If Only

This week’s edition of Dymphna’s Greatest Hits discusses the train of events that led up to the Great War in the summer of 1914. It was originally posted in June of 2005.

If Only

by Dymphna
June 19, 2005

Right Wing Nuthouse recently posted a moving look back at D-Day and the character of the American soldier which allowed us to pull victory out of a brutal and chaotic situation. From the perspective of sixty years, he looks back on that assault as the defining moment for the twentieth century, listing the many disasters which might have followed on the defeat of those soldiers hitting the beach.

In a house filled with amateur historians, the post sparked dinner table conversations that lasted for several days. Finally, the consensus came down to one incident, one date, that changed the course of the 20th century and set into play the events which were to dog the rest of our days, even down to the present.

That moment, of course, is June 28, 1914. The incident is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to Austro-Hungarian throne, by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo.

Princip was a member of an anarchist group, the Black Hand. He was one of three assassins (that lovely Arabic word), sent to Sarajevo when it was known the Archduke was to be there, invited to inspect Army maneuvers. All three of these anarchists had tuberculosis and figured they wouldn’t live long. They wanted their short lives to be useful and to that end set out for their date with destiny.

However, the prime minister of Serbia was told about the plot ahead of time and ordered the men arrested. His orders were ignored, and the men arrived in Sarajevo. If only the arrest orders had been carried out.

The first attempt on Franz Ferdinand’s life was a grenade under the Archduke’s car as they drove from the train station to City Hall for the usual reception. However, the driver of the car saw this and managed to speed ahead, avoiding damage. Unfortunately, two people in the car following were seriously injured. Thus, after the reception the Archduke insisted on going to the hospital to see them.

It was decided that the Archduke should be escorted to the hospital on a route that bypassed the city. Unfortunately, no one told his driver. It was only as they were turning into Franz Josef Street that the Army general accompanying them noticed the mistake and had the driver back up. Guess who was at a café on the corner? Gavrilo Princip. Firing from only five feet away, how could he miss? He shot the Archduke in the jugular vein and the Archduke’s beloved wife, Sophie, in the abdomen. As he was struck, Franz Ferdinand begged Sophie to live. “Think of the children,” he implored.

The couple died at the governor’s residence. If only someone had told Franz Urban, the driver of the car, about the change in plans.

The cascade of events following their deaths was like a carefully placed set of dominoes. The players in this deadly game were as follows:

1.   Princip was a Bosnian Serb. It was presumed that the machinations of Serbia were behind the assassination. Thus the demands and ultimata by Austria-Hungary were on Serbia. They sent an “expert” to collect evidence.
2.   Serbia was bound to Russia by alliance and by ethnic ties.
3.   Germany was bound by its alliance with Austria-Hungary.

Can you see the clouds gathering here? Can you see the dominoes beginning to tremble?

4.   Austria-Hungary demanded apologies and cessation of anti-Austrian propaganda. They wanted cooperation from Serbia in their investigations. Meanwhile, Serbia stalled. This intestinal fortitude was encouraged by word from St. Petersburg that Russia would back them.
5.   Now come Britain and France. Bound by a mutual alliance with Russia, the Triple Entente, they were obliged to come to Russia’s aid.
6.   So began the mobilization: Britain readied the fleet, France mobilized.
7.   Austria declared war on July 28th. Two days later, Russia mobilized, part of which was deployment on the German border.
8.   The Germans made an ultimatum to Russia: cease and desist.

On July 29th, Germany proposed British neutrality. In return, the Germans would not annex Belgium or French territory. If only the British had agreed.

9.   On August 1st, 1914 — less than six weeks after the Archduke’s death — Germany declared war on Russia.

And so the dominoes fell. From the invasion of Belgium to the Treaty of Versailles in 1919, the losses were massive:

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And Yet Another Symptom…

Once more Tucker Carlson’s people go out and about to film the homeless human wreckage on the West Coast while he adds commentary. I like the way he stays off the screen for the most part.

