Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/31/2017

Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, the Manhattan truck mujahid, reportedly left a note that said he committed his massacre today for the sake of the Islamic State. The note was found in Mr. Saipov’s rented truck. It is also reported that the suspect entered the USA under the “Diversity Visa” program, which President Trump has vowed to end.

In other news, it has just been reported that last month’s nuclear test in North Korea caused a partial collapse of a new tunnel under the mountain used for nuclear tests, killing as many as 200 laborers.

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The Five Solas, Then and Now

Today is Reformation Day, the 500th anniversary of the day Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg. In honor of the occasion, our long-time reader Steven Davis sends this guest essay about the life and teachings of Martin Luther.

The Five Solas: Only Scripture / Only Grace
Only Faith / Only Christ / Only the Glory of God

The Five Solas, Then and Now

by Steven Davis

Martin Luther stated all that is needful for the person who would come to God and enter into a covenant with Him. That person comes by grace alone, through faith alone, through Christ alone, by the Word of God alone, to the glory of God alone. Man has neither place nor authority nor involvement in what God accomplished, which had its beginnings before creation.

Martin stated what he knew to be true. He questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to grant pardon for sin when it was Christ alone on the cross alone Whose blood alone paid the price for the ultimate plenary indulgence that freed all those born of a woman from the shackles of sin that would drag them to the grave and then onto hell for eternity.

How then could the Catholic Church sell what it did not own, nor had anything to do with? It couldn’t, and it had neither legal nor moral right to take money from its membership in exchange for a promise that it could not deliver. What the Church lacked in spiritual authority it made up in temporal authority, as the “Vicar of Christ” decided who would rule over its membership, which was compulsory for all who lived in Medieval Europe. Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, ruled Europe in Martin Luther’s day and did so with the Church’s blessings, as both were in agreement as to what the people should hear, believe, and obey. The Church and State were indeed married.

When Martin Luther stood before the assembled council of Lords at the Diet of Worms and refused to recant his statements regarding the clear message of Scripture and his position on the sale of indulgences, as well as church offices that were often sold to the highest bidder (Simony), he was excommunicated and was to have been burnt at the stake as William Tyndale had been in England by Mary, Queen of Scots. Martin would have died the death of a heretic had it not been for a German prince who saw the truth of what Martin was saying and spirited him away to his castle, where Martin remained under his protection for about ten years, during which time the New Testament and then the entire Bible were translated into German so that the volk could read and understand for themselves the truth of the Word of God, something the Catholic Church had forbidden for 325 years since 1198 AD.

In his quest for truth and righteousness, Martin Luther drew on the inspired writings of another monk who had also had extensive training as a lawyer and was well-studied in scripture, and had asked the same questions that Martin Luther had. Romans 1:17 had been Martin’s wake-up call, and it had also been Paul the Apostle’s wake-up call almost 1,500 years before. How can sinful unrighteous man stand before a holy and righteous God and not be immediately condemned to the fires of hell where he belonged with Satan and the rest of his demons for his willful acts of sinful disobedience? How could man repent or even find favor with God given his awful spiritual condition? What God showed Paul was the same as what God showed Martin Luther. It is by Grace (unmerited favor) alone, through Faith (taking God at his Word) alone, by Christ (the Way, the Truth, and the Life and the only path to God) alone, by Scripture (the Word of God, which is eternal) alone, to the Glory of God (whose sacrifice for us on Calvary was from before the foundation of the world) alone.

Paul also lived during a time when the Church of Roman pagan idolatry was married to the state. The Caesar was regarded as a son of the gods with divine authority. To believe otherwise was treason and to preach another divine authority besides Caesar was tantamount to fomenting sedition. Paul died the death of a traitor for preaching and teaching that Jesus Christ is the only Son of the true and living God. Martin Luther almost died a similar death at the hands of a Holy Roman Emperor for preaching and teaching the same Truth that Paul did.

