Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/31/2017

When three home invaders broke into a house in Oklahoma, they encountered the son of the homeowner, who shot all three dead with an AR-15 rifle. Not only will the son not be charged for killing them, but the woman who allegedly drove their getaway car is being charged with felony murder, since she was an accessory to the felony act that resulted in the deaths of the three perpetrators.

In other news, the mayor of the Danish city of Odense has to be accompanied by armed bodyguards. He apparently offended members of the immigrant gang called “Black Army in Odense”, so that his life is now in danger.

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Barawatha: Epic of Epics

Our German translator JLH has employed his considerable poetic skills to pen this magnum opus about America’s Man for All Seasons — or for thirty-two of them, anyway, four per year for eight long years. Those are years we’ll never get back, but c’est la vie…

Epic of epics

By JLH, with respects to the great myth-maker, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

On the banks of old Potomac,
By the wide and flowing waters,
Lived for eight years Barawatha,
In the Whitest of all Houses,
In the fabled land of DeeSee,
In the land of wealth and madness.

Far had come our Barawatha,
From the lands of Kenyawahwah,
To the isles of Ho-No-Luau,
To the lands of Indo-Eastern
Where the minaret was calling,
Forming for him thoughts of music.

Then the trekking journey homeward,
From the lands of very Eastern,
Eastward to the lands of Western,
Stopping in the land of Luau,
Then on to the western province,
To the very western province
In the Land of Money-Talking,
In the Land of Let’s-Pretending,
In the Land of Mickey-Mousing,
Where for two short years he studied
The many mysteries of the Occident.

Now grown out of young and cuddly,
Into tall and lithe and handsome,
Soon to travel once more westward.
Like an arrow toward the coastline,
To the town of Robber Barons,
To the town of Spinach Popeye,
To the venerable institution,
Nestled in the worst of districts,
Covered in respect and ivy,
For another two years’ learning.

Leaving then that town of Commerce,
For the town of Slaughterhouses,
And the town of Drive-By Slaughter.
Learning, thinking, organizing,
Planning for a further future.

One last leap in education,
To a further northern Ivy,
In the land of cod and baked beans,
And of cabbage and of corned beef,
In the land of Cabots, Lodges,
And of many an upstart Irishman.

Here to study the queen of sciences —
Understand Left-Leaning Lawfare.
How to bring about the rescue
Of the nation from its bondage
To the thought of long-dead fellows
Who had never heard of Facebook
And refused to pay their taxes.

Back then to the town of stockyards,
Railroad trains and Smith and Wesson,
Back to organizing, teaching.
Thinking now of where the Law lives,
How it changes and who does it.

Cleverly and lightly then he
Trod the stepping stones to power.
Missed the first one, balanced quickly,
Reached another higher level.
Soon was sitting with his compères
In the senatorial chamber.
Grousing, grumbling and complaining,
At the state of the economy,
At the travails of the needy,
At the entire world of nations
Seeing us as their despoilers.
How did all this come to happen,
Under less than able leaders?
Now is time to change direction,
Make a difference, make some progress,
Down with capital exploitation!
Up with programs, programs, programs!

Now he saw, our Barawatha,
Saw his purpose, saw his future,
In the epic war yet coming
To decide with final judgment
What befits this nation’s hubris,
In its arrogance and profit,
In its overweening self-love.

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This Won’t Wash

A female culture-enricher who was serving as a nursing assistant in Germany wanted to be exempted from washing male patients, on religious grounds. But the labor court in Mannheim didn’t buy her rationale.

Egri Nök, who translated the article for Gates of Vienna, includes this observation:

This is a short article on a trivial and extremely petty matter. But the attitude that shines through is so obnoxious that it deserves our attention.

The translated article from the independent German broadcaster N-TV:

Nursing assistant dismissed: Muslima won’t wash men

March 23, 2017

A Muslim nursing assistant refused to wash men, because of her beliefs. After just one week she was dismissed. Rightfully so, a court has decided.