[I was under the impression he was a California native, but it turns out Carlson was born and raised in the D.C. area. Back in November, his home was attacked by a bunch of speech suppressors while his wife was there, alone. The Antifa mob managed to break the front door before police arrived.]

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This time he opens with California’s boat people but then moves quickly on to Eugene, Oregon, where he finds some hope.

Eugene, a smaller city, has a college, making it a liberal bastion. But it also has a group of Vincent de Paul workers who have set up tents for the homeless. Unlike my experience with the Salvation Army – a hard-working group in Charlottesville – the Vincent de Paul workers take in the drunks and drugged out. That’s quite impressive and unusual. Like Jordan Peterson’s advice on how to take charge of your life, the workers do require that beds be made and personal gear be stored away. The large tents they use appear to be old military surplus equipment.

I wish they’d had a longer interview. When I was first placed in an orphanage, the whole routine was healing in the long run. And it included making our beds each morning. The experience made me love routine. This all-too-brief interview left me wanting to know more about the program. [For some reason, I keep thinking of an early poem of the Baron’s titled The Decay of the Social Fabric in Tidewater VA…can’t find it in my files, though.]

For those who are interested, here’s more information on St. Vinnie’s, as they call it.

Another Symptom of Our Growing Social Problem

This is the third in a series by Tucker Carlson on homelessness. He is focusing on the west coast, but the social evil is ubiquitous. [I searched in vain for the second part of the series yesterday. If anyone finds it, please leave a link in the comments.]

In my experience with the homeless, the issues he mentions – mental illness and broken families – are all too true. The roots of those causes are deep and difficult to unravel. For those I worked with who were using only their prescribed medications, family shunning was common and long-standing.

Very often mental illnesses don’t show up until mid-or-late adolescence. When it occurs, families are not prepared to deal with the attendant out-of-control behavior; their child has become a strange monster. Send a teenager to his room? He’ll break up the house. Impulsive, destructive behavior escalates as the mental problems increase. Unprepared families have no idea how to cope. For intact families not riven with their own unresolved issues, things can be turned around but it’s a painful process.

One grassroots group, NAMI, has been particularly effective in resourcing help. This is not a government bureaucracy:

NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

What started as a small group of families gathered around a kitchen table in 1979 has blossomed into the nation’s leading voice on mental health. Today, we are an association of more than 500 local affiliates who work in your community to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.

I found our local group and wanted to attend so I could figure out how to effectively help my daughter. She died of a methadone overdose the day I’d chosen for my first visit. I never had the heart to go back.

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, there are unexpected consequences. One is
contaminated seafood:

As more and more American communities grapple with opioid addiction, the human toll of the epidemic has grown in both scope and severity. And now, scientists at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife have found evidence that drug’s impact has literally flowed downstream to affect marine life, as well.

Specifically, they used mussels as a barometer of pollution in the waters off Seattle and discovered that oxycodone is now present enough in the marine environment there for shellfish to test positive.

The surge in homelessness has many causes. The hollowing out of the American family is one. And the loss of manufacturing jobs which led eventually to the opioid crisis is another. When meaning is lost, people will find substitutes.

I hope Tucker Carlson builds on what he learns about homelessness in America. And I also hope he addresses, however briefly, the surge in the “retired” population, many of whom live in their vans or cars, moving from job to job.

It’s not just a California/west coast problem.

Just a Symptom of Our Growing Social Problems

Tucker Carlson will have an ongoing feature this week, focusing on homelessness. It would appear he’s going to concentrate on the west coast, but it’s a problem everywhere.

Charlottesville, Virginia has a problem with homelessness and drug addiction, but they won’t advertise the fact. I used to work in a drop-in center a few blocks (and a whole world) away from that mess the city cooked up and then spewed out at the unsuspecting. I mean the theater of racial “unrest”, our modern version of the Leftist Theater of the Absurd.

As Carlson mentions, this whole thing started in the 60s with Kennedy’s ill-advised closing of mental hospitals and turning out its denizens into their communities to be preyed upon by the criminal class.

