Ice Cream for Uncle June

Some American conservatives still believe that if only the Republican Party can be rescued from the RINOs, it can once again become a party that embraces conservative principles and provide a welcoming home for Christians, libertarians, and fiscal conservatives alike.

We’re well-positioned to take back the House next year! If only Ted Cruz can borrow enough money from Goldman Sachs, he can sweep the primaries and revive the Republican Party in 2024! We need to twist the knob on our Magic Decoder Ring and make the Dominion voting machines stop taking orders from the DNC!

Yup. Uh-huh. Been there, done that.

We have a UniParty now in the USA. One wing of that party pretends to be conservative so that it can siphon off the anger and discontent from the deplorables and keep it from triggering open rebellion. Decades of open borders, abortion on demand, and an ever-expanding federal government have made that abundantly clear. Nevertheless, some conservatives haven’t yet woken up to this ineluctable fact. And — if four years of Donald Trump didn’t make the light bulbs come on over their heads — maybe they never will.

A few years ago a young man at my (now defunct) church asked me about my politics. He wasn’t woke or anything, just a standard-issue liberal. I told him I was a right-wing extremist. He shook his head at me in mild reproof and said, “No you aren’t, Ned!” I said: “You have no idea.”

A couple of months later in another political conversation he referred to me as a Republican. I interrupted him, and said vehemently: “I’m not a Republican. I HATE Republicans! The only thing worse than a Republican is a Democrat!”

That’s a handy comeback. I’ve used it a number of times when the occasion warrants. It tends to baffle standard-issue liberals; they don’t know how to respond.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I bring all this up because of all the conservative attention that is currently being lavished on Uncle Joe, our beloved ice-cream-eating Puppet-in-Chief.

Conservatives love to make fun of Joe Biden. They create innumerable memes, cartoons, jokes, and disparaging references to his obvious senility, his love for ice cream, his penchant for sniffing children’s hair, and the ludicrous bafflegab that issues from his mouth every time he stands in front of a microphone without a script — and sometimes even when he has one.

I must admit that I’m not above enjoying a joke at the expense of our puppet president, and every now and then I might even make one. But I don’t spend more than five minutes a day on such foolishness — there are more important things to pay attention to. Droolin’ Joe and his pretend second-in-command Kamala “Skippy” Harris have been set up as a foil to draw conservative attention and ridicule while the real business of the UniParty gets transacted behind the scrim.

A while back I posted this meme:

It doesn’t mean that Joe Biden is doing the breaking of America, but rather that the demented puppet is part of the deliberate breaking of America, propped up in position to do exactly what he’s doing: rending what little remains of the national fabric. All the crises and gaffes and ostensible policy mistakes are planned and fully intended. The fiasco in Afghanistan, the chaos at the border, the heavy-handed totalitarian measures on the coronavirus and vaccination, the massive unprecedented inflation — all of these are intended to further the fractionation of America into a myriad disparate components that will be easier to control once the Great Reset kicks off in earnest.

And while all that is going on, conservatives are preoccupying themselves with jokes at the expense of the Puppet. Who, I might add, was propped up on the national dais for exactly that purpose.

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Lion or Gazelle?

The aristocrats of the ecology movement are the predators, while ordinary people like you and me are the prey. In order to Save the Planet, we will be culled the same way a pride of lions culls a herd of gazelles.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the German site

The elite 1001 club behind the eco-agenda

Prince Bernhard [of the Netherlands] created “The 1001: A Nature Trust” together with Prince Philip to finance the activities of the WWF [World Wildlife Foundation]. On board was Anton Rupert, an African tobacco billionaire of Dutch descent who was involved in the secret society “Afrikaner Broederbond”, which controlled South Africa and which had implemented apartheid.[16]

For a long time, public information about 1001 was almost completely unavailable, and all that was learned was that handpicked members had to pay a membership fee of $10,000.

Similar to the Bilderberg Group, the principle of confidentiality applies, and you can at least learn from a leaked internal report that the 1001 Club holds regular meetings in Windsor Castle, at the residence of the Spanish royal family, and in distant places like Nepal.

According to leaked membership lists, the 1001 Club includes people such as:

Maurice Strong: Member of the Privy Council in Canada (British Commonwealth), Fellowship of the Royal Society of Canada.

In the early 1970s he was Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment before becoming the first Director General of the United Nations Environment Program in 1972.

He is considered the inspiration for former US Vice President Al Gore, who released the eco-propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth.

Sir Max Aitken: Politician and Chairman of Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd. His father was Max Aitken, First Lord Beaverbrook, member of the Privy Council, owner of the extremely influential Daily Express newspaper and sometime Minister of Information. His friend Winston Churchill made Max the Senior Minister for Aircraft Production during World War II.

Sir Eric Drake: Chairman of British Petroleum (BP)

Baron Conrad Black: He owns major newspapers and companies and has been involved in many scandals. At times he was on the Privy Council of Canada. His friend, US President Donald Trump, pardoned him in 2019.

King Juan Carlos of Spain: Juan Carlos, who came from the house of the Bourbons, is a member of the powerful eco-organization the Club of Rome.

He is the eldest son of Juan de Borbón y Battenberg, whose mother was Victoria Eugénie von Battenberg, from the Welfen lines Hessen-Darmstadt as well as Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (the same lines as Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth).

