The Dialectics of the Communist Revolution in North America

Last month our friend Vlad Tepes spoke at Rally in the Valley in Pembroke, Ontario. His topic was the Communist revolution that has already taken place in Canada and the USA, and the role that Hegelian dialectics plays in it.

The video below contains the audio of Vlad’s talk. Note: The date that appears on the screen while the video is playing is incorrect; the rally took place on August 25, 2023.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

The Demonic Convergence of Communism and Islam

In the following video Major Stephen Coughlin (U.S. Army, retired) is interviewed by Vlad Tepes about the convergence of Islamic ideology — coordinated by the Muslim Brotherhood — and the ideology of Communism, as traced through the writings of Hegel, Marx, Lenin, and Mao.

In order to understand what is being done to us — the deliberate deconstruction of Western Civilization by the Demonic Convergence — it is necessary to pull our minds away from the narratives that have been thrust upon us by our governments, the media, and academia.

The task we face is described in this brief summary by Maj. Coughlin:

STOP — seeing what you know.
START — knowing what you see.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

See the accompanying article at the RAIR Foundation website.

Transgenders are the Vanguard of the Socialist Revolution

Yesterday a group of people who opposed the mutilation of children in the service of “transgender” ideology attempted to mount a peaceful street protest in Ottawa, but were blocked by a much larger group of counter-protesters. Vlad was there, and wrote an excellent account of what happened, along with an analysis of the revolutionary communist methodology behind it. Below is a slightly different version of Vlad’s report.

Friday’s demonstration against the mutilation of children, and the Marxist counter-demo in Ottawa

What is obvious at first is that had the usual suspects in Ottawa’s far left extremist community not bothered to show up, Billboard Chris and Josh Alexander’s march would have been ten minutes up Broadview and ten minutes back, maybe a few speeches and everyone off in time for lunch. The media could do what it does second best and ignore the very real concerns of people who think children too young to buy a beer or cigarettes shouldn’t be persuaded by teachers to have their genitals mutilated and become sterilized for life. Instead, the media does what it does best, and foments conflict and then presents it in exactly the opposite way that it really happened. Just as an example — and this happens nearly every time ANTIFA or its sympathetic groups are involved — the media reports that there were X number of arrests, but usually fails to mention they are on the side of the left who typically initiate violence at these sorts of things. This goes back to pre-BLM demonstrations but was common during all of those. Watch older Tim Poole videos from when he used to go out and actually report on demonstrations for court-worthy evidence of exactly this.

First, a few words about Marxist tactics and why the “trans” thing is such a big deal when just a few years ago, there just wasn’t any.

It was a non-issue. A very tiny number of people felt they would be better off being surgically altered into the other sex, and did it. Some were OK with the results, some less so. But today what we have is quite something else. Johns Hopkins actually stopped doing trans surgeries until very recently because they noted that it never actually alleviated the symptoms which the surgeries were supposed to cure. Obviously the reasons for resuming the practice is likely more political than medical. Such is the nature of a communist state.

Here is a possible explanation:

Those who have read this site for a few years or more, or Gates of Vienna, or Robert Spencer, or Bill Warner, or Stephen Coughlin and many others, might appreciate the way Islam uses mosques as beachheads. The way it works is a clever inversion of the concept of defence. They build a mosque in a place symbolically important to the enemy, either after conquest in the traditional sense, or taking advantage of the enemy’s tolerance and building it as if it were the same as any other religious building. Then they consider it Islamic territory, and after that any objection to what they may say or do in or around that mosque becomes grounds to “defend religion” as the Koran instructs. We see that across Europe — although not many new videos have surfaced recently, but we have published many — where near a mosque, there will be Islamic patrols harassing homosexuals, people with a drink in their hands where that is legal on the street, and women who are dressed immodestly as Islam decides at that moment and place what immodest may be.

