Forget the Oscars. Forget the Super Bowl. School Shootings are the Trending Public Spectacle.

In the blurb for last Friday’s news feed, I composed a flip introduction to the reports about the murderous school shooting in Texas committed by a kid named Dimitrios Pagourtzis, which had happened earlier that day: “Today’s school shooting was held in Santa Fe, Texas.”

I’d used the same formula for introducing school shootings once or twice in the past. This time, however, a reader took exception to my ghoulish sarcasm, and emailed me with his reproach:

I’ve been a long time reader of your site, and I agree with the vast majority of your viewpoint. While I KNOW that no disrespect was intended, the comment hurts.

I wrote him back with this reply:

Yes, well, it’s a sardonic, sarcastic way of presenting it (which I’ve been using for a while), and it’s meant to hurt. It’s intended to remind the reader what a media circus school shootings have become. The lavish media attention and feting of the victims’ families helps GUARANTEE that there will be more — and worse — shootings in the future.

THAT’S what my sarcasm is about.

The media frenzy that accompanies school shootings these days is driven by a couple of cultural imperatives.

The first is the hoary old newspaper adage: “If it bleeds, it leads.” That was true when Caveman Og chiseled the first edition of the Neanderthal Times. It was true when everyone read at least two newspapers every day, one in the morning and one in the evening. And it’s true now, when we all have access to fourteen gazillion cable channels. The story with the most slaughter and gore is the one that grabs the most viewers.

And this is especially the case when children are the ones who are bleeding. Och, the puir wee bairns! Whether it’s the victims of terrorist violence in Chechnya, or dead baby porn on a beach in Anatolia, or high school students shot up in art class — stories about children as victims of violence are fascinating to the general public.

The second reason that school shootings cause such moist eyes in the media is their major subtext: gun control. Democrat politicians wait a decorous period of time — in Joe Biden’s case, at least two or three hours — and then their litany begins: Haven’t there been enough school shootings? It’s time to get serious about gun control!

This imperative has become even more urgent since the election of Donald Trump. A large chunk of the president’s support comes from Second Amendment enthusiasts. Even the most skeptical libertarian gun owner regards the president more favorably than he does any other major political leader. These are the people that put Mr. Trump over the top in his contest with Hillary. They are the primary wellspring of intractable American orneriness. And it is essential to the Deep State that they be quelled and subdued.

Which means they must be disarmed.

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Sweden: The Death of a Nation

Our Swedish correspondent Svenne Tvaerskaegg sends this gloomy overview of the political situation in Sweden with a multicultural apocalypse rapidly approaching.

Stackers at Stornäset sawmill, Sundsvall, 1912 — Somalis in Sweden, 2012

Sweden: The Death of a Nation

by Svenne Tvaerskaegg

Like a drunk the morning after a magnificent binge, Sweden is slowly waking up to the grim reality of the past few decades as a humanitarian superpower and the hangover is going to be of monstrous proportions.

The Swedes were a privileged people. Their hard-working Lutheran forefathers handed over to their keeping a wealthy, modern, homogeneous and well-functioning Scandinavian nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Their future was secured; they had all a people could wish for. And they completely squandered it.

The damage recent generations of Swedes have wreaked on their own country is almost beyond comprehension. Coming generations of Swedes will inherit a country in shambles and struggling with insurmountable problems. Ghettos, crime, segregation and ethnic strife are now the hallmarks of the once progressive nation. And perhaps the worst thing of all for the grandchildren of today’s Swedes: in the second half of this century they will in all likelihood be just one competing minority amongst many in what was once their own country. It will be a country no previous generations of Swedes would recognize — poor, shabby, Middle Eastern and African in appearance and dominated by Islam.

What went wrong for the Swedes was they became infected by what author Tom Wolfe called “radical chic”, revolutionary romanticism. The 1960s generation of spoiled middle-class rebels in their Che Guevara T-shirts completed their degrees in social sciences and feminist studies and went on to careers in politics, education and the civil service. Many of them went into media and journalism. Their solidarity with the oppressed of the third world knew no bounds, and from their positions of power and influence they could put their revolutionary romanticism into practice.

Sweden’s coffers were opened to third world revolutionary movements and their charismatic and radical young leader, Prime Minister Olof Palme, flirted with left-wing dictators and subversive groups across the globe. It was a heady time. By decree Sweden became multicultural, the borders were thrown open to mass immigration and the decay started. The fervor with which the revolutionary romantic elites pursued their goal was practically religious in character and tolerated no dissent. Politicians promised voters that mass immigration enriched Sweden; it brought economic and cultural wealth and made their country a much better place. State television and the press abandoned their critical role and trumpeted the same official message.

A few cautious dissenters raised warning voices but were soon shouted down. They were hung out in the media as “racists” and “xenophobes”. Ridiculed and vilified, they lost friends and jobs and were sometimes even hounded out of the country.

One early and high profile dissident was the university lecturer and Swedish member of parliament for the Liberal party Mauricio Rojas, himself an immigrant to Sweden from Chile. As the Liberal party spokesman on refugee and integration matters, he saw the damage uncontrolled third world immigration was doing to Sweden and warned the Swedes the path they were following would inevitably lead to disaster unless there was serious public discussion and radical reform. The retaliation was swift. Publicly branded a “xenophobe”, he was held up to public derision in the media. He received death threats from left-wing extremists and was put under 24 hour guard by Säpo, the Swedish security police. The campaign of character assassination continued unabated for months afterwards and demands were made for his removal from parliament. Unable to live in the country any longer Mauricio Rojas left Sweden forever and took up a position as a university lecturer in Spain.[1]

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The End Times of Albion: Timeline — First Period, 1945-1983

The essay below by Seneca III is the latest in the “End Times of Albion” series.
Previously: Part 1, Part 2.

