The West’s Goals in Ukraine

Emmet Scott sends his analysis of the causes and goals of the Russo-Ukrainian war, as seen from the perspective of the architects of the New World Order.

The West’s Goals in Ukraine

by Emmet Scott

In a speech delivered, or stumbled through, in Poland on March 26, Joe Biden declared that Russia was in need of regime change, a sentiment echoed throughout the Western media. Many commentators and media talking-heads agreed that “regime change” is and should be a fundamental goal of Western policy towards Russia. One or two went so far as to argue that this is the reason for the West’s effort to prolong the war by continuing to pour arms into Ukraine — rather than call for an immediate ceasefire, as is the normal procedure in modern wars.

One such commentator has been Niall Ferguson, who has cautioned Western leaders that the desired regime change will almost certainly not be materializing in the foreseeable future. Writing in Bloomberg News, Ferguson concludes that the Biden administration “is making a colossal mistake thinking that it can protract the war in Ukraine, bleed Russia dry, topple Putin and signal to China to keep its hands off Taiwan.”

But is regime change the primary goal at all?

The is no question whatsoever that the Western elites loathe and despise Vladimir Putin, and they would indeed be glad to see him go — into retirement, or better still, into the grave. The source of that animosity, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with Putin’s real or alleged brutality, far less with his warmongering or aggression.

The “West” itself has been a reasonably enthusiastic warmonger over the past few decades, invading and destabilizing dozens of countries in numerous parts of the globe, often under the most mendacious of pretexts. The destruction of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and yes, Ukraine, can all be chalked up to Western “humanitarian” interventions over the past thirty years. Nor is Putin’s (alleged) contempt for the democratic rights and freedoms of his own people a problem: Western “elites” have displayed a commendable contempt for the rights and freedoms of their own citizens, or subjects, over the past two years. None of these things bother Western “elites” at all. Whence then comes the loathing for Putin? That’s a question I’ll address presently.

Notwithstanding the Western elites’ hatred of Putin, do they really think a prolonged war in Ukraine will achieve the goal of removing him? That is highly unlikely. As Niall Ferguson pointed out, wars tend to unite countries behind their leaders, and this is particularly the case with Russia, which has a “heroic” national narrative that glorifies the sacrifice of its people and its soldiers in wartime situations. This narrative, Ferguson notes, can be traced back to the time of the Russian people’s struggles against the Mongols, and manifested itself again during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia and during the Nazi invasion in 1941. Western leaders, I assume, are as aware of this as Ferguson, and must know that nothing short of catastrophic casualties, involving the loss of quite literally millions of men, is likely to shift the Russians away from their patriotic support for their army and their leader. But if this is the case, what then do Western leaders hope to achieve by prolonging the war?

And that point is very much worth emphasizing: It is the West which is prolonging the conflict. Indeed, it was the West which provoked the conflict in the first place. If the West had wished to avoid war, all it had to do was give Moscow a guarantee that Ukraine would not be joining NATO and insist that Kiev implement the provisions of the Minsk Accord, which provided a limited autonomy for the ethnic Russian populations of Donetsk and Lugansk. This was never done; on the contrary, the West encouraged Kiev to provoke the Russians by launching periodic attacks upon the inhabitants of the above two regions, and by providing the Ukrainians with high-tech weaponry to launch those attacks.

So, we are back to the original question: What does “the West” — or the West’s leadership — hope to achieve by a prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine? This was a topic I touched upon in an article published towards the end of January this year (“The Great Reset: Why Now?New English Review, February), where I predicted a war in Ukraine within a few months. As it turned out, the war kicked off even earlier than I had imagined. In that article I said that the “West” actually wanted war with Russia, which is what made its occurrence all the more likely. I explained at length that when we speak of “the West”, we are actually talking about an immensely wealthy oligarchy comprising no more than a few thousand people, an oligarchy which effectively dictates the policies of Western governments. It does this through its control and ownership of 90% of the world’s wealth, a stranglehold which is augmented by its near-total control of the media. The latter allows the oligarchs to shape the narrative and therefore, to a great extent, what people think. “Public opinion” is therefore ultimately what the billionaire and trillionaire class decrees it to be.

