“Rape is Resistance”

The following guest-essay by Magooey is especially relevant now, given the horror stories told by hostages who were recently freed from captivity in Gaza.

Background Information on a Recent Protester Chant

by Magooey

In an interview on Fox News in late April 2024, a student from Columbia University complained about protesters chanting “rape is resistance”. She complained that the protesters “are screaming this”. On the other side of the country, one young lady who had been violently attacked at UCLA was wearing a T-shirt with the words “Rape is Not Resistance”. The word “Not” is only partially obscured. This raises the issue of why these concerns are being raised in the vicinity of the pro-Hamas protesters on both sides of the country? Here is the relevant portion of the interview transcript.


It would not be surprising that the relevant background to more fully comprehend this threat may have been avoided in classes on Middle Eastern history or religion taught in a politically correct fashion.

Firstly it should be mentioned that Muslims consider their Prophet Muhammad as the example of the perfect man. His behavior is the model of proper action. In their terms he is the “Seal of the Prophets” so innovations or changes in behavior are rejected.

There are three canonical foundations of Islamic law. These are the Koran, the Sunna and Hadith. The last consists of supposed quotes or activities of their Prophet as related by observers and quoted from one to another until written down not too long after the death of Muhammad.

An Islamic Law

We now have to consider relevant Islamic Law. While there are appropriate passages in the Koran, an Indian writer decided to highlight a Hadith in order to explain the incidence of rape as a political and religious tool by Muslims. From Ali Sina’s book Understanding Muhammad and Muslims:

p. 39 Rape

Muhammad allowed his men to rape the women captured in raids. However Muslims faced a dilemma. They wanted to have sex with their female captives, but also wanted to return them for ransom and therefore did not want to make them pregnant. Some of these women were already married whose husbands had escaped when taken by surprise and were still alive. The raiders considered the possibility of coitus interruptus (withdrawing from intercourse before ejaculation). Unsure of the best course of action, they sought the counsel of their Prophet. Bukhari reports:

Abu Saeed said “We went out with Allah’s Apostle for the Ghazwa of Banu Al-Mustaliq and we received captives from among the Arab captives and we desired women and celibacy became hard on us and we loved to do coitus interruptus. So when we intended to do coitus interruptus, we said “How can we do coitus interruptus before asking Allah’s Apostle who is present among us?” We asked (him) about it and he said “It is better for you not to do so, for if any soul (till the Day of Resurrection) is predestined to exist, it will exist.”

Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 59, Number 459.

Muhammed did not forbid raping the captive women. Instead he made an asinine claim that when Allah intends to create someone, nothing can prevent it. He told his men that coitus interruptus is ill-advised because it would be an attempt to thwart the will of Allah. He did not say a word against the rape of the captives, and by discouraging coitus interruptus, he supported forced insemination.

He made even his god legitimize intercourse with women captured in wars, the so-called “right hand possessions,” even if they were married before their capture.

Unlike other nations and cultures which illegalize rape of women in war, no matter how imperfectly that law is applied, it is actually Islamic Law to rape captured women. Worse, since the sayings and examples of their Prophet are expressions of their view of a perfect man, it is strongly encouraged for Muslims to rape captive women. Islamic Law both prohibits what they consider the “bad”, and encourages that which they consider is “good”.

It is proper, normative and “good” for Muslims to commit rape in these circumstances.

It can reasonably be expected that all women under these circumstances will be raped.

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The Marrakesh Express Stops at the Canary Islands

I’m shocked — shocked! — to learn that the dope-runners are piggybacking on the migrant boats to get their product into Europe. Who could possibly have foreseen such a possibility?

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Unser Mitteleuropa:

Canary Islands: “Asylum seekers” had 1,610kg of hashish in their boat

More and more migrants and drugs are reaching the coast of the Canary Islands. More and more migrants are making their way to Europe via the Canary Islands. This year, the authorities have already counted over 17,000 illegal entries.

Once again, a boat carrying drugs was intercepted off the Canary Islands. Thanks to Moroccan authorities, the dinghy was located on the beach of Los Mozos in the municipality of Betancuria on Fuerteventura, reports kanarenmarkt.de.

After the patrol boat approached the boat, two people were discovered with numerous packages inside. When the smugglers spotted the coast guard they quickly headed for the beach. The Moroccan duo fled with three other people waiting there in an off-road vehicle. The Guardia Civil officers took over the boat, which was loaded with numerous empty fuel drums, two engines and 46 bales containing more than 1,610kg of hashish. The investigation is still ongoing and future arrests cannot be ruled out.

