Brutopia: The Poshlost of Mohammed

The image above is the cover of a new novel that tells the story of the life of Mohammed Pbuh in graphic form. The author, Talha Dahlan, sends this summary of the book:

Brutopia: The Poshlost of Mohammed is a seven-part graphic novel in color depicting the life of Mohammed. The series, based almost entirely on the original and earliest sources of Islam, is both humourous and satirical, and includes caricatures of European and North American conservative leaders transposed upon Mecca in 7th century, using current vocabulary about the menace Mecca faced in the form of Mohammed and the Koran. The concerns were real then; the concerns are real now. Just the locale has changed.

This series of graphic novels is the first of its kind and never written before in fourteen centuries.

Mohammed, if real, is said to have lived between 570 and 632 AD. It is hoped that with the seven books in this series, readers will gain a greater understanding of Mohammed the man, his legacy, his actions, and his impact on the world.

See Amazon’s Kindle store to get your copy of Brutopia: The Poshlost of Mohammed.

Islam: Abolition of Civilisation, Part II

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir sends this follow-up to last week’s essay about Islam.

Islam: Abolition of Civilisation (Part II)

by The Kafir

In the year 1988, Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was published. Khomeini issued the fatwa. Salman Rushdie was a British citizen. The UK government immediately forced him into hiding, with heavy police protection. The UK had its Muslims. There was no way to know who among them might kill Rushdie. A mob could have come and lynched him. The British knew all this.

If the British knew all this, one might expect they would figure out all the logical things which followed from the affair: Muslims do not respect the West’s concept of free speech, there is no way to find out which Muslim is a potential killer of a blasphemer, and Muslims become mobs for the most outrageous of causes. Therefore, if the UK wanted to keep its free speech rights, it needed to stop Muslim immigration.

In fact, this should have been done by all the Western countries. Instead they opened the gates wider. They even encouraged Muslim immigration, legal and illegal. For example, Tony Blair. And Angela Merkel.

How did the West reach this point? The times when the elites of the most educated, advanced, prosperous, and happy countries of the West want to destroy the countries they are ruling? And the citizenry seem to be just clapping along?

The answer is that in the nineteenth century a man was born named Karl Marx. He confused the masses, and he frightened the elites. He misunderstood the source of wealth, let the masses loose on the elite, and they started making compromises, and now know nothing except making compromises, with anybody who threatens violence.

Burnham understood that Marxism/Communism/Leftism was also the abolition of morality: ‘“Dialectical logic.” Is simply a devise that declares “whatever serves the interest of communist power is true.” (Burnham quoted in the introduction to Suicide of The West, written by Roger Kimball [page 11, Kindle edition]). And the liberals ruling the West are Marxists lite. They know no absolute morality. It is all relative for them. Therefore, they now have different moral laws for different sections of society.

They started with the industrial workers. According to the leftists, the industrial workers are an exploited lot; therefore they are entitled to use violence. Normal laws of morality do not apply to them. They can picket the industrial plant, can wreck it, can even kill the owners. Because they are exploited. The ruling elites gave in. Perhaps they were afraid that if the workers were not allowed to burn down the industrial plant, they might march to parliament building and burn it instead. This was the first exemption from the moral laws granted by the civilized, and it has been downhill ever since. It led to the destruction of industrial plants in the West and rise of the Dependency Class. Work has this profound magical quality that it creates character in the men doing it. Without work, on welfare, Western people lost that character. Word also got around that being a ‘victim’ or ‘oppressed’ gives one exemption from the moral laws. Liberals began manufacturing ‘victim classes’, and people happily joined, because, well, who wants to be burdened with the morality?

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“Bill Gates is a Problem for Democracy”

The following article concerns an English-language book about Bill Gates. It was translated from the German, so some of the quotes from the book or the author may not be verbatim matches for the originals.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from Boris Reitschuster’s website. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

“Bill Gates is a problem for democracy”

New book: US journalist exposes the myth of the benevolent philanthropist

Hardly any other person is currently more polarizing than William Henry Gates III. For some, the kind-looking Microsoft founder is a shining light and benefactor. Others consider him to be a dangerous narcissist who wants to influence the course of time to his own liking with his billions and his absolutist fantasies of omnipotence.

The 68-year-old father of three children prefers to style himself as a philanthropist with a penchant for bringing salvation to the whole world. [If I were a Christian, I’d call him a serious contender for the “Antichrist”.] This is what happened during the Corona crisis. “We ultimately want to administer the vaccine to seven billion people,” he postulated verbatim in the Tagesthemen in April of 2020. The vaccines are great and he himself is one of the biggest supporters, he told the Süddeutsche Zeitung in February of last year.