Henry Ford II: From the highly controversial family of automakers. The Ford group goes back to the scientific network of the Royal Society or the Guelph nobility (see chapter in this book about the auto industry). His grandfather Henry Ford was one of the leading anti-Semites, supported the NSDAP and provided both the Nazis and the Soviets with technology that was essential to the war effort.

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A New Cabinet? Not Bloody Likely.

It turns out that the débacle in Afghanistan has caused casualties in the interim Dutch cabinet. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan has the report.

A new cabinet? Not bloody likely.

by H. Numan

At the beginning of March the Dutch went to vote. That’s a cool six months ago. A new cabinet coming soon? No, that will take a while. A very long while. Yesterday the Dutch vice-premier and minister for foreign affairs, Sigrid Al Qaq, was forced to resign. Again, as the current cabinet is demissionary. It had already resigned. She was the first Dutch victim of the US surrender in Afghanistan.

Both the (demissionary) ministers of defense, Ank Bijleveld, and for foreign affairs, Sigrid Al Qaq, had to explain themselves in parliament about Afghanistan. Before the surrender parliament had asked both to take measures for proper evacuation, which they hadn’t followed up. Parliament didn’t like the answers, and approved a motion of censure. Ank Bijleveld refused to resign, but Sigrid Al Qaq did. A motion of censure is not a motion of no confidence. In the first case, a minister can resign. In the second case, a minister must resign. It took a while to get some sense into Mrs. Bijleveld, but after 24 hours she finally resigned as well.

That makes the already very difficult cabinet negotiations next to impossible. Why? The voters voted for the impossible. Let’s have a quick look at the results: the VVD won (= didn’t loose a lot) with 34 seats. Runner-up was D66, with Sigrid Kaag — Al Qaq, they got 24 seats. Next was the PVV with 17 seats. Those are the big parties. CDA (Christian democrats) lost massively; they have 15 seats left over.

On the right side of the ballot a lot of new parties gained and lost seats. But none of them got over 7 seats. On the left side everybody lost. Some not so much, others a lot.

The powers-that-be don’t want a conservative government. In real life, that’s impossible anyway. To form a truly conservative cabinet you need no less that seven parties. That has never happened. The largest Dutch coalition had five parties, and collapsed within a couple of months.

The most logical solution would be a continuation of the present coalition, as it could be a workable cabinet. However… before the elections began, the Christian Union (Communist Calvinists) explicitly ruled out working together with D66. Sigrid Al Qaq retaliated likewise. So that option is a clear no-no.

The next option was a progressive cabinet. That might work, too. However, the lame (PvdA, our Labour party) firmly hold hands with the blind (GreenLeft, the communist party). They want to rule together or not at all. That demand is completely unacceptable for the VVD, for a very obvious reason. In such a cabinet they would become the minority party. Such a cabinet would effectively be a communist cabinet, with the VVD as a convenient scapegoat.

That leaves only two options: a minority cabinet or new elections. Calling for new elections has never happened. But it seems painfully clear this option is the only workable one. Why? Because the results of the elections are already old hat!

Since March a lot has happened. The Christian Democrats (CDA) committed suicide by ousting their enfant terrible, Pieter Omtzigt. They have 15 seats at the moment, but are polling at 9. Right now, that is. Because they are in the political elevator going down. Fast. I have no idea why they committed suicide. With Omtzigt as leader, they would have won the elections. Possibly enough to have him as the new prime minister. They would at least have recovered from their downward track. I wrote about this just after the elections.

However, they kicked him out. Or rather, they forced him out. He wasn’t ousted from the party, but they made him resign. Which he duly did. Now he’s running as an independent. We don’t know what he will do. If he sets up his own party, which is almost certain, that party is already polling at 20-26 seats. At least six of those seats will come from the CDA.

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Abolish the Counterjihad!

Long-time readers will remember Rasmus Paludan, the Danish Counterjihad activist who likes to mount extraordinarily provocative actions against Muslims, often involving the desecration of the Koran. He founded Stram Kurs (“Hard Line”), a political party that came close to winning seats in Parliament during the last elections.

In recent weeks Rasmus has found himself in hot water for allegedly engaging in inappropriate sex chat online with teenage boys.

I’ve met Rasmus a couple of times. The most recent occasion was two years ago, when I sat in on an interview with him that Vlad conducted on a river beach in Quebec (the final video installment was posted here). Prior to that, back before Dymphna died, he had interviewed me at length. I don’t think I ever posted that video, and I kind of doubt YouTube has allowed his channel to remain up.

Since the allegations against Rasmus emerged, various people have repudiated him, which is the general custom under circumstances such as these. Most prominently, Alternativ för Sverige (Alternative for Sweden) has cancelled his participation in one of their upcoming public events in Sweden.

Generally speaking, I’m not one to repudiate my professional associates. I know the custom is to “distance oneself” from anybody who is accused of inappropriate or illegal behavior, but I refuse to do that unless there are absolutely compelling reasons. If Rasmus has broken the law, I assume the Danish legal system will in due course prosecute him. Personally, I’ve never had any problems with him. If he really does have a taste for chicken meat, I saw no sign of it. But then, as a septuagenarian geek, I wouldn’t be likely to, would I? All I know is that he is absolutely fearless in the face of imminent threats to his physical well-being by Muslims, and for that reason I respect him.

