Canaries in the Coal Mine

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube about the massive ongoing “refugee” crisis in the Canary Islands:

Daily costs: €300,000! Tourism association issues ultimatum: 6,000 Africans have to leave hotels!

For 6,000 illegal migrants, the paradisiacal accommodation is likely to come to an end soon. The tourism association of the Canary Islands has given the state an ultimatum: the guests have to leave the hotels and be quartered in emergency shelters before December 31st.

The daily costs for the 6,000 illegal migrants amount to €300,000, an incredible €9 million in tax money per month. The accommodation in 16 hotels, partly four-star hotels like the Waikiki, was a temporary stopgap solution, but also a great insanity. The pictures of the front of the hotels, of the well-equipped apartments and hotel rooms, the pools, the buffets, etc. were sent home and so encouraged other illegal migrants to go on the trip and pay for a place in a boat to cross over to the Canaries. reports:

The patience of the tourism industry in the Canary Islands has run out. Fears that the current migration crisis could damage the archipelago’s economic recovery prompted the tourism association and the municipalities of Mogán and San Bartolomé de Tirajana to present the state with an ultimatum: The state is requested to move the 6,000 or so migrants quartered in 16 hotels to other accommodations before December 31, and to use the daily costs of around €300,000 for the announced emergency accommodation.

Afterword from the translator:

Governments and NGOs are always virtue-signaling so quickly with other people’s money. And at the same time those same governments and NGOs push for more draconian laws to battle a “pandemic” that never was and destroy the livelihoods of the same people they force to pay, with their taxes, for the upkeep of the invaders. Something has to give, and when the damn dam breaks it will be ugly, and can be laid fair and square directly at the feet of those advocating for mass immigration, Multiculturalism and Corona measures.

I seriously hope that there will be new Nuremberg Trials, when sanity finally triumphs over the virtue-signaling and immoral preachers of morality.

The News From Spain

Spain is in the midst of multiple crises, including a major “second wave” of the Wuhan Coronavirus and the resulting severe restrictions. The two videos below, however, concern the crisis of mass immigration and the concomitant increase in terrorism.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Islamic terrorists making explosive belts

The translator includes this explanatory note on the video:

Here you see three terrorists making bombs in Barcelona. Two of them were killed in an explosion in their residence, and the third is on trial for a car attack in Barcelona in 2017. Note: They are speaking in a mix of Arabic and Spanish, probably with a little Catalan thrown in. I have timed the subtitles to synchronize with the Spanish sub-titles. There are a couple of points where the Spanish doesn’t sync with the sound, and also there is Arabic in some of the sentences.

More background on the Barcelona terrorists

Video #2: Rubén Pulido on the migrant situation in the Canary Islands

Rubén Pulido is the Secretary for Press and Communication for the populist party VOX in Andalusia. In the following video Mr. Pulido talks about the crisis in the Canary Islands, where unprecedented numbers of illegal African migrants have arrived in recent weeks:

Video transcript #1:

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Jihad in Mozambique

Mujahideen for the Islamic State in the northern part of the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique have taken the commands of the prophet to heart, beheading dozens of infidels.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Portuguese daily Correio da Manhã:

Islamic radicals behead more than 50 people in Mozambique

A soccer field was transformed into an execution site where the bodies were decapitated and dismembered

More than 50 persons were beheaded in Northern Mozambique by a group of Islamic radicals, according to BBC. The radical militants transformed a soccer field into an execution site, where the bodies of the victims were decapitated and dismembered.

Clashes have been occurring in the gas-rich province of Cabo Delgado since 2017. More than 2,000 people have died and 430,000 left homeless as a result of the numerous conflicts in that Muslim-majority province.

The radicals are linked to Daesh (ISIS) and exploit poverty and unemployment in order to recruit new militants to establish rule in that African region.

Armed men shot at and set fire to homes in the village of Nanjaba last Friday. Two persons were beheaded and several women abducted.

The government of Mozambique has previously asked for international help to deal with the problem and counter the violent attacks that have recently been carried out.

The Geert Wilders Trial Was Rigged

Here’s the latest twist in the Geert Wilders case — breaking news from the Netherlands via our Dutch correspondent H. Numan.

