Convicted of Exposing Islam?

The following article about the travesty of “justice” inflicted upon my Danish friend Steen was written by Peder Jensen, better known as Fjordman.

Earlier this month Steen was convicted in a Danish court and given a four-month prison sentence (suspended) for writing about and linking to a video of the murder of two young Scandinavian women by mujahideen in Morocco in 2018. He simply described what happened and linked to a site that had posted the murderers’ video of the atrocity, and that was enough to bring down the wrath of the Danish legal system upon himself.

Before I get to Fjordman’s account of what happened, I’d just like to say a few words about my association with Steen. I got to know him online in early 2007, and stayed with him at his flat in Copenhagen later that year when I attended the first of a series of Counterjihad conferences in Europe. He and I became good friends, and he is one of the finest people I know. (As it happens, that event in Copenhagen was the first time that Fjordman and Steen met, but that’s another story.)

Back then Steen, Fjordman, and I all wrote pseudonymously. Nowadays all three of us are public — how times have changed!

Steen took over the small blog Dansk-Svensk in 2004 and turned it into Snaphanen, retaining the combined focus on Danish and Swedish affairs. He was neither a blogger nor a writer by trade, but a professional photographer. Nevertheless, by patient work as an editor and collator, he made Snaphanen into the largest blog in Denmark.

In July of 2011, after the massacre committed by Anders Behring Breivik in Oslo and on the island of Utøya, like so many of us Steen was exposed to the glare of the media klieg lights by his site’s association with Fjordman. Under the same circumstances, numerous other Counterjihad activists fled and hid in the shadows in the face of all the vicious publicity, shutting down their sites and retiring from activism.

But not Steen. He remained defiant. He kept Snaphanen open and active, saying to those who would bring him down, in effect: “Here I am. Come and get me.”

Seven years later the Powers That Be at last managed to find a way to get him. The case against him is ludicrous. It’s buffoonery. The Danish government ought to be ashamed of itself.

Somebody should market lapel buttons featuring the slogan (in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, and English): “We are all Steen now!”

Many thanks to LN for translating this Danish-language article from Snaphanen:

Convicted of exposing Islam?

by Fjordman
February 24, 2022

Maren Ueland and Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen met a beastly death in the Atlas Mountains. Back home in Denmark and Norway the media and authorities did not want people to know about it.

For many years the Danish writer and photographer Steen Raaschou has run the website On September 20 2022 he was sentenced by the District Court of Copenhagen to four months’ imprisonment, suspended, for writing in December of 2018 about the murders of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland in Morocco, and for linking to a video that showed the atrocities.

The trial has taken several years. Early on the morning of May 8 2019, Raaschou had his private residence searched by at least five police officers. They confiscated his computer equipment and handcuffed him as if he had been a dangerous terrorist. Raaschou was by then a pensioner and had no criminal record.

However, the authorities wanted a harsher punishment. The prosecutor had asked for six months of unconditional imprisonment for Raaschou. But the judges decided to impose a suspended sentence, partly because of the defendant’s age and health. Steen Raaschou has been seriously ill with cancer and is still taking numerous medications on a daily basis.

I know Mr. Raaschou personally, and was present in court myself, as one of dozens of witnesses. As a non-lawyer, I immediately found the application of the law to be strange.

Raaschou was convicted by the Copenhagen District Court of violating ¶264d of the Danish Criminal Code, which prohibits the dissemination of images relating to the “private affairs” of another person and which are clearly not in the public interest.

An example of this practice is if you were to distribute or publish nude pictures of your ex-girlfriend or spouse. Such actions are intended to personally harass and humiliate another person with images that are clearly private and certainly not in the public interest.

People die every day. Some die more brutally than others. Death by murder places an extra strain on the survivors, on the family and friends of the victims. This is because serious crime is not just a private matter. The right to privacy must be balanced against the public’s right to be informed about what is happening in the world around them. People should be made aware of problems and potential threats. They have a right to demand to receive basic information about the society in which they live. Moreover, withholding truthful information may often encourage the spread of rumours, which can be both true and false.