Today, 500 years later, we see that nothing has changed. Interdict has been decreed by Rome, which has since moved to Brussels, against all who would preach and teach the whole counsel of God without compromise. As the State once again attempts to exalt itself above the knowledge of God and to be regarded as God with the authority to dictate right and wrong, the Martin Luthers among us are being rounded up and consigned to jails while the criminals and insurgents are allowed to run free and commit rape, pillage and murder upon a law-abiding citizenry. Unrepentant man (humanity) has not changed, and neither has God and His requirements for fellowship with Him. With heartfelt joy I declare that adoption into the family of God is by Grace alone, through Faith alone, by Christ alone, in the Word of God alone, to the Glory of God Almighty alone. Amen!

— Steven Davis MRICS

Thwarted Terror Attack in Germany

New York had its Halloween jihad attack today, and Germany narrowly averted one of its own. Below is a press conference about the foiled attack given by Interior Minister Thomas De Maizière. Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Germany: Major Terror Attack foiled just in Time
Suspect a Syrian Refugee

By Egri Nök

An original translation from Die Welt.

Terror suspect wanted to kill as many as possible

  • A Syrian was arrested on suspicion of preparing an attack motivated by Islamism. According to the federal prosecutor’s office, he had made up his mind to “kill a number of people, as large as possible”.
  • [Interior Minister] Thomas De Maiziere said that the arrest in Schwerin prevented “a grave terror attack”.

A Syrian was arrested in Schwerin on the strong suspicion of preparing an explosives attack, motivated by Islamism. This is what the federal prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday morning (CET). Special forces of the Federal Police and the Federal Criminal Police Office were deployed in the action.

Additionally, the apartment of the suspect, and more apartments in Schwerin and in Hamburg were being searched, as Welt learned from police sources. One investigator told Welt: “The arrest of this man, particularly on Reformation Day, when there is a large event in Wittenberg with many top politicians, gives food for thought.”

According to investigations, the 19-year-old accused is strongly suspected of having planned, and already concretely prepared, an Islamist-motivated attack in Germany with a highly potent explosive. Apparently the authorities had the young man in their sights for a period of time. Back in July 2017 he had made up his mind to detonate an explosive device in Germany, to injure and kill as large a number of people as possible.

According to information from Die Welt, the Syrian Yamen A. came to Germany in October 2015. Currently, it does not appear that the 19-year-old had come to Germany with an order to prepare an attack. At the moment, [authorities] assume that he radicalized inside the country.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) accordingly came across suspicious communications on the internet, which led to a Facebook profile. Upon this, according to security authorities, Facebook was asked to disclose the user data of the terror suspect, but it took a while, until the suspect could be identified without doubt, and, finally, localized. The data contained extensive chat communication with a person who is deemed an “IS follower” and who calls himself a “soldier of the Caliphate”. This is congruent with what Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) said, who pointed out the importance of the internet for the arrest.

The federal prosecutor’s office confirmed early Wednesday afternoon (CET) that the suspect had contact over the internet with a person who called himself “soldier of the Caliphate”. “But we do not know who this person is, and we do not know if he encouraged him (the suspect) in his plans”, said Frauke Köhler, spokesman of the federal prosecutor’s office.

Therefore, at the moment, charges are not laid against the Syrian for membership in a terrorist organization, but for preparing a grave subversive crime [translator: “eine schwere staatsgefährdende Straftat”, a grave subversive crime, is the technical term for a terror attack in German Officialese], Köhler said.

Special forces arrested the 19-year-old Syrian in the early morning hours on suspicion of preparing an Islamist-motivated bomb attack. Apartments are being searched in Schwerin, and in Hamburg.

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Islamic Jihad in Manhattan

Update: The suspect has been identified as an Uzbek national named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

As you all know by now, there was a major Islamic terror attack in Lower Manhattan today. At about 3:15pm a man driving a rented pickup turned onto a bike path on the Lower West Side, running down pedestrians and cyclists at high speed. When he saw a school bus, he deliberately swerved to hit it. With his vehicle disabled, he got out and started running and shooting. Some reports say his guns were fake, others say one was fake and the other real, and still others that it was a BB or pellet gun.

The cops arrived quickly and shot the perp in the gluteus maximus (some reports say “leg”). He is now in the hospital under arrest.