The Wilders trial was rigged

by H. Numan

Of course most (sane) people know that, but how to prove it? Fortunately, our progressive activists are most helpful.

Enter Akwasi Owusu Ansah. He pretends to be an artist as a rapper. Personally, I don’t see rap as art, more as vocalized progressive whining. Akwasi was born in Ghana, in the Ashanti tribe. That’s one of the tribes that got really rich through slavery.

Akwasi didn’t like it in Ghana, so he moved to a land of milk (lots of it) and honey. He thinks he is an artist and went to work as a rapper. He is one of the many filthy rich millionaire commies. Firmly aligned with the extreme left of the extreme left. His assets are several millions in (Dutch) real estate. But don’t talk about that too much. Neither does he. That spoils the ‘poor oppressed gangster’ illusion. What Akwasi did, until last week with impunity, was to make death threats against Black Pete. I’ll talk about Black Pete in a minute. He tweeted many times that he wanted Black Pete killed, and even offered a reward of €500 for someone willing to do his dirty work.

Last week he tweeted that he was going to kick Black Pete in the face, once he spotted one. That was one tweet too many. Especially after the trial of Geert Wilders. Some people filed complaints with the police. A DA was put on this case… and… came to a gentlemen’s agreement. His lawyer (not Akwasi himself!) would read an apology, and the case would be dismissed.

This district attorney is Jacobien Vreekamp. She is not only DA, but also was chairwomen of Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP), an extreme left-wing and violent platform. It’s not marked as a domestic terrorist group, but should be. She is also director of the Anti-Discrimination Bureau of Amsterdam. This gentlewoman’s agreement is not exactly the way she normally operates. She is known for her harsh demands as a DA, especially when she can hang someone not toeing her preferred political line. She is not only ruthless, but also merciless.

This news broke over the weekend. It is causing a huge outcry, nationwide. Understandably, Geert Wilders is livid. He immediately announced he will ask questions in Parliament, on Monday.

Given the enormous outcry, the prosecutor’s office has placed her on non-active status, pending an investigation. There was little else they could do. Hushing it up won’t work. Interestingly, Jacobien was removed from a controversial case in which 25 condemned accused are on trial for racial discrimination on this Monday. It took a mere nine months to get this case on the agenda. One can give birth faster.

Let’s have a look at Jacobien Vreekamp. All judges and DAs are required to report if they have side jobs somewhere else. A lot of them simply ignore this rule. What they do outside the court is their affair, they think. Not really, because it has happened that a judge was personally involved as an legal advisor to a company that was sued. He ruled in favor for that company. As a judge it is very difficult to get punished. This judge was reprimanded, nothing more. Now he is a judge in the High Court.

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From the Heart of Darkness to the Tuscan Hills

Last Wednesday former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini was attacked in Pontassieve, near Florence in Tuscany, while campaigning for the regional elections. His assailant was a Congolese woman whose attack, according to one of the articles below, was not premeditated. However, other sources identify the woman as an “activist”, which would make it less likely that the assault was spontaneous.

The video below is a composite of several clips, and shows the attack itself as well as Mr. Salvini’s remarks afterwards. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from two articles about the assault on Matteo Salvini. First, from ANSA:

Black Woman Rips Salvini’s Shirt and Rosary Off

At election rally near Florence

(ANSA) – PONTASSIEVE, SEP 9 – A 20-year-old woman from Congo on Wednesday pushed and shoved rightwing League leader Matteo Salvini, ripping his shirt and breaking off the rosary around his neck, as he arrived for an election rally at Pontassieve near Florence.

The young woman was in “a clear state of psycho-physical excitation”, police said.

They said her actions did not appear to have been premeditated.

They said she found herself alongside Salvini as she was returning from work.

Separately, a group of young leftists and anarchists protested Salvini’s visit.

The woman was part of a crowd that had gathered for the League leader’s arrival.

The League is a populist and nationalist anti-migrant and Euroskeptic party.

Salvini said his assailant “should be ashamed of herself”.


“The nice thing I take away from Pontassieve,” Salvini went on, “is not that poor woman, but a lady who told me ‘Matteo, I don’t think like you, but I apologise on behalf of that idiot, if you want I’ll buy you a coffee’.”

