“Everybody Knows Our Election Was a Fraud”

The two videos below concern the recent presidential election in Brazil, which has been described as fraudulent by numerous observers both inside and outside the country. I don’t have much information on the context of these two videos, but they are quite interesting nonetheless.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video is from Brasilia, possibly from the national assembly. It features an indigenous Brazilian in a tribal headdress, with impressive tattoos. He is evidently a supporter of outgoing President Jair Bolsonaro:

The second video shows a protest in a shopping mall, which is said to be the largest shopping mall in Brasilia. Some of the protesters are wearing interesting headdresses, but I don’t know what they signify:

Video transcript #1:

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Confession and Apology First, Then Amnesty

As most readers will know by now, a popular progressive writer named Emily Oster has called for a “pandemic amnesty” that would absolve the Coronafascists and vax-pushers of guilt for their actions in the past three years. As of this writing, she has found few sympathizers among the Purebloods and vax-skeptics.

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends his take on the proposed pandemic amnesty and related matters.

Confession and Apology First, Then Amnesty

by MC

We are not very good at holding our leaders to account, and even our direst enemy’s leaders mostly get away with it.

Yes, we hanged a few as a result of the Nuremberg trials, but it is always surprising how many Nazi murderers covered up their spots and became leaders of the German ‘recovery’ or the American/Russian space efforts.

The German hierarchy destroyed millions of Jews and Slavs, leaving the common German people to carry the can, some of whom had a probably only the vaguest idea of what was actually going on. One had to be very, very brave to put one’s head above the parapet.

We in the West assume that ‘we’ are the good guys, and maybe that was mostly correct some seventy years ago, but Stalin had due cause to be wary. The dealings between Dulles and Wolff, and possibly Kammler, led to a transfer of technology to the US, but what was the quid pro quo? We may never know.

But then, we have just been through much the same thing:

First they injected the elderly and they died alone.
But I was young and fit; I did not care.
Then they injected the care workers.
But I did not care; I was not in danger.
Then it was the military; they died by numbers.
But I did not wear a uniform.
Then the pilots dropped out of the sky.
But I do not fly.
But when my time came, I bared my arm lest I, too, be outcast.
Masked, distanced, locked down and finally, dead.

We have just lived through a ‘holocaust’, but this time it was not the bullets of the Sicherheitsdienst or the gas of the Schutzstaffel.

The Holocaust itself was preceded by Action T4, which had the object of removing many ‘useless’ eaters ( the disabled, the mentally ill). These became the lab rats: they were injected with things like phenol and potassium, or they were gassed with ‘experimental’ lethal gasses (mainly bottled carbon monoxide).

In mid-1939, Hitler authorised the creation of the Reich Committee for the Scientific Registering of Serious Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses (Reichsausschuss zur wissenschaftlichen Erfassung erb- und anlagebedingter schwerer Leiden) led by his physician, Karl Brandt, administered by Herbert Linden of the Interior Ministry, leader of German Red Cross Reichsarzt SS und Polizei Ernst-Robert Grawitz and SS-Oberführer Viktor Brack. Brandt and Bouhler were authorised to approve applications to kill children in relevant circumstances, though Bouhler left the details to subordinates such as Brack and SA-Oberführer Werner Blankenburg.

Extermination centres were established at six existing psychiatric hospitals: Bernburg, Brandenburg, Grafeneck, Hadamar, Hartheim, and Sonnenstein. One thousand children under the age of 17 were killed at the institutions Am Spiegelgrund and Gugging in Austria. They played a crucial role in developments leading to the Holocaust. As a related aspect of the “medical” and scientific basis of this programme, the Nazi doctors took thousands of brains from ‘euthanasia’ victims for research.

From August 1939, the Interior Ministry registered children with disabilities, requiring doctors and midwives to report all cases of newborns with severe disabilities; the ‘guardian’ consent element soon disappeared. Those to be killed were identified as “all children under three years of age in whom any of the following ‘serious hereditary diseases’ were ‘suspected’: idiocy and Down syndrome (especially when associated with blindness and deafness); microcephaly; hydrocephaly; malformations of all kinds, especially of limbs, head, and spinal column; and paralysis, including spastic conditions”. The reports were assessed by a panel of medical experts, of whom three were required to give their approval before a child could be killed.

