Culture-Enriching Knife Rampage in Milan

An illegal immigrant from Morocco who had previously applied for asylum in Germany was arrested on Monday in Milan after a series of knife attacks that wounded six people.

Many thanks to HeHa for translating this video report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below are two articles about the attacks in Milan, translated by Gary Fouse.

The first piece is from ANSA:

Passersby stabbed in robbery at Milan, six wounded

Drunk man with a pocketknife arrested. The attacks in the vicinity of the station

Still more violence around the Central Station of Milan, for some time now constantly the center of incidents of criminality day and night, and where in the afternoon six passersby were wounded, one seriously, following four robberies committed by a drunk man armed with a pocketknife, described as a young North African, subsequently arrested.

And perhaps it is thanks to the short blade of the pocketknife, a multi-use type, that the worst was avoided.

At first, it seemed there were two attackers, but the National Police maintain that the arrested man acted alone, in different moments and places, causing fear and havoc in a central zone of the city and at a time when the sidewalks are full of people.

The final toll is six wounded people, one of whom was treated at the scene, while the other five were transported to the hospital, two of them in serious condition: A 57-year-old, whose condition is not serious, and a 68-year-old, none believed to be in life-threatening condition. The most serious, the 68-year-old, is reportedly a witness who intervened to defend a girl who was robbed while in the company of her boyfriend on Viale Brianza, at the exit gate of her home. According to what has been reconstructed by the Mobile Squad [police], at about 5:40pm the man reportedly robbed a 39-year-old Italian woman at the Mortirolo underpass, using a knife to rob her of her cell phone. After that, on Via Gluck he reportedly robbed a Salvadoran citizen, taking his cell phone and ATM card.

Shortly after that, the criminal reportedly committed another robbery on Via Sammartini against a 34-year-old Spanish citizen, robbed of 20 euros and a cell phone. Next — again according to the charges — the man reportedly committed the fourth robbery on Viale Brianza against a 24-year-old, from whom he reportedly stole credit cards. In this circumstance, three Italian citizens intervened in her defense, respectively a 24-year-old (the boyfriend who was with her), a 68-year-old, and a 57-year-old, who reported suffering various injuries.

The alleged robber then managed to flee on foot along Via Venini, where he attempted a final robbery against a 44-year-old, when he was arrested by police motorcycle patrol officers from the National Police. He offered no resistance, and after being treated himself at the scene, was taken to jail awaiting interrogation. On his person, aside from the bloody pocket knife, he had the personal effects of the woman who was robbed on Viale Brianza as well as three cell phones.

“Shocking news from my Milan, where the area of the Central Station is confirmed to be at grave risk. Only the heroic intervention of some citizens prevented the toll from being more dramatic,” was the comment from Vice Premier and Minister Matteo Salvini.

The second article is from Corriere della Sera:

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Tear Down This Mosque!

As reported here last week in the news feed, a mob of angry Muslims prevented police from shutting down an illegal mosque in Florence. Below are excerpts from a Breitbart article about the incident (hat tip Reader from Chicago):

A mob of Muslims in the Italian city of Florence blocked a local bailiff from repossessing an illegal mosque, with hundreds of people preventing police from entering.

A bailiff and local police attempted to take back a former garage in Piazza dei Ciompi being used as a mosque after the owner of the property refused to renew the contract with its operator due to money being owed.

On Friday morning, hundreds gathered in front of the mosque to stop police from entering the premises, as well as the local bailiff and legal representation for the property owner, the newspaper Il Giornale reports.

Florence imam Izzedin Elzir commented on the attempted eviction, saying: “We do not know if there will be a postponement of the eviction, we are here to pray. We will not leave until we find an alternative.”

“I thank those who do their part to guarantee the rights of all: part of this right is that of property and must be guaranteed, we are the first to say that we must give the space back,” he claimed.


Federico Bussolin, a local city councillor in Florence and member of the League, added: “The eviction of the illegal mosque must be done.”

