Human or Trans-Human?

The following report contains assertions by Dr. Carrie Madej that are controversial, to say the least. Some of the information in the article has been corroborated by other sources, but there are parts I have never seen elsewhere. I haven’t read the Supreme Court decision that she refers to, but a link to the PDF is provided, so I advise readers to check it out and see if it means what she says it means.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

Dr. Carrie Madej warns: Non-human gene sequences in humans are the property of the patent holder (Video)

U.S. court order — nonhuman gene sequences in humans are the property of the patent holder. So yes:

The USA decided that vaccinated people WORLDWIDE are patented under USA law; they are no longer human.

With a DNA or RNA GEN-modified vaccination mRNA vaccination, you are owned by the patent holder of the GEN-modified vaccination because you have your own genome and are no longer “human” (no natural people), but “trans-humans” are no longer human and all human rights are lost. It applies WORLDWIDE — the patents are subject to US law.

Since 2013 all GEN-modified, mRNA vaccinated persons are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and receive no human rights or any other rights conferred by a state, and this applies WORLDWIDE, because the patents for the GEN-POISONIC INJECTIONS RESIDE IN THE USA, and thus the jurisdiction and the legislation.


Dr. Carrie Madej joins journalist Alex Newman to discuss the trans-humanist agenda behind the COVID vaccines…

As for SARS-CoV-2, she says, “There is no Freedom of Information Act in the world that has ever produced an actual, bonafide sample of the virus. It literally doesn’t exist. We only have the code and it’s important to know.

“Nobody has the actual virus. Why is that? They never answered that. So they can’t make the normal vaccine. It is a recombinant code with a gene synthesis. That is, they slide different types of genetic material together, slide them together like a Frankenstein puzzle, and then, to fill in the missing gaps, have an artificial intelligence computer program do it for them.”

What she says is that the syringe contains various proteins, some of which are found in the human placenta and sperm, that can trigger an autoimmune response in the tissues that have these proteins.

So far, 18 sub-units of HIV1 have been found in the virus’ genetic code that cause the body to intentionally produce the HIV1 virus. “Could it give you HIV or AIDS? Nobody has the answer to that. Only time will tell; in years we will know. But you should know that there are people who tested positive for HIV after they got these vaccines… in Australia they tested positive. So this is something to be very concerned about.

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The Cultural Enrichment of German Cities and Towns

Miguel Klauß represents the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the regional parliament for Baden-Württemberg. The following op-ed from PolitikStube was translated by Hellequin GB:

Miguel Klauß: Germans are being driven out of their own cities!

What was reported from Stuttgart last week can be taken as a blueprint for the whole of Germany: More and more, a neglected, migrant milieu of oriental, Arab and African-born, predominantly male youths are taking over the public space, creating an “unstable security situation” and making life hell for the remaining locals and ancestral natives — until the latter give up and move away.

For anyone who walks through Germany’s inner cities with open eyes — especially in the west, where the “Verbuntung” [colourfulness] and “diversity” are already well-advanced (and if they have been emptied due to Corona, then at the hookah bars, junk shops, Turkish supermarkets, kebab shops and falafel stalls and betting shops the traffic will be uninterrupted) — it will not be possible to overlook the “change” that Greens such as Katrin Göring-Eckardt were looking forward to years ago.

In Stuttgart this week the local press reported on increasing rabble and brawl on the Kleiner Schlossplatz. Last year, at the “kick-off event” of this new Swabian city tradition, including brutal attacks on police officers and looting by the “event and party scene”, most of the people of Stuttgart hopefully assumed it was an isolated case. But the problem has persisted. No wonder that countless Stuttgart residents agree with the business owners and landlords in complaining about their suffering — and calling on politicians to finally do something.

Of course, all of this has long ceased to be a Stuttgart problem — and is certainly not a temporary condition that could be remedied, in the way you could get rid of rioting punks, beggars and homeless people through regulatory measures in city centers thirty years ago. No, it is only the beginning of an inevitable demographic development that diffuses from the big cities into the medium-sized cities and from there into smaller and smaller units, until at some point the countryside is the last to be affected. We are experiencing creeping land-grabs by problem migrants with zero willingness to integrate — especially since there will soon be nothing more to integrate into, or the question will be who should adapt to whom.