The investigative journalist Tim Schwab has been working intensively with the programmer, who is currently worth an estimated $117 billion, since 2019 and in his book, which has just been published by S. Fischer Verlag, he dispels the image of Gates as a benefactor. One of the core statements in the 592-page The Bill Gates Problem — The Myth of the Charitable Billionaire: The supposedly greatest philanthropist of our time not only derives financial benefit from his foundation, but also uses it to influence political decisions worldwide in an undemocratic way.

Unyielding belief in yourself

The real Gates, Schwab believes, is still a “power-hungry, narcissistic control freak,” and the sprawling Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is little more than a vehicle through which he can amass and exert influence on a far greater scale than would be possible for him as a mere billionaire software mogul. “It is deeply undemocratic, and cements inequality,” argues Schwab.

Gates and his then-wife founded their foundation in 2000. As of 2022, it was better equipped to combat disease and malnutrition than many governments, with around $67 billion. His “unyielding belief in himself that he will do both right and justice in everything he does,” the author writes, led Gates to believe that he and only he knew best how to solve the world’s most complex problems.

The chapter in which Schwab highlights the foundation’s support for family planning in the Third World is particularly sobering. Gates’ preferred method of contraception is a hormonal implant that is inserted into a woman’s arm and is intended to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. His foundation entered into an agreement with drug manufacturers to encourage them to sell many millions of these implants at deep discounts. When the market was finally flooded, clinics in countries like Malawi and Uganda used aggressive sales tactics to get women to accept implants they didn’t want. Schwab describes this as a form of eugenically inspired coercion.

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Love Among the Mantises

I occasionally like to quote the words of my namesake: Unspiek, Baron Bodissey, whose writings may be found in the fiction of Jack Vance. The Baron is not a character in those books, but rather a literary reference. Excerpts from his works appear in footnotes and chapter headings, and he is occasionally quoted by characters in the books.

The following quote is from the heading of Chapter 3 in The Book of Dreams, the final novel of the Demon Princes pentalogy:

From Life, Volume I, by Unspiek, Baron Bodissey:

…I often reflect upon the word “morality,” the most troublesome and confusing word of all.

There is no single or supreme morality; there are many, each defining the mode by which a system of entities optimally interacts.

The eminent entomologist Fabre, observing a mantis in the act of devouring its mate, exclaimed: “What an abominable custom!”

The ordinary man, during a day’s time, may be obliged to act by the terms of a half-dozen different moralities. Some of these acts, appropriate at one moment, may the next moment be considered obscene or opprobrious in terms of another morality.

The person who, let us say, expects generosity from a bank, efficient flexibility from a government agency, open-mindedness from a religious institution will be disappointed. In each purview the notions represent immorality. The poor fool might as quickly discover love among the mantises.

Germany Has Abolished Itself

Thirteen years ago Thilo Sarrazin was reviled and cancelled for daring to suggest that Germany, through its disastrous migration policies, was in the process of abolishing itself.

Well, now it’s pretty much official: Germany has abolished itself. I assume that being able to say “I told you so” is cold comfort for Mr. Sarrazin in his role as a German Cassandra.

An arrogant Iranian-German woman named Naika Foroutan has written a book in which she admonishes Germans “who have lived here for a longer time” to get used to the fact that their country no longer belongs to them. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the online news portal Nius. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Migration researcher Naika Foroutan teaches the Germans: Your country does not belong to you!

Naika Foroutan’s new book “It would be German” has just been published, when the head of the German Center for Integration and Migration Research (DeZIM Institute) causes heated motions with a guest contribution to Focus Online . “You no longer recognize ‘your’ country? Then you have misunderstood something,” the 51-year-old lectures the German majority population in a passive-aggressive tone, thus assigning them the role of obedient students.

You just have to get used to it: the country “looks different, it has become younger, it speaks differently, it eats differently, it prays differently than before. But they forget: This country per se does not belong to anyone,” claims Foroutan, paraphrasing the actual message: Above all, this country no longer belongs to you, dear Germans.