At least six people were killed; some reports say seven; others eight. Another fifteen or so are reported wounded. There are multiple reports by eyewitnesses who say they heard the driver yell “Allahu Akhbar!” when he exited the truck. Also note his long beard with no mustache.

The following video was excerpted from the NBC live stream. It seems unusual for a major MSM outlet to emphasize the “Middle-Eastern appearance” and “Allahu Akhbar” so early in the reportage, but that’s what the guy does.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes uploading this video:

News sources:

Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/30/2017

The news feed is light tonight — there must have been a dearth of news today.

The big story today is that Paul Manafort, the former campaign chairman for Donald Trump, has been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller for his dealings with Russia. Two other former Trump campaign officials were also indicted.

In other news, Israeli Defense Forces blew up a tunnel that Palestinian terrorists were digging under the border between the Gaza Strip and southern Israel. The tunnel was targeted by the IDF on the Israeli side, but it was packed with explosives, and detonations occurred all the way down the tunnel at the Gaza end. Seven Palestinian activists were killed (or six or eight, depending on which story you read), including a commander for Islamic Jihad and at least two Hamas operatives.

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The Islamization of Textbooks in Romanian Secondary Schools

It is often said in this space that Central and Eastern Europe — the former East Bloc nations kept in captivity behind the Iron Curtain until 1990 — escaped the madness of Politically Correct Multiculturalism that has infested Western Europe and is now in the process of destroying it. This is generally true, but that doesn’t mean that large sums of money (think: George Soros) aren’t being put into propagandizing the East in an effort to make it just like the West.

The following account by our Romanian correspondent cxt examines the Islamization of Romania via its schoolchildren. The latest textbooks are now promoting Islam to Romanian fifth-graders in the public schools.

History Textbooks Promoting Islam

by cxt

The new history textbooks, that all Romanian fifth-grade children should begin studying this school year were published recently. All seven history textbooks just barely mention Christianity, giving it only a page under the Roman Empire chapter, but dedicate an entire chapter to promoting Islamic civilization. Before translating the news article that made this observation, let’s look at a few examples of Islamic propaganda in public schools from other countries as well.

This article from 2008 talks about ten history textbooks used in USA public schools that blatantly promote Islam. The report that studied these history textbooks notes: “When … Muslims groups attack Christian peoples, kill them, and take their lands, the process is referred to as ‘building’ an empire. Christian attempts to restore those lands are labeled as ‘violent attacks’ or ‘massacres.’” Also, “While Christian belligerence is magnified, Islamic inequality, subjugation, and enslavement get the airbrush.” One such textbook, World History, which was being used by 50% of 9th graders in Florida, contains 36 pages dedicated to Islam and three paragraphs dedicated to Christianity.

The US Department of Education is also funding an Islamic indoctrination program for public schools for grades 5-12, called ‘Access Islam’ (details here and here).

In Spain, courses on Islam are available in public schools for Muslim children between the ages of 3 and 18 The government has agreed to allow local Muslim organizations to draft the course syllabi, choose the textbooks, and even determine who will teach the classes.

For more examples of Islamic indoctrination in public schools in Europe and USA, readers should check out this site.

Questions arise regarding why Islam is aggressively promoted in public schools in non-Muslim countries, and the long-term effects of Islamic propaganda in schools.

Translated excerpts from the news portal

Textbooks Loaded With “Political Correctness”

Fifth-Grade Students Will Learn Five Times More About Islam Than About Christianity

The textbooks reviewed by EVZ are developed according to the guidelines given by the Minister of Education. The new school curriculum was developed in the spirit of “Political Correctness”.

Due to the delay in printing the fifth-grade textbooks, we have just now had the opportunity to browse them, not in paper form, but in digital form. We immediately found some surprises that deserve explanations from those who decide what our children should learn.

Seven alternatives

On the website of the Ministry of National Education there are no fewer than seven choices of history textbooks for the fifth grade in which “Christianity” is treated as the poor and ugly relative of the Roman Empire, and “Islam” enjoys a chapter of its own.