The Ministry used deceit when dealing with parents or guardians, particularly in Catholic areas, where parents were generally uncooperative. Parents were told that their children were being sent to “Special Sections”, where they would receive improved treatment. The children sent to these centres were kept for “assessment” for a few weeks and then killed by injection of toxic chemicals, typically phenol; their deaths were recorded as “pneumonia”. Autopsies were usually performed and brain samples were taken to be used for “medical research”. Post mortem examinations apparently helped to ease the consciences of many of those involved, giving them the feeling that there was a genuine medical purpose to the killings. The most notorious of these institutions in Austria was Am Spiegelgrund, where from 1940 to 1945, 789 children were killed by lethal injection, gas poisoning and physical abuse. Children’s brains were preserved in jars of formaldehyde and stored in the basement of the clinic and in the private collection of Heinrich Gross, one of the institution’s directors, until 2001.

Rather than liken the Covid-19 turmoil to the Holocaust, which was an exercise in real race-hatred of both Jews and Slavs, I would compare it to Aktion T4 because of its targeting of social groups rather than racial groups, and for its high level of deceit where the victims were wrested away from loving families and killed, possibly for revenue. And the medical professions must, once again, carry the burden of guilt.

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“I Am Not Afraid of You”

James Woods is a prominent actor whose career trajectory went fairly well until he made his political opinions known. Some Hollywood personalities are conservatives, but most of them are prudent enough not to reveal the fact in public. Those who do usually discover that work becomes increasingly hard to find.

A couple of years ago, when Mr. Woods tweeted about one of Hunter Biden’s indiscretions, Twitter predictably shut him down. Now that Elon Musk has exposed the dirty laundry at Twitter, Mr. Woods is seeking justice. On Friday he called in to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program to talk about what Twitter had done to him, and describe his plans to sue the DNC and Twitter. I don’t quite see how he can sue Twitter while asking the current owner of the company to finance his class-action lawsuit, though. Maybe the legal experts can find a way to sue Twitter-that-was without involving the current ownership as a defendant.

I’m glad James Woods is not afraid of the people he’s doing battle with. However, this is not just about the DNC and Twitter — he’s up against a huge trans-national power structure for which those two organizations are mere pawns. He’s going to have to confront Sauron in Barad-dûr, and he hasn’t even gotten to the gates of Mordor yet.

And Elon Musk is not going to save him. The Tesla wizard is an entertaining huckster, but his enterprises — the ones that made him all those billions of dollars — are deeply entwined with the U.S. government. If it were not for Uncle Sam, he’d be a two-bit businessman with an office in a strip mall somewhere.

Nor will Fox News and Tucker Carlson save him. All major enterprises and public personalities are part and parcel of the existing system, and are therefore unable to deliver salvation. They will remain barnacles on the great pilings of the Deep State until such time as the entire rotting structure finally collapses.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video. NB: Mr. Woods is correct about the age of James Madison at the signing of the Declaration, but not about that of John Adams, who was born in 1735:

Below are excerpts from an article from the The New York Post (hat tip Reader from Chicago) about Mr. Woods’ battle with the establishment:

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Who You Gonna Believe? Me or Your Lyin’ Eyes?

I posted on Saturday about the COVID-related news concerning the famous German virologist Christian Drosten. Now Mr. Drosten is in the news again, due to what was apparently a little white lie about his participation in a conspiracy to suppress information concerning the laboratory origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Pleiteticker.de:

New explosive emails surfaced: did Christian Drosten lie about secret agreements?

by Janina Lionello

At the beginning of the year, the virologist Christian Drosten swore under oath that he had never tried to cover up a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. E-mails that have now been published suggest that this is not true.

