profitable.

32 thoughts on “Does Sending “Peacekeepers” to Ukraine Guarantee World War III?

  1. I really can’t see how the reptilians will be able to get their World War III whatever the provocation or false flag.

    Western populations are simply uninterested in being cannon fodder in some war in a place they don’t care about, which is why the elites are forced to use ignorant brainwashed Ukrainians and gullible Poles to fight their war against Russia. And they’re running out of both, the supply of foolish Westerners havijg dried up long ago. Indeed, the Ukrainian regime is conscripting old men and young teenagers, so horrific are their losses.

    The problem for the reptilians is that they, through destroying any sense of patriotism in every western country, along with the encouragement of rampant hedonism, mindless social media, video games, shows, and sportsball, have destroyed any motivation of males to fight or be aggressive and these are the same populations that they now need to fight their wars for them. I believe that this issue has already manifested itself in the apathy across the West for any kind of real pushback against the elites. Its not that people of fighting age don’t know how badly they are being anally violated by their masters; its that they don’t care since they can temporarily escape reality through all kinds of virtual and digital means.

    Lastly, most ‘Murican youts are so overweight, out of shape, and just too plain dumb to make good infantry or even mediocre cooks in any kind of army. I know I sure as Hades wouldn’t want to be leading any of them. Can you imagine such millennial idiots with hand grenades or rifles with live rounds? I don’t think European youts are much better; certainly they aren’t more aggressive, and thats assuming that the hollowed out military industrial complex of every western nation was still capable of producing weapons in the quantity required to fight a modern war or any kind of war.

    • I said it before but – I believe that we may actually be facing the Gog and Magog invasion scenario from the Bible. I can’t say whether this is true or not – yet. But the overall scenario is such that Russia and Turkey will mobilise all Islamic nations and go after Israel – with the use of nuclear weapons.

      Europe and the USA will be rather insignificant.

      But – as I say: I can’t say if this is true, might be not, but if it is – it will be a surprise of the ages 🙂


      • Barn Swallow: The Russians won’t go after Israel. Israel has a large, Russian-speaking population. Israel is not an enemy of Russia. As for Muslim countries, the only one that threatens Israel is Iran, and that’s because Iran’s leaders fear their own people more than they fear Israel, and must constantly stoke the flames of war with Israel, to keep the Iranian people distracted.

        • As far as I am concerned, this is purely theoretical concept based on a prophecy from the Bible.

          But – if I wanted to push it a bit further…

          Israel has a large Russian speaking “Jewish” population

          …yet Elena from Russia who comments here oftentimes makes a clear distinction between the Russians and the Jews

          moreover – Russia is an ally of Syria

          Syria is under Israeli attack right now

          If I wanted to continue, I’d go into the “Jewish Conspiracy” circles, how and why is Israel considered to be the 51st state of the USA, etc…

          But I just choose to stick with some of the Christians, who believe that we might actually be witnessing a World War III – the Gog and Magog invasion from North all the way down to Israel and Egypt with the use of Nuclear Weapons.

          It’s just a theory. Might not be true at all.

          But if Russian Army gets pulled into the Middle East somehow, then – according to some interpretations of the Bible – we might be witnessing the beginning of the war which will end at Armageddon – Under the fortress king Ahab of Israel, the husband of Jezebel, had build 🙂

          • I’m not much into prophecies and such but what I find interesting is how everyone forgets that there was an invasion from the south into the north first which has brought about the religio-cultural constellations we know today. Even if nobody thinks with intent of trying to reverse such a long arc of history, could there be some force nudging things into oscillation on a greater scale, or do such oscillations exist anyway like they do everywhere in physical nature. People in many non-western cultures think in much longer timeframes than we do anyway and the threshold between consciously keeping a spirit of revenge alive over generations and subconscious, perennial discomfort about a state of affairs which has developed back in time, might be a rather large grey zone. Just a theory.

          • K. from Germany – the Bible prophecy of the “end time” actually speaks about the “king of the South” pushing against the “king of the North”, and causing the king of the north to come down south like a whirlwind.

            God knows if it applies also to the “Gog and Magog” invasion which also kind of goes from north down south.

            On a more “worldly” note – I am of the opinion that the “North” is vulnerable to little ice ages – in the long term – and the fact that Europe and Russia and Siberia (The North Land) and Mongolia are somewhat fertile these days does not mean that we can’t get 3 or 30 or 300 years of “ice age” when all the numerous populations from the north will be forced to move down south – just for mere survival. What I mean to say is that – the North is beautiful and plentiful – until it isn’t. And large invasions from the north are, in my opinion, a reocurring theme of history (500BC – The Boii tribe was forced to cross the Alps into Italy, 500AD – the extreme weather events that reshuffled whole of Euroasia, 1200 AD – the Mongol Invasion, etc.) – and we might witness that “Once in a few centuries event” in our lifetimes.

