A Vaccine-Only Exit

The following video features an interview with a Quebec nurse named Bethan Nodwell. Ms. Nodwell describes her experiences with the political chicanery that surrounded the Wuhan Coronavirus. First the lockdowns and the useless mandatory masks, then the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of the disease, commonly but erroneously referred to as a “vaccine”. The exclusion of all other treatments and the intense push for the vax — which made it all but mandatory in many jurisdictions — represented the most notable skullduggery of the “pandemic”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

See the accompanying article at RAIR Foundation.

All Your Patient Are Belong to Us

Dr. Mary O’Connor has been a practicing physician in Canada for 47 years. Because she failed to adhere to the Corona narrative, she has been targeted by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons and has had her medical license yanked.

When the College found out she was writing exemptions from the COVID “vaccine”, it demanded that she turn over her records and charts for the affected patients. She refused. She maintains that not only would it be ethically wrong to do so, it would also violate the law. The authorities, of course, have no interest in her scruples, and have hauled her into court to force her to comply (see the RAIR Foundation article for more details).

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for conducting this interview with Dr. O’Connor:

Below is Vlad’s post about what happened to Dr. O’Connor:

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The Mysterious Increase in Demand for Coffins for Young People

In the following video, Vlad Tepes interviews a young man named Mick who works in a family business in Ontario that manufactures coffins. Mick explains the unsettling correlation between the onset of mass “vaccination” against COVID-19 and an increased demand for coffins, especially smaller coffins designed for children and teenagers.

After the onset of the “pandemic”, the demand for coffins decreased. Lockdowns prevented people from traveling and interacting with each other, so traffic accidents and death by misadventure became less frequent. And the expected surge of deaths caused by the Wuhan Coronavirus failed to materialize. The demand for coffins remained lower than normal.

Then, in early 2021, the program of mass injection with the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus got into high gear. After that the need for coffins increased. And the orders for coffins intended for young people increased disproportionately: the normal ratio of adult coffins to youth coffins had been about five to one, but after the vax set in the ratio was about five to two — that is, the demand for coffins for young people roughly doubled.

The data Mick presents are semi-anecdotal. However, like the reported payouts of death benefits by life insurance companies, the figures provide a statistical background that lets us know something anomalous is going on. The actuarial figures for an unexplained increase in mortality are becoming undeniable.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

Ukrainians Say: Germans Must Freeze to Death For Our Sake!

One of the causes of the natural gas shortage in Germany is the fact that a key turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been taken offline for maintenance. It was sent to Canada for servicing (the manufacturer is Siemens, so it’s not clear to me why the repairs have to be made abroad), and has been stranded there by the sanctions against Russia. Siemens has been granted an exemption from the sanctions so that the turbine can be restored to service, but Ukrainian organizations are now fighting the decision in a Canadian court.

Regardless of what one may think of the war in Ukraine, or Russia, or German dependence on Russian natural gas, it’s unconscionable that Ukraine should be able interfere with German state policy about the country’s critical energy supplies. Talk about the tail wagging the dog — the Ukrainians are in effect demanding that Germans should freeze to death in support of their cause against Russia.

It will be interesting to see if they are successful.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Berliner Zeitung:

Gas turbine: Ukrainians sue Canada in federal court

A Siemens turbine was serviced in Canada. It is to be brought to Germany by plane. A Ukrainian organization is taking action against it.

The Association for the Rights of Ukrainians Abroad is taking action against the exemption permit for the delivery of the Siemens turbine for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline serviced in Canada. According to combined media reports, the non-governmental organization Ukrainian World Congress, which is supposed to represent Ukrainian interests abroad, said it had submitted an application for review to the Canadian Federal Court. It called for “the determination that the decision to grant Siemens a license was unreasonable and unjustified, and the cancellation of the license”.

Exemption from the sanctions not acceptable

At the end of last week, Ukraine had already criticized the planned delivery of the serviced Russian Nord Stream 1 turbine from Canada to Germany. The exception to the sanctions regime against Russia is therefore “completely unacceptable”. There are real alternatives to meet Germany’s gas needs, including buying through the Ukrainian pipeline. Canada’s Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Nord Stream 1 is currently shut down for maintenance work. According to the operating company, this is scheduled to last until July 21.