Timeline — First Period, 1945-1983

The End Times of Albion, Part 3

by Seneca III

This analysis began two months ago when the Telford story broke overnight on 10th/11th March. The original intention was to dig deep into the underbelly of that forty-year atrocity and extract from the quagmire of reportage and the local historical record some idea as to how the mass rape, sexual trafficking, torture and brutal abuse of hundreds, possibly thousands, of white girl children there could come about and be ignored or brushed under the political carpet by so many for so long.

What it has uncovered is a nationwide, indeed Europe-wide, state of affairs that is a complex, mind-numbing web of subtle treachery and political ambition dating back to the 1920’s. This web grew slowly in the shadows during the long period of its gestation and has evolved into a tapestry of confusion, collusion, concealment, obfuscation and Marxist-Socialist indoctrination from which mendacious Western establishments created the warp and weft of the Grand Conspiracy that has brought us to this defining place and time.

In conclusion, Telford was neither a singularity, an accident nor an aberration; it is the end result of a multinational, century-long operation formulated with the objective of changing the course of Anglo-European and global history, and which is now rapidly approaching its apogee.

Thus, the emergence into full public view of the Telford abomination should come as no surprise to an informed though now cowed and multiculturally brainwashed indigenous population at large. It is but another demonstration of our journey down the road to perdition exemplified by the application of well-oiled group-think indoctrination through the enforced silence of the native victim groups and their communities via draconian hate crime laws ordained at the highest levels of government.

It is axiomatic that few history-changing events ever happen in temporal isolation, nor rarely in a single geographic location; there is always a chain of subtle, interconnected and barely noticeable precursors, the first faint ripples in the fabric of the structural ethos of a race, culture, nation, tribe or alliance which tend to disappear below the perceptual horizon of the body politic as a whole as it goes about its busy existence. Then, slowly, these ripples become deep rents and increase in frequency and severity until they reach a point where even the most inattentive eye can see that they portend a collapse from within and/or destruction from without.

Such a time is now upon us, and events in the timeline below and those to follow illustrate the connections between consecutive and parallel stages of the process. The ‘Grand Scheme of Things’ is being implemented through the mass importation of violent third-world, low IQ, feral predators with the intention of hastening the end of Western intellectual, moral and cultural strengths through the internal repression of long-heritage citizens and their consequent regressive mongrelisation. The ultimate objective is the elimination of the Caucasian blood line.

On the 18th of April the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on British Muslims launched their “appeal for evidence” Monday, describing “Islamophobia” as a form of “group based hatred or hostility” comparable to racism.

Their letter does not acknowledge there might be rational reasons to have reservations about rising levels of radical Islam and the growing influence of Islam in the West generally.

The call for submissions also only mentions free speech concerns at the end, in passing, describing them as “questions possibly outside the scope of this report”.

They aim to develop a definition of Islamophobia that can be “widely accepted by Muslim communities, political parties, and the Government”, the document adds.

Baroness Warsi, the parliamentary group’s treasurer and one of its four elected officers, tweeted: “To effectively challenge #Islamophobia we must comprehensively define it.”

(Breitbart London, 24th April)

If you don’t live on this benighted Island, then try to understand this — wherever you are, you are next if you are not already enriched, for here over a million girl children have been drugged, raped, tortured and impregnated and still more are in the process (The Halifax sequel will break soon unless our beloved establishment, as is their wont, manage to bury it).

Caveats: Links, quotations and citations are kept to an absolute minimum for reasons of space and simplification of comprehension, but interested readers are encouraged to undertake their own, deeper research using dated elements in the timeline as a starting point. Apart from needing to keep this analysis as short as possible and within the scope of a blog, I have not included mention of two World Wars and most of the semi-major and minor conflicts that have taken place within the timeline. I have done this on the assumption that the majority not mentioned categorise either as direct consequences of the Globalisation Project rather than as
initiators, are either unconnected or of relatively minor importance.

The same thinking particularly applies to WW II and the period that saw the end of European and East Asian Colonial Empires and the rise of new ones. Both trends, especially the Partition of India in 1949, can be traced back with various degrees of certitude to WW II and the Cold War which followed and are deserving of a case study of their own for which I do not have the space or time here.

General Timeline of Deconstruction

1920’s to the present — The birth and evolution of the ‘Racism’, (embryonic) ‘Political Correctness’, ‘Diversity’, ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘Affirmative Action’ behavioral imperatives and the first implementations of a strategy to infiltrate and suborn Western educational establishments — in essence, the battle for our minds and those of our children.

Also, contributions from the ‘Frankfurt School’, the ‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’ (1966), the ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan’ (C-K was the author or the subject of 37 major publications spread over the period 1922-1972), Saul D. Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ (1971) and Common Purpose (1989).

Collectively the clever manipulation of the ‘Mea Culpa!’ Syndrome utilised as a Marxist-Socialist revolutionary tool.

First Critical Period — De-colonisation and the rise of globalism

1945 to 1947 — Post-War reorganization across Europe. Immigration to the UK from the nascent Commonwealth begins in earnest.