Tommy Robinson Banned from Facebook, Instagram

Or so the Gruniad delightedly reports – but I’m not going to give them a link for their tediously predictable smear. This “far-right extremist, blah blah” has been silenced yet again by the vast extremist left-wing machine. So for those whose MSM tunnel vision leaves them unable to see reality, enh. Make yourselves comfortable in Plato’s Cave.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So TR has to build a workaround yet again. Do these monoliths-in-a-bubble think they rule everything? If they really were in charge, Hillary would be in the White House now.

Any predictions about the future are difficult at this point, but one thing is for sure: Tommy/Stephen won’t be silenced on this side of life’s curtain. He and Trump share some commonalities, including the ability to rise from the ashes again and again. A genetic Resurrection feature.

In addition to the demo yesterday (links from commenters are invited and welcome), Tommy has that three-part series on YouTube. I’m slowly making my way through it, still on Part One.

You can pick up Parts the Second and Third further down on the sidebar.

I’d wanted to get more background on this series, but when The Totalitarians struck, it seemed best to go with what I have in the queue.

Any Brits who can fill in the blanks, any who were at that demo (yesterday? Sunday?), please chime in.

Though Tommy is younger than we are, he’s had the same puncture points, the same epiphanies as we have. He mentions a few in the first section – 9/11 (I would include 7/7 in London which had a huge impact on me), the horror of Beslan, Lee Rigby, etc., ad nauseam.

Catalan Police Culturally Enriched With Scabies

An image of a Mossos d’Esquadra patrol.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from La Vanguardia:

Union complaint

A Catalan police union requests that areas where foreign minors have been present be disinfected to avoid scabies outbreaks

They demand that “the appropriate orders” be given and advise not to mix work uniforms with daily clothes

The Catalan police union (SME: Sindicato de Mossos d’Esquadra) has required that “the appropriate orders” be given to “disinfect” all areas, vehicles and spaces where Unaccompanied Foreign Minors (MENA: Menores Extranjeros No Acompañados) have been during recent weeks, and that the program against biological hazards such as scabies be applied ex officio.

In a (public) statement the association recalls the conditions that favor the appearance and spread of scabies, and explains the main symptoms.

It also advises not to mix work uniforms with daily clothes, and to wash the former with water at 60ºC (140ºF).

The recommendation arrives after minors with this status recently had to sleep in police stations, both those of the regional and municipal (Guardia Urbana) police forces, due to the situation in which the usual public reception services had collapsed.

[Translator’s note: from an associated report, there have been more than 2,000 of these arrivals in Catalunya since January 1 2018, compared with a total of 1,489 for 2017, and 684 in 2016.]

Catalan police: Mossos d’Esquadra

The Cultural Significance of the BurkaBag

The B had this video in his pending list (he’ll add the transcript later). Since his pendings reside on the computer in my office, I get to peek at them. Thus, your early access…it’s only four minutes long, not enough to dissuade me from watching. Besides, there is something about a French woman speaking English; she brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the conversation, non?

The speaker, Céline Pina, outlines the choices of costume facing Islamic women in the West. In other words, choices that wouldn’t confront them had their families stayed in their country of origin. For these bagged women, they might as well have not bothered traveling westward.

Thanks to Ava Lon for the translation:

Video transcript:

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Like Islam, TB Has Always Belonged to Germany…

…Or so Mutti will soon be telling us.

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Europe: Multi-Resistant Tuberculosis Pathogens Found In Refugees

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Die Welt:

Multi-Resistant Tuberculosis Pathogens Found in Refugees

By Claudia Sewig, January 16, 2018

Scientists substantiated the outbreak of a multi-resistant strain of tuberculosis. It was discovered in 29 refugees who had come to Germany via the Horn of Africa.

The tuberculosis trend, which had been declining for many years, has turned around. This is what the Robert-Koch-Institut (RKI) in Berlin announced at World Tuberculosis Day 2017, pointing out a relation with current migration movements. Scientists at the National Reference Centre (NRZ) at the research center Borstel (Segeberg district) managed to substantiate a Europe-wide outbreak of a multi-resistant strain of tuberculosis with 29 refugees. The strain showed a remarkable combination of resistance to four different antibiotics.

