A Franc Discussion

Luigi Di Maio is the leader of the 5-Star Movement in Italy and Deputy Prime Minister in the current Italian government (in coalition with the Lega Nord).

Mr. Di Maio caused an uproar yesterday when he accused France of engaging in neo-colonialism in Africa by manipulating a regional currency known as the CFA. His remarks to the press on the subject may be seen in this video (switch on the closed-caption setting to see the English translation).

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The Brothers are not part of the current governing coalition in Italy, but they are long-time allies of the Lega Nord and take similar positions on most political issues.

In the following video Ms. Meloni makes the same accusations about French colonialism and the CFA. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from the Wikipedia entry on the CFA:

The CFA franc (in French: franc CFA …, or colloquially franc) is the name of two currencies, the West African CFA franc, used in eight West African countries, and the Central African CFA franc, used in six Central African countries. Both currencies are guaranteed by the French treasury. Although separate, the two CFA franc currencies have awlays [sic] been at parity and are effectively interchangeable. The ISO currency codes are XAF for the Central African CFA franc and XOF for the West African CFA franc.

Both CFA francs have a fixed exchange rate to the euro: 100 CFA francs = 1 former French (nouveau) franc = 0.152449 euro; or 1 € = 6.55957 FRF = 655.957 CFA francs exactly.

So if the CFA is pegged to the euro, that means the institutions of the EU, and in particular the European Central Bank, are the effective controllers of the currency. Since all the countries involved are francophone, and the two major players in the EU are France and Germany, that makes France the de facto manager of monetary policy in fourteen African countries.

Furthermore, the “colonial” aspect of Mr. Di Maio’s assertions is reflected in the history of the CFA acronym, which has remained the same even as the ostensible meaning of its component letters has changed:

Between 1945 and 1958, CFA stood for Colonies françaises d’Afrique (“French colonies of Africa”); then for Communauté française d’Afrique (“French Community of Africa”) between 1958 (establishment of the French Fifth Republic) and the independence of these African countries at the beginning of the 1960s. Since independence, CFA is taken to mean Communauté Financière Africaine (African Financial Community), but in actual use, the term can have two meanings…

The following article from ANSA discusses the official French reaction to Mr. Di Maio’s remarks:

Italy Envoy Called to French Foreign Ministry Over Di Maio

Africa remarks ‘hostile and without cause’

(ANSA) — Rome, January 21 — Italian Ambassador to France Teresa Castaldo was summoned to the French foreign ministry Monday over remarks Deputy Premier Luigi Di Maio made over alleged French policy in Africa, diplomatic sources told ANSA.

French diplomatic sources told ANSA Monday that Di Maio’s remarks were “hostile and without cause given the partnership between France and Italy in the European Union.” They said “they must be read in a context of Italian internal politics”.

Castaldo was summoned by the cabinet chief of French European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau over remarks Di Maio made at a rally Sunday, French media said.

The head of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S), who is also labour and economy minister, said “if today people are leaving Africa is it because some European countries, with France in the lead, have never stopped colonizing tens of African States”.

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Rock-Throwing Culture-Enrichers Get the Best of Police in Foggia

The following video report discusses an attack on police by migrants outside an asylum center in the southern Italian province of Foggia. Two officers were injured, but were spared even worse by the fortunate arrival of additional police squadrons. One shudders to think what might have happened if reinforcements hadn’t shown up in time…

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are two articles about the incident in Foggia. From ANSA:

50 Migrants Attack 2 Police

At Foggia camp

(ANSA) — Foggia, October 8 — Some 50 migrants attacked and injured two police outside a migrant camp in Foggia on Monday, police union SAP said.

SAP said the migrants punched and kicked the officers at the asylum seeker processing centre at Borgo Mezzanone after the police stopped a 26-year-old Gambian who was then arrested for trying to run them over.

SAP asked for “greater safeguards for police operating on the street, such as tasers for example”.

The officers suffered wounds that doctors said would heal in 15 and 30 days respectively.

Also from ANSA:

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Long-Time African Immigrant in Italy: Above All Else, Close the Borders

The following lucid and articulate analysis of the current migration crisis in Italy is given by a African immigrant who has lived in the country for many years, and views with dismay the current mass influx of Africans into Italy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Predictable End Begins Again

Three opinions on the hot mess of #WaitForMe South Africa, which is anxious to go Zimbabwe one better:

The main problems facing national entities in the African continent are corruption, corruption, corruption. Without a rule of law and robust property rights, no country can flourish.