1947 — The Partition of India, which resulted in the creation of two independent dominions, India and Pakistan, and the subsequent emergence of modern Bangladesh as an independent nation in 1971 after breaking away and achieving independence from Pakistan in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

1947 — The All-Party Group for World Governance, previously the All-Party Group for World Government, was founded by a British Labour Party politician, Henry Charles Usborne (16 January 1909 — 16 March 1996). At its peak, it had over 200 members from the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Henry Charles Usborne, Clement Edward Davies, Gilbert McAllister, Mary Tibaldi Chiesa

1947 onwards — The rate of ‘Commonwealth’ occupation of the UK from backward areas of Bangladesh and Pakistan such as Azad, Kashmir and Punjab increases. Today those areas are rich in new, grandiose villas with driveways full of expensive cars purchased with monies, predominantly benefit handouts, tribally repatriated from the UK. Meanwhile, their encampments in the occupied territories of the UK and Europe turn out a never-ending stream of parasites, common criminals, rapists, bombers, propagandists and general duty jihadis.

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Wilders Did It Again!

A few days ago Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in the Netherlands, won his appeal for the replacement (“substitution”) of the judges in the hate speech case against him. Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends this analysis of Mr. Wilders’ historic victory, and provides the relevant Dutch political context for the decision.

Wilders did it again!

By H. Numan

The continued farce of the Wilder’s trial is going to get a brand new clown car. Wilders was able to substitute all his judges last Friday. That’s a pretty big turn of events. As you can expect in North Korea on the North Sea, this news is already fading away fast. The media report only extensively, not to say ad nauseam, if something bad can be reported about Wilders. When he scores, not so much. Geert Wilders is still on trial over that ‘fewer, fewer, fewer’ remark. He was convicted for that without penalty. Both he and the prosecutor appealed.

For new readers, a bit of history first.

Right after the municipal elections elections in 2014 Wilders asked his supporters if they wanted more or fewer Moroccans in the country. The crowd shouted ‘fewer, fewer, fewer!’ Okay, said Wilders. We’re going to arrange that. Progressive Netherlands was up in arms. They finally found the stick with which they could beat the blond horse to pulp!

A show trial that would make Stalin proud was set up. People could go to any police station and fill in pre-composed complaint forms. Set up like a multiple choice quiz. Just check off what you find the most offensive, and sign on the dotted line. Oh, you can’t read and write? No worries. Mark an offense, any offense, and put your thumbprint instead of a signature. Mosques supplied translators and assistance free of charge. Many thousands of progressive agitators and muslims used this brilliant free-of-charge opportunity to hang Wilders.

Another perversion of justice: during the trial the prosecutor quickly redefined the word ‘race’, so he could file racial discrimination charges. Under his new definition Moroccans are now a race. If that’s a bit puzzling, you Americans are now under Dutch law also a race. Why? Because group insult carries much less punishment. Again, Stalin would glow with pride.

On 9 December 2016 the kangaroo court grabbed the verdict out of their pouch: guilty without punishment. That was as far as the court dared to go. The prosecutor had asked for a penalty of €5000 for insulting Moroccans as a group. Both Wilders and the prosecutor appealed against the verdict. The prosecutor because he wanted more. A fine might have consequences for Wilder’s political career. No fine, and Wilders could go on as usual. Wilders appealed because he defends his own and our freedom.

That appeal took no less than two years. Last Friday the kangaroo court went into session and … all three kangaroos had to hop. The attorney for Wilders was Mr. Geert-Jan Knoops (Mr. is not “mister”, but stands for meester, the title of a person who holds a legal degree in The Netherlands and Belgium), who asked for substitution of the court, as the court was biased against the defendant.

What had happened in the interim? Minister for Foreign Affairs Halbe Zijlstra claimed he was present in a dacha with Putin in Moscow. This was a blatant lie, and proved as such just days later. Zijlstra had to resign immediately. He was the first piece of ballast to be dropped by premier Rutte in his third cabinet. I reported about his demise.

A few days later Alexander Pechtold, the leader of D66 and a mortal enemy of Wilders, said in public: “I have yet to meet the first Russian who admits his mistakes.’ Which is exactly the same as Wilders ‘fewer, fewer, fewer’ remark. Complaints were filed, and rejected. “This is completely normal in the debate” was the argument. The court saw no reason to put Pechtold next to Wilders in the dock.

That was the reason that Mr. Knoops asked for substitution, and this time his request was granted. His previous requests were denied. For example, he asked to call all the people who filed the above-mentioned complaints (many thousands) as witnesses. This was denied. A sample of witness chooses at random was also denied. Which makes it kind of hard to prove to the court that the accusations were rigged. Some of those complainants had no idea what they had signed. They were illiterate, and were told this was ‘good’ or ‘gave them special benefits’ by volunteers from mosques. One of the advantages of having a multicultural society, I guess. Illiteracy is back with a vengeance.

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Unveiled Insult

Last month a “French” Muslima’s treatment by the police prompted the onset of riots, carbecues, and other traditional forms of Muslim civil disobedience. It seems that Nimouna Hambili ran afoul of France’s no-burka law, and reacted strongly against being detained by police for refusing to remove her niqab.

Ms. Hambili has just been convicted and sentenced to six months in prison, of which she will actually serve half. That’s a significant sentence — harsher than those imposed on immigrant child-rapists in Germany or Sweden.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Crackdown on Identitäre Bewegung Österreich

As reported in the news feed last week, ten members plus seven other associates of the Austrian Identitaire movement (Identitäre Bewegung Österreich) have been charged with hate crimes. The article below from ORF Styria describes the legal action in more detail.

To a non-Austrian observer, the crackdown by the authorities may seem perplexing. A few months ago a new right-wing government took office in Austria — a coalition of the ÖVP (Österreichische Volkspartei, Austrian People’s Party) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). The new government’s positions are very close to those of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán — that is, they oppose mass migration, object to the diktats of Brussels, and call for stronger border control. So why would they go after the Identitarians?