All this madness comes from the new school curriculum for secondary schools, approved by Minister’s Order #3393 of 28.02.2017, published in the Official Gazette no. 164bis / 07.03.2017.

So, what is the new curriculum for fifth-grade history textbooks? Regarding our topic, in the “Roman World” chapter, “Christianity” is the last case study, after “The city and the public monuments (the forum, the aqueducts, the thermae etc.)”, “Colosseum and gladiators”, “Pompeii”, “The Roman Army” and “The Roman Gods. Temples”. As a result, the textbooks allocate barely a page to Christianity, with only one exception where we found two pages.

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The Toronto Star Doubles Down on the Doubletalk

Last week we reported on the scandal of Ayman Elkasrawy, the imam of Masjid Toronto, who was caught on video praying to Allah to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews”. The Toronto Star went to bat for the imam, publishing a major feature to help him rehabilitate his shredded reputation.

Strangely enough, The Star has now doubled down, in effect asserting that it can provide more accurate translations from the Arabic than those of Hizb ut-Tahrir. Below is the latest on the topic from Vlad Tepes.

Toronto Star and imam double down on denial

Like the Clintons and sticking to the con, and like [Justin “Baby Doc”] Trudeau and his verbal strategy of total cognitive dissonance, the Toronto Star is doubling down on their article defending a genocidal imam, and making him the victim of racism and those who exposed him as the villains.

Honest Reporting’s new article on it today

The video in question:

Previous article on this issue

Diana West on National Review’s Blinkered Existence

Mirroring Ms. West’s occasional (deserved) shredding of National Review is something of an earned right by now. The mag’s strange irrelevance (since Donald of Orange ascended a throne they were so sure he didn’t deserve and could never win) continues bouncing down the road to oblivion. But who on board that tumbrel cares? They’re all the equivalent of trust-funders, untethered from the need for any robust journalism. Surely their fervently anti-Communist founder rests uneasy in his grave.

[The two bolded paragraphs in Ms. West’s essay are my emphasis. Minor formatting changes are mine, also.]

National Review Looks at the Communist Century … and Blinks

by Diana West

It’s really not Britisher Douglas Murray’s fault. He just happened to blunder onto the pages of the wrong American magazine, National Review, to ponder the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution. In an essay titled, “The Russian Revolution, 100 Years On: Its Enduring Allure and Menace,” Murray asks himself why it is, 100 million deaths later, that Communism is not held in the same disrepute as Nazism. Noticing whitewash all around, he writes: “While everybody knows the stories of the good anti-Nazis from more than seven decades ago, the heroes of anti-Communism are becoming forgotten.”

Too true — but no small thanks to the biases enforced by National Review, which, I note in the spirit of full disclosure, ran five (5) attacks on my own American Betrayal, a book that explores this same paradox, and even “names names” of some of those same forgotten “heroes of anti-Communism.” (For newcomers shocked by NR’s malignant obsession, I will note also my book received praise from such lights as Vladimir Bukovsky, Angelo Codevilla, Edward Jay Epstein, M. Stanton Evans, Newt Gingrich, and others, which, of course, doesn’t make it bullet-proof, but affords protection from any bald-faced lies by the so-called “standard-bearer of conservatism.”) [See the American Betrayal Archives —D]

In his essay, Murray is dismayed by our campuses, where students “are loosened up,” and throws up his hands over our politics, where Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren (over here), Jeremy Corbyn (over there) are well-received “exponents” of what he curiously calls “the concepts of solidarity, equality, and other benign spillages from the Marxist-Communist worldview.” He notes: “How hard they have worked, these people.”

Who are they, these people? I doublechecked to make sure. He seems to be referring to a string of Labor Party politicians, a Stalinist reporter and historian, Justin Trudeau … almost as if the epic subversion of the West and all of its institutions somehow happened in a fair and square fight at the ballot box.