The increase of cases involving persons with a migration background caused the NRZ scientists to conduct further research. In general, newly-arriving refugees are screened for transmittable diseases in the entry exam according to paragraph 62 of asylum law (AsylG). This includes an x-ray of the respiratory tract, which can determine a tuberculosis infection. But only ten percent of the people who are infected with the pathogen become ill — half of them in the first year after infection, the other half even later.
Since the law for protection against infection (IfSG) was introduced in January 2001, numerous characteristics of each tuberculosis patient are recorded and, in anonymised form, transferred by the 400 health offices in Germany via the 16 land offices to the Robert Koch Institute.

Refugees came via Horn of Africa

The research center Borstel now announces in a publication in the professional journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases” that the researchers from Schleswig-Holstein and their colleagues of the National Reference Center for Mycobacteria (NZM) Switzerland identified a hitherto unknown tuberculosis pathogen in 2016.

The molecular-biological examination in combination with patient interviews enabled the scientists to partially reconstruct the chain of infection. The data pointed to infection before the arrival in Europe, in a Libyan refugee camp at Bani Walid.

It is likely that the strain developed from a clone of a tuberculosis strain that is common at the Horn of Africa, and developed the critical combination of resistances. All 29 patients from seven European countries were refugees who had migrated to Europe via the Horn of Africa.

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More Cultural Enrichment for Italy: AIDS from Nigeria?

According to a politician from an Italian nationalist party, the flood of migrants into Italy brings with it a significant risk of AIDS and other serious contagion.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Migrants, the complaint to the government: “There is a risk AIDS among Nigerians”

Of the more than 80 thousand Nigerians who have arrived, more than 15 thousand could be HIV-positive. The complaint by FDI: “The government says it was for prophylaxis to protect Italians.”

Sergio Copper
July 17, 2017

“The government does not underestimate another serious problem regarding the immigration emergency in Italy.”

While the ports of southern Italy are filled with thousands of newly arrived immigrants, the deputy for the Brothers of Italy [Fratelli d’Italia, FDI], Edmondo Cirielli, launches a new, ominous warning that, at least until now, has not been taken into account. “Those who land on Italian shores,” he points out, “come primarily from Nigeria, country with the second-largest number, after South Africa, of people living with AIDS.” He now wants to know whether the government is doing something to prevent, or at least monitor this risk.

Supposedly, according to estimates, at least 20% of the Nigerian population is HIV positive. “And,” calculates Cirielli, “because in the last three and a half years more than 80 thousand Nigerians have arrived, it is to be assumed that more than 15 thousand of them are HIV positive”. Nigeria is, moreover, the fourth country in the world for tuberculosis, and 22% of people with this disease live with HIV. “This is a very serious situation when you consider that too many people are not in treatment,” says the representative of the Brothers of Italy who, at this very hour, has submitted a parliamentary question demanding to know “what initiatives the government intends to take to ensure the safety and health of members of law enforcement, volunteers and all those involved in the landing and rescue operations on our shores and in the immediate following phases.”

Cirielli wants to hear from the government “whether unions of all workers and cooks in the military who intervened at the time of landing and throughout the national territory” have been informed of the risk of contracting HIV “since you are multiplying acts of delinquency of immigrants.” “The government of Renzi’s Democratic Party,” concludes the supporter of the Brothers of Italy, “says it is for prophylaxis, to protect all Italian citizens.”

Berlin: Some American Views on Merkel, Immigration, and Culture

Oops…Munich, Berlin…DUH.

Mostly people complain about the cross-talk on these shows, but interruption is something people do – i.e., get passionate and become engaged in making their own views known.

Despite the interruptions here, some important points emerge. Do readers think these opinions could be spoken publicly in, say, Germany?

White Masochists Just Wanna Be Safe, Ya Know?