The government’s actions are largely based on the policies of the FPÖ and its leader Heinz-Christian Strache. However, the FPÖ is the junior partner in the coalition, while the ÖVP is the senior partner. All indications are that Chancellor Sebastian “Boy” Kurz is a cynical opportunist with no discernible principles — he saw which way the political winds were blowing in Austria and trimmed his sails accordingly. It seems likely that the crackdown on the Identitaires is simply a move to nobble a potential rival power center.

So what does Mr. Strache think of all of this? Throughout his career his ideological positions have been very similar to those of the Identitaires. If his opinions — unlike those of his boss — are held sincerely, the blatant crackdown on the Identitaires must surely not sit well with him.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Incitement: Ten Identitarians Accused

The State’s Attorney of Graz has charged ten leading members of the Identitarian Movement — also estimated by Security as right-extremist. They are accused of incitement and criminal association.

As early as April, there were house searches at the homes of Identitarian spokesman Martin Sellner and co-leader Patrick Lenart. Now the State’s Attorney of Graz has charged ten leading representatives of the Identitarian Movement Austria (IBÖ) as well as seven other sympathizers with incitement and criminal association and to an extent, criminal mischief and coercion.

According to the authorities, most of the accused had already participated in 2012 in founding the “Organization for Preservation and Furtherance of Cultural Identity.” Besides the registered members there are a number of actively supportive sympathizers.

The rightist-extreme group is financed to a great extent by member donations. “The members see European cultural identity threatened by multiculturalism, liberalism and Islamization. The IBÖ and its activists are striving for the strict separation of peoples living in Europe, and reject the cultural ‘mixing’ of ethnicities,” says the statement from state Security.

“Islam and Islamist Terror Made Equivalent”

Since the founding of the movement in Austria, its representatives have attempted “to spread their xenophobic ideology through provocative actions, comments on the internet, demonstrations, regular local meetings, posters, as well as the sale of propaganda material by way of an enterprise founded in 2016 solely for that purpose.”

In the process, the prosecution explained, the group also made use of the public’s steadily mounting fear of radical Islamist terror attacks, in oder to represent Islam and any Muslim or Muslim group as potential terrorists.

Since the beginning of 2016, the leading members of the group have succeeded with often spectacular actions to raise the group’s public profile.

A “flourishing enterprise” has been built with their mail-order sale of uniform-like vests, jackets, pants and buttons, posters and stickers with the group’s logos, as well as books and tapes.

According to the charges, the goal of redeeming society has produced for two of the accused not only a regular income, but also the financing of some of the actions that boost the revenue of their right-extremist undertaking.

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Should Karl Marx Receive a New Colossus as a Memorial in Trier?

As we reported here the weekend before last, May 5 was Karl Mark’s 200th birthday, and his hometown of Trier held a gala celebration that day in his honor. Former Czech President Václav Klaus spoke that day in Trier at an event sponsored by the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany).

Rembrandt Clancy has translated and subtitled President Klaus’ speech, and includes an introduction.

Should Karl Marx Receive a New Colossus as a Memorial in Trier?

Marxism is coming back in novel forms and under new flags; this time, it is less red and more green and rainbow. Marxism is coming back as the revolutionary utopianism which rejects the capitalism of today as strongly and as resolutely as did Marx one hundred and fifty years ago.

— Václav Klaus


by Rembrandt Clancy

On 5 May in Trier, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz), a Communist Chinese-funded memorial colossus was formally erected in honour of the ideological patriarch of modern collectivism, Karl Marx. The venerable city of Trier, Marx’s birthplace, was celebrating the two-hundredth birthday of the intellectual forerunner of modern communist experiments. Among the dignitaries in attendance was the socialist Minister-President of the Palatinate, Frau Malu Dreyer (SPD). Most distinguished of all, however, was Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission and the supreme unelected representative for all of Europe. Also present was His Excellency, the Most Reverend Stephan Ackermann, Bishop of Trier, representing the once anti-Communist Roman Catholic Church. The German edition of The Epoch Times reported on the initial festivities this way:

It is similar to the dance around the golden calf: while some, with their eyes closed, celebrate that Red cult which claimed more sacrificial victims than both world wars together, other people wish to march through the city commemorating the victims.


Already on Friday, May 4, at the grand ceremony in the Basilica of Constantine [Konstantinbasilika], on the occasion of the opening of the Marx Exhibition, EU Chief Juncker and also Malu Dreyer, Minister-President of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, walked up to the pulpit under the great crucifix in the Basilica [6 May 2018].

In addition to a silent march through the city, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party sponsored an event held in the Best Western Hotel on 4 May; its theme, “Take Marx off His Pedestal”. Among the speakers was the economist and former President of the Czech Republic (2003 -2013) Václav Klaus, who in just a few words summarised how Marx’s influence in the contemporary world has been made all but invisible to ordinary people due to the aptitude of the ideology for changing its colour from red through green to all the colours of the rainbow. The subtitled video of the President’s speech, along with the English transcript, are presented below.

President Klaus, having experienced communism first hand in the former Czechoslovakia, identifies Marx as the father of political correctness, which itself is an attack on reason, or in the President’s words, “a struggle against individually responsible and independent thinking”.

The video includes only the text of President Klaus’ speech taken from the original copy found on the YouTube channel of AfD Rhineland-Palatinate.

Video Transcript

Should Karl Marx Receive a New Colossus as a Memorial in Trier?

May 4 2018

Translation by Rembrandt Clancy

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am really only a speaker, not a keynote speaker, right? I have to say that.