As a Muslim nursing assistant refused to wash male patients, her employer dismissed her — with justification, the Mannheim labour court has decided. They refused the claim of the 40-year-old. The native of Lithuania had only been working for one week for the nursing service before she was dismissed.

“I just want to fight for my right to work,” the woman declared, before she sat down in the courtroom. She has been living in Germany for three years, and all she wanted was to integrate, she said. She had studied medicine in Lithuania, but had no work permission for Germany. That is why she is making ends meet as a nursing assistant and housekeeping helper.

She does not understand why such a large company cannot show consideration for the fact that her religion forbids her to wash men. Judge Sigrid Bouwhuis stresses: “You may exercise your religion freely. But you cannot expect conjuring tricks to suit you at your workplace.”

So she has to play by the rules. Besides, there is no protection against dismissal in the six-month trial period. And as the woman filed the complaint against her dismissal a day too late, the complaint was inadmissible in any case.

They don’t care. They don’t have to care. They’re the phone company.

Well, that was a fun three days of forced vacation.

Words can’t describe my level of annoyance with the phone company. Or rather, no words that meet the PG-13 guidelines for this blog.

It happened the middle of Tuesday afternoon. A line of moderate thunderstorms passed to the north of us. We could hear the thunder, but the storm was two or three miles away. No big deal — it didn’t seem necessary to put up one of our weather warning posts.

Then the lights flicked on and off for a split second. Just a blip — it wasn’t even enough to reset any of the electric clocks in the house. But the internet went out. Natch. The phone kept working, but no more DSL.

I had to go grocery shopping. When I came home, the internet was still out, so I called the phone company and didn’t oprima nueve para español. After going through the usual rigmarole, the tech had me reboot the modem, unplug and replug the modem, etc., etc. He checked the status of the server, and said there were no malfunctions at that end. There was nothing else that could be done remotely.

I spent an hour or so on the phone with two levels of technician (the lowest flunky and then his supervisor), and could get no help except that they would send someone out on Saturday April 1. That’s when I got annoyed and had the flunky put me through to the supervisor. I try not to give guys at the lowest levels a hard time, because they really can’t do anything more — they are constrained in their responses. So I told them I was speaking for the recording (because they record everything), and then proceeded to give an earful to the higher-ups who might eventually listen to the recording. I didn’t get obscene or anything — that’s not my style — but I was, shall we say, emphatic.

The most I could get from them was that they would escalate the ticket, so that the local area supervisor out here in Bigfoot County could make a decision on whether or not to pay attention to our measly little problem. But all the technicians in our area (probably all two of them) were booked up until April 1, so we couldn’t expect any help until Saturday at the earliest.

And that was that.

I had a few choice words to say about the phone company after I hung up. And then we hunkered down to wait.

I used other means to put a message through to Vlad and Henrik, who were eventually able to put up posts and approve comments.

Then this afternoon the internet suddenly and mysteriously came back to life. The technician never showed up here, so whatever was done to fix it — a problem that couldn’t be fixed remotely — was done remotely.

Later today I’m going to call the phone company and try to find out why they were able to do something they said they couldn’t do, and why it took three days to do it. But I can’t spend too much time on it — I’ve got a heck of a lot of work here to catch up on.

[Additional choice words about the telephone company redacted for violating Gates of Vienna’s standards of decorum.]

The Long Arm of Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turan Yazir, a Dutch-born politician of Turkish descent, was until recently a city councilor in Rotterdam. Mr. Yazir was targeted by supporters of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in such a way that he was forced to give up his seat on the council a day after the general election on March 15.

