My Old Halal Kentucky Home

Several Kentucky Fried Chicken (or are they just KFC now? — an acronym with no title reference) restaurants in Australia have made themselves 100% halal, and are therefore no longer offering bacon or any other pork products to their customers.

This story merits further discussion, but first here’s the brief news report from The Daily Mail:

How Australian KFC stores are refusing to sell bacon in their burgers — because they only use HALAL products

KFC has refused to sell bacon at three Australian stores to keep in line with Halal certified products.

A customer revealed the rule after contacting the fast food company about the lack of bacon offered at a store in Punchbowl, in Sydney’s west.

‘Why is bacon not available at KFC Punchbowl, NSW?’ Disgruntled customer Marc Miller wrote on Facebook.

In response, KFC said the fast food chain’s stores in Punchbowl and Bankstown South in NSW, as well as a location in Fawkner in Victoria, don’t sell bacon to keep in line with other halal products.

‘Hi Marc, currently, the KFC stores at Punchbowl (NSW), Bankstown South (NSW) and Fawkner (VIC) have a number of products which are certified Halal and are available to customers from these stores only,’ the statement reads.

‘Some Suppliers of chicken have indicated they are Halal certified. However, we cannot claim our stores can be classified as being 100% Halal, as there is bacon in all stores (except for three stores listed above) plus the Suppliers of certain seasonings, marinades etc have indicated that they are not Halal certified.’

The spokesperson added that there are no current plans to extend the number of stores in Australia which have Halal products.

I ask readers to temporarily suppress their natural and understandable outrage over this news, and consider it as part of a larger process, one that is underway throughout the Western world.

The offering of halal products is obviously a business decision. If you have a lot of Muslims in your customer base, and you see a lot of women in bags and men in dresses in beanies, then you will offer them halal items, because that’s what they want, and that way you will sell more stuff. It is of no moment to you — if you are aware of it at all — that a percentage of the cost of halal products is turned over as zakat to “charitable” organizations, including jihad groups. After all, that’s just part of the cost of doing business.

However, in this case the decision not to offer any non-halal products goes beyond a mere business decision. KFC has at least some kafir customers — obviously, since one of them publicly complained — so the franchise in question could make a greater profit if it continued to include menu items with bacon to satisfy the demand from the kuffar.

Yet they decided to withhold bacon and forgo some of their profits. Why?

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Ihsas Khan: “To kill and be killed… Discharging my obligation to jihad”

A young “Australian” culture-enricher named Ihsas Khan is on trial in Sydney for attempting to murder his neighbor with a hunting knife back in 2016. The following video from Channel 7 is unusual in that it lays out all the facts about Ihsas Khan: he intended to slaughter his victim in order to discharge his obligation to wage jihad against the infidel.

Mr. Khan has pleaded not guilty due to insanity. It will be interesting to see how well that works for him.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below are excerpts from an article about the case from ABC News (Australia):

Terror attack accused Ihsas Khan compares stabbing Sydney neighbour to ‘eating a Picnic bar’

The man on trial for the attempted murder of his neighbour in the Sydney suburb of Minto compared stabbing the man to like eating a chocolate bar, a Sydney court heard on Wednesday.

Ihsas Khan, 22, was charged with committing a terrorist act with the intent to influence the Australian Government and attempted murder for stabbing Wayne Greenhalgh with a hunting knife on September 10, 2016.

Mr Khan has pleaded not guilty on the grounds of mental illness.

The court was shown a police interview of Mr Khan.

During an interview with a detective, Mr Khan said he felt nothing about stabbing Mr Greenhalgh.

“How do you feel about eating a Picnic bar? You don’t really think about it,” he said.

The detective asked him whether he regretted what he did.

“No, not at all,” Mr Khan replied.

“This person you stabbed today, if he died how would that make you feel?” the detective asked.

“Nothing,” Mr Khan replied.

“Can you tell me why you’re here?” the detective asked.