Islam spreads out from the mosque that way. At least in theory. But it’s no accident that mosques are built on strategic locations. The Temple Mount, for example, is the most sacred place to Jews as it is alleged to hold the Ark of the Covenant. The Muslims are in complete control of that area, as it’s right next to a mosque they use as a beachhead to justify claiming Israel is somehow legitimately Islamic. The same with the Cordoba mosque in Spain, which is what they named the Islamic Centre built as close as they were able to the Twin Towers in NYC after 911. That also is not a coincidence.

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Illegal Immigrant Canadian Smoke

This is what it looks like here in Central Virginia today:

(article here)

The Canadian smoke is really thick right now. I noticed the smell of it for the first time today, acrid and unpleasant. The sunlight is quite muted and orange, and I can’t see the mountains.

We had a lot of rain last night, and I thought that might wash some of it out, but it doesn’t seem to have had an effect.

My original plan was to mow the lawn today, but I think any sustained exercise outside is probably a bad idea.

This is a useful website: It has a map that shows the air quality zones, and the locations of all the wildfires. You can zoom out, and it even includes Canada and Central America.

As of right now my AQI is 216, down a bit from the highest reading I saw, which was 229. I checked out a bunch of locations on the East Coast, and the Charlottesville area had the highest reading of any of them, higher than New York, DC, or Richmond. We drew the short straw this time.

There’s an area up by the Hudson Bay that has the worst quality of all. Fortunately, almost nobody lives up there.

From the Nation Weather Service air quality alert:

Due to Canadian wildfires, smoke is prevalent in the Mid-Atlantic region, including the greater Baltimore and Washington metropolitan areas. Under northerly winds, smoke will continue to be pushed south over our area. Thicker smoke will continue to overspread portions of the area, resulting in poor air quality and visibility potentially less than 1 mile. Some improvement is likely through the day, but the smoke likely will continue to affect the area at times until a front on Friday potentially brings some reprieve to fine particle concentrations.

I’m going to stay in the house with the central air on, and be glad I don’t have to work outside in this.

Your Secret Decoder Ring

The following text by Vlad Tepes appeared in his links post last Wednesday in a slightly different form:

This one [video] might deserve a few words though. One of the issues that comes up now and again is the confusion people have with the notion that the left is somehow hypocritical. They are not. They are using Marxist dialectics to achieve a certain outcome. This isn’t hypocrisy because it isn’t a moral failing on their part (from their perspective), or a lack of vision.

A couple of recent examples of dialectics could be when Trudeau went to Japan and lectured Italy’s newly elected female Prime Minister on her quite rational policies concerning group rights for people with non-standard sexual practices. Trudeau publicly admonished her for failing to deconstruct and ultimately criminalize the values that made her country the source of Western Civilization in many ways. He did this in Japan. Probably the least diverse nation on Earth with policies of both systemic racism and racism by cultural norms. Not that I am judging that. Japan has a right to protect and enjoy its own culture, which clearly works for them as they have a staggeringly successful nation with low crime, massive trust, efficient operations, clean streets, low drug use and so on and so on and so on. But it is interesting that Trudeau did not attempt to lecture the Japanese leader on his failure to destroy his own country with Marxist policies of diversity, equity and inclusion, deciding to focus on Italy instead.

Also we have not heard Trudeau comment on the Chinese policy of not allowing effeminate men to appear on television. I think Canada should send the entire CBC to China. That’ll learn ‘em. If CBC can benefit China half as much as it benefits Canada, Canada won’t have to worry about Chinese influence anymore or Marxist manifest destiny, and China won’t be a threat to anyone much longer.

Another example is the designation of “oligarch” to a person as opposed to “philanthropist”. Bill Gates and George Soros are somehow philanthropists while any rich, powerful and connected person who uses his wealth for the counter-revolution is an oligarch. So this is dialectical. Not hypocrisy, because it is the weaponization of concepts and language through multiple means to create an outcome which always moves the culture and nation to the left. Always more state control. Islamophobia as a pejorative is usually used when someone says something true about Islam. It shuts people up and moves the focus of evil intent to the messenger. This is not hypocrisy. This is dialectics. Like “climate denial”, “transphobia” and many other devices intended to be destructive to every aspect of our civilization.

