Islamic Jihad in Manhattan

Update: The suspect has been identified as an Uzbek national named Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov.

As you all know by now, there was a major Islamic terror attack in Lower Manhattan today. At about 3:15pm a man driving a rented pickup turned onto a bike path on the Lower West Side, running down pedestrians and cyclists at high speed. When he saw a school bus, he deliberately swerved to hit it. With his vehicle disabled, he got out and started running and shooting. Some reports say his guns were fake, others say one was fake and the other real, and still others that it was a BB or pellet gun.

The cops arrived quickly and shot the perp in the gluteus maximus (some reports say “leg”). He is now in the hospital under arrest.

At least six people were killed; some reports say seven; others eight. Another fifteen or so are reported wounded. There are multiple reports by eyewitnesses who say they heard the driver yell “Allahu Akhbar!” when he exited the truck. Also note his long beard with no mustache.

The following video was excerpted from the NBC live stream. It seems unusual for a major MSM outlet to emphasize the “Middle-Eastern appearance” and “Allahu Akhbar” so early in the reportage, but that’s what the guy does.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes uploading this video:

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26 thoughts on “Islamic Jihad in Manhattan

  1. Browbeat, cajole and threaten lawmakers until Islam and its followers are removed.

    Soon, completely, and forever. […]

    [Note: GoV restricts calls to violence of any kind. There are plenty of websites which allow, even encourage it]

    • Threaten them with the end of their legislative “career”.

      What did you think I meant?

    • Thinking it over, it is best if I cease posting on GoV. Many people are simply incapable of handing any authority, regardless how slight.

      You win.

      • Stop pauting and being petulant. You must consider calls of violence could cause GoV to be shut down. This site is more than just your little plaything it’s also the livelihood of Baron and Dymphna.
        So deal with it and work within the constraints.

        • We should all practice self-restraint until the Overton window shifts, myself included.

  2. Sadly, I’m starting to hear even conservative news outlets like Fox take the kumbaya line, talking about how we won’t let terrorists break our spirit. Unfortunately, our spirit seems to be one of submission and the uttering of platitudes, coupled with an unwillingness to make the hard and uncomfortable decisions, such as severely restrictions on Muslim immigration.

    • Yeah, When I heard the press conference over the radio in my car, I think it was the NY govenor… well he keep saying “them,” “them.” ” We won’t let THEM get to us, we won’t let THEM break us, bla, bla, bla. He must have said “them” in his rambling 6 times or more. That was as concrete as he got I kept yelling at the radio, who is ” them?”– who the hell do you keep referring to in the plural? Why can’t you say it? The orthodox muslims is who I suppose he means. They are however not ” radical” – they
      are orthodox or
      traditionalists, who simply
      follow the dictates of their
      religion and their
      religious leaders, old and new.

      Is Trump now going to say
      “them” , “them” all the time
      too when we all know damn well he’s screaming to his family something to the effect that he’s gonna get those “rotten, primitive Arab SOB’s!!”

  3. As I’ve said before, we are at war, have been since we sailed our merchant marine ships and crews to the Barbary Coast for spices, goods, and we the west have been at war since the obvious 1400 odd years ago. They declared it, as part of the most basic of their gang’s requirement of believers. They must conquer us, and as Bernard Kerik just stated in Fox TV national interview, of the former NYC PD commissioner, now consultant, or we must fight them, on the basis of “kill or be killed”!!!! There exists no other fundamental fact. Bernard states, “we have been at war with them for a long time”

    I say, either we fight to win, now and until they are past history, or we fight as before, without end, throughout history. If we don’t fight to win, we fight to fight forever, or until we slip up or lose will. 1400 years is a long time, so is forever.

    I say, declare them the violent gang they actually are, nearly the same as the nazis were, in truth, or worthless war-death cult of the devil which they are in reality of all history of their types of groups, or keep fighting until the last car, truck, plane, train, edged weapons, firearms, and other arms, pitch forks, poisons, chemicals, fission materials, microbes, garrotes, strangulation, and asphyxiation methods, legal maneuvers, laws, that they can ‘jack and employ, against us, until they get us to kneel before them and pay them sustenance, and our fortunes, and enslavement-(yes, that means both african and white slavery again) That is their FINAL SOLUTION and goal, not only for Jews, but for the ALL of us infidels!!!!!