And from RMX News:

Video: Migrant Woman Attacks Matteo Salvini at Campaign Event, Tears Off His Rosary

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Italian opposition League party, was assaulted by an Congolese woman at a campaign event in Tuscany on Wednesday, with the woman tearing his shirt and breaking his rosary.

Salvini was in the area campaigning for his party due to regional elections that will be held on Sept. 20-21.

Italian parties, without exception, condemned what happened, however, the police are being criticized for their handling of the situation.

Video transcript:

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The Senegalese Bus-Burner Gets 24 Years

In March of 2019 I reported on a culture-enricher named Ousseynou Sy, who hijacked a bus full of schoolchildren near Milan and attempted to set it on fire. Fortunately the carabinieri were promptly notified and the children were rescued.

Mr. Sy has finally had his day in court, and has been sentenced to 24 years in prison. It’s interesting to note that he, like the beheader of Wilma in Sweden, has been examined by forensic experts and deemed to be sane. Are we perhaps seeing the reversal of a years-long European trend of identifying jihadists as suffering from mental illness? Two cases are not enough to confirm a pattern, so I’ll keep an eye out for more.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Bus hijacked on the Paullese road, Ousseynou Sy sentenced: “It was terrorism”

The driver of the bus hijacked on the Paullese road last March has been sentenced to 24 years in prison by the court in Milan: “It was terrorism”.

The hijacking of the bus

The knife, the gasoline on the upholstery, and the flames among the seats of the school bus. Then the desperate cries of the students, and, finally, the squads of Carabinieri who rushed with sirens blaring to the place of the report. It all happened in a handful of thrilling minutes that morning of March 20 2019. It took little for Ousseynou Sy, 47, from Senegal, to follow up on his delusional madness of’ “avenging the deaths at sea”. That is how he took it with 51 very young students from the Vailati di Crema School, threatening to set the vehicle on fire along with two teachers and a caretaker. The foreigner, assigned to drive the vehicle on that occasion, didn’t think twice: He emptied a container of gasoline along the aisle between the seats, then set the fire with a lighter. But his evil plan soon ended in failure, sent up in smoke by the shrewdness of a courageous student who succeeded in calling 112, assuring the salvation of his school companions. Intercepted by police, in proximity of the interchange of Peschiera Borromeo on the provincial Paullese road, the suspect was immediately arrested on a charge of kidnapping and attempted terrorist attack.

Condemned to 24 years for terrorism

The sentence of the court of Milan was handed down in the early afternoon of Wednesday, July 15 2020, in which the Senegalese driver received 24 years in prison. The judge accepted the thesis of public prosecutors
Luca Poniz and Alberto Nobili, who, in previous hearings, had asked for a change in the offense the 47-year-old was charged with, from “kidnapping” to “kidnapping with terrorist intent”. According to the Corriere della Sera, the court recognized general mitigating factors and banned him from public offices. Provisional compensation of €25,000 was recognized for each of the children, victims of the attack, who together with their respective parents, constituted a civil part of the trial.

Mental illness rejected

The psychiatric examination requested by the Milan court, and performed by forensic experts Renato Ariatti and Franco Martelli, excluded that Ousseynou Sy suffers from mental illness. In the first instance, the 47-year-old had presented himself as crazy, justifying committing his madness with inconsistent motivations. “I see many mothers here,” he had stated in the course of the first hearing. “I ask you to consider the children dead in the sea. I did this gesture for them.” But for the judges who passed the sentence of 24 years imprisonment, “Sy is not affected by mental illness.”

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Stockholm Syndrome? Or a Sincere Conversion to Islam?

A young Italian aid worker named Silvia Romano was recently released by the Islamic terrorist group Al Shabaab after being held hostage for the past year and a half. Al Shabaab was paid an undisclosed amount of ransom in exchange for the girl’s freedom, and has announced that it will use the money to finance jihad.

Ms. Romano converted to Islam during her captivity. Upon her return to Italy, she told her debriefers that her conversion was sincere and voluntary. It’s still to early to assess the likelihood that what she says is true, especially since she could well be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and may be unable to evaluate her own sincerity with any reliability.