All too soon South Africa will have begging bowls in the U.N. Or rather, a list of demands that “former colonials” had better meet. But those wicked colonials will be embroiled in their own troubles, many of them brought about by their imported African populations.

Not to worry. China – already buying up mineral rights throughout the continent – is waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces. Who needs to ‘own’ countries when one can simply strip them to the last yuan?

The end of this sad tale will be blood, death, and famine. However, the present instigators will get away, their pockets bulging.

A New Zimbabwe…

…because the first one worked so well. South Africa can’t wait to devolve. Angry boys love chaos and mayhem.

I hope enough farmers make it out alive now that the legislation is going through. “Stand your ground” here would be suicide.

Russia and Australia will be the net beneficiaries if the farmers can get out in time.

The Somalis, Post-Apocalypse

El Inglés muses on the role Somalis (especially Somali women) will play in Britain after the Apocalypse finally arrives.

The Somalis, Post-Apocalypse

by El Ingles

The Somalis themselves, of course, will not realize that the apocalypse has come. Indeed, they will have no sense that anything untoward has happened at all. Fire, brimstone, blistering heat, pestilence, plunder and mayhem: to them it will just seem like a normal day back in the Old Country.

When Western countries finally collapse into Islamically-induced chaos, flaming crosses burn in the sky, and marauding bands of lunatics ravage town and countryside in search of a sack of grain or a packet of Crunchies, the Somalis will just be hanging out in the streets as usual, wondering why all the white people are acting funny.

Prudence dictates that we determine what to do with these people. Their menfolk will simply take the disappearance of law enforcement as an excuse to muck around all day, whacked out of their heads on khat and walking into traffic. Nonetheless, this leaves unresolved the question of what to do with the women. And ultimately, the choice is a simple one: eat or keep.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Many white men will be familiar with that sudden wave of despair and panic that skitters across the surface of the brain when a Somali comes into view on the streets of a European city. Oh God, they’re here. Can’t we get rid of them? Who left the door open? All the more disturbing is the occasional flicker of recognition that some Somali birds are actually quite attractive. Even a foaming-at-the-mouth white supremacist like me has felt that familiar stirring upon seeing a fine Somali specimen on the streets of London. Reader, it is the only true form of cultural enrichment.

Our investigation of best-practice interactions with Somali females in post-apocalyptic situations has incorporated a wide array of stress-tested methodologies and techniques geared to leveraging our unique assets and experiences in optimising calorific intake vs. reproductive potential. We are therefore well-positioned to provide key stakeholders with necessary decision-making modalities in competitive, time-poor environments in which unrelated actors act not necessarily in the interests of said stakeholders. In this paper, we use real-world data to highlight the ways in which timely and appropriate decision-making in your interactions with Somali females could be the key to maximising the biological utility of both yourself and your posterity.

In other words, when the apocalypse is upon us, you will have to decide quite quickly whether to eat or keep a given Somali female, all the while fending off your neighbour’s attempts to strangle you and eat your intestines. Here we look at three ‘British’ Somali birds and try and decide whether they’re eaters or keepers. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to. Let’s get stuck in.

Maya Jama

Instagram girl and social media fireball, best-known for her retweeting of jokes mocking dark-skinned women


1.   Half-Swedish, so you can always play the ‘she’s not really black’ game when you bring her round to meet your parents.
2.   Stonking hot. I mean, Google her.
3.   Half-Somali, so you can always play the ‘I’m so daring, I’m with a black girl’ game when you’re down at the pub.
4.   Stonking hot, in case I didn’t already say it.


1.   Nothing springs to mind.

Verdict: A keeper for sure. Gets into trouble on Twitter, but that will be inactive anyway during the apocalypse. Stick her in the back of your wagon and tell your minions to take her to your castle.

Fahma Mohamed

Anti-FGM campaigner and Guardian-backed wunderkind


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A Grotesque Culture-Enriching Pedophile in Pas-de-Calais

Sallaumines is a French town in Pas-de-Calais, close to the Belgian border. The following article describes the disgusting behavior of a Sudanese immigrant in Sallaumines. The fellow doesn’t understand French, and had to have his arraignment proceeding explained to him by an interpreter.

