Les Invulnérables

The migrant-loving French official who was identified here as a mayor is actually a member of parliament. Oz-Rita has translated an article with all the context for the event, and includes this prefatory note:

From the article we can see the name of the man — whom I mistook for a mayor — who brown-nosed the illegals. He is: the greenie (formerly belonging to the party of Macron) MP François-Michel Lambert. In France, for the civilised French, the Corona restrictions are far more draconian than, for example, here in Oz. There is an obligation to wear a mask, and an interdiction on all assemblies of more than ten (at least at the time of that demonstration).

The translated article from Boulevard Voltaire:

Thousands of illegals defy Covid-19 and France in Paris

At the call of 195 associations (no less, but no doubt most of them would fit into a single clip), thousands of undocumented migrants, mostly Africans, defied French law by parading through the streets of the capital, from the Opera House to the Place de la République. In order that they might, from illegal undocumented migrants, become legal migrants in their own right. There were 5,500 of them, according to the police.

For them, huddled together, it was a real call to insurrection, defying barrier gestures, of course, and the police prefect’s ban on demonstrations, since they did not respect the decree forbidding gatherings of more than ten people. These illegals who are asking to be welcomed in France have a very particular concept of what France has become for them: a lawless money machine!

We even saw and heard, at the Place de la République, where hundreds of Africans had taken over the statue, the ecologist deputy François-Michel Lambert, wearing his tricolour scarf, haranguing the crowd to demand the regularisation of all these men who had arrived on our soil without the slightest visa. The slogans? “Freedom for all the locked-up”, “Papers for all”… or even “Police assassins”, as we can hear very clearly in this video [see link] relayed by Eric Ciotti.

The police made only a timid appearance, throwing a few tear gas grenades and arresting 90 demonstrators, so the banned demonstration was able to go on until the end. Astonished and outraged, many politicians and public figures expressed their anger forcefully on Twitter.

Thierry Mariani: “A distressing parade of illegal immigrants on our soil.” Jean-Yves Le Gallou: “600 cops to prevent a demonstration by the Identitaires, there just a chopper from the gendarmerie.” Damien Rieu: “France, this magical country where thousands of illegal immigrants can parade in total impunity, when the police should cordon off the street and arrest them all and deport them immediately.”

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Maskless in Walmart

I went on an outing this afternoon to Kroger and Walmart in Appomattox. I had been dreading the trip, because it was my first venture into the larger Coronaworld since Governor Ralph “Coonman” Northam issued his ukase making the wearing of masks mandatory in public places. Like all the other li’l Stalins, the rules don’t apply to Coonman, as he made plain in a now-infamous selfie taken with one of his fans in Virginia Beach a couple of weeks ago:

How’s that for social distance, eh?

Anyway, I needn’t have worried: masking was not being enforced at Kroger and Walmart. The Corona Hijab was much in evidence, however: About 85% of people I saw were masked. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was very relaxed, much more so than it was back in April, when fewer masks were to be seen. None of the mask-wearing people appeared to care whether anyone else was wearing a mask.

The mask seemed to be a signal of compliance with the new social norms, rather than the action of the fearful. It’s as if people were saying, “OK, I’ve done my duty and put my mask on. Now I can go shopping and behave normally.”

Social distancing was not well observed, as demonstrated by a little vignette in the produce section of Kroger. A young housewife wearing a mask was picking through the onions while I waited patiently at the prescribed social distance so that I could pick through the potatoes. A man, also masked, came up from behind and lightly bumped into the woman. She turned around, and exclaimed with pleasure: evidently they knew one another. They chatted for a couple of minutes, standing at the usual distance two good friends would use, maybe two feet (60 cm) apart. Then, when they said goodbye, the young lady playfully punched her friend on the shoulder.

All while masked. It’s a good thing no COVID patrols were nearby, or the two would surely have been cited for their heartless indifference to the health of others. And I also would have been cited, of course, for not wearing a mask — obviously, I wanted everyone around me to die.

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Out With Them!

In a follow-up to last night’s video of a migrant-loving French politician, Oz-Rita sends her translation of this brief editorial from Riposte Laïque:

In Paris, thousands of illegal immigrants are defying France: out with them!

by Pierre Cassen, founder of Riposte Laïque
May 31, 2020

All the rot of this regime was made apparent this past Saturday, May 30, in the streets of Paris. 5,500 illegal Africans, with total impunity, despite the prohibition of a demonstration, supported by 195 parties, associations, unions of the Left, were able to demonstrate without the slightest problem from the Opera House to the Place de la République.

The French had a new confirmation that this regime only repressed the Gauls, and left total freedom to the inhabitants of the Islamic districts and the African invaders.

