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The following video talks about the eviction of elderly people from a care home in Berlin. They don’t want to go, but they have to, because their quarters are needed to house asylum seekers.

See this earlier post about a similar event in Lörrach.

One of the things I’ve noticed about these reports is that people in Germany don’t seem to have any property rights, at least not old people. They don’t own their homes, and can be evicted by the municipality at any time. There also doesn’t seem to be any mention of private landlords — there’s only the state, and the unfortunate geezers who live in its thrall.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We were informed by the management of the house
00:03   that the house will be closed on December 31 of this year,
00:08   without stating a reason.
00:11   The residents were very sad, shocked.
00:15   Among other things, there were also residents who held on to the elevator
00:20   because they didn’t want to move out. They said: I don’t want to leave; I feel right at home here.
00:26   And… other residents asked me:
00:29   “Will I survive this?”
00:33   And that particular resident died shortly afterwards.
00:37   Do you perhaps know what will happen next to the employees,
00:40   since all the elderly are gone? We can try… You will then also be fired?… Yes,
00:46   unless you go first.
00:50   Yeah… Care…
00:53   I’m not sure yet if I want to continue working in nursing, because
00:57   …there’s too much… what you’ve noticed,
01:00   over the years one thought that everything will one day get a little bit better,
01:05   but unfortunately care/nursing is not getting any better.
01:08   As far as I can tell, the relatives have themselves searched [for new accommodation].
01:13   Yeah… yeah… Also, I didn’t notice that they were supported in any way.
01:18   One lady really cried a lot,
01:21   which is understandable, since they have lived here for a long time, and felt comfortable
01:24   and at home. And now you’re 90, 92 and 95
01:27   and now you “may” actually move again… TO WHERE?
01:32   Now they’re dumped somewhere on the outskirts of town, of course they cried.
01:36   You can’t do anything about it, especially since you don’t get an answer.
01:41   Helping refugees — YES, I’m for that, too,
01:44   but THIS? That’s a step too far. For me it’s a step too far.
01:49   What are we, a welfare state? Yes! Oh!?! Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Old And In The Way

  1. She’s for helping rapefugees, or at least it’s the obligatory utterance to keep the political commissars from becoming suspicious.

    I suppose this kind of video makes it obvious why Germans in particular are so unwilling to do anything substantive to try and stop this. I never could understand why there are no groups firebombing the vacated housing before the orcs are moved in, or firebombing the houses of the illegitimates responsible for ordering these evictions. Likely no German does this sort of thing because it’s against the law and there’s nowhere to go to register flammable or incindiary devices that would be needed for such actions.

    Following orders unquestioningly no matter how unpalatable seems to be an indelible part of the German psyche.

  2. .
    Over the past 7 years, identical cases have abounded in the wonderland of Sweden. It is blamed on the need for renovation, replacement of pipes, etc., which are later not carried out, but the Arabs or Negroes move in directly.

  3. “They don’t own their homes”

    … and they are happy.

    It’s a long-term strategy — the WEF just said the silent part out loud in the end game.

  4. Utterly inhumane-Germany should be ashamed of itself. The invasion into Europe and in particular Germany (many thanks to ex Chancellor Merkle) of thousands upon thousands of people from Asia/ Middle East/ Indian sub continent and the African continent will in the main bring about the destruction of the indigenous folk of those nations which includes the UK. The Islamic move into Europe has no intention of integrating, its ideology does not permit it, now clear as to what its target is.

  5. One of my colleagues went to Germany for some work, and he was invited by one of the colleagues there to stay in her downtown apartment.

    The reason she wanted him in there is that without someone being there, the municipality might apparently force her to “rent” it for the use of culture enrichers. This seems to apply even if you own it outright.

    And apparently, culture enrichers aren’t known for returning the favour by making property improvements.

  6. Well, they aren’t kicked out onto the street, but moved elsewhere as density increases. The concept of ‘home’ becomes somewhat abstract if you can’t or don’t buy a house for yourself before you’re old. Then you have to rent one which means someone else owns it who may terminate the rental contract. Compared to the US, property rights are indeed somewhat different, but contrary to what the above case suggests, it’s actually easier in Germany to force owners out of property than in the US, and harder in Germany to get rid of tenants than in the US. However, when your only option is to live in public housing provided by social services, you are subject to their decision to relocate you. This used to be rare but now the consequences of the voters’ collective choices are hitting closer and closer. Hard to say who is to blame but everyone has their share in creating such outcomes.

  7. Re: “The following video talks about the eviction of elderly people from a care home in Berlin. They don’t want to go, but they have to, because their quarters are needed to house asylum seekers. ”

    Can there be any more obvious sign that the German government – or at least a substantial portion of it – is at war with the very people it is supposed to serve and protect?

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