Many thanks to Dr. Van Helsing for translating this article from Algemeen Dagblad:

Dutch-Turkish riot forces Rotterdam city councillor to step down

Turan Yazir, a city councillor for the Christian-Democratic Party (CDA) in the city of Rotterdam, gave up his seat last week after a Turkish newspaper named him as one of the instigators of the diplomatic riot between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Increased tensions in the Turkish community in Rotterdam have had such an impact that it is impossible for Yazir to perform his tasks as city councillor properly, said Sven de Langen, the leader of the Rotterdam Christian-Democrats, in a written statement, but ‘Turan has decided to continue his political activities after a period during which his family and relatives will be the focus of his attention’.

Yazir, who is 42 years old, is seen as a Gülen sympathiser, and has been the target of threats and intimidation since the failed coup in July of last year. He is labeled as a ‘traitor’. The Erdogan regime considers the movement headed by the spiritual leader Fethullah Gülen as the mastermind behind the failed but bloody coup.

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Attacked at Home by Antifas

In the following video a young Swedish woman describes her experiences with “anti-fascists” who found her home address and smoke-bombed her through the front window because of her perceived association with “right-wing extremists”.

It can’t be repeated too often that the “antifas” in Sweden could not engage with impunity in actions such as this without the tacit (or even active) collaboration of the state. Swedish nationalists who did something similar would be tracked down promptly, arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Their names and faces would be all over the media so that dutiful citizens could join in the mandatory Two-Minute Hate against them.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/27/2017

Members of the Chinese community in Paris gathered in front of a police station and fought with police after a Chinese man was shot and killed by a police officer during a domestic call. Three rioters have been arrested.

In other news, according to The New York Times, neo-fascists are re-emerging in Slovakia.

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Thanks to Dean, DV, Insubria, JD, Reader from Chicago, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

Notice to tipsters: Please don’t submit extensive excerpts from articles that have been posted behind a subscription firewall, or are otherwise under copyright protection.

Caveat: Articles in the news feed are posted “as is”. Gates of Vienna cannot vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of any individual item posted here. We check each entry to make sure it is relatively interesting, not patently offensive, and at least superficially plausible. The link to the original is included with each item’s title. Further research and verification are left to the reader.

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Culture-Enriching Ruction in Peine Includes “Allahu Akhbar!”

I mentioned earlier that there were two culturally enriched rumbles in Germany last night. The first was in Cologne, and the second in the town of Peine in Lower Saxony.

Here’s a cell phone video that shows a brief segment of youthful high-spirited mischief in Peine. Note the “Allahu Akhbars” all the way through this clip.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this video:

Below are two articles about the evening’s hijinks in Peine. The first is from PolitikStube, and was translated by Nash Montana:

Allahu Akhbar in Peine: “Refugees” provoke mass fight

About ten refugees with Syrian and Palestinian background were fighting with each other around 9:30 in Peine.

Once the police got there, the majority of the fighters involved had already fled. One person was taken to the hospital with a head injury.

Towards 11:00pm a group of about ten people, among them perpetrators of the first brawl, destroyed multiple cars in Peine. Many people living nearby were then drawn into the brawl with the migrants; a total of about 40 to 50 people were involved in the mass brawl.

The people involved were mostly citizens with Turkish, Kurdish, and Lebanese migration background, said police. A cop car was bombarded with rocks. The brawlers reacted with more aggression when the police told them to stop. Only with the mass arrival of more officers were police able to stop the groups and separate them.

The second article is from Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, and was translated by Egri Nök:

40 to 50 people involved

Refugees start mass fight in Peine

Several slobs in Peine damaged parked cars and thus caused a mass fight with residents. Reportedly, 40 to 50 people were involved in the fight. Rocks were thrown, including at a police car.

Peine. Around ten refugees, mostly of Syrian and Palestinian background, had already come to blows around 9:30pm. When police arrived, a large portion of those involved had already fled. One person had to be taken to hospital with head injuries.

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Correction: The Herborn Robbery Story Was a Confabulation

Yesterday we posted a translated article about a teenager who was robbed of her cell phone on the platform of the railway station in Herborn.