It’s hard to imagine Murray believes such a thing; however, it is also the case that the editors’ choice of “sidebars” to accompany his main Red Anniversary feature displays a similarly blinkered perspective. These sidebars include:

  • four paragraphs on Solzhenitsyn by Anne Applebaum;
  • three paragraphs on Koestler’s Darkness at Noon by David Pryce-Jones;
  • three paragraphs (and a lede sentence) on Vasily Grossman by Noah Rothman;
  • four paragraphs on Vaclav Havel by Roger Scruton; and
  • four paragraphs on Leskek Kolakowski by Applebaum’s husband, Radoslaw Sikorski.

Giants or notables, all — Russian, German, Czech, and Polish — but not a single entry on an American anti-Communist, or, for that matter, American Communist. It is almost as if the Russian Revolution didn’t very much happen to America as well.

There are many ways to cover its centennial, and this non-American way is one of them. However, it is interesting to consider the lack of consciousness of domestic history such a choice reveals. NR’s 1917 package conveys the impression that America was wholly spared the poisonous ideological onslaught; as if there were no “Red Networks,” no “Red Scare,” no unhealed civil war over the very existence of Moscow-directed intelligence armies, which in effect, had turned Washington, DC into “occupied” territory by the beginning of World War II. Meanwhile, Soviet agents, ideological Communists, fellow travellers, Fabians, and their force-multiplying dupes spent the past century (and more) steadily boring into every other Western institution, from churches to schools and across the culture, seeking to replicate, in varying degrees, the Russian Revolution. (In all too many ways, they were successful.) It is here, in the study of domestic Marxist subversion, where we may find the clues to the Marxist takeover of our institutions, from both without and within. Without such study, it remains outside our ken, as we see in Murray’s failure to offer answers as to why Communism remains a lodestar; why the great anti-Communists have been shunted into the darkness. Certainly, they have been in this salient case at National Review.

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Alessandro Meluzzi: The Entire Islamic World Has Reached a Boiling Point

Alessandro Meluzzi is an Italian psychiatrist, writer, politician, and academic. Paolo Crepet is a psychiatrist, writer, and sociologist. Davide Piccardo is a Muslim activist and Huffington Post Italy contributor, the son of Hamza Piccardo.

The following video is from a TV panel show that aired last summer. It shows a discussion among the three men, plus the presenter — in which, it must be said, Dr. Meluzzi does most of the talking — about Islam and Europe.

The graphics that appear on the screen titled separately are translations of tweets from the audience that were shown on the screen at intervals during the panel discussion.

Many thanks to Elle Bowlly for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Shootout at a Disco in Hamburg

A culture-enricher at a disco in Hamburg became upset, and reacted by pulling out a handgun and spraying gunfire all over the place.

Nash Montana, who translated the video and the accompanying material below, had a discussion this evening with Egri Nök about what can be heard in the video:

Nash:   So he got out the nine shooter. A carpet dealer. Immigrant-speak.
Egri:   The guy who is filming seems to me to be speaking Hamburg slang, not Kanak sprak, let me listen quickly.
Nash:   Kind of both — Nafri German.
Egri:   The people who are shooting are Muslims, male and female. They use the expression Hurensohn, “son of a b***h”. It is typical enricher-speak, not a German insult.
Nash:   That’s why the video is titled “Hamburg’s sons of b***hes”.
Egri:   But the guy who is filming is a German kid, I think. He says boah krass — that’s just normal.

The text accompanying the video at Politikversagen:

Hamburg. Disco fights are not fought anymore with knives as once they were, but with guns. The rumor is that the girlfriend of a carpet dealer had been “flirted with”, hit on, by someone. So the carpet dealer boyfriend came unglued and pulled his gun.

Nash says: “I counted eleven shots fired.”

Also note the couple on the left making out while the carpet dealer is running around shooting. Do they consider gunfire a form of foreplay?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/29/2017

As Spain begins to implement direct rule over the Catalonia region, the Catalonian separatist government is rushing to create its own digital currency with the help of experts in Estonia. Meanwhile, the Belgian government has offered political asylum to deposed Catalonian leader Carles Puigdemont.