Foroutan’s essay captures a zeitgeist that has now become de rigueur. What was condemned in numerous media a few years ago as right-wing extremist scaremongering is now being transformed with her words into an inevitable but positive development. “The last decade has seen significant demographic changes in Germany. The diversity, which is primarily associated with migration, has expanded,” writes the political scientist. Demographic change and its consequences are no longer denied, but rather welcomed. [Welcomed by Islamic zealots and their leftist patsies in their drive to destroy everything that isn’t Islamic.] “They will be the powerful,” Die Zeit recently headlined, adding: “Germany doesn’t want to understand what it is today: a country in which migrants will no longer be a minority, but more in demand than ever.” [When the aim is genocide — cultural and physical — then the demand of genocidal maniacs must be great.]

Not created by chance

In the Berliner Zeitung, in May, the Iranian journalist Behzad Karim Khani spoke to “Biodeutsche” about their disappearance and the takeover of the country by migrants. “Integrate yourselves,” was his message, garnished with the smug remark: “And you, dear organic Germans, demographically speaking, are definitely leaving. They’re dying out, and your country needs about 400,000 new workers over the next 15 years, that’s about a million immigrants a year [sic — it doesn’t add up, but that’s what it says]. We migrants will probably inherit this land. So we could play for time here.”

All of the authors mentioned allude to a dynamic that did not come about by chance, but was deliberately promoted by those responsible in politics, from the CDU to the Greens, especially since the asylum crisis in 2015: between 2011 and 2022, the number of foreigners in Germany rose from 6.3 million to 13.4 million. Since immigration is particularly concentrated in the Middle East, the number of Muslims in the country is automatically growing. In addition, the proportion of the population with a migration background is increasing year by year.

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Stop The Great Replacement!

Old Europe Stop The Great Replacement!
by Rikard Högberg
Legatum Books
154 pages

Reviewed by Fjordman

The Swedish author Rikard Högberg recently published his book Old Europe Stop The Great Replacement! He wrote an earlier version of this book in 2002, but the second edition has been updated through 2022 and contains new chapters.[1]

The concept of The Great Replacement has been promoted by the French author Renaud Camus. In his book Le Grand Remplacement from 2011, Camus argues that a European elite is in the process of replacing the native European population with people of immigrant origin. Instead of encouraging its own native population to have enough children, politicians and policymakers are advocating for immigration to replace the deficit of young working-age people. The result of this policy is the gradual replacement of the native European population with peoples of foreign origin, without regard for heritage and cultural conditions.

This process is plainly obvious for everybody to see. Across much of Europe, from Athens to Dublin and from Lisbon to Hamburg, immigrants are rapidly replacing the natives in neighborhood after neighborhood. It has become increasingly difficult to find an ethnic Frenchman in parts of Paris, just as it has become increasingly difficult to find a native English or British person in parts of London. However, stating the obvious and pointing this fact out is met with condemnations of “racism” by bad-faith actors, making a public debate on this subject nearly impossible.

At least, you are not allowed to point out the ongoing population replacement if you criticize or oppose this development. This will at best bring ridicule and scorn. At worst, it could earn you accusations of being a dangerous extremist or even a potential terrorist. Rikard Högberg notes that you may be allowed to comment on the replacement of native Europeans in their historical homelands, but only if you applaud and support this:

“When the replacement of Europeans is described by liberal and progressive voices it is portrayed as something positive; it is welcomed by the press and politicians. However, when those who point out the negative sides of this replacement and want it to be stopped or reversed, it is labelled as a ‘conspiracy theory’ and denied by the very same press and politicians who previously lauded it.”[2]

Högberg believes that a vile replacement policy is being actively promoted by the Globalist ruling class that currently governs Western countries. They rule through false and misleading information and propaganda, rigged elections, threats, intimidation, and various forms of attacks on dissidents and freethinkers:

“Globalist actors such as George Soros and Bill Gates fund and direct obedient corporations and NGOs that do whatever they wish. Their actions all point in one direction; they want to destroy Europe. They want to replace the European population and independence with a new and easily manipulated low-wage slave population. They want to destroy people making innovations that could threaten their hegemony. They hate independent-minded people. They hate intelligent people who can think for themselves. They hate people they cannot bribe. And by extension, as a European, they hate you. They want you extinct and gone. Thus the falling birthrates in Western countries is not a slump. It is the direct result of enacted policies perpetrated by our countries’ currently most potent elements. They fund demographic institutes and ‘think tanks’ that come up with these replacement immigration policies.”[3]

Similar ideas are being pushed simultaneously through international organizations such as the UN and the EU, but also through numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business forums and policy institutes. Some of them are very powerful and influential, yet do not possess any shred of democratic mandate. This includes the World Economic Forum (WEF), founded by Klaus Schwab from Germany. The WEF holds annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland for powerful investors and business leaders, political leaders, and celebrities “to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”[4]

Fortunately, major change may be coming our way. The ruling elites still control much of the information flow, but their grip on power is less firm than before. Fewer people are reading mainstream media controlled by the Globalists, and they trust what they are being told by the mass media less and less. More citizens are taking note of how duplicitous, shameless, and dishonest the Globalists are, while attempting to shield themselves from valid criticism and public scrutiny.