At the recommendation of a commenter, I looked at Black Pigeon’s new video. I’ve seen his work before, but I don’t remember hearing about his own background before this. It proves to be quite interesting. One presumes he’s talking from his own background of The Privileged White…but then again, he’s a Black Pigeon, isn’t he?

The ugly phenomenon of White Masochism has a counter-reality: those mixed race folks who desire to “pass” as white and leave the burdens of ethnicity behind. That isn’t discussed by Black Pigeon but for American Southerners, it’s simply part of life – an obvious and eternal reality. “Whiter is Righter” is lived out in places like, say, New Orleans, all the time. The rage of those Black Lives Who Natter (on and on) stands against those silent “almost white” folks who sneak over the Color Border to get out of the whole mess, or those who marry whites in hopes their children can be spared the pain of being not-white. You can watch it happen among the rich and famous all the time.

Life is full of existential burdens, skin color – oops, “ethnicity” being just one of them. If Zeus would flash a bolt of white light and make the whole world pale – or at least those who found their rage on their color – they’d find something else to differentiate and kvetch about. That’s just how we are…

So onto the joys of being Japanese and not having to pretend we’re all alike:

We have a donor who lives in Japan. She’s been there for some years; from her name she would appear to be of European extraction. Considering what is going on, I pray she remains safe.

An important reminder:
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Scott Adams: FBI Director Took a Bullet for the U.S.

Normally I wouldn’t mirror a whole post from another site. However, Scott Adams has closed his comments section, so it is no longer possible to discuss what he asserts in his latest essay. It is my hope that what he has to say will provoke discussion. Need I say, courteous , thoughtful, and robust discussion, both about Mr. Adams’ contention and about what other readers’ responses may be?

You will notice one main thesis presented and several embedded corollaries. I request that you take them on one at a time so they can be responded to one at a time. After you’ve read his essay, I’ll give you my own opinion regarding the situation and what ought to have occurred. You can take that on also, should you so desire.

My agenda here is to provide a forum for those who have something cogent to say about one of the most dismal situations ever to burden our increasingly diminished “exceptional” nation. In this discussion, I have no doubt we’ll stray into the OT weeds; there are simply too many assumptions present to avoid that effect for anyone who grabs hold of Benghazi.

Hillary Clinton has become our very own Heracleum mantegazzianum especially given the fact that from long before the shooting started and into the coming decades, the sequelae of that hogweed sap will wound all of us, including those who run away by refusing to think about it.

Perhaps the chosen image should have been a nuclear bomb? After some thought, the New York Stinging Hogweed seemed more apropos to sum up the numerous hairy impeccabilities of our former Secretary of State. Thus the immediate reaction and the long-term consequences are perhaps as injurious AS nuclear radiation. Anyone who has brushed, however inadvertently, a Giant Hogweed — ah, what an apt flower symbol for (to change the metaphor) FOR this dung-covered cash cow the Democrats have shoved at us. Anyone who has come within touching or smelling distance can verify the pain. Hogweed damage can take up to six years to heal; for some it causes permanent blindness.

[Edited with better information from Mark Spahn]

You have only to look at her frozen shell-shocked gofer, Huma Mahmood Abedin Weiner, to see what happens even to those devoted to this woman. Perhaps only someone raised as a true believer within the strictures of Islam would be so blind? The choices both women made when they picked their spouses (and stayed with them) is indicative of some deep folie à deux. The next generation of psychohistorians — those far and safely outside the confined consensus of academe — will have their work cut out for them with these two women.

Mr. Adams’ book is linked at the end of this essay. I recommend it in the best way I know how: I bought the Kindle version and found it unable to surrender all the information inside: some of the material (not just his cartoons) are in images I wasn’t able to enlarge. More modern versions of Kindle may have that function, but I stubbornly stick to the original Kindle, sans the annoying touch screen “improvements”.

[Sometimes Amazon and Wal-Mart seem to be offshoots of government: they offer what they want to sell, but not always what you want to buy. Since they haven’t completely taken over yet, one is able to access places like eBay to get the older or less “best-selling” versions of things you think you need. I was able to find an old (but unused) IBM large-screen monitor for the Baron when his old one gave out.]