I think the man might be telling the exact truth — it may well be that his behavior is normal and unexceptional in Sudan.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from L’Avenir de l’Artois. It’s gross stuff — if you don’t have a strong stomach, you may want to skip it:

Sallaumines: He uses an ointment on the children in the neighborhood to make their penises grow

by M.H.
August 6, 2018

The suspect, a 33-year-old man of Sudanese origin, doesn’t understand the reasons that brought him before the court in Bethune on Monday August 6th.

The suspect, a 33-year-old man, is being arraigned on Monday, August 6, for sexual assault. He is accused of two attacks committed on July 31 and August 1 against four minors, aged between 12 and 13 years old. The young boys live in the same neighborhood in Sallaumines as the accused. They allegedly came to his place for some drinks [not necessarily alcohol], but the man allegedly put an ointment on their penises against their will. He also allegedly kissed their privates and forced them to do the same [to him]. A fifth child has allegedly contacted the police since the revelation of these facts and the beginning of the investigation, too late to be included in the hearings.

With tears on his cheeks, the suspect is trying to explain, through his interpreter, that he doesn’t understand what he has done [wrong]. “According to him there was no sexual attack,” explains the translator. “He wished to treat them by putting some ointment on their penises. He asserts that he has medical knowledge.” Originally from Sudan, he explains that the fact of touching and kissing the privates of a young boy doesn’t constitute a problem in his view. “For him, it’s a custom in Sudan.”

The court requested a postponement of the hearing in order to be able to conduct psychological tests. The suspect will be tried on September 3, 2018 at 2pm.

The End Times of Albion: Another Hirsch

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6A, Part 6B, Part 7A, Part 7B, Part 7C, and Part 8.

Hirsch + Hirsch and others — BAME Racism Echoing Through Feminist Megaphones

The End Times of Albion, Part 7D

by Seneca III

Another Hirsch: Shirin Hirsch

I came across Shirin Hirsch roughly about the same time as I did the Afua woman (Part 7B) but this time from a different direction. For the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech the BBC or a production company commissioned by it began to prepare a programme using the voice of an actor to replicate the voice of Powell because only a few fragmentary recordings of the original speech still exist.

It would appear that in the process the BBC (or the production company) consulted across a range of well-known race-baiters and asked them for a contribution without fully explaining the intent to broadcast the replicated speech in full.

When this became known it resulted in several of those contributors publicly withdrawing their sponsorship. The foremost amongst them was one Shirin Hirsch, a young woman whom I had never heard of before:

A controversial BBC broadcast of Enoch Powell’s notorious Rivers of Blood speech has been abandoned by its contributors amid a growing backlash…

…The BBC has responded to the criticism by urging people to “wait to hear the programme before they judge it.”

But Dr Shirin Hirsch, an academic at the University of Wolverhampton and a contributor to the show, said she was “disgusted by the way the BBC are promoting this” and had “made a mistake” for being interviewed.

She claimed on Twitter: “the producers are not answering my calls or emails where I am clearly asking for my quotes to be withdrawn”

Two things here put up my red flag; first that it was another Hirsch contributing to the deconstructionist dialectic so soon after the other; and secondly the name ‘Shirin’, which I recognised as a Muslim baby name meaning ‘sweet and pleasant’. The name is sometimes found within the Akan tribal grouping in Ghana, to which the Ashanti sub-tribe (more correctly ‘Assanti’) belongs (see 7B).

‘Curiouser and curiouser!” cried the Alice within me, and I decided a deeper look might well turn out to be productive. It was; here from Wolverhampton University’s web page:

Shirin Hirsch researches race, class and migration in post war British history. She is currently working on a public history project exploring Enoch Powell, race and resistance in the West Midlands. This focuses on the unstable relationship between Powell and his constituency and how Powell’s politics were negotiated in the area. 2018 will be the 50th anniversary of Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and to reflect on this moment, Shirin is working closely with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery and the artists Anand Chhabra and Jagdish Patel to prepare an exhibition on the speech and its impact in Wolverhampton. A number of events are planned in April involving the local community to draw out the memories of resistance in response to Powell’s speech and to document the experiences of ethnic minority communities in Wolverhampton. This project Shirin is coordinating has recently received/ shared Heritage Lottery funding.

Short Interlude

I noted immediately that WU’s Faculty of Social Sciences is located in the ‘Mary Seacole’ Building. I knew, from past research into one of the biggest ideological scams of modern times, that there are at least two other Universities harbouring Mary Seacole buildings, Salford and Brunell.