In Berlin, Cologne, the Ruhrpott and Frankfurt-Krankfurt, too, the orientalization of inner cities is accompanied by increasing crime rates, loss of homeland, changes in the cityscape and the increased emergence of no-go areas. German is no longer spoken here, customs and traditions from the 1001 Nights apply and conflicts are resolved according to old customary applications of the law. No wonder that fewer and fewer Germans still dare to go out into the streets in their hometowns. #ZeitfürdieAfD Germany. But normal.

Germany is Looking at the Chinese Model

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Tichys Einblick:

Effective in Climate Protection

Ministry of Education is considering social point system based on the Chinese model for Germany

In a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education, one of six future scenarios is the introduction of a social point system based on the Chinese model. Jobs and study places then depend on social commitment and a small ecological footprint.

Orientation for the “world of tomorrow” is what the Federal Ministry of Education wants to offer with the “Foresight” (Vorausschau) campaign. For this purpose, six future scenarios have been devised in a commissioned “value study”, which researchers will discuss there. In addition to the “European Way” and “Ecological Regionalization”, there is also the “The Bonus System” scenario. The point is that every person receives an individual social score, which should play a decisive role in the allocation of jobs or university places, for example. It is a social point system, as it is currently being tested in China. However, this scenario does not serve as a dark dystopia — neutral, almost positive, the effects are shown and weighed up.

The paper by the Federal Ministry of Education states: “For certain behavior, points can be collected in the point system operated by the state (e.g. volunteering, caring for relatives, organ donations, provision for old age, traffic behavior, carbon footprint). In addition to social recognition, collecting points also has advantages in everyday life (e.g. shorter waiting times for certain courses).”

The approval of the law among the population would increase through “the dynamics of climate change”. The system is in fact successful in this area: “This generated pressure to act to counteract, whereby a points system turned out to be an efficient control mechanism for dealing with the consequences of climate change (e.g. by scoring the ecological footprint). The ‘polluter pays’ principle was made transparent through the point system. In addition, given the good economic situation, the point system proved to be a suitable instrument for the labor market, which is characterized by a shortage of skilled workers and workers,” it says.

In the year 2030, the social point system will then only be fundamentally questioned by a minority: “The point system will meet with approval from a majority of the population in the 2030s, as many feel that it has a binding orientation function for a more complex and differentiated society occupied by different social groups. At the same time, in Germany in the 2030s, the point system as a forecasting and control tool was gradually anchoring new norms in everyday life.” The social point system would obviously also be profitable for democracy. The state sets incentives “for activity in civil society or political organizations, as this is conducive to pluralistic discourse and is seen as the basis of the social evaluation system. Only those who are active here are able to get involved in social decision-making.”

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The Freedom That Nobody Can Take Away From Us

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this op-ed from Politically Incorrect:

The freedom that nobody can take away from us

by Wolfgang Hübner

These days there are often complaints that presumptuous politicians in Germany have deprived us of elementary freedoms under the pretext of the coronavirus threat. In view of the resolutions passed by large majorities in the Bundestag to suspend and restrict fundamental rights guaranteed in the Basic Law, this lawsuit is fully justified.

In a parliamentary democracy, it is entirely possible for a majority to make decisions that have undemocratic consequences. If the Federal Constitutional Court in its current composition is determined more by party political interests than by constitutional principles, the parliamentary majority can no longer be effectively corrected. In this situation, are the citizens helplessly exposed to their deprivation of liberty?

That is only the case if the citizens submit to this deprivation of liberty. Nobody can force them to do so, because neither the state nor a parliamentary majority has power over people’s internal freedom. Even totalitarian dictatorships have so far failed because of this inner freedom of individuals. Inner freedom is the indispensable prerequisite for regaining outer freedom. That is why the enemies of freedom do everything in their power to break people internally, to make those who resist submissive by any means.