This operation once again underlines the close cooperation of the Moroccan authorities in the fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, the online platform added.

Afterword from the translator:

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Sharia Is Incompatible with Human Rights, Complaint at U.N. Alleges

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Sharia Is Incompatible with Human Rights, Complaint at U.N. Alleges

by Clare M. Lopez

UN Called to Respond to Sharia Violence against Women” by Raymond Ibrahim at Gatestone Institute, March 25, 2024

  • On March 8, 2024 — International Women’s Day — a formal complaint addressing how Islamic Law (sharia) is inherently abusive of women was submitted to the United Nations. Attached were the signatures of dozens of men and women worldwide, including victims of sharia, human rights activists, and more.
  • [Editor’s Note — See the Executive Summary of the complaint. It documents sharia-linked violence against women, pegs its source as the Quran and Hadith, and details other aspects of Islamic culture which are demeaning to women (e.g., female genital mutilation). The summary states flat out sharia is incompatible with human rights.]

Impregnating Infidels: Another Form of Jihad”, posted by Raymond Ibrahim at the Virginia Christian Alliance, March 27, 2024

  • “Love Jihad” continues

This month, we have a series of articles documenting the ongoing, increasing atrocities being committed by the Taliban against Afghan women — including flogging and stoning. Flogging and stoning to death are Islamic Hudud punishments for a specific set of offenses enumerated in the Qur’an. This means that doctrinally speaking, Taliban human rights abuses are neither extremist nor radical, but horrific as they are, instead mainstream, orthodox obedience to the doctrine, laws, and scripture of Islam.

Don’t Betray the Women of Afghanistan” by Lisa Curtis and Hadeia Amiry at Foreign Affairs Magazine, March 28, 2024

“Taliban leader says women will be stoned to death in public” by Akhtar Makoli at The Telegraph, March 25, 2024

“Afghanistan: Taliban’s Supreme Leader says ‘We will flog women in public, we will stone them to death in public’” by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, March 27, 2024

Taliban vow to Start Stoning Women to Death in Public for Adultery in Afghanistan” at Logan’s Warning, March 26, 2024

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Sharia Law Dehumanizes Women

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Sharia Law Dehumanizes Women

by Clare M. Lopez

We’re all still dealing with the abominations committed by HAMAS and civilian Gazan jihadis on October 7, 2023. Israelis will be dealing with the horrors perpetrated against their women and girls for the rest of their lives. In fact, we should not, must not forget. Not now, during the month of March, which is Women’s History Month, and not ever. The theme running through all of this month’s articles is the dehumanization of women that seems hard-wired into Islamic Law (sharia) — or at least the way sharia culture is inculcated into the men who grow up under its influence.

“New Report Details ‘Sadistic Sex Crimes’ Perpetrated by Hamas on October 7, Forced Families to Witness Rapes” by Margaret Flavin at Gateway Pundit, February 21, 2024

“A UN envoy says there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe Hamas committed sexual violence on Oct. 7” by Edith M. Lederer at AP News, March 4, 2024

“A ‘male’ humanoid robot was unveiled in Saudi Arabia. It then inappropriately touched a female reporter”, by Joshua Zitser at Business Insider, March 12, 2024

  • So, in Saudi Arabia, even the robots treat women like sexual objects — seems we need to wonder about the algorithms programmed into them!

“Document Shows Iranian Protester Raped Before Murder” by Nika Shakarami at Iran International, February 21, 2024

  • The Iran International Iranian dissident group, that produces TV programming and published articles from its London headquarters, seems able repeatedly to breach the servers of official Iranian regime agencies. Here, the group has obtained a trove of documents from inside the Iranian judiciary. This report documents a “state sanctioned campaign of sexual violence” against protesters during the “Women, Life, Freedom” protests that swept through Iran following the murder of Mahsa Amini by Iranian police in 2022. Sexual violence against Iranian dissidents and protesters, both male and female, has been a recurring abuse documented throughout the now 45-year rule of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“ISIS caliph al-Baghdadi’s wife says he had sex slaves, child bride” by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, February 24, 2024

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Blind Spots

MC has some thoughts on the ongoing Islamic conquest of the West, plus an update on the situation in Sderot.

Blind Spots

by MC

The ‘civilized’ world has a huge blind spot: the Islamic propensity for violence (and deceit).

