Tommy Robinson Has Won

No, he hasn’t won his court case — that won’t come up again for weeks, or maybe months; they’ll drag it out for as long as they can.

But Tommy has won. This is not a little victory, but a major one: his actions have forced the local authorities in Bradford to explicitly and publicly acknowledge that Pakistanis make up a massively disproportionate share of the suspects in “grooming” cases — that is, the organized sexual enslavement of underage white girls by non-white Muslim gangs.

And those same authorities acknowledge Tommy’s role in what they are discussing: “If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will.”

In the pie graph above you can see the Pakistani share of the cases, which looks like a Pac-Man icon with its mouth open wide. Can you imagine what it would look like if the figures had been normed to reflect the size of each group as a percentage of the population? The big mouth would snap shut on the little sliver of the “White British” share.

Yes, Tommy Robinson has won: The Powers That Be in Britain have been compelled to admit that what he has been vilified for saying for the last nine years is in fact TRUE.

Here’s the article from The Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will”

Ethnic Breakdown of Grooming Suspects ‘Should be Addressed’

A COUNCILLOR has asked what is being done to address the fact that a “shocking” amount of suspects in grooming cases in Bradford were of Pakistani origin.

Councillor David Ward (Lib Dem/Independent, Bolton and Undercliffe) was referring to recently released figures that show that around 63 per cent of child sexual exploitation suspects identified in the past year were classed as Asian/Pakistani.

He was told that the high proportion was due to a specific ongoing police investigation into historic grooming offences in the district, which had identified a large number of Asian suspects.

The question was asked during a meeting of Bradford Council’s Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee last night, when members were discussing an annual report into CSE in the district.

The report reveals that from April 2017 to the end of March this year, there have been 317 CSE flagged offences recorded on Police systems.

People of Pakistani descent made up around 63 per cent of the suspects identified in that period, with white British suspects making up around 20 per cent.

During the meeting, which was attended by members of the police, Bradford Council officers and children’s charity Barnardos, Cllr Ward said: “These charts show a disproportionate number of perpetrators that are Asian, and it is something we need to address.

“If we don’t ask these questions, Tommy Robinson will next time he is down in Bradford.

“There is nothing in this report that really refers to this statistic. It is a shocking statistic — 63 per cent of perpetrators. This has an enormous impact on community cohesion, but we have to ask these questions, if we don’t others will.”

Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, is a far-right activist and former leader of the English Defence League.

Police responded to Cllr Ward by referring to Operation Dalesway, an ongoing operation to tackle historic grooming offences. The report says the operation has led to the arrest of 109 suspected perpetrators since 2014, with dozens more arrests expected in the coming months.

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Katie Hopkins: “We Are Headed to a Very Dark Place Indeed”

Note: This video was posted previously. Since then Ms. Hopkins has sent the prepared text, so the video is being embedded again to accompany it. The text for the intervention is at the bottom of this post.

2018 Human Dimension Implementation Meeting
Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Thursday, 20 September 2018

Working Session 17: Combating racism, xenophobia, intolerance and discrimination

Intervention read by Katie Hopkins, representing Hopkins World

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is the prepared text for Ms. Hopkins’ intervention:

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Tommy Robinson, The UK Political Football

This persecution of TR would be illegal in America. Here, anyone facing trial is entitled to have a formal written document outlining the charges under which the government plans to try him. Evidently, that’s not the case in Old Blighted.

What has the UK become?

This is beyond dreadful, veering into sadistic, cruel and unusual. They’re playing “Kick the Can Down the Road” – in hopes his public following gets bored and the furore dies down, perhaps? The can they are kicking so hard is Tommy Robinson and his family.

As I’ve said before he is damaged from his previous stays in prison. I hope he can sue some bureaucracy or other for sufficient treatment of the sequelae from the last two imprisonments before they send him back. That probably won’t happen; they’ve stitched up the man and due process be damned.

Has the BBC Changed its Mind About Mosques and Terrorism?

Tommy Robinson has been a relentless critic of what is being preached in mosques. The BBC has just as relentlessly demonized him for his point of view.

Could that be changing?

Vlad Tepes pointed out this BBC report linking Islamic preaching and the mosque in Manchester to the violent message contained in Islam, which the BBC had avoided at all costs up until that point:

And here are excerpts from the accompanying article:

Manchester Mosque Sermon ‘Called for Armed Jihad’, Say Scholars

A sermon at the mosque where the Manchester bomber worshipped called for the support of armed jihadist fighters, according to two Muslim scholars.

An imam at Didsbury Mosque in December 2016 was recorded praying for “victory” for “our brothers and sisters right now in Aleppo and Syria and Iraq”.

Scholars Usama Hasan and Shaykh Rehan said it referred to “military jihad”.

The imam, Mustafa Graf, says his sermon did not call for armed jihad and he has never preached radical Islam.

The recording the BBC obtained is of Friday prayers at the mosque six months before Salman Abedi detonated a suicide bomb following an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in May 2017.