Currently, for example, with blackmail: “You will only get your freedom rights back if you are vaccinated against the virus.” Those who submit to this blackmail give up not only their physical self-determination, but also their inner freedom. From now on they can be blackmailed in the long term. Because soon it will be said: “You can only keep your freedom rights if you get vaccinated again against the virus mutation XYZ.”

The history of mankind gives clear indications that renouncing internal freedom is the prerequisite for external bondage. And this renunciation has never led to an end to external bondage. If the majority of people, for whatever motives and for however long, decide against internal freedom, then the maintenance and defense of internal freedom by a minority is all the more important. Because only internal freedom, which no one can take away from us, is the indestructible root of external freedom.

The Clueless Clucking Clan

MC’s latest essay concerns the intersection of Racism, Woke ideology, and the Corona “pandemic”.

The Clueless Clucking Clan

by MC

I am an anti-vaxxer. I have spent hours of study, looking at the benefits of vaccines, and also the risks associated with vaccines, and the effectiveness of vaccines — I have also followed the money…

In my opinion, it is not a pretty picture.

My oldest son had a febrile fit following on from an MMR injection (he is now 40) — he survived, and in spite of some small personality changes, he was OK.

It was my sister-in-law who warned us about the MMR Jab and its dubious history (the first version was withdrawn after adverse side-effects were reported). My wife and I had argued over having the jab for our son; unfortunately, I won.

I would encourage all parents to do the research for themselves, here is a good place to start.

If I wanted to break the Constitution of the USA I would have to choose my point of attack very carefully; I would need to get the People to want to break it, to be so fearful of outcomes as to voluntarily submit to destroying individual choice for the benefit of the ‘group’.

What could be better, then, than a ‘Satan Bug‘ and a vaccine that ‘must’ be administered to all for it to be ‘safe’ and effective and provide ‘salvation’?

It is not white supremacy as such which is the problem, after all, almost all of the original communists were white (and mostly male — Kollontai and Luxemburg being the exceptions). Most of those who fought against slavery were white, and most of those who dreamt up ideas of individual liberty and freedom were also white.

It is ironic that dead white men are also behind the wokism that so besets the modern USA and most of the rest of the world, and one might even think that any intelligent non-white wokista would smell a rat…

Imagine a modern implementation of the post-bellum Ku Klux Klan, but designed to support minority non-white interests instead of defeated ‘white’ interests. What would it look like? It seems to me that the Democrat party has once more scraped through the bottom of their barrel of dirty tricks and come up with an inverted KKK clone — lets call it the CCC.

The assassination of President Lincoln created political chaos, especially as he had chosen a Democrat as his running mate Vice President in the hope of some sort of reconciliation. President Trump was not assassinated as such, but a majority of Americans believe that there was election fraud, and that Sleepy Joe is just not legitimate.

The reactions of the Democrats to the Arizona election audit has convinced me that there is something to hide here. Instead of welcoming an audit as an honest winner would do, the Democrats are squirming like a child who has had an ‘accident’.

Wokism is pure racism and is Nazism in drag. It will soon turn lethal if not scotched. The political buildup that led to Adolf Hitler started with a ‘red/green’ alliance; The socialism of German Workers’ Party (DAP) combined with the ‘volkism’ of the Thule, Vril and Wandervogel pseudo-religious cults gave us the NSDAP and many millions dead.

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Pandemic Games

The following investigative report takes a detailed look at the players in the international “pandemic preparedness” simulations, and charts their intersection with German politics.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from

Secret network uncovered: Spahn and Wieler planned lockdown before the Corona outbreak

In February of 2019, a senior employee of Health Minister Jens Spahn took part in an international pandemic exercise organized by privately funded US institutions. A year later, the same official recommended that several state secretaries of the Federal Ministry of the Interior prepare lockdown measures — which were not included in any official pandemic plan. When asked, he does not want to comment. Research shows that an international network with connections to the US Pentagon was very active shortly before the crisis broke out.

by Paul Schreyer

For a long time it was unclear how the previously unprecedented idea of a lockdown found its way into German government circles. Who recommended that the government take the radical measures that are not found in any official pandemic preparedness paper? Where did the plans come from, including curfews and the shutdown of large parts of society?