The double murder of Louisa Vesterager-Jespersen and Maren Ueland bore the stamp of an act of terrorism. The militant Muslims who committed the murders in an extremely brutal and ritualistic manner sympathised with terrorist organisations such as the Islamic State (IS).

A deadly terrorist attack against a Danish and a Norwegian citizen is of obvious and general interest to citizens of Denmark, Norway and other countries. It is quite unreasonable to treat this in the same way as the dissemination of private nude photographs.

Steen Raaschou referred to this fact on his website in December of 2018 because he felt that the mainstream media were not reporting the whole truth about what had really happened in Morocco. The media in Denmark and Norway wrote diffusely that the two women had received “injuries to their necks”. This is such a gross paraphrase of what actually happened that it is in fact a complete lie. Raaschou himself says that he wrote to inform the public of the truth. In no way was this done to cause inconvenience to the victims’ families.

The judges at the Copenhagen District Court rejected the arguments by Raaschou and his lawyer that he had used his freedom of speech to inform the public. They considered that the victims’ interests outweighed the defendant’s freedom of expression.

It was also argued that Raaschou could have reported the double murder in a different way, rather than by showing a diffused screenshot and providing a video link to another website.

The video footage of the murders was not shown to the parties in court. However, a witness who has worked for the police was called. He described parts of the video. The judges prohibited reporting the content of the video.

Everyone present in the courtroom, including members of the audience such as myself, were thus prohibited from describing what we heard mentioned in the courtroom about the video. Violation of this prohibition could, in the worst case, lead to our own prosecution.

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The Muslim Brotherhood in France, Part 5

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from French weekly magazine Marianne:

Political Islam: The European Commission maintains that they no longer finance FEMSYO

by Jean-Loup Adenor
September 14, 2022

The European Commission has informed Marianne that the association FEMSYO, tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, was not receiving any more financing from the European Union. “A very good sign” for the European deputy Ilana Cicurel, who maintains that France can count on certain of her neighbors in the fight against fundamentalist Islam.

Has the European Union really turned off the tap? On Tuesday, September 13, Marianne revealed excerpts from the letter written by Gerald Darmanin, Minister of Interior, Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, and Lawrence Boone, Secretary of State for Europe to the European Commission to call it to account for subsidies granted to FEMSYO (Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations), an association close to the Muslim Brotherhood. According to our information, the ministers, as of today, have not received any response from the European Commissioners they have queried. Asked by Marianne, the European Commission nevertheless informed us on Wednesday, September 14, that FEMSYO, “does not currently receive any funding from the European Commission,” admitting that, “in the past, it has received a certain amount of funds from the EU.”

The European Commission noted the rules concerning: No funding for organizations “that pursue illegal or extremist objectives, or that do not fully respect fundamental values and rights. We only fund organizations that adhere to the values of the Union, as enunciated in Article 2 of the treaty.” Among these values, particularly equality between men and women, tolerance, justice… “ In case of violation of the applicable conditions, we have the means to put an end to cooperation and recover the money, if necessary.”

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Sweden Turns to the Right?

Yesterday’s general election in Sweden was widely seen as a referendum on the unprecedented level of immigrant-based violence that has swept the country in the last few years. The migration-critical Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna) were expected to make their best showing yet in the voting.

The new Muslim party “Nyans” seems to have siphoned off a significant number of votes from the Social Democrats. If the Right Block forms a government, it will be largely due to Nyans. The socialists have always taken the Muslim vote for granted, not seeming to realize that such arrangements are always temporary. As soon as Muslims form a large enough proportion of the population, they switch their vote to Allah.

The chart at the top of this post shows the preliminary results of the voting from sometime yesterday. I tried to find a more recent version, but was unable to track one down.

The parties shown in the chart are, from left to right:

  • Left Party (Vänsterpartiet)
  • Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterna)
  • Greens (Miljöpartiet)
  • Centre Party (Centerpartiet)
  • Liberals (Liberalerna)
  • Christian Democrats (Kristdemokraterna)
  • Moderates (Moderaterna)
  • Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna)

As of 5:30 this morning (Swedish time), the Right Block (Liberals, Christian Democrats, Moderates, Sweden Democrats) had 175 mandates, and the Left Block (Left Party, Social Democrats, Greens, Centre Party) had 174 mandates.