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Islam Bans Freedom of Speech for All Human Beings

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The police in both Norway and Sweden have recently banned people from burning a copy of the Koran. The Danish-Swedish lawyer, politician and activist Rasmus Paludan has burned the Koran in public several times. Muslims staged violent riots over this in several Swedish cities in April 2022.[1] Recently, this has triggered international Islamic protests against Sweden. Turkish President Erdogan has threatened to block Sweden’s NATO membership bid partly because it remains legal in Sweden to burn the Koran.[2]

In February 2023 Swedish police banned a planned burning of the Koran in Stockholm.[3] They cited an increased risk of terror attacks as the reason for this decision.[4] Several experts on free speech question whether the police are allowed to do this according to current Swedish law.[5]

Finland has restrictive laws when it comes to freedom of expression. Even some Finnish politicians such as Jussi Halla-aho from the Finns Party have been legally prosecuted for allegedly making hateful comments about Islam.[6] Police in Finland would not allow a public burning of the Koran, according to the National Police Board. Finnish law stipulates that violating religious peace is a punishable offence, the police board said in a statement.[7]

You can, of course, think what you will about burning books, regardless of which book it is. The fact is, however, that in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark in the year 2023 it is legal to burn books.

The Norwegian activist Hege Storhaug has been writing about Islam and immigration for many years. Her book Islam: Europe Invaded. America Warned is also available in English. She criticized the authorities after the police banned a group from burning a copy of the Koran in front of the Turkish embassy in Oslo.[8] Again, it is questionable whether the police are allowed to do this according to current Norwegian law.

The police in Sweden and Norway are effectively saying in public that they cannot or will not uphold our secular laws, because they are afraid of violent reactions from Muslims. There really is no other way to interpret this behavior. This amounts to submission to Islamic religious law, sharia, and to Islamic rule.

Those who argue that we should simply stop offending Muslims do not understand Islam. The late Kurt Westergaard was one of several Danish artists who made a drawing of Muhammad for the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005. This was deemed offensive by many Muslims, therefore some of them wanted to kill him. Culture editor Flemming Rose and others from Jyllands-Posten have also lived with threats for years for publishing these Muhammad cartoons.[9]

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The Clever and the Stupid

Karl-Olov Arnstberg is a Swedish writer, ethnologist, and retired university professor. Many thanks to LN for translating this post from the blog Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle:

The clever and the stupid

by Karl-Olov Arnstberg
January 1, 2023

Last week’s Sunday Chronicle was about intelligence and the quarter-century-old but still controversial research report The Bell Curve. Today I thought I’d shift the focus from the average IQ ratio of different groups to the “smart fraction” — see the picture above.

Tabula Rasa/Blank Slate is a philosophical theory which maintains that human beings are not only shaped by their environment and experiences, but also that they can be shaped into almost anything. Aristotle asserted this in his treatise De Anima (On the Soul), and the Greek Stoics developed the idea. The next big names are the canonised 13th-century philosopher Thomas Aquinas, and then the 17th-century philosophers Descartes and John Locke. In his “Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, the latter coined the term “white paper/blank slate”. In his novel Émile or Education, Jean-Jacques Rousseau echoes the same idea when he argues that adults can mould children into whatever they want. Then we may jump to Marx, who argues that it is capitalism that creates the differences (the injustices). In the paradise to which the dictatorship of the proletariat leads, all people will be the same, that is to say, good. No rich capitalist pigs there. The Social Democrats were not convinced that this happiness would be achieved through revolution, and so launched their alternative, social engineering.

The idea that we can all be equal is attractive to socialists in the first place, which, as we know, has cost the lives of several million people. Freud may also be included in the ranks of believers, since he argued that inheritance has minimal significance. Man is formed in his early childhood years. As late as the 1950s, behaviourist psychologists were so convinced that all human behaviour was controlled by the environment that there were even those who believed that the right therapy could cure Down’s syndrome.