She was almost certainly raped by her captors as a part of her ordeal. The level of psychological trauma she has endured is difficult to imagine.

The following news report shows Ms. Romano’s return to Italy. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from Il Giornale (also translated by FouseSquawk) about the conversion of Silvia Romano:

Islamic expert on the conversion of Silvia Romano: “She could have asked for the Koran to better understand her kidnappers.”

Upon her return, the Milanese aid worker confirmed that her conversion was by choice. The Islam expert Paolo Branca tried to explain the passages of the story. “It is evident that had the kidnappers been of another religion or atheists, it would have been less probable that there would have been a request for of a copy of the Koran, not to mention followed by a conversion.”

by Giovanna Pavesi
May 11, 2020

She arrived at 2:10 pm on a Sunday afternoon in May at Ciampino [Rome airport] after 18 months in captivity divided between Kenya and Somalia. Silvia Romano, the Milanese aid worker kidnapped in the village of Ghakama, 80 kilometers from Malindi, on November 20, 2018, and freed two days ago near Mogadishu, was able to embrace her family again.

The first image of her descending the steps of the flight that brought her home was one of a girl tightly dressed in a long, green, traditional Somali dress and a veil on her head, which was never removed.

For the psychologists in the secret services, who first listened to her story in Somalia, Silvia Romano reportedly told them that she had converted to Islam. Without, however, any duress on the part of her kidnappers. The young aid worker, in fact, was interviewed by the public prosecutor’s office of Rome, Sergio Colaiocco, and by anti-terrorist offices, who, in these months, have followed her case, and who have reportedly confirmed her choice.

“It’s true; I converted,” the 25-year-old reportedly explained during her long interview yesterday afternoon. She reportedly told the Ros [Special Operations Group] Carabinieri that she cried through all the initial months of captivity and had embraced the Islamic religion halfway through her kidnapping without any duress: I asked to be able to read a Koran and I was accommodated.” As reported this morning by Corriere della Sera, the aid worker also reportedly chose to change her name to Aisha. “I read the Koran, and prayed. My reflection was long, and at the end, a decision was made,” the young woman reportedly explained. Paolo Branca, an Islam expert and a teacher of the history of religions at the Catholic University of Milan, was consulted by Il Giornale. He explained how, in cases like this, there is often a trauma at the origin of the detachment from the faith, perhaps, from their own family members, and Branca tried to interpret the signs (visible and hidden) based on what Silvia said in her first hours of freedom.

Professor Branca, the conversion of Silvia is the object of great discussion in these hours. Are cases of this kind frequent in the history of kidnappings?

“In my personal experience, having known both Christians who converted to Islam and Muslims who became Christian, I think I can say, in general, that a step like this is never banal. You don’t change religions like drinking a glass of water. Even in ‘normal’ conditions, there is often a trauma at the origin of the detachment from the faith of their own parents, and it is not a coincidence that many see themselves as being obligated to denigrate the abandoned religion more than to glorify the new one.”

Amanda Lindhout, the Canadian freelance journalist kidnapped in August 2008 by an Islamist cell in Somalia, was set free in 2009 after months of captivity in which she was tortured and raped. She also appeared veiled, and only declared some time afterwards that she converted in order to survive. Up to what point can a hostage be said to be free to choose and totally free of the pressure of her captors, in your opinion?

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People Smugglers Cash in on the Spanish Route

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from El Pais:

The shift of the migrant route toward Spain was a €160 million business for the mafias

by Maria Martin
May 8, 2020

Frontex calculates that in 2018 alone, with a historic record number of arrivals, the Moroccan facilitators earned €105 million

The more obstacles, the more money. Border control causes more troubles for migrants, but at the same time, an opportunity to do more business for the human traffickers. The European Agency for Borders (Frontex) calculates that the networks of facilitators [smugglers] in Morocco have pocketed €159 million in the last three years organizing crossings in small boats through the Strait and Sea of Alboran [the westernmost part of the Mediterranean, between Morocco and Spain]. The most profitable year was 2018, when a historic record of more than 57,000 arrivals by sea were recorded, and the traffickers increased their turnover to more than €105 million.