“I tried to slaughter a guy,” Mr Khan replied.

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Diana West and Katie Hopkins at CPAC 2018

Last Thursday the Center for Security Policy held a panel discussion at the CPAC 2018 conference in Washington D.C. on the topic of “Whither Freedom?” Among the participants were Diana West and the British writer Katie Hopkins.

The entire presentation, which was chaired by Frank Gaffney, may be seen here; it’s worth watching in its entirety. The two excerpts below show the talks given by Ms. West and Ms. Hopkins. The former described the event in her most recent column:

Yesterday [Thursday February 22], I had the privilege to join Katie Hopkins and Deborah Weiss at C-PAC 2018 on a Center for Security Policy panel moderated by Frank Gaffney. Our topic was “Whither Freedom?” and we three panelists each treated a different threat — the Left/Russia (me), Islamization of Europe (Katie) and sharia (Deborah).

In each case, the threat to freedom is compounded if not created by deception — Big Lies entrenched as conventional wisdom, “fake news,” false narrative, all of which drive crucial strategic missteps while disarming our natural reflexes and undermining our natural loyalties.

When it comes to the Left/Russia, just think: If Joseph McCarthy is not the demon child of American history and is in fact the hero of American history then everything we’ve been taught is wrong. …

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading the videos.

Diana West at CPAC:

Katie Hopkins at CPAC:

Culture-Enrichers Launch Brutal Attack on Two Female Cops in Melbourne

Two female police officers were viciously attacked during a traffic stop in Melbourne. Their assailants were a couple of “New Australians” — brother and sister, as it happens. One can’t help but wonder whether these culture-enrichers would have been so eager to start a fight if the two cops had been men.

But that’s a sexist thought, so I will suppress it…

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news video:

Excerpts from the accompanying article in Yahoo7News:

Two female police officers kicked in the head in brutal attack

Two female police officers have been kicked in the head and body during a brutal attack in Melbourne’s north.

A brother and sister are accused of launching the alleged attack at South Morang, leaving two female officers injured in hospital.

Just before midnight on Saturday a BMW was seen driving erratically in Mill Park, police allege.

After a short pursuit the vehicle stopped at a house at nearby South Morang, missing a wheel.

Yak Dut, 21, and his sister allegedly got out of the vehicle, before a fight with the two officers broke out.

Police allege Dut kicked both officers while his sister punched at least one of them in the head.

Seven News understands the officers were forced to use capsicum spray to gain control of the accused.

The assault left the officers aged 36 and 57, both hurt, bleeding, bruised and swollen.

The 36-year-old officer had ligaments torn in her neck and a suspected torn bicep from a hard kick to the shoulder.

Dut is facing 24 charges, including: threats to kill, assaulting a police officer, kicking a police officer, reckless conducting, endangering life and drink driving.

Hat tip: SS.

The Islamic State Strikes in Melbourne

An ISIS-inspired stabbing attack took place today (yesterday, if you’re in Australia) in Melbourne.

There’s no indication in this news story of the ethnicity of the victim, but given that he was renting the perp a room, I’d be willing to bet he’s a fellow culture-enricher. Maybe even a Hindu from the subcontinent, which would explain the murderous rage of a new arrival from Bangladesh.

From ABC (Australia):

Woman Charged Over ‘Islamic State-Inspired’ Stabbing in Melbourne

A 24-year-old Bangladeshi woman will appear in court, charged over an “Islamic State-inspired attack” following a stabbing incident at Mill Park, in Melbourne’s north on Friday.

Police were called to a home in Callistemon Rise about 4:20pm on Friday where they found a 56-year-old man who had been stabbed in the neck while he was asleep.

The man will undergo surgery today but his injuries were not life-threatening.

His young child was present at the time but was not injured.

Police allege the woman is a Bangladeshi national who travelled to Melbourne on February 1 on a student visa.

She was renting a room at the man’s home while she was studying.