Afterword from the translator:

Is that what you call “biting the hand that feeds you”? The interference and this lawsuit are the height of impertinence and should be last straw.

“The wicked are always ungrateful” — Michel de Montaigne

Marx and the Banning of Elements in the Periodic Table

The following essay was posted today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Marx and the banning of elements in the periodic table

by Vlad Tepes

Examining the problem, reaction, solution/thesis, counter thesis, solution, or the dialectic scam of the left.

There certainly seems to be more than one understanding of this phrase. Here is our shot at it. Of course, there are scholars of Hegel/Marx who read this site, and we welcome any corrections or other interpretations of this well known phrase.

Picking Global Warming as an example, we have a completely invented problem, which of course can be manipulated in any way needed to end up at the point you want to land on. Primarily, the destruction of the West with its notions of free market economy and individual rights. Since the problem is fake, and created and enforced by “consensus” (See video below) all the reactions from people calling it out as fake must be dealt with using the dialectic attack of hate speech. This was fabricated by a second generation Frankfurt School acolyte, a certain Habermas, in the form of “Discourse Theory”.

[Video text read by Krzysztof Karon, translated by Ava Lon]

For the past many decades, various leftist controlled governments and leftist think tanks, have attempted to use the element of carbon as a means to control industry and humanity in a highly selective manner. Like slavery as an issue, we must only examine the ‘problem’ of CO2 production in Western and free market nations, more accurately perhaps, in cultures with the concept of individual rights as being sacrosanct. We must not look at slavery in Africa or Islam ever but must focus on the past actions in The USA pretty much exclusively in terms of passing moral judgment. And we must not look at really dirty industrial activity, let alone CO2 production in China or India but must pretend that CO2 produced by any and all means connected to humans in the West as an existential threat to the entire planet.

There should be no need to try and disprove the idea that CO2 is a problem on this site. I do have a dedicated page to the science of it here on Vlad but I don’t maintain it very well, since to engage in a debate based on a lie is to lose that debate since only one side seeks to know the truth and the power of the lie is much greater in the short run. At least where the goal is destruction.

One fact, though, is that where CO2 is produced, more life happens. Plants grow etc. Plants, and life, are made of carbon. Even on the side of highways, plants tend to thrive from a truly poisonous form of carbon, CO1 or Carbon monoxide. CO2 is actually pumped into greenhouses to help plants hit their optimal growth rate.

But let’s pretend that CO2 production was a problem. Then why are those who wrap themselves in a false flag of environmentalism, so opposed to nuclear power? It’s the obvious solution to those who claim that carbon dioxide is an existential threat to the planet. Whatever the issues with nuclear power, it cannot be as bad as that.

And then there is this:

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Brave New Canada

The following article is translated from the German, but it concerns events in the Canadian dystopia.

Canada still requires visitors from abroad (except, one presumes, illegal immigrants) to show proof of having received the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus. For that reason I won’t be able to visit Vlad and my other Canadian friends anymore.

But even if the vax pass were no obstacle, it now seems that Canada would make other demands of me that I consider unacceptable — unless, perhaps, I wanted to travel by land to get there.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Swiss portal Uncut News. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Digital ID + Facial Recognition Will be a MUST When Boarding an Airplane

[I guess that this will not apply to Islamic terrorists — since that would be Islamophobic and racist — only for the livestock]

The green COVID certificate was just the beginning: total digital control over our lives is to come.

The Canadian government has announced that it is working with the heads of major airlines on a project that would require all travelers to carry “digital identification documents” and go through a facial recognition system before boarding the plane.

A statement from Canada’s Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, published in Canada Gazette, said:

“In line with the 2021-2023 public security regulatory blueprint, the stakeholder consultation sessions also discussed the need to update travel security regulations to give travelers and the airline industry more opportunities to fulfill the innovative pre-boarding identity verification requirements.”

The document states that these “OPTIONS” include “digitized identity documents, digital identity documents and biometric travel documents.”

The Department of Public Safety defines “biometric travel documents” as “electronic identification documents that use biometric identifiers (such as facial recognition)”.

The Trudeau government says that four airlines, whose names were not given, intend to introduce “innovative identity management solutions (!)” as soon as possible.

Last year, Canada’s Border Control Agency said there was an “urgent” need to set up a biometrics and identity management office to verify the vaccination status of all Canadians and foreign tourists entering the country.

