Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2022

The Latvian parliament has voted to ban the public display of the letter “Z”, due to its association with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Austria has issued a stage-one alert about a possible natural gas shortage if Russia follows through with its demand to receive payment in rubles.

In other news, according to the latest polls a majority of French voters support either Éric Zemmour or Marine Le Pen in the upcoming presidential election.

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Culture-Enriching Ukrainian Refugees in Munich

It seems that many of the Ukrainians in German refugee accommodations are actually “Ukrainians”, the same way Somalis in Malmö are “Swedes”.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from JournalistenWatch:

Policewoman unpacks: “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees”

What has been warned about since the start of the Ukraine conflict has now been confirmed by a federal police officer after a violent incident in a Munich refugee accommodation: “Only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees.”

Among the migrants are large families who are said to be Sinti and Roma and to have flooded Germany with brand new Ukrainian passports.

The number of people entering Germany from the Ukraine has long since become unmanageable and is also not known. Due to the refusal of the radical left Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser to check and register the arrivals at the borders, thousands upon thousands of non-Ukrainians migrate completely unhindered into the German social hammock.

What type of people it is that Faeser and Co. invited to Germany could be examined over the weekend in Munich, because there were tumultuous scenes in a refugee accommodation at Marsplatz 8, when more than 50 people — some armed with iron bars and chairs — threatened the security staff there. After determining that some of the migrants have scabies, they were to have been be separated. After that, the situation escalated. A security guard had to use pepper spray. Around thirty police patrols were deployed.

Two men (32, 33) were reported because of a particularly serious case of breach of the peace; a 24-year-old for grievous bodily harm. 30 adults and 70 children were transferred to Pasing, reported the Bild.

A federal police officer tells the newspaper what critics have been pointing out since the beginning of the Ukraine migration: only a fraction are really Ukrainian refugees. “Among them are large families who, according to the federal police officer, are identified as Sinti and Roma.”

“They have brand new Ukrainian passports, which are also real. Someone in Ukraine is earning a fortune right now.”

Interpreters also noted that not all refugees from Ukraine really speak Ukrainian. Hedwig Thomalla, a spokeswoman for the social department, confirms: “Among the refugee families there are families who speak to each other in Romany, the language of the Roma.”

The conditions in the taxpayer-financed shelters are becoming more and more abnormal. A sexual offense occurred in another accommodation on Saturday evening. Two children, aged 11 and 14, had dragged a 15-year-old into the toilet, pulled down his pants and exposed their privates. “What do you think is going on in these shelters? Much is destroyed and littered. The cheek is that the city no longer feels responsible at the weekend and the facility managers call the police.” There are also cases where women and children have been robbed, said the federal police officer, who, for understandable reasons, wished to remain anonymous.

Afterword from the translator:

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You Deserve a Mob Hit Today

When I read the headline this morning about two people being shot dead in a McDonald’s restaurant in the Netherlands, I suspected the involvement of cultural enrichment in the crime. Multiple murder victims of an attack with firearms — in the Netherlands, that’s almost certain to involve persons with a migration background.

When I delved into the details, sure enough, the victims were “Turkish-Dutch”. According to the Grauniad:

Netherlands: Two People Shot Dead in McDonald’s Restaurant

Police search for gunman following apparent targeted attack in city of Zwolle

Two people were killed after a gunman opened fire in a McDonald’s restaurant in the northern Dutch city of Zwolle, according to police and local media.

“Two people were killed in a shooting incident,” Dutch police tweeted late on Wednesday, with local broadcaster RTL Oost saying the incident happened around 6pm in a McDonald’s.

Witnesses told RTL Oost the men were having a meal when a gunman walked into the restaurant and fired shots at them in an apparent targeted attack.

“The man first ordered a meal and sat at a table across from the two victims before shooting,” RTL Oost said.

“There was massive panic among the patrons who all tried to flee outside,” the broadcaster added.

The assailant then fled.

Police and ambulances rushed to the scene where rescue workers tried to resuscitate one of the wounded victims, who later died.

Police said they were looking for witnesses and the search for the gunman continued.