Fredrik Reinfeldt: ‘I hate the Sweden Democrats’

So not only is the Right’s margin razor-thin, but the coalition will be headed by Moderaterna, the Moderates. Long-time readers will remember the way Moderaterna’s prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt relentlessly demonized the Sweden Democrats until he resigned in 2014, and even after that.

Nevertheless, it appears that the Sweden Democrats will be in the government for the first time, which is not a negligible result.

Some projections showed the Moderates as having more votes than Sverigedemokraterna, while others showed SD in the lead.

The final result will not be available until Wednesday (September 14).

Many thanks to LN for translating the material below. The first three translations are articles from Fria Tider:

The Sweden Democrats will be the big winner of the election

September 11, 2022

There will be a red-green election victory this year, according to SVT’s polling station survey. However, the margin is only 0.6 percent and the only clear winner is SD.

The Sweden Democrats got 20.5 percent in SVT’s poll, which is a sharp increase from the 17.5 percent election result in 2018.

The Moderates got 18.8 percent in SVT’s poll but only 16 percent in TV4’s poll from earlier in the day. In the TV4 poll, the Sweden Democrats received 21.3 percent support.

“It’s just surveys so far, but we are hopeful,” says Henrik Vinge, SD’s group leader in the Riksdag, to TV4.

At the same time, there are reports that not everyone has been able to vote and that polling stations have been closed under the noses of people who have been queuing. Foreign media write with concern about how the elections in Sweden were handled this time.

Here are the reports of tampering at the polling stations

On social media on Sunday, many have testified that there is tampering with ballots in polling stations around the country.

As usual, it is mainly the Sweden Democrats and other anti-immigration parties that are described as targets of the suspected cheating.

In a high-profile thread on Twitter, Bulletin reporter Isabelle Eriksson describes how not only SD’s but also several other parties’ ballot papers were missing when she went to vote:

Ballot papers from the re-migration party Alternative for Sweden were also reportedly hidden or turned inside out in some polling stations.

In previous elections, the ballot papers have been left completely open in the polling stations, so that everyone in the room could see which ballot papers were taken. After strong criticism from the European Commission, Sweden finally changed this and in today’s elections the ballot papers are screened. But in many polling stations, you have to carry your ballot papers from the sealed-off area to get an envelope, so that others can still see which ballot papers you have chosen.

Nyans party may have cost Social Democrats election victory

September 11, 2022

The immigrant party Nyans seems to have taken a very large number of the Social Democrats’ votes among immigrants in so-called vulnerable areas.

The pile for “other parties” has increased very sharply in the ghettos, according to the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections.

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Blood and Horror

Daniel Greenfield on 9/11:

Before 9/11, I had a sense of a dimly understood future rushing toward us. I still have that sense now.

Islamic terrorism is not the only thing that matters. It’s not the only thing that will determine our survival. But it is one of those things. And it’s the one that we’ve forgotten. And one of these days we will once again wake up to blood and horror and mass death. Let us hope that this time we stay awake.

Michael Stürzenberger Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

The German Islam-critical activist Michael Stürzenberger has been sentenced to six months in prison for the crime of reporting official German government statistics on culturally enriched crime. One assumes that Mr. Stürzenberger will have to do his time in a Muslim-rich environment, since Muslim migrants are over-represented in the German prison population.

Below is an interview with Michael Stürzenberger in which he elaborates on this latest news. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for uploading this video:

For links to previous posts about Michael Stürzenberger, see the Michael Stürzenberger Archives.

Jihad in Catalonia

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from El Periodico. The translator includes this explanatory note:

Police in Catalunya have arrested a Moroccan man they say was preparing to carry out an attack. He was arrested on Sept 2 and had previously been connected to a Spanish Civil War grenade found last May in an apartment he was renting with others. Apparently, he was monitored but not arrested until Sept 2. I had to check other Spanish papers to clarify that point.