This government of criminals confirms, in the eyes of all, its contempt for the French and its preference for foreigners, at a time when our country is ruined, and when Macron evokes, for the first time, a European tax to pay for the crisis… and immigration.

With true patriotic leaders, the only possible response to this kind of situation can be summed up in one word: get out!

Orange Vests Protest Coronavirus Restrictions in Milan

A group called the Orange Vests staged a demonstration in the Italian city of Milan to protest the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The translator notes that after the demonstration police were able to identify a number of the participants, who were then issued with citations for violating social distancing rules.

Video transcript:

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Ten Rules for Politicians

Ten Rules for Politicians

by Michael Copeland

1.   Pretend only a minority of Muslims are of concern.
2.   Tell everyone they are warped misunderstanders.
3.   Tell everyone the Muslim clerics will help.
4.   Gain publicity at every Islamic holy event.
5.   Praise Muslims and Islam at every chance.
6.   Give Muslims positions of influence.
7.   Increase aid to Muslim countries.
8.   Pressure voters to pretend Muslims are no problem.
9.   Curb freedom of speech.
10.   Silently spend a fortune on counter-terrorism.

Hat tip: comment by PJG

“An Armed People Shall Never Be Enslaved”

José Atento has written in the past about the remarkable similarity of the sabotage of Donald Trump and that of Jair Bolsonaro by the establishments in their respective countries. The Brazilian chapter of the Deep State is attempting to weaponize the coronavirus scam against President Bolsonaro. Sound familiar?

Note: The video included in the essay below was not subtitled by us, so be aware that there is a lot of vulgar language in the subtitles.

“An armed people shall never be enslaved”

by José Atento

Last time, I reported how the Brazilian Establishment was doing everything possible to overthrow Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro. At that time I mentioned the incident created by the early departure of Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Moro became a Brazilian national hero as the judge who led Operation Car Wash that put jailed powerful politicians and entrepreneurs, including former president Lula. Bolsonaro invited him to be his justice minster because Moro represented one of his causes: the fight against corruption.

Some pointed out that even though he was aligned with the fight against corruption, Moro was against some of Bolsonaro’s other positions. Contrary to Bolsonaro, Moro was in favor of abortion and in favor of disarming the population.

Let us jump to the present and the COVID-19 crisis. The Supreme Court, mostly composed of judges appointed during the 16 years of socialist rule, decided that the guidance, administration and control of how to tackle the pandemic was the responsibility of the state governors. One may argue that was correct, since public health is prerogative of states and municipalities, but, in practice, that made the federal government like the “Queen of England” whose only duty was to print money. Nonetheless, Bolsonaro made his opinion heard loud and clear, that, based on the Brazilian reality, where most of the population eat based on the money they make every day, the best approach would be a vertical lockdown of those in higher-risk groups (the elderly and those with health conditions); otherwise, the social consequences of the lockdown would be huge.

Some states, particularly those governed by the socialist Labour Party (PT) and the state of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, whose governors are pre-candidates for the 2022 presidential election, opted to force a full lockdown upon the population, calling it “social distancing.” Here comes the newspeak: everything was closed, and everyone told to stay at home, but it was not a lockdown. God knows what a lockdown would mean to them. At the same time, they began to bombard Bolsonaro with all sort of accusations, such as that he was anti-science, and the mainstream Brazilian media (that includes the newly created CNN-Brazil) blamed Bolsonaro for everything, even though his power had been removed by the Supreme Court.

Probably, the most outrageous of all was the way state and municipal police forces began to treat citizens who allegedly “disrespected social distancing” even if they were alone in an empty space. The brutality of a police-state became visible in videos that flooded social media (but not mainstream media) where working men, the elderly and women, even in bikinis, were brutally handcuffed and arrested. Meanwhile, governors are releasing criminals from jail, even drug-trafficking leaders and unrepentant rapists.

During this time of crisis, Justice Minister Moro resigned, claiming Bolsonaro was trying to interfere with the work of the Federal Police, even attempting to change some of its directors. Vague as this accusation was, as it is a constitutional prerogative of the president to appoint people to senior positions, the Establishment began to ask for Bolsonaro’s impeachment. Moro claimed that the content discussed during the last ministerial meeting would prove that. the Supreme Court opened an investigation based on Moro’s accusation, and requested the tape of the meeting.

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Serve the Fatherland by Snitching on Your Neighbor!

The Italian government is adopting an initiative to recruit volunteers from among unemployment recipients and welfare beneficiaries. The job of the recruits will be to help the government enforce its social distancing policies — that is, they will be expected to snitch on people who get too close to each other.

So it’s sort of like the CCC, corona-style.