That’s the legacy we live with to this day. The politically correct dogma assumes that all human beings are born as blank slates, and that it is only faulty policies, upbringing and environmental factors such as education, nutrition, medical care, etc. that prevent a person from attaining the intellectual or cultural achievements of another person.

It does not seem to matter that there is no scientific support whatsoever for the ideology of equality. Neuroscience, psychometrics and evolutionary psychology have totally shattered the theory that humans are born as a blank slate. The cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker’s 500+ page exposé The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature was published in 2002. Four years later, it was published in Swedish.

Politicians who prattle on about the equal value of human beings, and feminists who campaign for equal opportunity quotas, should be ordered to read it. It would save us citizens a lot of political nonsense. It would also save money, not least when it comes to aid. It is not possible to use aid to help poor countries with low IQ averages out of their misery. Moreover, if politicians were to follow what modern biologists and evolutionary psychologists agree on concerning the importance of heredity, they would put an end to the immigration that is currently filling up Sweden with new inhabitants from Africa and the Middle East faster than the fastest chicken can run.

In 2002, what was called the Smart Fraction Theory was first presented by someone using the pseudonym La Griffe du Lion (The Lion’s Claw), which probably stands for the American sociologist Robert Gordon, who wrote anonymously to avoid a lot of hateful comments and claims of racism. Even controversial science should be driven by logic, theory and empirical evidence, and thus not be disturbed or stopped by vilification and threats. But that’s unfortunately what has happened.

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The Children of Men

The title of this post is a reference the dystopian 1992 novel of the same name by P.D. James. It seems apropos, given the events it describes, which take place in the year 2021.

Many thanks to LN for translating this German-language article from Rubikon:

Birth rates collapse

The German Federal Institute for Population Research reports a collapse in total fertility and birth rates nine months after the start of Corona vaccinations.

A commentary by Jens Bernert

A sharp drop of 15 percent in the birth rate in Germany in connection with the “Corona vaccinations” is reported by the German Federal Institute for Population Research [1][2][3][4]. The seasonally adjusted monthly total fertility rate (TFR) declined by 14 percent. The Federal Institute points out that the dramatic crash in the two rates, calculated on the basis of births, began nine months — the length of a pregnancy — after the campaign to vaccinate the fertile cohorts began. The study rules out reasons for the decline other than the vaccination campaign.

The English-language study, with the translated title “Fertility Declines Toward the End of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence for Birth Declines in Germany and Sweden in 2022,” can be found on the website of the German Federal Institute for Population Research, where it can also be downloaded as a PDF file [5]. The study authors use statistical methods to examine the development of birth and fertility rates in Germany and Sweden.

The birth rate or “seasonally adjusted monthly total fertility rate” refers to all women, including unvaccinated women. This means that the decline in these two rates in relation only to the vaccinated is realistically likely to be much more dramatic. Since the evaluation is based on live births, miscarriages, abortions of damaged fetuses, etc., naturally also play a role here.

The introductory abstract to the study states:

“We rely on monthly birth statistics and present seasonally adjusted monthly total fertility rates (TFR) for Germany and Sweden. We relate nine-month lagged fertility rates to contextual trends in COVID-19 mortality and morbidity, unemployment rates, and COVID-19 vaccination. The seasonally adjusted monthly TFR in Germany fell from 1.5-1.6 in 2021 to 1.3-1.4 in 2022, a decline of about 14 percent. In Sweden, the corresponding TFR fell from about 1.7 in 2021 to 1.5-1.6 in 2022, a decline of almost 10 percent. There is no relationship between fertility trends and changes in unemployment, infection rates, or COVID-19 deaths. However, there is a strong association between the start of vaccination programs and the decline in fertility nine months after the start of these programs.”

The Federal Institute study states that the decline in fertility rates did not occur for other reasons under discussion. Consequently, it states:

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Diana West: The Silence of the Institutions

As most readers already know, Diana West is the author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character. In the following video, Vlad interviews Diana about the COVID hysteria, and the subsequent experimental mRNA treatment that was marketed as a mitigation of the effects of infection with the virus.

Because real information concerning the “vaccines” is largely occluded, discussions about what is going on must of necessity be speculative. There are, however, a few undeniable facts. For example: the propaganda push behind the vax has been the greatest I’ve ever encountered in my lifetime, far greater than any wartime propaganda. Which is remarkable, given that COVID-19 is relatively mild, as contagious diseases go.

That alone tells you that there’s more to this “pandemic” than meets the eye.