In the spring of this year, the former Spiegel editor-in-chief Georg Mascolo shed some light on this darkness. In the book Outbreak — Inside Views of a Pandemic, written together with his wife, the Stern journalist Katja Gloger, the first pages describe what was discussed within the federal government after Italy — in view of five Corona deaths — on February 23, 2020 adopted the Chinese model and cordoned off entire cities:

“On Rose Monday [the day before Shrove Tuesday] of 2020, it is February 24th, Jens Spahn’s State Secretary Thomas Steffen asks for an urgent appointment at the Federal Ministry of the Interior. […] Heiko Rottmann-Großner accompanies him, Head of Subdivision 61: ‘Health Security’. Minister Horst Seehofer’s three state secretaries are already waiting for the two of them, along with other officials. […] State Secretary Steffen looks tense. He admits that he does not believe that Corona can be contained any longer. […] Now the next phase is active: mitigation, damage reduction. When the officials from the Ministry of the Interior want to know what exactly ‘mitigation’ means, Rottmann-Großner takes over. Precautions must be taken to ensure that there are curfews of indefinite duration. One must also, as it will later be said in a note on the conversation, ‘paralyze the economy and call on the population to stock up on food and medicines.’ Something like this will soon be called ‘lockdown’, but another word will be used on this Shrove Monday: it is ‘shutdown’.”

In the extensive National Pandemic Plan of the Federal Republic of Germany from 2017 (here Part 1 and Part 2), however, there is no mention of such measures. It only recommends much more cautious steps, such as closing community facilities and restricting or banning large events. The pandemic plan takes a very differentiated view of school closings and only discusses them with numerous reservations. Closing borders is clearly discouraged. “Social distancing” in public with clearly defined distances (1.50 meters) is nowhere to be found as a recommendation, just as there are no curfews or even “paralyzing the economy”.

So where did the unusually radical recommendations put forward by Rottmann-Großner come from? Had someone advised him accordingly? If so, who? When asked by Multipolar, the officer kept a low profile. He was able to “basically understand” the interest, but could “not comment” on the passage, which does not mean that he would “confirm the description in the book itself or give further assessments”. A question whether he would at least justify his silence on the matter and thus explain why no transparency is being established at this crucial point, he left unanswered.

Who is Heiko Rottmann-Grossner?

The ministerial official comes from the environment of Merkel’s confidante Hildegard Müller, a banker who switched to politics. First, he headed the office of their representatives in the Bundestag, then from 2005, after her promotion to Minister of State to the Chancellery, her office there, where Müller coordinated the federal-state relations for the newly elected Chancellor. Müller, whose political rise was co-financed by the Dresdner Bank, belonged to the small group within the CDU, on which Merkel could “really rely”, as Der Spiegel estimated at the time.

After Müller left politics and became a lobbyist, Rottmann-Großner continued his career under her successor Hermann Gröhe, whose office in the Chancellery he headed as well as his office as CDU general secretary. After Merkel made Gröhe Minister of Health in 2013, he promoted Rottmann-Großner to head of the management staff of this ministry. When at the beginning of 2018, after the federal election, Gröhe had to make room under pressure from the Chancellor for Jens Spahn, Rottmann-Großner took up his current post as head of the health security subdivision — and thus at a key position in the Corona crisis.

Even before the crisis, the term “health security” was gradually loaded with meaning and administrative weight. While there was only a small section in the ministry in 2017, Spahn initially expanded this to a subdivision and finally even to a complete separate department — the highest level of division in the ministry. From March 2020, this department was headed by a Bundeswehr general — a striking novelty in the Ministry of Health. Spahn explained in a subordinate sentence to his appointment that the department had already been planned at the end of 2019, i.e. before the crisis broke out.