Canada is (along with the Netherlands) a “Pilot Partner” in a World Economic Forum project entitled “Digital Identity for Known Travellers”.

Afterword from the translator:

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The Abolition of the Soul

In his poem “Prayer Before Birth”, the late Louis MacNeice wrote the following:

I am not yet born, console me.
I fear that the human race may with tall walls wall me,
with strong drugs dope me, with wise lies lure me,
on black racks rack me, in blood-baths roll me.


I am not yet born; O fill me
With strength against those who would freeze my
humanity, would dragoon me into a lethal automaton,
would make me a cog in a machine, a thing with
one face, a thing, and against all those
who would dissipate my entirety, would
blow me like thistledown hither and
thither or hither and thither
like water held in the
hands would spill me.

This poem was written during the 1930s, when the prototypical despots Hitler and Stalin were, in their separate but equal ways, realizing the Totalitarian Dream. However, in their wildest imaginings they could never have conceived of the powers that the would-be globalist despots of the 21st century, exemplified by the World Economic Forum, plan to wield in their creation of the Brave New World. Secure in their omniscience, confident of their benignity, certain of their superior understanding, and absolutely convinced of their inerrancy, they intend to remake the world into their image of technologically-driven transhuman perfection.

None of this is hidden. It is all clearly and explicitly laid out in text and videos by those who would implement the New World Order, if only we care to pay attention. If, that is, we are willing to let our good night’s sleep be disturbed by an understanding of what lies ahead.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for his mammoth effort in translating this essay from Multipolar Magazin:

The abolition of the soul

In their publications, the World Economic Forum and its chairman Klaus Schwab state with astonishing frankness that they intend to intervene in human nature and in humans’ relationships with others using all the technical means at their disposal. People, animals and plants are to be completely redesigned. Human nature is at stake.

“The real goal of totalitarian ideology is not the transformation of the external conditions of human existence and not the revolutionary reorganization of the social order, but the transformation of human nature itself, which, as it is, constantly opposes the totalitarian process. … What is at stake in total domination is really the essence of man.” — Hannah Arendt, 1951

As one of the most influential institutions in the Western World[1], the WEF has been putting its plans into practice with overwhelming speed since 2020, working title: The Great Reset, gateway: the Pandemic.[2] It has often been pointed out that the World Economic Forum pursues totalitarian goals with its transhumanism. Despite this, a majority still seems to have faith that the global business elites are, by and large, acting for the good of humanity. This is a mistake — regardless of whether these elites themselves are convinced that they are doing good or not.

A fashionable term such as “transhumanism” may leave you fairly unmoved if you don’t shy away from considering what it means. Misleadingly, he suggests that the project it describes has anything to do with ‘humane’, humanity or humanism; it hasn’t. It would be more accurate to speak of anti-humanism — for the transhumanist, concern amounts to abolishing all living things altogether. In its presumptuousness, this project is certainly doomed to failure. But it could cause living garbage, misery and great suffering.

Therefore, the following should make it clear that the plans of the WEF are deeply totalitarian, and why. Klaus Schwab’s book The Fourth Industrial Revolution serves as the main source of information, because this WEF publication describes its plans particularly bluntly, and, although it was published in 2016, still agrees with the statements made by the extremely influential Davos Forum.[3] Hannah Arendt’s famous work “Elements and Origins of Total Domination” serves as the background and standard for this assessment.[4]

The totalitarian claim to power: rule people from within

In her analysis of the totalitarian systems of her time, Stalinism and National Socialism, Hannah Arendt discovered a striving for control that goes far beyond the power ambitions of dictators, despots and tyrants of all kinds:

“The real goal of totalitarian ideology is not the transformation of the external conditions of human existence and not the revolutionary reorganization of the social order, but the transformation of human nature itself, which, as it is, constantly opposes the totalitarian process. … What is at stake in total domination is really the essence of man.”[5]

What unites the totalitarian elites is “…the conviction of man’s omnipotence. They first gave the moral nihilism of ‘anything goes’ its real basis through the much more radical nihilism of ‘everything is possible’… The hubris of really believing that everything can be done, that everything given is only temporary, is enough for them. The obstacle is that it can be overcome by superior organization.”[6]

Substituting ‘superior engineering’ for ‘superior organization’ pretty much describes the beliefs of the World Economic Forum.