Similar scenes have been seen elsewhere in Europe, such as in Franc in 2017 when Muslims in the city of Clichy took to the streets to protest a local government move to remove them from a building they had occupied and used as a mosque.

The following video shows remarks made by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini about the illegal mosque. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Giorgia on my Mind

“Here you go!”

Below is an encomium written by a Dane to Giorgia Meloni, the next prime minister of Italy, whose recent electoral success has caused alarm in Brussels and all the other nests of Western globalists.

Many thanks to LN for translating this article from Snaphanen:

Giorgia Meloni is the winner of the election

by Bitten-Kirsti Nielsen

I had been eagerly awaiting the results of the Italian elections. Would Meloni win to the delight of the Italian patriots, but to the great annoyance of Brussels, where Ursula von der Leyen has for some time threatened the Italian voters with sanctions if they voted — as they have now done?

Yesterday [Monday Sept. 26] morning Corriere della Sera published the final results for the three winning parties, which together received 44.06%, with 26.12% for the Fratelli d’Italia, 8.90% for the Lega and 8.27% for Forza Italia. This gave the centre-right coalition an absolute majority in both chambers. This is a victory not only for Italy, but also for all Europeans, who can hope for a return to a Europe of nations.

The leader of the Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy), Giorgia Meloni, will thus be in charge of forming the new government under President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, writes Il Giornale. “La Meloni”, as Italians call her with the definite article in front of her name, is a beautiful gesture to a “lady”. Dear Italians… you make me smile.

The rise of Islam in Europe is the main theme of the Fratelli d’Italia national party and the new coalition that wants to fight mass immigration and the Islamisation of Europe. It is now a question of defending the family, Christian roots, Italian identity and the conservative values that the globalists prefer to ignore.

In a speech in Rome in 2019, Meloni’s message to Muslims was as follows:

“If you feel offended by the crucifix, don’t live in Italy. The world is big and full of Islamic countries where you will not find crosses, because Christians are persecuted and churches are razed in these countries… Europe must not be turned into a Muslim continent”. Her programme is also strongly inspired by the Frenchman Eric Zemmour.

Meloni speaks clearly, because there must be no compromise with Islam, and together with [Matteo] Salvini she proposes to close the ports to NGOs that want to land ships with immigrants on the Italian coast.

And if Brussels was once able to block Salvini’s path with the help of Merkel, Macron and Conte, that is not the case this time. Because the Italians have spoken and Meloni has won the election, so the mother of democracy, Ursula von der Leyen, can do nothing. Respect for the people must come first.

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Long Live Free, Strong and Sovereign Italy!

The polls will close shortly in Italy, and the counting will begin. It seems likely that the right-wing alliance — Fratelli d’Italia, the Lega, and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia — will win a majority and form a new government, with Giorgia Merloni acting as prime minister.

Several days ago Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, issued a warning to the Italian electorate about how it should vote. Her remarks included the threat that the European Union will intervene, using its “tools” (presumably the denial of EU funds) against Italians should they vote wrong.

Below is a composite of two video clips showing the reaction of former (and probably future) Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to Ms. Von der Leyen’s threat. Many thanks to HeHa and Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times are from the original separate clips):

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Matteo Salvini at Lampedusa

The once-and-future Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini recently paid a visit to the asylum “hot spot” on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa. Below are subtitled excerpts from a video of his tour of the “refugee” accommodation.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Running With Scissors

Last Sunday I reported on a culture-enriching Somali who ran around stabbing people, one of them a child, in the Italian beach resort of Rimini. The authorities hasten to assure the citizenry, who otherwise might have been anxious, that the incident had nothing to do with terrorism.

In the following video former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini addresses his concerns about the incident to Luciana Lamorgese, the Minister of the Interior in Mario Draghi’s cabinet.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from the Giornale di Rimini on the attack in Rimini:

Rimini: Knifeman on bus, the “trigger” was the check and the sanction

September 13, 2021

Tomorrow morning the 26-year-old Somali who unleashed panic on Saturday in Rimini will face a late interrogation due to a delay in finding an interpreter. First, on board a trolley bus, stabbing two female conductors who asked him to show a ticket. And then fleeing on the street and wounding three other people — among them a 6-year-old child, originally from Bangladesh — gravely but now out of danger.