Many thanks for your invitation. I have never before been in Trier; so, today is the first time for me. Your city is for me an unexpected, absolute positive surprise. I have to say that very clearly.

I thank you for the invitation to this event. I wrote this in Prague very much hoping — but now I must say it as it is — hoping this event is only a recollection of Marx and not a celebration of him. Even the word recollection is not fitting. Our gathering today should be a warning against the trivialisation of the destructive influence which Karl Marx has had over the last 150 years, and, as it turns out, is continuing to have. For some of us it is incomprehensible. The unhappy experience of the 20th century should be sufficiently convincing and decisive for everyone. Unfortunately that is not so. Also for Herr Juncker that is not so.

I attentively followed all of today’s speeches. Everything has already been said. I am no expert on Karl Marx. I will not speak for long. I do not intend to analyse Karl Marx’s work or his central theses on this occasion; for that, there are other events. As a former academic, I am not given to simplified and superficial judgments.

Karl Marx was without doubt a significant and very influential thinker and ideologue. We must not oversimplify our present quarrel with Karl Marx. Marx was in any event an important representative of the social sciences — even though in my specialty of political economy he was only of secondary importance. He has not been quoted and taught in the field of economics for a long time.

I recall the statement made a half-century ago by one of the most famous economists of the second half of the twentieth century, the American Nobel laureate Paul Samuelson, who in 1968 said: Marx was an important social scientist, but “from the viewpoint of pure economic theory, he can be regarded as a minor Post-Ricardian”: “post-Ricardian” means ‘of lesser importance’ [David Ricardo (1772-1823)].* I recall this statement very well. This was a severe declaration for the times, and he made it on the occasion of Karl Marx’s hundred and fiftieth birthday. At that time, Karl Marx was, in my country — in Communist Czechoslovakia — still an important part of the official ideology. Today it is different. The star of Marx no longer shines nearly so brightly.

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Viktor Orbán: “The Era of Liberal Democracy Has Ended”

Earlier today I posted the complete speech given in parliament by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán after he was sworn in for his third term last Thursday.

The video below is an excerpt from that speech. It begins about halfway through and runs to the end, covering the parts that are most likely to be of interest to an international audience.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (without times and edited into paragraphs):

Respected House! One can’t reform an entire nation in secret. Under my approach, which contributed to our previous successes, we are stating: THE ERA OF LIBERAL DEMOCRACY HAS ENDED! It has become unsuitable for defending human dignity. It has become unfit for providing freedom. It can no longer guarantee physical safety, nor can it maintain Christian culture. There are some in Europe who still tinker with it because they think they can fix it. They do not understand that is not that the mechanism broke down, but the world changed.

Our answer, the Hungarians’ response to the changed world, was that instead of the shipwrecked liberal democracy, we built up the 21st-century Christian democracy, which guarantees human dignity, freedom, and safety. It defends the equality of man and woman, the traditional family model. It restrains anti-Semitism, defends our Christian culture, and gives our nation a chance for survival and growth. We are Christian Democrats and we want a Christian democracy.

Respected House! One can’t see the wood for the trees. If you live in the world in the drifting of everyday life, you cannot be expected to be able to realize that we are entering the era of the birth of a new order in the world, when new systems of values, new actors, new cooperations are forming. Nations keep pundits for that purpose, and among them politicians. So it is the duty of the government — among others — to bring attention to new technologies, new principles to organize the economy, new consumption patterns. New economic battlefields have emerged. New generations and new dynamics appeared. The task of the government is still to prepare Hungary, prepare the members of the Hungarian nation, for the new technological era.

In this new era, everybody must work, and today 800,000 more people work than did so eight years ago. In the new era a high level of public debt is life-threatening. Our public debt rate is 17% lower than the average in the Eurozone, while the income that required us to work for 12 months in 2010 we can now earn in eight months. In the new era, the infrastructure servicing our national ventures will be openly present on the market and it will be the deciding factor. For that reason we took the banking system, the energy and media sectors, into national hands. In the new era knowledge really will be power, so we have taken the first — but really just the first — steps towards raising the sort of young people who can always get the job done. You can see that preparation has started, but there is still a long road ahead of us.

Respected Mr. President, respected House! Its a beautiful thing, this innovation, confidence in the future, and the big plans, but besides that we must keep in mind that we are a more than thousand-year-old country. In the politics of such an ancient country there are things which are eternal. Such as the nation’s size, location, and its spirit. This must be taken into account by the prime minister stepping into office and the members of the government, but the parliamentary representatives also ought to know.

If we want to decide what the Hungarians want in the world, we must be clear about our size. Our size in the last thousand years continuously changed, but we never belonged among the large nations of the world. The situation today is that Hungarians are 0.2% of the world’s population. From this it directly follows that the survival and continuation of Hungarians is not automatic. For nations with a large populations and widespread relatives, a world where they do not exist, where their own kind simply do not exist, is unimaginable. But Hungarian politics must begin with the assumption that it is possible for us vanish, it is possible that we may scatter, it is possible to run out [of Hungarians], and the world can be imagined without the Hungarian version of Homo sapiens.

There were some who thought it was already so. Thanks to the good Lord, we are standing here today, and they are not. That is why Hungarian politics has a task, which from this view point must constantly examine Hungary and events happening in the region around Hungary. Persistence is the question of a life force. That is why the Hungarian state and the ruling Hungarian government must be stable, strong and ready for action. This [issue] is above everything else, has a higher priority.

