Swedish Policeman’s House Shot up by High-Caliber Weapons

Here’s the latest crime news from Modern Multicultural Sweden. Note that there is no speculation in this report about the ethnicity or immigration status of the perpetrator. So draw your own conclusions.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from B.T.:

Young man in custody for shooting at police residence in Västerås

A 20-year-old man is in custody on suspicion for the shooting at a police officer’s residence in Västerås.

At least 12 shots pierced the front door of the home where a policeman and his family were sleeping.

Prosecutor Anne Sjöblom decided to arrest that man at 8:43pm after a hearing in the evening. The man is arrested as reasonably suspected, the lower level of suspicion, for attempted murder, declare the police to TT [Tidningarnas Telegrambyrå, Swedish national wire service].

According to the police, a second person held for interrogation earlier in the day has been released, but not dropped from the investigation.

Two adults and two children were in the shot-up house and lay asleep during the shooting. The shots were so powerful that they passed through the house, and at least one of the shots hit the property behind, a police source said. This means that other persons were also put at risk. In the door alone could be counted at least twelve bullet holes.

“There is a great devastation in the house. There are a lot of high caliber cartridges that are outside,” says regional police chief Carin Götblad at a press conference, explaining the night’s events and the police work.

The police do not want to say what position the concerned police officer has [in the organization].

“But this is a average, capable police officer who has been exposed. It is extremely serious. It’s clear that nobody should experience this,” she says.

She does not want to comment on the type of weapon that was used before the technical examination is complete.

“It’s a high caliber weapon; it could be an automatic weapon,” she says.

Götblad also does not want to confirm the information that a bullet entered the house behind the shot-up villa.

“There is such information, we do not confirm it in this situation, but it’s great devastation, and heavy ammunition,” she says.

According to Götblad, the family is now “not at all good” and everyone was home when the deed took place.

“They are getting all the support that may be needed.”

According to the TT’s source, the police are currently working on the theory that the act was directed at the police authority as a result of the police’s targeted work against serious crime in the region.

“We assume that it is an attack directed at the police and our activity. Then we try to take the measures that we think are important so that this cannot happen again. We are also working to secure the working environment for our workers,” said Police Area Manager Robert Wallén to TT.

“The starting point at the moment is that we will seize the perpetrator or the perpetrators who have committed this crime.”

The police will have a greater presence in society because the incident also raises concern among residents in Västerås.

“I woke up because there was a rattling noise, but then it was quiet. It lasted quite some time,” says the neighbor Kinda to TT.

“I checked all the windows and looked at the kids, but did not see anything. So I thought it was nothing.”

An elderly lady who lives near the shot-up house woke up because of the bangs.

“But I did not think it was a shot. I got up, but then let it go and woke up when the police knocked on the door,” she told TT.

Like almost all neighbors TT spoke to, she did not want to give her name.

“I think it’s terrible. This is such a calm and nice area.”

The police are now working intensively on the case and among the puzzle pieces there is information acquired that was of interest earlier. According to SVT Västmanland, seizures (clues) have also been made there.

“We have secured certain clues and made several seizures on the spot. That we can’t go into,” says police spokesman Daniel Wikdahl to SVT.

Police authorities have also entered the state of residence as a result of the incident, which is classified as attempted murder or attempted manslaughter.

No one has been arrested for the crime, but two people have been held for questioning.

“It is part of the intensive investigation work currently under way, and we cannot say more on that,” says Anders Hedström, president of the police in the region Mitt.

According to the police district manager Robert Wallén, there has been no concrete or specific threat to the affected policeman.

TT: Are you targeting criminal groups in the investigation work?

“We work, as you usually say, broadly. We have a good picture of the serious organized crime in Västerås, but also in the rest of the country.

“It may be noted that this is a very serious crime, and that it is a highly violent to shoot with a high-caliber weapon. It does not matter who it is,” Wallén says.

The prosecutor has been informed of the event, and the family is being taken care of in a protected place.

30 thoughts on “Swedish Policeman’s House Shot up by High-Caliber Weapons

  1. I bet the Swedish weapon laws are just as strict, like the EU firearms laws are. I am sure the perp was obeying all of those laws, right? Right?!

    • It appears that one can still get a firearm in Sweden, but the gun laws are viewed as “restrictive” and there is no legal guarantee that an applicant will be issued a gun permit.

      Most certainly the cited young gentleman did not have to go through all the legal hoops … I wonder whether they ever release his identity. Also, our amusing and watched “M-coefficient” would be interesting to know 🙂

    • Daily the Swedes are proving that the stereotypes regarding blondes have more than a grain of truth to them.

      • I beieve that’s a myth, started by a Disney nature “documentary” in the ’50s. Allegedly the lemmings were driven into the sea by the film-makers.

  2. “We assume that it is an attack directed at the police and our activity. **Then we try to take the measures that we think are important so that this cannot happen again.**

    But you can bet your life that those measures don’t and won’t include mass deportation, a cleansing of the virulent and aggressive cancer that the Swedes have allowed/invited into their once beautiful country.

    Yes, Matthew Bracken, precisely and exactly so.

    • “Mass deportation?” What are they insane? Deportation that’s heartless. If they deport then what ‘s the difference between modern humanist, multiculti New Sweden and the Old Bad hypocritical Christian Sweden, who hated and even fought Saracens. By loving muslims literally to death, they show their humanist side that Christians did/ do not have.

      That’s the noblest thing to do: love muslims even if they rape your 11 years daughters. True humanists.

      Yes, try 50 ineffective methods to deal with symptoms of mass muslim immigration, but never even think of the One right solution: deport and do not invite them in the first place.

