Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/30/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/30/2011The youngest son of Col. Moamar Qadafi, Saif al-Arab, was killed today in Tripoli by NATO bombs. There are also reports that a school for disabled children in Tripoli was badly damaged in a NATO air strike.

In other news, despite the regime’s bloody repression, another “Friday of Rage” unfolded yesterday in Syria. Tens of thousands of people took to the streets, and security forces fired into a crowd in the city of Deraa, killing fifteen people. Another nine were reported killed in Homs.

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The Poems You Have Lost

Saturday is Poetry Day, and tonight’s selection is “Missing Dates”, by the 20th-century English poet and critic William Empson.

Empson is best known for Seven Types of Ambiguity, his acclaimed work on literary criticism which he published at the age of twenty-four. In his poetry he practiced what his criticism preached, adding layers of ambiguity to tease the reader with multiple possible meanings.

“Missing Dates” is a villanelle, in the traditional form with nineteen lines and the required double rhyme scheme. Empson extended the villanelle form and made it more interesting in “Aubade”, excerpts from which have been used as inscriptions in previous Gates of Vienna posts about Europe.

“Missing Dates” is an acquired taste, and definitely not for everyone. However, I’ve found that the older I get, the better I seem to understand it.

Missing Dates
by William Empson

Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills.
It is not the effort nor the failure tires.
The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.

It is not your system or clear sight that mills
Down small to the consequence a life requires;
Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills.

They bled an old dog dry yet the exchange rills
Of young dog blood gave but a month’s desires.
The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.

It is the Chinese tombs and the slag hills
Usurp the soil, and not the soil retires.
Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills.

Not to have fire is to be a skin that shrills.
The complete fire is death. From partial fires
The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.

It is the poems you have lost, the ills
From missing dates, at which the heart expires.
Slowly the poison the whole blood stream fills.
The waste remains, the waste remains and kills.

The Power of Projection

It has often been noted that Muslims seem prone to project upon infidels those foibles and flaws which are all too common in Islam. Child sexual abuse, rape, plotting to kill Muslims, the murder of young women — all of these accusations and more are routinely flung at non-Muslims, and all of them are regular features of life in Islamic societies.

A case in point was yesterday’s demonstration by Muslims at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo. The demonstrators were protesting the alleged kidnapping and forcible incarceration of young Coptic women who had “voluntarily” converted to Islam. The demonstrators believed that the young women were being held against their will by the Copts.

I don’t have to tell you the irony of all this, given the widespread and well-documented practice by Egyptian Muslims of kidnapping teenage Christian girls, forcibly converting them, and then threatening their families into silence. Never has a case of projection been so clear.

According to AINA:

Thousands of Muslim demonstrators gathered in front St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, vowing not to leave until they know the whereabouts of Coptic women, especially Camilia Shehata … who allegedly converted to Islam but are held against their will by the Coptic Orthodox Church in monasteries and churches. The sit-in was called for by the newly-founded Coalition for the Support of New Muslims.

At the time of the Muslim demonstrations, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III was not present in his residence within the grounds of the Cathedral. The head of security at the Cathedral closed the gates and it was reported that Christians have been asked not to come to the Cathedral to avoid altercations with the protesting Muslims.

The Cathedral was cordoned off by the military police and security forces. Cairo saw today three separate protests staged by Salafis against Pope Shenouda and the church, marching afterwards to the Coptic Cathedral in Abbasiya. The first demonstration was in front of El-Fatah mosque in Ramsis Square, the second in front of Al-Nour mosque Abbasiya Square, and the third came out of the Sharia Association mosque in Ramsis.

The protesters demanded the resolution of the “ten demands”, which they called for last Sunday, during their protest in front of the el-Kayed Ibrahim mosque in Alexandria, mainly the “trial of Pope Shenouda”, “ the release of Camilia Shehata and Wafaa Constantine” and “inspection of monasteries and churches to look for Muslim women held by the church.”

The Muslims chanted “Islamic, Islamic, against your will, Islamic” in front of the Cathedral and “They abducted Wafaa Constantine, By Allah we will not be silent” and “With our souls and blood, we will defend Islam.” They held banners and photos of the alleged Muslim converts who were allegedly abducted by the church, as well as banners calling for an Islamic State…

At the time of their afternoon prayers, thousands of Muslims prayed with the organizers, who asked the demonstrators to turn their backs to the Cathedral.

Islamic lawyer Mamdouh Ismail gave a speech in which he called for the realization of human rights and the rule of law, pointing out that this sit-in is not directed against the cathedral as a house of worship for Christians, whom he described as partners in the homeland. He also asked the Christians “to participate in the demonstrations demanding the appearance of Camelia.” In the same context, Khalid Al Harbi, director of the “Islamic Observatory against Proselytizing,” said “we will not go and we will not plead with anyone, but we will take our rights with our own hands.”

A difference of opinion emerged between the organizers of the protest about when to end the protest. Renowned Muslim Salafi leaders Dr. Yasser Borhamy, from Alexandria, sent a message to the protesters asking them to disperse, saying the reason behind the protest was to deliver a message and so that no sectarian strife should occur because of the Salafis, while others like Abu Yehia, who claims he was with Camelia when she converted to Islam, wanted to break into the Cathedral.


Islamic lawyer Ismail said after the sit-in was called off , that he has reached an agreement with the army to solve the issue of Camellia Shehata by bringing her out on one of the satellite channels to declare whether she converted to Islam or not , and in exchange the Salafis are to suspend until such time all their demonstrations and sit-ins.

A video of the demonstration described in the AINA article is below the jump. Many thanks to Assad Elepti for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Hat tip: Mary Abdelmassih.

Germany, Rise Up!

You never thought you’d hear a clarion call like that in public, did you?

And there are an awful lot of people who still don’t want to hear it, including quite a few who are otherwise on our side of the fence. They don’t want to see an increase in German national feeling, even if the only alternative is the Islamization of Germany.

It’s music to my ears, however: Germany, arise!

The video below shows an angry protest by a young German woman during a Salafist demonstration last week on the streets of Frankfurt. The original German version has gone viral on the internet, and some people are referring to the heroine of the piece as “the Ann Barnhardt of Germany”. When you watch the clip, you’ll see why — she confronts her countrymen with the same kind of high-spirited scorn for their lack of testicular fortitude.

An interview with the “Heidi” (in English) has been posted at Politically Incorrect.

Many thanks to Kitman for subtitling and YouTubing this video, which I’ve placed below the jump:

Camp of the Saints: The Invasion

Lampedusa refugees #13

When the mainstream media refer to the mass movement of peoples into Europe from North Africa and other Third World countries, they choose from a smorgasbord of words and phrases that are considered acceptable when describing such events. New arrivals may be referred to by one or more of the following terms:

1. Refugees: This is the most commonly used descriptive for the culture-enrichers who arrive daily at Lampedusa from North Africa. It seems fitting, because the departure of the new arrivals was prompted by civil unrest, war, and revolution.
2. Migrants who engage in migration: This may be the preferred term. It makes the arrivals sound like seasonal workers who simply move from place to place following the annual round of planting and harvesting. Alternatively, the “migration” of large groups of people can be likened to that of pastoral nomads who move around without paying much attention to national borders as they seek pasturage for their flocks. The Sami (Lapps) of Finland, Sweden, and Norway are the preferred exemplar for this process. They are often cited in multicultural literature, since they are quaint, picturesque, peaceful, and have no known predatory criminal tendencies.
3. Immigrants: This is similar to “migrants”, although it does bear the connotation of permanent residence, which may make “xenophobic” readers somewhat uneasy. To soothe these atavistic sentiments, discussion of these latest “immigrants” is generally accompanied by a full course of multicultural indoctrination.
4. Asylum seekers: For those who wish to take advantage of the EU’s human rights laws, this is the most useful term, since arrivals who are putatively seeking asylum gain preferential treatment and are much harder to deport than economic immigrants.
5. Boat people: This term has a helpful positive resonance, evoking as it does the Vietnamese boat people of thirty-five years ago. The newcomers arrive in boats, and are fleeing war and oppression; thus they become essentially the same as the Vietnamese, regardless of cultural differences — or their far greater numbers.
  And here’s one you’ll never read in the newspapers or hear on the TV:
6. Invaders: Given their numbers, their aggressive behavior, and their manifest actions as a vanguard of occupation and colonization, this term would be the most accurate descriptor of the culture-enrichers pouring in from North Africa. It cannot be used in public, however: the tenets of Multiculturalism absolutely forbid it. In fact, most Westerners are unable even to think in such terms, so effective has been their politically correct indoctrination.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

As pointed out in my previous post in this series, Italy is permitted by its agreement with Tunisia to repatriate up to sixty “migrants” a day. Let’s take a look at some recent numbers and see how all this is working out.