Respected House! We are a unique kind. There is a language that only we speak. There is a world that through Hungarian language and culture only we can see and only we can describe the way it is. Without us human civilization would be short one language, bereft of one worldview, and poorer by one less description of the world. This fact should give backbone to Hungarian governments at all times. The government that knows this shall represent a Hungary to the outside world that already has a serious performance standing behind it, because we have already contributed to science, culture, sport and the arts to the overall betterment of humankind. We must live with such a country’s self-confidence and dignity, which knows that the Hungarians gave more to the world than they received. Our performance entitles us to the continuation of our history. This claim — the contribution of Hungarians — the government must continuously augment.

Respected representatives! The territory of the Carpathian valley is shared by multiple states. In addition to that historical fact, for us the Carpathian valley is an organic cultural and multilingual unity. I would like to convince our neighbors that together we could make the Carpathian valley the most secure, fastest developing, unified, commercial and economic and transportation region in Europe. In past years we gave numerous proofs that those who cooperate with us do not have to be afraid of Hungarians and will do well out of it.

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Viktor Orbán: “My Government Will Be the Government of Free Hungarians and a Sovereign Hungary”

Last Thursday Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was sworn in for his third consecutive turn. Below is a video of the full speech he gave in parliament for the occasion. Vlad has made a shorter version containing just the second half of the speech, which holds the greatest interest for an international audience; I’ll be posting that later on.

Viktor Orbán is a titan among Western political leaders — if the leader of a country of just fifteen million people can be called that. Those who have seen the photos of him with Horst Seehofer or Geert Wilders know that he’s not a tall man, but he still stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (without times and edited into paragraphs):

Respected President of the Republic, Mr. President of the House, respected representative colleagues: My first word is one of thanks. I would like to thank everyone who participated in the parliamentary election, no matter which candidate they voted for. Separately, for their participation I would like to thank those who chose us, the civic, nationalist and Christian forces.

Beyond thanks, I am grateful to those who supported me personally. I know that for them I owe a special obligation. I maintain my special duty towards them, and will bring it into sync with my other responsibility, which is to serve the whole country, the entire homeland, every single citizen of the nation. My government will stand on the constitutional two-thirds super-majority, but will always serve all three thirds.

Respected House [of Representatives]! I accepted the request [to form a government] of the President of the Republic. The fourth time I have taken my oath as Prime Minister in front of you. This is my eighth parliamentary cycle. I have served my country for 28 years as a parliamentary representative. I ask my representative colleagues to look at me as one of you while I serve as Prime Minister.

I continue to have the same conviction: The homeland CANNOT BE in opposition, because it is far above all parties, and its service cannot depend on whether we are in opposition or in the government. The debate, the fight, is a natural part of politics. Perhaps this is not a problem. If we bang a nail into the wall, and there is no resistance, what could we hang on that nail?

I have learned enough about human nature to know that no matter how much we long to win ever so gently, like the wind, no matter how much we would all like to be pious, accepting facts peacefully and creating agreements based on them, such a thing in the world of politics is scarcely given to us. Or if it is, perhaps only in rare moments. But I can promise, and will promise that in this house we should feel more like an angel flew over us. I will also promise my opponents that if and when a party fight cannot be avoided, I will fight by the rules of chivalry. And for the representatives on the government’s side, I will promise that in the debates, I will not remain a debtor of anybody. If they attack us, you can be sure: what goes around, comes around!

Respected House, respected representatives! Standing before you I asserted that politics is more dangerous than war, because in war one can only be killed once. This might sound frightening, but it is also an optimistic thought, because it alludes that those who are in politics may be resurrected sooner.

As for myself, I spent sixteen years in opposition, and twelve years in government. I learned: victory is never final, and defeat is never fatal. The only thing that matters is whether you are ready to continue to fight. If God permits it, and we live, at the end of this cycle we will reach the balance between my years in opposition and those in government. If at that time I still only have a draw — let’s make it clear, this is an appropriate time and place, that we are sportsmen — we will not be satisfied with only a draw.

Respected House, optimistically, with hope, and ready for action, I am standing here before you. Our completed work can give us plenty of self-confidence. If we look behind us, we can say, even including all the errata, Hungary should never be allowed to have it worse than the past eight years. The electorate must have thought the same thing; this could be behind the prosaic fact and mathematical result that the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance got more votes than all the remaining parties here put together.

And with this, my dear friends, let’s draw a crisp cut-off line. Let’s draw a border that in Hungarian politics one so rarely finds. And because one could not find it, one successively falls to one, then the other side of the horse, from the depressing Hungarian pan-pessimism, to the silly treasury optimism and back. So now let’s draw a clear line of separation between self-confidence and self-complacency. Let’s make it clear: one cannot live in the past. Let’s quote here King Stephen I. [first Christian king of Hungary]. His admonition: “Nothing can elevate you but humility; nothing can cast you down but arrogance and hatred.” Let us confess that behind the success always hides the good grace of God. That is why it is not mere speechifying rhetoric, not only tradition, but a deep belief in Soli Deo Gloria, which means: Glory to God alone.

Respected House, respected representatives. If we were to prepare ourselves in such a way, and set our thoughts in the right direction — let’s state it bravely — in the next four years we will take on grand things. We know the vegetable garden cannot be left unweeded; we must hoe it; that’s why the daily work will continue operationally at its own speed and routine. But we long for something bigger than this. We will start something really great, or more than one great thing. We also know that from a specific point of view: better a live dog than a dead lion. But now we really want to go for something big.

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Dr. László Szabó: Immigration and the Preservation of European Culture

Further update: Now the video is working again. Which is weird, because it disappeared from the channel for about 20 minutes or so. Anyway, you should be able to watch it now.

Update: It seems that the Westminster Institute has pulled this video off their channel for some reason. I watched it a little while ago, but now it’s missing. I don’t know what happened.