The host of this video may also be shy of the whole nature of his own point in his analysis of what Democrats mean when they say “democracy”. This is a dialectic term as well. They are using what Stephen Coughlin refers to as “initiate language”. They are using the term “democracy” as Lenin did when he named his party “The Socialist Democrat Party” in Russia. The US Democrats have a core that is called the DSA or Democratic Socialists of America. They know perfectly well what they mean when they use the term. They also know how we hear the term and what we think they mean.

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Stenographers to the Apocalypse

Earlier today there was a discussion on Skype between Vlad and HeHa, one of the translators, about a video Vlad had found on Twitter (which will be posted here shortly with English subtitles). He asked HeHa what it was about, and the following brief conversation ensued:

HeHa:   A Moroccan is so joyous to see how Bruxelles has become a Moroccan city. A Muslim city.
Vlad:   Can we do that one, please?
HeHa:   Sure.
Vlad:   Although, to be honest, more and more it feels like we are all stenographers to the apocalypse. Still, someone has to do it.
Baron:   That’s exactly how I feel: someone has to do it. It’s a dirty job, but necessary.

It’s been clear for at least ten years that the current dystopian trajectory of Western culture can’t be corrected by the electoral process — or by any other peaceful means, for that matter.

Every day I curate and edit text and video reports about various aspects of the horror that has engulfed our society. “Apocalyptic” somehow doesn’t seem to do it justice. If I weren’t able to talk to Vlad about it regularly — he and I share the same general take on the likely trajectory of and prognosis for our societal illness — I don’t know how I’d cope with the sheer toxicity of all the information that passes through my hands.

Vlad and I discussed it some more later on, and he added:

There are times where instead of feeling like we are doing something to wake the public up to vast existential problems so that we may fight back in whatever way, instead, we are merely chronicling our demise. Creating a running colour commentary on our destruction, which will itself be destroyed.

I agree with him on that last point: all these digital archives are unlikely to survive the Collapse that lies ahead. Unless someone has printed out hard copies on non-acidic paper, these chronicles will disappear.

Nevertheless, the chronicling must go on.

VIA Con Dios… NOT

The first time I heard about Gates of Vienna being blocked by the government was back in the fall of 2006, when the Department of the Interior installed blocking software that excluded us and numerous other deplorable websites (see my reports on the incident here, here, and here).

Since then, of course, there have been many other instances of governmental and corporate suppression of this site, too numerous to mention.

I received the most recent report a few days ago. VIA Rail is the Canadian intercity rail service, kind of like the Amtrak of Canada. A reader in Canada sent me the following note:

FYI, I tried to access your page using the “free WiFi” on board VIA trains here in Canada, and got the attached censorious result.

Here’s a detail from the screen cap he sent:

He added:

Curiously, Vlad’s page wasn’t censored.

That last part is curious, because Vlad has greater reach than I do, due to his emphasis on videos. But don’t tell anyone — especially not VIA Rail.

Semantic Marxism

The culture war we’re currently embroiled in is part of a process of Marxist dialectics that aims to negate all significant characteristics of Western culture. We are being targeted by a host of lytic agents that serve to break down our traditional structures. When everything we know and love has been razed, then a new world can be built on the ruins by those who destroyed the old one.

The following short video is a trailer for a three-hour presentation by Stephen Coughlin and Veterans4Freedom, which will be released soon:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

And Now… UFOs!

Forget about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Forget about the collaboration between the US government and Twitter to censor Americans. Now we have UFOs to preoccupy us!

If I’ve been counting the incidents correctly, in the past week there have been no fewer than four intruders into American airspace that were shot down by the USAF: the notorious Chinese spy balloon, followed by three other “objects”, one over Alaska, one over Canada, and the latest over Lake Huron.