First, two news stories from yesterday:

178 Left Libya and Land at Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — A boat with 178 migrants from the sub-Saharan region was escorted by a GdF patrol boat into Lampedusa harbor.

The migrant group, reached offshore during the night, included nine women and two minors. This is the second landing at Lampedusa within few hours. Last evening, 77 Tunisians arrived from Sfax, after a 10-day stretch without illegal arrivals.

Boat Carrying 300 Immigrants Rescued Off Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — Another large vessel carrying about 300 immigrants has been rescued about 40 miles south of Lampedusa, where 178 refugees had arrived from Libya. There are about 300 people on the boat now assisted by Italian Coast Guard patrol boats. The exact number will only be known when the boat docks in the island’s harbour .

And from today:

800 More Migrants Reach Lampedusa

(AGI) Palermo — Another two barges brimming with immigrants reached Lampedusa last night and this morning. Almost 2,000 foreigners have landed on the island in the last 24 hours. One of the two vessels, which was carrying 360 people, reached Isola dei Conigli beach, while the other, carrying 500 passengers, was rescued about a dozen miles off the coast. Both the barges came from Libya.

Although the last article mentions a total of almost 2,000 foreigners within 24 hours, I’ll just use the figures given in these three articles: 300 + 178 + 860 = 1338 new arrivals in two days.

Thus, assuming the Italian government managed to repatriate the maximum number allowed during the same time period, we would have 1338 – (2 X 60) = 1218, or a net gain of more than 600 culture-enrichers per day. If the same rate were to continue for another six months, Italy would gain an additional 55,000 or so foreign (mostly Muslim) residents.

France and Germany will not allow Italy to ship any of this excess to other states in the Schengen area. EU human rights laws prevent the Italians from imprisoning illegal immigrants. EU laws also forbid Italy from declining to support the refugees, who must be fed, clothed, housed, and provided with other amenities at the expense of the state.

This is most assuredly an invasion.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The Italians are attempting to alleviate the load on the ports of arrival by distributing thousands of residents of the temporary camps to more permanent facilities in other parts of the country. According to AGI:

Italy: 2,500 Refugees to be Distributed Regionally From Monday

(AGI) Rome- From Monday about 2,500 CARA (Asylum Seeker Reception Centre) residents will be transferred equally among the regions. Franco Gabrielli, delegate commissioner for the humanitarian emergency, communicated the details of the Civil Protection plan to all the regions. Abruzzo is excluded from this.

Interestingly enough, France has begun the process of deporting Tunisians who have managed to get through its cordon at the Italian border. Some of them are even being deported to Italy, as their proximate point of departure. There’s no word whether the French are laboring under a daily limit on the number of allowed deportations.

According to Hurriyet:

France Begins Expelling Tunisian Migrants

France has begun deporting Tunisian immigrants, four days after asking for revisions to Europe’s open-borders treaty to confront a flood of refugees fleeing unrest in North Africa.

“Tunisians have started being sent back to their home country,” the Interior Ministry’s press office said on Friday. “Others have been sent back to Italy in conformity with an agreement reached with Italy. We don’t have any figures to provide.”

French police have conducted round-ups of Tunisians the past three nights in Paris and Marseille where they have congregated. At a park on the edge of Paris where about 400 Tunisians were camped out, police showed up after dark last night to conduct identity checks. They filled five vans with young men, but wouldn’t speak to reporters on the scene.

Notice that France is acting ahead of any changes to the Schengen Agreement, or other authorization from Brussels. This is normal behavior for the French and the Germans, who are the dominant states of the EU, and thus may ignore the rules when they deem it in their national interest.

Presumably Silvio Berlusconi made his recent deal with Nicolas Sarkozy in hopes of gaining access to a trickle-down application of the new rules to Italy. It will be interesting to see if the Italians become more aggressive and less fastidious in their own border enforcement.

The Maltese, however, are unhappy with Italian policy even in its current state. According to ANSAmed:

Maltese Minister: Italian Policy ‘Rubbish’

Valletta (Malta), April 27 — Malta’s Interior Minister Carmelo Mifsud Bonnici has called Italy’s policy of granting temporary residence permits to migrants from Tunisia “rubbish”.

Talking during a conference in Valletta on “the Libyan migration crisis”, Bonnici used harsh words against italy’s choice, saying that “the decision is not at all in Italy’s national interest”.

But what is Mr. Bonnici worried about? Is Malta a more attractive destination than Italy, so that the free-roaming migrants are likely to move there?

Malta is a tiny country with no mainland to which it can relocate its cultural enrichment. It is already overloaded with refugees in huge open-air camps, so it is presumably desperate to prevent the arrival of any more boat people.

The main plot, however, is currently being worked out in two-party consultations between France and Italy. The French and the Italians are practical people, and are not as deeply afflicted with political correctness as their more northerly neighbors. Under a fig leaf of EU legality, I expect some sort of common modus operandi to be worked out over the next few weeks, using various incentives — some nice, some not quite so nice — to induce the invaders to return whence they came, and to dissuade others from emulating their example.

But we shall see.

Hat tips: Insubria and C. Cantoni.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/29/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/29/2011In the wake of the agreement between Italy and France, Italian warplanes have begun bombing Libya, as promised. Italy had previously stayed out of the Libyan war, but has agreed to take part in hopes of gaining French support for action to stop the migration crisis.

In other news, Libyan troops loyal to Col Muammar Khedaffi have reportedly crossed into Tunisia and shelled targets there after pursuing of fleeing rebel forces across the border.

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Terry Jones Takes Advantage of a “Free Speech Zone”

As you may remember, a week ago today a jury in Dearborn, Michigan denied pastor Terry Jones the right to demonstrate against sharia in front of the Islamic Center of North America. Mr. Jones was briefly jailed for his trouble after refusing to pay a $1 “peace bond”.

He vowed to return to Dearborn in a week to demonstrate in front of City Hall, and he kept his word. This time he chose to protest in one of the city’s specially designated “free speech zones”. Counter-protesters across the street were unhappy with Mr. Jones’ exercise of his First Amendment rights, and broke through the barrier for a few moments in an attempt to accost the hated Koran-burner from Florida. Some of the “youths” threw bottles and shoes at the pastor, and several were arrested.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing this video:

Note: the young reporter who narrates most of this video repeatedly uses the word “podium” when she in fact means “lectern” — an all-too-common error nowadays, alas.

Hat tip: RE.

The Westergaard Foundation and Free Speech Campaign

Turban boom!The Danish artist Kurt Westergaard is best known for his iconic “Turban Bomb” cartoon, one of the twelve images of Mohammed which were first published back in 2005 in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Several months after the original publication, the twelve cartoons, augmented by additional images which were not part of the twelve (and at least one of which did not even depict Mohammed), were used as a pretext by Muslim provocateurs to incite mass riots abroad. Danish and Norwegian embassies in the Middle East were torched, and a number of people were killed.

The cartoonists were blamed for the violence, of course, rather than the crazed zealots who instigated and committed it. Those are the new rules of multicultural dhimmitude: when Muslims get mad at us and kill people, it’s our fault — even if all we do is draw cartoons.

In the years since, Kurt Westergaard has neither retired from the scene nor avoided further controversy, despite death threats and at least one attempt on his life. He has made the freedom of speech his driving cause, using his own experience as a warning about what everyone in the West will face if we continue to surrender to Islam and its politically correct allies.

Mr. Westergaard has recently formed a joint venture with Erik Guldager and Hans Erling Jensen to establish a new foundation for the purpose of promoting free speech. Hans Erling tells the story:

In connection with the establishment of The Westergaard Foundation we will launch the Free Press 2011 campaign.

It is all about the idea of Freedom of Expression, as expressed historically and administrated today. The intention is to create a discussion about the freedom of expression we in the West know today, and how we see it developing in the future under globalization and all the new challenges that this provides.

The concept

“Free Speech 2011” can be used as teaching material or as a framework for seminars, and for discussion forums in organizations, businesses, and institutions. During the development there will be established on-line help with direct contact to experts, where relevant questions are answered with elaboration on the topic.

The development team is happy to receive suggestions, reflections, and of course all kinds of adjustments. We are convinced that the debate about freedom of expression must necessarily be a living process that should never stop, lest we may lose it!