The translated article:

Arrested in Empuriabrava: a man ready to commit a jihadist attack in Catalunya

The man, who was found in possession of a Civil War grenade last May, will be expelled to Morocco.

The Catalunyan police arrested a Moroccan resident of Empuriabrava (Girona) who was ready to commit an attack in Spain. This is a man who had already completed his process of jihadist radicalization, in which, stressed an inspector of the General Commissariat of Investigation of the Catalan police in statements to El Periodico, he had integrated arguments defending the use of violence against those he considers enemies, and had the intent to carry out a violent act.

“The threat of violent action has changed a great deal,” notes the same police source, alluding to the ease that the digital environment has given to propagandists of violent ideologies, such as jihadism and white nationalism. Now it is no longer necessary for the existence of a cell in permanent contact with a central organization, as happened in the case of Al Qaeda. And the cases of self-radicalized individuals, like the person arrested in Empuriabrava, are frequent. Without any contact with the Islamic State, he had come to his positions and himself had the same intent to travel to countries in conflict.

A grenade from the Civil War

In a raid carried out on an occupied residence in Empuriabrava, Catalan police found an explosive from the [Spanish] Civil War. The owner of this grenade, a man aged 30, also had various knives. His identifying data came into the hands of investigators, who put the magnifying glass on him.

When it could be verified that this involved a radicalized individual, who had changed his appearance and adopted more aggressive behavior, the National Court was advised. And police surveillance was activated to prevent him from committing an attack before being arrested. In a statement this Monday, the Catalan Police stressed that “at no time was there any risk to the public.”

On September 2 he was arrested, and by order of the National Court detained in an Internment Center for Foreigners (Cie) pending a process of expulsion for reasons of national security. The decision, which fits within that provided by law, is surprising, because it also implies the loss of visual control of a suspect the Catalan police consider to be sufficiently radicalized to carry out an attack.

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Islam, Schmislam

The new German government is dithering about the problem of Islam (or “Islamism”). They can’t discriminate against Muslims, because that would be racism, yet a Muslim migrant killed a trans person. What to do?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. The translator’s comments are in square brackets:

Expert group on political Islam before dissolution

Islamism not an issue for traffic light coalition*


The expert group on political Islam in the Federal Ministry of the Interior is apparently to be dissolved. Members of the panel told the German Press Agency that representatives of the ministry’s public security department had informed them that there was no interest in the continuation of the joint work of the group of experts. The council was set up in June 2021. The SPD-led ministry under Nancy Faeser initially gave no information on the reasons why the work of the committee was to be stopped. [If you want to know the why, listen to Bill Warner’s interview with Vlad Tepes .]

The work of the Expert Council was only intended to last for one year anyway, said Würzburg constitutional lawyer Kyrill-Alexander Schwarz of the Bild newspaper. Schwarz is a member of the council. Nevertheless, he had the impression that the desired dissolution was a “political decision”. He does not think that Federal Interior Minister Faeser’s focus on right-wing extremism is wrong, but other relevant phenomena should not therefore be neglected. Schwarz does not see the desire to cut costs as a reason for the cessation of work. The members would not have received any money for participating in the mostly virtual meetings.

Criticism from opposition and experts

Criticism of the termination of the project came from the opposition CDU. The dissolution of the group of experts is “the temporary culmination of a policy of looking the other way and ignoring Islamism as a phenomenon that endangers democracy,” said Christoph de Vries, member of the Bundestag and also a member of the interior committee. And CDU Federal Deputy Carsten Linnemann said that one can only hope “that this naïveté will not fall on our feet one day”. [Wait a moment, which political party was in power when Merkel (CDU) opened the borders and flooded Europe with millions upon millions of bashi bazouk irregulars?]

Islamism expert Rebecca Schönenbach was also critical of the end of the project. It is a good thing that the traffic light coalition has committed itself to fighting any form of discrimination, said Schönenbach, who chairs the Berlin association Women for Freedom, to the Bild newspaper. “Unfortunately, the Ministry of the Interior under Ms. Faeser seems to have overlooked the fact that Muslim women in particular are being discriminated against by Islamists.”