They did not give details for a possible motive or the identities of the two victims, who were said to be of a Turkish-Dutch background…

An article from Dutch News provides more details: The deceased were brothers named Ali and Huseyin Torunlar, so the Mohammed Coefficient of the crime is 0%. They were not just Turkish, but Turkish Kurds. And since they operated multiple restaurants, the killing was almost certainly a culture-enriching mob hit:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/30/2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that the Ukrainian city of Mariupol surrender as a precondition for the end of Russian shelling of the city. Meanwhile, more than ten million Ukrainians have been displaced by the war, with four million of them leaving the country.

In other news, despite the relaxation of COVID measures in most Canadian institutions, the University of Waterloo in Ontario has just fired 49 employees for violating its vax mandate.

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Salah Abdeslam on Trial: The Latest

Salah Abdeslam is the sole surviving member of the group of Islamic terrorists who carried out the deadly attacks in Paris in November of 2015, including the bloody massacre at the Bataclan café.

The trial of Mr. Abdeslam is ongoing in Paris. It was previously discussed here, here, and here. The trial is expected to continue until May.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Figaro:

November 13 trial: Abrini states that Abdeslam “took his place” for the attacks

Mohamed Abrini states that Salah Abdeslam, the only surviving member among the commandos, had not been included in the initial plan.

The Belgian Mohamed Abrini testified on Tuesday March 29 at the 13 November trial that he had been “included” in the attacks at Paris and Saint-Denis, as opposed to Salah Abdeslam, who finally “took his place” when he declined to participate.

The “man in the hat”, known for having abandoned his cart full of explosives during the attacks in Brussels in March 2016, confirmed before the special criminal court in Paris that he would have been part of the jihadist commandos who caused 130 deaths in Paris and Saint-Denis in 2015. Two months earlier, in September, he explains to the court, in Belgium, he met with Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the future terrace shooter, who would be killed five days after November 13 by police. “He tells me, ‘You’re going to be part of a project.’” At that time, “I don’t know that it’s the Bataclan, I don’t know that it is France,” Mohamed Abrini states. “I don’t say yes, I don’t say no, I say nothing,” and “I take back my life, “ he continues.

“Salah Abdeslam, he would never do it”

Later — the court fails to establish when, in spite of its repeated questions, he warned Brahim Abdeslam, the older brother of Salah Abdeslam, who (Brahim) would blow himself up in a Parisian bar, that he (Abrini) would not participate in the attack: “I can’t go and kill ordinary people like that in the street,” he repeats from the dock. So, since there is an “additional explosive vest, an additional Kalashnikov, Brahim Abdeslam turned to his brother,” states Mohamed Abrini.

He states that Salah Abdeslam, the only member of the commandos still alive, was not included in the initial plan. “Me, I knew that Salah Abdeslam would never do it. I saw determined people…”, says Mohamed Abrini again. “I don’t say this to defend him, I don’t care.” His testimony continued in the afternoon. That of Salah Abdeslam is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday.

Z is for Zeitgeist

American readers of a certain age will remember when Z stood for “Zorro”. Some years after that it stood for “He lives”, at least in Greece. In Germany today, however, Z represents something so doubleplus ungood that the letter must be completely extirpated, and those who use it must be prosecuted.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Die Welt:

Federal states take action against Russian “Z” symbol

The “Z” is considered a sign of approval for the Russian war against Ukraine. Lower Saxony and Bavaria are already taking action. The public use of the symbol, for example during demonstrations, is now punishable there. NRW and Berlin are now following suit and are examining the consequences under criminal law.

More and more federal states are taking action against the “Z” symbol, the symbol of support for the Russian army in the Ukraine war. Lower Saxony and Bavaria ordered that the public use of the symbol in Germany, for example in demonstrations, be punishable. Up to three years’ imprisonment or a fine are possible. North Rhine-Westphalia announced on Sunday that it would examine criminal consequences.

Berlin is also taking action against the “Z” symbol. “If the context of the war is created with the use of the white Z, as can be seen on the Russian military vehicles, then of course that means advocating a war of aggression,” Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) told Der Tagesspiegel on Monday. “That would be a punishable offence, so we’ll intervene immediately.”

In Russia, the Latin letter “Z” appears in many places in public spaces. It is easy to recognize as a symbol because it does not exist in the Cyrillic alphabet. Numerous Russian military vehicles also bear the “Z”.

The “Z” is shown on buildings, cars or clothing to show approval of Russia’s war against Ukraine, the Interior Ministry said in Hanover. There have also been “corresponding observations” in Lower Saxony.