The initial funding will be raised by sales of signed prints of a new drawing by Mr. Westergaard, entitled “Free Speech”:

Kurt Westergaard — Free Speech (large)
(Click for a larger version)

Each drawing is signed by the artist and come with a certificate linking the buyer to the campaign Free Speech 2011.

Phyllis Chesler has a piece about the Westergaard Foundation at the NewsReal Blog.

Look on our sidebar for the smaller version of the image with an accompanying PayPal icon to purchase your own signed copy.

The press release for Free Speech 2011 is below:

Kurt Westergaard establishes a fund!

The artist and cartoonist Kurt Westergaard is now establishing a fund to support free speech. The fund is based on the idea that freedom of expression is the cornerstone of democracy, crucial to a dynamic dialogue and development of society.

Kurt Westergaard, who has received numerous national and international awards for his position on free speech, now sells the personally signed print Free Speech for the purpose of financing the Fund — The Westergaard Foundation. A fund for artists and other creative people who are suffering from violence or persecution because of their expressions!

State leaders, Nobel laureates, artists, and especially ordinary people from many parts of the world have in recent years honored and supported Kurt Westergaard, and thus recognised the importance of his persistence and beliefs.

Kurt Westergaard has with the drawing Free Speech, in his usual straightforward manner in colors and symbols, expressed free speech under difficult conditions. The drawing gives rise to reflection and imagination. The kind of imagination where Kurt Westergaard sees it as “the indomitable defender of freedom of expression.”

Once a year, the Board and an Advisory Board nominate five candidates for the prize: the Westergaard Award — a winner will be announced around November / December and a subsequent award ceremony is to take place.

The nominees will all be people who have shown the courage to stand up agains oppression. People who for example through poems, movies, by painting, singing, in theatrical or other artistic creativity showed persistence to remain true to their beliefs notwithstanding violence, prosecution, death threats, etc.

The Free Speech drawing will be sold in most parts of the world for the token price of €100. (US $150) to support the creation of the Fund.

A vendors list can be found at: and:

In a short time more can be read at:

The fund consists of a Board and a national and international Advisory Board whose members search around the world for people in the artistic and creative field who by their work have come at odds with a regime, belief, dictatorship or any other form of power that exposes the nominee to assault or threats.

Initially the Board will be composed as follows:

Hans Erling Jensen — Advisory Board
Farshad Kholghi — Advisory Board
Henryk Broder — Advisory Board

Press conference:

A press conference will be held on Monday the 2nd. of May 2011, at 10:00

The venue:

Gallery Draupner
Låsbyvej 15 8660

Please be aware that, among others for security reasons, only those reporters, photographers and TV crews can be atmitted who pre-registered in writing. (Press Card to be presented).

Written enrollment:

Erik Guldager
Låsbyvej 15 8660 Skanderborg

Questions? Contact Erik Guldager tel +45 2467 7030

Keep Quiet, Obey Instructions, and There Won’t be Any Trouble

Cultural Enrichment News

This news story from the Netherlands leaves me at a loss for words. This goes beyond the usual level of multicultural madness to reach a new level of abject dhimmitude.

From NIS News:

Netherlands: Teachers Say Schools Succumb to Violent Pupils

THE HAGUE, 29/04/11 – Schools are putting teachers under pressure to keep silent if they receive death threats from pupils. Teachers are advised against going to the police and sometimes even offered hush-money, according to TV programme EenVandaag.

A teacher recounted on EenVandaag how the school management instructed her to give a higher mark to an aggresive pupil for fear he would turn to violence if he did not receive this. This pupil had at that time already made death threats to six teachers.

There was reason to assume that the pupil was dangerous because he was a friend of the Turkish boy who shot a teacher through the head in a school in The Hague in 2008. But instead of informing the police, the school management tried to please him.

Another teacher recounted how schools sometimes dismiss teachers when they go to the police to make a report against a violent pupil. One teacher even had to promise as a condition for her severance pay that she would never discuss the threats made against her with anyone. Another teacher, whose exam questions were stolen by a pupil, was advised by the school management to buy the questions back from the thief.

One school allowed pupils to put up pornographic posters on which the faces of their teachers were used. These were only removed for the periodical parents evenings, when parents come to discuss the performance of their children with the teachers.

According to a poll by EenVandaag, 10 percent of the secondary school teachers say they have experienced physical violence in the past three years. Sometimes the perpetrator was a parent, but mostly a pupil. Some 24 percent say they receive threats of violence or death threats. The problems are worst in schools with many immigrant pupils, and at the lower educational levels.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Hat tip: C. Cantoni.

Peace in Our Time — NOT

Forget the “Jasmine Revolution” and the “Arab Spring” — the article below is a reminder of what democracy in Egypt would really mean if it were ever fully implemented. From ANSAmed:

Egypt: Poll: Majority in Favour of Ending Peace With Israel

Jerusalem, April 27 — A recent opinion poll conducted in Egypt showed that 54% of the people who were interviewed are in favour of repealing the peace treaty with Israel, while only 36% were opposed.

The survey, conducted by an American research institute on a sample of 1,000 Egyptians (the margin of error is around 4%) indicates that 30 years after the signing of the peace treaty with Israel, it is still highly unpopular in broad segments of the Egyptian population, especially in the low income bracket.

The story was given ample space in Israeli daily Haaretz, which dedicated almost the entire third page to the issue with an alarm-raising headline: “Large-scale poll in Egypt: majority wants to repeal peace treaty with Israel”. The headlines in the other major Israeli dailies, Yedioth Aharonoth and Maariv, were basically the same.

Until now the presidential candidates in Egypt appear to be openly hostile to Israel, even though, at least for some, they are not necessarily in favour of revoking the peace treaty, mainly for economic reasons.

Notice that only their commercial interests deter the major political candidates from supporting the revocation of the peace treaty.

Will business concerns loom large enough to counterbalance the Muslim Brotherhood when its mobs take to the streets demanding the destruction of the Zionist enemy?

Hat tip: Insubria.

Cold-Shouldering the Royal Wedding?

A deep indifference to today’s royal wedding kept me from paying much attention to it until this morning. Since we don’t have a television, there were no breathless announcers to remind me over and over about its epochal importance.

Then, when I opened this morning’s news headlines, I discovered how really, really significant it is — with top billing in every news service and multiple articles about Kate Middleton’s dress splashed all over the place. The event has even earned a feature illustration today on Google’s main page.

Strangely enough, the vast bulk of the coverage seems to be American — I had to scroll far down the page before I found an actual British news article, although I assume there are plenty of them.

I’m as pleased as anyone that the legitimate line of succession for House of Hanover Windsor will now be assured. But really, do we need all this?

Not everyone in the UK has joined in the frenzy, however. Having noticed that certain large commercial enterprises are displaying a lack of interest in today’s historic occasion, our British correspondent JP filed this report:

Poor Show: Cold-shouldering the Royal Wedding?

by JP

At a time when independent shops, usually those at the posher end of the spectrum, are embracing the Royal Wedding with gleeful abandon (and, it must be admitted, hard-headed business sense, for which shop-keeper would pass up the opportunity to entice customers into their store with a new, eye-catching window-display?), High Street corporates such as Boots, WH Smiths, the banks remain puzzlingly void of celebration. Why this should be so is perhaps a mystery — is this another example of a risk-averse society where bean-counters at these enterprises have balanced profits against sentiment, and accordingly decided that display of untoward patriotism might be taken amiss by certain sectors of our culturally-enriched society? Or is it a more diffuse indifference, symptom of an ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude, mistakenly projected onto their customers? Do those customers perhaps retain a deeper sense of affection for tradition and members of the Royal Family than the businesses themselves — quite happy to take their customers’ cash yet wary of sharing their passions?

Whatever the reason, or reasons, at a time when the UK is embroiled in various military campaigns as well as being involved in a life or death struggle with Islam, it seems curious that these businesses are not exactly standing shoulder to shoulder with the Royal Family, whose most prominent member, namely the Queen, is also head of the Armed Forces (see here: “The Queen as Sovereign is Head of the Armed Forces. She is also the wife, mother and grandmother of individuals either having served, or are currently serving, in the Armed Forces.” )

If Britain is a nation of shopkeepers, then some of its most well-known examples appear to have retreated into the limbo of no-man’s land without a leg to stand on. Poor show indeed.