Then there are the excess deaths. We’re in the early stages of data collection on this issue, but it’s already clear that something not directly related to Corona is killing a lot of people. No one can say for certain what the causes might be, but what’s happening now is exactly what was predicted by independent critics of the mRNA jabs back in late 2020, before mass “vaccination” began.

Those are just two of the relevant facts. There are many others, such as the bizarre and frightening blood clots that are being pulled out of the circulatory systems of cadavers during autopsies.

Something evil is definitely afoot.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

The Idea of the Monarchy

Long-time readers will remember Rembrandt Clancy’s extensive scholarly translations from the German. The following essay is his own composition, and was occasioned by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Idea of the Monarchy

by Rembrandt Clancy
18 September 2022

While the marriages, ideological proclivities or political associations of individual members of the royal family matter, our purpose here, on the occasion of the end of the seventy-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II, is limited to exploring the meaning of monarchy as a symbol, mainly through the writings of Oswald Spengler and George Orwell, with the British monarchy serving as the primary exemplar.

Some hours after the death of the Queen, Jordan Peterson gave a rather conversational video talk honouring her long reign (cf. How the Queen’s Passing will affect the World). In the course of his remarks, he pointed to the many contributions the United Kingdom has made to representative governments such as those of Canada, Australia, the United States and India. His central focus, however, was on a single concept: the wisdom of the symbol behind the British monarchy.

In the United States, the checks and balances to power are accomplished in principle by three divisions of government: the executive, the legislative and the judicial. Peterson goes on to explain that in Britain there is a fourth division where

“the monarch holds the symbolic weight [of power], and that’s really smart, because it separates it to some degree from the political weight.” (6:17 min.)

For Peterson, the monarchy is an added bulwark against tyranny. In the American system, on the other hand, the executive and the symbolic weighting are combined in one branch, giving rise to “temptations” for a president to assume monarchical pretensions and thereby accumulate a surfeit of power to his own person. Peterson’s meaning is that while the president cannot help but carry these two weightings in his capacity of President, he may be tempted to cloak himself personally in the symbolic element, hence suffer from a type of psychological inflation, a puffed-up condition akin to l’état, c’est moi, or to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s claim, that “I represent science”: to damage him is to damage science (cf. The Washington Times, 28 Nov. 2021)

In the American executive branch, only the nomenclature changes: the King becomes President — rather than a Prime Minister — and the Queen becomes a First Lady; the White House is akin to a palace where on official occasions the President walks on and off stage to the equivalent of a trumpet fanfare. Moreover, there is a certain dynastic tendency attached to the presidency, which strives to come to the surface for recognition. In later years, for example, the Kennedy dynasty, the Clintons and the Bushes come to mind; but in practice, a hereditary presidential line has not been successful. Trump made a mockery of it when in 2016 he frustrated Hilary Clinton’s right of succession. Nevertheless, this dynastic tendency draws attention to the sense of entitlement among an entrenched nouveau riche called “the elite”.

Peterson says that “Trump, he’s King and President all rolled up into one, and that’s just too much” (7:24 min.). We understand that Peterson is trying to exemplify the dangers inherent in the office of President-King, but is Trump a good example? Why is the office of President-King “too much” for Trump and not for any other president? That Trump accumulated fame; first, as a nouveau riche businessman; then, in the TV series The Apprentice and finally in the presidency does not build a case for any of it going to Trump’s head by simply summing it all up as being “too much”. Having actually built something, having media savvy and experience with a variety of people are normally assets. Trump’s knowledge of the media contributed greatly to his handling of the legacy media. One wonders why all of Trump’s accumulated experience becomes dangerous in his case. The socially agreed, American, monarchical simulacrum was already awaiting Donald Trump as long-established ‘royal’ protocol when he entered the White House ‘palace’. All presidents have the opportunity to bask in that pseudo-royalty. On the other hand, instead of taking these displays seriously, Trump ridiculed the disingenuousness of acting presidentially multiple times through mime: “If I acted presidential, I can guarantee you this morning, I wouldn’t be here” (cf. PJ Media, 26 April, 2016). By bringing his case to the granular level of a particular president, Peterson buries his own lead, for his main purport was to show that in the United States, the very country that separated itself from the monarchy of George III through revolution, incorporated monarchical trappings in the office of the presidency itself.

Why has the monarchical tendency returned to the America despite her revolution against monarchy? Peterson says

“that’s partly because there is that demand for the symbolic weight that the leader should manifest, and you also see that to, some degree, in the United States, which is a star-worshipping culture obviously, with the glitterati and the royalty of Hollywood” (6:55).