Ian McCartney, the acting Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner, said police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

“We will allege this was a stand-alone, Islamic State-inspired attack, designed to cause harm to our community,” acting Deputy Commissioner McCartney said.

Since September 2014, when the national terrorism threat level was raised, police have charged 85 people, including this woman, following 36 counter-terrorism operations around Australia.

Vehicular Jihad in Melbourne

Here we go again. A downtown street in a major city is cordoned off. Police guard the perimeter. Emergency vehicles clot the area, lights flashing. Medical personnel and passers-by huddle over crumpled figures on the pavement.

And the first thing the authorities say? “No connection to terrorism.”

This time it’s in Melbourne CBD (Central Business District), on Flinders Street. Late this afternoon (early this morning our time) a car ran down pedestrians on a crowded sidewalk, wounding 19 people. The accounts emerging after the incident follow the standard playbook: a lone-wolf driver with a history of mental illness who has no connections to terrorism. The second man arrested is just a bystander taking photos who happened to have three knives in a bag. And, yes, both of them are Muslims, but so what? Are you a WAYCIST??

An Australian reader named RA sends this report:

The police have just held a media conference and it turns out this has nothing to do with terrorism. One of the two Muslim guys arrests was just filming the incident and (though found with three knives in his bag) it turns out he was just an innocent bystander.
The attacker was the sole guy in the car, and is a 32-year-old man of Afghan descent who was known to police and has mental health issues. And though it was definitely deliberate, according to police it is not related to terrorism.

He was known to police because he had some minor driving charges and a minor assault arrest or conviction. He has mental health issues because he has used or was being treated for drug addiction. So apparently his deliberate running down of (now) 19 pedestrians was not terror-related.

And from Salome, also in Oz, summarizing the news articles:

  • A white SUV collided with pedestrians on Flinders St just after 4.30pm
  • Police say 19 people were injured during the incident, 15 of them are stable and four are in a critical condition
  • Police have emphasised there is no evidence to connect the incident with terrorism
  • Victoria Police have arrested the sole occupant of the car, 32-year-old Saeed Noori, who is of Afghan descent and has a history of drug use and mental illness
  • A second man who was filming the incident was arrested. He had three knives in his bag
  • Police have not established a relationship between the two men who were arrested
  • Nine patients have been taken to The Alfred hospital
  • Three have been taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital
  • A child with a head injury has been taken to Royal Children’s Hospital and is in a stable condition
  • More patients are at St Vincent’s
  • Two men are in custody and are being questioned by police
  • Buildings fronting onto Flinders St were evacuated
  • All pedestrians and vehicles are advised to avoid the area
  • Premier Daniel Andrews says there is no intel to suggest we need to change our current threat level or threat assessment

From The Herald Sun:

Pedestrians hit by car in Melbourne CBD, two men arrested

ICE-addicted Afghan-Australian Saeed Noori has deliberately mowed 17 pedestrians down in the CBD in an “act of evil”.

Noori, who was known to police and was on a mental health plan, roared through the Elizabeth St intersection on Flinders St and slammed into innocent shoppers, workers and tourists.

After his Suzuki SUV smashed into a tram stop bollard an off-duty cop — hailed on Thursday night as a hero — dragged Noori out of the vehicle.

Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said Noori, 32, had a history of drug abuse.

Sources said he had missed a medical appointment earlier in the day.

“He is still in custody, under arrest for what we allege is a deliberate act,” Mr Patton said.

Pedestrians aged four to 83 needed hospital treatment after the horrifying rampage at one of Melbourne’s busiest intersections, with four critically injured.

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An Epistle to the Australians

From Malcolm Pollack at waka waka waka, some words of comfort [with the format slightly edited]:

He is writing to an individual Aussie, but his advice could well apply to anyone in Oz — or the rest of the West for that matter — who is trying to keep going in the current political climate. You’ll like his metaphors:

We Will Not Flag or Fail

A reader from an Australian metropolis wrote me a little while back to describe the social and emotional difficulties of being a Right-thinking outlier in an overwhelmingly, and so often unreflectively and oppressively, Leftist culture. He needed some bucking up, I thought, and so I offered the following (slightly edited) reply. I don’t think he’ll mind my reprinting it here in the hope that it might offer some comfort to others in the same lonely predicament.

