My Old Halal Kentucky Home

Several Kentucky Fried Chicken (or are they just KFC now? — an acronym with no title reference) restaurants in Australia have made themselves 100% halal, and are therefore no longer offering bacon or any other pork products to their customers.

This story merits further discussion, but first here’s the brief news report from The Daily Mail:

How Australian KFC stores are refusing to sell bacon in their burgers — because they only use HALAL products

KFC has refused to sell bacon at three Australian stores to keep in line with Halal certified products.

A customer revealed the rule after contacting the fast food company about the lack of bacon offered at a store in Punchbowl, in Sydney’s west.

‘Why is bacon not available at KFC Punchbowl, NSW?’ Disgruntled customer Marc Miller wrote on Facebook.

In response, KFC said the fast food chain’s stores in Punchbowl and Bankstown South in NSW, as well as a location in Fawkner in Victoria, don’t sell bacon to keep in line with other halal products.

‘Hi Marc, currently, the KFC stores at Punchbowl (NSW), Bankstown South (NSW) and Fawkner (VIC) have a number of products which are certified Halal and are available to customers from these stores only,’ the statement reads.

‘Some Suppliers of chicken have indicated they are Halal certified. However, we cannot claim our stores can be classified as being 100% Halal, as there is bacon in all stores (except for three stores listed above) plus the Suppliers of certain seasonings, marinades etc have indicated that they are not Halal certified.’

The spokesperson added that there are no current plans to extend the number of stores in Australia which have Halal products.

I ask readers to temporarily suppress their natural and understandable outrage over this news, and consider it as part of a larger process, one that is underway throughout the Western world.

The offering of halal products is obviously a business decision. If you have a lot of Muslims in your customer base, and you see a lot of women in bags and men in dresses in beanies, then you will offer them halal items, because that’s what they want, and that way you will sell more stuff. It is of no moment to you — if you are aware of it at all — that a percentage of the cost of halal products is turned over as zakat to “charitable” organizations, including jihad groups. After all, that’s just part of the cost of doing business.

However, in this case the decision not to offer any non-halal products goes beyond a mere business decision. KFC has at least some kafir customers — obviously, since one of them publicly complained — so the franchise in question could make a greater profit if it continued to include menu items with bacon to satisfy the demand from the kuffar.

Yet they decided to withhold bacon and forgo some of their profits. Why?

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Imam Hassan Goes to Ottawa

The “Quebecois” imam Hassan Guillet hopes to represent the voters of Saint-Léonard-Saint-Michel, in Montreal, in the House of Commons. As you can see from his headgear — the truncated Santa Claus hat — in the photo of the illustrious cleric, he is a graduate of Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which means he is a top-tier scholar of Islamic law.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the French-language public broadcaster in Canada:

Imam Hassan Guillet wants to run for the Liberal Party of Canada

June 2, 2018

[Photo caption: Hassan Guillet became known worldwide in 2017, during a speech at the funeral of the victims of the Quebec Mosque. Photo: Radio-Canada]

His sermon went around the world in the aftermath of the bombing at the Quebec mosque. The spokesman for the Council of Quebec Imams now wishes to join the troops of Justin Trudeau. Hassan Guillet will be a candidate for the Liberal nomination in the riding of Saint-Léonard-Saint-Michel, in Montreal, in an upcoming by-election.

By Thomas Gerbet

Hassan Guillet announced his intentions on Facebook on Friday: “I’m planning to run for the federal elections.” Then he confirmed it Saturday, after a call from Radio-Canada.

The Imam of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Mosque, a resident of Saint-Rémi in Montérégie, took the opportunity to publish his curriculum vitae. A retired engineer and lawyer, he has been Director of Strategic Purchasing for Bombardier and is fluent in seven languages.

His intentions sparked a debate on social networks. “An imam is perceived as a religious man, and a religious man has no place in politics in a secular state,” said Lamine Foura, the founder of the Maghreb Congress in Quebec.

“The candidacy of an imam will be perceived as an interference by religion in politics.” —Lamine Foura, founder of the Quebec Maghreb Congress.

“It’s not an imam who is running,” answered Hassan Guillet. “It’s a multilingual man with a multidisciplinary background and a universal and multi-faith culture.”

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“Wild-Eyed, Angry and Middle Eastern”: Eight Dead in Toronto

Vlad Tepes is reporting on a rented van in Toronto, which swerved onto the sidewalk, mowing down pedestrians at a fast clip:

BREAKING: Possible truck of peace in Toronto

Vlad posted a tweet from someone else, who said:

Witness to truck ramming into pedestrians tells local Toronto TV station that the driver looked wide-eyed, angry and Middle Eastern.