I must note that child sexual abuse and kiddie porn are the most commonly used means to neutralize someone who has become an extreme political inconvenience. It’s easy enough for an intelligence service to insert child pornography or other incriminating pedophilia-related material on a laptop or phone. As I understand it, such black ops are conducted fairly frequently, with the late Soviet dissident Vladimir Bukovsky being a notable example.

An allegation of pedophilia is something from which a public figure can never really recover. It doesn’t require a “preponderance of the evidence” — never mind “beyond a reasonable doubt” — to convict someone in the court of public opinion; all it takes is a simple assertion about kiddie-fiddling in a prominent media outlet, and your career is basically at an end.

We live in a debased age, so there aren’t many ways that prominent people can be shamed out of public life. A “Me Too” allegation is one, but an alleged affinity for child pornography is even more effective. Someday, when the NAMBLA people get their way and pedophilia is normalized, even that will become ineffective. Until then, however, when a pedophilia allegation against you is published, the umpire jerks his thumb, and that’s it — you’re out of the game.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I bring all this up because the Swedish news outlet Fria Tider has used the occasion of the allegations against Rasmus Paludan to call for the effective cancellation of the entire Counterjihad movement. Mind you, this isn’t the mainstream media we’re talking about — Fria Tider (“Free Times”) is one of Sweden’s most prominent anti-immigration alternative media outlets.

The entire editorial is posted below. The author has set up so many straw men and hewn through their flimsy necks that it would not be productive for me to try to counter them all. I’ll just discuss a few of the more prominent ones.

The first and most egregious point is that Fria Tider has chosen to resurrect the decade-old calumny that Anders Behring Breivik was representative of the Counterjihad. To do so the writer is required to ignore Mr. Breivik’s own public admission that his association with Islam critics was a feint designed to divert attention from his real allies, who were the neo-Nazis. As a matter of interest, the Swedish “anti-racist” foundation Expo was one of the few media outlets that was willing to publish the news, so Fria Tider’s failure to acknowledge it constitutes a clear failure to do due diligence on the topic.

Another trope in the editorial is to suggest how much public outrage there would have been in Denmark if Rasmus (or Kurt Westergaard) had made fun of the Holocaust instead of Islam. This is an invocation of the “all religions are basically the same” principle, under which Islam must be treated with the same respect accorded to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

One of the core tenets of the Counterjihad, however, is that Islam is not like any other religion. Not only is it absolutely intolerant of other religions, it actively seeks to forcibly convert others to Islam, and demands that those who refuse to convert be killed. There is no other major religion on the planet that adheres to such a doctrine, and for that reason it is the duty of all non-Muslims to resist the incursion of Islam into our societies.

It strains credulity to think that the Fria Tider editorialist is unaware of this basic doctrinal difference, so I can only assume that he or she is willfully ignoring it.

There are some points in the piece that I agree with. For example, the writer asserts that mass immigration from the Third World is always problematic, whether or not the invaders are Muslim. This is something I have maintained for well over a decade — I think my first posts about the predatory Assyrian Christian criminals of Södertälje were published back in 2007. There may be some Counterjihadists who believe that Islam is the only negative aspect about mass immigration, but I don’t know any. Just about everybody acknowledges that an “animist” from the Democratic Republic of the Congo who takes lodgings in a Western society is all but indistinguishable from a Muslim in his penchant for criminality.

That’s enough for straw men. The reader is invited to read through the editorial and find more scarecrows.

One final note: The word “liberals”, as used in this piece, does not have the same connotations that it does in an American context. I’m not sure what the best translation of liberaler might be, perhaps “free-thinkers” or something similar.

Many thanks to LN for translating this editorial from Fria Tider:

Let counter-jihadism stay on the other side of the strait, in Denmark

August 30, 2021

What is freedom? Is it best defined in classically liberal, negative terms — as freedom from state coercion — or is it in left-liberalism’s positive promise of freedom concerning material happiness that the answer lies? In any case, the answer does not exist in Denmark’s de facto state ideology — counter-jihadism — which stipulates that freedom is to be allowed to draw Muhammad and pee on the Koran in Malmö.

It is not easy to understand the Danish obsession with Islam. But in brief, in 2005, Denmark was hit by a riot among Islamists around the world after the newspaper Jyllandsposten published cartoons of Muhammad. In principle, the entire Danish establishment supported the publication and the recently deceased cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was provided with lifelong bodyguard protection at taxpayers’ expense.

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Joe Benedict Biden

It’s always interesting to get a non-American viewpoint on American politics. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan is better-informed than most Europeans about what goes on here in the USA, so his insights are entertaining as well as instructive.

Joe Benedict Biden

by H. Numan

I normally don’t write a lot about the USA, but sometimes I have to. The humiliating surrender in Afghanistan is such an occasion. Surrender? Yes. It’s not a withdrawal with some minor hiccups when you leave $85 billion worth of equipment behind, and willingly throw your allies to the wolves. Actually, this is a follow-up to the article I wrote when the Biden victory was confirmed. It’s a lot worse than you think.