The transformation of human nature

Already in the first sentence of his book, Klaus Schwab says that the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which in his description “…entails nothing less than the transformation of mankind.”[7] The technologies driving this revolution will be “…fundamentally changing our human identity.”[8] They will change “…what it means to be human.”[9] The Fourth Industrial Revolution “…changes who we are.”

These ideas are indeed revolutionary: If they were realized, humans — and other living beings as well — would finally become objects of industrial production. Nature would no longer be something given that as such has a right to exist and a dignity.

Biological organisms that do not occur in nature

According to Schwab, synthetic biology and neurotechnology make the profound changes in human nature possible. Synthetic biology “… will allow us to tailor organisms by writing DNA.”[10] This, in turn, “… enables the creation of genetically modified plants or animals, as well as the modification of cells of adult organisms, including humans .”[11] All living organisms and all organisms not yet born are now objects of design: “We are confronted with new questions about what it means to be human when it comes to changing the genetic codes of future generations.[12]

Advances in medicine made possible by this are often mentioned, but the whole genome is clearly at stake: “…it’s much easier now to precisely manipulate the human genome in viable embryos… we will in the future probably see designer babies…”[13] Wikipedia clarifies once again that synthetic biology is about “…creating biological systems that do not occur in nature.” And note: “These systems are subject to evolution.”[14] The WEF not only welcomes these prospects, it also considers science capable of implementing them at any time:

“Imagine a world where we can create the bodies we want. In this world we can also design and redesign the plants and animals that live with us. We can change organisms and shape them the way we want them to be. … And this is not the world of tomorrow. You don’t need any imagination. This is the world of today.”[15]

The whole human being becomes the object of technical design — and so are his relationships to other people and things.

Neurotechnology: Mind Control, Emotion Control, Relationship Control

Neurotechnology “…includes any process or device in which electronics interface with the nervous system to monitor or regulate neural activity.”[16] The ways to do this are so varied, according to the World Economic Forum that they “transform the human body into a new technology platform.”[17]

The WEF has no objection to that — we are entering “…the era of the ‘internet of bodies’: We collect our physical data through a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn. The result is a vast amount of health-related data that improves the well-being of people all over the world…”[18] But not only that: “At the same time, the data from the ‘Internet of Bodies’ can be used to predict and to make inferences that may affect an individual’s or group’s access to resources such as health care, insurance and employment.”[19]

Many citizens have already experienced that “influencing” can also mean “blocking”: Until recently, for example, we had no access to public facilities such as libraries, theaters or swimming pools without a vaccination certificate. During the trucker protests in Canada, Prime Minister and “Young Global Leader” of the WEF Justin Trudeau[20] had the accounts of the 50,000 truckers and their supporters blocked without further ado. In view of such arbitrary encroachments on the simplest rights of unwelcome citizens, it is not surprising that many see it more as a threat: “If we do not like your behavior, we will block your access to vital resources.” But you don’t have to see everything so negatively, because:

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The Thugs of Ottawa

The following video from RAIR Foundation features an interview with one of the truckers of the Freedom Convoy who was arrested when the police shut down their protest on Parliament Hill, breaking the windows of vehicles and rousting the people inside. Since then many of the protesters have regrouped in an undisclosed location in another part of Ontario.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this clip:

The Echoes of Krever

The following guest-essay by Don Laird discusses the parallels between the contamination of the Canadian blood supply back in 1980s, and the possible contamination of the blood supply in 2022 as a result of blood donated by “vaccinated” people. Readers are invited to report in the comments on any known medical/legal issues concerning blood transfusions contaminated with modRNA being given to unvaxed patients.

The Echoes of Krever

by Don Laird

I was talking to someone the other day and he broached a subject, an aspect of the current mRNA inoculation experiment that had slipped my mind.

He asked: What steps, if any, are currently being taken by doctors, hospitals, medical infrastructure and Canadian Blood Services to ensure that vaccine-free persons are not unwittingly given transfusions of whole blood or plasma that are contaminated with the mRNA gene therapy?

Think about that for a minute… or perhaps you’ve already thought about it.

Of course this subject must be taken in context with the thousands of persons who were killed via the wilful and reckless contamination of Canada’s blood supply system in the ’70s and ’80s, the very same that gave rise to the Krever Inquiry.