For a more positive view, see the Evening Standard article:

London is royal party capital: Wills and Kate thrilled by plans for 2,000 outdoor celebrations

Londoners will celebrate the royal wedding with 2,000 outdoor parties, the Evening Standard has learned. The capital plans to party in record numbers to mark the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. One event will be broadcast to millions watching in the US. [….]

I can’t help but wonder if the universal celebratory mood — among the plebs, at least — isn’t evidence of a widespread subliminal hope that somehow a pretext may be found for skipping Prince “Halal” Charles in the line of succession and moving directly to a younger, more interesting, less loopy, and more photogenic monarch…

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it: it’s time for Princess Kate to buckle down to the task and start whelping out the little princes so that everyone can have a look at them.

Camp of the Saints: Letting Diplomacy Work

Pantelleria: boatload of refugees #2

Italy received a week’s respite — or, as AGI puts it, a “truce” — from the landing of North African refugees on the shores of Lampedusa. The “Camp of the Saints” scenario took a brief breather, but today the flood of cultural enrichment resumed:

(AGI) Lampedusa — 77 boat people landed on the island of Lampedusa this evening. The migrants, whose conditions are fairly good, said the boat sailed off the Tunisian city of Sfax. The boat breaks a truce which lasted over a week

There’s no suggestion of what caused the “truce” — whether the Tunisian government was somehow persuaded to prevent the boats from leaving, and somehow managed to succeed in doing so. But in any case, the flow has started again.

During the lull, the European migration crisis moved up to the diplomatic level, as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and French President Nicolas Sarkozy met in a summit to discuss the tensions between the two countries over the Tunisian migrants and their persistent attempts to cross from Italy into France. Regular readers will remember that the Italians angered the French by issuing temporary residence visas to the newcomers, which would allow them to move freely through countries that are signatories to the Schengen Agreement. France, Germany, and most other EU countries objected to Italy’s actions. Schengen or no Schengen, they vowed not to allow any North African riff-raff into their countries, even if it meant reintroducing border controls.

Messrs. Sarkozy and Berlusconi now claim to have ironed out their differences and cut a deal. The Italians have agreed to help bomb the Libyans — which they had resisted up until now — and in return, the French have promised to look into reforming the Schengen Agreement. The French end of the deal sounds pretty vague — after all, the Italians will have to honor their end of the bargain very quickly, and start raining down ordnance on Libya. But any reform of Schengen must involve the entire EU, and could take years to achieve — assuming that major players such as Germany can be enticed into allowing any meaningful reform.

Here are some of the details of the proposed reform from AKI:

Berlusconi: Sarkozy Call for Changes to Schengen

Rome, 26 April (AKI) — Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and French president Nicolas Sarkozy together called for a revision of the Schengen treaty which removes border controls among the 25 European members.

“We both believe that in exceptional circumstances there should be variations to the Schengen treaty on which we have decided to work together,” Berlusconi said, echoing comments by Sarkozy at a joint news conference after a summit in Rome.

Berlusconi and Sarkozy said they have signed a letter to be sent to European Commission, the EU’s executive body to propose changes to the treaty allowing individual states to temporarily suspend the free movement of people under certain circumstances.


“We want the Schengen treaty to live, but to live it has to be changed,” Sarkozy said.

And La Stampa has more about the “bombs-for-bombast” aspect of the deal, plus the business deals that went along with it:

Italian Bombs for French Bombast

La Stampa, 27 April 2011

“Italian bombs on Libya in exchange for French help with the migrants”: that’s how La Stampa columnist Lucia Annunziata sums up the significance of the agreement signed yesterday in Rome between Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi and French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Apparently a reasonable deal, but, Lucia Annunziata notes, “one in which Italy is shouldering the heaviest burden,” as it commits the country to take part in NATO airstrikes on Libya. For its part, Paris restricted itself to “vague commitments” on reforming the Schengen agreements. One point of contention remains in economic relations: faced with the offensive from French companies seeking to take over the jewels of Italian industry, Berlusconi has put aside the economic patriotism of Italy and is backing the emergence of major Franco-Italian groups. In return, Sarkozy has assured Berlusconi of his support for the candidacy of the governor of the Bank of Italy Mario Draghi for the head of the European Central Bank.

The Netherlands — including Geert Wilders’ party — is willing to contemplate revisions to Schengen:

THE HAGUE, 28/04/11 — The Netherlands attaches importance to the open borders within the Schengen countries. But if other member states want to tighten up the Schengen treaty, The Hague is prepared to do so, according to Immigration and Asylum Minister Gerd Leers.

Leers said in a debate with the Lower House he has not yet heard anything about proposals which Italy and France want to make for changes in the Schengen treaty for free movement in the affiliated countries. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi discussed this in Rome on Tuesday. If however they want more scope for taking action in emergency situations, then they will find the Netherlands on their side, said Leers. “Then it could be a matter of temporarily increased control at the border.”

Italy has given thousands of Tunisians a residence permit for six months, with which they can travel through the Schengen countries. The Netherlands had already indicated that it was not happy with this. Closing the borders is however no solution for the stream of migrants from North Africa to Europe, said Leers.

The Party for Freedom (PVV) is in fact urging border controls, but Leers is not in favour of “again putting customs officials everywhere.” He did say that tighter checkups are being made on Tunisians wishing to come to the Netherlands with an Italian residence permit.

As in other countries, the foreign police at airports and border crossings look carefully at whether Tunisians who want to enter the country meet the requirements for this. They must have a passport and enough money for their own maintenance, and must not have any criminal record.

Italy has actually begun deportations, and there’s no indication that these latest deportees are known criminals, as was the case with some of the earlier repatriations.

Notice, however, that Italy is limited to sixty deportations per day, which is lower than the rate at which immigrants have been arriving since early in January — an average of about 300 per day. The Italians have sent back 650 since April 5, which amounts to about thirty a day — or 10% of the rate that would be required to reverse the flow.

According to AKI:

Italy: Tunisians Deported Under Controversial Bilateral Accord

Palermo, 28 April (AKI) — Thirty Tunisians were on Thursday due to be deported from southern Italy, where some 23,000 Tunisian migrants have landed since the unrest that toppled longtime president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January.

The migrants will be returned to their homeland aboard a flight from the Sicilian city of Palermo, under an accord signed by Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni and his Tunisian counterpart on 5 April, the Italian interior ministry said.

The agreement allows up to 60 Tunisian migrants to be deported per day on two flights. Rights group Amnesty International last week wrote to the Italian government urging it to stop “summary deportations” and guarantee the migrants are properly assessed for asylum and other forms of protection.

Italy has repatriated 650 migrants since the pact was signed, according to the interior ministry. The migrants are deported from Sicily and the Italian mainland after being transferred from the tiny southern fishing island of Lampedusa where most arrive from Tunisia.

To get a feeling for the sort of “help” the Italians can expect from the EU, consider this report about an EU court ruling which forbids the Italians to imprison illegal immigrants:

EU: Top Court Throws Out Italian Law Making Illegal Immigration a Crime

The Hague, 28 April (AKI) — Italy cannot punish illegal migrants with jail, the European Union’s Court of Justice said on Thursday. The ruling struck down a key piece of legislation passed by the Italian government to bolster the hardline immigration policies it pledged to implement while in office.

The EU Court of Justice ruled that jailing migrants contradicts an EU directive whose main objective is “to set up an effective policy to drive out and repatriate third country nationals whose stay (in the EU) is irregular, while respecting their fundamental rights,” the court said in a statement.

The court is tasked with ensuring that EU directives are interpreted and applied in the same way in all EU countries

Under Italy’s 2009 law, migrants who enter Italy illegally and refuse to leave face a prison sentence of from one to four years and fines of up to 10,000 euros, followed by immediate expulsion.

A Italian court in the northern city of Trento had referred to the EU court the case of an Algerian, Hassen El Dridi, who in 2010 was ordered to leave Italy within five days because he did not have a residence permit.

El Dridi ignored the court order and was given a one-year jail term which El Dridi appealed.

The EU court said that following its ruling, judges in Trento should “disapply” the jail terms contained in Italy’s immigration legislation.

Italy’s interior minister Roberto Maroni said he was “dissatisfied” with the court ruling and was considering taking action against it.

“In the coming days, I will evaluate the consequences of this sentence and see what can be done to remedy it,” he said.

“The European Court of Justice’s decision leaves me dissatisfied because there are other European countries that have made illegal immigration a crime and have not been censured for this,” Maroni said.

“Second, if illegal immigration is legitimised, its decriminalisation together with an EU directive on repatriation will make it impossible to deport migrants,” he added.