Benedict Arnold merely tried to sell West Point. Joke Biden actually sold the United States. At this moment Afghanistan has one of the best-equipped armies in the world. That’s not a joke. The Taliban has more and better equipment than France, Germany or the UK. Plus plenty of money to buy whatever they lack. Oh, so they don’t have pilots to fly those Black Hawks? No problem, we hire some. How much equipment was left behind? Enough to give each and every Taliban fighter his own truck, plus a couple of rifles.

Was surrender necessary? Of course not. Portugal had the same problem after their Carnation Revolution in 1974. The revolutionary government dissolved the Portuguese colonial empire overnight. They did it as it should be done: first they evacuated civilians. Next they evacuated everything remotely possible, including toilets, water taps and bathtubs. Then they withdrew their military to the last airport, while keeping a vigilant heavily armed guard. The withdrawal was finished in a couple of weeks. Nobody (Portuguese or otherwise) was killed or even hurt. That’s how you do it.

However, that was not what the caretakers of Biden — the man is clearly senile — wanted. They desired mayhem. Wanton destruction. Mass killings. Immense loss of prestige. This defeat is worse than the defeat in Vietnam, far worse. It will take another twenty years to get over it. If ever. Yes, it is that humiliating. Vietnam was a fairly developed country compared with stone age Afghanistan. They only wanted the foreigners out of their country. Contrast this with religious zealots who always talk about defeating the crusaders. They just defeated the most advanced, biggest, and professional army in the world. Surely Allah knows best!

I can understand something had to be left behind, but not on this scale. That is not “an act of God” (Allah?) or “a simple mistake”. This is intentional. Leave helicopters and aircraft behind? Why on earth? You can’t fly them out? Or should I say: the minders of Biden didn’t want them to fly out? Leave a few vehicles behind? No problem, understandable. But +40,000 light attack vehicles and +22,000 Humvees? That is not an accident. That is on purpose.

It gets even worse. A Black Hawk helicopter is loaded with state-of-the art technology. You can rest assured those helicopters already are being dissected and reverse-engineered in Beijing, Tehran and Moscow. If not this week, certainly the next. Next year Russia, Iran and China have their own copies flying. That’s excluding all the technology that can be found in left behind high tech equipment, such as night vision goggles and communication gear. Forget about any advanced American technology next year. By then Russia, Iran and China have reverse-engineered everything.

In one stroke the American advantage in everything is gone: no more technology advantage, and more importantly: you lost needlessly against a bunch of stone-age shepherds armed with blunderbusses. Remember 9-11? Oh, you got satellite technology? We got box cutters!

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Palling Up With the Palis

The Belgian government is drawing flak for continuing its financial aid to “Palestine”, despite the fact that the money is being diverted to support terrorist attacks against Israel.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian Dutch-language site

Belgium continues with development aid for Palestine despite suspicions that the money ends up with terrorists

by Tom Lallemand
August 3, 2021

Our country is continuing with controversial development support for Palestine. An investigation warned that Belgian money may possibly end up in the hands of a terrorist organization, but the minister of development cooperation, Meryame Kitir, sees no reason to put a stop to the developmental aid.

In recent years, millions of euros in Belgian developmental aid has been sent to Palestinian NGOs, but a report from the Israeli intelligence services accuses the NGOs of channeling that money to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), an organization officially labeled as terrorist by the EU.

However, Belgium will not stop the developmental aid to Palestine. That is what the minister for developmental cooperation, Meryame Kitir, said after she conducted a Belgian investigation. “On the basis of that investigation, I see no reason to freeze the resources, nor to conduct an additional external investigation. I trust in our Belgian partner organizations and in the existing control system,” said Kitir.

There is necessary outrage on social media about Kitir’s decision. “Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But the government, after its own investigation, sees no reason to freeze the money,” said the De Tijd investigative journalist Lars Bove, who was retweeted by various N-VA (New Flemish Alliance) leaders, such as Theo Francken.


“Is Belgian developmental money used to finance a Palestinian group which the EU has labeled a terrorist organization? Israel warned our country in May… But, after its own investigation, the government sees no reason to freeze the money,”

The Punking of Ann Linde

A pair of Russian hoaxters who go by the pseudonyms Vovan and Lexus are renowned for impersonating famous public figures in order to induce other famous public figures to make fools of themselves. Their latest prank has made a fool of Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, who thought she was taking a phone call from Julia Navalnaya, the wife of the Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny — who is currently languishing in prison — and his chief of staff, Leonid Volkov. The foreign minister had no idea that her words were being recorded, and that they would be released to the media.

Ms. Linde’s faux pas has given the Swedish tabloids plenty of fodder for sensational news stories. In the recording she indicates that she may be able send Swedish taxpayers’ money to help Mr. Navalny. She also brags about her work against Vladimir Putin, and her reluctance to support sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, due to the involvement of Western European companies in the project.

First the video (audio only, with still photos of Leonid Volkov, Ann Linde, and Julia Navalnaya), in English with Russian subtitles:

Many thanks to LN for translating this article about the prank from Fria Tider:

Ann Linde is revealed by prank callers — promises Swedish tax money to Russian politicians

A couple of infamous Russian pranksters managed to get a call with Ann Linde. In the conversation, the Swedish Foreign Minister discusses how to use Swedish development aid money to finance Russian opposition politicians.

Behind the coup are the infamous pranksters who call themselves Vovan and Lexus, who have previously managed to deceive a number of high-ranking people in the Western world.