Abedi and his family regularly attended the mosque and his father sometimes led the call to prayer.

I didn’t agree with Vlad’s take on the report. I saw this as a strategic and temporary retreat by the Beeb and the British establishment.

Here’s a digest of our discussion on skype:

Baron:   It’s an attempt to cauterize the wound for Muslims, by elevating those “scholars” and making a scapegoat of the imam.
    I wish Steve Coughlin or Bill Warner had been there to ask those scholars some pointed questions.
    This is a skilled shot at strengthening the grip of Islam, to keep it from being fully exposed. It’s their strong fallback position, a tough line of defense. A very smart strategic move.
Vlad:   But its a full line of defence behind their primary line.
Baron:   It doesn’t threaten the ascendancy of Islam at all.
Vlad:   Well, the real danger is that the Beeb will gain authority amongst skeptics by this.
Baron:   Yes, that, too.
    I’m telling you: This is the BBC mounting an effective strategic defense of Islamic Britain. The structure and functioning of Islam in Britain will remain untouched. One mosque and one imam will be sacrificed for the good of the whole.
    And most importantly, this enshrines Muslims themselves — the “scholars” — as arbiters of what jihad is, and what is meant by certain terms and passages in Islam. That precludes any independent analysis by anyone not already sympathetic to Islamic ideology.
    This is very clever, very skilled propaganda.

Sure enough, in a follow-up article the next day, the BBC walked back even the weak dishwater that its “scholars” had offered:

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Paul Weston Buries The Daily Mail

Evidently, that ignominious “report” the Mail ran online yesterday is still closed to comments. Don’t you wonder why? The lack of objectivity by the Mail is truly gob-smacking. Separating “news” (Tommy Robinson on vacation) from “views” (right-wing thug, etc., ad nauseam) seems to have been left behind in the 20th century.

Here is Pithy Paul, giving the archaic media the roasting it deserves:

Tommy Robinson vs. the Daily Mail

A man named James King is apparently a photographer and/or reporter for The Daily Mail. He was recently tasked with finding Tommy Robinson and his family in Greece Tenerife, where they were on holiday. But Tommy sussed him out, confronted him, and uploaded this video of their confrontation.

There are couple of things worth noting about the exchange between Tommy and Mr. King. First of all, when Tommy asks him whether he thinks it would be a good thing if Britain were to become dominated by Islam in the next twenty or thirty years, the reporter dodges the question. All he’ll say is, “I don’t think it’s going to happen.” He won’t say what he would think of it.

But this exchange between Tommy and Mr. King is priceless:

Tommy:   So would it be OK, then, if I followed you on holiday and took pictures of you and your family?
King:   But I’m not a public figure.
Tommy:   You are now, mate — you are now!

Tommy’s right. He has millions of followers, subscribers, and fans. James King’s face will soon be well-known to them, so that when he returns to Blighty, it’s not unimaginable that some of them will recognize him on the street, or in the supermarket, or driving his kids to school. What then, eh?

Maybe he’ll look nervously over his shoulder when he’s out in public, the same way Tommy has had to do for the last nine years.

Listen to their exchange. Tommy is a real bulldog — he hounds the reporter into rhetorical corners from which he can’t escape:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

ANOTHER Trial for Tommy – This Time at Old Bailey

UPDATED: Here are the links —
Sign the petition

Ezra Levant discusses Tommy’s ill health and the gob-smacking new trial in a new venue, more or less a month from now. So much for his vacation.

Tommy’s status is now definitely “political prisoner”.

I’ll post the crowdfunding and petition links later.

“You Daft Bint!”

Paul Weston has plenty to say about the “Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome” exhibited by the middle class, particularly one Janice Turner, wife of The Times’ executive editor. This couple demonstrates the problems inherent in nepotism: want to bet he didn’t fact-check wifey’s snarling rant?

The Times was forced to retract the “girlfriend beater” part of the smear after Tommy threatened to sue the paper. Here’s the item from our newsfeed the other day.

Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary

A Hungarian reader named László sends this detailed account of the prominent coverage Tommy Robinson has received in the media (both traditional and alternative) in his country.

Tommy Robinson: The View From Hungary

by László

I would like to give you and your readers a glimpse into the way the Hungarian press covers the topic of jihad and islamization in the West. Although I expect CrossWare keeps you pretty much updated about us, it may still be of interest to you, since I know that the Hungarian language is a secret code for everyone else in the world.

Jihad and islamization news from the West in general hit the biggest Hungarian online mainstream news sites (sometimes even the leftist ones, although it is distorted) and the state TV. Now, I can see that plenty of ordinary people (I could say an ‘army’ of Counterjihad commenters) influence the content and analysis of this mainstream news coverage from the background, mainly by commenting below the articles.

What Tommy (and other Western Counterjihad warriors) have probably never even dreamt of is how much their heroism and work help to save Hungary and Eastern Europe from islam! His captioned and subtitled videos sometimes have almost the same number of views as the original English ones. Just look at the number of views on this playlist for the counterjihad site Dzsihádfigyelő.