Now, let’s think about this…

Illegal immigration should not be made a crime. Yet illegal activity is by definition a crime, so we may presume that the Humpty-Dumptys at the EU Court of Justice will soon be commanding new meanings for statutory words as they see fit.

In any case, Italy cannot imprison its illegal immigrants.

However, if it releases migrants from their holding facilities by giving them temporary residence permits, the EU squawks about that solution too.

EU human rights law also forbids Italy from turning away all those boatloads of culture enrichers.

As we saw above, despite its recent agreement with Tunisia, Italy cannot deport the migrants fast enough to turn the tide.

Every door to a normal, responsible solution has been systematically closed.

You see where all this is leading, don’t you?

Unless other European countries really do alter the Schengen agreement to allow for the movement of the immigrants beyond Italy’s borders — which is obviously what Mr. Berlusconi is hoping to get in return for bombing Libya — Italy will have to release the new arrivals into the general population and treat them the same way they do any other residents. The government will be required to feed and house the refugees — such is demanded by EU asylum laws — and, if they have trouble finding jobs, the state may have to continue to support them for years or even decades.

The EU has offered to help pay for the expense of all this enrichment, but that is the extent of its commitment to help. The crisis is to be quarantined in Italy, and the European Union will shoulder part of the costs.

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, the “Camp of the Saints” crisis is much more than an economic problem. If present trends continue, it will destroy the social fabric of Italian civil society.

If you want to know what the new, culturally enriched Italy will look like, watch this video of street prayers taken just a few days ago:

What will Italian cities look like after 100,000 or 200,000 more immigrants have been released into the general population?

Does the rest of Europe think that Italy will simply allow all this to happen?

Hat tips: C. Cantoni and Fjordman. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for YouTubing the video.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/28/2011

Gates of Vienna News Feed 4/28/2011The White House has released what it says is a scan of President Obama’s “long form” birth certificate. However, some independent document analysts maintain that it is an obvious digital composite, put together using Photoshop or a similar application, and altered to make the data entered in the boxes apply to Mr. Obama.

In other news, in the wild, wonderful, wacky lunatic asylum formerly known as the United Kingdom, a pub singer on the Isle of Wight was arrested by police on suspicion of racially aggravated harassment after performing the disco song “Kung Fu Fighting”. His performance sparked a complaint from some Oriental passers-by.

Meanwhile, an animal rights group at the University of Illinois maintains that the word “pet” should no longer be used, but should be replaced by “animal companion”, so as to preserve the dignity of the relationship between humans and other species. When describing animals who are not our companions, the organization also wants to replace the word “wild” — which can have negative connotations — with “free-ranging”.

To see the headlines and the articles, open the full news post.

Thanks to AC, C. Cantoni, Fjordman, Kitman, Nilk, Srdja Trifkovic, Steen, Takuan Seiyo, TV, and all the other tipsters who sent these in.

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A Rosetta Stone for Ann Barnhardt, Part 4

Rosetta Stone: Ann BarnhardtThe third language in the Ann Barnhardt Rosetta Stone project is Hebrew.

We’ve run into another snag: since the previous installment in this series, Vlad’s regular YouTube channel has been deleted. He’s using his backup channel for these videos. There may be some earlier ones missing now — we’re not sure. But Vlad hopes to have crucial videos up on the other channel as soon as possible.

Below are Hebrew-subtitled versions of Ms. Barnhardt burning the Koran (the originals, with a transcript, are posted here). To avoid the “Blogger bug”, I’ve placed the videos below the jump, followed by the complete Hebrew transcripts.

Here’s the list of languages so far. French may well be next:

Albanian German * Portuguese *
Danish * Greek * Russian *
Dutch * Hebrew Spanish
Finnish * Italian * Swedish *
French † Polish *

(* = assigned but not yet received; † = received but not yet posted)

Many thanks to DarLink for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 1: Hebrew
Translated by DarLink