It was of course the same oligarchy which gave us the COVID-19 hoax, as well as the lockdowns (a.k.a. mass imprisonment of billions of healthy people) and mass “vaccination” with a useless and provably lethal injection. As I explained in the article, the entire purpose of the COVID-sham was to wreck the economy — a wreckage that has now reached a fairly advanced stage. This was necessary because the oligarchy had robbed billions of taxpayers throughout the globe over the past few decades, and had effectively destroyed Western economies in the process. (What Reiner Fuellmich describes as the most colossal transfer of wealth in recorded history) This process of destruction had actually accelerated in the aftermath of the banking crisis of 2008, when Western governments, instead of holding the banks and their owners accountable for their misdeeds, bailed them out with billions more of newly-printed dollars, pounds, and euros. The underlying health of Western economies was therefore further sabotaged, with the West — especially North America and Europe — essentially floating on an ocean of debt. That economy can only go down, and when it does, the oligarchs — the real culprits — do not wish to take the blame. Hence the COVID “emergency” — a fake pandemic designed to initiate the now inevitable crash so that the oligarchs could blame a virus and divert attention away from their own culpability.

That was the plan. However, things didn’t quite work out as intended: against all the odds, the Western economies (sort of) survived the lockdowns, and the whole COVID-narrative began to fall apart. This latter was because the working classes eventually tired of being told what to do, and the truckers’ revolt in Canada really signaled the end of the road for the COVID hoax. Hyperinflation had begun, but it hadn’t fully achieved its goal (thanks entirely to the dollar’s status as world reserve currency) of a complete economic meltdown. Just in time, the oligarchs found another narrative: The ongoing and rising tension between Ukraine and Russia. If an actual armed conflict between NATO-friendly Ukraine and nuclear-armed Russia could be provoked, then the controlled economic crash — which COVID was supposed to deliver — could finally reach fruition. Now, however, the finger of blame could be pointed at Russia. And lo and behold, this is exactly what we now see happening.

It is evident, therefore, that instead of calling for an immediate ceasefire (the humane and sane course), the Western media will continue to clamor for the arming of Ukraine, and to encourage the Ukrainians in a desperate and suicidal struggle which they cannot possibly win. This will continue until the economies of the West themselves go down in flames — which is precisely the oligarchy’s goal.

Emmet Scott is the author of Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy and The Impact of Islam. For his previous essays, see the Emmet Scott Archives.

26 thoughts on “The West’s Goals in Ukraine

  1. Likely the provoking of a nuclear war is also highly desirable by the same elites, since it will further their aims of global depopulation. All the more desirable if the targets of those nukes happen to be white and Christian.

    The global south wouldn’t be spared either; indeed a nuclear war that destroyed western civilization would probably kill far more yellow, brown, and black peoples when the agricultural technology and food shipments cease for good. After several years in their New Zealand bunkers the elites can re-emerge into the world like the bloodsucking vampires they are, only it will be a planet denuded of non-essential humans and starting to fill back up with wildlife (or so they think).

  2. The WEF slogan “Build Back Better” is noticeable for NOT being “Build Up Better” or “Build On Better”. Oh no. Something can only be built BACK if it is first destroyed.

  3. “wars tend to unite countries behind their leaders, and this is particularly the case with Russia”

    So why did Putin, during his recent big event at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium, have people bussed in who couldn’t even answer, why they were there? With masses of their country’s flags left behind lying on the street – something unthinkable in a place, like America.

    Why are all the events with people standing to form the letter “Z” being staged, in public institutions like schools?

    Why is Russian police arresting any protesters – sometimes even pro-war ones?!

    Why is Russia reportedly not even collecting the dead bodies of its fallen soldiers to give back to their families?

    For sure, a significant majority of Russia is behind the “special operation”, but this is still very early days. And the longer the war goes on, the more the casualties mount, the more damage that is done, the more sanctions begin to bite, the more people will question – especially with little visible success…

    And when it comes to a war leading to the aggressor’s regime being toppled, Russia (as, back then, the Soviet Union) has previous… Specifically, Afghanistan. And, only a month into the conflict, Russia’s casualties in Ukraine are already higher than they were, in the first 6 years in Afghanistan.

