And Now… UFOs!

Forget about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Forget about the collaboration between the US government and Twitter to censor Americans. Now we have UFOs to preoccupy us!

If I’ve been counting the incidents correctly, in the past week there have been no fewer than four intruders into American airspace that were shot down by the USAF: the notorious Chinese spy balloon, followed by three other “objects”, one over Alaska, one over Canada, and the latest over Lake Huron.

Are these UFOs being served up to distract the viewing public from various scandals and political disasters that the FedGov would rather see buried? Or is there really something new going on?

I don’t have any opinion on the whole business, but there’s been some interesting discussion about it on various social media platforms. Consider the following thread (hat tip WRSA) that jumped back and forth between Twitter and Telegram.

First, Lucas Tomlinson on Twitter:

A senior U.S. official confirms the ‘object’ shot down over northern Alaska Friday was able to penetrate U.S. airspace before being picked up on radar. @nancyayoussef and WSJ colleagues first to report.

Next, Intel Slava Z on Telegram:

If Balloons can get into U.S. airspace undetected, I’m really curious what they think they can do to stop Russian or Chinese hypersonic missiles?

Then Big Serge on Twitter:

My theory about the airspace closures and intercepts is that the DoD cracked open that first Chinese balloon and found sensory capabilities that really freaked them out, so now they are being hyper-vigilant about any and all radar anomalies.

Finally, Intel Slava Z again, on Telegram:

Comment: The USAF pilots who intercepted the one shot down over Alaska said the object inferred [sic, should be “interfered”] with their sensors and the object itself was initially undetected by Radar. Apparently the one over Montana has been doing the same, so this does seem a valid theory.

If PLAAF tech is such that even balloons can go undetected by and mess with the electronics on an F-22, that’s an extremely ominous sign for the U.S. in the case of a Taiwan War where the J-20s get deployed…

2 thoughts on “And Now… UFOs!

  1. The lizard people need something to distract the normies while they lose the war in Ukraine, the biggest players in the global south start de-dollarizing, Europe commits economic suicide, the USA is implicated in the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines, Brandon and son face serious legal problems, and steady drips of information about the deadliness of the fake vaxx continues to leak out and implicate a whole host of well-connected elites.

    Turn off the tv and the mainstream news and the propaganda and misdirection cannot effect you.

    • True. I rarely watch TV now, too many lies on the Australian Brainwashing Company which gets it’s news straight from the White House.

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