“Dear ____,

I understand what you’re going through. I face exactly the same issues in my own relationships, all the time.

It’s very hard to push back effectively. There is a tremendous soggy weight of dogma always pressing down; it’s as if you are caught under a big wet circus tent that you have to lift every time you want to stand up to speak your mind.

Or perhaps the better metaphor is the one I’ve always used in the past: that we are swept along in a powerful stream, and as long as we drift with the current we don’t feel its power. Most people drift along in little groups, focusing only on each other, but some of us look at the banks of the river, and notice that we are being swept away to an unfamiliar landscape far from our home. We plant our feet on the bottom and try to grab hold of the people we care about, but immediately we feel the enormous power of the current, and it is all we can do to resist. Meanwhile our friends just think we’re acting very strangely indeed, and making things very unpleasant for ourselves and for them. It’s so much more pleasant to drift, you see, especially when everyone else is — and as soon as we put our feet down on the bottom everyone else is suddenly moving away with the current. (To them, it seems as if we are moving backward.)

All I can say is to tell you what I do — how I’ve managed to live in such a condition without going mad:

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Taking it to the Streets — But Not Yet

Why don’t native citizens of Western nations take to the streets by the tens of thousands to protest what is being done to them, and demand change?

The above question is a recurring topic in comment threads here at Gates of Vienna. You might call it the “Pitchforks and Torches” question. Previous generations in the various nations of the European diaspora took to the streets with far less cause — or so it seems — than the current cohort has. So what has changed?

The reasons are complex, but the short answer is: Citizens of the West are not yet at the point where they have nothing left to lose.

Consider the streets of Berlin and Munich in 1919 and 1920. During the chaos that reigned in the early Weimar Republic, the Freikorps took to the streets almost daily to do battle with the Communists. This was before Fascism and National Socialism — the Freikorps were largely comprised of demobilized members of the Imperial German military, who came together to resist their arch-enemy, international Bolshevism. It was out of that milieu that the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, National Socialist German Workers’ Party) arose later in the 1920s. After the Nazis came to power, order returned to German cities, much to the relief of the average citizen. But the early years were the heyday of the street-fightin’ man.

So why isn’t something similar happening now?

The cultural deracination and population replacement that is currently being inflicted on Germans, Britons, Swedes, Austrians, and Frenchmen is arguably much worse than what happened in the aftermath of the Great War in Europe. Yet there is no indication of any uprising by the indigenous population. Nobody is taking it to the streets. Not yet.

One of the main reasons is that the average indigenous Westerner is far better off, in material terms, than were his counterparts in 1919. The average Berliner in those days had almost nothing, and the inflation of 1923 wiped out what little he had. Why not take to the streets and do battle with the Bolsheviks or the Nazis? He had nothing left to lose.

But Joe Europe has a lot to lose in 2017. Regardless of the fate of the Bolsheviks, Socialism won in the end. The megastate that is the modern EU (or the modern federal behemoth in the USA) caters to the citizen’s every need. If he decides to do something that meets with the disapproval of his masters, he may lose his job, his car, his house, his pension, and all the fripperies and gewgaws that keep his wife and kids happy. He may not like the fact that the streets are full of feral Third World immigrants, that his wife and daughters (or even sons) are increasingly likely to be raped by “refugees”, and that he himself may be car-jacked, mugged, or knifed as he goes about his business in his once-safe city. But a public protest has its price.

Demonstrating against current conditions has to be weighed against the penury and shame of what would happen if he spoke out against mass immigration and Islamization. He’s seen what happens to people who do such things — why should he take to the streets in protest over a lost cause?