From what has been obtained thus far from the investigators, Rimini prosecutor Elisabetta Melotti explained to the press this afternoon, with Police Chief Francesco De Cicco at her side, “Based on previous behavior in reference to miscellaneous information from the police, as to the results of the search and subsequent behavior, no elements of any kind have emerged.”

What is certain is that from 2015 the man, traveling around Europe, requesting asylum in five different nations, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and Switzerland, eventually arriving in Italy on August 9, was in possession of five knives, three of which were kitchen knives found on the bus, and a pair of scissors, while the initial toxicological and alcohol tests of his urine have given no results.

Now the results of blood tests are pending. The attacker, moreover, during a psychiatric interview, declared that he has “a persecution experience” in his history, while on the morning of the episode, he had gone to the police headquarters to report an attack he suffered in the building in which he was a guest of the Red Cross of Riccione. “Verifications at this time seem negative.” In brief, “Some dynamics of the behavior remain to be reconstructed in detail and also the type of wounds,” argues the prosecutor, to try to also understand “the reasons for his behavior.”

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Gangs Rule in Karlsfeld

I realize that news stories like this one all start to seem the same, once you’ve read a few dozen of them. I could create a template for the reports, with certain variables to be filled in — the country, the place names, the names of the police officers and the prosecutors, and maybe the ethnic groups involved — Somalis, Albanians, Chechens, Nigerians, etc. Otherwise, it’s the same old story: alien ethnic gangs terrorize the native populace, and the police and civil authorities are helpless to do anything to stop it.

And the worst part is that voters keep voting for the same old political parties that import the feral culture-enrichers. I don’t know whether they use Dominion voting machines in Europe, but that’s not enough to account for the margin of victory in most countries. People in Germany are being raped, assaulted, robbed, brutalized, and killed by violent migrant gangs, but it doesn’t induce a large enough number of them to vote for the evil WAYCIST Nazis of the AfD. Marine Le Pen may be able to beat Emmanuel Macron in the next presidential election, but if she does, it will be by a slim margin. And in Britain there isn’t even a significant choice — on immigration and Islam the “Conservatives” are virtually indistinguishable from Labour. You can vote for Tweedledum or Tweedledee, with the only difference being that one of the two has more bizarre hair.

Of the major Western European countries, Italy offers the greatest hope of actually voting in a change. Keep an eye on Matteo Salvini (Lega) and Giorgia Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) in the coming months.

And Central Europe — the former Communist bloc — is still marching to a different drummer than in the West.

As for the USA, we’re about as screwed as screwed can be. But that’s too large a topic to treat in this brief introduction.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from the Münchner Merkur:

Stabbing, rape, turf war: Brutal youth gangs terrorize the community — residents live in massive fear

by Christiane Breitenberger

Many people in Karlsfeld are terrified. The reason for this is a seriously criminal youth gang. Stabbing and sexual offenses are no longer uncommon.

Karlsfeld — Thomas Kirner has been a police officer for 30 years, he has been working as a youth officer at the Dachau police station since 2016, but what he has noticed for some time in Karlsfeld,…. “I’ve never seen anything like this here.” A seriously criminal youth gang is active in Karlsfeld. There is a climate of fear. The situation is so bad that there are young people who want to move away from their homeland. One of them told his parents that he no longer wants to live, “he is so afraid of this group,” explains Kirner. “Karlsfeld is now called ‘Little Chicago’ in the district.”

Rape and turf wars in Karlsfeld: Gang leaders meanwhile in custody

Two gang leaders — both currently in prison — have gathered a group behind themselves: The up to 30 followers, between the ages of 13 and 17, that blindly follow them, doing what they are told. “Many are only members because they are afraid of becoming victims themselves and being extorted,” explains Thomas Kirner. He emphasizes: “The fun is now over when it comes to criminal offenses; we haven’t just talked about thefts and insults here for a long time.” It is about serious bodily harm, sexual offenses, real fights, groups against groups. It’s about territory, turf wars, such as recently in Puchheim, when a 16-year-old was critically injured in a knife fight. A 15-year-old suspect was arrested and the criminal investigation department is investigating the case.

