Die Schlacht am Rhein

Culture-enrichers battled each other yesterday evening in two separate incidents in Germany. The first was along the Rhine in Cologne. In this story the ethnicity of the combatants is not mentioned directly, but the photos make it clear what sort of “Germans” were involved in the fighting.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Bild:

Police out in force

Several injured in mass fight at the Rhine Riverside

[Photo caption: Rhine Boulevard in Cologne Sunday evening. Police arrested several attackers. Photo: Lars Nottelmann]

March 26, 2017

Cologne — Several companies of a hundred police each were deployed: a mass fight on the Rhine Boulevard in Cologne caused upset. There were injuries and arrests.

Late Sunday afternoon, 500 mostly young people were on the Rhine riverbank near the Deutzer Bridge. They were enjoying the wonderful spring weather.

Around 7pm there was sudden turmoil. Several persons came into conflict with each other; fists flew. The situation escalated. Police moved in immediately. “Up to 50 persons were involved in a fight,” a police spokesman explains.

The officers separated the fighting persons. Arrests were also made. Police are not able yet to give specifications about the background and the participants.

8 thoughts on “Die Schlacht am Rhein

  1. If nobody died, to me, it doesn’t count as a Schlacht – although I appreciate the witticism of the headline. “Das Gefecht am Rhein” just doesn’t quite have the same zing.

  2. Do Bild reporters customarily write in the passive voice? “There was sudden turmoil”; “Several persons came into conflict with each other”; “Fists flew.”

    I find their writing style awkward, uninformative, and unlike any news articles I have ever read.

    • Amalthea, Get used to this writing style, you’ll see a lot of it. This is all part of a world in which human volition plays no part. People don’t shoot each other; instead, “gunfire breaks out”. People sometimes describe this mode of narration as “passive voice”, but the real point is the absence of moral agency.

    • I love the passive voice of the MSM. IIRC, Time mag pioneered it in the popular press for those people and orgs it wanted to protect.

  3. Any conflict or destructive activity involving Muslims must be described in almost climate-like terms, as a passive function of nature that even in the active voice has a passive & inevitable tone. It rained; fog rolled in; fists flew; blood flowed; the tide rose.

    The behavior of the West is becoming psychopathic. Frankly, I’m equally fascinated by the derangement of the Left in the US, which is apparently willing to do whatever it takes, all the way to destroying institutions and individuals in order to delegitimize Trump and thus bury their own failure. Elite-driven multiculturalism in Europe is a clear failure, just as Democrat policies on illegal immigration, healthcare, and the economy failed, and were repudiated. But in both there’s a refusal by the Left to accept their own failure. They’re apparently willing to use violence to restore their waning power.

    The Left approach this aspect of their movement much as the media describes Muslim violence. It’s inevitable, it naturally springs up, it’s a legitimate reaction to the evil of conservatives, Europe, nativism, whiteness.

    This is worth going to war over, because the Left is on a nihilistic tear to destroy everything, to allow the creation of a Caliphate that will annihilate a thousand years of history in a generation. There’s nary a whisper of a chance of accommodation with such moral nihilism.

    We must actively begin speaking of the need to destroy the Left and Islam. Speak actively of it. Accept it as inevitable, that either they are destroyed, or we are. We must reject absolutely any offer of accommodation. That’s how the Left so often wins, by exploiting our better nature. We must virulently and actively reject the lies and pap Left blathers on about, inclusion diversity negotiation process. Just look at what they’re willing to sacrifice to achieve their power.

    We must start destroying – actively, relentlessly. Never give an inch, never apologize, never backtrack, never cooperate, never appease, never never again. Start fighting every step of the way. Fight them hard. Because if we don’t, we lose everything.

  4. “I find their writing style awkward, uninformative…” Maybe that’s the intention.

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