    And as far as its dictator dying a mysterious death, Russia/Soviet Union also have previous… Specifically, Joseph Stalin. With Putin probably being the most ruthless and autocratic of his successors.

    Like any competent dictator, he has surrounded himself with subordinate “yes men”, and places any competent oppositionists in prison or labour camp. However, his actions are bound to lead to increased opposition, even among his loyal subordinates concerned that their lavish lifestyles, funded by the vast corruption may now be in danger.

    And yes – even if a “peace deal” is reached, few outside Russia will trust Putin ever again, and Russia will be a threat to world peace, as long as Putin remains its leader. A return to February 23rd is out of the question.

    • Green, your post reminds me so much of a quote Ronnie Ray Gun had for The Left (Liberals Progressives, Socialists, Antifa, BLM – and I don’t mean the Bureau of Land Management, although they fit as well),
      “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”
      I went head-to-head against the Soviets for 26 years in the U. S. Navy. The Soviets were not hated by me, as that is often a bad attitude to take into a fight – it clouds your logic. Since the Soviet Union collapsed after Gorbachev, it was clear to me that we could have made some great strides in calming the world scene by treating the new Russia like we did the old Germany and Japan. But no, we (our betters) snatched victory from the jaws of defeat the same way we treated Iraq after its fall. We fired the Baathists and the army. What was Iraq’s response to our benevolence? They fought us like wild beasts, but beasts declawed…and still gave us a bloody nose. But we were smarter with Russia – they had Nukes (Many, many Nukes) – and we decided to play it smarter, but only slightly so. But then, too smart by half, we kept pushing by placing bio weapon labs in their southern flank (Georgia), topped Ukraine’s duly elected government in 2014, placed even more bio weapons labs by the dozen in Ukraine and continued apace to push NATO all the way up to Russia’s Western flank. But we were always careful because Russia had Nukes (did I say lots of Nukes?). But today, it is time for the NWO to make their move: to thermonuclear war designed as a vacuum cleaner to sweep the planet of useless eaters. Know who the dumbest people in the world are today?
      1. Those who were frightened by a faux Pandemic into doing anything possible to stay alive, and chose the worst possible option(s), to stifle their own goal, and,
      2. Those dumb ass (uniquely naïve) civilian cheerleaders who once again are stampeded by a Fake News CGI war who hope we can pay back “that Thug” Putin by trying to get in a nuclear war with Russia. Entering into a tit-for-tat Nuclear exchange doesn’t stop when on side thinks “we’re even.” “Even” might equate to a billion of us less fortunate Russians, Europeans, and Americans lying literally ‘all over the place’ with no one left to tidy up the mess. The Soviets used to call those cheer leaders, “Useful Idiots.” Or sarcastically, selfless patriots.
      I’ll say something no one else has the sense or the guts to say. I respect Putin, and I still don’t hate him. Neither do I hate Russians. Putin knows that he and his people – as well as the Dilberts all throughout the West – are prime targets of Schwab’s RESET. Schwab wants the West’s depopulation (initially) because once we are gone, the rest of the earth will be like candy to a Eugenicists’ Baby. Think what I just wrote is pure crapola? Maybe just conspiracy theory stuff?
      Take a trip over to the Georgia Guidestones in east-central Georgia, USA. Read the plan for the Globalists’ New World Order. The goal is to get the population of the WORLD down to 500 million by 2030. As a result, the NWO is anxious that they are so, so very far behind schedule. If they are going to Party on 31 December 2029 (like it’s 1999), they still got 7 billion to go.
      Soylent Green, Green.
      BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again): “You’ll own nothing and be happy!” …and of course, you’ll also be in Heaven or in Hell.

      • You might not hate Putin, and that’s fine – and maybe even more healthy…

        But I know people whose house I stayed at, now sleeping every night in their cellar in case a bomb hits them, others forced to flee, and others with family in Mariupol (not heard from, for a while), and fully aware that the destruction which happened to Ukrainian cities could happen to mine, across the border.