      Even if today after all that muslim enrichment of western cultures, if there is a referendum, 89% of them will be for muslim immigration.

      Vivid proof: Merkel won again. And Geert Wilders did not.


      Still we are democracy and that’s enough. Though it is hollow completely.

      • You better regain you Viking testicles and do something about the disease in your own neighborhoods.

      • ** 50 ineffective methods . . . but never even think of the One right solution **

        A precise statement of the phenomenon of obtuseness in the Western world. Use the Italian navy as a force to REPEL unwanted immigrants? No! Perish the thought. Employ it as a taxi service.

        Does the state possess the near exclusive right to use deadly force? Why, yes, of course. Actually use deadly force? NEVER! Weapons are merely for decoration.

        Stop paying welfare benefits to any and all foreigners to turn off the magnet? Absurd.

        Admit that Islam itself makes adapting to Western ways impossible? Never. Instead, pursue Christianity as the mortal threat to Western civilization.

        Seal the Greek/Bulgarian border with Turkey? Impossible! Finance war in Syria? A necessity!

        Punish Saudi Arabia for being the world’s sponsor of terrorism? No, no, no. Pretend that it’s Iran.

        Deny the vote to immigrants for three generations so they do not transform your politics? Evil itself! Bring in millions and slobber over them so they can inexplicably have a “path to citizenship” and vote immediately to displace your children and grandchildren.

        Act as though white countries have a right to remain white? Supreme evility!!! Import the third world by the millions and tell the autochnoschnucks this is The Blessed Transformation We Have Been Waiting For.

  3. I do not mean to be pedantic but what exactly is a “high caliber” weapon? I spent over 24 years in the US Marines and never heard such a term. Now, large caliber and small caliber I have heard, as well as the media using “high power” but not high caliber. Another made-up word by an ignorant media?

  4. Good news! If anyone in Sweden deserves to have his house and family shot at, then surely the police officer does. Recall, now, that the police officer keeps the populace in a state of fearful submission on behalf of leftists, business interests, and Islamists. The police officer helps those antisocial pests to sleep comfortably every night. The police officer pretends to care about justice while collecting a paycheck for its services.

    May every Swedish police officer have its house and family shot at with “high caliber” weapons during every season of the year until it has learned its lesson about cooperation with vileness like leftism, insatiable capital, and Islam.

    • While I am not much of a fan of “law enforcers” in general, (they no longer are called “peace officers”) they are just doing the bidding of their employers and serving as hired muscle to enforce the law. Their employers on the other hand are far more culpable; the politicians who craft the laws that the law enforcers are tasked with enforcing. Ultimately though, the populace bears the lion’s share of the blame for ignorantly or purposely electing and reelecting said politicians, and then ignoring the mischief that their representatives are doing while serving on their behalf.

      I have some sympathy for the police, but not much. If they disagree with the laws they are tasked to enforce, they are free to quit and find a different line of work. However, if they stay and do their master’s bidding then that indicates that on some level they approve of the laws they are tasked to enforce, or don’t care but are acting as mercenaries and therefore any harm that comes their way or to their families from their activities is just part of the hazard of the job for which they are well compensated by the taxpayer.

      I would rather see politicians targeted, but the nafris are not likely to start biting the hand that feeds them as long as they are continuing to be fed. The population which elected the politicians is already paying the price for their actions in rapes, burglaries, drug infested neighborhoods, and the degeneration of their First World society into just another Third World hellhole.

      • Well said. It’s ironic that an enricher would target a policeman and his family who are no threat to him. Unless the enricher is also a member of organized crime in which case I presume the police are more of a threat, though the citizens of Rotherham might have interesting views on that point.

        The British authorities achieve a level of vileness that’s unsurpassed elsewhere with their active cooperation with the jihadis such as steering patriots into the path of jihadi thugs and setting up Tommy Robinson for a vicious prison attack. And I do mean vicious.

        Those Swedish guys a while back who took a sound truck to a posh residential neighborhood in the early morning to play enriched music were a piece of work. Only a tiny portion of what is due those twits.

      • Agreed, the police officers’ puppeteers are worse than the police themselves. The puppeteers, however, will lose little sleep until respect AND SYMPATHY for police have been reduced to negligible amounts, even among the police. As ever, familiarity will breed contempt. Then the puppeteers will face the frightening (to them) possibility that their hired muscle will start taking pot shots at each other at about the same time that the muscle is being bitten by disobedient sheep of the populace.

        Since we are identifying various troublemakers, we ought to say a few words about the most extraordinary fool of our civilization. He is the law and order loony who reveres the police as heroes and who insists that the law, which is little more than a maze of arbitrary decrees, must be obeyed no matter what. It’s not just ironic that this persona dramatis is often bent out of shape by third world invasion and an Islamic colonization arranged under the color of law. In fact, our village idiot, aka a “conservative” in the USA, provides us with a healthy comic relief from the tension of the plot. We ought to express our gratitude to the idiot for performing his role in the drama enthusiastically and without compensation. If this motivates the village idiot to abandon the police, then we’ll have made important progress. If not, we’ll benefit from the heighten

  5. I have spent most of my adult life in the military and the Police, and retired from both. As such, I have had the opportunity to fire many automatic weapons. The bullet pattern shown in the photo of the crime scene is from an automatic weapon, I would guess from an AK47. It was NOT fired from a semi automatic weapon. Sweden has a big problem with this crime. If some 20 yo guy can get ahold of an AK47, then I imagine the culture enrichers are lining themselves up to the counter to buy their own AK47’s.

      • Praise Allah & pass the ammo…

        Scoring an RPG-7 with several rockets wouldn’t be too bad for dressing like a ghost and smelling like a goat.

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