It has since emerged that her story was a hoax, and the original publisher ( was taken in by it. In the interest of correcting the record, the article below explains what happened. There is no information regarding the girl’s motive, but in my opinion the most likely explanation is that she lost her phone somehow, and needed a solid cover story to present to her parents.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this piece from

Schoolgirl feigns robbery at the train station

POLICE: 14-year-old enmeshes herself in contradictions at her interrogation and then refuses further testimony

HERBORN — The 14-year-old schoolgirl who, according to her own statement, was robbed on Monday at the Herborn train station by two men apparently made the story up. Neither the two perpetrators, nor the sought witness existed.

The girl stated that two men in their mid-twenties had assaulted her on Monday at around 3:40pm on platform 2. These two, whom she assessed to be refugees or asylum seekers from Syria or Afghanistan, robbed the €30 she had withdrawn shortly before from a teller machine, and her bank card.

“As matters stand, the robbery reported by a 14-year-old, on platform 2 at the train station Herborn, did not happen. Criminal police are now investigating the schoolgirl for feigning a crime”, the police press release announces.

Inconsistencies at the interrogation

Inconsistencies regarding the stolen money and contradictory statements regarding the timing of the deed first raised doubts in investigators’ minds regarding the robbery described by the schoolgirl. Confronted with these facts, the girl decided not to make any statements to the police anymore. As matters stand, police assume that the robbery on Monday afternoon at the train station Herborn did not happen.

The investigators have not learned the motive of feigning the robbery, as the 14-year-old from the municipality of Siegbach ceased her cooperation with the police after the expressed their doubts.

The inference at this point is that the search for a witness who, according to the first statement by the “victim”, witnessed the robbery from platform 1, and chased the pair of “perpetrators”, is obsolete.

Stockholm Syndrome in an Era of Fake News

George Igler sends this guest-essay with an overview of the multiculti madness that has descended on Western Europe, and especially on Sweden.

Stockholm Syndrome in an era of Fake News

by George Igler

As a result of a bank-robbery-turned-hostage-situation in 1973, Sweden’s capital city has given its name to a particular form of traumatic bonding, which can occur between persecutors and their captives; or those made victim to indiscriminate abuse.

The extremity of the emotional trauma endured by individuals held hostage or subjected to torture sometimes produces a desire to mollify and make excuses for the perpetrators; as individuals equipped with empathy, attempt to rationalize the amoral conduct of those in whom it is plainly absent. Imagining a victim of the notorious South African secret policeman Gideon Nieuwoudt, for example, makes so-called Stockholm syndrome somewhat easier to comprehend.

Opining on his “work” during the Apartheid Era with deeply unsettling satisfaction, Nieuwoudt described the incremental interplay between his use of the rubber hose and electric shocks, as ‘the black notes and white notes’ on a piano, aimed at producing a ‘sweet melody’ of compliance in those he tortured. When sane innocents fall into the hands of those whose capricious mercies seemingly govern their fates, it is all too easy for desperation to prompt desired explanations, in the minds of victims, to likewise drift into the patently deranged.

Rioting by predominantly Muslim youths within both Sweden’s capital and the capital of France has recently come to prominence in news reporting in both countries, and internationally. Such unrest has often been put down to feelings of “alienation,” situations of “disadvantage,” and in the case of rioting in Paris, inappropriate isolated conduct by local police. In other words, the perpetrators have largely been portrayed as victims, rather than what they truly are: excitable young Muslim males in the main engaging in criminal conduct, perhaps, because they see themselves as French or Swedish merely as a matter of location rather than as a matter of fact.

This brings us to the subject of Fake News, a neologism presently finding much currency in the United States, prompted in part by a recent focus on events in Sweden: a country where immigrant gang violence is now so commonplace that some locals have resorted to purchasing bullet-proof vests. The Swedish parliament’s response to this development, naturally, has been to declare the vests illegal, thus both denying the core and alarming problem of assimilation faced by Sweden, whilst placing the defensive items solely within the hands of criminals and outside the reach of law-abiding Swedes.

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