In May, Fria Tider reported on how the duo got the American National Endowment for Democracy, NED, to boast that they funded and organized the mass protests in Belarus last year.

In the new conversation with Ann Linde, Vovan and Lexus pretend to be Julia Navalnaya, wife of the imprisoned opposition politician Alexei Navalny, and Navalny’s chief of staff Leonid Volkov.

In the phone call, Anne Linde talks broadly about the Swedish government’s work against Putin.

At one point, she is asked directly whether she can help fund Alexei Navalny’s movement.

“It would be fantastic if Sweden could help us, for example through the development assistance authority (Sida),” the man says in the conversation.

Ann Linde replies that Sweden has already set aside €38 million to support “civil society and human rights” over the next five years.

“I’m not entirely sure of the details, but I think it is possible that… if you have a contact… with you or through the embassy. If possible, because I do not know the technical details.”

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Why is Jair Bolsonaro so Popular in Brazil?

A recent meeting between Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and Beatrix von Storch of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) caused consternation among the bien-pensants in Germany — and even among some supporters of the AfD, according to the article below.

Mr. Bolsonaro receives the same treatment in the international media as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and former US President Donald Trump. Anyone who gets his news by skimming MSM articles or glancing at the talking heads on TV comes away with the idea that all three leaders are dangerous would-be totalitarian demagogues, if not outright neo-Nazis.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

Counter-argument: Why is Jair Bolsonaro so popular in Brazil?

In Brazil, the conservative President Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected with 55 percent of the vote in 2018, is still extremely popular. In Germany, thanks to unanimous media defamation, he is viewed negatively even by conservatives. Many PI-News readers also criticized the meeting between Bolsonaro and Beatrix von Storch. A reply from the Brazilian author Fernando de Castro.

Jair Bolsonaro was elected in 2018 after almost 20 years of rule by the corrupt left-wing, centralist parties to strengthen the rights of the unborn and gun owners, rebuild state infrastructure and at the same time allow for more private-sector business.

Since then he has repeatedly been the target of left-wing attacks aimed at sabotaging his plans. The Left tries to subvert his agenda with fake news campaigns and waves of lawsuits in court. The Supreme Court, made up of judges appointed by the Left, openly attacks the Bolsonaro government and fuels conflict.

Bolsonaro’s “Dangerous Corona Policy”

During the Corona pandemic, the Bolsonaro government wanted to protect the people without destroying the economy — the policy that in retrospect has proven to be the most effective worldwide, for example in Scandinavia. In April of 2020 the National Congress approved the emergency aid package, with which 40 million Brazilians were entitled to 100 dollars in financial aid, as much as ten years of so-called “family support” from the previous left government.

At the beginning of the pandemic, however, the left-wing Supreme Court blocked presidential authority and authorized regional governors and mayors to independently issue quarantines. Bolsonaro has always been against the lockdown because he understands the serious consequences it will have, especially for poor people. “Hunger kills more people than the virus,” said the President in 2020.

In practice, however, Bolsonaro only had three measures left:

1)   Providing cities and municipalities with medication;
2)   Send money;
3)   Propose easing measures that governors and mayors did not have to follow.

The president provided $37 billion for Corona aid.

(Note: The German media then presented this disempowerment of the president as “Bolsonaro’s dangerous Corona policy”.)

The Corona Corruption of Bolsonaro’s Opponents

While Brazil suffered 510,000 corona deaths, several governors and mayors diverted the federal government’s Corona aid funds for other purposes and were investigated by the federal police.

The governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel (Christian Social), lost his mandate due to money laundering, passive corruption and the formation of a criminal organization. According to federal police, he embezzled Corona funds for hospital construction.

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Mutti Puts a Thumb on the Scales of Justice

The latest political and judicial shenanigans by German Chancellor Angela Merkel bring to mind the notorious confab between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch on the tarmac at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix during the 2016 presidential campaign. Mutti could give Slick Willie a run for his money as a consummate shady political operator.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Trial against Merkel because of the Thuringia election: AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] rejects constitutional judges as biased

Angela Merkel invited the judges of the First and Second Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court to a joint dinner at the Chancellery, including those judges who had to adjudicate a lawsuit by the AfD against Merkel and the federal government on July 21 because of the Thuringian election in 2020. From the perspective of the AfD, both of them have violated their duty of neutrality.

Specifically, it is about Merkel’s statements on the Thuringian election, which she uttered at a state reception in South Africa: “The election of this Minister-President was a unique process that broke with a basic conviction for the CDU and for me, namely that no majorities with help from the AfD should win.” The process is “unforgivable”, the result must be reversed. “It was a bad day for democracy.”

How independent are the highest judges with their party books? To what extent does the executive or even Merkel exert influence? Can connections between the invitation to dinner and the upcoming trial be ruled out?

For the AfD, these judges have lost credibility [from RT]:

The AfD has sued Angela Merkel: The Chancellor has to answer to the Federal Constitutional Court regarding her statements about the Thuringia election.

Spicy: Merkel recently invited the constitutional judges, who are supposed to dispense justice over her, to dinner at the Chancellery.