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Matteo Salvini Acquitted

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has been acquitted of “kidnapping” for closing Italian ports to a migrant-ferry vessel during his time as interior minister. Strictly speaking, Mr. Salvini was not acquitted, since the case never went to trial: Judge Nunzio Sarpietro in the Sicilian city of Catania has thrown the case out.

In the following video Mr. Salvini speaks to the press after the resolution of his case. To my mind, the euphoric atmosphere of the occasion is marred by the fact that everyone present is wearing those infernal COVID masks.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

See this Yahoo News story for more on the case.

Video transcript:

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Matteo Salvini Speaks to the Jewish Community of Rome

On the day after Hamas began launching missiles into Israel from Gaza, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega, spoke to members of the Jewish Community of Rome. The following video shows excerpts from his remarks.

Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Lampedusa is Full Up

I’ve been covering the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean, with a special emphasis on the landings at the island of Lampedusa, since 2007. The rate of flow has fluctuated, but the numbers have trended gradually and steadily upwards. There was a big spike during the Arab Spring in 2011, when the late Muammar Qaddafi made good on his threat to unleash the African hordes on Europe (after which Hillary Clinton and the CIA arranged for his demise). The Great Migration Crisis of 2015 caused an even higher surge.

A symbiosis between organized-crime human traffickers and migrant-“rescue” NGOs brought the flood of “refugees” to its current catastrophic level. The business is fabulously lucrative for everyone involved, so as long as the EU continues its open-borders policies, the migrants will keep on coming. What used to be a month’s worth of arrivals in Lampedusa fifteen years ago is now the traffic of a single weekend.

The two articles below provide details on the latest landings of African migrants on Italian territory. First, from Corriere della Sera, translated by Gary Fouse:

Migrants: At Lampedusa, 1,200 landings in a few hours. Salvini: “Immediate meeting with Draghi”

Nine consecutive arrivals with “sea carts”: Hotspot immediately full and the emergency returns to the island. The mayor is bitter. “Don’t call it an emergency, it was all foreseen.” Meloni: “This requires a naval blockade.”

by Salvo Toscano

The emergency returns to Lampedusa with 1,200 refugees arriving within a few hours, thanks also to the good weather. And the political polemic is also returning, with the secretary of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, who calls for the intervention of Premier Draghi. “A meeting with President Draghi is necessary,” he says, “with millions of Italians in difficulty, we cannot think about thousands of illegals (already 12,000 landed since the beginning of the year).” The leader of Brothers of Italy (Fratelli d’Italia), Giorgia Meloni, speaks instead of a naval blockade. “We don’t want to get used to this type of news. Illegal immigration will be stopped. The smugglers must be stopped as well as the immigration NGOs who take advantage of the tragedies.” “Europe, take action,” added Alessandro Battilocchio, a deputy for Forza Italia [Silvio Berlusconi’s party] and in charge of the Department of Immigration of the blue movement.

The Day

Look at what has happened. In the course of a few hours, more than one thousand migrants have arrived on the island of Pelagie in 9 different waves. The last two between noon and one pm. First, a patrol boat of the Captain of the Port brought 97 migrants to the commercial pier, of various ethnicities, all men, intercepted two nautical miles from Lampedusa on a wooden boat, 10 meters long, with an outboard motor. Less than one hour later, a patrol boat of the Guardia di Finanza escorted 38 Tunisian migrants to Favaloro pier, including two women and a child, who were found on a wooden boat of about 8 meters. In the fifth of seven disembarkations brought to Favaloro pier, 398 migrants of various nationalities, among them 24 women and 6 children, who were found on a broken-down fishing boat.