Most religions seek peace and personal fulfilment, but violence does happen from time to time when religion becomes political, as happened to Christianity in the 16th and 17th centuries. The 30 Years’ War was particularly bloody. The wars of the 20th century were not ‘religious’ as such, but were driven by political desires for Lebensraum. The First World War started when Austria tried to annex Serbia using the assassination of the Arch Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo (Bosnia) as an excuse. Serbia was guilty until proven innocent, but whilst Serbian factions were definitely involved, nobody has implicated the Serbian government. 9/11 was carried out mainly by Saudi factions; does that make the Saudis liable?

It is a mistake to see the different Islamic countries as separate entities. They are much more like the tribes of pre-Columbian America: brutal, squalid, and greedy for their neighbour’s land and women. They fight amongst themselves, but all combine to fight the infidel when necessary.

On October 7, Islamists from Gaza, of mainly Egyptian origin (but members of the Hamas ruling clique) tried to invade Israel. Yet this is only part of a bigger and more dangerous problem that Europe in particular does not see coming or does not perceive to be a problem. After all, for a secular humanist, ‘religion’ is just a label, and one can conform with the rituals but otherwise remain unchanged in one’s belief in mankind as god. And anyway, one can always pay the jizya (protection money). The Islamic world on the whole applauded the atrocity. Why? Because Hamas did exactly what the Koran tells all Muslims to do.

At its peak, the Islamic world stretched from Delhi in India to the gates of Vienna and the border areas of Spain and France. Islamic pirates stopped all trade in the Mediterranean area and sent their slavers as far as northern Europe in search of human livestock as slaves. Rape is not a crime in Islam. If a female is unguarded by a male, she may be legally assaulted, because women are not considered to be ‘people’ but rather possessions. It is this doctrine we are inviting into our midst, and there is no mechanism for Islam to either reform or conform. So lock up your daughters.

Islam conquered northern Africa and totally wiped out the peaceful Christian communities there. No mercy was shown; Islam wanted a ‘Christian-free zone’.

The deceit? Islam claims to be a victim of the ‘crusading’ and ‘colonising’ West, but this is all dishonest projection in its worst form. Yet our academics and leaders appear to fall for it every time. The Koran describes Jews as ‘pigs and apes’ to be executed, taken as slaves, or put into dhimmitude (financial slavery).

Most of these policymakers seem to have ulterior motives, but many are simply intimidated. Muslims howl with rage and take to the streets when they feel that their ‘honour’ or that of their (dead) prophet has been violated. They are a virulent militia pretending to be a religion of peace. In France, they ambush and murder schoolteachers who do not kowtow to the Islamic revisions of history. The government does nothing.

The aims of the New World Order and of Islam are currently compatible. Among those aims are the total eradication of Judeo-Christianity, and world domination. Each thinks it can control the other in the final battle.

My brother, a socialist and party member, supported the EU because, as he claimed, that it would prevent any new European war…

He still has the same hope 40 years later. Personally, I think the EU is a good recipe for war, but that is just an opinion.

Islam has been the enemy of the USA for centuries and was the raison d’être of the US Marine Corps. But ‘oil politics’ always prevails. The NWO wants the USA dependant on Islam for oil, hence one of O’Biden’s first acts was to undo President Trump’s oil self-sufficiency programmes.

Barbary Wars 1804: Navy Lieutenant Stephen Decatur Boarding Tripolitan Gunboat, by DM Carter

Islam is a hierarchical system where the peons are little better than the many chattel slaves that are an intrinsic (and current) part of Islamic culture. There is no individualism amongst the peons; they are effectively imprisoned in clan and tribal tradition, and kept in place by religious police. Islamic royalty live secret lives of hedonism hidden behind high walls.

Yet this sick culture is coming to almost the whole of Europe. Islam is the blind spot of their belief in secular humanist multiculturalism. They think it is a compliant benign religious culture, when in reality it is an armed and ruthless conquering power.

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From Gaza to Berlin

The topic of this post is not easy write about. What I say here will not earn me any approval. On the one hand, I’ll be excoriated as a tool of the Mossad. On the other, I’ll be denounced as an “anti-Semite”.

So I can’t win, no matter what. But I still feel obligated to write about it, because the issue is an important one that is not being widely discussed in mainstream forums.