Below are two videos on the topic. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video may be a news report; its provenance is unclear. However, by the way it’s put together, it might just as well be an official promotion produced by the Italian government:

The second video shows the response of opposition leader Matteo Salvini, the head of the Lega party:

Video transcript #1:

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Fill Out the Form, or We’ll Take Away Your Kids!

The latest totalitarian escalation in the German coronavirus crisis is a threat by the authorities to take away people’s children if they don’t fill out a form properly and have their child take it to school every day.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Corona Lockdown is an Abuse of Power

Hans-Christoph Berndt is a politician for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) and a member the Brandenburg Landtag, or regional parliament. In the following video Mr. Berndt discusses the German government’s coronavirus lockdown policy, describing it as an abuse of power.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Spain: Vox Protests Against the Government’s Coronavirus Response

The following news video from El Mundo in Spain shows footage from a protest against the coronavirus restrictions staged by the populist party Vox. The protesters were not entirely compliant with social distancing regulations during the event.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Police Violence Against Anti-Lockdown Protesters

The two videos below show separate incidents of police violence in Germany against demonstrators who were protesting the coronavirus restrictions.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1: Police officer punches an uncooperative woman in Augsburg

From the accompanying Facebook post, also translated by MissPiggy:

Augsburg: Brutal police violence in front of a restaurant

The elitist dictatorship shows its true face — Bar operator comments on the incident:

Although we were all wearing masks, their masks had fallen, police dogs, pepper spray, clubs and the bar owner was punched in the face.

Police action on Maximillianstraße (Augsburg) escalated in the night between Friday and Saturday. The police directed several punches at a woman already lying on the floor. Many of the bystanders showed solidarity with the bar operator and tried to prevent further violent intervention by the police. However, this was prevented with police dogs, truncheons and pepper spray.

Now the State Office of Criminal Investigation will be examining the actions of the officers.

This is what the establishment’s owner Katharina Ertl had to say to the accusations. She recently took over the traditional restaurant called “Max” in November. She cannot understand the accusations, and describes the whole thing from her point of view, which is slightly different:

“I can only say that I have been struggling for months due to the Corona measure and I have never had a bad relationship with the police. At the time of the incident, I did not understand the aggressiveness displayed by the police, and their depiction of the situation is not correct. I never in any way attacked an officer. After a very aggressive conversation with the police officer, I was suddenly knocked to the ground and sprayed in the face with pepper spray. Following that, I was punched in the face by the officer. This makes no sense to me. I fought my way through the Corona measures, with a lot of passion, and now something like this. The worst thing is, I’m portrayed as a severely aggressive criminal. I’m deeply shocked.”

Video #2: Police violence at a peaceful protest walk in Thuringia

From the accompanying article on Politikstube, also translated by MissPiggy:

By Stefan Möller:

This unbelievable police violence against peaceful walkers took place in red-red-green governed Thuringia, or more precisely: in Erfurt. One of the walkers counted almost 30 police vans that were sent to prevent the peaceful event from taking place.

I suspect that the police commanders were encouraged by the political leadership in the SPD interior ministry to take a tougher approach. It was certainly no coincidence that two peaceful Erfurt AfD members — one of them our city councillor Marek Erfurth — were arrested with completely disproportionate use of force. A 60-year-old man was pushed against his wife standing behind him with such force that it sent her flying into the ground. The video speaks volumes for itself!

The reason I assume political intent is easy to explain:

I have never seen such action in our AfD demonstrations against left-wing extremist violent counter-demonstrators. On the contrary — the gloves were put on.

The whole thing will have legal and parliamentary repercussions for those responsible for this violence against peaceful citizens. I would therefore ask you to send me detailed feedback on all comparable events to stefan.moeller@afd-thl.de. Above all, the place, time, occasion and exact circumstances are important. Many thanks!

Translator’s note:

In the video it’s clear to see that the aggressive police officers have a big cross over their unit and badge numbers. Most probably so no one can report their “exaggerated” force. The policemen securing the area aren’t aggressive. Each has his/her unit and badge number visible, as is the norm, but they hold back and don’t intervene! I suspect this isn’t a coincidence, and that the Unit/Badge numbers were made unrecognisable to allow these officers a free pass for the severe and unjustified intervention.

Video transcript #1:

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Anonymous Speaker at a Hamburg Protest

A young woman who spoke at last weekend’s protest of the Corona restrictions in Hamburg did not wish to be identified, for fear she would be persecuted. Below are excerpts from her remarks.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

From the notes for the YouTube original (also translated by MissPiggy):

Several hundred citizens gathered on the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz in Hamburg city centre on 16 May 2020 to demonstrate against the current restrictions on fundamental rights.