“But Baron,” you say, “the antifas take to the streets all the time and do battle with clubs and rocks. Why can’t the ‘Islamophobes’ do the same?”

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From Lady Zones to Sharia Zones

Or, Why We Fight: Reason #4,559

This post is the latest in an occasional series about why we at Gates of Vienna (and those in the larger movement) decided to enlist in the information war. What makes us don our virtual helmets, pick up our digital rifles, and jump over the parapet into the barbed wire and shell holes of no man’s land?

The answer naturally varies from individual to individual. Mine varies from day to day, depending on which aspect of Western Civilization I happen to be contemplating at any given moment. There is so much treasure here inside the walls of our citadel for the enemy to plunder or destroy. So much that will be lost when we are finally overrun, as Alexandria was overrun in 641 A.D. — libraries turned to ashes, churches in ruins, monasteries sacked, survivors enslaved…

This essay has been a long time in gestation. It was conceived in January 2016, just after the Groping Jihad in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Back then I wrote a post about what happened that included the following sentence:

Islam understands something that we Westerners seem to have forgotten: A society that refuses to defend its women will defend nothing.

What I said seemed so obvious to me that I was taken aback by the bitter, angry response in the comments from some of our male readers. Their general sentiment, from which they could not be shaken, was that women deserved what happened to them at the Hauptbahnhof. Because of feminism, because of the War Against Men, because of all the humiliation and insults they’d had to endure at the hands of the Cultural Marxists and Feminists who now dominate Western societies.

I began to take notes and jot down further thoughts after the German city of Regensburg took action to protect its women from being groped on public transport by setting aside special “lady zones” on its buses. No men were allowed in those zones. There the women of Regensburg were protected from all the insistent swarthy hands that were constantly bedeviling them in public places. They were now in their own safe space marked off with attractive pink delimiters.

It seemed such a feminized response to a basic violation of public order. Such a solution could only emerge from a culture that has decided in advance that it will never respond to habitual violent public disorder with its own violence, no matter how serious the provocation. The idea that German men might be encouraged — or even allowed — to defend German women never even entered the pretty little heads of the Gutmenschen who manage German society.

The establishment of “lady zones” is yet another example of the feminization of our political culture. It represents the banishment of masculine behavior from public life.

In reaction, there is a large reservoir of male resentment out there that mitigates against the traditional male defense of women. Men who feel this type of anger believe that with the help of major Western institutions, women have collectively made war against them, and so women must collectively reap their just reward. Regardless of whether any individual female has participated in the gender wars, she must bear her share of the responsibility for the actions of her sex.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

In summary, this is why Western men don’t rush to the defense of Western women:

1.   They have been conditioned by decades of “education” and media propaganda to believe that for the ordinary citizen, violence is never, ever justified. On those rare occasions when it is necessary, only members of the military or civil authority — i.e. the police — may administer violence, always with regret and restraint, as a last resort. In some countries a man may be arrested and prosecuted if he intervenes violently to protect a woman from being molested.
2.   In addition to all the acculturation described in #1, men may well have been subjected to decades of feminist propaganda that demonized them for being evil males, so that they are now experiencing gender-fatigue. Women (or should I say wymyn?) have for so long excoriated and belabored them for being “patriarchal oppressors”, for having “testosterone poisoning”, for being aggressive and violent, that as far as they’re concerned, those particular women who are being groped, harassed, and raped by culture-enrichers are on their own. The men are simply going to sit this one out.

My response, presented as answers to three hypothetical questions, is below.

Does a man need permission from the women of his tribe before he stands up to defend them?

The short answer is: No, he doesn’t.

OK, so you’re a Western Man. For decades you’ve been assaulted continuously by Cultural Marxist propaganda that demonizes you, belittles you, and holds you responsible for all the ills in the world. One aspect of the propaganda push is to delegitimize any act of violence that is not approved by feminists and the girly-men they have deputized to manage our cultural and political institutions.