Leaving women and young people to the Islamists

Now the Islamism Expert Group, which is supposed to analyze the strategies of Islamists and provide suggestions for countermeasures, is apparently to be set up. “In doing so, the Federal Government is denying protection to those who urgently need it,” Schönenbach continued. In addition to women, vulnerable groups such as young people would be “left to Islamists who will try to radicalize as many as possible”.

In the discussion paper by the family and interior ministries on the announced “democracy promotion law”, with which the coalition wants to lay down the guidelines for combating extremism and which is to be decided before the end of this year, Islamism does not appear as a threat. So far, only “Islamophobia and Muslimophobia” have been mentioned in this context. However, the government paper warns of “challenges posed by the Corona pandemic”: “The spread of conspiracy ideologies, an increasingly radicalized scene against public Corona measures”, “new alliances between radicalized milieus” and “hate and hate speech on the Internet” keep increasing.

Afterword from the translator:

The moment the citizen becomes uncomfortable with government policies, he is suddenly a dangerous right-wing extremist. The more citizens are worried about the government, the bigger the problem with the extreme right becomes for the government and their mouthpieces in the MSM. How else can this government give themselves arbitrary powers against those who are peaceful, and use the real terrorists to terrorize and cow the populace for more infringements on their constitutional and natural rights?

To accompany the above story, Hellequin GB also translated this article from eXXpress. Once again, the translator’s comments are in square brackets:

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Mohamed Tataiat Avoids Jail Time

On Tuesday I posted about a “French” imam who went on the lam to avoid deportation. Below is a story about another imam in France who was prosecuted and convicted for his incendiary Jew-hatred, but has avoided doing any prison time for it.

The case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the regional daily La Dépêche:

Imam Mohamed Tataiat sentenced to four months (suspended) for anti-Semitic sermon by appeals court of Toulouse

August 31, 2022

Accused of giving an anti-Semitic sermon in December 2017, but freed by the criminal tribunal of Toulouse on 14 September 2021, the imam of Empalot district, Mohamed Tataiat, has just been sentenced to four months in prison (suspended) and fined approximately €30,000 by the appeals court of Toulouse. He is pursuing a reduction.

A new episode in the case of Mohamed Tataiat. Four and a half months after the start of the case, the imam has been sentenced by the Toulouse appeals court to four months’ imprisonment with suspension and fined approximately €30,000. On the day of the trial, the prosecutor had requested six months’ imprisonment and a fine of €10,000.

In this decision, the court rules that he gave an anti-Semitic sermon on 15 December 2017 within the walls of the mosque located in the Empalot quarter of Toulouse. A speech read in the Arabic language and disseminated live on YouTube, in which he reportedly incited his followers to kill the Jews. “A dangerous speech containing anti-Semitic violence,” stated Hassen Chalghoumi, president of the Conference of Imams in France, before the appeals court on May 30.

During the investigation carried out by the police, several interpreters had translated these words in the following phrase: “The Final Judgment will not come until the Muslims combat the Jews.” However, according to Mahamed Tataiat, “This was not a command, but rather a warning for the Muslims not to participate in this movement. Otherwise, it would be the end of the universe. This phase has been decontextualized.”

Six months in prison requested

Before the magistrates on the day of trial, the imam himself claimed that all of the Salafists in the Empalot mosque had been kicked out. “My client states that he has committed no reprehensible act. The remarks he made come from a reading of the text that is part of the body of Islam. To criminalize this reading can pose a major problem for all religions,” stated Attorney Jean Iglesis, the lawyer for the imam, who was absent during the reading of the ruling. “He is sick,” noted his counsel. The associations that combat anti-Semitism hail this decision. “The ruling is satisfying. We have heard very explicit references to terrorist leaders. For us, there is no ambiguity. The appeals court did not err,” analyzed Jacques Samuel, the lawyer for the civil parties. However, the affair is not finished, since the counsel for Mohamed Tataiat announced that his client would pursue a reduction.