00:05   הארנו טדרהנרב הנא ימש.םולש
00:08   םינורחאה םישנאה ןיב ינאש
00:11   יהשלכ תומכ םתולעבב שיש תיברעמה היצזיליביצב וראשנש
00:15   םהארג יסדניל רוטנס תא יתיאר .חומ םגו םיציב לש
00:20   :רפיש בוב לש ותלאש לע ךכ הנע אוהו רקובה “המואה תא שוגפ” תינכותב
00:25   “?ןארוקה רפס םיפרושש ב”הרא יחרזא םע והשמ תושעל ןתינ םאה”
00:28   .ןובשחו ןיד תתל םישנא םתוא תא בייחל ךרד אוצמל ונלוכיו יאוולה …ןכ ” טוטיצ
00:33   ,הינשה םלועה תמחלמ ךלהמב .המחלמב עגרכ ונחנא ךא רדהנ ןויער אוה רובידה שפוח
00:39   …וניביוא תא דדועמ היה הז םא ,רמול תלוכיש המל תולבגמ ויה
00:42   הקירמאב ןאכ הז גוסמ תולועפ דגנ לועפל תורשפא ונל שיש םעפ לכב
00:46   .טוטיצ ףוס “.ךכ תושעל ונילע ,ונלייח תא תונכסמש
00:50   ,2008 ב אישנל רחבנ היה ןייקמ ןו’ג וליאו ינקילבופר אוה םהרג יסדניל
00:55   .תירבה תוצרא לש יללכה עבותכ םויה דבוע היה םהרג יסדניל
01:00   .טפשמ ירחא טפשמ םהרג לש ויתולימ תא חתננ ואוב ילש םירבסהה ךרואל תאז ורכזת
01:05   “בייחל ךרד אוצמל ונלוכיו יאוולה …ןכ :טוטיצ ,ןושאר טפשמ
01:09   ? המ לע ?ןובשחו ןיד תתל םישנאה תא בייחל טוטיצ ףוס “.ןובשחו ןיד תתל םישנא םתוא תא
01:15   םיהולא די לע הנתינש תוכזה שומימ לע
01:19   – הקוחה ידי לע תנגומו
01:21   ,רובידה שפוח ,הבשחמה שפוחל תוכז
01:24   ! רומח ייה ? תדה שפוחו יוטיבה שפוח
01:29   ? תירבה תוצרא לש הקוחל ןושארה ןוקיתה תא תארק אל םאה
01:31   קוח קקוחי אל סרגנוקה” .ךרובע ותוא אירקהל יל השרה .הנה
01:37   ;ךכל םאתהב תדה לש תווצמ םויק רסוא וא ,תד לש הדוסיי תא ריקומה
01:43   ;תונותיעה שפוח וא ,רובידה שפוח תא םצמצמ וא
01:47   לשממל רותעלו ,הוולש הרוצב דגאתהל םיחרזאה לש םתוכז תא וא
01:52   תושעל הצור םהרג יסדנילש המ זא “.תולווע לש ןוקית לבקל ידכ
01:57   םלסיא המשו תד המדמש תינדורו תיטילופ תכרעמ םמורל הז
02:04   הקוחל ןושארה ןוקיתה תא סמור ףאו ףילחמש סוטטסל
02:11   ,קוחב תנגומו תדחוימ תונוילע לש בצמב וזה תכרעמה תא םקממ ךכו
02:17   קפסמו םיאתמ דובכ תנגפהב ןולשיכ וא םלסיאה יפלכ תרוקיב לכ הבש
02:23   .עשפ הז םלסיאה רפסל
02:28   !ךתומכש רומח ,יסדניל ייה
02:30   .”היראש” ארקנ הז ?ארקנ הז ךיא עדוי התא
02:34   .טעמ דוע ןאכ ןארוק רפס ףורשל תכלוה ינא ?ךלש היעבה לזאזעל המ
02:39   ?ךומכש ןקחש ,יישעמ לע ןובשחו ןיד תתל יתוא חירכתו אובת אלש המל , יסדניל
02:43   .הקוחל ןושארה ןוקיתל םאתהב יתויוכז שומימ לע יתוא רוצעת.המידק
02:48   .תאז השעת .ימצע תא ריבסאש ידכ סרגנוקל יתוא רורגת
02:53   תונמדזהה לע גנעתא ינא .הזמ רשוא רתוי יל בסיש רבד ןיא
02:58   .הקירמא לש תירבה תוצראב םילעופ ונחנא הבש ךרדה תא ךל ריבסהל
03:04   .ןמזומ התא ,ינודא ,יב םחליהל הצור התא םא
03:06   , םייתסי ונלש בירה הבש הדיחיה ךרדה ,יב םחליהל רחוב התא םאש ןיבת לבא
03:10   רדהנ ןויער הז רובידה שפוח” :אבה טוטיצ .םיתורישב בביימ ךתא איה
03:18   טוטיצ ףוס .”המחלמב עגרכ ונחנא ךא
03:21   ?רדהנ ןויער הז רובידה שפוח
03:24   .תירבה תוצרא לשו תיברעמה היצזיליביצה לש דוסיה ןבא הז
03:29   .םיישפוחו םיינוביר םימרוג םה םדא ינב
03:33   .הנידמה לש םיטובור וא שוכר אל םה םדא ינב
03:37   .דיגהל המו בושחל המ םישנאל רמוא אל לשממה
03:41   דיגהל המו בושחל המ לשממל םירמוא םישנאה
03:45   .הקוחה תחת ינקילבופרה יגוצייה להנמה ינונגנמ תועצמאב
03:49   םצעב תורושק ולש ולאה תורימאהש תדשוח ינא םלוא
03:53   ירט לע לכתסמ התא ,םהרג יסדניל .םזיטילאו תילאוטקלטניא תוריהיל
03:57   ,יוגיה טומ תרוצב םפש םע טושפ שיא האור התאו סנו’ג
04:01   הטיסרבינואב הלכשה לש ןורתי אלל ימורד אטבמ םע רבדמש
04:05   והומכ םירבגש הנכסמל עיגמ התאו .תיתרקוי
04:09   ףופכב תימצעה תילאוטקלטניאה תונובירל םיאירחא תויהל םילגוסמ אל
04:13   ךתויה ףקותב ,התא ןכלו ןושארה ןוקיתל
04:17   בישקת .ותוא ןסרל בייח ,רתוי ההובג תילאוטקלטניא המרב
04:21   לכ לע לח הקוחל ןושארה ןוקיתה .הככ דבוע אל הז.רומח
04:25   הלאקס יפל דבוע אל הז .הווש הרוצב ב”הרא יחרזא
04:29   הלכשהב עקשוהש ףסכה תומכל םאתהב תדרוי וא הלוע
04:33   םאה הלאשב תנתומ וא ,םדא לש הסנכהה הבוג וא
04:37   ,קחשל הצור התאש קחשמה הז םא ךא .ןואט’גרו’גב תוביסמל ךתוא םינימזמ
04:41   ,ךלש תילאוטקלטניאה המרבש והשימ םא שארב שאר תכלל הצור התא םא.היעב ןיא
04:45   .יתא ןויד חתפת , יירחא אוב .הנכומ ינא
04:49   סנו’ג ירט דעב אלמ הפב איה יתדמע
04:53   טוטיצ :אבה טפשמ .ךכב האג ינאו
04:57   ,רמול תלוכיש המל תולבגמ ויה ,הינשה םלועה תמחלמ ךלהמב
05:01   טוטיצ ףוס “…וניביוא תא דדועמ היה הז םא
05:05   רובידה שפוח לע תודיחיה תולבגהה ךומכש רומח ,יסדניל
05:09   תורושק ויה תורחא תומחלמ לכו הינשה םלועה תמחלמ ךלהמב
05:13   אלו וניביוא יפלכ הרזעו דודיע ירבדל
05:17   תוארל ךל אצי םעפ יא םאה .ביואה תא ועיתרה וא ואכיד,וליפשהש םילימל
05:21   “ספאי” זוב יוניכב םינפיל תורוקה הינשה םלועה תמחלמ ימימ תוזרכ
05:25   ? םדל תואמצה ףרט תויחכ םיצאנה תא תוארמ וא
05:29   סנוט ינול – דואמ ןוכנ – ןכ , רנרוו םיחאה לש םיריוצמ םיטרס תוארל םעפ ףא ךל אצי אל
05:33   םימחר אלל וליפשהו לע וקחצש המחלמה ךלהמב וקפוהש
05:37   לח ילמרופ אלה רוסיאה ?םיקלטיאהו םינאפיה ,םינמרגה תא
05:41   וא הסובת ירבד לע המחלמה ןמזב
05:45   התאש המ קוידב הזש ביואה יפלכ סויפ
05:49   .ךומכש םטמוטמ רומח ,ךירבדב השוע
05:53   דגנ לועפל תורשפא ונל שיש םעפ לכב” טוטיצ ,אבה טפשמ
05:57   ,ונלייח תא תונכסמש הקירמאב ןאכ הז גוסמ תולועפ
06:01   .טוטיצ ףוס “.ךכ תושעל ונילע
06:05   ,רובידה שפוח שומימש ןוויכ ?דגנ לועפל
06:09   קוח רמוש יאקירמא חרזא ידי לע עצוב , ןאכ רבודמ ובש
06:13   תירבה תוצרא לש עבשומה ביואה דגנכ
06:17   ,םהרג רוטנס , התאו ,םאלסיאה אוהש ,ולש הקוחהו
06:21   לש התמצוע תרזעב ”דגנכ תולועפ” לע רבדמ
06:25   תטלחה רבכ התא וליאכ יל הארנ שממ הז ,תירבה תוצרא תלשממ
06:29   תירבה תוצרא יחרזא דגנכ םאלסיאה לש תירב תלעב איה תירבה תוצרא תלשממש
06:33   םיקפסמ הכרעהו דובכ םיניגפמ אלש
06:37   ,םהרג רוטנס .םאלסיאל
06:41   !תחתל ןתוא ףוחדלו ךלש תותיחנה ישגר תא תחקל לוכי התא
06:45   םישמממש םיטוירטפ םיאקירמא םישאהל זעת אלשו
06:49   דיחיה רבדה .ונלייח תא םינכסמ םהש ךכב ,הקוחה לש ןושארה ןוקיתה יפל םתויוכז תא
06:53   םיינדבוא “שאב החיתפ ילהנ” הלא ,ונלייח תא ןכסמ ןכאש
06:57   םחליהל םיצימאה ונלייחמ םיענומש םייתסובתו
07:01   חלוש התא.ונביוא תא חצנלו תיתמא הרוצב
07:04   ,תשומחת םהל קפסל ברסמ זאו ברקל ונינב תא
07:07   , רוראה ןיד ךרוע לש רושיא אלל ביואב םחליהל םהל רשפאל ברסמ
07:12   חוכ דגנ םימחלנ םהש ןמזב “םיחרזא” ב םחליהל תורשפא םהל תתל ברסמו
07:18   ונתוא םישאהל זעמ התא ךיא .”םיחרזא” מ %100 -ב בכרומש
07:23   ?ונלייח ןוכיסב
07:27   םירחאו דיירו ירק רוטנס םע תפתושמ הדובעל הפצמ ינא” ןורחא טוטיצ
07:32   , םלועה יבחר לכב תומילא תונגל .הז תא תונגל ידכ
07:36   :תחא הלאש קר יל שי טוטיצ ףוס ,”תדב הרוקמש
07:41   ?טדרהנרב ןא וא סנו’ג ירט לש תומילא ישעמ םה המ
07:47   ?והשימ ונפקת םאה ?והשימ ונגרה םאה
07:51   ?ונעציב תומילא ישעמ וליא ?והשימ לש ושאר תא ונפרע םאה
07:55   ?תומילא השעמל םגרותמ וילע ויד םע ריינ תפירש ךיא
08:00   ?םדא ייחל ךרע הווש אוה ריינמ יושעה ,הזה ץפחה ךיא
08:06   גרהל תוהז רפסה תפירשו םיפדה תעירקש ןעוט תונכב התא םאה
08:10   ?ךילע רבוע המ ?םדא ןב לש שארה תפירע וא
08:17   ך”נתה תא םיפרוש םישנא רשאכ דחוימב םישגרתמ אל ,םירצונה ,ונחנא המל עדוי התא
08:21   ? תורצנ ילמס תועצמאב תועזעזמו שדוק תוללחמ תונומת םירצוי וא
08:28   הנומתו בוש סיפדהל ןתינ ך”נתש םיניבמ ונחנאש ינפמ הז
08:32   בלצה תנומת .הנומת קר וז
08:36   .בצעל ונל תמרוג ןתש תאלמ תנצנצ ךותב העוקשה
08:40   .ןתשב עבוטה ומצע ושי הזש םינימאמ ונאש ללגב אלו
08:46   שואייהו הקוצמה , תזמרנה האנשה ללגב םיבוצע תויהל ונל םרוג הז
08:49   .ול םיעירמה ולא לשו רבד הזכ רציש ןמואה לש
08:55   .יח היה ןיידע אוה רשאכ פרו’תלפיימ טרבור תא גורהל וצר אל םירצונה
08:59   םיהולאה תא הלגיש ידכ ורובע ללפתהל וניצר ונחנא
09:04   .ןדע ןגל עיגנ ונלוכ דחא םויש ידכ ,ןיעל םיטלובה וירסיימ ררחתשיו
09:08   תירטילאטוט תיטילופ תכרעמ לש למסה אוה .ןארוקה תפירשל ונלש הביסה תאז
09:14   תוברתב םדא ינב תדבעשמש תכרעמ .תינדורו
09:19   .יעבט-אל תוומו המשל תומילא שואיי, הייטס ,הווקת רסוח ,לבס לש
09:26   ,םהרג רוטנס ,רומח הזכ תייה אל וליאו
09:31   תיטילופה תכרעמה לש תחתה תא קשנלב ךנמז תא זבזבמ תייה אלו
09:35   .תאז ןיבמ תייה ילוא ,הינשב ךנורג תא ףסשתש

