Semantic Marxism

The culture war we’re currently embroiled in is part of a process of Marxist dialectics that aims to negate all significant characteristics of Western culture. We are being targeted by a host of lytic agents that serve to break down our traditional structures. When everything we know and love has been razed, then a new world can be built on the ruins by those who destroyed the old one.

The following short video is a trailer for a three-hour presentation by Stephen Coughlin and Veterans4Freedom, which will be released soon:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Semantic Marxism

  1. .
    Semantic Marxism or
    how to Talk Like a White Supremacist

    It’s harder than you think.
    As you know, all standards are white supremacist. Following the rules is white supremacy. You probably remember the Smithsonian’s warning that hard work and the scientific method and planning for the future and being on time and having good manners are all bad because they are part of “white culture.”
    And so, naturally, good grammar is white supremacy.

  2. When Coughlin was asked how to take down those “elites” that are using the weapon of Marxist discourse theory against the people, he bent over backwards to avoid the answer — so, his narrative-debunking stays within the narrative. An Oraculum within the Matrix, that pretends to show you how things are not real but never tells you how to leave and defeat those who actually run the system. That’s why he can stay up on Youtube: he is not dangerous to the enemy. He is a player in their game.

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