Imam on the Run

A “French” imam is on the lam after an expulsion order was issued against him due to his incendiary sermons.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Le Monde:

Imam Hassan Iquioussen can be expelled to Morocco, the Council of State having given its approval

The Minister of Interior had asked for the lifting of an administrative order of suspension of the expulsion request for this preacher, accused of giving “a speech with anti-Semitic content.”

August 30, 2022

Imam Hassan Iquioussen is on the run and has been placed on the list of wanted persons, a source close to the case reported to Agence France-Presse on the evening of Tuesday, August 30.

Earlier in the day, the Council of State, the highest French administrative jurisdiction, gave a green light to his expulsion to Morocco, after a request from the Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin, against a ruling from the administrative tribunal of Paris suspending the expulsion of the preacher. The police proceeded to the residence of the Moroccan imam in Lourches, near Valenciennes (North) to arrest him. But they could not find him, according to a source close to the case, who raised the possibility that he is in Belgium.

On July 28, the Minister of the Interior had issued an order for expulsion directed at Mr. Iquioussen due to “a proselytizing speech interspersed with remarks inciting hate and discrimination and carrying a vision of Islam contrary to the values of the Republic.”

Petitioned by Mr. Iquioussen’s lawyers, the Paris administrative tribunal suspended this extradition demand in early August, arguing that the expulsion of the imam, born in France 58 years ago, but with Moroccan nationality, would constitute a “disproportionate attack on his private and family life.”

“Explicit and deliberate acts of provocation of discrimination”

The Interior Minister particularly criticized the imam for “a particularly virulent anti-Semitic speech,” and his sermons advocating the “submission” of women “in favor of men”. The expulsion order also referred to the encouragement of “separatism” and “contempt for certain Republican values, such as secularism and the functioning democracy of the French society.”

In his decision, the interim judge of the Council of State ruled that “his anti-Semitic remarks, going back several years, during numerous widely disseminated conferences, as well as statements on the inferiority of women and submission to men constitute explicit and deliberate acts of provocation to discrimination and hate, justifying the expulsion decision. He (the judge) also ruled that this decision does not pose a serious and manifestly illegal attack on the private and family life of Mr. Iquioussen,” the highest administrative jurisdiction explains in its statement.

In a tweet posted just before the press release by the Council of State, the Interior Minister stated that this decision was, “a great victory for the Republic.” “He will be expelled from France. Once arrested, he will be placed in an administrative detention center,” Mr. Darmanin stated early this evening from the steps of his ministry, noting that “since 2017, 786 radicalized foreigners have been expelled,” and that “74 of them over the course of recent months.”

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Michael Stürzenberger Bashed in Gladbeck

We’ve been reporting for more than ten years on the activities of the German Islam critic Michael Stürzenberger, who is most famous for his presentations on Islam staged on Saturdays in downtown Munich.

Mr. Stürzenberger has been prosecuted multiple times for his “hate speech”, and is no stranger to physical attacks at the hands of angry Muslims. In the past I’ve posted at least one video of him being beaned with a rock by an irate culture-enricher.

Last week Mr. Stürzenberger was beaned again, this time in Gladbeck, a town in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Below are excerpts from his own video footage recorded at the event.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Iranian Media Celebrate the Stabbing of Salman Rushdie

Below are translated excerpts from two Spanish-language newspapers concerning the Iranian reaction to yesterday’s stabbing of Salman Rushdie in Chautauqua, New York. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translations.

The first article is from Excelsior (Mexico), quoting the Iranian daily Kayhan, which is said to represent the views of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran:

On Saturday Kayhan, the principal ultraconservative daily in Iran, congratulated the man in the United States who stabbed Salman Rushdie, the British writer of Indian origin who wrote The Satanic Verses, the work for which the Iranian religious leader, Khomeini, issued a fatwa condemning him to death in 1989.

“Congratulations to this brave and duty-conscious man who attacked the apostate and depraved Salman Rushdie in New York,” declared the newspaper, whose head is appointed by the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“We kiss the hands of him who cut the throat of the enemy of God with a knife,” the article added.