Part 2: Hebrew
Translated by DarLink

00:04   .יזכרמה עוריאל , וישכעו
00:08   .ילש ןארוקה הנה
00:14   .ןארוקה לש תימיטיגלו תימשר הסרג וזש ךכ תיברעו תילגנאב ספדומ אוה
00:20   םיקוספ המכ יתנמיס ינא
00:24   ,םתוא ןמסל ידכו
00:25   .ןארוקה רפסל רתויב הבוטה הינמיסה אוהש ןוויכמ ריזח ילתוקב יתשמתשה
00:32   ,םיקוספה תא ארקאו ופוס דע רפסה תליחתמ הלועה רדסב תוינמיסה לכ לע רובעא ינא
00:36   ,ןארוקה ךותמ דומעה תא ערקא ינא ,יתנמיסש קוספה תא אירקאש ירחאו
00:40   .תוריהמב םושרל וצרת ילוא ,ןושאר קוספ .ותוא תיצאו ילש הפירשה לכימ ךותב ותוא םישא
00:46   ,191 קוספ 2 הרוס
00:50   ,םתוא ואצמת םתאש םוקמ לכב םירפוכב ומחלת“
00:51   .עורו לבז ירבד ”.ונממ םכתא וקיחרה םהש םוקמ לכמ םתוא ושרגתו
00:57   .תובהלב הלועו ךלוה הז הנה
01:03   תאב ונממש םונהגל רוזחת
01:09   .ילש ריזחה לתוק תינמיסמ תרטפנ ינא
01:13   193 קוספ 2 הרוס ,רותב אבה
01:22   קספית םילילע תדובעש דע םירפוכב ומחלת “
01:25   ”.וחצני הללא לש ויקוחו
01:30   הצוחה ףדה תא תכשומ ינא ,עור
01:33   .רעבת ,קותמ ,רעבת .הרודמל ,לבז
01:40   .ילש ןוקייבה תיינמיס תא הצוחה תכשומ .רותב אבה
01:44   24 קוספ 4 הרוסב ונחנא.רדסב .בגא ךרד ,יהולא הלש חירה
01:54   .המחלמה ןמזב יבשב ולפנ ןה םא אלא ,תורוסא ןה תואושנ םישנ ,ןכ ומכ”
02:00   עובקל איה קוספה לש תועמשמה “.הללא לש וצה אוה הז
02:05   ,השוע הזה קוספהש המ .בכשל רוסא וא רתומ רבגל ימ םע
02:08   .בוש הז תא אירקהל יל ושרת .דהי’ג ידכ ךות וספתנש םישנ לש סנוא ריתהל הז
02:14   ,תורוסא ןה תואושנ םישנ ,ןכ ומכ” .24 קוספ 4 הרוס הז
02:19   “.הללא לש וצה אוה הז .המחלמה ןמזב יבשב ולפנ ןה םא אלא
02:23   .לזאזעל תכלל לוכי אוה זא ,יתמא הנוז ןב אוה הללא ,בוט
02:28   ןהמ תינהנש םישנל ןת” .24 קוספמ הז םג
02:34   רחא והשמל םיכסת םא אטח הווהי אל הז .המכוסש הינודנ
02:39   עדוי לכה טלחהב אוה הללא .הינודנה תא תמלישש רחאל תידדה הרוצב
02:43   םצעב הווהמ הזה קוספה “.רתויב םכחו
02:47   הינודנה תא השיאל םלשמ רבג םא .תונזל יקוח ףקות
02:51   .תובייחתה לכ אלל התא בכשל לוכי אוה ,יהשלכ ףסכ תומכ וא
02:57   .עשר הנוז ןב אוה הללא יכ םלוכמ םכחו לכה עדוי הללאש קפס ןיאו
03:02   .34:4 הרוסל אבה ,בוט
03:05   תוברה ויתושנמ תחאש רבג לע תרבדמ וז הרוס
03:12   34:4 הז .ישפוחה הנוצרמ ותא בכשל תברסמ
03:15   .תענכשמ הרוצב ןתא רבד ,ךתא בכשל תודגנתמש םישנה יבגל”
03:19   .ןתוא דירטהל ילבמ ןתטימב דבל ןתוא ריאשת הז ירחא
03:22   ןתא בכשת זאו ןתוא הכת הז ירחא
03:27   ךתשא תא תוכהל רושיא ןתונ הז “.ןוצר ולגי ןה רשאכ
03:29   .עור ,עור ,עור .ךתא בכשל תברסמ איה םא
03:35   םוקמ ול ןיאש ןוויכ הז דומע ףורשנ ונחנאו
03:45   ךלנ ואוב ,רותב אבה .תתברותמ הרבחב
03:49   .33:5 הרוסל
03:54   הללא דגנ םימחלנש הלאל שנועה”
03:56   ,דמחומ אוהש ולש איבנהו
03:59   םתוא בולצל וא םתוא גורהל אוה ,ץראב תוערפה םיעצבמו
04:02   ינש דצב לגר ףכו דחא דצב די תחקלו
04:06   .עור “.םתוא ךותחלו
04:09   .ףרשית,ףרשית ,ףרשית
04:16   .הצוחה ילש הינמיסה תא ףולשא ,בוט
04:21   .8 הרוסב ונחנא ,רותב אבה
04:31   .12:8 הרוס הנה
04:33   .םכתא ינא ,םיכאלמל רמא הללאו”
04:37   םירפוכה לש םביל תא אלמא .םינימאמה תא וקזחתו וכל
04:40   םראווצב וכה ,ןכל .רורטב
04:45   .םירפוכה לש םישאר תפירעל האירק וז “.םתלוכי תא וללשתו םהיקרפמ לכבו
04:49   .הז תא ףורשנ ונחנא ןכלו עור הז . לכה לש רוקמה הז
04:55   .תאב ונממש םונהגל הרזח
05:14   ?וישכע ונל שי המ הארנ ואוב
05:16   .5 קוספ 9 הרוס .9 הרוס ! ההא ,ונל שי
05:24   ,המיחלל םירוסאש םישדוח ורמגי רשאכ ךא ” .הלודג תחא וז
05:29   .רוצמ םהילע ומישתו ,םייובשל םתוא וחקתו םתוא ואצמתש םוקמ לכב םילילעה ידגוס תא וחצרת
05:34   “.ירשפא םוקמ לכב םהל ובראתו
05:42   .אבה
05:47   9 רפסמ האלפנה הרוסב ןידע
05:53   ,רפסה ישנאב ומחלת”.29 קוספ
05:57   “.םינימאמ אלש הלא
05:58   .רפסה ישנא ,ונחנא הז ,םידוהיו םירצונ,בגא ךרד
06:02   הללאב םינימאמ אלש רפסה ישנאמ ולאב ומחלת”
06:06   הללאש המ לע םירסוא אלש הלא .ןורוחאה םויבו
06:08   ,יהולאה קוחה תא םילבקמ אלשו ,ורסא וחילשו
06:12   “.העינכב היזי’ג סמ ומלשיש דע םהב ומחלת
06:17   .ןברוחמ סמ םוש םלשל תנווכתמ אל ינא .עור
06:23   .רותב אבה .ףרשית ,ףרשית , ףרשית
06:28   םיננחתמ םתא םאב “.80 קוספ .הבוטה 9 הרוסב ןיידע
06:34   .םהל חלשי אל הללא ,אל וא םרובע הליחמל
06:39   הללאב ונימאה אל םהש ןוויכ ,םעפ 70 וננחתת םא וליפא
06:42   .”םיניירבעל ךרד ריאמ אל הללאו .ולש חילשבו
06:48   .9 הרוסב ןיידע ונחנא ,רותב אבה .עור
07:14   .123 קוספ
07:17   םכביבסמ םירפוכה תא וחצרת.םינימאמה ,וה”
07:22   “.םכב תוירזכא אוצמל םהל ונתו
07:26   .לזאזעל ךלת.תמאב