        And fully aware of the reputation of Russian soldiers going around looting, killing and raping, just like they did’ve done since at least 1944-45.

        The thing is, unlike Germany or Japan, which gave up their territorial expansion in favour of an economic one, Russia never really changed – it just got (briefly) weaker. That’s why Nato didn’t need to “push” into Eastern Europe – Russia’s neighbours begged to join it… And looking at now, when Putin only attacked non-Nato countries like Georgia or Ukraine, we can see what a godsend Nato membership is – and Ukraine/Georgia’s great loss, that they didn’t join it.

        And, as has been seen countless times across Eastern Europe since the Hungarian uprising in 1956, the people did not need any US encouragement to launch a revolution – when they saw a dangerous corrupt president, like Ukraine’s who broke a promise to start accession talks with the EU, and hoarded vast wealth corruptly gained from Ukrainians, they were all too happy to take to the streets and rebel… Just like they are today against Russian soldiers, in occupied cities like Kherson and Melitopol.

        Is there another angle to all this, involving Klaus Schwab and his WEF? Possibly. But from here in Eastern Europe, this all looks too familiar – and part of a pattern of Russian behaviour that’s been seen for a long, long time…

      • As for Ronnie Raygun… At the current moment, someone like him is sorely lacking.

        Wonder how he would’ve reacted to this situation. (For sure, much more decisively than Sleepy Joe)

          • Maybe Trump would’ve done better (indeed, Russia launched no war under his watch) – but there were too many uncertainties: about his commintment to Nato, or contact with Putin.

            Nope – what’s needed is someone like Ronnie Raygun… He wouldn’t appease Russia, would he?

  4. Putin is a thug but we have gotten along with a lot of thuggish leaders in the third world when it served our interests to do so. But when he invaded Ukraine he crossed the line and we should figure out a way to counter that, hopefully without incinerating the northern hemisphere.
    Re the always virtuous NATO. The point is often made that a country’s sovereign borders are inviolate and the Russian speaking east has no right to be separated from Ukraine. I agree with that in principle, but anyone remember Kosovo? That occurred even before thug Putin came to power. Clinton on behalf of NATO conducted a criminal war against Serbia, rather like what Putin is doing today. And that did not endear us to Serbia’s “big brother” Russia and also created another Muslim enclave in Europe. I also recall that there was another thuggish leader, Kaddafi, who though a real SOB was cooperating with us in keeping Muslims from flooding into Europe. Well another Clinton decided along with NATO that he had to go. And she giggled about it afterward.

    Russia is essentially a gas station with nukes. But I hear no criticism of the rising power China. I dislike Islam as much as anyone but that does not mean I favor the genocide against the Muslim Uighurs. There is also the repression in Hong Kong and the decimation of Tibetan culture. Too many of our ruling elite have funds or business interests that are making out quite well shipping American manufacturing to China and profiting from their slave labor. And if China does invade Taiwan I wonder if we will hear the same screams against Xi and China as we are, justifiably I reiterate, hearing against Putin and Russia. Follow the money as they say. But Putin could not succeed in what he is doing without the support of our wonderful Covid-spreading Chinese business partners. Where are the calls for sanctions against Putin-enabling China?

    In addition keeping our borders open undermines our security and serves Putin’s interests. Those favoring or allowing for this are Putin puppets and Russian colluders. Similarly those politicians, judges etc. releasing criminals to ruin our great cities are serving Putin’s cause. Also the BLM crowd, the “wokesters”, phony new green deal types and those who have and are continuing to build up Putin’s ally Communist China. All of them are Putin collaborators, apologists, and agents. Since Putin and Russia are the only universally recognized evils we should constantly call out all who serve his interests. And our European allies must recognize that those who advocate the mass migration of Muslims and third worlders are also strengthening Putin and are his puppets.