The most explosive passage is hidden on page 59 of the 174-page dossier. “Didn’t we join forces to challenge and, if possible, reject a particular theory?” it says. The message was written by Christian Drosten on February 9, 2020, and it refers to a conference call in which several scientists discussed a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The journalist Jimmy Tobias received the bundled emails on November 22 with the help of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and published them online as “Farrar Fauci Comms”).

So, Drosten speaks here quite openly of the collusion of several international scientists in order to systematically discredit the laboratory theory.

The words also cry out for an explanation from Drosten, because in February 2022 he had taken legal action against the Hamburg physics professor Roland Wiesendanger, who had accused Drosten of precisely such a secret collusion. At the time, Drosten swore: “During my participation, no agreement was made to cover up the possibility of a laboratory origin in public. I am also not aware that such an appointment was made at a later date.”

Wiesendanger sees his assumption that scientists agreed in February 2020 to “cover up” a possible laboratory origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus by the current publication, as he explained to Pleiteticker.de. He also wants to keep further legal action against Drosten open — including the “disclosure and prosecution of potentially criminal acts at an international level.”

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Dutch Delight

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this summary of the multiple political dramas currently unfolding in the Netherlands.

Dutch delight

by H. Numan

What’s going on behind the dikes? A lot. Most of it pretty bad. Hansje Brinkers (PM Mark Rutte) is riding a bulldozer demolishing the dikes as best as he can. I’ve got a tiny bit of good news, and mostly bad news.

Let’s start with the good news. The PVV (Geert Wilders’ party) is on the rise. For almost a month the PVV has been polling as the largest party in the country. Supposing elections were called for today, a conservative cabinet is possible, with Geert Wilders as prime minister. That’s the first time ever, at least in a decade. However, it’s not that the PVV is suddenly running far ahead in the polls. Yes, they have gained some ground, ever so slowly. At this moment a one-seat advantage over the VVD (Conservatives). It’s the other way around. VVD and D66 poll consistently lower.

Still, it is good news. Because in March of next year we have provincial elections. It’s dead certain the coalition will lose their majority in the Senate because of that. Let me explain why. We Dutch have a weird electoral system. Yes, we elect parliament directly. But not the Senate. That is too difficult and delicate for ordinary yokels and bumpkins like you and me to cast the right vote. Our Senate therefore is elected by provincial parliamentarians, after the provincial elections. The provincial elections (almost always as interesting as watching paint dry) will be in March of 2023. After March, we’ll see a reversed situation, compared with America: a cabinet majority in Parliament and a cabinet minority in the Senate. Supposing the cabinet hasn’t resigned before that, and there is good reason to look forward to national elections.

First of all, Mark Rutte, our prime minister got what he wanted. He’s the longest-ruling prime minister in Dutch history. The price he has to pay for it is small. After the next elections his party will be decimated. Which is not his problem. He’ll slither into a nice comfy job somewhere else. During an interview he explained how he went into politics: after his studies, he had to choose between joining the conservatives or the labor party. He thought he had better chances with the conservatives, so he joined them. Not exactly a man with principles. Probably good in business, but in politics, some principles are required. After 12 years, it’s showing.

Mark Rutte doesn’t rule this cabinet. His heart (or stone) isn’t into it anymore. Vice premier Sigrid Al-Qaq — Kaag is the real power behind the cabinet. She rules with an iron rod. She is quite popular within her party, but not with the electorate. D66 is dropping like a stone in the polls. Why? Because D66 — together with all other progressive parties — don’t remember 1792. She literally said we have to work harder, longer, for less pay and retirement later on. But her climate goals are sacred. D66 actually want to spend a lot less on people and much more on climate goals and refugees. Currently +100,000 very questionable refugees are expected for this year alone. There already was a housing crisis. Progressive parties have the gumption to openly say: we give refugees preference in social housing. They get social housing immediately. Ordinary Dutch have to wait twelve years. That’s what caused the French Revolution. The elites partied on, wanted more parties, and made the people bleed for it.