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) explained that anyone who uses the “Z” symbol to publicly express approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukraine must expect criminal consequences in Lower Saxony. “It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that the stylized ‘Z’ can be used even here to condone these crimes.”

Bavaria’s Minister of Justice Georg Eisenreich (CSU) warned: “Sympathizers who publicly use the ‘Z’ mark of the Russian armed forces in Bavaria” could be liable to prosecution for approving criminal offences.

Reul: “I don’t understand it at all”

The basis for the actions of the federal states is paragraph 140 number two of the Criminal Code. According to this, behavior is punishable if it is to be understood as publicly flaunted approval of aggressive wars and is likely to disturb public peace. Eisenreich also mentioned Paragraph 13 of the International Criminal Code, which deals with “crimes of aggression”. “We do not accept international crimes being condoned,” the minister said.

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Interior Minister Herbert Reul (CDU) told the Rheinische Post (Monday edition) that Russia’s illegal war of aggression in Ukraine was causing “unspeakable” suffering. “I have absolutely no understanding of how these crimes could be condoned.”

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Europe Says “Nyet” to Rubles, Would Rather Freeze Next Winter

As reported in last night’s news feed, both the G7 and the European Union have refused Russia’s demand that Europe pay for Russian natural gas with rubles. Since the sanctions regime imposed by the West makes it impossible for Russia to transact business in dollars or euros through the international banking system, it’s hard to see how the Russians would have any other practical choice except to deliver the gas for free.

Robert Habeck, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “stands with his back against the wall, otherwise he would not have made this demand.” It isn’t obvious, however, that this is in fact the case. It’s not like Russia lacks for other customers for its energy exports. It has already concluded an oil deal with India (in rubles or rupees, I’m not sure which), and has China as a major customer. Given that Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America have not joined the sanctions regime against Russia, it seems that the Russians will be able to find plenty of willing buyers. And since the deals will be concluded in currencies other than dollars or euros, customers will probably get a better price than the West does for its energy supplies.

When asked about what will happen if the Russians stop deliveries of gas to Europe, Mr. Habeck said, “We are prepared for all scenarios.” I assume that such preparations include recommendations that people wear more sweaters, eat cold food, and take cold showers. Or maybe Germany plans to reactivate its nuclear reactors and coal-fired power plants…

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German-language service of the Epoch Times:

Kremlin on rejected ruble payments: “No payment — no gas”

With his announcement that payments for gas deliveries will in future only be accepted in rubles, Russian head of state Vladimir Putin wants to put pressure on the West. His spokesman follows up in an interview.

After the EU largely refused to pay for gas supplies in Rubles, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has announced possible new steps by Russia.

“No pay — no gas,” said Peskov in an interview with the American television outlet PBS, according to the state agency TASS. Moscow wants to wait for the EU’s response and then determine the next steps. “But we definitely don’t intend to present ourselves as benefactors and deliver free gas to Western Europe,” Peskov said.

The confidant of Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of unleashing an all-out economic war against Russia. “Unfortunately, these circumstances are extremely unpleasant,” Peskov said of the sanctions. This has brought us to the point of “total war”. “And we in Russia feel this war in such a way that the Western European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia are waging a real war in trade, in the economy; they are confiscating our property, our cash and blocking our finances,” Peskov complained. “And we must now adapt to the new reality.”

Last week, Putin ordered that natural gas could only be delivered to “unfriendly” states such as Germany if payment was made in rubles.

Habeck: “Clear breach of the treaties”

The group of seven leading democratic economic powers (G7) had already rejected it. The G7 ministers agreed that the demand for payment in rubles was “a unilateral and clear breach of the existing contracts,” said Federal Economic Affairs and Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck after a virtual meeting with the G7 energy ministers. Signed contracts are valid; the affected companies must be faithful to the contract. “So that means that payment in rubles is not acceptable.”

Germany currently chairs the group of states, which also includes France, Italy, Japan, Canada, the United States and Great Britain. The EU also took part in the round, said the Green politician. “Putin’s attempt to divide us is obvious,” said Habeck. But there is great unity. “We will not be divided, and the answer of the G7 countries is clear: the treaties will be respected.”