A conspiratorial pandemic exercise in Munich in 2019

What was previously unknown: The same ministry officials, who recommended the lockdown measures to the federal government in February 2020, had a year previously served as German representatives at a high-level pandemic simulation function, which was organized and funded by private US institutions. There he met the “who’s who” of the international biosecurity scene, a small group of lobbyists and experts with a lot of sponsorship money, who, since the global shock of the Trump presidency in 2017, have been warning of pandemics and bio-terrorism and employed political decision-makers from many countries around the world in corresponding simulations.

The best known of these exercises are “ Event 201” in October of 2019 in New York and “Clade X” in May of 2018 in Washington. To date little is known about the intervening exercise that took place in Munich on February 14, 2019, one day before the start of the Munich Security Conference. Rottmann-Großner, Spahn’s sub-department head for “health security”, met key people from the international biosecurity scene there, but who are hardly known to the general public. Among them were:

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The Kobold of Corona

Karl Lauterbach is a member of the German Bundestag for the Social Democrats. He is also a professor of epidemiology (among other things) at the University of Cologne. That office, plus his socialist credentials, provide him with impeccable standing as an expert talking head on the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Hellequin GB, who translated the following piece, provides an alternate gloss on Prof. Lauterbach:

The Original: Klabautermann

A Klabautermann is a water kobold that assists sailors and fishermen in their duties on the Baltic and North Seas. It is a merry and diligent creature, with an expert understanding of most watercraft, and an irrepressible musical talent. It is believed to rescue sailors washed overboard.

The New Variant: Klabauterbach

Klabauterbach is an evil vaccine kobold that assists governments and global elites in Germany in their drive to kill and control humanity. It’s a horrible but diligent creature with an expert understanding of how to create fear and doom. It’s believed to sing and dance on the graves of the murdered. This nasty creature can be held at bay with SALT.

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

Book about Karl Lauterbach: Protocol of a burned-out emergency phone

Karl Lauterbach is THE face of alarmism in this Corona crisis: A pandemic, which probably never was, was exaggerated by figures like him into an almost eternal catastrophe right after it was declared by the WHO — and is still exaggerated to this day.

Thanks to Corona, the SPD “health expert” Karl Lauterbach, previously a kind of eccentric backbencher at best, almost blossomed — and became a permanent guest on public-service talk formats, where he reported his daily Corona water level reports and threw his questionable scientific authority on the scales to give Germans one fright after another. Through his talk show appearances, the obvious madness grew and continues to this day like a red thread.

Hardly anyone has been so wrong with his assessments, prognoses and warnings so often as he has. His reputation — especially among the government factions and the top representatives of the Spahn-Merkel Corona regime — surprisingly sustained no damage through the considerable series of his false alarms: Lauterbach can still spread his bizarre, hysterical visions of disaster unhindered even if they are far removed from the perceived and actual situation. With him there is simply never an all-clear. One wave chases the next. And if it were no longer the case at some point, he would be robbed of his public platforms — he would probably lapse into the most severe depression.

By the way: Before Corona, Lauterbach, who has never worked as a doctor (and in 25 years as an SPD political apparatchik, could not have found the time to look beyond the superficial aspects of the studies he cited and to acquire the scientific authority with which he appears as an “epidemiologist” and “virologist”) had a completely different hobbyhorse in terms of health — and even then an irrational, pathological fear came to light in him: SALT. At every opportunity, Lauterbach warned of the dangers of too much table salt in his food, revealed how he himself prepared pasta and potatoes without salt and that the widespread disease high blood pressure could only be kept under control with a strict low-salt diet.

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Vous Serez Assimilés!

On Monday French President Emmanuel Macron announced the categories of people for whom COVID “vaccinations” would be mandatory. The clip below shows excerpts from Mr. Macron’s address to the nation.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Translator’s notes:

What sanctions? They will no longer be paid and will lose their right to work in the medical profession. The sanctions may also apply to the firemen who transport people at risk to hospitals. As confirmed by Mr. Veran, the Minister of Solidarity and Health, in this clip, at 2:20.

Also: “This fall, PCR tests will no longer be free-of-charge, unless prescribed by a doctor,” announced Emmanuel Macron. “I will convene the Parliament in an exceptional session from July 21 for the examination of a bill.”