            Let’s say the gulf stream stopped for a decade or two: I believe that in such case – the “king of the North” would mobilise everybody and head down south in no time.

            Purely theoretical, though. Maybe we get “global warming” instead 🙂

            Daniel 11:40 And at the time of the end shall the king of the south push at him: and the king of the north shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots, and with horsemen, and with many ships; and he shall enter into the countries, and shall overflow and pass over. He shall enter also into the glorious land, and many countries shall be overthrown: but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon. He shall stretch forth his hand also upon the countries: and the land of Egypt shall not escape. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps.

    • Moon, we are not interested – except for some warmongers who never held a rifle, joined the army, walked a few miles with a full rucksack, and who will never volunteer for duty.
      Therefore they will employ the draft.
      And I bet my posterior that the draft will only be for biological males of european descent, but definitely for “enrichers”.

      If you look at advertisements you see only male “enrichers” with biological european females and “enricher” children. And those children are always male. If you see a bio-european child it will always be a female.

      And I wouldnt be surprised if european soldiers are sent to Ukraine they will be given no ammo. They will receive ammo – if they are lucky – one mile from the frontline, not earlier.
      And I wouldnt count on that. Maybe they even use the “No, you dont get a gun or ammo. Go to the front, kill a russian and take his weapon. Good luck.”

      And yes, with their anti-masculine, transgender etc agenda they shot themselves in the foot, because who is willing or even capable to fight, as you pointed out.

      Yes, the “enrichers” have the necessary aggression, but they wont touch them.

  2. Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.

    I get this feeling from the “western feminized politics” that we have successfully gotten rid of violence to the point the female war ministers of the EU have no idea what to do when a “real deadly army” stands at the door.

    Now they want to send a “peace keeping mission” – yeah, well, all right.

    I just pray to God that nobody will ever get me into an army led by incompetent idiots who lose 90% of their soldiers defending useless ruins in a strategically inferior positions…

  3. You are peacekeeper if Both sides accept you as such. Otherwise you are just another military force in theater.

    • I did that so called peace keeping nonsense in Bierut in 1983, yeah, that turned out real well, Hezbollah with Iranian assistance blew up my barracks, and every bloody day there was a Marine getting shot or killed by mortar, arty, snipers and rocket fire and we could not shoot back, thus quite a few of us said eff the rules of engagement and went hunting at night doing very grisly things to those bloody ragheads and I lost a high school friend there. I never allowed myself to ever to be put in that position ever again. As for the EU going into Ukraine? The Russians have been invaded twice by Europeans and won’t allow it, thus those weak EU military folks will be nothing but targets and the body counts and hospitals filled with men with no arms or legs will be legion.

      • I’ve seen it in Rwanda, the “Peace-keeper” Soldiers had only the ammunition they carried.
        They had also not enough medication or food, just what theyhad brought in with them initially.
        At least that was what I’d been told by some of those UN-soldiers I talked to almost daily.
        Then half of the “peace-keeping” troops got withdrawn after the ten Belgian Soldiers captured, brutally killed and their bodies dragged behind cars through the streets to the cheers of the Hutu Militia, which, if the rumours were true and frankly I believe they were, had been secretly armed by the UN- Bureaucrats month in advance.

        • Those peacekeepers first mistake was trusting that the UN would supply them in the first place, the second mistake those Belgians made was thinking that the Hutu Militia wouldn’t butcher them. Whenever I operated in Africa, I always made sure I had too much ammo, water, transportation and food, and if I had to beg borrow or steal it, I did. Second, I would never hesitate to light those Africans up with whatever we had and disengage, regroup and hit them again when they were trying to regroup themselves and always keep them off balance and fear us, especially at night, by putting their sentries heads, who got high or drunk, on pikes in the middle of their compounds. I have always found that when dealing with savages, always be more grisly savage than they are. So they next time they face you, they run.

          Those rumors of the UN arming the Hutus is true by the way. They set their own people up to fail. If that had been me and my men, I would have hunted all those UN folks down who had any part in that and gone Medieval on them.

  4. If World War 3 starts in my opinion it will be nuclear killing off 60 percent of the population of the world in the first week. The rest will fight each other with guns, knives, axes and garden equipment for basic things like food and gas. The total population will be reduced by 75 to80 percent lower then it is today .The elites will be safe in their well stock underground bunkers with small private arm forces keeping the unwashed general public away. They (the ruling elite) will come out and set up their kingdoms when the job of depopulation of the world is done .Much like the movie Doctor Strange Love .

    • They might think that they will get out unscathed, but timing, in such a situation, is everything. And don’t discount the possibility that the ones at the very top won’t bother to give a heads-up to the toadies lower than them in the globalist elite pecking order. I suspect were nuclear war to occur, a huge percentage of elites would be caught with their pants down in flagrante delicto.