The Federal Constitutional Court’s hearing on questionable statements by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) on the Thuringian election in February 2020 will begin in two weeks. The AfD interpreted this as a violation of the “duty of neutrality”. Specifically, it is about the election of the FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich with votes from AfD, CDU and FDP as head of government in Thuringia on February 5, 2020. For the lawyers, the question is to what extent Merkel, at a state reception in South Africa on February 6, 2020, influenced the proceedings in the Kemmerich election. She described this as “unforgivable” and stressed that the result had to be “reversed”.

A transcript of the press conference was available on the website the Chancellor and the Federal Government. From the perspective of the AfD, both of them have violated their duty of neutrality. Kemmerich resigned under pressure three days after his election.

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A New Dutch Cabinet? Don’t Hold Your Breath.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends an update on the interlocking political scandals in The Netherlands.

Geert Wilders tweeted: “An outing of the CDA party faction”

A new Dutch cabinet? Don’t hold your breath.

by H. Numan

I’ve reported about the Dutch elections in March. How’s the cabinet formation going? Not quite well. And it won’t, for the foreseeable future. A game changer event happened: Pieter Omtzigt resigned from his party. His resignation makes an extreme left-wing minority cabinet inevitable. A crazy left-wing cabinet, as the biggest party in it will be the “conservative” VVD party. So, what happened?

For many decades Dutch politics were ruled by religious parties. Our first real political party was the ARP or Anti Revolutionary Party. They were staunchly protestant (Calvinist). What revolution they were against? The French revolution! Yeah, I never understood why either. Vive le roi! In those days Dutch society was strongly pillared. Everything was segregated according to religion or political affiliation. I’ve told you that many times. You were born into a (in my case) Catholic family. That means an RC nurse delivered you. Your mum would visit the RC baby-care center. You’d go to an RC kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, get a job in an RC company, date and marry (in that order) an RC girl, if necessary go to an RC hospital, retire to an RC nursing home and eventually be laid to rest in an RC cemetery. You’d listen to the RC radio KRO, and vote for the Catholic KVP party. I experienced the last remnants of that society.

That changed completely in the ‘60s. The pillars disappeared, together with confessionalism. Religion was no longer a focal point in one’s life. Two protestant and one Catholic party realized they would no longer be able dominate politics. From now on, a cabinet without any religious parties was a strong possibility. They decided to merge, and formed the CDA or Christian Democrat Appèl (Appeal). That way they could still rule over Dutch politics for decades, which they did.

Like the proverbial whore of Babylon, they did it with anyone in any way. Usually with the — then — conservative VVD. A progressive cabinet was no problem for the Christian Democrats. We’ll do any trick you want, big daddy! They positioned themselves as the inevitable and unavoidable center party.

It was a smart move, but nonetheless a rearguard action. Because the trend in western Europe is secular, definitely so in Holland. For many Americans probably a rude awakening, or a refreshing shower, depending your point of view. In Dutch politics your sexual preference doesn’t matter. We’ve had plenty of gay politicians. You can be openly gay in America, but you’d never be in the running for president. Likewise, we have plenty of openly atheist politicians. When an American politician admits he is an atheist he just told you he’s not interested in a higher office. Your evolution vs creation politics are for us laughable. Or hilariously ridiculous. No European politician would be crazy enough to admit he’s a creationist. In America he’s taken seriously. In Europe, and particularly in Holland, he’d be the village (or a real) idiot. Religion does play a role, but nowhere near the way it does in America. Home schooling, for example, is not even possible.

Understandably, that had consequences for the Christian Democrat Party. They were — and are — in a sort of limbo. What to do? With the resignation of Pieter Omtzigt, the last shreds of credibility went with him. Everybody knows the CDA is now a wishy-washy party only looking for political power. CDA stands for Christenen Dienen Allah, or Christians serving Allah. Literally, as they accepted many mohammedans in the party and promote them to influential positions. When mosques want to broadcast the adhan over loudspeakers, it’s not only progressive parties that support it. The CDA also does that. Much more so than other parties. Because they want to show they are still a religious party. Yup, including that religion. Corruption scandals are standard in every political party. It’s just that the CDA top seems to think that the C stands for corruption. They eventually lost power in 2010, when premier Balkenende had to resign. He was at that time too religious and far too Calvinistic for the electorate. The CDA went into decline. Right now, that decline is terminal. Nay, they are dead. No resurrection over the weekend. Dead as a dodo.

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The Belgian Government is Shocked — Shocked! — To Discover the Diversion of Aid to the Palestinians

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Belgian Jewish portal Joods Actueel:

Belgium investigates channeling of development money to Palestinian terrorists

June 2, 2021

Minister for Development Cooperation Meryame Kitir confirmed in Parliament that an investigation is underway into Belgian developmental aid that has possibly been channeled to the financing of terrorist activities by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

She answered a question from N-VA Parliament Member Kathleen Depoorter: “This matter is very serious, and cannot be taken lightly. I am happy that the matter is being investigated, but also expect quick answers and appropriate steps by the minister.”

A report accuses seven Palestinian organizations of channeling developmental money from Western European donors, intended for the local people, to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a terrorist organization according to the European Union.

Among the suspected organizations are also found partners of Belgian developmental cooperation such as Health Work Committees (HWC), but also the organization Defense for Children International Palestine (DCIP), which Belgium wanted to give speaking time in the United Nations Security Council.