In other words, your feminist guardians frown on manly action. Does that mean you can no longer act decisively? Just because the feminists are mean to you?

A real man doesn’t care whether a woman approves of his defending her. He doesn’t wait for her permission.

A real man — a manly man — defends his people, no matter what. He defends his women (and by “his”, I mean the free, independent women of his family, his hometown, his district, or his country) regardless of their opinion of what he does. He defends the old and the young, the beautiful and the ugly, the brilliant and the stupid, and, yes, the feminists and the sane women. All of them.

Which women deserve protection?

The short answer is: All of them.

Or, more to the point: how do you, a Man Going Your Own Way, determine whether any given woman deserves to be defended by your strength, cunning, and skill?

Imagine that you’re in the Hauptbahnhof in Cologne next New Year’s Eve. If you see a young woman screaming and crying, surrounded by hooting “youths”, how do you tell whether she is “modern” or “traditional”, so that you can decide whether or not you will defend her?

Do you pull out a ruler and measure the length of her now ripped-off skirt?

Do you check to see how much slutty makeup she is wearing? It might be somewhat hard to tell at this point, since it’s all running down her face mixed with tears and blood.

Do you push past the young thugs and ask her a series of questions designed to determine her political position on the Gender Wars?

“Who did you vote for in the last election, mademoiselle? Where do you stand on the issue of gender-inclusive pronouns?”

Now tick off the boxes on your clipboard, add up her score, and make a decision on whether or not to clock the nearest “refugee”.

I remain skeptical of the practicality of such measures…

No, a real man defends vulnerable young women of his own family, clan, hometown, or nation. Period. He doesn’t determine in advance whether they deserve it or not. He doesn’t require that they desire to be defended, or be grateful for it. He just does it.

What will happen to a society whose men make the bitterly conscious decision not to defend their women?

The short answer is: It will be conquered by Islam.

And that’ll show the feminists, won’t it? Boy, I’ll bet they’ll be sorry then!

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Support Palestine: Stop the Synagogue!

Our longtime Australian commenter and occasional contributor Julius O’Malley left an informative comment on last night’s post about the synagogue that will not be built in a suburb of Sydney. The planning request for a new synagogue in Bondi was turned down, ostensibly because it would cause an increased risk of terrorism in the area.

Mr. O’Malley’s detailed explanation of the local political currents in Bondi and adjacent suburbs provides some welcome nuance on the situation. It seems the purported fear of terrorism is actually just a cover for the time-honored lefty cause of supporting “Palestine” and keeping the Jews down.

The text below has been edited for punctuation:

Here is the judgment of the Land & Environment Court of New South Wales upholding Waverley Council’s refusal of planning permission for a new synagogue at Bondi.

The sad reality is that Jewish institutions are targets of Muslim hostility. Everybody knows it; they don’t want to acknowledge it and don’t want to assume the personal risk of being collateral damage when a synagogue is firebombed, shot up, etc. Islam wins.

While everything Gavin Boby states in the interview is correct, it has little direct bearing on this case as there was no Muslim opposition to the proposed synagogue — which was a Chabad, ultra-Orthodox, synagogue. What makes this case very interesting is the subtext to the refusal of planning permission by the local council — the Court was merely persuaded by the Council’s security concerns argument, as reading the case will make obvious.

To understand the subtext here, one has to understand the demographics of Waverley, the local government area in which Bondi sits. While there are at least five synagogues, several Jewish primary, secondary and pre-schools in Waverley Municipality and several more just beyond its borders, and there is one street in Bondi where the street name is a local byword for the ultra-orthodox Jewish community and another street nearby is simply nicknamed “Kosher Boulevarde”, Bondi is not a Jewish neighbourhood per se. Waverley LGA [local government area], less so again, although another of its suburbs to the north of Bondi, Dover Heights, is nicknamed “Jehovah Heights” and its neighbor, Rose Bay, is nicknamed “Nose Bay”. Another suburb adjoining Bondi and Waverley, the very affluent Bellevue Hill, has the highest density of Jews (by postcode) in Australia and is nicknamed “Bellejew Hill”. It is the other, non-Jewish, demographic of Bondi and of Waverley that is in play here.