    Never forget, not only is islam our and the West’s enemy, so are some from the government, and agencies, and bureaucrats of the deep state, including most of the establishment types, democrats, and RINOs. Reason is these are the large government, NWO-globalists, who ally with islam, our true enemy, and communist-nihilist believers, and capitalist haters, aka the Frankfurt School of economics. These, and academics, and the media, long for central government control, are using climate fears, and general uneducated public’s fears, and utter complete naiveté.

    Do not either forget the example of the John Gruber’s, the Benjamin Rhodes types, and their declarations of taking advantage of the “dumb public”. Work hard to not be the dumb public, who get fleeced, always, before they are herded over the cliff.

    • That’s the usual line of lies they feed you. He was such a nice kid. He always helped his little sister with her homework. He was good to his mother. He was a promising student and liked by everyone. On and on ad nauseam.

    • He entered the USA on a “diversity visa” – something which Trump
      Has been trying to scrap only to be thwarted at every level of
      Required legislature!

      Did America really need another “friendly” Uber driver whilst
      Brilliant people with actually something to offer cannot get a
      Green card under any circumstances?

    • Its a strong tribe mentality, Islamics of the same tribe and area always back each other up. We do not need or want more of these tribe members who do not follow or want to live in a peaceful law abiding society. Deport and end all importation of these defected human time bombs.

      • WPM-

        You’ve touched on an important point in your post.

        Somehow, good old Mo’ managed to create an ideology that resulted in the Ummah, who are the ultimate pan-national tribe.

    • It’s only in French not English. This way it won’t get anywhere. Only accessible to French speaking people.
      Maybe you better team up with Generation Identaire.

      • If you’re on Google just do a google translate to English; it’s almost simultaneous. The only nit I have to pick with it is that it says it will only open and reply to e-mails on ‘’ but fails to to give out its own proton address which makes the whole exercise pointless.

      • No it’s not. Each day there are 2 videos, 1 in french and 1 in english, the exact same text translated and read in both languages. Check it out ! We speak about Génération identitaire : it’s good but not enough to free ourselves from islam ! We need to go a step further, like the resistance in 1940 : anonymous, discreet and guerilla warfare.

  4. Kudos to the brave N.Y.P.D Officer who was able to hit the mass murdering, devout Moslem with even one round using the insane N.Y.P.D mandated 12 Lb trigger pull on his duty/off duty weapon. I have a staple gun that shoots better than one of the deliberately ruined pistols the N.Y.P.D are forced to carry. Only the hive mind of NYC government could decide that it’s safer for everyone in a densely populated urban area to make it near impossible for a police officer to hit what he is aiming at while under incredible stress.

    • Damn! I didn’t know that and I can see their problem as I recently changed out my 7 pound spring for a 4 pounder as the seven was far too much of an off-centre drag for rapid accurate shooting.

  5. We desperately have two jobs:

    Job one, Islamic: We either have to 1. make enough apostates or 2. have a long war of almost impossible design….or 3. sit back, be nice, fight a little and feebly hope that there is a diminishment of Islam’s fervor ( as had happened.)

    Job two, transnational progessivism: We need to reduce progressivism’s effectiveness and fervor….probably just as important, because a society cannot long stand when large subsets are trying to deconstruct it and are increasingly succeeding.

    If we lazily muck around and reactively approach this double mess–as we are doing now–we might get through it, but we might not…and then what? We could face hundreds of years of actual brutal tyranny. Can you even imagine?
    …the actual end of history.

    The lights are going out all over the world…

    • Well, many of the lights are indeed dimming. And if an EMP attack on the North American continent happens, our lights will vanish. Meanwhile, though, there are those “thousand points of light” – i.e., hope – that still burn despite the setbacks.

      I am encouraged by the rise of “populism” (the love of sovereignty) which is occurring in a variety of places in the West. Who predicted *that*??

      • I’ve had some interesting discussions with fellow “liberals” on this subject. Some find it hard to grok that this is the inevitable result of the failure of mainstream parties, including some ostensibly conservative ones, to address their voters’ concerns.

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