The networks in Morocco recovered a business opportunity at the beginning of 2017, parallel to the increase of migratory pressure in the direction of Europe. Until that time, Libya had been the principal point of departure in the African migratory route to Europe, and their militias combined the armed fight with the business of immigrant traffic. In mid-2018 the policy of closed ports on the part of ex-minister Matteo Salvini and the forces of the EU in financing and forming Libyan militias like the coast guard bore fruit, making the route more expensive, and the flows ended up shifting to the western flank of the Mediterranean.

This shift involved a “significant increase” in the entry of human trafficking networks in Algeria and Morocco, according to Frontex and their recently-published annual report of risk analysis. Specifically, the networks that operate in Morocco, the country of departure for a large part of the migrants who reach Spain, pocketed about €35 million in 2017, and the following year, increased their income to €105 million. Last year, when illegal immigration had already fallen to half that in 2018, the networks’ profits were reduced to €19 million.

The calculation by Frontex takes into consideration the fees reported by those migrants who could be interviewed on landing and the flow of arrivals. It is an approximation, because, as indicated by the agency itself, it becomes more difficult to examine the profits of the Moroccan and Algerian networks due to the quantity of variables which can alter the fees. The agreement with the traffickers can include just the trip in small boat, or also a plane ticket or safe housing where they wait for departure and food. The demand, the means of transport utilized, (toy boats, motorized boats, or zodiac [inflatables]), make the agreement more expensive or cheaper.

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Is China Going to Trigger a World War?

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends his take on the ChiCom flu and related matters.

Is China going to trigger a world war?

by H. Numan

We don’t quite know (yet) what caused the Chinese virus. Probably it comes from an infected bat, butchered and sold for food on an extremely unhygienic open air market. I know all about street markets. We have plenty of them in Thailand. Only with some standards of hygiene. You cannot butcher on the spot for example. In China, no such rule. Hygiene was never butchered. You can’t butcher what ain’t there, right?

We hear plenty of silly conspiracy theories these days. I get really sick of all the nonsense people dump online about Bill Gates, Soros and NWO. If aforementioned were only 5% as effective as those really dumb people claim, they would have achieved their goals a long time ago.

Another theory is that this Chinese virus didn’t start on a market, but in a nearby laboratory. Not impossible, but highly unlikely. Given that the POTUS makes such claims, I very humbly have to debunk it. I attended the NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare) school in the army. My instructor began by telling us how truly horrible those weapons are and how little we can do against it. Actually only against N weapons. Only within the army itself, and with very limited effect. Forget the civilian population. Y’all gonna die. Sorry about that.

It is technically impossible to prevent. We simply don’t have the resources for it. What we learned is how to detect it, and how to clean up yourself and your equipment after an N or C attack. There is no protection against B weapons at all. None whatsoever.

He told us that compared with chemical weapons, nukes are just firecrackers. Chemical weapons are almost innocent compared with biological weapons. All three are the stuff of horrors. You even imagine how truly horrid they are, not even in your worst nightmares.

A nuke explodes, that is it. Huge damage, and for a limited time, radiation. You can treat survivors immediately, and some infrastructure will remain intact. Large scale chemical attacks (most of them) cover large areas for weeks up to months. Whole areas or even entire countries will biologically die. Most life dies. Plants, insects and animals. Everything. For example, a large scale chemical attack on military installations in Germany would basically exterminate all life in central Europe. The unlucky survivors would slowly die of starvation and lack of medical facilities. Even clearing paths to walk on safely would be a huge effort. Months later gas would still stick to fences, leaves, in puddles, in houses and in cellars. Merely touching it would kill you. All life, plant life, insects and animals would have to be re-introduced to start life again. Forget about restarting civilization. Europe would be a literal valley of death.

The worst of all are biological weapons. This Chinese virus is relatively mild. Moderately contagious, but not very deadly. Yet this relatively mild virus spread like wildfire around the globe. The real danger is in overloading the medical system. Once you catch it, you need to be hospitalized. We simply don’t have that many hospitals or equipment to help everyone. That’s why this pandemic is so deadly and dangerous.

Again, this is a fairly mild virus. Imagine — better not do that — something designed in a lab that’s not so innocent and much more contagious. Such a virus would not be easy to counter. Designing a deadly virus is one thing. Designing one that only kills what you want or to have an antidote for your own population is quite another. Even if a vaccine is possible, inoculating 1.5 billion people is a massive undertaking.