The Reactions

“Alarming situations,” says Nicola Molteni, Undersecretary of Interior, at Agrigento today for the beatification of Rosario Livatino, who asks for “a European response, totally absent today.” All the migrants have been taken to the hotspot of the island, which was empty and has rapidly been refilled to the limit. “I heard from the Ministry of Interior, and they told me that the quarantine ships have left,” the mayor of Lampedusa, Toto Martello, says to Corriere. “Just one thing: Let’s not talk about this thing as if it were an emergency; it is not, it was all foreseen and predictable.”

The second article is from PolitikStube, and was translated by Hellequin GB:

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A Medley of Cultural Enrichment, Text Edition

As a follow-up to last night’s posted videos, here are all the cultural enrichment articles that have accumulated in my to-do folder over the last few days.

First, from PolitikStube, an op-ed by Alice Weidel of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation:

Scandal judgment: Court invites all poverty migrants to Germany!

Alice Weidel: The Lower Saxony State Social Court has for all intents and purposes abolished the laws against the entry of migrants who are already registered in another EU member state. In a judgment it stated that those “refugees” who live in precarious conditions in an EU country may receive full social benefits in Germany. So for those who, in their opinion, receive too few social benefits in Italy, Spain or Greece, the court has opened wide the door to Germany.

The court also found that Germany’s interests in migration policy had to take a back seat. In other words, it has denied our state the right to control migration according to established criteria.

This verdict is a domino-effect scandal. Germany, whose social benefits acted like a magnet before, is now becoming a chosen migration destination even more often. In addition, there is family reunification, the conditions of which have now been eroded to such an extent that proof of kinship no longer has to be provided.

The legislature must finally act. Germany can no longer be seen as a richly-laid table for all those wishing to enter the country. Our resources are finite. Future generations will have to foot the bill for judgments like the one from Lower Saxony. The federal government must finally react and limit migration!

The second article is from Sweden. It reports on gang violence against a court trial by “youths” in a suburb north of Stockholm. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt:

Attunda district court attacked by masked gang members — Ongoing murder trial interrupted

May 6, 2021

A police-guarded murder trial in Attunda District Court north of Stockholm was exposed to a violent attack Thursday. Some twenty masked persons, armed with bomb-like pyrotechnics, attacked police.

At about 9 in the morning, a gang of upwards of twenty masked young men, linked to the criminal gang groups, X-Team, Bandidos, and Bredängs Network, attacked the court building in Attunda with powerful bomb-like pyrotechnic pieces, so-called bangers. These were also thrown at police who were brought in to guard the trial and at the reinforcements who arrived at the scene after the attack began.

About ten of those involved were taken into custody by police. It is not clear if they were subsequently held in detention or released on the spot. Only after lunchtime did the police gain control of the situation.

The gang-related trial, where four men are accused of planning murder at a children’s party, was earlier transferred from Södertörn District Court due to similar violent incidents with some eighty people involved.

The Attunda District Court specifically has a security room. However, even in the new courtrooms, proceedings cannot be conducted in legal order.

The main proceeding consists of several trial days, of which this was one.

The third article, from Germany, was translated by Hellequin GB:

Wicked! Family of asylum seekers required to leave the country — Muslim mother invented rape of her daughter (4) in daycare

Many rejected asylum seekers are not lacking in a wealth of ideas to prevent deportation or simply to ignore a voluntary departure. The trickery ranges from rioting, threats including biting and spitting attacks, inventions of illnesses (especially psychological ones) to threatening to leap from the roof. Lying, deceiving, playing for time and hoping it will pass and you can stay as intended.

An absolutely despicable case occurred in Koblenz last year. A family unsuccessfully applied for asylum and is obliged to leave the country. The last lifeline for staying in German paradise is a pitiful lie dished out by the Muslim mother that her daughter (4) was raped in the Kita [daycare].

The claim is fictitious, the victim is the only educator at the daycare center, his story of suffering ranges from criminal charges to death threats and illness to occupational disability. A life or professional life destroyed because of a perverse deception, that of alleged protection-seekers who are not even allowed to be here and who abuse the right of asylum to immigrate.