As I reported earlier tonight, on Wednesday Dr. László Szabó, the Hungarian ambassador to the United States, spoke at the Westminster Institute in McLean, Virginia. His talk is now available on video, including the Q&A section at the end. The whole thing is worth listening to:

The most interesting fact that I learned from his remarks is that all the migrants who took the Balkan Route during the Great Migration Crisis of 2015 stopped in at certain bank in Belgrade to pick up an instruction leaflet (#1 on the list presumably being “throw away your passport”), a cell phone, and €5,000 in cash — at least until the money ran out. So that’s where all those €500 notes came from that the “Syrians” were spending that September in Nickelsdorf after they crossed from Hungary to Austria.

The question that we should all ponder is: Who put that money in the bank for those poor destitute “refugees” to claim? I agree with CrossWare — her opinion is that George Soros wasn’t spending his own money on the migration caper; he was simply acting as the distributor of the funds. That is, someone used his NGOs as a conduit, and he undoubtedly managed to turn a profit on the deal. I’m sure we can all make some educated guesses about who the ultimate benefactor was.

An Open Letter From István Lovas to a Toady for the German State Media

The following essay is an open letter from the Hungarian journalist and author István Lovas to a German media correspondent who takes the standard German/EU line on Hungary.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece. To the links she included I have added more for various personalities mentioned in the letter — in English when I could find them, otherwise in Hungarian:

Letter to Keno Verseck, the Budapest correspondent for Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welle

Subject: Are you crazy?

Dear Colleague!

You were interviewed on Friday with a longer interview with Deutsche Welle, a public service broadcasting in 30 languages. You know, the funding of which is also compulsory for German taxpayers, who are deliberately misled by you. As you say, democratically.

Interview theme: “Freedom of the Press”

The grand title: “In Hungary Orbán sows hatred”

As you usually do it: the use of the word “hatred” is almost always mandatory. It is particularly worshiped in titles. After that, everyone is waiting for “populist”, “nationalist”, “anti-Semitic” and similar expressions. And if it is about the Hungarian Prime Minister, then the “right-wing nationalist” prefix is obligatory before his name, unlike previously with the former Prime Ministers of Bajnai or Gyurcsány; no qualifying modifier was ever given, although the Hungarian people could recommend you a bouquet for their characterization.

Sometimes the “folk-national” sign, especially if Magdalena Marsovszky is quoted: the point is to instantly make the article credible, because each reader knows in which direction they should stand at attention.

The interview’s editorial summary: “ Hungarian correspondent Keno Verseck’s name emerged in the blacklist of journalists in newspapers close to the government. This is a clear indication that the public climate is becoming poisonous.”

The conversation begins with your colleague’s question:

The Hungarian Times, which is close to the government, published a list with the names of Hungarian correspondents. Your name appears, and you were attacked vigorously there. How did you learn that you were included?”

In your reply, you also said that the article calls on the government to “take action against us”. He adds: “It is still to be said that The Hungarian Times in Hungary is almost the official announcement medium for the government.”

He then refers to the Soros mercenary list, and writes, “This article is about us here, about foreign correspondents, from independent journalists whose reports are obviously painfully affecting the Orbán government… that is, they are tightening the reins now that Orbán wants to show how much power he has.”

Finally, you tell us that you have lived for a long time in Hungary (35 years) and are able to speak Hungarian. And you have the audacity to lie to our faces that when he was first “researched” in Hungary as a journalist, at the end of the 1980’s, the climate at that time was not as “scary” as it is today. Which in itself is characteristic of the “research” of journalists. This was the time when I was unable to obtain an entry visa for your journalism field, as I was a staff member of Radio Free Europe, although I only wanted to visit my family.

The last sentence is: “And those who feel powerless or feel that there is no way to act in opposition will leave the country.”

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Alfie Evans and the Lethal Sympathy of Bioethics

This is a mirror of an essay from the website Studio Matters. Her questions concern the so-called “vegetative state” and at what point we may deem that any human being’s life is “unworthy of life”.

Maureen Mullarkey interweaves her writing with works of art which strikingly embellish and underline her points. Except for the first piece, the art she chose has been omitted to encourage readers to visit her page. As with all her essays, her choices of illustration reveal a thoroughgoing knowledge of art and its power to illuminate moral questions.

Alfie Evans is dead. Deemed unfit, the child was sentenced to death by dehydration and suffocation. We shun the term life unworthy of life but embrace its content. We mask the odor of it with smiling phrases like “end of life care,” cruel details dismissed in the “best interest” of the patient sacrificed to force of law. The act of killing is rephrased in the argot of compassion.

Language loosens constraint from the annihilation of life judged undeserving of the means to sustain it. With that language comes a sea-change in moral discernment. Our experts — lawyers, policy makers, opinion shapers, hospital administrators, doctors as well — have learned their phrases from the relatively new discipline of bioethics. It is the mental and moral vocabulary of bioethicists that provided the rationalizations at work in the sorrowful odyssey of Alfie Evans.

The lethal sympathy of bioethical theorizing has insinuated itself even into the conscience of clergy. British bishops, as a body, assented to those rationalizations. They wrung their hands but did not question the law’s refusal to permit Alfie’s parents to take their son out of the country. Not a single bishop demurred. While the child defied his sentence by breathing without life support, the bishops stayed safe and silent in their cathedrals. Worse, they challenged Bambino Gesu hospital to justify its offer to care for Alfie on medical grounds — as if clinical opinion trumped the morality their priesthood was pledged to protect:

It is for that hospital to present to the British Courts, where crucial decisions in conflicts of opinion have to be taken, the medical reasons for an exception to made in this case.