The second article is from the Spanish daily El Pais:

Although New York authorities are declining to comment on the nationality and other information on the perpetrator, and, for the moment, about his motives, the expert on Islamism Romain Caillet stated on Twitter that [the alleged knifeman Hadi] Matar is of Lebanese origin and a follower of the pro-Iran Shiite militia party, Hezbollah. In Iranian media, the news was received with jubilation. “A Lebanese hero,” the website “Iran in Arabic” called the attacker in a tweet that was later removed. From Beirut, a spokesman for Hezbollah stated on Saturday that the group knew nothing about the attack. Caillet explained, nevertheless, that Matar was using a false driver’s license issued in New Jersey in the name of Hassan Mughniyah. Imad Mughniyah was chief of security and one of the most important Hezbollah commanders, eliminated by Israel in Damascus in 2008.

More on Basem Mahmoud, the Malmö Imam

A “Swedish” imam named Basem Mahmoud has gotten himself into a spot of bother by quoting the Koran on the ancestry of Jews. Evidently Mr. Mahmoud has not yet internalized the directive that advises the faithful to remain stumm about such matters until the Ummah has attained full control of the Swedish polity.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Expressen:

Now the Malmö imam has been charged with incitement

August 2, 2022

Malmö imam Basem Mahmoud has been charged for incitement against an ethnic group of people [hets mot folkgrupp]. This after he had expressed anti-Semitic views on several occasions. At the same time, he loses his MKB lease [Malmö Housing Company].

“I was extremely upset that he used the site for the purpose of spreading extremist messages,” says Lars-Erik Lovden (Social Democrats), chairman of MKB.

Over two years, Imam Basem Mahmoud spread a hateful message and preached anti-Semitic views about Jews in a basement mosque in Rosengård. He maintained, among other things, that “the Western world is run by Jews,” and that Muslims who cooperate with Jews are “traitors”.

Now, two years later, he stands accused of incitement against an ethnic group. According to the indictment, Basem Mahmoud reportedly preached in Arabic that, “Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs”.

Prosecutor Magdalena Tesfai has enlisted a researcher in religious science, Simon Sorgenfrei. He believes that Basem Mahmoud refers to a line in the Koran, but that there is no direct citation he uses in his sermon.

“At the same time, we can see how the preacher ties together a wider anti-Semitic conspiracy narrative that believes that there is a conspiracy, in this case, against Muslims, between “Jews” and “the West”, Sorgenfrei writes in a text message.

The trial of Basem Mahmoud will be held in September.

Lease contract terminated — forced to leave premises

At the same time, it is clear that Basem Mahmoud has not had his lease extended by the MKB for the basement mosque in Rosengård. He is forced to leave the premises.

Malmö’s municipal counsel for the labor market and the social board, Sedat Arif (Social Democrat), praised MKB’s decision in a Facebook post.

“This type of behavior is unacceptable, and in Malmö, there is no place at all for this type of incitement against an individual group, no matter which group it concerns or where it comes from. The premises used to spread hate messages on several occasions against various groups in Malmö is terminated, and they must now leave the premises,” he writes.

The chairman of the MKB, Lars-Erik Lovden, confirms that the lease agreement was terminated on June 13, the day before Basem Mahmoud was charged.

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Pride in Islam

The following opinion piece was written by an alleged Muslim “reformer” in Sweden.

In my experience, Muslim reformers and “moderate” Muslims usually play a carefully crafted role in the Civilization Jihad. Their job is to (1) make it more difficult for the kuffar to resist Islamization by showcasing a “moderate” form of Islam, which of course has close to 0% support from their fellow believers; and (2) divert the attention of the kuffar away from Islam’s “sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

If Akbar Abdul Rasul were really what he claims to be — a reformer who wants to reinterpret Islamic scripture and convince Muslims to welcome homosexuals publicly — he would be subject to mass condemnation as a blasphemer. He would have received a death fatwa. His house would be bombed. He would be unable to walk the streets for fear of assassination.

The fact that he is still alive and proselytizing for his “reforms” shows that the Ummah understands his true mission and accepts its utility.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this op-ed from Expressen:

As an LGBTQ Muslim, I have reinterpreted the Scriptures

July 28, 2022

After Jonas Gardell raised the issue in a debate article, Islam’s relationship with LGBTQ people has been discussed.