€3.76 million support improperly used

Minister Kitir confirms that in the past five years the concerned organizations, through their Belgian partners, received up to €3.70 million of which €660,000 through Viva Salud, €1.8 million through Oxfam, and €1.3 million through Broederlijk Delen (Brotherly Sharing). According to the Israelis, our support is improperly used. They reportedly submitted a report to our government, after which the minister opened an investigation.

Payments suspended in Netherlands, Belgian government remains silent

MP Kathleen Depoorter points out that these reports in the Netherlands caused the necessary commotion in the government, and the payments were suspended. “I note that our government, while the allegations are serious, remains much quieter. Nonetheless, I have asked the minister to look into these reports and that she bring her own investigation into the misuse to the Parliament. Everyone is innocent until the opposite is proven, and these Palestinian organizations deserve a fair chance, but we expect appropriate measures if the facts are proven.”

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Flu

Before I get into the main topic of this post, I’d like to address the issue of epistemology as it concerns the Wuhan Coronavirus, a.k.a. SARS-CoV-2, a.k.a. COVID-19.

It has become clear over the past eighteen months that something fishy is going on with the COVID-19 hysteria. The current writhings of Dr. Fauci are only the latest in a series of indicators that something massive, dishonest, and baneful is being perpetrated by our political leaders and the permanent administrative apparatus of governments (commonly known as the Deep State). However, the details of what has been done, and the motivations for doing it, remain hidden from public view.

There are certain facts that we ordinary peons may become aware of, but most of our dissident analysis — which the media routinely label “misinformation” — must remain speculation. I read a lot of assertions about the machinations of the Powers That Be concerning the Wuhan Coronavirus, but a closer examination generally reveals that those assertions are not facts, but rather conjectures. Conscientious writers identify their speculations as such, and apply Occam’s Razor to the data at hand to describe why they believe their conjectures to be true. Others simply assert their speculations as fact — the coronavirus represents an attempt by the globalists to enslave the populace, or exterminate 95% of the human race, or bring the whole of the globe under the control of the Zionists, etc. Some of those things may be true, but none has been established as a verifiable fact, not as far as I can determine.

So what facts do we actually know about the origins and purpose of the worldwide Coronamadness?

The data I will present below are simple statistics, drawn from official sources at the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The manipulation of the data on recorded Corona deaths is a fact: there are enough well-attested instances of bogus, exaggerated, or misattributed instances of death from COVID-19 to establish as fact the inaccuracy of the death counts. Unfortunately, we don’t know the actual, verifiable statistics on such deaths; we can simply be certain that the official statistics have been artificially inflated. The real numbers may be 25%, or 50%, or even an order of magnitude lower than what is shown in government statistics. We just don’t know.

Some dissidents assert that COVID-19 does not actually exist, that the virus described as such is a hoax. I don’t find that assertion credible. There was a large spike in deaths caused by severe respiratory symptoms in March and April of last year. That spike is attested not just by government records, but by numerous anecdotal accounts and alternate sources of data compiled by people who are dissidents and do not subscribe to the Corona hype. Furthermore, there is a large body of writing by microbiologists, virologists, and other experts in the field — many of whom are also dissidents and do not follow the WHO line on the disease — who have studied the virus and analyzed its genetic structure. Therefore, I accept as a premise that the virus commonly known as COVID-19 exists, and that it has been responsible for an undetermined number of deaths.

However, I believe that the official response to Corona is by and large a hoax. This is true not just in the United States, but across the globe. My focus is USA-centric, but as far as I know the same deductions could be applied in all countries infected by what I call the Coronamadness. The populace has been misinformed and massively lied to by political leaders and administrators entrusted with protecting public health. One hopes that someday there will be a public accounting for this gross dereliction of duty, but I’m not holding my breath.

So we know we’ve been lied to, and the truth is something different, but we don’t know exactly what it is. There are, however, official statistical indicators that something distinctly hinky is going on.

I have been wrestling with the CDC’s own data (specifically those of the National Center for Health Statistics, NCHS). There is an intractable issue with the two different datasets I investigated, but I decided to go ahead and publish my analysis after full disclosure of what the issue is.

I wanted a dataset spanning the years 2018-2021 that listed deaths caused by influenza and those caused by COVID-19. Unfortunately, I was only able to find two separate tables, one for 2014-2019 and another preliminary one for 2020-2021. The former includes a column “Influenza and pneumonia (J10-J18)”, while the latter has two columns, one for “Pneumonia Deaths” and another for “Influenza Deaths”. I tried combining the two separate numbers for flu and pneumonia, but that produced a total that was so out of line with seasonal statistics for 2014-2019 that I assumed it was not the relevant figure. I decided to use “influenza and pneumonia” as my flu figures for 2018 and 2019, while using just “influenza” for 2020-2021. I realize that the former two years are therefore probably showing higher numbers than they should be — you can see a drop in the graph from December 2019 to January 2020 — but I can’t find an alternative that would reconcile them. Any reader who is adept enough at navigating the CDC website and finds a full, comprehensive dataset for 2018-2021 is encouraged to send me a link*, after which and I will redo my calculations and post a new graphic.

I imported each dataset (in CSV format) into a Microsoft Access database, filtered out the rows and columns I didn’t need, and combined the result into a single table. I copied a query built on that table into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (which has better chart-producing capabilities) to make the following graph. The total Corona deaths are (I assume) grossly overstated, so much so that I had to magnify the flu data eight times to make the two series of comparable magnitude, so that the seasonal variations would be clearly visible:

(Click to enlarge)

The dataset used to make the graph is included at the bottom of this post in text form.