07:31   .הנה
07:34   .42 קוספ 13 הרוסב ונחנא וישכע
07:41   םהינפל וכלהש הלא חוטב”
07:44   ,ומיר
07:45   “השוע דחא לכ המ עדוי אוה יכ ,םלוכמ המרמ רתוי אוה הללא ךא
07:49   לעופש ךכ לע זמרמש יאמר םיהולאל ארוק הז
07:53   ןטש איה הללא לש תיתמאה תוהזה ,ןרקשו
07:59   ,הללא ,םונהגל הרזחב ךל .הז לע םיכסהל םילוכי ונלוכש תבשוח ינאו
08:12   .תאב םשמש
08:13   .רותב אבה
08:20   .1 קוספ 23 הרוס
08:28   ,וחילצי םייתמא םינימאמ”
08:29   ,תורתומ לע םירתוומש הלא ,םיעונכש הלא
08:34   ,םתועינצ לע םינגמש ,רפתשהל םיפאושש הלא
08:39   “.תוחפשו םהיתושנמ ץוח לכמ
08:42   .תושגליפלו ,שגליפ תקזחהל רושיא הז
08:50   .הז תא ףורשנ .עור
08:52   .הנה
08:59   .רותב אבה
09:00   ,םירפוכב םימחלנ םתא רשאכ” .4 קוספ 47 הרוס
09:05   “.םידבעכ םתוא וקיזחת, זא ,םהילע ורבגתת רשא דע , םראווצב םתוא וכת
09:10   .הנה .הז תא םיסנמ םכתוא תוארל הצור ינא ,ןכ
09:33   .רותב אבה
09:37   .24 קוספ 52 הרוס
09:41   .םלסיאב בר ךרע הז גהנמל שי ,םינטק םינבו םירבג ןיב ןימב רבודמ
09:46   ,תויכנוקב םינינפ ומכ ,םיריעצ םינבו” .24:52 הרוס ,בוש
09:52   םיקוספ הברה ןאכ שי “ובבותסי
09:55   .תוועמ הז .אשונב
10:00   תילאוסקסומוה היליפודפ, תוילאוסקסומוה לע רמאמ בותכל תנווכתמ ינא
10:07   .בורקה ןמזב םלסיאב תילאוסקסורטה היליפודפו
10:13   .17 קוספ 56 הרוס איה רותב האבה .תוברתב לבוקמ הזש ינפמ
10:20   םיעיבג ביבסמ וריבעי תרמגנ אלש החירפה ישב םינב בוש”
10:25   התועמשמ תרמגנ אלש החירפ “.םיקובקבו
10:29   ימלסומה רבגהש המ הזו .רמגנ אלש תורגבתהה ליג
10:33   .תורגבתהה ליגבו תורגבתהה ליג ינפל םינטק םינב ,תינימ ךשומ אוצמל דמול
10:37   ,םינבה בור וא,םירבגה בור .החוד תמאב,תמאב הז
10:45   תודליה תא רובעל םיחילצמ אל תימלסיאה תוברתב
10:48   ,םרותב םה זאו .םירבג ידי לע ילאנא וא ילרוא סנוא אלל
10:55   םה םלסיאה תוברתב םירבגה בורו .תינימ תוללעתה לש לגעמה תא םיחיצנמ
11:01   .םישוריג,65 הרוסל וישכע .םילאוסקסומוה םיליפודפ וא םילאוסקסומוה
11:08   ,תולבה ליגל ועיגהש םישנ יבגל” ,4:65
11:13   ,תוקפס םכל שיו הרקמב
11:15   ,םישדוח השולש איה הנתמהה תפוקת
11:18   איה השוע תאז הרוסש המ “.רוזחמב אל דועש הלאל הנתמהה תפוקת ומכ
11:23   .בוש תאז אירקהל יל ושרת .תורגבתהה ליג ינפל תודלי םע ןימ תרשאמ
11:28   “,תולבה ליגל ועיגהש ךלש םישנה יבגל”
11:30   ,תוקפס ךל שיו הרקמב” ,תורגובמ םישנ םה הלא
11:33   .םישדוח השולש איה הנתמהה תפוקת
11:38   ןימ יסחי רשאמ הז “רוזחמב אל דועש הלאל הנתמהה תפוקתש ומכ
11:43   12,13 ליגל תחתמ תודלי םע
11:49   .עור הזו
11:51   .עור .הזל תרחא הלימ ןיא
11:56   ,ףוסבלו .הז תא ףורשנ
12:02   19 קוספ 76 הרוס ןורחא טוטיצ
12:11   חצנל םיריעצש םינבו”
12:13   ,םתוא ותרשיו םהניב ובבותסי
12:15   “תורזופמ םינינפ ומכ םהש ,ובשחת םתא ,םהילע ולכתסת םא
12:18   .החוד .םיינימ םיטקייבואכ םיגצומ םיריעצ םינב ,בוש
12:25   ,הזה רבדה לכ .ליעגמו ינטש,ךלחולמ,החוד
12:32   .םיטוטיצ המכ קר םכרובע יתרחב .ףוסה דע הלחתהמ
12:34   ,סנואל רושיא םש שיש וא .ןונגסב והשמ ליכמ דומע לכ
12:39   .תומילא,תומילא,תומילא וא ,םיריעצ םינב םע ןימל רושיא
12:43   .הלב-הלב-הלב,םימחר גיצהל אל .שאר ףורעל,םומ ליטהל,גורהל
12:49   .עור אלמ לבז .עורה הז
12:56   .הזה לבזה ינפל הווחתשאש ינפל רירק היהי םונהג
13:03   ,ינומכ םיבשוחו יתוא םיאורש ,םכלוכ תא תדדועמ ינא
13:07   ןאכ הדמע טוקנל םיבייח ונחנא .המוד והשמ תושעל
13:11   .הנש 20 תוכחל םילוכי אל ונחנא .וישכעו
13:15   .ונירובע וזה המחלמב ומחלי ונלש םידליהש ידכ ,רוד ךשמב תוכחל םילוכי אל
13:19   .וישכע שממ ןאכ רבכ איה המחלמה
13:21   .רמגנ הזש וא ,הדמע םיטקונ ונחנאש וא
13:24   .בויטויב ןוטרסה תא ולעת .ןארוק ופרשת
13:27   תגסל .תגסל םינווכתמ אל ונחנאש םלועל וארקת
13:30   ץראה רודכ לע היסנכש ךכל הביס שי .תורצונל םיאתמ אל
13:35   .וצרת םא ,יירחא אובל םילוכי םתא ?רדסב,תמחולה הייסנכ תארקנ
13:39   םע היעב יל ןיא.רדסב הז .ואובת
13:43   ,םיאקירמאה יירבח רובע ייח תברקה
13:45   .היסנכה רובעו ,םדאה ינב רובע
13:48   .וחקתו ואובת .הז םע היעב יל ןיא
13:50   .הוויצ ושיש המ אל הז .רתוול תנווכתמ אל ינא לבא
13:53   .עורב םימחלנ ונחנא .המחלמ בישהל םיבייחש םירקמ שי
13:58   .עור הז הזה ארחהו .םלועה לש עורב םימחלנ ונחנא
14:01   9175 קסרובנרוק רכיכב הרג ינא .טדרהנרב ןא ימש
14:07   ינממ הכיתח הצורש דחא לכ .80124 ,ודרולוק ,ירט ןול
14:13   ,םהרג יסדניל יבגל ןוכנ הז .תחקלו אובל ןמזומ
14:17   ,עשפ הזש בשוחש לשממב דחא לכ
14:20   .הזה לבזהמ יל סאמנ .ינממ הכיתח לבקלו אובל הצורש ,ימלסומ לכ וא
14:25   ,םלסיאל ענכיהל תנווכתמ אל ינא ,תווחתשהל תנווכתמ אל ינא
14:30   .םלועל ,אל םלועל