Required reading on the steady diminution of the ancient ideals embedded in the Hippocratic oath is “Annihilating Terri Schiavo,” a 2006 essay in Commentary by Paul McHugh, M.D., former director of psychiatry at John Hopkins. His early warning has gone unheeded:

“Contemporary bioethics has become a natural ally of the culture of death, but the culture of death itself is a perennial human temptation; for onlookers in particular, it offers a reassuring answer… to otherwise excruciating dilemmas, and it can be rationalized every which way till Sunday… The more this culture continues to influence our thinking, the deeper are likely to become the divisions within our society and within our families, the more hardened our hatreds, and the more manifold our fears.”

Looking ahead, he concluded: “More of us will die prematurely; some of us will even be persuaded that we want to.”

[McHugh’s essay is one of others on the limits of psychiatry collected in The Mind Has Mountains. The book is as pertinent today as when it was written.]

Simon Lancaster, writing in The Spectator, UK, spotlighted the term vegetative state. This was the wording at the core of Alfie Evans’ state-mandated extinction:

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The End Times of Albion

Prompted in part by UKIP’s devastating losses in last Thursday’s local elections, Seneca III sends these thoughts on the current gloomy state of affairs in the United Kingdom.

The End Times of Albion

by Seneca III

There is a time to live and a time to die; a time to let live and a time to kill. Just as the rhythms of the seasons and the tides of great waters rise and fall, the seasons and tides of human affairs do likewise, and they do indeed try men’s souls.

In the UK contempt and abject hatred have, in the mind of the indigenous majority, replaced a naïve belief that probity, public safety and our continued existence as an homogenous culture are the defining hallmarks of our nation’s institutions. Consequently, all trust in our Legislative and its Executive arms has been lost.

Starting in Parliament and descending through several layers to the corrupted Rotten Boroughs in the Occupied Territories a malignant ideological cancer has taken hold and spread far beyond the point where the mechanisms of democratically elected governance can excise it. Democracy, combined with mass immigration and pathological altruism, has become the God that failed.

In quasi-private organisations which are fully or partly funded from taxpayer’s pockets, either directly or indirectly, this cancer has found other homes… take English Heritage, the National Trust and Oxfam as examples, as well as the BBC.

The police, the judiciary and the legal profession as a whole no longer possess anything resembling a moral compass nor any conception of the abiding necessity to sustain a British homeland for long-heritage British people.

In the education sector learning has been cast aside and replaced by indoctrination. Generations of children will now grow to maturity without a functional and enquiring mind of their own, and thus their future will be defined by a modern form of feudalism wherein they will be the serfs.

Feudalism arises when a civilisation begins to decline or collapse, when the central authority is no longer able to maintain order, and local power centres emerge to control specific areas and their inhabitants. It is a return to a default position such as we now see in a variant form in the no-go areas and their adjacent epicentres of large-scale criminality unrestrained by central authority, for example in Tower Hamlets, Bradford, Rotherham, Telford et al., and in the general anarchy that is now so much a part of life in areas of London and other major cities.

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Breitscheidplatz: The Story of Anis Amri as a Lone Offender

The following essay by Beatrix von Storch from Freie Welt has been translated by Anton, who includes an extended afterword with additional material.

Breitscheidplatz: The story of Anis Amri as a lone offender

by Beatrix von Storch, Member of the German Bundestag

The public reaction after a physical attack by an Arab refugee is actually always the same: this was a lone perpetrator. No connection with other crimes, no connection with cultural origin, no connection with Islam.

The terrorist attack carried out by the Tunisian Islamist Anis Amri on December 19, 2016 at the Berlin Breitscheidplatz was evaluated in exactly the same manner. Even after it was clear that Amri had excellent contacts with the Salafist network in Dortmund, Hildesheim and Berlin, and went there and out, the individual scenario was only slightly doubted.

German Islamist scene

Shortly after his arrival in Germany, Amri established contact with the group surrounding the Salafist preacher Abu Walaa in Dortmund and Hildesheim. That they never talked about a possible attack on the “infidels” is hard to imagine.

Amri also expressed abstract ideas and fantasies to the police informer working for the state criminal investigation office of North Rhine-Westphalia on a car trip to Berlin. In the process, Amri bragged about his contacts with France, from where he could ‘easily arrange for a Kalashnikov’.

Contact with France

This alleged contact has now been revealed by the French authorities. A few days ago it became known that Islamist Clement B., who was arrested in mid-2017, had frequent personal and telephone contact with Anis Amri. The arrest of the French citizen uncovered several firearms and three kilogrammes of explosives. He is suspected of planning an attack prior to the presidential election in 2017.

Italian Raid

At the end of March 2018, in a police raid in Italy, five suspected Tunisian Islamists were arrested who allegedly had contact with Anis Amri. According to police, it is very likely that Amri had obtained counterfeit documents from this network for his stay in Germany.

Three other Tunisians who had direct contact with Amri had already been deported from Italy at the beginning of 2017. Although there are no direct indications that these contact persons were directly involved in the execution of the attack, the links within the European Islamist scene will have played a role in the preparation of the attack.

For the newly established committee of inquiry in the Bundestag, of which I am a member for the AfD parliamentary group, this means that those relevant acts within the neighbouring European countries are also of great importance and should accordingly be included within the investigation.

ISIS backer in North Africa gives instructions

An obvious direct contact with fighters of the so-called[1] Islamic State in Libya was already established by the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation in February 2016. At that time, Amri was sent several audio files in which the background of machine gunfire and grenade strikes were heard.

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