Attacked at Home by Antifas

In the following video a young Swedish woman describes her experiences with “anti-fascists” who found her home address and smoke-bombed her through the front window because of her perceived association with “right-wing extremists”.

It can’t be repeated too often that the “antifas” in Sweden could not engage with impunity in actions such as this without the tacit (or even active) collaboration of the state. Swedish nationalists who did something similar would be tracked down promptly, arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Their names and faces would be all over the media so that dutiful citizens could join in the mandatory Two-Minute Hate against them.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

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  1. The government that wishes to be totalitarian overtly, or to be totalitarian with s liberal face, will use surrogate street gangs to do its dirty work. Armed citizens can protect themselves against the often-disorganized, surrogate street gangs that the government is hesitant to support too openly. This is a prime reason why leftists oppose guns so vehemently.

    But, any government has a strong drive to keep power to itself. Even in concealed-carry Oklahoma, a homeowner’s son who killed 3 armed, masked intruders inside the house was still threatened with criminal charges by the police.

    • Not sure if you saw the follow up, but the DA stated that it was a clear case of self defense and there would be no consideration of filing charges against the son.

  2. First thought on this: huge admiration for this woman’s courage in speaking out, especially on video; even if she’s left Malmo, she could be identified and further threatened.

    Second thought: I believe the “two minute hate” is from “1984”, where its aimed at the (probably fictitious) “enemy”, Goldstein (it’s a long time since I read the book). Orwell, like other socialists we could mention, was antisemitic; without this information one might think he was showing empathy with the Jewish hate figure.

    Yet he was so perceptive on other matters: the contempt for people who praise every culture but their own (though Gilbert and Sullivan got there first*), the sometimes deliberate creation of a state of perpetual war, and indeed the “two minute hate”, carried to a peak of perfection in Mao’s China after Orwell was dead.

    *”I’ve got a Little List” from “The Mikado”:
    “Then the idiot who praises, with enthusiastic tone,
    All centuries but this, and every country but his own”.

    I sometimes have the very naughty thought that one or two commenters here might have preferred earlier centuries (and they might be right on some aspects, but surely not all).

    • What a libel against George Orwell! I suggest you read his essay, “On Anti-Semitism in Britain”.

        • Anthony Trollope is also accused of anti-Semitism because he described unflinchingly how the mid-19th-century upper classes in England used and abused the Jews among them.

  3. From now on, can we please always call them by their name: Fascist ‘Antifa’? They are using fascist methods to shut up opposition.

  4. Very sad this happened and the Antifas are so intolerant. I wonder when this will start happening in the USA. It will probably happen in the more blue states. In Arizona with open carry and stand your ground law the Antifas would be too coward to do this. I saw the Leftist snowflakes brandishing their guns at the Arizona State capital but it did not frighten me.

  5. Swedish citizens are going to have to organize and RESIST.

    If that were my sister or brothers wife or a friend’s loved one – than I and half dozen mates would wait and sort them out – no cops or guns necessary – just bats, chains and blackjacks.

    They will not stop unless faced down and whomever is bankrolling them knows they only have to keep the population suppressed for maybe 5 more years and than it’s game over.

  6. Yes it is wrong for the anti-fa whether it is “the tacit (or even active) collaboration of the state”
    The state has even more power such as loss of job.
    Pleased to hear the teacher has lawyers, but the way this is set up. I fear she will become a pariah and example even if it is just the state, with all its brain washing machinery.

    The principal told the newspaper that the school has been told by lawyers that they have no right to ask questions about a teacher’s political views.

    “My work extends to ensuring that the education is based on democratic values. In the current situation there is nothing about her teaching that gives me reason to question that.”

    The Schools Inspectorate is unable to comment on a specific case during an ongoing investigation, but asked about the general rules, Larsson told The Local: “In general, public sector employees including teachers enjoy freedom of speech as all other citizens in Sweden.
    But it is important to remember that the teacher in their teaching should always uphold those values shared by the school’s values and clearly distance themselves from conflicting values. In Sweden’s school act it says, among other things, that a teacher should promote human rights and actively discourage all forms of degrading treatment.”

    One reason may be that the teacher does not live up to the values, says Elizabeth Malmstedt. [school inspectorate]
    I used google translate

    Also from “thelocal” link above

    When approached by Sydsvenskan and its sister paper HD by e-mail, she declined to answer questions, adding: “I have people behind me you don’t want anything to do with.”

    It may seem dark, or lost in translation meaning she has got good attorneys/lawyers.

    It may be she has got the ‘ducks lined up in a row’ in having support, publicity, lawyers, and ready to make a good issue of things in Sweden. Takes some g**ts to that in Sweden.

  7. Somehow, I have the feeling that more people in nazi Germany realised what was going on than in today’s Sweden.


  8. Antifas are trying to get tough by up at the Arizona State capital. The girl in the photo is believed to holding a fake gun.

    • It will be anarchic totalitarianism. The totalitarian leaders will have no effect upon the huge groups of lawless young men invited there to live…and to butcher, rob, rape (both men and women will be victims), and generally live off the work of others. They despise manual labor though they’ll use their hands to relieve the law-abiding of any material possessions. The real horrors haven’t even begun yet…

  9. Mark H,
    You are right. The two-minute hate IS from Orwell’s book 1984 which I read so many years ago I’ve probably forgotten parts of it. I wonder if I still have it — will have to look and read again. I don’t remember the anti-semitic though; however I was very young when I read the book and probably didn’t “get it” all at that age.

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