We are blessed with a benevolent king, his majesty William-Alexander. Who has the intellect of a common garden snail and matching empathy. His wife, the queen-consort, is a different story. She could have been the example for Megan Markle. She has as much empathy as her prey husband, but is ruthlessly ambitious. In Holland we have a constitutional monarchy. That means that king is required to keep his trap firmly shut. Given his preponderance for gaffes, he’d better. His consort don’t quite understand that principle. She very openly took a position in favor of a cashless society. That’s an absolute no-no. In fact, parliament can order her to apologize for it. If they have to guts to go that far, that is. See it like this: if my tap leaks, I call a plumber. What I don’t want is the CEO of the plumbing company giving his opinion about my house. Even less so if his wife starts to give her even more unwanted opinions. How this will play out, we’ll have to wait and see.

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Election-Hacking in Brazil

The recent presidential election in Brazil bears a strong resemblance to the one held here in the USA in 2020. Supporters of Lula da Silva, like those of Joe Biden, were not all that visible before the election. Then, late on election night, they suddenly appeared, as tallied by the voting machines. Graphs of the count show those same strange vertical jumps in the middle of the night, miraculously pushing Lula’s total past that of Jair Bolsonaro.

A lot of reports appeared today in the fever swamps about a supposed move by the Brazilian military to support Mr. Bolsonaro under Article 142 of the Constitution. Don’t bother trying to find them on Google — search results are being suppressed there — but instead try searching for “Brazil Bolsonaro Article 142 military” on DuckDuckGo. I turned up a lot of them that way. Except for a few tweets, they all seemed to be based on a single Revolver article about what somebody said in Steve Bannon’s War Room. So it may all just be wishful thinking; it’s still too soon to tell.

Below is a report from Argentinean television about voting machine fraud in the Brazilian election. An analyst on the program asserts that a statistical analysis has definitively shown that the result was fraudulent.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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An Institutional Rupture in Brazil

As discussed in a number of previous posts about Brazil, the Federal Supreme Court is the most powerful institutional force that opposes President Jair Bolsonaro. Alexandre de Moraes is a justice of the Supreme Court, and he also happens to be the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

Earlier this week Mr. De Moraes, acting on behalf of the TSE, denied a lawsuit filed by President Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party (PL) that questioned the legitimacy of the result of the recent presidential election. The PL had alleged that irregularities in the functioning of some of the voting machines demonstrated that the final tally was fraudulent.

Silas Malafaia is a Pentecostal televangelist in Brazil. In the following video Pastor Malafaia delivers a spirited rant about Alexandre de Moraes and his decision on the PL lawsuit.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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All the Fake News That’s Unfit to Print

The following article reminds me of the notorious Washington Post feature on Jimmy the 8-year-old heroin addict. It was written by Janet Cooke and printed in the paper in the fall of 1980. The author won a Pulitzer Prize for her work, but a few months later the story began to unravel. It eventually emerged that the account was entirely fabricated, and Ms. Cooke had to return her prize and resign. Her name became synonymous with “fraudulent journalism”.

Nothing numbs the critical faculties of newspaper editors like the tear-jerking plight of the Puir Wee Bairns.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Focus Online. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Four years after the Relotius scandal*

Doubts about the death of refugee girls: Spiegel takes its own article offline

Almost four years after the Relotius scandal, Der Spiegel again has a problem with some of its articles. There are doubts about the truthfulness of Spiegel reports from last August. Specifically, it is about a refugee girl who is said to have died on an island between Turkey and Greece.

Der Spiegel has now taken four articles about the case offline. Instead, the editors have published a statement under the respective URLs. Under the headline “Death trap EU border” of the original article from August 19th, 2022 it now says: “At this point there was an article about the fate of a group of refugees on the Greek-Turkish border river Evros in the summer of 2022. There are now doubts about the previous description of what happened at that time. We have therefore temporarily removed several posts on this topic from our website. We are reviewing our reporting and, once the research is complete, will decide whether or not to republish the articles in a corrected and updated form.” [Shouldn’t professional journalists research BEFORE they publish something? Or could it be, since this story fits the narrative, this isn’t done?]