Some of Tommy’s videos even get into the mainstream, such as this one: “Revolution May Come in Germany this Summer

These mainstream sites — not giant ones, but bigger than blogs — wrote about this video and embedded it:

Let me show you another example:

The Hungarian online mainstream media in general have extensively covered Tommy’s imprisonment and release, even the progressive ones.

Even the latest Fox News interview has already got detailed coverage in a smaller right-wing — still mainstream — outlet: “Tommy Robinson: The Prison Mosque Was in Front of My Cell Window” (This site may have some 15,000-30,000 readers, but their headlines are frequently echoed within the conservative media.)

And the largest Hungarian news site, Origo, on Tommy’s release: “Tommy Robinson’s Kangaroo Court Verdict Overturned

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The Torture of Tommy Robinson

In the following video Paul Weston presents a series of important questions to Home Secretary Sajid Javid about the treatment of Tommy Robinson while he was in prison. His questions concern the roles played by the police, the judicial system, the government, and the media in what Tommy endured — which was, for all practical purposes, physical and psychological torture:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media interviewed Tommy at home shortly after he got out of prison. In this video you’ll hear more details about how he was treated while he was inside:

An Account of the Appeal Judgement in Tommy Robinson’s Case

Our British correspondent Alan Smith returns with an account of yesterday’s appeals court decision that resulted in Tommy Robinson’s release from prison after serving slightly more than two months of a thirteen-month sentence.

Previously: A Detailed Account of Tommy Robinson’s appeal

R v Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson)

Court of Appeal, Criminal Division
On appeal from the Crown Court sitting at Canterbury and Leeds

by Alan Smith
1 August 2018

The Appeal judgement was announced in Court 4 at the Royal Courts of Justice. There was a notice on the door of the court room warning the public that filming would take place, and that those not wishing to be caught on film should sit at the rear of the court.

The doors were unlocked at 10am, and a stern female official warned people not to film or take photographs or “He will put you in the cells.”

Tommy’s QC, Jeremy Dein, arrived at this time with his female junior, and they took their positions on one side of the court room.

The video monitors that featured Tommy Robinson during the appeal hearing on 22 July 2018 were turned off.

At 10.29am, a female court official said “All rise,” and Lord Burnett and Mrs Justice McGowan entered.

Lord Burnett said words similar to the following:

“I should say I’m handing down two judgements this morning, but it will only take a short time. I want silence as I read them.

“For the reasons that are given in the written judgement, the appeals are dismissed [there were faint sighs in the public gallery]. The respondent will pay costs of £5,000. The judgement will be made available in the usual way”.

Lord Burnett went on:

“Stephen Yaxley-Lennon was committed to prison for thirteen months for contempt of court on 25 May 2018, including the activation of the three month suspended committal order. The appellant made an application for an extension of time. We refuse the extension of time for Canterbury on 22 May 2017; the appellant has admitted contempt as identified at the time, and the process was fair. We allow the extension of time for Leeds, as the process was flawed. We direct that the Leeds case be reheard [anticipation in the gallery].

“Pending the rehearing, the appellant will be released [applause broke out on one side of the public gallery; Lord Burnett, annoyed, said, “No. I said silence.”] …on the condition that the appellant attends the rehearing, and that he does not approach within 400 metres of Leeds court.

“I will be referring the case to the London Recorder. Thank you”.

The court rose at 10.32am, the matter having lasted no more than three minutes.

Supporters left the building, where there was a noisy commotion outside. On the left (as one leaves the building) was a demonstration of around a dozen Socialist Workers Party activists, standing behind a barrier. Tommy supporters were on the right hand side, with two rows of police separating them (both rows of police had their backs to the SWP demonstrators). More police were standing at opposite ends, and on the other side of the road; sixty or more.

The SWP demonstrators were chanting the following phrases (each phrase was repeated five or six times, before moving onto the next one):

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Paul Weston, Ezra Levant, and the MEF on Tommy’s Release

Just after Dymphna posted the earlier video by Paul Weston, he uploaded this one about the release of Tommy Robinson from prison:

Ezra Levant of Rebel Media (whom Tommy thanked for his help) filed this report from London about the conditions Tommy had to endure while he was inside:

As Tommy acknowledged in his brief video from home, the Middle East Forum provided him with major financial support and legal assistance. Their efforts were crucial in securing his release from prison. Here’s the press release from the MEF:

The Middle East Forum applauds the release of Tommy Robinson from prison this morning, after the UK anti-Islamist activist won his appeal over a contempt of court sentence.

In June, Mr. Robinson, a long-time target of UK authorities, was covering a rape-gang trial involving Muslim defendants in England when he was arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to 13 months prison, and jailed — all in the course of five hours, all while denied access to counsel.

The full resources of the Middle East Forum were activated to free Mr. Robinson. We:

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