Video transcript:

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Mutti: All Good Patriotic Germans Will Get the Vax

In the following excerpts from a Ruptly clip, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she will not force Germans to get the Corona “vaccine”, but she will twist their arms really, really hard.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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The Mark of the COVID Beast

Jakob Tscharntke is the pastor of an Evangelical church in Baden-Württemberg. In the following video Pastor Tscharntke preaches a sermon about the parallels between getting the Corona vaccination and accepting the Antichrist.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Paul Weston on the Great Reset

In the following video Paul Weston discusses the Great Reset, the grand scheme for a New World Order as proposed by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum. Digital currencies, universal surveillance, and universal digital IDs (a.k.a. “health passports” or “vaccine passports”) are integral components of the plan.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard Left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. For links to his essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

Hat tip: Steen.

“No Freedom Without Vaccination”

Hellequin GB has translated an article from SWR (Südwestrundfunk) about a really swell German dude named Dr. Peter Heinz (at left in the graphic below).

Dr. Heinz is the Chairman of the Rhineland-Palatinate Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. The translator suggests that he bears a certain family resemblance to the fellow on the right, the late Heinrich Himmler, former head of the Schutzstaffel in the Third Reich. You decide.

“No Freedom Without Vaccination”

State health insurance chief demands that unvaccinated people no longer be allowed to travel

The chairman of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Rhineland-Palatinate, Peter Heinz, calls for massive restrictions on freedom for unvaccinated people. He refuses to call for a compulsory vaccination.

“The non-vaccinated do not have the freedom to take off their masks. They are not allowed to go to the stadium, the swimming pool or the supermarket without a mask. And the unvaccinated and those with just a simple vaccination are no longer allowed to go on vacation,” said Heinz in the Rhein-Zeitung.

“Even with a negative test, no vacation”

In his opinion, even with a negative test, unvaccinated people should not go on vacation: “A negative test does not protect. For example, anyone who goes to an island with a negative PCR test may very well be infected there, go home, and become a virus carrier.”

“No freedom without vaccination”

“Anyone who gives freedom to the unvaccinated is wasting the chance to reach everyone with the vaccination,” said Heinz. You have to make it clear to people: “Without vaccination there is no freedom. Without this pressure, we will not convince people.” Unvaccinated people are a danger to society and should therefore not be given the same freedoms as vaccinated people.

Heinz considers rewards for vaccination to be “absurd”. However, he rejects compulsory vaccination as “paternalism”. Giving freedom only to vaccinated people is not a hidden obligation to vaccinate, “but an inevitable conclusion from a pandemic situation.”

Pour Encourager Les Autres

Back in April I posted about a family law judge in Weimar who ruled against the Corona Narrative when he nullified the mask requirement and other restrictions mandated for schools. He was rewarded for his principled stance by having his house searched and his computer and phone confiscated.

Evidently the authorities determined that he had not yet been suitably chastised, and ordered another search of his home and offices. Maybe that will teach him a lesson.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube:

After another house search at Weimar judge’s home: Independent judges and rule of law in acute danger

For the second time, the police searched the private rooms and offices of a Weimar judge and eight witnesses — including another local judge from Weimar — after the former suspended on April 8, 2021 the mask requirement, distance rules and test requirements mandated by two Weimar schools, thus causing a sensation nationwide.

Stephan Brandner, deputy federal chairman of the AfD [Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany] and former chairman of the legal committee of the German Bundestag, warns that the rule of law is more seriously in danger than ever after such events:

“The house searches may — this is obvious to me — contribute to the intimidation of judges and witnesses and ensure that they no longer pass judgments that are displeasing to the rulers. Here an example is being made according to the motto ‘punish one — educate hundreds’, which is anything but worthy of a constitutional state. The fact that among the people who reported the judge is also the Thuringian SPD vice-president of the state parliament, and the Thuringian public prosecutor’s office is subordinate to a green justice minister and non-lawyer, clearly shows that it is a one-sided political instrumentalization of the judiciary that is pathetic.”