Letter to Spiegel from Greek migration minister

As Medieninsider reports, there are not just doubts about the death of the girl. It is therefore unclear whether she existed at all. In one of the articles in question, the Spiegel reporter wrote accusingly, according to Medieninsider: “Now Maria is dead. She died at the beginning of August at Europe’s external border because the Greek authorities refused her any help. She had just turned five years old.”

According to Medieninsider, Greek Migration Minister Notis Mitarachi expressed doubts, which he also shared with Spiegel editor-in-chief Steffen Klusmann in a letter in September. According to Medieninsider, Mitarachi accused the reporter of the Hamburg news magazine of having acquired the information on the case from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) almost unfiltered. And most importantly, “From the facts and all photographic evidence, it is clear that there is no missing child, let alone a dead child.”

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Evil or Stupid?

Last week, in one of our Skype groups, a non-American participant said:

I’ve seen this quote: “The US has two parties: the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.” Is it any wonder the stupid party is losing a** over teacup over and over again?

I replied:

I understand the sentiment, but it’s worse than that. The Republicans are also evil, but pretend to be stupid. They don’t need to win elections to reach their goals; they just need the system that rewards and enriches them to remain in place and stable. They get just as rich when they’re the opposition.

They have to pretend that they hold conservative principles and want to win elections, but it’s all a charade. Any Republican who intends to move up in the hierarchy has to forget all that. In the end, it’s about money and power and perks and getting laid (whether hookers, rent boys, or little kids).

All the rest of it is pretense.

It’s very demoralizing to realize what’s going on. But once you start seeing this stuff, you can’t go back to not seeing it.

It took me a long time to reach this cynical position. I wanted to believe that the Republican Party presented a viable opposition, and for many years I resisted the nagging sense that the whole thing was a charade. Even after I came to loathe Republicans, I still clung to the forlorn hope that the party could somehow overcome its deficiencies and mount a real challenge to Democrat hegemony.

The presidential elections of 2016 and 2020 were the final nails in the coffin of that hope. I meant it when I responded to my liberal friends who referred to me as a Republican:

“I’m NOT a Republican — I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

But now I’m not even sure that the Democrats are worse. After all, they don’t try to hide their true nature. They no longer pretend not to be Marxists. They’re fully up-front about wanting to raise taxes and increase spending. They make no bones about their intention to control our lives in minutest detail. They proudly wave the banners of racial discrimination and sexual perversion. What you see is what you get.

Republicans, on the other hand, pretend that they are conservatives, when they are just as enmeshed with the globalists and the international financiers that are ushering in the New World Order. And they pretend they want to win elections, but ever since 2016 we’ve been able to see that they really don’t. Right now the Republican establishment is simply committed to making sure that Donald Trump does not win another election, no matter what it does to their party. As long as the current power-sharing system remains intact, and they keep their places at the trough, the party that holds power is irrelevant.

It’s plain that Donald Trump is seen as the greatest threat to the existing system, and must be stopped at all costs.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So how do the recent midterms fit into all this?

First of all, it’s completely clear that the voting systems are now fully rigged. The Democrats control the process in major urban centers, and have developed multiple interlocked strategies for generating the votes they need to put their candidates over the top in all races they deem significant.

Earnest Republican commentators are having a hard time with the results. They aren’t yet ready to see what is right in front of their eyes, so they take the midterm results at face value. This forces them to conclude that their fellow Americans are ignorant, uninformed, and unfathomably stupid. Which is depressing, so now they’re depressed (I’m thinking in particular of the gentlemen at Power Line). For some reason they aren’t able to grasp the fact that the system is rigged.

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The Blunder That Could’ve Cost John Fetterman the Election

I’ve made no bones about my opinion of John Fetterman and the “election” that sent him off to exercise his notable oratorical skills in the United States Senate. However, there is another side to the Oz vs. Fetterman story, which concerns the relationship between Dr. Oz and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

My sentiment concerning the Pennsylvania senatorial election was: “Why can’t they both lose?”

I always like to present a variety of opinions at Gates of Vienna, so here is David Boyajian’s take on Fetterman, Oz, and Turkey.