The young speaker in the video did not dare to introduce herself by name, as she feared reprisals due to her critical attitude towards the government.

“Anyone who deviates from public opinion, from the opinion of the government, from the opinion of the public media, their life is made unpleasant,” she said.

Video transcript:

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The Ineluctable Power of the COVID-State

Christiane Scwarzhuber is a practitioner of alternative medicine. The following video shows excerpts from a talk she gave last weekend at one of the anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

On a related note, this article from Epoch Times (also translated by MissPiggy) discusses the proposed “immunity card”.

The idea of instituting a certificate of COVID-immunity is not unique to Germany — as far as I know, similar initiatives have been proposed throughout the West. I think they’re coming, regardless of what voters think of them. I don’t think we peons will be given a choice about the matter. Once the vaccine is universally available, you will need a corona-immunity card to go shopping or attend a ball game or eat at a restaurant. Even if the vaccine isn’t made mandatory, requiring the immunity card will basically make the issue moot.

The translated article:

Spahn still considers immunity card necessary

May 14, 2020

For Jens Spahn, despite widespread opposition, the immunity card is not yet off the table. He considers the deletion of the project from the current legislative amendment as only provisional.

Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) believes that the introduction of an immunity card is still necessary in the Corona crisis. Other states are already planning to make entry conditional on such proof, Spahn said. “So we will have to continue to deal with the issue.” The solution could not be that the citizens of Germany “can no longer travel to countries that plan such regulations.”

People who have survived the lung disease Covid-19, which is caused by the novel coronavirus, should be able to prove this by means of the ID card. The introduction of the card was originally planned as part of the new Infection Protection Act, which the Bundestag is due to adopt this Thursday. However, due to opposition from the Social Democrats, the project was provisionally suspended. The SPD warns against dividing society by means of ID cards.

People could intentionally infect themselves

It would be “totally counterproductive to reward those who have become infected because they do not adhere to the rules of distance and to punish those who take care of themselves and others,” SPD General Secretary Lars Klingbeil told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung a few days ago. But that, he said, would happen “if an immunity card becomes a free ticket for restaurant visits, football or events.”

Spahn said the federal government had weighed all aspects of the immunity card before the proposal was made. Nevertheless, it was right to delete the project from the fast-track amendment to the Infection Protection Act. There is “understandable criticism” that shows him: “As a society, we need more time to debate this issue.” That is why he also asked the Ethics Council for an opinion.

Video transcript:

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Corona Hijab

When I posted about the coronavirus scam last night, I referred to the now-ubiquitous medical face mask as a Corona Hijab. I’d like to elaborate on that concept just a little bit this afternoon.

When a Muslim woman wears hijab, it serves two functions. First of all, it covers up a female’s sexually attractive characteristics, which keeps the wearer from arousing the lust of men with whom she is not permitted to copulate. When a man’s lust is aroused, he is not responsible for his actions. The woman (or girl) is responsible for the consequences if she allows herself to become “uncovered meat”.

The second function of the veil is to signal a woman’s submission. By wearing it she shows her obedience to Allah, who commanded that women be covered. Since Allah also deemed that a woman must obey her father or her husband, the hijab is also a signal that she has submitted to one or both of them.

Similarly, the public wearing of a medical face mask is a sign of submission. Science has deemed that face masks must be worn to prevent the djinn the COVID-19 virus from invading one’s body. By wearing it, a dutiful citizen signals his submission to Science.

Since Science has also delegated authority to divers worldly powers — national and local governments, the CDC, the WHO, state health departments, etc. — the mask-wearer is also publicly declaring his submission to state authority.

Just as Allah’s commands may not be altered or overruled, so the commands of Science must not be questioned. Science has determined that the mask is necessary; therefore it must be worn, and no ordinary mortal may presume to argue with that decree.

Now, I’ve read a lot of data about face masks, both pro and con. On balance, it seems they are largely pointless. As I understand it, the virus particles are so small that they pass through the filter of even an N95 mask, which provides less than 10% protection against the ChiCom flu.

On the other hand, they prevent droplets of saliva or sputum from escaping when the wearer coughs, sneezes, talks, or sings, which means that anyone who is already infected is less likely to spread the disease via his mouth or nostrils. So they’re not entirely useless.

We’re not allowed to have such discussions in public, however, for fear of arousing the wrath of Science, as explained by His prophets, such as Anthony Fauci (pbuh) and Neil Ferguson (no pbuh for him, however, since he has recently sinned).

A faithful believer in Science does not question the face mask; he simply wears it, thereby displaying his submission to Science. When an obedient citizen ventures out onto the street, he makes sure to wear his mask. That tells the muttawa the police that he is a compliant servant of Science, so that they leave him unmolested.

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