“Are prepared for all scenarios”

When asked about preparations in the event that Russia stops delivering gas, Habeck said: “We are prepared for all scenarios.” The federal government has been working on answers to scenarios since the turn of the year.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/29/2022

Both the European Union and the G7 nations have rejected Russia’s demand that natural gas purchases be paid for in rubles. It is not yet clear whether Europe will do without natural gas, or some other currency will be negotiated as an acceptable form of payment.

In other news, German Foreign Minister and Green leader Annalena Baerbock said that Germans must be prepared to accept up to ten million Ukrainian refugees.

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North Africans in Spain Consider Ukrainians Fair Game

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Madrid daily La Razón:

Civil Guard breaks up a group of Maghrebians on the highway who robbed Ukrainian families fleeing the war

They took advantage of the victims’ situation, their lack of knowledge of the language and of the area where they found themselves

by J.M. Zuloaga
March 27, 2022

The Civil Guard has arrested R.M.J. (47) and identified another person as the alleged perpetrators of eight crimes of random theft — one of them attempted and another three for damages to the interior of cars parked in service areas. They form part of a group of Maghrebians who are involved in this type of criminal activity. The total of possessions and money taken amounts to more than €10,250. Among their victims were Ukrainian families who were fleeing the war.

It involved a very active criminal group, specializing in thefts in service areas, who selected the victims from among older couples, and always in vehicles of foreign origin, taking advantage of their trips to service areas or establishments in areas not covered by security cameras.

After the choice of their target, one of the perpetrators would distract the victims, asking for information of some type, or flattening one of the rear tires, while the other would move unseen toward the vehicle, stealing bags, backpacks, wallets, or valuable electronic devices.

Information obtained by the Civil Guard led to the arrest of the leader of the group in a service area of Alfajarin (Zaragoza), and the identification of another of the members of this itinerant gang operating in service areas of highways A-1, A-62, and AP7, which gives an example of their mobility and versatility.

Among the victims a family of Ukrainian nationality stands out, who were fleeing the war to settle in our country, and from whom was stolen the money and what few articles of value they had managed to leave Ukraine with, further aggravating their helpless situation. This family reported that, on March 3, when they were traveling in their car from Ukraine with the intention of residing in Spain, while making a bathroom and rest stop in an area of the AP-7 highway in the province of Castellon, a group of five individuals approached them to tell them they had a flat tire and to offer them help.

While one of them kept the victims busy, the others took advantage of the fact that the vehicle was open to take some €7,000, jewels, plane tickets, keys to the apartment where they lived in Ukraine, and a mobile phone, among other possessions, from the interior.

The selection of foreign national victims was not by chance; rather they always chose foreigners in transit to take advantage of the language barriers they had when filing a complaint, as well as the subsequent difficulties encountered in the judicial process, both in attending hearings and identifying the perpetrators, thus providing considerable impunity for the criminals.

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Michael Stürzenberger: Sharia Law is Being Integrated Into Our Legal System

Michael Stürzenberger may well be the most prosecuted political dissident in 21st-century Germany. He was active in Die Freiheit while it was still extant, and he was targeted for that by the political establishment, both at the federal level and locally in Bavaria and Munich. His weekly rallies against sharia in downtown Munich caused him to be attacked by Muslims, and later by Antifa. He has been prosecuted for “hate speech” on multiple occasions, in both Germany and Austria.

Mr. Stürzenberger’s most recent conviction may land him in jail if he loses the appeal. His presentations at his rallies are entirely fact-based, but the judge in the case wasn’t interested in the facts. She said that his words, even if factually accurate, were “partially criticizing all Muslims and causing them negative emotional stress,” and therefore punishable under the law. Her decision, in effect, introduces sharia as part of the German legal code.

Oliver Flesch is a popular German vlogger and activist who lives on the island of Majorca. In the following video, Mr. Flesch interviews Michael Stürzenberger about his recent conviction.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The West’s Goals in Ukraine

Emmet Scott sends his analysis of the causes and goals of the Russo-Ukrainian war, as seen from the perspective of the architects of the New World Order.

The West’s Goals in Ukraine

by Emmet Scott

In a speech delivered, or stumbled through, in Poland on March 26, Joe Biden declared that Russia was in need of regime change, a sentiment echoed throughout the Western media. Many commentators and media talking-heads agreed that “regime change” is and should be a fundamental goal of Western policy towards Russia. One or two went so far as to argue that this is the reason for the West’s effort to prolong the war by continuing to pour arms into Ukraine — rather than call for an immediate ceasefire, as is the normal procedure in modern wars.