Here’s a video:

And Vlad editorializes:

“It may well be the first day of jihad season now in Canada.”

Sadly, I think he’s right. Spring arrives and people are out enjoying the nice weather. A perfect opportunity for killers.

Send in the Clowns

Canadian Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau visited France recently, and didn’t make as much of a fool of himself as he did earlier in India.

The French video outlet TV Libertés had a few things to say about Mr. Trudeau’s visit. But I must say that I object to their characterization of him as an “Anglo-Saxon”. He’s Canadian, but Québécois, which means that he is French (even if he is a rube by Parisian standards). Besides, if the rumors are true, he has quite a bit of Latino-Caribbean blood — about 50%, actually.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Two Words the CBC Won’t Mention

In the following video, Vlad Tepes interviews Dr. Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam about a recent CBC news report on a young “Canadian” mujahid named Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy. Mr. Bahnasawy was convicted in the USA of plotting a major terror attack in New York City, which he said would be on the scale of 9/11.

I won’t embed the odious CBC report, but here it is, in case anyone wants to watch it. It never mentions jihad, and has almost nothing about Islam in it. The only thing we find out about the young mujahid is that he was an atheist, and bipolar. His parents think he deserves a “second chance”.

Dr. Warner discusses the “dead elephant in the room” that’s missing from the CBC video: Mohammed and the Islamic doctrine of jihad:

Below are excerpts from a more recent CBC article on the same topic. Notice that this one actually mentions the word “jihad” — because the junior mujahid uses it himself to describe his planned atrocity:

Canadian parents plead for mercy ahead of son’s sentencing in NYC bomb plot

Prosecutors say he’s a threat and deserves a life sentence; parents say he’s mentally ill and needs help

The parents of a Canadian man convicted of plotting ISIS attacks against busy New York City landmarks say their son was a mentally ill teenager and doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison, however horrible his crimes.

Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 20, of Mississauga, Ont., pleaded guilty in October 2016 to conspiring with ISIS operatives in the failed plan to bomb Times Square and the city’s subway system.

At his sentencing hearing in federal court on April 9, U.S. prosecutors will argue for life in prison, but his parents are appealing for a lesser sentence and treatment for their son.

In an exclusive interview with CBC News and the Toronto Star, Khdiga Metwally and Osama El Bahnasawy say they realize the gravity of their son’s crimes.

But both say they firmly believe their son’s history of mental illness and drug addiction made him vulnerable to manipulation — first by ISIS recruiters, and then by the intelligence agents who were tracking him.

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COEXIST: Self-Censorship Buys Peace at Quebec University

Many thanks to Ava Lon for this translation from Le Devoir:

College professors at Maisonneuve self-censor

by Marco Fortier
February 17, 2018

A “very deep” malaise has taken hold of the teaching profession: teachers practice self-censorship to avoid hurting the religious or cultural beliefs of their students. They ignore works about sexuality, nudity or mental illness for fear of triggering an explosive controversy.

This troubling observation is part of a report on the “COEXIST” milieu at Collège de Maisonneuve, made public Friday. This CEGEP [public educational institution that constitutes the first stage of Québec higher education], east of Montreal has been a place of radicalization of students who went to wage jihad in Syria for three years.

The religious tensions calmed down in the establishment of 7,000 students, who took a series of measures so that peace would return within its walls. A pilot project on “COEXIST”, which has just ended, however, brought to light a real uneasiness among college teachers.

7,000 — This is the number of students attending Collège de Maisonneuve, half of whom come from recent immigration.

“The main problem lies in the fact that many teachers claim to have adopted a form of self-censorship over time (especially in the last decade or so) and thus have avoided being inconvenienced by cultural or religious clashes. For example, particular contents may be discussed only superficially, significant works are not touched, humorous remarks put aside, etc.,” says the report of the pilot project on “COEXIST”.

“One cannot help but note here that in most cases these changes are made in advance, and not necessarily as a result of an intercultural incident. The phrase ‘I buy peace’ is, in this respect, symptomatic. If the threat is not always real, the discomfort, meanwhile, is very deep, and reminds some teachers of periods when censorship and blacklisting were well-established. The stakes are far from trivial,” the document continues.

Cultural and religious diversity is partly responsible for the malaise. About half of Collège de Maisonneuve students are first- or second-generation immigrants, i.e. the students or their parents were born abroad.

The report notes that young people are comfortable with diversity. This is the reality of Montreal: they grew up alongside friends from all backgrounds. It is relationships with adults (especially teachers) that give rise to tension, explains the 98-page document.

