Bury my Heart at Howard Springs

Update: A reader in Australia sends the following clarification about Howard Springs:

Howard Springs is not a ‘quarantine camp’ but rather an evacuation camp in keeping with a long held strategy to remove certain elements of society to safety in the event of war, civil unrest or in this case, disease. These plans have been in place in one shape or form since the close of WW2.

Over the last two years a large concentration health camp has been established in Howard Springs, Australia. It was constructed as a facility to quarantine Australians who returned from overseas during the early days of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and has been expanded since for the internment of unvaccinated citizens and those who test positive for the Wuhan Coronavirus, plus their families and contacts.

Most recently the Australian army (ADF) has been tasked with rounding up people who have been identified as risks and transporting them to Howard Springs.

A longtime reader who uses the handle “the lone rider” sends this brief summary of what is happening at the Howard Springs camp, and its larger ramifications:

I thought people should know of the potential connections with Howard Springs. This goes beyond Covid to the whole central planning/climate agenda and is very worrisome.

Recent news that 38 people were taken by soldiers to the Howard Springs camp in Australia is alarming.

What is more alarming is the puffy prose surrounding the ‘sustainability’ and ‘stylish’ and ‘innovative’ nature of this ‘village’. The group that runs the Howard Springs camp for the Australian government, AECOM, has business interests from Dubai to California ports. Their website touts “delivering a better world through program management” and “Delivering sustainable legacies, our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy.” This company is on board with Agenda 2030 for sure, and the buzzwords of that top-down central planning agenda are front and center on its website. They specifically support and are involved in the COP26 climate summit Biden just attended recently.

It should be worrisome that the President of the United States is attending a summit supported by a corporation which manages concentration camps.

This should not only be worrisome, it also makes one wonder: are these camps are merely detention centers to threaten people with for purposes of control during the Covid situation, or worse, are they a model which the government — in Australia or elsewhere — intends to foist on society at large and everyone outside the camp walls, leaning on the excuse of climate change? The explicit touting of COP26 and the ‘sustainability’ agenda on the website of the corporation who runs the camp makes this link even more clear and alarming.

Michael Gunner is the premier of Northern Territory, the Australian state where the Howard Springs camp is located. Mr. Gunner has made a name for himself as the most dictatorial and fascist of Australia’s premiers, and that’s quite an accomplishment in a country where so many pocket Hitlers are currently terrorizing their captive citizens.

In the following video Mr. Gunner makes it clear that anyone who is pro-freedom must be considered anti-vax.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

On multiple occasions Michael Gunner has spoken about the co-operation of members of the aboriginal community in Northern Territory, who are the ostensible beneficiaries of his forcible relocation policies.

In the following video (hat tip Conservative Tree House), a spokesman for a group of aborigines begs to differ with Mr. Gunner. He maintains that the ADF is not just relocating people against their will, but is also coercing them into being vaccinated. Furthermore, he asserts that foreign soldiers and police officers are included in the squads that roust people out of their homes and take them to the camp:

I don’t need to remind you that what is currently underway in the totalitarian dystopia that Australia has become is a dry run for what will eventually happen in the country formerly known as the United States of America. One important fact to take note of is that Australians are by and large unarmed, but the same is not true of American citizens.

This is a distinction which may eventually make a difference when Spicy Time arrives in earnest.

14 thoughts on “Bury my Heart at Howard Springs

    • Yes and I will need to pray for forgiveness but I WILL NOT turn the other cheek for these tyrants

  1. I have a large Aboriginee township near me in Queensland. It’s happening all over Australia by the sounds of it. I have also read reports of incidents in WA.
    “More disturbing were the revelations of coercion and medical mistrust at Yarrabah Aboriginal community (near Cairns) by social worker Sarah Baxter who described the intimidation of residents by Yarrabah Council and police who had been going house to house Territory-style, coercing occupants into getting jabbed.”
    “She went on to say the army had been camped in the bush around Yarrabah inlet preventing residents from going fishing in their boats or simply leaving the community for necessary trips to Cairns.”

  2. There is a reason George Washington, for all his flaws, described firearms as: “Liberty’s Teeth.” The Aussies have been toothless for years. Here is the end result. They gave up their means of self-defense. Now they are meat-on-the-table not only for their Fascist overlords, but for when the Chinamen decide to invade and colonize the Down Under. Listen and learn, Amerika. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  3. Spicy time is when a lot of people in America will be involved in a Civil War, at the behest of their former govt. I say former, because after we’ve been pushed into CW, the “govt”. will then evolve into it’s next form, an absolute dictatorship, somewhat different than the smiley-faced tyranny we have now. Also called Boogaloo, Sporky Times, Free Fire Zone, etc. Won’t be pretty, and very nasty actually. It’ll last until somebody is worse than their enemies, and enough people have died. Atrocities will prevail until they don’t. It will be marked by starvation, disease, cruelty, and more atrocities. People will think that those who die of gunshots are the lucky ones. Prepare.

  4. Mr. Gunner looks completely crazy and his eyes are pure evil. Which would not be a problem if he was locked up in the madhouse where he belongs. The fact that he is not only at large, but he is some sort of commander with power over masses of people is a very ominous sign.

  5. I am completely shocked that no Aussie with a spine hasn’t eliminated that MFer yet and made an example of him?

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