The Blunder That Could’ve Cost John Fetterman the Election

by David Boyajian

“If John Fetterman lacks the stomach to expose the entire Oz-Turkish love affair, particularly Ankara’s support of ISIS, he may lose… and will deserve it.”

My Double Trouble: Dr. Mehmet Oz and Turkey said that back in October.

It spelled out Oz’s alarming relationships with the Turkish government, President Erdogan, and shady Turkish organizations and Turks. Benjamin Baird’s Behind Dr. Oz’s Curtain and other writers had covered similar ground.

Yes, soon-to-be Democratic Senator Fetterman did beat the Republican Oz, by roughly 240,000 votes out of 5.3 million — 51% to 46.6%.

Yet victory was never assured for the stroke-stricken Fetterman and his anemic campaign. Polls showed Oz gaining on, and sometimes beating, his opponent. Early voting before Fetterman’s dismal October 25 debate performance probably helped his campaign.

Oz has dual citizenship with Turkey. That’s vastly different than dual citizenship with, say, France or Norway. Turkey is a rogue NATO member, unashamedly repressive and corrupt, and has long supported international terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Oz’s foreign ties, some of which we’ll list, were his most glaring vulnerability. Yet Fetterman never exposed those ties.

Had he hammered home Oz’s troubling foreign relationships in blistering attack ads, Fetterman would undoubtedly have won more decisively.

Points Fetterman Missed

  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s counterterrorism chief from 2010-2013, acknowledged in 2020 that “Turkey was a central hub for… over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and… ISIS logistical materials… making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.”

    As a Turkish citizen, Oz had a responsibility to condemn Turkey’s ongoing support of ISIS and other terrorists. Yet he remained silent.

  • I’ve never found forthright criticisms by Oz of Turkey’s myriad human rights abuses, corruption, and mistreatment of Christians.
  • In 2019, Oz said, “I met with our leader [President Erdogan] in Turkey.” Our? Erdogan is Oz’s “leader”? The doctor offered to “help Turkey as a representative.” As a U.S. senator, perhaps?
  • The photo of a beaming Oz double-clasping the hand of his corrupt, ISIS-supporting “leader,” President Erdogan, speaks for itself.
  • In 2019, Oz embraced Turkish “Justice” Minister Abdulhamit Gul in New York City. The U.S. Treasury Department penalized Gul in 2018 for his role in Turkey’s unjust detention of Andrew Brunson, an American Christian pastor.
  • Oz produces lifestyle programming on the BiP communications platform. Erdogan’s Turkish Wealth Fund owns BiP.
  • Oz’s extensive real estate holdings in Turkey include a $2 million dormitory leased at no cost to the corrupt regime’s Education Ministry.
  • Why did Oz hold a meeting with Turkey’s U.S. Ambassador, Hasan Murat Mercan, and why did the ambassador immediately phone Oz when he announced his candidacy? Mercan, incidentally, was a founder of Erdogan’s corrupt, Islamist AKP party.
  • As a special guest at a 2019 Turkish fundraiser, Oz sat beside Murat Guzel, co-host of the event. Guzel was reportedly questioned by Federal agents and given immunity in an investigation regarding political donations.
  • Oz was once elected to the High Advisory Council of the Istanbul-based World Turkish Business Council (DTiK). The latter is affiliated with Turkey’s Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEiK), an arm of Erdogan’s regime.

    The doctor spoke at DTiK’s 2019 conference in NY City co-hosted by Gunay Evinch. Erdogan hired Evinch’s law firm, Saltzman & Evinch, to collect intel on some of Turkey’s critics in America.

  • Republican Mike Pompeo, the ex-CIA director and Trump’s Secretary of State, said Oz must explain the “scope and depth” of his relationship to Turkey because they raise “national security concerns.”
  • Enes Kanter Freedom, the NBA basketball star, former Turkish citizen, and Erdogan critic, tweeted, “[Dr. Oz] is a Foreign Agent and he works for Dictator [Erdogan].”

    Also: “Whatever Erdogan wants… Dr. Oz is going to do.”