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Have Condoms, Will Travel

This is a strange video; I don’t know quite what to make of it. It’s from South Africa, and is in Afrikaans. A man (presumably a farmer) confronts an intruder who penetrated the barrier to his property carrying a knife, a sjambok, and condoms.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

In his latest essay Michael Copeland discusses what has been pointed out here repeatedly in the past: Islamic scriptures and teaching require believers to engage in sacred lying whenever it serves the cause of Islam.

Deception by Muslims: Learning Curve Needed

by Michael Copeland

“Act like you are his friend. Then kill him.”

So urged Sheikh Mubarak Gilani to his Muslim listeners concerning non-Muslims, kafirs. He was advocating two of Islam’s teachings: deception of kafirs and killing of kafirs.

Islamic deception

Islamic deception has an Arabic name — taqiyya. It is a well-developed doctrine. In short it authorises Muslims to deceive the kafir in the cause of Islam. One of Islam’s most important theologians, Al Ghazali (1059-1111), set out the position a long time ago:

“Understand that lying is not wrong in itself. If a lie is the only way to achieve a good result [for Islam], it is permitted.”

“Permissible Lying” is how taqiyya is featured in the Manual of Islamic Law, Reliance of the Traveller (r4). In the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret “Strategic Plan”, the “Explanatory Memorandum”, it is included as “Using deception to mask intended goals”. It is part of their strategy for “destroying the Western civilisation from within”. This explosively important document was captured through alert police work.

An observant traffic officer in Maryland in 2004 saw a car being driven across the Chesapeake Bridge with a woman in a hijab taking a video of its structural members. He pulled it over. The driver was a Hamas activist. The driver and the passenger were arrested and their Virginia home searched. In a secret sub-basement was a stash of Arabic documents, including the Explanatory Memorandum. Subsequently this became critical evidence in the largest terrorist-funding case in American history, the Holy Land Foundation trial.

Islam’s doctrine of killing non-Muslims has been its blood-soaked track record for the last nearly 1,400 years. It cannot be missed. Islam’s history is one of repeated attack, killing, slave-taking, piracy, extortion, subjugation, humiliation and forced conversion of non-Muslim peoples, and the annihilation of their cultures. Churches, temples, and synagogues have been destroyed and triumphal mosques built in their stead. Great swathes of the Near East and North Africa that were previously Christian, even Spain and part of France, have been forced to be Islamic, with great cruelty and barbarism. Formerly Buddhist Afghanistan, Zoroastrian Persia, and Hindu India have all experienced the same. The process is in full swing in Nigeria, Myanmar, East Timor, the Philippines, Sudan, and elsewhere. The tainted BBC euphemise these conflicts as “separatist insurgencies”, but they are all instances of Islamic jihad.

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were deceived by Muslim jihadi Usman Khan. Khan had been imprisoned for planning terrorist mass murders. In prison he had claimed that that he wanted be rehabilitated. It was taqiyya. He joined a “Learning Together” programme in which the two were involved.

Killing kafirs

Unfortunately the “Learning Together” programme had not started on its own Learning Curve about Islam. The management had not informed either themselves or their personnel of basic Islamic doctrines. Had they done so, they would have been alerted not only to Islam’s Permissible Lying, but also, critically, to Islam’s standing instruction to kill kafirs.

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Fathers of Daughters

This week’s edition of Dymphna’s Greatest Hits was originally posted on Fathers’ Day in 2005.

Fathers of Daughters

by Dymphna
June 19, 2005

Father’s Day is a pale feast compared to what we do in May for mothers. That’s understandable since mothering roles have changed less than fathering has in the last generation. The daddy template is broken, or if not broken, certainly skewed and bent by stress. As the job has become more thankless and more easily taken from them, fewer daddies are to be found at their posts.

The easiest piece to see of this sad situation is the animus that the previous generation’s feminists have for men. Their anti-male bias has taken its toll on men, but it has not served women well either. Feminist politics are those of resentment and victimization. The younger generation of women coming along behind them are not eager to trap themselves in this ghetto where men are vilified and condescended to.