Question: Who, then, is/was Mary Seacole?

Answer: A recently resurrected icon (and a very accomplished self-promoter) whose past became a carefully falsified construct of epic proportions that was foisted upon modern Britain by the butterfly horde of Marxist-Socialist social engineers who had been spawned by the pseudo-science of ‘Sociology’…and yes, you guessed it, Mary Seacole was not a native-born white Englishwoman, she was:

From Wiki (all bold is mine, S III):

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Oz and Russia to Welcome Besieged South Africans

Good news! The white population in South Africa has been under the gun (and the machete) for far too long; a murderous heritage from Nelson Mandela to his people. But that legacy is about to turn.

That Russia is smart enough to offer experienced white farmers land to put into production shows how shrewd is the Bear. Heaven knows it needs people who are willing to be fruitful and multiply.

Meanwhile, Australia will have some balance for its leftist leanings, and some ballast for its ship of state that will eventually have to turn toward China.

Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018

Last Thursday the Center for Security Policy held a panel discussion at the CPAC 2018 conference in Washington D.C. on the topic of “Whither Freedom?” Among the participants were Diana West and the British writer Katie Hopkins.

The entire presentation, which was chaired by Frank Gaffney, may be seen here; it’s worth watching in its entirety. The two excerpts below show the talks given by Ms. West and Ms. Hopkins. The former described the event in her most recent column:

Yesterday [Thursday February 22], I had the privilege to join Katie Hopkins and Deborah Weiss at C-PAC 2018 on a Center for Security Policy panel moderated by Frank Gaffney. Our topic was “Whither Freedom?” and we three panelists each treated a different threat — the Left/Russia (me), Islamization of Europe (Katie) and sharia (Deborah).

In each case, the threat to freedom is compounded if not created by deception — Big Lies entrenched as conventional wisdom, “fake news,” false narrative, all of which drive crucial strategic missteps while disarming our natural reflexes and undermining our natural loyalties.

When it comes to the Left/Russia, just think: If Joseph McCarthy is not the demon child of American history and is in fact the hero of American history then everything we’ve been taught is wrong. …

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading the videos.

Diana West at CPAC:

Katie Hopkins at CPAC:

Alessandro Meluzzi: The Cannibalistic Rituals of the Nigerian Mafia in Italy

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. In the following video he discusses the recent murder and dismemberment of Pamela Mastropietro by Innocent Oseghale, a Nigerian immigrant who had remained in the country after his residence permit expired.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Cry, The Ethnically Cleansed Country

A press release from the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group in the European Parliament.

Conference: European Parliament Turns a Blind Eye to Human Rights Violation in South Africa

January 29, 2018

The Movement of Europe of Nations and Freedom (MENF) will organize a conference “The Political Situation in South Africa: Some Humans’ Rights matter more than others’ for the EU.”

The conference will be hosted by UK MEP Janice Atkinson: “South Africa stands on a precipice. In 2019 they will hold national elections which could see the ANC fracture and the violent Marxists of the Economic Freedom Fighters holding the balance of power. If this happens, South Africa is finished.”

Murders and rapes across the country are at an unprecedented level. Fifty-two people are murdered every day. Each year hundreds of farmers are brutally attacked and many murdered: in the first nine months of 2017 alone 68 people were murdered, with 357 attacks.

MEP Janice Atkinson: “If this isn’t a human rights crisis, then I don’t know what it is. South Africa is a country I love. On returning from a trip there in November 2017, and during Black Monday I requested a debate in the European Parliament. Of course, they declined, as this is a parliament that favours some pet humans’ rights over others. Yet the political situation in South Africa needs to be addressed urgently and that’s why I’ve decided to organize this conference together with my colleagues.”

Guest speaker is Dr Corné Mulder — chairperson of the Freedom Front Plus Constitutional Committee in South Africa. Apart from Janice Atkinson, Vice-President of ENF, other speakers are Nicolas Bay, MEP for Front National and ENF Co-President; and Gerolf Annemans, MEP for Vlaams Belang and President of the MENF.

The conference takes place 30 January 17.00-19.00 in room PHS 7C 050, European Parliament Brussels. The event will be lived streamed via MENF on Facebook: MENLeuropa

Managing Geronticide

The “greying” of the population in Western countries is a well-known phenomenon. The current demographic trend that sees Western women having an average of about 1.5 children each means that that the birthrate stays well below replacement level. With substantial improvements in medical care for the elderly, Western societies have become top-heavy with older people — geezers like me.