One such commentator has been Niall Ferguson, who has cautioned Western leaders that the desired regime change will almost certainly not be materializing in the foreseeable future. Writing in Bloomberg News, Ferguson concludes that the Biden administration “is making a colossal mistake thinking that it can protract the war in Ukraine, bleed Russia dry, topple Putin and signal to China to keep its hands off Taiwan.”

But is regime change the primary goal at all?

The is no question whatsoever that the Western elites loathe and despise Vladimir Putin, and they would indeed be glad to see him go — into retirement, or better still, into the grave. The source of that animosity, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with Putin’s real or alleged brutality, far less with his warmongering or aggression.

The “West” itself has been a reasonably enthusiastic warmonger over the past few decades, invading and destabilizing dozens of countries in numerous parts of the globe, often under the most mendacious of pretexts. The destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and yes, Ukraine, can all be chalked up to Western “humanitarian” interventions over the past thirty years. Nor is Putin’s (alleged) contempt for the democratic rights and freedoms of his own people a problem: Western “elites” have displayed a commendable contempt for the rights and freedoms of their own citizens, or subjects, over the past two years. None of these things bother Western “elites” at all. Whence then comes the loathing for Putin? That’s a question I’ll address presently.

Notwithstanding the Western elites’ hatred of Putin, do they really think a prolonged war in Ukraine will achieve the goal of removing him? That is highly unlikely. As Niall Ferguson pointed out, wars tend to unite countries behind their leaders, and this is particularly the case with Russia, which has a “heroic” national narrative that glorifies the sacrifice of its people and its soldiers in wartime situations. This narrative, Ferguson notes, can be traced back to the time of the Russian people’s struggles against the Mongols, and manifested itself again during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and during the Nazi invasion in 1941. Western leaders, I assume, are as aware of this as Ferguson, and must know that nothing short of catastrophic casualties, involving the loss of quite literally millions of men, is likely to shift the Russians away from their patriotic support for their army and their leader. But if this is the case, what then do Western leaders hope to achieve by prolonging the war?

And that point is very much worth emphasizing: It is the West which is prolonging the conflict. Indeed, it was the West which provoked the conflict in the first place. If the West had wished to avoid war, all it had to do was give Moscow a guarantee that Ukraine would not be joining NATO and insist that Kiev implement the provisions of the Minsk Accord, which provided a limited autonomy for the ethnic Russian populations of Donetsk and Lugansk. This was never done; on the contrary, the West encouraged Kiev to provoke the Russians by launching periodic attacks upon the inhabitants of the above two regions, and by providing the Ukrainians with high-tech weaponry to launch those attacks.

So, we are back to the original question: What does “the West” — or the West’s leadership — hope to achieve by a prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine? This was a topic I touched upon in an article published towards the end of January this year (“The Great Reset: Why Now?New English Review, February), where I predicted a war in Ukraine within a few months. As it turned out, the war kicked off even earlier than I had imagined. In that article I said that the “West” actually wanted war with Russia, which is what made its occurrence all the more likely. I explained at length that when we speak of “the West”, we are actually talking about an immensely wealthy oligarchy comprising no more than a few thousand people, an oligarchy which effectively dictates the policies of Western governments. It does this through its control and ownership of 90% of the world’s wealth, a stranglehold which is augmented by its near-total control of the media. The latter allows the oligarchs to shape the narrative and therefore, to a great extent, what people think. “Public opinion” is therefore ultimately what the billionaire and trillionaire class decrees it to be.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/28/2022

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was reportedly poisoned earlier this month in Kyiv during negotiations for a possible cease-fire. Two Ukrainian negotiators were allegedly also poisoned. Mr. Abramovich is said to have recovered, and the two Ukrainians are in the process of recovery.

In other news, Pierre Poilievre, a candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, called for defunding the CBC, Canada’s state broadcaster.

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Certain Truths Must Not Be Spoken, at Least in Sweden

Last year I reported on the case of Bertil Malmberg, a regional Swedish politician, formerly of the Sweden Democrats, who was prosecuted for giving an accurate description of the IQ test results for a particular ethnic group of sub-Saharan Africans.

