17 thoughts on “The Eye of the Beholder

  1. I love this! I think I’ll print it out and carry it with me, question part and answer part on separate pieces of paper in my wallet, as a tool for arguing with Gutmenschen.

    Once people accept that they have seen the word ‘jihad’ I now have tools at the ready. I can for example point out ‘hey a few minutes ago I thought you were capable of joining the dots and seeing jihad, why have you now mysteriously lost this capability?’ 🙂

  2. Oh, that’s a riot — the word JIHAD is so obvious even a moron would see it, but oh, no — it is WAYCIST! Ha.

    No, we are not doing what the terrorists want. We are keeping our guns clean and loaded and any terrorist who approaches will be meeting Allah soon. Sorry, I don’t usually say things like that but I’m in a bad mood today and I’m sick of cultural enrichers as well. Thankfully, they are a minority (I think) in my neck of the woods.

    • Aa a certified moron per the MSM, I resent your implication the we morons aren’t smart. We morons have measurable IQs. The word you were looking for is ‘idiot’. An idiot is any Liberal Democrat that you might meet accidentally or otherwise.

    • I think you named it perfectly. Elevator to downstairs and he meets with his allah. Next he finds out he is one of the 72 virgins…

  3. I’m just waiting for the kerfuffle when some lady executes a magazine dump w/ reload into some Cultural Enricher’s chest when he tries the kind of crap they get away with in Europe.

    **** SURPRISE, MORON!!****

  4. After studying it closely, the assembled rubies would appear to be a necklace. One could argue for a better setting for such jewels.

  5. Oh, Dymphna. I’m tempted to say how good it is to have a woman’s perspective, but you might say that’s patronising, and I’d say yes I know, but my tongue was firmly in my cheek!

    (Anyone lacking a sense of irony, please ignore the above).

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