What might we conclude from examining the two very different datasets represented by the blue and red lines in this graph?

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Being Green Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

The article below discusses the sleazy (and casual) corruption of the Green candidate for chancellor in Germany. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from PolitikStube.

The translator notes:

A party that was founded by a pedophile and former Nazi has not changed one bit when it comes to self-enrichment.

The translated article:

Brandner: “Nothing with squeaky-clean woman — Baerbock ‘forgot’ to report income to the Bundestag”

The green candidate for Chancellor, Annalena Baerbock (the Goblin), has belatedly registered additional income from the years 2018 to 2020 with the Bundestag. That came to light today. These are allegedly special payments from the Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen party of between €17,500 and €37,000, which had been received but not declared. The exact amount is not known, as MPs are divided into different levels. Baerbock specifies level two special payments once (2018) and level three twice (2019, 2020).

Stephan Brandner, Deputy Federal Chairman of Alternative for Germany [AfD]:

“When the subject was raised in the Bundestag in March of this year, it suddenly occurred to Ms. Baerbock that she had completely forgotten to register her extremely generous special payments with the Bundestag. I’ll pretend I believe that… Apparently the candidate for chancellor got cold feet when the impacts on her questionable courses came closer and closer and it was foreseeable that the media would take a close look at her. However, how could it be otherwise, the media chorus remains: Baerbock is after all the darling of the standardized media. She is fond of believing that this is just another minor shortcoming, although there is a need for clarification. Of course, it can happen that you forget to report something to the President of the Bundestag. But amounts which would represent full annual incomes for ordinary citizens? That also shows how unworldly and detached the GREEN Crowd is.”

Thailand, Land of the No More Smiles

Our Bangkok correspondent H. Numan sends a gloomy account of the situation in Thailand as the coronavirus “pandemic” winds down.

Thailand, land of the no more smiles

by H. Numan

I’ve got bad news and I’ve got bad news. Which do you want to hear first?

Let’s start with the bad news. Thai International Airlines is on the brink of declaring bankruptcy. The airline has been very badly managed, long before the Chinese Virus struck. Countless efforts have been made to revive the company. You can read as: every executive lined his pockets. Thursday the axeman will arrive. The government stated it will not support Thai Inter. The decision of the shareholders should have been reached last Friday, but they asked for an extension.

It’s a pretty big deal here. You can see that because… everybody pretends it is not a big deal! Loss of face, you know. If KLM goes belly up, the Dutch would be up in arms. Thais are the most chauvinistic people on the planet. Their national pride goes down, and it’s not really important? Come on!

Thai International is the national carrier. A long time ago, one of the very best airlines in the world. The food was excellent and the service superb. The problem was that they didn’t make any profits. Why? Well, everybody working in Thai Inter got free flights. And their family members. And friends. And the royal family (always first class, of course). And their staff. And the friends of the royal staff. And most government officials. And their friends. You get the idea, I think. That can work in a well-managed company in a strong economic climate. It doesn’t most of the time. Thai Inter was never well managed to begin with.

That was no problem when Thai Inter was a government-run airline. After privatization this continued and became a serious problem. One of many. They did cut costs, but that took much of the shine off the airline. The last time I flew Thai, it showed. Food was not too bad — but that comes from me. In other words: from a garbage can with very low gourmet standards. If I find food mediocre, people with higher standards, beware!!! Entertainment was dated. Chairs were visibly well used. Staff was still friendly, but clearly overworked.

It’s a very big deal for Thailand, as it is the national carrier. The reason of the postponement is to put more pressure on the government to cough up something. Which they won’t do. Currently, the offices on Vipawadee Rungsit Road are for sale. The company staff works in rented space. They were able to sell off their old Boeing 747’s. However, that is not enough. Thai bought a lot of big Airbuses 340 and 380 — which nobody wants. Those planes are brand new, and can only be sold for scrap value. That really hurts.

That was the bad news. Now for some more bad news. Thailand survived the Chinese Virus pandemic relatively unscathed. The first two waves, that is. Until third wave hit us, hard. The death toll rose from under a hundred for a whole year to 614 in a matter of weeks. It’s still pretty good, compared with other countries. Thailand ranks 117, whereas The Netherlands ranks 27, with +17,000 deaths. As Thailand has four times as many citizens and is a third-world country, that’s actually pretty good.

I live in the dark-red zone, being Bangkok. Dark-red is an euphemism for black… One of the reasons is the outbreak of the virus in Thai prisons. Especially in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Thai prisons are notorious all over the world. One can, with good reason, call it Auschwitz in the tropics. Cells are vastly overcrowded: 40 men to a cell with barely room to move. Prisoners are kept in their cell from 3pm until 7am. With one jar for a toilet. No air-conditioning and all the mosquitoes you want. Thai cuisine is served: the cheapest rice possible with meat (cockroaches) or vegetarian (without the roaches). Water comes from a nearby canal. The guards differ from the ones in Auschwitz in that they don’t speak German. You won’t be surprised to hear that medical care and especially hygiene are matching. Hence, 6,853 cases in just the Bangkok prisons.

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