Akbar Abdul Rasul wants to forsake the intolerance found in religious writings.


I agree with Jonas Gardell* that religious communities must reconsider how they treat LGBTQ people (7-16-22). If religion is about God, love, and rights to a dignified life, religion must also fill that function in society.

Since it can be considered that the LGBTQ movement and orthodox Islam community are completely different entities, since 2016 I have written in Swedish newspapers about the need to reform Islam and have conversations about progressive interpretations of the Holy Scriptures.

The terror attack on a gay club in Orlando in 2016 — just like that in Oslo in June — was an attack against LGBTQ people, and its purpose was to spread fear among them all over the world. For me as a homosexual Muslim, who fled to the West because of my sexual orientation, the attack caused me to reinterpret Islam’s holy texts. I concluded that we must talk about reform and forsake the intolerance that can be found in the holy Scriptures, which do not fit in our time, and use common sense as we read them from now on.

Homophobia is the norm in most Muslim circles based on my experience

After the attack in Orlando, the outside world began to speculate more and more about what Islam thinks about homosexuality. It is somewhat hard to know since Islam is made up of 1.7 billion people around the world who all practice their religion in different ways. One cannot generalize and say that all Muslims are homophobic since we are not a homogenous group. In most Muslim countries, homosexuality is illegal; in some, one risks death; and in some it is not illegal.

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Murdering Somali Gets a Shrink Instead of the Clink

In June of last year a Somali culture-enricher waged jihad with a knife in the German city of Würzburg, killing three people and wounding six others (see the list at the bottom of this post for links to previous articles about the incident). Now the killer has had his day in court, and he won’t be doing any jail time because — surprise! — he’s mentally ill.

By the way: the report below erroneously translates “Allahu Akhbar” as “Allah is greater”, when any competent diversity coordinator could tell you that it means “I have been victimized by an oppressive racist and patriarchal society.”

Many thanks to Gary Fouse and Hellequin GB for translating this article from Junge Freiheit. Hellequin GB’s comments are in square brackets:

Judgment in the case of Abdirahman Jibril A.

Knife attack in Würzburg: Somali is not legally responsible


The district court of Würzburg found the Somali, who stabbed three women in the Bavarian city in June of 2021, not guilty and referred him to psychiatric treatment. “Anyone who acts without individual guilt must not be punished,” said the dpa news agency on Tuesday when the verdict was announced. “He was unable to see the wrong of his actions.” [Obviously you MORONS, because he’s a good Muslim and didn’t do ANYTHING wrong according to his belief system. He does exactly what Islamic Scripture commands him to do, which is 98% “Kill the Infidel”.]

The migrant Abdirahman Jibril A. was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic by two independent reports. He has psychosis, hallucinates and hears voices that are said to have ordered him to attack with a knife on the day of the crime. [It’s called the Koran.] The court evaluated this as three counts of murder, five counts of attempted murder and five counts of attempted manslaughter.

The immigrant, who came to Germany in May 2015 without papers and claimed to be 18 years old, attacked passersby with a kitchen knife in downtown Würzburg at the end of June last year. He killed three women and seriously injured nine others.

The Würzburg assassin was known to the police

Shortly after the fact, there was much speculation about the motive. According to eyewitness reports, the Somali shouted “Allahu Akhbar” (“Allah is greater”) during the act. After his arrest, he testified that he had carried out his jihad, according to an internal official memo. [How much clearer can it get when the perp tells you the “WHY”? Also, it looks there weren’t enough Muslim eyewitnesses, only kafirs, and we know that their testimony does not count in a court of Sharia Law.]

The Würzburg assassin had been mentally disturbed for years. According to research by Spiegel, A. met a church migration advisor after moving from Chemnitz to Würzburg in September 2019. The Somali is said to have told him that he was being followed by the Secret Service.

Two weeks before the attack, the migrant stood in the middle of the traffic, forced a driver to stop and got into the car. The support center of the city of Würzburg took this incident as an opportunity to have the future murderer undergo a psychiatric examination. Two days later, the Somali committed the act of violence in the city center.

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