Fines, Forced Vax — But Maybe No Piano Wire

German officials are discussing various options concerning citizens who resist being injected with the experimental mRNA treatment. So far, they have limited their options to fines and forced “vaccinations”.

So far.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Constitutional lawyer on compulsory vaccination: Imprisonment and forced vaccination possible for those unwilling to vaccinate

The Göttingen constitutional lawyer Alexander Thiele believes that a compulsory vaccination is conceivable in order to implement a possible general Corona vaccination obligation. “The possibilities start with a fine, but imprisonment or forced vaccination are also possible,” Thiele told the newspapers of the Funke media group. It is not the aim of a general vaccination requirement that rich people can buy themselves out of compulsion. “The state is not as defenseless as it sounds.”

The decision concerning the consequences of refusing the vaccination is a political one, said the lawyer. This debate must take place in Parliament. “Because the course of the fourth wave does not depend on a compulsory vaccination, we also have the necessary time to think about it and to debate it.”

The constitutional lawyer Christian Pestalozza, for example, considers fines and, in the case of repeated violations, high penalty payments to be possible; as a last step, foreclosure must also be considered. “That means that someone is brought before the vaccination doctor by the police.” In a democracy, however, it shouldn’t get to that point.

Source: Editorial Network Germany

Politik Stube:

Constitutional lawyers who are loyal to the regime and who ignore the principles of proportionality, necessity and appropriateness in the interests of politics, as well as the questionable effectiveness of the “vaccination” plague.

The main thing is that the number of strokes has increased, more threats and psychological terror every day, but pressure, as is well known, also creates counter-pressure.

Afterword from the translator:

These politicians and their puppet-masters seem to think, like all tyrants before them, that they are immune to all because of their power, but they always forget the one simple truth that all tyrants had to learn the hard way: when you make a people desperate enough, there’s no telling what horrors they’re capable of.

Also, their power is the cage within which they eventually will be butchered.

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    • I actually know someone doing that.

      I suspect that enough free-minded people will move to Florida (and Texas) that it’ll avoid any risk of them “going blue”.

      Most of them will come from solid blue states, so it’s not like their votes mattered where they were previously, anyway.

      That’s one good thing coming of this.


    If you google “unwilling to vaccinate” you will get tons of search results. It is weaponized behavioral psychology: a subtle trick of wording that subliminally targets the human willpower and free will.

    Instead of focusing on the process of action (of not taking the jab), which is the ‘outer’ aspect of behavior, it focuses on the process of intention which is the ‘inner’ aspect of behavior. (If the propaganda concentrated on the outer aspect, it would sound like this: ‘many people do not take the jab’.)

    This aims to cause deep insecurity in the receivers of the propaganda as they unknowingly internalize the notion that they have no INTENTION to do it. The trick is that this happens subconsciously, bypassing the counscious mind that could make a decision about its own intention. An important feature of the subconscious mind is that it does not understand negation. Therefore a word or its opposite has the same effect on it.

    So when the message of “willingness” is implanted in your mind, the mind will process it as it is, resulting in investing mental energy into the artificially created problem of ‘willingness’ which will wear down the willpower of the targeted person in the given context. There was an initial will in connection with taking or not taking the jab that we can set to 100%, but this process wears it down so that it ends up at, say, around 60%.

    You could argue that this could even strengthen the initial will power to not to take the jab. But it does not work like that because the idea of ‘willingness’ hits the uncouscious mind as an outer expectation, like a missile, forcing the person to adapt to the community.

    The word ‘unwillingness’, especially concerning the jabs, also carries a covert negative connotation of someone intentionally not wanting to do something good or useful. Which alludes that he/she wants to do something harmful by not taking the jab, which generates guilt. Thus it actually criminalizes the decision of not taking the jab in the collective mind — which always precedes lawmaking.

    Therefore the central element of the persuasion of taking the jab is behavioral: they want us to internalize the coercion, in other words to love our slavery. This entails an additional plausible explanation of the feeling of moral superiority of the jabbed over the unjabbed. Once you believe that you wanted to do it, an array of internal mechanisms that mitigate the cognitive dissonance will be activated to protect your psychological boundaries, identity and stability against those you perceive to be attacking your inner status quo simply by choosing to not take the jab.

    The seriousness of the above described psychological attack is further exacerbated by the fact that you cannot possibly avoid it because the propaganda is so all-pervasive and relentless. This means that the choice itself, i.e. to jab or not to jab, becomes unavoidable for the mind since there is nothing else in the news and it floods the brain. This was not a real decision to make in the first place; it is a pseudo decision, but it has been made real in the minds of those who listen to the media and take its messages at face value. If there was no mass media, this sort of decision as such would not even exist.

    One way to avoid this trap would be to become very self-reflective and second guess everything the media says.

    Why do not people do it then?

    Because they insist on the reality of their world, which gives them the (false) belief of independence (which is in reality total dependence). Therefore if they gave up this belief of reality they would psychologically collapse for two reasons: (1) their inner processes that control behavior would collapse because they would not find their roots that uphold them in the outer reality (2) the shock of realization of the fact that they had based their whole being on false premises would completely imbalance them.

    This causes the known phenomenon of “eyes shut wide” when you are trying to tell an indoctrinated person that they have been deceived and Corona-cult they belong to is actually evil. How could the whole world, every government be deceived? — they ask, very logically, but they are not interested in the answer. If they were interested, it would mean that they had to investigate if their own world, effectively the whole world, was real. Such an investigation is very frightening.

    I admit that the idea that the whole world has been deceived in the Corona psy-op is hard to fathom. The usual argument is that “it is very improbable that ALL the governments would act in concert, directed by one single force, just because the measures are the same.” The main counter argument to this is that “the truth could be the same without being centrally directed, but lies cannot possibly be. And these are lies.”

    At this points, when confronted with reality, eyes are shut wide.

    Dr. Nicolai Sennels describes this same phenomenon in another setting: Islam clashing with the West. When he, as a prison psychologist in Denmark, told criminal Muslims about the motivating traits of Islam that are evil, the ‘response’ was often silence and a kind of freezing down with staring into the nothingness. The fight with their cognitive dissonance freezes the mind because it creates short-circuits or negative feedback loops in the psyché of the indoctrinated.

    (This goes to show that the Corona-cult is indeed just another cult — like Islam.)

    The balance of the personality will then rely on keeping these short-circuits up and running; up to the point that the person becomes angry when he/she perceives threats to these short-circuits in the form of information about the reality. Anger is generated by the short-circuited energy of conflicting emotions that are trying to keep the lid on the psyché when challenged.

    If the PTB finally manage to induce a mass-formation of this individual burst of anger, and then direct it against the dissenters, the story will end in the bloody persecution of the dissenters, i.e. in genocide.

    ‘They’ unoubtedly have this intention in mind as Klaus Scwab recently said that “we have to prepare for an angrier world”. They are of course not “preparing” for a world that becomes angrier by itself: they are deliberately puttting the world off-balance so that they can break its will. Willingly.

    • what an analysis, my goodness, i have been trying to come up with some explanation my self, this is the best. Congratulation. Behind in my reading because of travel, please excuse.

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