    A large steeply progressive windfall profits tax for those giant businesses benefiting from the Covid lockdowns would go a long way to preserving our culture and liberty. These are the tech monopolists, Amazon, the large box stores etc.; all allowed to remain open while their smaller competitors were forcibly shut down. Another would be a retroactive steeply progressive tax on profits from currency speculation (if you get my drift). Any loudmouth member of my Stupid (Republican) party care to propose these? Let’s see how the tax the rich Dems would turn cartwheels thinking up reasons to oppose these.

    • Every cloud has a silver lining; thanks to China’s repression, thousands of Hong Kong Chinese are moving to the UK. Now they won’t be waiting around for benefits, or trying to impose their beliefs on us.

  5. I believe it will not continue. Everybody’s interest lies in Ukraine being able to sow and reap. Both sides are making encouraging noises now. And as soon as the Ukie army in the Donbas is finished, it will all be over anyway. I am guessing Zelensky’s best negotiating position is not to wait for that point.

    The Russians have already announced stage 2 of their operation. The effort to rescue Azov leaders from Mariupol has failed, and soon that part will be done and over with. All effort will pour into the Donbas cauldron. The writing is on the wall. How long before everyone sees clearly that Zelensky is driving his own people into an unwinable, suicidal fight? They have proven their bravery and determination. Let it end.

    • “….Everybody’s interest lies in Ukraine being able to sow and reap”

      The point is that the west is not doing what seems to be their interest, or everybody interest, or anybody interest.

      • What is being done by the Western oligarchs right now serves the interests of whoever wrote the Georgia Guidestones. But I don’t know who that might be.

      • That is unfortunately true. I am hoping that engineered famine is not quite in the works yet.

        If Putin is not quite the stooge of the globalists some suggest he may be, he’ll find a way for Ukraine to sow and reap. Let’s see how that goes, and if he passes the test.

  6. As for “an immediate ceasefire (the humane and sane course)”, the only reason Russia would agree to it, would be so that it can regroup, reload and be ready to attack again… Much like Hamas does, with its “ceasefires” with Israel.

    So it would only be a (very) short-term solution – which would only make sense, if Ukraine can also stock up on weapons and expand its capabilities.

    As for the Minsk accord, did the self-proclaimed “Republics” of Donetsk and Lugansk ever express a desire to agree to “limited autonomy” ?

    • I believe the republics initially only asked for federalism, a measure of local autonomy. Apparently a lot of their officials then were named from Kiev and not locally.

  7. Maybe they want to crash the western economic, but if this is the case, I don’t thing their motive is avoiding blame.
    They control the narrative, and will have no problem to distance the blame from themselves.
    In any case, the masters can easily blame some politicians or bankers or other famous names. No problem. Most of the known names are redundant. The more significant persons function in the shadows, avoiding fame and recognition.
    I am sure they and their associated will be the most zealots and fanatics leading the Clintons, the BillGates, the Fauchies, etc’ to the guillotine, and in this way, becoming the heroes of tomorrow.

  8. WEF-stooge Putin brings home the bacon for Klaus Schwab & co.

    “The future of MONEY pivots this Friday as Putin sets deadline for dropping the dollar, requiring rubles for energy exports”:

    It’s exactly what Uncle Klaus wanted: the demise of the dollar and the ensuing digitization of Western currencies as part of the “Great Reset”.

    • What does Putin owe the United States? All we have done since the wall came down is shovel every morsel of crap into Putin’s lap. His responsibility is not to Let’s Go Biden. Biden is selling out the American people and the dollar. If the dollar crashes, yes that is Schwab’s wet dream, but Putin has the opportunity to join with the Asian countries including India – all of whom have handled their financial resources like mature adults. The U. S. is the drunken sailor, who after a all-night binge on shore liberty, gets robbed after he passes out in an alley.

      Don’t blame another man for his shrewd business savvy. Who is Putin supposed to respect – the Idiot King and his jacked-up degenerate son? No, he, like Trump, respects strength – a commodity of which America is in very short supply today.

      America is going down the crapper because of a weak [fundament] political class that refuses to acknowledge massive election fraud and allows the crooks to fix elections. Hate to say it, but America got the leader it deserves.

      That light at the end of the tunnel is a bill rushing to be paid.