Are these UFOs being served up to distract the viewing public from various scandals and political disasters that the FedGov would rather see buried? Or is there really something new going on?

I don’t have any opinion on the whole business, but there’s been some interesting discussion about it on various social media platforms. Consider the following thread (hat tip WRSA) that jumped back and forth between Twitter and Telegram.

First, Lucas Tomlinson on Twitter:

A senior U.S. official confirms the ‘object’ shot down over northern Alaska Friday was able to penetrate U.S. airspace before being picked up on radar. @nancyayoussef and WSJ colleagues first to report.

Next, Intel Slava Z on Telegram:

If Balloons can get into U.S. airspace undetected, I’m really curious what they think they can do to stop Russian or Chinese hypersonic missiles?

Then Big Serge on Twitter:

My theory about the airspace closures and intercepts is that the DoD cracked open that first Chinese balloon and found sensory capabilities that really freaked them out, so now they are being hyper-vigilant about any and all radar anomalies.

Finally, Intel Slava Z again, on Telegram:

Comment: The USAF pilots who intercepted the one shot down over Alaska said the object inferred [sic, should be “interfered”] with their sensors and the object itself was initially undetected by Radar. Apparently the one over Montana has been doing the same, so this does seem a valid theory.

If PLAAF tech is such that even balloons can go undetected by and mess with the electronics on an F-22, that’s an extremely ominous sign for the U.S. in the case of a Taiwan War where the J-20s get deployed…

A Victory in Ontario for the Vaccine-Hesitant

A schoolteacher named Rich Daly won an important vax-related case in an Ontario court. A judged ruled that he, rather than his ex-wife, was the most qualified and knowledgeable person to decide whether or not his 8-year-old daughter should be injected with the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

Mr. Daly says the ruling is now being used as a precedent in other cases.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading this video:

Alberta First

Danielle Smith is the Premier of Alberta and the leader of the United Conservative Party. In the following video Ms. Smith discusses the sovereign rights of Alberta in its relationship with the federal government in Ottawa.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

These remarks by Danielle Smith were made last week. As she promised, yesterday her government introduced a sovereignty bill to clarify the constitutional relationship between the provincial government in Edmonton and the central government in Ottawa (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

‘Ottawa is not our ruler’: Alberta government introduces sovereignty bill

EDMONTON — The Alberta government has introduced a bill that would grant Premier Danielle Smith and her cabinet broad powers to rewrite provincial laws behind closed doors in an effort to push back against Ottawa.

The proposed legislation would also allow cabinet to direct “provincial entities” — Crown-controlled organizations, municipalities, school boards, post-secondary schools, municipal police forces, regional health authorities and any social agency receiving provincial money — to not use provincial resources to enforce federal rules deemed harmful to Alberta’s interests.

Sudden Death

Below is the recently-released documentary video Died Suddenly. It concerns the worldwide surge of excess deaths that has been underway since the rollout of the experimental mRNA treatment intended to mitigate the effects of infection with the Wuhan Coronavirus.

This documentary focuses primarily on the strange elongated rubbery “blood clots” that have frequently been found in the blood vessels of deceased people by undertakers and embalmers, beginning when the vax was first introduced. The accounts given by multiple embalmers about the clots, and the visual evidence of the clots themselves, are what make the video so valuable — the independent testimony from so many witnesses is difficult to refute.

The rest of the footage contains a lot of sensationalized material, including clips of people who collapse suddenly. Some of these may be fakes, and some samples were definitely taken from videos that predate the COVID hysteria. But the sections featuring the embalmers are convincing, and very important.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video. WARNING: some of the autopsy footage is graphic, and sensitive viewers may find it disturbing:

Fighting COVID Tyranny in Canada

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has been exercising tyrannical control over doctors in Ontario, restricting their freedom to prescribe non-vax treatments for COVID-19 patients, and prosecuting them if they spread “misinformation” about the virus or the vax.

An important motion hearing was held today in a court in Ontario to decide whether the CPSO has overstepped the bounds of its authority. As of post time, I haven’t heard any word about how the hearing turned out.