These matters are sensitive and contentious, which means that I expect readers to go the extra mile to preserve decorum in the comments. I don’t want the conversation to devolve into an orgy of Jew-hatred, which would be its natural tendency. I know it’s difficult, but it is possible to voice serious criticism of Israel and Jewish groups without invoking the Great Hebrew Menace.

This discussion concerns current events in Gaza. The atrocities of October 7 of last year are a given — I’m not a “denialist” about what happened that day — but they are not the primary topic. My focus is on what has happened in Gaza since October 7.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

As I write, the war in Gaza is still raging, and a ground campaign in Rafah is looming. Critics of the IDF’s actions repeatedly employ the term “genocide”, due to the alarming official Palestinian casualty figures from Gaza. Which is strange, because people who wouldn’t dream of believing the pronouncements of the US government, or the Israeli government, or EU governments, seem to have no problem crediting the Palestinian statistics on casualties in Gaza. The same people who think the Jews inflated the death toll in the Holocaust believe whatever numbers the Poor Palestinians put out.

As if the “Palestinian health authorities” weren’t a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hamas. As if Hamas hasn’t always openly proclaimed that high civilian casualties work to its advantage. Why wouldn’t they inflate those numbers? How could they do otherwise?

Regardless of the actual figures, the damage to the infrastructure of Gaza has been horrific.

It’s very difficult to acquire credible information about conditions in the Gaza Strip, because almost everything published — whether in the mainstream media or the alternative media — is propaganda put out by one side or the other. The current prevalence of AI-generated images and video has made it that much more difficult to separate truth from pseudo-reality.

However, some information may be gleaned from satellite photos, which indicate that well over half of the buildings in the Gaza Strip have been damaged or destroyed. Much of the population of northern Gaza has fled south, and is now trapped between the Israeli-enforced dividing line in central Gaza and the border with Egypt, which enclave is about to be invaded by the IDF. The Egyptians, knowing full well the risks associated with importing large numbers of Palestinians, are only allowing a trickle of traffic through the Rafah border crossing. As a result, a huge number of displaced residents are packed into tent cities near Rafah.

What will become of these refugees when the war is finally over? Israel is not too keen on repopulating the devastated areas of Gaza with them. And some Israeli organizations have plans for postwar Gaza that include establishing new Jewish settlements there. These are not the official plans of the Israeli government, but they are not the ravings of wild-eyed zealots in fringe groups, either. They are being openly discussed in public forums, which means the government is well aware of them and is not trying to shut them down.

If the Palestinians in the tent cities are not to be allowed back into northern Gaza, where then will they be resettled? There is some discussion of “voluntary” migration — that is, conditions in the crowded camps will become so harsh that residents there will be ready to emigrate somewhere, anywhere that will have them. If the Egyptian government can be induced to open the border for a steady, larger flow, this process can begin.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is working towards exactly that end:

On December 25, 2023, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed at the Likud Knesset faction meeting that he was working on the voluntary immigration of Gaza residents to other countries. “Our problem is finding countries that are ready to absorb them, and we are working on it,” Netanyahu said.

It goes without saying that no Islamic nation will accept any refugees from Gaza. They have all made it clear that they do not want Palestinians in their countries. And with good reason — nobody in his right mind would want to import Palestinians. That’s why the Egyptians have steadfastly resisted opening the Rafah crossing fully.

Thus Mr. Netanyahu is, for all practical purposes, expecting the West to take in the wretched refuse from Gaza. Canada, under the inspired leadership of Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau, has already shown an eagerness to bring in the puir wee bairns of Palestine. I don’t know whether the USA will be similarly welcoming, since this is an election year, but we’ll see. As for the EU, it will vary from country to country, depending on how lefty the government in question is. I would expect Ireland, for example, to take its share, and possibly also Germany, under the Green-led traffic light coalition.

And Israel may have found a different solution to the problem: it is negotiating with Congo to take in the homeless and tempest-tost from Gaza. The article doesn’t mention the issue of payment, but I’m cynical enough to assume that the Congolese, already ridden with poverty and political strife, will extract a high price in return for the placement of Palestinians in their new tropical ghetto.

Regardless of their ultimate destination, the denizens of Gaza are problematic for anyone who is foolish enough to take them in. The Israelis, who have a closer acquaintance with the Palestinians than anyone else (with the possible exception of the Jordanians), have a jaundiced view of them.

Some Israelis — it’s not clear what proportion — are extreme in their attitude. Mia Schem, a former hostage held by Hamas, had this to say:

“It was important to me to relay the truth about the nature of the people who live in Gaza, who they are truly are and what I experienced there,” she said in the interview.