But that begs the question of why there is a demand for the symbolic weight of monarchy in the first place.

According to Oswald Spengler in his great intuitive work, ‘The Decline of the West’ (Der Untergang des Abendlandes)[1], Faustian (Western) nations owe their very existence to the “dynastic idea” (Vol. II, p. 179):

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Socialism is the Loser of History

Many thanks to LN for translating this essay by Karl-Olov Arnstberg from the Swedish blog Invandring och mörkläggning:

Sunday Chronicle: Postmodernism and truth

September 4, 2022

Of the classic questions of philosophy is how we are able to know anything about existence and being (ontology).

Does reason provide an objective view of the world? In Plato’s cave analogy, a group of people sit chained in a cave, their faces turned towards the cave’s interior. Behind them is a wall, and behind the wall burns a fire. Between the wall and the fire walk people, holding up objects above the wall. The fire casts shadows on the cave walls, and these shadows are all the prisoners in the cave can see, and they spend their time trying to make sense of this blurred reflection of existence. Many people are also familiar with the French philosopher René Descartes’ short sentence Cogito ergo sum, which means “I think, therefore I exist”. Everything can be doubted, but not that one thinks. At least that we can know that we exist.

A century on, the Enlightenment’s answer to the question of what we can know about reality is to put our faith in reason. Our senses are what tell us about reality. Those usually placed in the display window are Voltaire, Diderot and the encyclopaedists of France, but I would rather highlight three English geniuses, because it is England that will be the cradle of industrialism and therefore of our modern age. The three names are Francis Bacon as an empiricist and scientist, Isaac Newton as a physicist and mathematician, and John Locke with his writings on empiricism, reason and liberal politics.

Soon there was a counter-movement that argued that reason was not at all sufficient to understand existence and the world. Reason does not provide answers to existential questions. What about belief in God, in traditional values such as duty, sacrifice and solidarity? Moreover, reason is irreducibly subjective. People are not at all in agreement about what their minds tell them about the world. Take the Indian sutra that has spread around the world as the Buddha’s parable.

A king has brought an elephant to his palace and asks the city’s blind men to examine it. As the men feel each part of the elephant, the king asks them, one by one, to describe what an elephant is. One man has felt the elephant’s head and describes it as a pot, another has felt its ear and describes it as a basket or a sieve. One has felt the tusks and describes a coulter, and another has felt the legs and talks about tree trunks. They have all experienced the elephant in different ways and cannot agree.

I will not stray further into the catacombs of pre-modern philosophy, but what I want to say is that the truth about our existence is and remains an unsolved problem. As John Ajvide Lindqvist writes in his new novel Reality: there is no way to prove that the world was not created five seconds ago and that everything we think we remember is a fabrication put into our heads by an alien entity. There is no way to know.

The 20th century is the century of reason, and the advances are amazing; liberal politics, democracy, free markets, scientific progress and technological innovation. But industrialism also builds a class society. It gets its counter-movement in the form of communism, which believed that the contradictions of capitalism would lead to revolution. Eventually, the exploited workers would have had enough. As we all know, that was not the case. In the First World War, the proletarians chose not Marx, Lenin and socialism but nationalism. The lesson for the communists was that revolution would not come by itself. The proletariat needed the support and guidance of an intellectual elite. Such an elite was built above all by the Frankfurt School.

The First World War also led to a different and revanchist movement. Today we see communism and national socialism as two extremes — one on the left, the other on the right. Moreover, we classify Marxism as sophisticated and intellectual, while Nazism is the ideology of the rabble-rousers. However, it wasn’t really that simple in 1930s Germany. The Nazis also had an elite and a respectable academic tradition with philosophers like Schopenhauer, Herder and Nietzsche. Marx, in a corner, was also involved.

The two ideologies were siblings. For example, both Goebbels and Mussolini were socialists in their political thinking. In The Road to Serfdom (English first edition 1944), the Austrian-British economist Friedrich Hayek writes that when students, after studying on the Continent, returned to England, they were unsure whether they wanted to be Communists or Nazis. On the other hand, they were quite clear that they hated capitalism. The big difference was that National Socialism put the nation and the people first, while Communism focused on the class and the proletariat. Neither ideology had anything whatsoever in common with democracy. The Communists were committed to the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Nazis to the Aryan race, i.e. the dictatorship of the German people.