At any rate, I bought Adams’ book again, this time as a used paperback; I promptly bought copies for my children, too, though I realize my enthusiasms and Road-to-Damascus paradigmatic shifts are not necessarily heritable. Darn. That’s a hard lesson for some of us parents… I always give with the idea they may pass it on to someone else who might find my book gifts more amenable to their own thinking.

Now, on to Mr. Adams’ essay. It is up to you to decide: (a) is this essay straightforward, or (b) is he being tongue-in-cheek [again, maybe?]; (c) are his “facts” correct or is he sneakily trying to trip you up?, and (d) in the case of (a) how would you refute his assertions?

The FBI, Credibility, and Government

The primary goal of government is its own credibility.

That notion needs some explaining.

Governments do many things, including building roads, providing social services, defending the homeland, and more. But no matter what the government is trying to accomplish, its macro-responsibility is to maintain its own credibility. Governments without credibility devolve into chaos. Credibility has to be job one.

Consider all the different government systems around the world, and all the different laws they created. The Chinese government is different from the United States government, which is different from Jordan’s government, which is different from Great Britain. But each of those governments is credible to its own people, and that’s the key. The specific laws and the specific forms of government don’t matter too much, so long as the public views its own local system as credible.

The notion of credibility is why my political preferences don’t align with either of the candidates for president. I look for credibility in government, not for my personal agreement with a particular policy.

For example, I think laws regarding abortion are most credible when they are agreeable to the majority of women, no matter what the majority of men think. Imagine an abortion-related law that was acceptable to 90% of men but only 10% of women. It wouldn’t be credible. Nor should it be.

I take this same thinking to how a president should fill Supreme Court openings. For maximum credibility, we should have eight justices instead of nine, equally divided by liberal versus conservative credentials. That way nothing gets through the Supreme Court unless one of the liberals or one of the conservatives switches sides. That’s how you get credibility. Compare that to a 5-4 court that always votes conservative or always votes liberal. With a biased court, every decision will lack credibility with half of the citizens. That’s a problem.

[From Dymphna: a sidetrack onto a brief history of the Supreme Court. It leaves out much of the real history, but this is enough for our purposes here to let you examine Mr. Adams’ assertion about the best number for Supreme Court justices. This is an example of what I mean by his tongue-in-cheek assertions vs. his desire to ascertain how persuasive he can be, even with a bad idea. As such, it serves as a good lead in to his next theme.]

This gets me to FBI Director James Comey’s decision to drop the case against Hillary Clinton for her e-mail security lapses. To the great puzzlement of everyone in America, and around the world, Comey announced two things:

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Bill Whittle’s Conversation with Barry Obama

Mr. Whitttle’s new, brief video mainly concerns Orlando, but with cuts to show other Islamic butcher shops around the world.

He warns us about the graphic images. Well it’s Islam, innit? Those original and creative “Graphic Butchery Я Us” folks have single-handedly done so much to solve the world’s over-population problem that any day now the UN will be presenting an award to the Sunnis for their tireless global reduction of masses of people into their constituent parts. It’s a tough job, but hey…if Planned Parenthood gets awards, why not other butchers? Unlike PP, however, Islam hasn’t not yet found buyers for their dismembered parts.

Try China, y’all.

In his talk Mr. Whittle missed one group they attack with even more ferocity than all the rest: other Muslims who have strayed from the One Truth. Europeans who have had cause to witness the depredations in the “refugee” camps can tell you how they set upon one another with relentless cruelty.

Wikipedia’s information page even uses the real name for what ISIS had to do to the majority Shi’a in Iraq before it was able to continue on to butcher all those infidels. “Genocide” of Iraqi Shi’a was what they did, Mr. Whittle. It’s crucial to remember that. And this is proof again of how steep the learning curve marked “Bloody Islam” truly is.

And that, folks, is the real deal, no matter what airy-fairy smoke Mr. Obama would use to blow up your obscure the truth.