The most damaging thing the feminist movement did to women was to push fathers to the periphery. “I’d-rather-do-it-myself” was a mantra whose end result was not stronger, happier children. Long-term studies of the children of divorce do not paint a pretty picture.

In contrast to this philosophy, I offer two anecdotal pieces of evidence of the importance of fathers for girls. We know they’re crucial for boys if they are to grow up able to strive and to maintain themselves in the world as productive adults, able — as Freud said — to work, to love, and to play. Without Dad, some of that will wither. What about the girls, then?

Here are two stories that show what a woman can only accomplish with the help of her father. These are fathers who had to buck the culture to give their daughters what they needed. They are brave and courageous and anonymous men who deserve our attention on Father’s Day.

The first story appeared this week in the print edition of The Wall Street Journal. Neo-neocon reports the serendipitous appearance at her front door of a copy of the Journal which contained an article entitled “Married at 11, a Teen in Niger Returns to School,” with Roger Thurow’s byline. Neo-neocon relates the sad story she read of the young Muslim girls of the Southern Sahara who face several horrific problems directly related to gender.

The first is genital mutilation. The second is premature marriage at wholly inappropriate ages to men much older than they. These early marriages result in pregnancy in little bodies that are not yet ready to bear babies to term. When the babies are ready to be born they cannot easily leave a womb which has no room to let them pass. The result is protracted labor in which long days of pressure on the walls of the uterus cause it to tear a hole between the uterus and vagina. The result is a fistula. The result is urinary incontinence and social ostracism for smelling so bad.

The girl under discussion here was sold by her father into marriage in exchange for a camel. Mr. Thurow gives us her story:

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“For Peace”

“For Peace”

by Michael Copeland

“For peace to reign in the land, all Christians must convert to Islam. Allah has tasked all Muslims in Quran 9:29 to continue to attack Jews and Christians who refuse to believe in him and his messenger, Prophet Mohammed.”

Thus spoke the Nigerian Abu Qaqa, of “The People of the Prophet’s Tradition For Preaching and Jihad”, the Muslim group locally nicknamed Boko Haram, meaning “Western education is forbidden”. Is he mistaken about Islam’s task? No. This is no “distortion”, or “warped interpretation”. Here is the verse he cited, Koran 9:29:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day and who do not consider unlawful what Allah and his Messenger have made unlawful and who do not adopt the religion of truth [Islam] from those who were given the Scripture [Jews and Christians] — [fight] until they give the jizyah [extortion tax] with willing submission.”

The word translated “fight” means “fight to the death, kill”, Arabic speaker Ashraf Ramelah, of Voice of the Copts, explains. Abu Hamza, late of Finsbury Park mosque, confirms that “When you fight, you fight to kill, you kill” (BBC News, 7 Feb. 2006).

About fifty Christians in the fearfully persecuted Jos region took refuge in the home of their pastor. This was in July 2012. Armed members of “People… for… Jihad” came, entering the home and opening fire: then they burnt the house. The death toll later rose to sixty-three. The Rev. Dachollom Datiri, vice president of the Church of Christ in Nigeria, said:

“Fifty of our church members were killed in the church building where they had fled to take refuge. They were killed alongside the wife of the pastor and children.”

“It’s been a long-term thing planned by the Boko Haram. This is a jihadist movement with the agenda to Islamise the country. It is a jihad, a religious war against Christians for refusing to embrace Islam. So, they are using terrorism as a weapon. That is the reason you see that the target of their attacks are Christians and our churches.”

As both aggressor and victim make quite clear, Islamic Jihad is the motivation. The Koran, which is part of Islamic Law, commands (8:12):

“Strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.”

Ragab Hilal Hamida, Egyptian MP, said in the Egyptian Parliament, January 2006:

“The Quran directly commands us to commit terrorism, so why are we afraid of it?” (

Yusuf al Qaradawi, spiritual adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood, explained:

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Angela Merkel is the Mother of Africans

Chancellor Angela Merkel isn’t just for the Germans — she’s “Mutti” to the entire world!

The following video is an excerpt from a longer documentary about African migrants to Europe. Nash Montana, who translated it for subtitles, says: “This is not 2015, it is 2019!”

Video transcript:

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