“It is important to you that the world understands, what? That I went through a holocaust,” Schem added. “Everyone over there is a terrorist. [emphasis added]”

Ms. Schem is not alone in her views, and some people are even harsher in their assessment of Gaza. Ilana Mercer (who is Jewish), refers to remarks made by Eliyahu Yossian — an “Israeli analyst and veteran of Unit 8200, a high-tech spy branch of the Israeli military” — according to a tweet from the account of Electronic Intifada:

These days, Israel’s political discourse is marred by the likes of Eliyahu Yossian, a mainstream opinionator. Listening as I did with difficulty to Yossian, I detect the delicate Iranian twang in his accent, although there is no sign of delicacy in this zealot’s worldview. Nothing authentically American, either. “Hamas is not the enemy,” he vociferates, “Gaza is. You level the area, and you kill the largest possible numbers, because the woman there is an enemy, the baby there is an enemy and the first grader is an enemy… and the pregnant woman is the enemy.” Yossian goes on to explain that Israel must not entertain “Western values” because these “blur basic logic.”

“The woman there is an enemy, the baby there is an enemy and the first grader is an enemy”: This is an exact mirror of Hamas’ doctrine about the Jews, by which they justify terrorist attacks that kill Israeli women, children, and the elderly. By definition, no Jew is innocent; all must die.

I don’t have to tell you that these constitute competing genocidal doctrines. In other words, the conflict in Gaza is trending towards a war of extermination. One side or the other will be exterminated.

Therefore, as an alternative, what Mr. Netanyahu is proposing is to export an entire population of what some Israelis consider to be dangerous terrorists who deserve extermination. The aim is to dump them on the Gentiles of the West, or perhaps on the Sons of Ham south of the Sahara. If the price is right, surely Congo or Gabon or Zambia would be willing to accept them. Anywhere but Israel.

Why is he doing that? If they all deserve to be killed, why ship them out to Berlin or Toronto instead of burying their corpses in the rubble of Gaza City and Khan Younis?

The answer, of course, is that this is a cynical strategy that will allow Israel to retain the moral high ground. Since 1948 the Israelis (and Jews in general) have had the reputation of conducting wars in the most humane manner possible, taking more Israeli casualties in order to avoid civilian deaths. It never seemed to do them any good; the Israelis were reviled just as much, no matter what. But they did it anyway. And, at least in the West, no one is acknowledged to wage war more ethically than the Jews of Israel.

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The ‘High IQ’ of Murder

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends an update on Sderot, plus his thoughts on the larger issues.

The ‘High IQ’ of Murder

by MC

Nazism is a political meme which has been securely packaged up and filed under ‘Far Right: Conservative’, and is wheeled out whenever the left wants to shut down debate or dialogue or sling the ‘racist’ epithet against their opponents.

But whilst conservatives may want to preserve cultural integrity and Judeo-Christianity in particular, they have not generally indulged in mass murder and slavery as have the Left.

This ‘right-wing’ filing is wrong, but has caused mayhem for the last 70 years. It is a superlative opportunity for projection and, as conservatives nearly always fall for it, too, it has become a major suppressor of conservative cultural policy.

Nazism was a byproduct of the failure of Marxism. The (Marxist) proletariat did not rise up and take over the means of production as predicted, and the communist aficionados became impatient. Lenin decided that a top-down revolution was better than Marxian bottom-up ‘pie in the sky’.

Mussolini, on the other hand, as the leader of the Italian Communists, decided that communism could be achieved without a revolution,

At this point Marx/Leninism and Marx/Mussoliniism were moving in similar directions.

Marx/Mussoliniism was renamed ‘Fascism’ (after the fascia, the bundle of sticks wrapped around a Roman spear a symbol of Roman power). The only fundamental difference between the two was that fascism was not interested in state ownership so much as state control.

But there was nothing new here. Social paganism is thousands of years old, but by jiggling with names, these new ‘pagan’ philosophies became chic, and were adopted by elites in the anglosphere and elsewhere. They were particularly popular amongst academics and those who thought themselves as of slightly higher IQ than average, and thus ‘better’ people.

As the world fell under their ‘might is right’ pall, and their ‘ends justify the means’ politics, people began to die in large numbers. Once again, slavery became commonplace as great civil projects were undertaken, hailed as a ‘cure’ for the recession, dams and canals were built, highways and other infrastructure erected, and treasuries drained. In Germany it was decided that the treasury issues could only be tackled by expansion: Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland; WAR.