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Building in Mississauga Goes BOOM!

Update: Based on this drone footage of the burning wreckage of the strip mall, it looks like it was the Chinese restaurant that blew up, rather than the Afghan one. If that’s the case, why were the media so reluctant to publish the exact location or the name of the business? Maybe they knew it was an ethnic explosion, but they weren’t sure which ethnicity was involved, so better safe than sorry…

Early this morning a strip mall blew up in Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto. All the news articles about the blast relentlessly avoided mentioning the exact address of the building, or the name of the business that exploded.

That made Vlad and me suspicious, so we spent a half an hour or so on the phone working together to track down the exact location of the fire shown in the aerial photo above. The news articles gave us enough information to work with — the adjacent buildings, the mention of the T.L. Kennedy School, and the fact that Hurontario Street was closed off between Dundas and Hillcrest — so that we could pinpoint the plaza as 3058-3070 Hurontario St., Mississauga, ON L5B 1N7.

My bet is that if the explosion had occurred in a Jamaican or Chinese place, and not the Afghan kebab restaurant, the name and address of the business would have been included in the news reports. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

Here’s what Vlad posted about it — go to his place for more photos and a video:

Major explosion at business in enriched section of Toronto

Here are two MSM stories on the same event. As of 1:47 PM today, Feb. 11 2018, BOTH MSM outlets avoid saying where exactly the explosion took place. It is a stunning example of how media today works to make sure people do not know what takes place.

1. Global News:

Two people and one child have been taken to hospital following an explosion at a commercial buiness building in Mississauga Sunday morning.

Police were called to the area of Dundas and Hurontario Streets at 7:30 a.m.

One man has serious, non-life threatening injuries and a woman and child both sustained minor injuries.

All three people have been transported to hospital.

2. Toronto Star:

Images tweeted by Peel paramedics show flames and heavy smoke billowing from the business in a strip mall, with debris scattered along Hurontario Street. Five people, including a child, were assessed for injuries.

Peel Regional Police:

#PRP in area of Agnes St./Hurontario St #Mississauga for a commercial business explosion. Unknown injuries at this time
Hurontario St closed both directions from Dundas St to Hillcrest Ave.
Please avoid area Updates to Follow
Call came in at 7:28 am

— Peel Regional Police (@PeelPoliceMedia) February 11, 2018

After about 30 minutes working with Baron B. at Gates of Vienna on Google Maps, we think it must be in this strip mall.

Just past the mall you can see a parking lot and the school, T.L. Kennedy, which is mentioned in the articles.

Hey this place looks like a fun place to eat!

The most extensive information on the incident came from CP24 (which is also where the aerial photo came from), but it still doesn’t specify the address where the building blew up:

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Baby Doc’s Best Friends Say: “Kill the Gays!”

There are two main pillars propping up the Canadian coalition that keeps Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau sitting in the prime minister’s chair: Muslims and gays. Or, to be more precise, politically active imams and far-left activists for the LGBTQPRWUYX “community”.

The American Center for Democracy has put together a report called “LGBTQ: The Islamic Perspective in Canada”. It’s a compilation of video clips showing what those very same imam pals of Baby Doc’s are saying — in English, mostly — about gays, lesbians, and transgenders. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the progressive Trudeaupian coalition holds together after this video goes viral. One of those two pillars will have to topple. Which one will it be?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and uploading this video:

Video transcript:

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Dr Peterson, Ms. DimBulb, and a Lobster Walk into a Bar

[The title of this post was lifted and changed; with apologies to a YouTube channel, The Saad Truth, found here. Since seeing his title, all others seem too tame now, which will become apparent in the course of this takedown – on the off chance you haven’t yet witnessed this humiliation.]

Being an American, I was (gratefully) unaware of this BBC Channel Four news babe. Or journalista, if you prefer. Ignorance of her future work is greatly to be desired since, as is the case for much of the American MSM, she appears to suffer from a terminal case of cognitive dissonance. Combined with her inability to hear or to parse Dr. Peterson’s statements, these deficits should, one thinks, serve her well in her chosen profession (and we all know how old that profession is).

Dr. Peterson evidently appeared on this wymyn’s program in aid of selling his book,

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

Our GoV link for the book is here.

The book can be pre-ordered, to arrive tomorrow, if you want the Kindle version.