In other news, the Pakistani asylum seeker who allegedly murdered his 2-year-old daughter in Hamburg has been caught. Sohail A (like most culture-enriching criminals in Europe, the suspect has a one-character surname) was apprehended by police in Spain.

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Christ vs Mohammed: Which One Created a Safe Space?

Canadian professor of psychology, Jordan Peterson is a new discovery for me. In some ways, he’s the new Martin Luther in the increasingly corrupt Canadian soviet, where speech is now compelled rather than free. It is a tragedy that Canada has followed the path of tyranny and distrust of its people.

Here, Professor Peterson compares the behavior of Christ and Mohammed; he also points out that Islam is a political ideology – i.e., it’s not primarily a religion at all.

His interviewers, who agree with him, bring up the fragmentation of Christianity after the Reformation. It wasn’t peaceful at all (no dissolution of power ever is). Their obvious ignorance of the long bloody religious wars that followed on the break-up of the Catholic Church’s stranglehold on European culture is surprising. However, the larger track of the conversation is correct: Islam limits freedom.

In fact, Islam doesn’t even recognize freedom except to see it as dangerous. Just as Canada now sees freedom of speech as dangerous. Compelled speech is the first step toward a totalitarian state. Wait till the government starts rewarding people for turning in violators of that law…wait till other strictures on freedom follow.

[If our readers know the origin of this podcast interview (someone named “Kyle” is mentioned) please put the information in the comments.]

I’ll be posting other videos by Dr. Peterson in the future. He’s a real iconoclast who is willing to pay the price of his beliefs.

Swedish Policeman’s House Shot up by High-Caliber Weapons

Here’s the latest crime news from Modern Multicultural Sweden. Note that there is no speculation in this report about the ethnicity or immigration status of the perpetrator. So draw your own conclusions.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from B.T.:

Young man in custody for shooting at police residence in Västerås

A 20-year-old man is in custody on suspicion for the shooting at a police officer’s residence in Västerås.

At least 12 shots pierced the front door of the home where a policeman and his family were sleeping.

Prosecutor Anne Sjöblom decided to arrest that man at 8:43pm after a hearing in the evening. The man is arrested as reasonably suspected, the lower level of suspicion, for attempted murder, declare the police to TT [Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, Swedish national wire service].

According to the police, a second person held for interrogation earlier in the day has been released, but not dropped from the investigation.

Two adults and two children were in the shot-up house and lay asleep during the shooting. The shots were so powerful that they passed through the house, and at least one of the shots hit the property behind, a police source said. This means that other persons were also put at risk. In the door alone could be counted at least twelve bullet holes.

“There is a great devastation in the house. There are a lot of high caliber cartridges that are outside,” says regional police chief Carin Götblad at a press conference, explaining the night’s events and the police work.

The police do not want to say what position the concerned police officer has [in the organization].

“But this is a average, capable police officer who has been exposed. It is extremely serious. It’s clear that nobody should experience this,” she says.

She does not want to comment on the type of weapon that was used before the technical examination is complete.

“It’s a high caliber weapon; it could be an automatic weapon,” she says.

Götblad also does not want to confirm the information that a bullet entered the house behind the shot-up villa.

“There is such information, we do not confirm it in this situation, but it’s great devastation, and heavy ammunition,” she says.

According to Götblad, the family is now “not at all good” and everyone was home when the deed took place.

“They are getting all the support that may be needed.”

According to the TT’s source, the police are currently working on the theory that the act was directed at the police authority as a result of the police’s targeted work against serious crime in the region.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 10/28/2017

After the Spanish central government took direct control of Catalonia, thousands of people marched in the streets of Madrid to protest Catalonian independence. Meanwhile, the EU expressed its opposition to the Catalonian declaration of independence, saying that no EU member state would recognize the new country. However, Finland is reportedly considering going against Brussels and may recognize Catalonia.

In other news, a pedestrian fell off an overpass onto Interstate 66 in Fairfax County, Virginia, and landed on a moving vehicle, causing it to crash. The driver of the vehicle died in the crash, and the pedestrian is in the hospital with severe injuries.

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Thanks to AF, Charles Low, Dean, Reader from Chicago, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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