And with it, an opportunity for continental Europe to tackle that age-old ‘Jewish problem’.

But there was nothing new in this evolution of evil. Islam had preceded it by over a thousand years, following almost the same path to a might-is-right/ends-justify-the-means-based political religion. Back in the deep history of Islam, even more people were slaughtered and even more enslaved and even they had their own ‘Jewish problem’.

People hated Jews, and especially their economic dependence on Jews. Jews handled much of the finance and technical trades of Islam, and had to be kept alive, but in the virtual slavery of dhimmitude. Rank in Islam was denoted by headgear: the bigger the hat, the more important the person, and Jews were subject to both height and headgear restrictions. The kippah was the designated headgear for those captive Jews.

The Nazis’ ‘final solution’ also involved Jews being kept alive as captive (slave) workers in vital industries.

In modern times, these streams of communism, Fascism and Islam come together under the banner of Wokism.

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Why Does Islam Abuse Women? — It’s the Doctrine, Stupid!

The following report by Clare Lopez was published earlier this month by Sharia TipSheet.

Women Under Sharia

Why Does Islam Abuse Women? — It’s the Doctrine, Stupid!

by Clare M. Lopez

Details about the sexual atrocities that HAMAS jihadis perpetrated and self-filmed with glee keep emerging, each more horrific than the last. Even the New York Times is now reporting results of its two-month investigation, including the unspeakable acts of rape, mutilation, torture, and murder committed by these savages. What they too often omit, however, is that it’s all sanctioned as legitimate under Islamic Law (sharia).

What Hamas Did to the Girls and Women in Gaza” by Hugh Fitzgerald at Front Page Magazine, January 4, 2024

BEATEN & TORTURED: Bloodied Faces of Karina, 19, Daniela, 19 Agam, 19 Liri, 18 Hamas Hostages” by Dr. Rich Swier, January 9, 2024. Citation from United With Israel, January 8, 2024

“Does Islamic Law Sanction Hamas’ Rape of Captives?” by Robert Spencer at PJ Media, January 19, 2024

  • Here, Robert cites the UK’s Guardian, which not only reported about the mass rape of Israeli captives by HAMAS in the October 7 Shabbat Massacre and after, but noted that captured HAMAS jihadis told Israeli interrogators they were actually instructed to commit such sexual abuse and additionally referred to Qur’anic justification for it (Q 4:3). Read both pieces—they are both revealing and instructive.

The horrors for women living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan never end.

“UN Mission Says Taliban Putting Afghan Women In Prison For Protection From Violence” by RFE/RFL, December 14, 2024

  • Violence by whom? Under sharia, it doesn’t matter: it’s the woman’s fault. Taliban is claiming it’s putting Afghan women in prison for their own protection—after having closed all the state protection centers for women, saying those are “a Western concept”.

Christian Women Forced to Wear Islamic Dress in Afghanistan” at Persecution.org, January 8, 2024

The Taliban’s Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice is cracking down on all women — Muslim, Christian, or any other faith — who appear in public without being completely covered up either in a ‘proper’ hijab or full mobile tent burqa.

Islamic rule in Iran continues to brutalize women and girls, too. Dr. Rich Swier calls out feminist and other leftist groups whose silence in the face of such abuse is despicable.

“Iran’s Islamic Regime WHIPS Young Woman 74 Times For Not Covering Her Beautiful Hair in Public” at Dr. Rich Swier, citing the Jerusalem Post, “Kurdish-Iranian woman whipped 74 times for not wearing hijab” by Tzvi Joffre, January 7, 2024

  • Woman in Iran gets 74 lashes for ‘public morals’ violation” at AlArabiya News, 7 January 2024

    Interesting to note that Al Arabiya is a Saudi-owned media outlet based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This piece cites an Iranian source who says the whipping penalty was carried out “in accordance…with shariah”.

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Islam: Abolition of Civilisation, Part II

Our Indian correspondent The Kafir sends this follow-up to last week’s essay about Islam.

Islam: Abolition of Civilisation (Part II)

by The Kafir

In the year 1988, Salman Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was published. Khomeini issued the fatwa. Salman Rushdie was a British citizen. The UK government immediately forced him into hiding, with heavy police protection. The UK had its Muslims. There was no way to know who among them might kill Rushdie. A mob could have come and lynched him. The British knew all this.

