Islamic Underage Sex Slavery in the UK

Tommy Robinson screened his documentary “The Rape of Britain” today in a car park in Telford, as part of a mass protest against “grooming” gangs. The following article from 2014 provides some relevant context. Many thanks to Michael Copeland for sending it.

Islamic Underage Sex Slavery in the UK — a Woman’s Heartfelt Response

by Susan Chapman

Excuse the rant and long-winded post; if there is one subject that gets my goat, it’s the ‘grooming gangs’. This is absolutely the largest, most well-organised network of abuse carried out by Muslims. It shows so clearly that they have no respect for the people of this country, how the police and government have worked, and are still working hand in glove to protect them, how well-organised their infrastructure is and how they work together to protect all Muslims involved. This is not about sexual gratification; it is a career choice, a source of untaxed income; it is big business and no doubt funds other enterprises.

David Cameron, after his two-day stay with a Muslim family, said:

“Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian way of life, not the other way around.”

So, what skills do we need to develop to emulate the Asian [Muslim] way of life, to profit from sexual slavery? We need a network of buildings all over the country where we can meet in private, say, five times a day where we can talk without fear of being overheard, advertise our wares and arrange little get-togethers; and of course reinforce our sense of superiority over the animals we live with for now. What personal skills are needed for this line of work? We need to choose someone young and good looking, preferably with a younger brother the same age at the same school as the girl to be targeted, so he can introduce the abuser.

If the target is a Sikh girl, he can always pretend to be Sikh. He must be ruthless and have absolutely no humanity or conscience, be able to deceive and convince an 11-year-old virgin that he is in love with her while knowing the pain, humiliation and degradation that awaits her. He will need a nice flashy car parked outside the school to bait the trap, money for presents and clothes, and the ability to convince her that her parents don’t really love her, that they are cruel because they don’t let her go to bars or take drugs.

Once she trusts him and believes he loves her as she loves him, he can treat her to alcohol and drugs before raping her. Take naked pictures of her (always a good blackmail tool), invite a couple of friends to enjoy her or tell her that he desperately needs money and if she will only have sex with one of his friends, the man will pay him the money he needs.

It depends on how long he wants to play out the deception. She may continue to think it is a warped kind of love, be addicted to drugs, or she may come to her senses and decide she wants nothing more to do with him. This is when the blackmail comes in — a threat to send the naked photos to her family, or post them on Facebook with her mobile number, advertising her services. He can always fall back on threats to gang-rape her mother or sister, or petrol-bomb her home if she refuses to do what he wants. If she threatens to talk to the police he can nail her tongue to the table.

Hiring her out for the night is where the big money comes in, inviting fathers and sons, uncles, nephews to try out the merchandise, drive her around the country to gangs looking for new blood. It is always handy to have a Muslim-owned hotel available for the gang rapes, or, if she is past her use-by date, arrange for her to be gang-raped and beaten in a secluded wooded area, just in case a burial needs to take place.

Of course, if she confides in her family and they decide to move to get away from her abusers, then her details are passed on to another gang operating in the new area (this is where the country-wide network is so useful). He must have an ability to diversify: the money made from prostituting girls can then be used for buy-to-let houses, giving a nice rental income, or the purchase of taxis, flexible working allowing several people to use the same licence, attendance at mosques five times a day and the opportunistic rape of drunken passengers picked up at night.

After many years of operating freely, there is now a slight risk of jail time, but they won’t be shunned by their own community (the vast majority of mosques refused to condemn the gangs), and there will be no general outrage, because the crimes will be drip-fed to the public. When they hear of an ‘Asian grooming gang’ they will think it is the same one and not realise there are 52, operating all over the country, being investigated by police. Is this a deliberate policy to have no public inquiry and play down the scale of abuse? It mustn’t sound too awful (the BBC always points out that the majority of ‘grooming’ is carried out by white men but never gives percentages of population). There is always community cohesion to think of, and warning children everywhere might interrupt the supply of fresh victims needed to feed the prostitution and gang rapes.

Teachers have their curriculum to teach about the religion of peace and enforced visits to mosques to arrange. Thousands of children have been abused and are still being abused, and thousands more are being groomed, all while the Muslim population is whatever it is (3 million, 3%, 5% — who knows?). Their population will grow and the abuse of our children will grow. They show no remorse. This is a source of income to them, and they think the use of our children is their due.

I will never forgive whatever power that brought these people to live among us, that protected them and enabled the abuse to continue.

Originally posted 2014.03.04 at LibertyGB Facebook, now closed; edited 2022

3 thoughts on “Islamic Underage Sex Slavery in the UK

  1. I always thought that immigrants should adapt to the county they are moving to rather than the other way around. Restaurants excepted, of course. The British are doing the newcomers no favors by allowing them to remain in their own cultural cocoons nor their own people by pushing the phony doctrine of national equivalence.

  2. Open season is right around the corner and there will be no bag limits. What is coming is going to make a Serb or Croat blush in envy at the scope and scale of it all. Happy hunting people.

  3. This phase of the process is well established. The next development is where they are sufficiently well established in the police, judiciary, media, etc. That they have real power to bury all wrong doing. I know it seems as though this is already happening but its not yet entrenched.
    If only people would look at the reality it could become an acknowledged scandal and then we could eradicate it. Once they have the power to start prosecuting and demonising the white Christians ( and Sieks etc.) There will be no way back. Not much longer.

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