Just a few of these facts in skillfully produced attack ads would have demolished Oz’s persona and campaign.

The bottom line: Voters won’t tolerate candidates who look to an atrocious foreign government — in this case, Turkey’s — for leadership and personal gain. Voters must first, however, learn the facts in hard-hitting campaign ads.

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Do-Over in Berlin

This seems to be the season for election high jinks. The most notorious example, of course, is the recent midterm elections in the USA. And then there was the presidential election in Brazil. And now a local legislative election in Berlin has been annulled, and will have to be repeated.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Election of the Berlin House of Representatives will be repeated completely


The Constitutional Court in Germany has ordered the election to the Berlin House of Representatives to be repeated in its entirety. According to the dpa news agency, the judges decided that last year’s vote, which had led to various mishaps, was “invalid”. It is the first time in the history of the Federal Republic that voting for a state parliament has had to be repeated.

In September of last year, not only the Bundestag but also the House of Representatives were re-elected in the capital. A great deal of chaos ensued. The allegations ranged from long queues, through polling stations that opened too late, to incorrect or even missing ballot papers.

Berlin election is expected to be repeated in February

According to court president Ludgera Selting, the glitches were relevant to the mandate, so they had an impact on the distribution of seats in the state parliament. The vote for the House of Representatives must now be repeated within 90 days. The expected date is February 12, 2023.

The Bundestag recently decided to repeat the federal elections in 327 Berlin voting districts. The deputies followed a recommendation of the Election Review Committee. The traffic light* parties rejected a new election in the entire city. [for very obvious reasons I should imagine.]

According to a survey by the opinion research institute INSA on behalf of the Bild newspaper, the CDU can hope to become the strongest force in Berlin. If a new state parliament were elected next Sunday, the Union would get 21%. Greens and SPD each reach 20%. [You cannot help these gluttons for more punishment any longer, now, can you?] Die Linke (the left) could count on 12% and the AfD 10%. The FDP would also be represented again in Parliament with 7%.

Afterword from the translator:

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A Call to Annul the 2022 Elections

Apologies to those who got their hopes up: the title of this post refers to the recent elections in Brazil.

The party of President Jair Bolsonaro is formally requesting an annulment of the result, based on an electronic analysis of voting machines that showed they changed some voting percentages. Sound familiar?

Many thanks to José Atento for translating this report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Election Fraud in Brazil

In the following video, a Brazilian vlogger named Fernando Cerimedo talks about the fight against the fraudulent victory of Lula da Silva over Jair Bolsonaro in the recent presidential election. The result bears an eerie similarity to the 2020 victory of Joe Biden, in that large tranches of votes for Lula suddenly appeared exactly when they were needed.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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If I Had a Hammer…

I haven’t been covering it here, but I doubt any Gates of Vienna readers have missed the bizarre drama that unfolded last week at Nancy Pelosi’s house in San Francisco. While the Speaker was at work in Washington D.C., police were called to her house to confront a man in his underwear who was allegedly grappling with her husband, and hit him with a hammer. The alleged perpetrator was subdued and arrested, and Mr. Pelosi went to the hospital for emergency surgery to repair a skull fracture.

As if all that weren’t strange enough, the night before last NBC News aired an account of the incident which differed from the official police report in significant ways. NBC pulled the video almost immediately, but it survived in multiple copies, thanks to the more relaxed rules at Twitter since Elon Musk took over.

NBC is normally a compliant mouthpiece for the Democrats and the Biden administration, so what went wrong here? Did the editors at NBC misunderstand their instructions? Are there perhaps factions within the ruling oligarchy that have crafted different competing narratives about the incident? Maybe one faction thinks it’s time to damage the Speaker of the House in advance of the ignominious debacle the party is expected to face next week in the midterms.

And meme artists have put forward some amusing theories of their own. I saw one yesterday that showed Nancy Pelosi on the phone to Hillary Clinton. Hillary says, “Hey Nancy, how can I help?” and Nancy replies, “My husband has become a liability.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video to 3Speak:

For more details, visit Conservative Tree House.