  9. In my humble opinion, one of the goals of this war is the destruction of Ukrainian men. And this is done by both Russia and Ukraine itself.
    People who do not want to participate in this dirty game have no choice. This is meanness.
    A draft law has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine providing for criminal liability for certain categories of citizens who left Ukraine “illegally” after the introduction of martial law.

    The list of those who will be held criminally liable for leaving “without legal grounds” is long: it includes military personnel, reservists, people’s deputies of the Rada, deputies of local councils, officials, law enforcement officials, judges of various levels, prosecutors.

    The bill for illegal exit provides for punishment in the form of terms from 5 to 10 years in prison. A harsher punishment – from 7 to 12 years in prison – threatens military personnel and border guards who contributed to the illegal departure of Ukrainians from the country.
    When I was unmarried, I liked Ukrainian men. They had more spiritual warmth than among these Nordics, among whom I now live.

    • It’s quite simple: if Ukrainian men leave, Ukraine falls…

      Saying that, there’s lots coming back to Ukraine too – not necessarily with the relevant skills…

      For example, someone I know disappeared – and only made contact, when back in Ukraine. No military experience, and he couldn’t even sign up (they were told to disperse, due to shelling). In any case, in his area the military don’t have enough weapons or ammo.

      In Poland, he left behind his wife, small child and a good business. Now his wife’s furious, and his business is gone.

      I try to tell Ukrainian friends here to stay, but it’s not easy – they suddenly have an urge to go back…

  10. “‘Public opinion’ is therefore ultimately what the billionaire and trillionaire class decrees it to be.”

    Please name a few individuals who are members of this trillionaire class.

    • Blackrock and Vanguard CEO’s are part of the trillionaire class. Larry Fink (Blackrock) sits on a couple of WEF boards. Vanguard CEO Mortimer J Buckley speaks at WEF events and believes shareholder capitalism must give way to “stakeholder” capitalism. He would obviously be a stakeholder….

  11. Everybody talks about regime change. I think every western “democracy” should change its government, starting with mini-Macron in France. I’d love to see Zemmour win.

  12. Ukraine’s sovereignty?
    Remember the bossy dictum of the late Peter Sutherland of UN, Paid Migration Promoter:

    “sovereignty is an illusion… sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us.”

  13. E. Scott: “Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and yes, Ukraine, can all be chalked up to Western “humanitarian” interventions over the past thirty years”
    FALSE: these were broken failed miserable entities long before any interventions, if they weren’t conflicted in addition it was because another megalomaniac was exploiting locals as far and wide as they might possibly manage, not West’s ‘humanitarian’ interventions.

    LC: “We fired the Baathists and the army. What was Iraq’s response to our benevolence? They fought us like wild beasts, but beasts declawed…and still gave us a bloody nose.”
    FALSE: We did not fire Baathists, the old-man-Bush ordered Schwartzkopf to stand down, skrub had a problem on his hands with Iran once Hussein was reduced (that was JiminiPeanut’s legacy thorn in his hinny, aye a-toilet), sonny Geo and Dick had a military industrial complex to feed fresh off saving their domestic re-tooled former representative republic, it was their Sheriff of Green Zone, L Paul Brem, whom fired the Baathists, but why stop there. Those Baathists are now forced to defend themselves when LP Bremer signs away Operation Iraqi Freedom to their mortal enemy shia cut throat cousins combusts civil war and the prison populations soar along with Abu Ghraib, damage control send in Petreaus and do what you said; in rides bath haus and that resistance unites multi hundreds of millions spill into neighboring countries and that teutonic angel throws doors open wide, THEIR were noses bloodied. We were informed thirty years from now there might be respite. Luckily new leadership not old fumbler-ship arrived and adults not corrupt greed took over, issues were addressed and thankfully, until what on the christmas lawn should appear but fauci & xi’s virus with dimples how merry, it’s cheeks were like roses, it’s nose like a cherry; those droll little spikes sprouting out like arrows from a bow, put beards on our chins as black as what was in tow, laying waste to our careers and bleeding red economies bestowed.
    Now on our plates we’re greeted by vlad the lad and Melitopol. Leadership matters.

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