Since Germany was the great loser of the Second World War, Nazism perished as an ideology. The second sibling, as we know, survived — even though its days were numbered. The first attack came in 1956 when the Hungarian uprising was crushed, the second in 1968 with the Warsaw Pact’s invasion of Czechoslovakia. Soviet power exposed the totalitarian core of communism, in all its horror. Then, when East Germany collapsed in 1989 and the Soviet Union a few years later, the saga of communism should have been over. It should be as ideologically dead as Nazism.

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Cultural Appropriators Must Be Cancelled!

The prohibition against “cultural appropriation” seems to be in force now in Germany, just as it is on this side of the Atlantic.

The following report doesn’t mention it, but I would expect that “The Song of Hiawatha” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow would have to be cancelled, too. Not only is it an epic poem about Injuns written by a honky, but it even uses the word “wigwam”! Which is almost too much for a sensitive soul to bear.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit:

Discussion about “cultural appropriation”

Dieter Hallervorden: That is patronization!


With biting irony, the actor and theater manager Dieter Hallervorden got involved in the debate about so-called “cultural appropriation”. Regarding the discussion about the Indian chief Winnetou created by the writer Karl May, the 86-year-old said: “I think we live in a kind of sensitivity cult where other people want to dictate to us which slalom we have to use to go around alleged blunders in the future.”

Hallervorden attacked the advocates of a prohibition culture harshly: “I take it as patronization,” said the director of the Berlin Schloßpark-Theater. Background: The Ravensburger publishing house stopped the delivery of two children’s books for the film of the same name, “The Young Chief Winnetou”, in mid-August. Because one is aware “that we have hurt the feelings of others with the Winnetou titles”.

Also ban Goethe’s “Faust”?

If one followed this logic, Goethe’s “Faust” would also have to be banned, Hallervorden averred. “Because the way Faust approaches Gretchen is not only outdated, but downright misogynistic.” And he said sarcastically of characters invented by Walt Disney such as Donald Duck: “Talking ducks — don’t you do a certain animal species a bitter wrong here?” He could only recommend that everyone not take the topic seriously and “have a great laugh about it.”

Afterword from the translator:

Dieter Hallervorden also criticized gendering last year , calling it the rape of the German language. I call all of this the rape of humanity.

Unfortunately, all of this is nothing new. Over 200 years ago the busybody crowd around Reverend William Wilberforce did the same. They even had Cinderella banned, among many other fairy tales, because the story painted stepmothers in a bad light, and fairy tales in general were thought to take people away from “Christian values”— needless to say, it was THEIR “Christian” values.

And now the same crowd is coming for Karl May, a 19th-century German writer of travel adventure novels, ALL of which I read while growing up. Reading his books growing up made me leave Germany and Europe and have my own adventures. Pity, though, my collection of his books burned along with my house back in 2015.

They Have Plans For Us

When I wrote last week about the financial crisis and the Great Reset, I said:

None of the above is the raving of a tinfoil-hat paranoid. It has all been written up, more or less the same as I summarized, in articles and treatises and papers put out by the World Economic Forum and the other institutions that are planning our globalized future. None of it is hidden. It’s not secret. But it’s TLDR for most people, so they pay no attention.

The following report talks about Klaus Schwab’s most recent book, which is an example of the blatant out-in-the-open plans our future overlords have for us. They probably rely on the fact that almost nobody outside of their totalitarian technocrat community reads their stuff.

The sheep just never look up.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Report24:

“Insane!”: Schwab’s new book “The Great Narrative” is torn in two

It was published in English on December 28 last year and has been available in German since February 21: The second part of Klaus Schwab’s “The Great Reset” is called “The Great Narrative” and has the dubious subtitle “For a better future”. The latest work by the founder of the World Economic Forum is not well received by readers.

The big narrative est [sic!] is a guide for anyone who wants to better understand how the world has evolved since the beginning of the pandemic and what solutions can make it more resilient, fairer and more sustainable..

This is how the 293-page book by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret is described on Amazon. However, users find completely different words for it. The 1-star ratings outweigh the others in both the German and the English version. German readers state:

“Insane! Does he believe he is “God”? Orwell sends greetings: he says protection, peace and freedom. He means control, slavery and paternalism.”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“Severely sick! A lone man who has gathered a kind of elite cult around him is trying to transform all of humanity according to his ideal! Mankind should do everything possible to ensure that this nightmare does not become a reality!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

“A dangerous pamphlet that promotes totalitarian socialism with pretended global problems such as climate change. Pooh!”

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The ratings for the English version are hardly more forgiving. Here is what UK readers write:

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