Mr. Malmberg was convicted, and appealed his conviction twice, losing at both levels. It’s not clear to me whether there is any higher level of appeal other than the European Court of Human Rights. And what happened to Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff does not leave one confident that the ECHR will dispense anything resembling justice in a case like this one.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Court of Appeal: telling the truth about Africans’ IQ is forbidden

March 27, 2022

When Bertil Malmberg, a regional politician from southern Sweden, questioned the appropriateness of admitting an immigrant group whose average IQ was found to be comparable to that of Bushmen, he was charged with incitement against a group of people (hets mot folkgrupp). He was convicted by the district court. After the main appeal was denied, Malmberg has now also been convicted by the Svea Court of Appeal.

Fria Tider described in a high-profile article in 2021 how a research team led by the world-renowned IQ researcher Richard Lynn conducted IQ testing of 2,990 South Sudanese children and found that they had significantly lower IQs than the average in sub-Saharan Africa.

South Sudanese IQ levels were found to be equivalent to those of Bushmen.

Fria Tider also reported that Migration Agency recruiters decided to recruit members of the ethnic group as “quota refugees” and then send them to, among other places, the regional politician Bertil Malmberg’s home town of Trosa.

When Bertil Malmberg — then an SD politician — raised the issue of South Sudanese IQ at a regional council meeting, he was reported to the police by a Social Democrat and later prosecuted.

Malmberg was later convicted of “incitement to hatred” by Nyköping District Court. He appealed the decision to the Svea Court of Appeal.

Denied proper judicial review by the Court of Appeal

A change in the law at the end of 2021 made it possible for courts of appeal to deny persons appealing decisions from district courts a main hearing in the court of appeal to an greater extent. This was an option that was used in the Malmberg case.

The diary sheet linked to the case states that the Court of Appeal considered that “it is unnecessary to hold a main hearing in the case.” On December 20 2021 the court decided to reject Bertil Malmberg’s request for a main hearing.

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Michael Mannheimer R.I.P.

Michael Stürzenberger and Michael Mannheimer

We’ve been posting translated material by or about Michael Mannheimer since at least 2010. Now it has been confirmed that Mr. Mannheimer died earlier this month at the age of 67.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Michael Mannheimer, One of the Very First Islam Critics in Germany, is Dead

The Islam- and system-critic Karl-Michael Merkle, alias Michael Mannheimer, has died of a heart attack at the age of 67.

by Michael Stürzenberger

The Islam critic Michael Mannheimer died on March 13, 2022. It was completely unexpected and unfortunately far too early, at the age of 67. He suffered from heart problems that were exacerbated by taking psychotropic drugs, which eventually caused him to die of a heart attack, according to his sister.

The rumors of “murdered by poison” or speculation about sinister actions by the Mossad, the CIA or other intelligence agencies are all from the realm of untenable mind games, fantasy tales and fake news.

Mannheimer, whose real name was Karl-Michael Merkle, lived in a secret location in Asia and moved there to be far from harassment. Now that he has died, the location can be shared: it was Cambodia.

Three years ago he had told me once by email that the medical care in Cambodia was very bad. He even had to pull a tooth himself, with help of dentist friend in Germany giving him instructions via Skype.

Michael Mannheimer was a valuable fellow campaigner in the years 2011-2015, especially in the matter of Islam criticism. Together we held many educational rallies, hitting the streets at home and abroad. During this time period, we were akin to brothers in spirit.

For example, on March 31, 2012, at the Counterjihad event in Aarhus, we were together at a highly memorable event in Denmark. That Counterjihad rally triggered the largest police operation in the history of this Danish city, which included helicopter support. More than 2,000 partly militant counter-demonstrators from Antifa and radical Muslims kept the city in suspense. At that time, Michael was still clearly in solidarity with Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East. Together we stood alongside Jews who were in the crosshairs of political Islam.

That same year we re-founded the White Rose Resistance movement together with Susanne Zeller-Hirzel (Sophie Scholl’s best friend), PAX EUROPA (comrades-in-arms from the citizens’ movement), and the “Die Freiheit” Party. Our struggle was directed against every totalitarian ideology — national socialism, socialism, communism and political Islam.

Together with the then-managing director of BPE, Conny Axel-Meier, we followed in the footsteps of the heroic resistance fighters and visited the historic courtroom in Munich, where these fighters for democracy and freedom were defencelessly exposed to the judicial henchmen of National Socialism who brought them to the gallows.

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