The corruption and contamination of Canada’s blood supply had been achieved through the decades-long wilful and reckless failures of hundreds of incompetent and negligent doctors, bureaucrats and administrators as they allowed unscreened blood contaminated with AIDS and hepatitis to be placed into Canada’s blood supply system. In one case of spectacular negligence and failure, blood that had been sold by American prisoners in confined in penitentiaries within the Alabama Department of Corrections was acquired by senior administrators within Canada’s blood supply system and then placed unscreened into that same system.

It must be noted that of all the bureaucrats, government workers, medical professionals, politicians and corporate executives who were implicated in the Krever Inquiry for their incompetence, negligence and corruption, not a single one of these corrupt and failed men and women spent a single day in prison for their crimes, the same crimes that killed thousands of Canadians.

It must also be noted that of all the bureaucrats, government workers, medical professionals, politicians and corporate executives who were implicated in the Krever Inquiry for their incompetence, negligence and corruption, not a single one of these corrupt and failed men and women was fired from their jobs, was permanently banned from ever being employed by any level of government, and/or permanently banned from ever holding a position of public trust, this for their crimes, the same crimes that killed thousands of Canadians.

In the days after the conclusion of the Krever Inquiry, a criminal investigation was initiated by the RCMP into the conduct of persons responsible for the deaths of those victims of tainted blood. Little was heard about the findings of the RCMP’s criminal investigation.

On a personal note, I was in the military in the middle of my second tour in 1987. (I served twice, ’81-’83 and again ’85-’88.)

Don Laird in 1988

I had developed a serious infection that required excision. I found myself at the NDMC (National Defence Medical Centre) in Ottawa for that surgical procedure. While in hospital awaiting my operation I was asked to sign release/consent forms. I did sign but I crossed out the section of the release/consent forms that related to “transfusion”.

My editing of the release/consent forms resulted in a rather heated conversation between me (a lowly 27-year-old trooper) and a surgeon bearing the rank of full colonel.

The colonel asked me why I had crossed off the section of the release/consent forms relating to transfusions and had written across the same “under no circumstances am I to be given a transfusion of blood or plasma of any kind during this or any other operation.” (I had also requested and been given a photocopy of the release/consent forms I had edited and signed.)

I told the colonel that I had not been given a chance to “bank my own blood.” I told the colonel that it was now becoming evident across Canada and North America that our blood supply system was contaminated with diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis and was killing hundreds of people. (This was before the days of smart-phones, internet, email and the ability to send massive amounts of information in various forms to millions of people around the world at the speed of light with just the click of a mouse.)

The colonel was visibly angered by my response and assured me that “all our blood is safe” and that I must consent to transfusions.

I told the colonel that I was aware of the location of the infection and its proximity to sensitive areas including my jugular vein and carotid artery. I informed him that I was aware him that the operation was quite simple requiring several minor scalpel cuts, excision of the infection and a flushing of the infection cavity, with the same filled with packing to assist post-op drainage and healing.

I told the doctor that unless he was prone to epileptic seizures, narcolepsy and or, fits of sneezing, all while holding a scalpel, that I was perfectly safe. I told the doctor that I was in good health and wasn’t a hemophiliac and that blood loss from the operation would be absolutely minimal and that I would require no transfusions.

I further indicated to the doctor that, post-op, I would be accessing all documentation concerning the operation, and if I found a single drop of blood or plasma had been administered there “would be war”.

The colonel was visibly hostile and responded that he might cancel the operation owing to my refusal to accept a transfusion.

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The Doxxing of Canada

Vlad Tepes has published an important post with information and advice for people who are concerned about doxxing, specifically the doxxing that occurred as a result of the hacking of the GiveSendGo site. As a public service, I’m mirroring the entire post here.

A few items for anyone who is concerned about being DOXXED for perfectly legal contributions [UPDATED]

Recently, the government of Canada, Canadian enemy propaganda organizations such as CBC, CTV and Global News, and criminal hackers partnered up to create an extra-legal system to punish counter-revolutionaries.

For clarity’s sake, it is the view of this site and has been for years now, that rule of law is dead and has been replaced with a simple system, but which is nearly universally not seen for what it is.