Waverley is home to the iconic Bondi Beach and several other beautiful ocean beaches such as Bronte and Tamarama (“Glamarama”). It attracts “Bo-Bo’s” (Bourgeois-Bohemians) and affluent hipsters and has been gentrified since the 1970’s. Such people vote to give the left wing faction of the Labor Party and the Green Party a very substantial, often dominant presence, in the local council and in state parliamentary representation. The left wing of the Labor Party and the Green Party are both deeply, ahem, “pro-Palestine”. They are never “anti-Israel”, of course, although they are increasingly willing to go on the record as “anti-Zionist”.

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To Prevent Terrorism, Implement Sharia Law. Then You’ll Be Safe.

Last night’s news feed featured Bondi, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. A planning request by the Jewish community in Bondi for the construction of a new synagogue was turned down by the local council, on the grounds that it a synagogue would bring with it an increased risk of terrorism.

This constitutes, of course, the voluntary implementation of sharia law by the secular authorities in a non-Muslim country. And it’s standard practice for the Great Jihad: make the infidel afraid, and then wait for him to apply Islamic rules on his own initiative in order reduce his fear (and the fear of the people who vote him into office).

For more information on the Bondi council’s decision, see and The Daily Mail.

Earlier today Vlad Tepes interviewed Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation about what happened in Bondi. Mr. Boby’s extensive experience with the planning requests put before local councils — and his familiarity with sharia law — give him some insights into the situation in Australia:

For more on Gavin Boby and the Law and Freedom Foundation, see the Law and Freedom Foundation Archives.

IQ, Immigration, and the Welfare State: A Recipe for Civilizational Suicide

Helmuth Sørensen Nyborg is a former professor of developmental psychology at Aarhus University in Denmark (and also a former Olympic canoeist). He has caused controversy in the past by his numerous writings on the forbidden topic of race and intelligence.

Prof. Nyborg gave a speech last month laying out the evidence that the former high civilization of Northern Europe and the European diaspora is well along in the process of destroying itself. It is rapidly reducing its collective IQ by two simultaneous vectors: the welfare state and the mass importation of low-IQ immigrants.

What he says is totally WAYCIST. Yet it is completely true. These are simply the facts that we must face.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Antifa Photographer at the Andrew Bolt Attack Identified

As reported here yesterday, the Australian columnist Andrew Bolt was attacked by Antifa thugs at a book launch. Mr. Bolt fought back against two of his attackers, resulting in the two heartwarming videos of the incident that were posted here.

One of those videos was evidently taken by the photographer shown in the CCTV footage, the same one Mr. Bolt wanted to identify. The fellow turns out to have the business name “Nathan CC Photography” (blog, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin), and claims to have no affiliation with the group that assaulted the columnist — he just happened to be there.

Andrew Bolt has a report in the Herald Sun:

Antifa Claims my Attackers Were its “Family”

The violent Antifa group has claimed indirect responsibility for the attack on me. It confirms it is what it condemns — fascist, hate-speaking and even the victim: “Some of our family in solidarity were attacked by Andrew Bolt while they were protesting today. Why he isn’t in prison for his horrendous, violent language yet is beyond me.”

The photographer who turned up with them — Nathan CC Photography — claims he wasn’t in on the attack, even though I had not promoted the event (for fear of exactly this) and the publisher had also kept quiet on the venue:

Media reports have mistaken my presence at the scene as somehow connected to the protesters. This is not true. I am just a photographer and attend any political event or photograph any opportunity I can find, as i have done so for the last 2 years. I have no allegiance or affiliation with any political groups.

I can’t believe he was not tipped off. I have never seen him at any other event I have attended. How convenient that he turned up for this one.

The coward has now deleted the video. But you can watch it here.

Hat tip: SS.