VIA Con Dios… NOT

The first time I heard about Gates of Vienna being blocked by the government was back in the fall of 2006, when the Department of the Interior installed blocking software that excluded us and numerous other deplorable websites (see my reports on the incident here, here, and here).

Since then, of course, there have been many other instances of governmental and corporate suppression of this site, too numerous to mention.

I received the most recent report a few days ago. VIA Rail is the Canadian intercity rail service, kind of like the Amtrak of Canada. A reader in Canada sent me the following note:

FYI, I tried to access your page using the “free WiFi” on board VIA trains here in Canada, and got the attached censorious result.

Here’s a detail from the screen cap he sent:

He added:

Curiously, Vlad’s page wasn’t censored.

That last part is curious, because Vlad has greater reach than I do, due to his emphasis on videos. But don’t tell anyone — especially not VIA Rail.

6 thoughts on “VIA Con Dios… NOT

  1. It’s always the same, isn’t it?
    The moment you get closer and closer to the truth, is the moment they censor you.
    As my grandfather always drummed into us when we were little;

    “The truth doesn’t need the censorship of the LIE, but the lie needs the censorship of the truth to survive.”

  2. Being censored by any Canadian official entity is like a badge of honor and denotes that you must be doing something right

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