The system is that anyone who acts in the interests of the communist revolution no matter how violent or illegal or damaging, will be allowed, rewarded, their actions amplified and rewarded and at worst forgiven. Take what Justin Trudeau said about left wing activists that burned down 57 Churches for example. Or the blocking of railways. Or more recently, the attack on a pipeline by violent eco-terrorists.

Coastal GasLink site in B.C. left with millions in damage after ‘violent attack’ by masked assailants wielding axes

‘In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside’

RCMP are investigating what is being described as a “organized violent attack” on pipeline workers, police and equipment at a Coastal GasLink drilling site near the Morice River in northern British Columbia.

Mounties were called for reports that 20 masked people, some of them wielding axes, had attacked security guards at the work site near Houston, B.C., shortly after midnight Thursday, smashing the windows of their vehicle.

(I guess it’s OK cause they were wearing masks)

The other end of the same continuum is that anyone who is a counter-revolutionary, or acts as an impediment to the revolution now nearly complete, will be punished by the law, if their actions can be interpreted as illegal by any stretch, or by new arcane laws which are created for this purpose, like hate-speech laws which only ever serve the revolution. But also by the use of retroactive illegalization of normal democratic things, and by partnering with criminals so that people who are supporting counter-revolutionary acts can be punished way beyond the law, but with approval or assistance by government and its weaponized Maoist mass line narrative manufacturers, the traditional media such as CBC, CTV, and Global.

The most recent example is the obtaining of names and addresses of people who contributed to a perfectly legal and peaceful protest against what are in fact, illegal and unconstitutional mandates that were created for two weeks and now are two years. This is called hacking and is very illegal. The next phase is Doxxing or publicly exposing the people who have been hacked so all may know who and how much was given. The media then went out to intimidate the givers MAFIA style, sending out emails like this:


A hack of the website GiveSendGo has revealed the list of donors who contributed to the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraising page, which is raising money to support anti-lockdown protesters in Ottawa.

The Canadian courts have frozen the funds as criminal property.

One of the donations was made under the following email address:


Do you have any comment?


Stewart Bell
National Online Journalist, Investigative
Global News
81 Barber Greene Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M3C 2A2

So this is pretty much a partnership. The government takes over the banks. A criminal hacks the data base of fund raising sites, and government weaponized propaganda sites go out to humiliate and threaten donors, who made the donations when it was 100% legal and still is constitutionally speaking, and the government uses the stolen info to freeze bank accounts.

An IT friend of ours has suggested a few things you can do.

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The Whip Comes Down in Ottawa

I emailed Vlad the following questions last night. His reply came in late, after my internet went out. I’m sure the situation in Ottawa has evolved further since then.

Did you see any of the arrests or vehicles being towed on Parliament Hill?

Today [Friday] I was at home watching live streams and on phone and Skype with multiple people plugged in to the Hill area. I saw arrests on live feeds.

Did you have to pass through the police cordon?

I went, or rather tried to go to the area tonight. All the main roads are blocked by police going into the area…

And even some of the bridges were barricaded off with concrete barriers.

Nothing like this has ever happened before.

We had to work at finding a way for one of our number to walk to the hill where he is now doing a live stream.

Are the demonstrators and truckers leaving the area in order to avoid being arrested?

Doesn’t seem so. The mood is not quite as jubilant as it was. There is a solid tablespoon more defiance in the general zeitgeist in the area. But people still seem pretty ready to tough it out.

Do you personally know anyone whose bank account has been frozen?

What I know so far is at least two people who have been contacted by MSM, in one case, Global News and the other, CBC, both of which are enemy propaganda, and vanguards of the communist revolution taking place here. Both of them were asked for comment due to the leaked and doxxed information that they had contributed to the truckers’ protest.

Government, ANTIFA, and MSM are one machine on all this. To understand this, just ask yourself why Julian Assange is in prison eternally with no trial for being in possession of leaked documents which are counter-revolutionary in potential, vs. the media, which is rewarded for using stolen or hacked documents against law-abiding citizens for revolutionary purposes.

I know that the publisher of Druthers, a great little print newspaper that is given out free all over Canada, has had his account frozen, and the government is including Trump supporters now as a potential reason for taking your money.

Freeland, Trudeau’s deputy, and therefore the WEF deputy Viceroy, has now said the new banking rules are permanent. This means, as one branch manager told a friend of mine today, that “banks are now just an extension of government.”