If the British knew all this, one might expect they would figure out all the logical things which followed from the affair: Muslims do not respect the West’s concept of free speech, there is no way to find out which Muslim is a potential killer of a blasphemer, and Muslims become mobs for the most outrageous of causes. Therefore, if the UK wanted to keep its free speech rights, it needed to stop Muslim immigration.

In fact, this should have been done by all the Western countries. Instead they opened the gates wider. They even encouraged Muslim immigration, legal and illegal. For example, Tony Blair. And Angela Merkel.

How did the West reach this point? The times when the elites of the most educated, advanced, prosperous, and happy countries of the West want to destroy the countries they are ruling? And the citizenry seem to be just clapping along?

The answer is that in the nineteenth century a man was born named Karl Marx. He confused the masses, and he frightened the elites. He misunderstood the source of wealth, let the masses loose on the elite, and they started making compromises, and now know nothing except making compromises, with anybody who threatens violence.

Burnham understood that Marxism/Communism/Leftism was also the abolition of morality: ‘“Dialectical logic.” Is simply a devise that declares “whatever serves the interest of communist power is true.” (Burnham quoted in the introduction to Suicide of The West, written by Roger Kimball [page 11, Kindle edition]). And the liberals ruling the West are Marxists lite. They know no absolute morality. It is all relative for them. Therefore, they now have different moral laws for different sections of society.

They started with the industrial workers. According to the leftists, the industrial workers are an exploited lot; therefore they are entitled to use violence. Normal laws of morality do not apply to them. They can picket the industrial plant, can wreck it, can even kill the owners. Because they are exploited. The ruling elites gave in. Perhaps they were afraid that if the workers were not allowed to burn down the industrial plant, they might march to parliament building and burn it instead. This was the first exemption from the moral laws granted by the civilized, and it has been downhill ever since. It led to the destruction of industrial plants in the West and rise of the Dependency Class. Work has this profound magical quality that it creates character in the men doing it. Without work, on welfare, Western people lost that character. Word also got around that being a ‘victim’ or ‘oppressed’ gives one exemption from the moral laws. Liberals began manufacturing ‘victim classes’, and people happily joined, because, well, who wants to be burdened with the morality?

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Jew-Hater Thwarted in Belgium

Belgian police have arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion of planning to attack Jewish institutions in Antwerp. There’s no mention of ethnicity, naturally, but the justice minister makes a connection to the Gaza war and Hamas, so draw your own conclusions. Other Belgian sites also mention Hamas.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating the video and the article, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Het Laatste Nieuws, also translated by Gary Fouse:

Suspect (19) who targeted Jewish institutions in Antwerp arrested by police

by Patrick Lefelon
January 14, 2024

Update: A suspect who was preparing for a possible attack against Jewish institutions in Antwerp was arrested Saturday. That is what Justice Minister Paul van Tigchelt to VTM News this afternoon.

The Justice Minister made the statement after the incident last week with Flixbus. At that time, nothing was going on, as it turned out, after a thorough investigation.

“But the services remain alert. On Friday evening we received information about a man in Antwerp who wanted to carry out an attack on Jewish institutions. They leave nothing to chance. They intervened Saturday morning, and the man was arrested and held in custody. In this manner, we neutralize the threats that manifest themselves,” according to Van Tigchelt.

The Antwerp prosecutor’s office confirmed that on Saturday during an intervention by the Federal Police, a 19-year-old man from Antwerp was arrested who possibly intended to carry out an attack.

Spokesman Kato Belmans of the Antwerp prosecutor’s office: “The man was ordered held in detention by the investigating judge and is charged on suspicion of preparing to carry out a terrorist attack and unlawful possession of weapons. Next week, he will appear in front of the council chamber, which will decide on his further detention. The investigation continues under the direction of the investigating judge.”

Video transcript:

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The Rebirth of the Ottoman Empire

Last week I posted about “Breezy the Don El Jefe”, a “German” TikTok star and Islamic zealot of Turkish extraction who now lives in Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Mr. El Jefe is a sharia enthusiast, and vows to assist in the creation of an Islamic caliphate in Austria and Germany.