An editorial review (by one of my favorite culture critics) says:

Jordan Peterson is the most important and influential Canadian thinker since Marshall McLuhan. His international fame and impact continue to grow exponentially. Peterson’s bold interdisciplinary synthesis of psychology, anthropology, science, politics and comparative religion is forming the template for the genuinely humanistic university of the future.” —Camille Paglia

For those too young to remember McLuhan, he no doubt has a wiki page. For those old enough to remember his predictions, you know how prescient he was.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Channel Four is no doubt off somewhere licking its wounds and wondering if they’re mortal afflictions. Those lacerations certainly are as wide as a church door. Well, at the very least, a small country church door.

My acquaintance with Dr Peterson’s work is fairly recent, but I plan to make up for my ignorance with an in-depth study of his writings. I do wish his early research on the sons of alcoholics was more widely available. Yes, the many articles are co-authored with other young scholars, but just based on their breadth, they deserve wider dissemination.

We’ll be posting more of his talks in the future.

I welcome your comments on this video or on his work in general.

Israel Finally Goes on Offense Against BDS

Well, they’re not banging heads, but Israel is taking (some) names of the leaders of organizations who promote BDS, making them officially persona non grata in the country. At last.

Here’s the list so far:


  • AFPS (The Association France Palestine Solidarité)
  • BDS France
  • BDS Italy
  • ECCP (The European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine)
  • FOA (Friends of Al-Aqsa)
  • IPSC (Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
  • Norge (The Palestine Committee of Norway) Palestinakomitee
  • PGS (Palestine Solidarity Association in Sweden)
  • Palestinagrupperna i Sverige
  • PSC (Palestine Solidarity Campaign)
  • War on Want
  • BDS Kampagne


  • AFSC (American Friends Service Committee)
  • AMP (American Muslims for Palestine)
  • Code Pink
  • JVP (Jewish Voice for Peace)
  • NSJP (National Students for Justice in Palestine)
  • USCPR (US Campaign for Palestinian Rights)

Latin America*

  • BDS Chile

South Africa

  • BDS South Africa International
  • BNC (BDS National Committee)

* What?? No Argentinean groups? Maybe all the Nazis finally expired.

This is a start. But it needs to spread deeper and wider. As does information about the depth of the entrenchment of anti-Semitism in Europe.

Norway is a good example. When Breivik massacred all those kids on Utøya Island in 2011, he killed off many of the next generation’s pro-Palestinian BDS leaders. Mark Humphrys devoted a page of his own investigations into Breivik, and into the history of the AUF, whose youngsters had gathered on the island for summer fun: to bash evil Israel.

The AUF youth camp themselves hosted terrorists:

Fatah Youth went to the camp: “It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth AUF … The Fatah Youth group had taken part in the summer camp in the past on the Island of Utoya … Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp”.

Read Mark’s page to see how remarkably open the AUF is about its hatred of Israel and the responsibility (at least among their leadership) for the deaths of innocent Israelis.

He says some of the children initially thought they were in a game:

Apparently, the children and youths were so full of anti-Israel hatred that some of them thought the shooting might be a simulation of Israeli crimes, meant to teach them how bad Israel is.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

It’s good that Israel is beginning to push back more robustly against this blood libel. Until they provide their own sanctioning of the leaders of BDS, it will only grow.

In some possibly related good news, early last year Canada’s government formally refused to validate BDS. The formal condemnation was introduced in Parliament by the Conservatives but was also broadly supported by the liberals, with an endorsement of the motion by Trudeau.

Some months later, Ottawa University also rejected any support; they voted instead to “to remove all language related to BDS, and replace it with a statement of support for peace between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs”.

Perhaps the odious BDS movement has peaked and is beginning a deserved roll-back. Israel’s decision to ban its leaders is a good start.

Whitewashing FGM in Canada

The video below shows an excerpt from a hearing in the Canadian parliament. The woman asking the questions is Michelle Rempel, a member of the Conservative party for Alberta. The man answering her questions (or rather, not answering them) is Ahmed Hussen, the National President of the Canadian Somali Congress as well as Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

You’ll notice Mr. Hussen’s dogged, unshakeable persistence in refusing to answer any question in any meaningful way. Moreover, he never gives the slightest indication that the bureaucracy he is responsible for is even mildly opposed to female genital mutilation.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for annotating and uploading this video:

La Meute: “We Are People From Quebec, We Are Proud of What We Are, We Are Proud of Our Origins”

La Meute (“The Pack”) is an Identitarian group in Quebec, similar to its Identitaire counterparts in Europe as well as to PEGIDA. For previous posts on La Meute: here, here, here, and here.

Recently a rally led by La Meute took place in Quebec (in the snow!), with various other groups that share similar goals taking part. Needless to say, the Gutmenschen among the Québécoises developed a severe case of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers in reaction to the event.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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