This situation is obviously one of the driving reasons for importing so many young and fecund foreigners from the Third World. It’s clear to long-term policy planners that the current welfare state cannot be sustained if the cohort of working-age people keeps shrinking while the geriatric cohort keeps ballooning. The importation of young foreigners is the only way to keep the system from crashing — or so the reasoning goes.

Nationalists who desire to preserve their country’s culture and genetic makeup routinely discuss the need to increase the birthrate, to make motherhood more socially fashionable — I can’t think of a better word — and less of a financial burden to families. In countries where nationalist parties control the government, such as Russia and Hungary, programs have been put in place to encourage and support childbearing, with an eye towards raising the fertility rate to the magic number of 2.1.

Even the most optimistic promoters of birth-encouragement, however, admit that achieving success will be a long and difficult process. And even if they enjoy such success right now — which doesn’t seem to be happening — the benefits won’t kick in for a full generation. Whereas the liabilities of a rapidly-aging population are kicking in right now.

Nevertheless, there is another, obvious way in which the demographic makeup of the population could be shifted. But no one really wants to talk about it — and with good reason.

The demographics of a population are controlled by two factors: the birth rate and the death rate. When either changes, the demographic balance shifts. Nudging the birthrate upwards is, as policy-makers have discovered, quite difficult. But nudging the death rate upwards would be quite easy, especially in a welfare state with a fully socialized medical system.

Do you think the policy wonks that manage socialized medical care haven’t noticed this alternative? I don’t — anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of statistics would be aware of it. But it’s not something that a clinician or social scientist would want to write about, nor would any medical journal want to publish about it.

Up until now the planners have preferred a less draconian solution to the problem of the greying of the population. The plan has been to import new workers from among the teeming hordes in the “developing countries” to replace the aging whites whose taxes have hitherto propped up the system. “New skin for the old ceremony,” as Leonard Cohen said.

But it’s not working out the way it was supposed to. Even Angela Merkel must have realized by now that the “New Germans” aren’t going to provide a sufficient economic base to replace the native German one. Not anytime soon, and maybe not ever, based on the way the second and third generations of culture-enrichers stubbornly cling to their low-skill welfare-parasite habits.

No, the system will eventually collapse if present trends continue. Even when London becomes the Dhaka of the West and Berlin morphs into Istanbul, the problem will remain: there won’t be enough working young people to pay for the old people.

And that’s when the policy planners will start looking at the other side of the ineluctable demographic equation. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that they’re already looking at it — quietly and discreetly, behind closed doors. How could they not be looking at it?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’ll have more to say about the geriatric “final solution” to the demographic problem, but first let’s take a look at the statistics.

I recently ran across an excellent website called World Life Expectancy, which features well-designed graphical representations of demographic data for all the countries of the world, beginning in 1950 and projecting all the way up to 2050.

The site uses a graphing script to create a “population pyramid”, which shows the statistical breakdown of a population by age. Youngsters are at the bottom, geezers at the top; females on the left right, males on the right left.

The traditional form of the pyramid is represented by the 2015 graph for Senegal:

(Click to enlarge)

Lots and lots of youngsters, very few old people, and a smoothly decreasing graph from the bottom to the top.

This is the sort of population that can, at least in theory, support socialized care for the elderly. Not many old people and lots of young ones: a modest tax on the youthful will suffice to support the senescent.

But for various reasons — among them the fact that the welfare state disincentivizes childbearing for all but the underclass — the population pyramid isn’t a pyramid at all for mature Western social democracies. Take a look at the USA in 2015:

(Click to enlarge)

You can see the Boomer Bulge up there at the top (that’s where I am). Down below is a second bulge for the children of the Boomers. And then below that it gets narrower.

Obviously, the American taxpayer is going to have to endure a much higher tax rate than the Senegalese do to support the geezers in their dotage.

But the USA is close to a best-case example of the fully-developed Western democracies. For something closer to worst-case, we need to look at Greece. Here it is in 1950:

(Click to enlarge)

This is not bad for supporting a full welfare state. It’s not quite a pyramid, but at least it’s similar to one.

Move ahead sixty-five years to 2015, however, and it looks completely different:
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