No fear, Gates will be back at full throttle very soon!

There is a connectivity issue, but it is temporary. Crews are working on it and it will be fixed  any day now. Please check back often!

Updates will be posted daily.

14 thoughts on “No fear, Gates will be back at full throttle very soon!

  1. I was a bit concerned that you had been censored or blocked by the powers that currently are.

    • No, we were being ‘censored’ by the simple fact that our computer connectivity is a monopoly. This one is through our phone line. The only other choice is one of those satellite dishes…they’re expensive and unreliable. Interestingly, our electric co-op is trying to find start-up funding to develop a system via the electric lines…and given the weather around here, it would be as fragile as the present system. OTOH, two fragile systems will self-improve through the pressure of competition. Competition is what we *don’t* have.

      Even cell phone coverage (cell phones being far more ubiquitous) is poor here. People just drive to where they can get good reception. When repairmen come here and need to call in to their manager to get help with a problem, they can’t believe their phones don’t work. We offer the use of our land line but some look at it like they’re being offered a horse and cart in place of their truck. And because the boss’ phone is on their contact list, they actually have to look at that list and s-l-o-w-l-y dial the number.

      • We don’t have reliable cell phone coverage here. It makes our sons crazy when they come to visit! You can see them wondering out in the back garden trying to connect…

  2. It’s been a difficult 2 days..almost like withdrawal symptoms. So glad you’re back!

  3. I must admit, I did have an image of the pair of you being snatched up into the back of a black car by agents of the new Sicherheitsdienst, then tied to a chair in a damp cellar & the rubber hose and flashlight brought out …

    • Well, not quite. Let’s just say that the b made it part way through his backlog, which should begin to appear soon. I can’t wait for JLH’s poem…even people who don’t like poetry will enjoy this one.

  4. And now comments have been moderated and approved. As usual, a very nice selection of insightful, well-documented, polite and funny reactions to the State of the Planet – thanks!

    My apologies for the delay: We assistant editors got held back by our own security setup…

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