Below are two video clips excerpted from Breezy Don’s recent livestream with the user “Tesla Han”. Notice that mustard gas plays a prominent role in Mr. Breezy’s plans for establishing Islamic predominance.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video transcript #1:

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Jihad Comes to Melilla

The city of Melilla is a Spanish enclave on the North African coast, bordered by Morocco. The following video reports on a recent counter-terrorist operation by Spain, in which nine culture-enriching mujahideen in Melilla were arrested before they were able to launch an attack.

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Islam to Germany: “You Will Be Assimilated”

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Apollo News:

Sharia Fantasies

Radical Islamic TikTok star incites against Germany: “We are taking over your West”

“Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a radical Islamic TikTok star. In a live stream on the platform, he threatened: “Soon we will bring Sharia law to Germany. There are so many of us here already. After Germany, it’s Austria’s turn.” For anyone who doesn’t take part in Sharia law, he has “only one word: mustard gas.”

“Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a minor star on TikTok. He has 50,000 followers on his account, and some of his videos reach six-figure views. “Breezy the Don El Jefe” is a Muslim, 31 years old, comes from Turkey and lives in Tenerife.

His short videos about his attitude towards Germany are well received by parts of the young Muslim community and are widely reposted. In a recent livestream with the user “Tesla Han”, Hatay spoke the following sentences: “The Germans will experience a nasty surprise. We will take their West. And when we’re done with Germany, Austria will come next.”

Hatred of Germany and the West

Threatening words, published and viewed hundreds of times on his short video platform. But Hatay has long had more to offer than just such statements. In the same stream, a little later, Hatay continued: “You Germans behave yourselves, otherwise I’ll just say one word: mustard gas,” and speaks of other methods of violence that would threaten the Germans.

The user running the livestream then vehemently asks Hatay if he is proud to endorse such medieval methods. Hatay simply responds with “We will make sure that Germany goes down the drain. There are so many of us here already. After Germany, it’s Austria’s turn.”

In another video, Hatay reports from Tenerife and makes an announcement to all AfD voters. There he boasts: “Look, I’m going on vacation here with your money. I behave however I want. Nobody can do anything to my balls. You can neither denaturalize me nor deport me; I have dual citizenship.”

In another, he tells how he “went on vacation on the taxpayers’ dime and is registered as unemployed in Germany.” In his latest video he shows himself bathing in Tenerife, with the caption “Soon we will bring Sharia law to Germany.”

Afterword from the translator:

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Shouting Fire!

Shouting Fire!

by MC

Western Civilization was defined by a ‘context’, but it was a context that our academic elites did not like. That context — the Torah (Ten Commandments) — undermined their authority by placing a God over all. Marxists do not like gods (which they cannot control); they prefer to set up dictators (gods they can control).

So, too, with presidents of Ivy League universities who like to control those contexts (knowledge of good and evil) for themselves within their domains.

Inciting genocide is a bit like shouting ‘FIRE’ in a crowded theatre, but the context is different, and the ‘action’ may be in a small despised country far away, and a time well into the future.

When Stalin genocided the Ukrainians, he justified it by creating a context, that of the kolkhoz (communal farm) from which Ukrainian farmers could be excluded if they did not comply, and thus starved them along with their families. Following in Stalin’s footsteps, the Palestinian context was created by the KGB in the early sixties.

This context claimed that the land which was defined as ‘Jewish’ under international law (in the Mandate for Palestine in 1922) actually belonged to Palestinians by right of occupation and residence, and that the definition of a Palestinian (in 1963) was a non-Jew who had lived in the land for two years in the period since 1922: the UNRWA definition used for Refugees of the 1948 War of Independence.

This construct was accompanied by bucketloads of propaganda, supposedly legitimising the KGB/Palestinian claim and describing Jews as ‘settlers and occupiers’.

The American left fell for it (as they always do for convenient hoaxes).

National Socialism grew out of Socialist Syndicalism, which is the idea that trades unions should control the means of production, and was the more ‘right’ of the three socialist collectivist ideological strains of the interwar years (Marxism, Social Democracy and Syndicalism). That National Socialism became branded as ‘far right’ was a hoax again engineered by Marxists to demonise conservative thought and also to dissociate the occult brutality of Marxism from the then-exposed brutality of National Socialism. It proved to be very effective and the majority of historians upheld the thesis (the alternative was to face ridicule from the leftist establishment).

‘Racism’, as an adjunct to National Socialism, became a huge political red herring. The real fish was the idea of the cultural context in which and by which ‘good and evil’ could be judged. Racism against victim cultures became the new unforgivable sin, and victimhood became a function of skin colour.

White bad, non-white good.

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