Shootout at a Disco in Hamburg

A culture-enricher at a disco in Hamburg became upset, and reacted by pulling out a handgun and spraying gunfire all over the place.

Nash Montana, who translated the video and the accompanying material below, had a discussion this evening with Egri Nök about what can be heard in the video:

Nash:   So he got out the nine shooter. A carpet dealer. Immigrant-speak.
Egri:   The guy who is filming seems to me to be speaking Hamburg slang, not Kanak sprak, let me listen quickly.
Nash:   Kind of both — Nafri German.
Egri:   The people who are shooting are Muslims, male and female. They use the expression Hurensohn, “son of a b***h”. It is typical enricher-speak, not a German insult.
Nash:   That’s why the video is titled “Hamburg’s sons of b***hes”.
Egri:   But the guy who is filming is a German kid, I think. He says boah krass — that’s just normal.

The text accompanying the video at Politikversagen:

Hamburg. Disco fights are not fought anymore with knives as once they were, but with guns. The rumor is that the girlfriend of a carpet dealer had been “flirted with”, hit on, by someone. So the carpet dealer boyfriend came unglued and pulled his gun.

Nash says: “I counted eleven shots fired.”

Also note the couple on the left making out while the carpet dealer is running around shooting. Do they consider gunfire a form of foreplay?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:05   [gimme that, come here, hey… SHOT fired, SHOT fired]
0:10   [You son of a b***h, come here!] On Sunday morning a fight broke out among multiple persons.
0:13   [SHOT fired, SHOT fired]
0:16   The fight escalated at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza. [unintelligible talking, mix of Nafri and German]
0:22   Multiple shots were fired.
0:25   [SHOT fired]
0:29   [SHOT fired]
0:32   According to the police the involved persons then fled in different directions.
0:36   [people yelling and calling each other sons of b***hes etc.]
0:40   The shooter allegedly also beat on a parked car with his gun… [man talking about someone being
0:44   a son of a b***h, banging sounds — shooter beating on car gun?] The parked car was damaged.
0:47   [man and woman yelling son of a b**ch] Despite an immediate search by ten police vehicles,
0:50   the police… [yelling, especially one woman]
0:54   …couldn’t find any of the participants in the altercation.
0:59   [SHOT fired] Any witnesses who observed suspicious behavior are asked…
1:07   [SHOT fired, SHOT fired] …to immediately call the police at number 040/4286 56789.
1:10   [More yelling about sons and b***hes etc.] [SHOT fired, SHOT fired]

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      • Europeans seeking unskilled invaders to take over their nations for decades. Europeans work to support third world squalor who hate and want to kill the very people that support them via taxes. The Europeans want to be genocided and taken into slavery. You can’t fix stupid.

  1. can anyone here confirm my suspicion that the shots sounds are not real bullets , no ricochets to be heard…..I am not an expert…

    • But…but, SE London is a gun-free zone, right?? Not exactly a rural hunting enclave, is it? Oh wait: open season on Brits. I forgot.

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