      A nuclear war which removed most of the population would also remove most of the mouths to feed, and control from the cities. Rural communities would be largely untouched, and after an initial die off of those with conditions requiring regular medical care or various social pathologies, there would be enough food available and unused resources for local communities to reestablish themselves using subsistence farming and local low tech manufacturing.

  5. Theater.

    Orbán is reading / playing scripts (just like his fellow puppets), IMO.

    The orchestra of the corona propaganda is still up and running — it is just playing the “Ukraine” ballad now, with the refrain “WW3”. We must not suddenly take their tunes at face value.

    “WW3” as a propaganda element makes a lot of sense politically (both in Hungary and globally) but makes no sense taken at face value. “WW3” is the substitute of the “lethal virus” in the formula of a dialectical attack vector against humanity.

    • Do not believe…: I agree with you. WW3 is another boogeyman. The Powers that Be need to keep the defense productions lines rolling, because it’s so darn profitable and keeps the US and major EU economies rolling.

      Meanwhile, China is making great strides.

  6. The right wing of American politics (both parties)
    Also sought to appease Hitler
    Why should we care when Putin is kidnapping 1000s of Ukrainian kids and putting them in camps?

    • We(America, Europe, South America ,Most of Asia) never care when the Chinese murdered millions of their own in the 1960s and now with the Moslem population in China today. We did not care when Hitler murdered millions of Jews and others in Germany and Poland. When Stalin murder millions of his own people in the 1930s .America is not the worlds policeman our own borders are being invaded daily by “refugees” our economy is in a nose dive ,we are currently sending billions to a war in Eastern Europe for a country that is run by Mafia failed actor midge in a sweat suit. Our country is being lead by a idiotic old man and his grifting family. We left billions in military equipment thousands of people who worked for us and thirteen death servicemen in Afghanistan to 9 century Jihadist cave men after nearly 20 years of washed effort, money, and thousands of death and crippled service personal for what!

  7. Can someone tell me really how World War One started .The real reason not someone shooting a Duke who no one ever heard of in a Eastern European country no one could find on a map ,that most people in 1914 did not know even existed. How the current economic political circus of unrest in America, Western Europe , some of Asia ,how China and Russia have become best friends could be a reason to start a world war now.

      • Thanks for the link it shows that our leaders are as stupid and pigheaded as our leader were 110 years ago. Willing to put young men into the meatgrinder for nothing ,but all the profits in the arms industry if you are a government official with the inside dope in what to invest in! To think Wilson was as brain dead as Biden in 1917 with a major stroke a year or so before we saved England and France ass when we entered in 1917.

    • As far as I know, it WWI was hatched around 1892/93 by “Round Table” Cecil Rhodes, Lord Milner, and the rest I don’t remember off-hand now.
      They were afraid of the Economic Power Germany was becoming, and when a major Diamond mine was found in Namibia in 1908………
      although Rhodes was alreay dead by then…… take a wild guess what happened then.
      Aparently Winston Churchil already knew in February of 1914 that a War with Germany would start by the summer.
      He warned his friends in the Armsindustry to make ready a good stockpile or Arms and Ammunition.

      German Investigative Journalist and writer, Thorsten Schulze, wrote a book about it with all the documentations, called “Fremdbestimmt – Fremdbestimmt: 120 Jahre Lügen und Täuschung “(Externally controlled: 120 years of lies and deception.)
      What he found out you’ll not find in the Mainstream History Books, but all the Documents you can find in many different Libraries, like the one in New York.

      I guess, going against a 120 year old narrative, is one of those reasons you can get his Book only in German, since I have yet to find a translation into English, and I tried over the last 3 and a half years since first publication.

    • I’ll tell you how WWI started, the bloody Brits and French playing their great game let the whole thing blow up and they never recovered after their stupidity got the better of them and their monster that they created got away from them, and we are now where we are as a result. If the Germans and Austria won, we would be living in a completely different world and communism would have been strangled in it’s crib.

  8. Peace keepers aka living targets ,is that how involvement in Vietnam started under a democratic presidents in charge in the 1960s??That good our war on curing and rising black American living standards by destroying the intact black families. Out of wedlock births going from 7 or 8 percent in the 1960s to over 85 percent today? Could that explain the high crime rates and stupid violence in majority black areas in blue cities?

    • Yes, actually it goes a long way to explaining black dysfunction. Plenty of white trash too that are every bit as dysfunctional since they started aping the minorities.

      What you subsidize you get more of.

  9. True and we have stupid ideas turbo changed with Biden handlers and company of sick wokest in charge. Government funded bad ideas and bad behavior as a goal to making America into a third world country and a fourth rate power .China can step in without firing a shot a take control with a government run now by mental patients and demented spoil children.

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