In the video below, Michael Alexander, a lawyer for doctors who are being prosecuted, is interviewed by Dr. Sam Dubé in his “Fifth Doctor” podcast. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

For more details on the CPSO hearing, see this article at RAIR Foundation.

The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Inspired by Vlad’s essay, our Hungarian correspondent László put together this analysis of the apocalyptic culture war that is now underway throughout the West.

The Systemic Multigenerational Genocide of Humanity

Circumstances, Causes, Goals and Consequences

by László

Some additional circumstances (not mentioned in Vlad’s essay) that have been created in the West that support the war on procreation:

#0 Cheap contraception, obviously

—which enabled the first waves of feminism because it allowed women to become disloyal without becoming an outcast due to getting pregnant out of wedlock. It dynamited the entire structure of human societies, starting with families and tribes. How much this process of making cheap contraception available to all has been accelerated by the Powers That Be is another issue — but it is a fact that they own the chemical industry and Big Pharma…

# 1 State welfare systems

— in Third-World countries, especially in Muslim ones, people raise huge families that serve as private “pension funds”. In the First World you do not need to have many children to live a somewhat dignified life when you grow old. (But this will now be changing.)

# 2 Infantilizing young people

The whole culture has been shifted towards the world of children in adult bodies. This seems to be a deliberate effort operating on all fronts, but especially in popular culture as a brainwashing tool — which is the known battlefield for subversive powers with long-term plans used for takeover. Our artificial idols and stories created in Hollywood and elsewhere encourage a lifestyle that does not include children. This started a long time ago — think of “Sex and the City”.

But the more fundamental psychological aspect targeted by the PTB is the notion of an “easy life without responsibilities”. This is the well-known leftist weapon of mass destruction of the equality of outcomes — vs. equality of opportunity.

# 3 The lack of initiation into adult life (which does not exist anyway)

— in tribal societies, or even in ones that were more centered around survival, all sorts of formal or informal initiations were used to separate childhood from adulthood. This caused deep psychological changes in the participants and the attitudes of their surroundings towards them at the same time. An interesting example is one that was (is?) used by some aboriginal tribes (Indians?), which includes hanging young males by their skins from trees. The extremely painful challenge marks their adulthood and new roles and responsibilities.

There are no such rituals today that mark the beginning of adulthood (as there is no actual adulthood).

# 4 Making real estate too expensive to buy or even rent

— young people cannot move away from their parents — which is not only infantilizing, but mitigates against starting their own families.

A mass phenomenon in Italy is the “mama hotel” in which the only thing that makes theoretically grown-up people different from real children is that they have more money than their parents because they stay with their parents, who keep on serving them and paying the bills.

# 5 The school system

— it is obviously not about helping people become useful for society and thus independent, but to brainwash them for as long as possible to turn them into dependent useful idiots for Marxism.

With mass production and multinational corporations that have eliminated traditional trades and local service providers, usefulness is taken out of the hands of the individual — hence the individual becomes obsolete but at least interchangeable. You, as a unique human being, are not needed any more.

All of the above causes and circumstances (weaponized for culturecide) are — partially deliberately — interconnected in many ways which would require too long an essay to elaborate on, but I will still make a brief attempt:

“Multigenerational genocide”, a term I have just coined, in the West seems to be centered around CONTROL, through influencing the factors of (1) responsibility, (2) dependency and (3) individuality.

The goals of central control and the creation of a comprehensive power monopoly in the world correspond with the “production” of masses of “grownup children” without supportive communities. There is a feedback mechanism built into this process, because adult children are less likely to have children, and if they do have children against all odds, they cannot raise them to become mature adults, which makes the next generation so infantile that it is less likely to procreate as well.

(1) Responsibility

The goal of the enemy is to reduce the sense of and ability for responsibility and turn it into responsiveness. People are prevented from responding to the challenges of life and, instead they are induced and even forced to respond to authority, i.e. state power.

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