What is the mood of the demonstrators who are still there and have not yet been arrested?

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Canada’s Tiananmen Square

A full-blown crackdown against the truckers and the protesters has begun in Ottawa. Police have cordoned off the area around Parliament Hill and are methodically tightening the perimeter, arresting people who don’t leave voluntarily and towing away the parked vehicles. The towing companies employed by the police have covered the logos on their trucks, and the drivers are wearing ski masks or other face coverings so they can’t be identified.

Gates of Vienna is not a breaking news blog, so I haven’t tried to keep up with minute-by-minute posting on what’s going on. Since he lives right there in Ottawa, Vlad Tepes is the best place to go for the latest information.

There were several live-stream reports running earlier today in Ottawa, but YouTube has been jamming or disabling them. I’m not sure what’s currently available. There was also a live feed on Twitter.

The two videos below are already out of date 24-48 hours after they were uploaded. They represent the calm before the storm, between when Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and the beginning of the final crackdown.

The first video (on 3Speak, where it can’t be taken down) provides a street-level view of what the protest on Parliament Hill looked like two days ago. See if you can spot the racists, misogynists, homophobes, Nazis, Confederate sympathizers, and other types of deplorable people holding unacceptable views.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The second video is a Fox News report featuring an interview the owner of a gelato café in Ottawa who was doxxed after contributing money through GiveSendGo to the truckers. She had to close her business temporarily due to threats of violence:

I don’t know how the situation will shake out in the long term, but my intuition tells me that Baby Doc’s political career will be drawing to a close fairly soon.

His declaration of war against the truckers will have downstream economic and social effects that are hard to predict. The removal of a significant number of rigs from service will further damage an already degraded supply chain. And what will happen if thousands of children are taken away from their dissident parents, as the regime has threatened to do?

Another interesting possible consequence is a run on the banks. The day before yesterday five of the six major banks in Canada went offline for a number of hours, preventing customers from accessing their accounts via ATM or online banking. There is some speculation that the banks were forced to shut down due to huge numbers of withdrawals by citizens attempting to rescue their money before their accounts were frozen, as ordered by the regime. It’s not yet clear how much of a ripple effect this has had on the international banking system.

Then We Take Berlin

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has inspired similar actions all over the world. The Australian and New Zealand versions have been particularly vigorous, even in the face of government repression.

The last I heard, the French convoy protests were forcefully suppressed. I haven’t heard any more about the convoy to Brussels, so I don’t know what happened to that one. And the Austrian government absolutely forbade any convoy-type behavior on the part of its citizens.

The following article (published about ten days ago) concerns a proposed convoy to Berlin. Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from the Berliner Zeitung. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Corona demo in the “Freedom Convoy”: German truck drivers want to drive to Berlin

People on Facebook and Telegram are currently calling for participation in a demonstration against the Corona measures by truck and car. Canada is a role model.

German craftsmen and small businesses want to drive to Berlin with their trucks and cars to protest against the Corona measures. As can be seen from a Telegram group, the organizers want to mobilize 100,000 vehicles and roll past the Reichstag. The model is therefore the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada.

Hundreds of truckers arrived in Ottawa last Saturday [January 29] after a protest drive. The reason: Unvaccinated Canadian truck drivers currently have to go into a 14-day quarantine when returning from the USA, while US drivers without a vaccination are not allowed to cross the border at all. German truck drivers are now planning to do the same and protest against the Corona measures in Germany effective in February.

Appeal on Facebook receives mixed reactions

Bus drivers are also invited to participate with their buses. The demonstrators apparently want to remain in the capital “until the government resigns”. A similar appeal on Facebook received mixed reactions. While some enthusiastically agree with the post, which was shared 176 times by Tuesday morning, others criticize it. One user points out the danger of empty shelves: “So that the shelves will be empty soon? You are all crazy.” [Isn’t it funny — when the Government does something — for the “greater good” — that affects the people negatively in a monstrous way, most of them are behind the government. But when people start to fight back for the freedom and livelihoods of ALL of us — then they are considered dangerous and crazy.]

A convoy to Brussels is apparently also planned. As organizers announce on Twitter, the demand is to abolish the European vaccination card “and the restrictions associated with it.” It is not yet clear whether the “trucker” demonstrations have been registered.