The family of asylum seekers seems to have disappeared in the meantime. They have nothing to fear, as no investigations have been initiated. Surely it can’t be that the Muslim mother will get away with it?

From Austria, a report on culture-enriching violence against women, translated by Gary Fouse:

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Matteo Salvini: “Tried for Defending My Own Country”

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is on trial again, this time in Palermo. His crime? Denying migrant-rescue NGOs the right to land in Italian ports, which is being described as “kidnapping”. Mr. Salvini faced the same charge a few months ago in a court in Catania, but was acquitted. Presumably the Italian legal system will keep dragging him from venue to venue until they get the verdict they want.

In the following video, Matteo Salvini talks to reporters in Palermo about his case. Many thanks to HeHa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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Migrant-Rescue NGOs Being Prosecuted in Italy for Human Trafficking

As reported in recent news feed items, various NGOs are being prosecuted in Italy for people smuggling as a result of their work in the Mediterranean “rescuing” migrants. Prominent among these groups are several based in Germany.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from PolitikStube. The translator notes that the same legal system is prosecuting former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for “kidnapping” because he refused to give landing rights to the migrant “rescue” vessels when he was in government:

“Allegation of human smuggling”! Italy: Public prosecutor’s office charges German “sea rescuers”

The migrant ferry Iuventa from “Jugend rettet” was confiscated by the Italian authorities in August 2017 and has since been moored in the port of Trapani. The seizure marked the beginning of the investigation; the allegations concerned suspicious modalities of the rescue operations. After the investigation, the public prosecutor’s office in the Sicilian port city of Trapani brought charges of smuggling and aiding and abetting illegal immigration against 21 “sea rescuers” from the NGOs “Jugend rettet”, “Save the Children” and “Doctors Without Borders”. If convicted, they face up to 20 years in prison. Ten of the accused are crew members from Iuventa, and are Germans.

As reported by , the Iuventa was one of the first ships to set sail for the central Mediterranean in 2016, and immigration reached worrying proportions during that time. In the summer of 2016, more than 20,000 migrants landed every month. Many of them had just been brought to Italy by NGOs. Rescue operations, which, according to Trapani investigators, were sometimes discussed directly with the traffickers.

The Vos Hestia and Vos Prudence, deployed by Save The Children and Doctors Without Borders respectively, would have participated in some of the suspected operations. That is the case of the operation on May 4, 2017: “After we learned of the departure of several boats in the afternoon — so states a document from the public prosecutor, which is reported in the Repubblica — the ship is heading for a certain section of the sea, without giving any notice to the relevant authorities.” Then, at 6:45 am the next day, 548 migrants boarded the Vos Hestia.

Then there is another mission, that of May 22nd, during which the lights on the ship’s deck remained on, a circumstance that is prohibited under the 2015 Self-Regulation Code. On this occasion, 120 migrants came on board. Instead, on June 26, 1,066 people were loaded on board in six hours. Among them, the judges said, the smugglers were found to be present. Those who stepped onto the deck of the ship were also forced to wear Save The Children life jackets, with the old jackets being returned to the traffickers.

On June 18 2017, the return of three small boats tied to the tugs with a rope by the Iuventa activists would have been documented in some of the photographs available to the public prosecutor. There were 264 migrants on board on this occasion.

In addition to interception measures and expert reports on the instruments on board the ships concerned, the investigations also made use of the activities of an undercover investigator on board the Vos Hestia.

Lockdown for Thee, But Not for Me!

As reported here previously, former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is on trial for “kidnapping” due to his actions as interior minister in closing Italian ports to migrant ferries run by NGOs. The judge in the case is a fellow named Nunzio Sarpietro.

As it happens, Judge Sarpietro was recently discovered dining in a restaurant in Rome, in an “orange zone” where no restaurants are allowed to be open because of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Like California Governor Gavin Newsom, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and many other grandees, the esteemed judge is not bound by lockdown rules — when he wants to dine out with his daughter, he dines out with his daughter. Let the peons stay at home and eat gruel!

Many thanks to Gary Fouse for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

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