Germany, Rise Up!

You never thought you’d hear a clarion call like that in public, did you?

And there are an awful lot of people who still don’t want to hear it, including quite a few who are otherwise on our side of the fence. They don’t want to see an increase in German national feeling, even if the only alternative is the Islamization of Germany.

It’s music to my ears, however: Germany, arise!

The video below shows an angry protest by a young German woman during a Salafist demonstration last week on the streets of Frankfurt. The original German version has gone viral on the internet, and some people are referring to the heroine of the piece as “the Ann Barnhardt of Germany”. When you watch the clip, you’ll see why — she confronts her countrymen with the same kind of high-spirited scorn for their lack of testicular fortitude.

An interview with the “Heidi” (in English) has been posted at Politically Incorrect.

Many thanks to Kitman for subtitling and YouTubing this video, which I’ve placed below the jump:

29 thoughts on “Germany, Rise Up!

  1. It occurs to me that women, indeed, may be the critical component in public “flare-ups” like this.

    The police will feel more protective of her and, as a woman, she has clearly apparent grievances with Islam’s institutionalized misogyny.

    Also, at least in Europe, Muslim men will feel slightly more constrained with respect to physically assaulting a woman in public because they know that others will more likely come to her assistance.

    More power to German women like Heidi. If you read the interview of her at Politically Incorrect, it is apparent that she still to suffers from persistent multicultural memes but this wonderful lady obviously has begun to break those chains of Politically Correct enslavement.

    Brava, Heidi!!!

  2. History is repeating itself. Soon, it will look like SA vs. Reds all over again: rampages on the streets, civil disorder, riots, general insecurity. We all know what happens next – Hitler was elected legally into office under the same conditions.

  3. There is a whole lot to be learned here,if this had been a man in this situation he would have been labelled as a ranting,racist,islamaphobe.When a woman speaks the truth,the whole world listens.

  4. The American abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison was so passionate about ending slavery and the silence around it that a friend once said that he needed to calm down. “It’s like you’re all on fire,” the friend said. “I need to be all on fire,” Garrison replied, “for I have mountains of ice around me to melt.” We have mountains of ice to melt as well.

  5. Heidi, in her interview which Baron linked, makes an interesting statement, but I suspect one particular word was misconstrued in the translation from the German. It concerns a similar event of Salafists last year, apparently in January of 2010:

    For the first time I was proud of the leftists who had disturbed the event effectively with slogans and banners in favor of Israel. Even if normally I don’t support their opinions.

    Somehow, I don’t think Heidi is referring to the “leftists” we all know and hate. I’d love to know what the German word was she used, and to which precise sociopilitical grouping it referred. There must be a more accurate English translation for it. I have never before heard of any European Leftists supporting Israel this forcefully — and against Muslims to boot (at least not in the last 10 years at least).

  6. I must say that my asymptotic sensors perked up at one point in Heidi’s interview, when she answered the question about her fundamental motivation to erupt against “Islamisation” at this juncture by essentially saying that she wants to help Muslims, “especially women”, as victims of Islam.

    In my estimation this is essentially asymptotic, because it perpetuates hope that there exist Muslims in sufficient numbers worth spending our time and effort saving — when all our time and effort and ingenuity has to be focused upon our #1 priority: our own safety. This means we have to swallow our compassion for the Muslim victims of Islam (however many of them are genuine and not either lying or themselves confused Stockholm-Syndrome enablers of the same Islam that is abusing them and endangering us) and think only about our own Western civilization.

    Nota bene: For the more sophomoric readers who must conceive of everything in simplex terms, what I wrote above does not mean I don’t think Heidi’s spectacle-gone-viral is useful for our movement.

  7. Baron,

    It’s my impression that you know German. If so, could you please tell me what the original German was for this statement by Heidi in the interview:

    “Our thinking affects our acting. Thinking is test-acting!”

    (Or alternatively, could you please link the original German of that interview so I could try to grope through and find it?)


  8. Robert Marchenoir: I told you so.

    So, where are they?

    Publicly protesting shari’a law and Islam in general should be an absolute no-brainer for all women around the world.

    Instead, we are treated to deafening silence if not open collaboration with the Muslim agenda by feminists like Germane Greer.

    This delightful Heidi is the exception that proves the rule.

  9. Robert is once again mentioning somthing about women and their own style of mature yin power, a power hidden and underestimated in our immature yin, superficially feminized (but not feminine) culture.
    Mr. Seikyo has taken what is in actuality immature yin AND yang in a wrong position, and calls it yin, which I have seen done before.

    Regarding Germans, I have long been waiting to hear their, the German, voice at GOV.
    I have to assume that they are either stoic and don’t talk much, or they live in fear of speaking up, even online. Maybe somebody will let me know.

  10. Here’s the original German:

    “Das erste Mal war ich auch stolz auf die Linken, die die Veranstaltung wirkungsvoll mit Parolen und Fahnen für Israel gestört haben. Wobei ich deren sonstige Ansichten nicht vertrete.”

    Here’s the PI-Interview translation:

    “For the first time I was proud of the leftists who had disturbed the event effectively with slogans and banners in favor of Israel. Even if normally I don’t support their opinions.”

    Here’s my slight redaction:

    “For the first time, I was also proud of the leftists who disturbed the event effectively with slogans and banners in favor of Israel. Even if I don’t share their other views.”

    I have no idea which ‘fraction’ of the left “Heidi” is referring to, but I’m guessing that their protest had something to do with the views of Pierre Vogel, also known as Abu Hamza, a German convert to Salafi Islam.

    Interesting that the leftist group was pro-Israel, though . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  11. By the way, “Heidi” doesn’t say “Germany, rise up!”

    What she literally says is “Germany, stand up!”

    In German, “aufstehen” rather than “aufsteigen” — “Deutschland, steh auf,” not “Deutschland, steig auf.”

    She’s calling upon Germans to have courage to stand up and speak out, and she knows to avoid “rise up,” with its echo of the Nazi call to arms.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  12. Jeffrey Hodges, thanks for the translation.

    However, it’s not only surprising that any Leftist group would stand up to be pro-Israel, it is equally puzzling to see any Leftist group stand up to oppose any Muslim group, “Salafist” or otherwise.

    As far as I know, only isolated (and very few) Leftist indviduals have written or spoken anything remotely critical of Islam (Pym Fortuyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Paul Berman, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens).

  13. I got the original German:

    …was wir denken, denn danach handeln wir auch. Denken ist Probehandeln!

    Which PI translated as:

    “Our thinking affects our acting. Thinking is test-acting!”

  14. I’d translate that more loosely:

    “The way we think is the way we act later. Thinking is a way of trying things out in advance.”

    As for the left, though it generally does not protest against radical Islam, it really ought to do so out of consistency to its principles. But the left has often been opportunistic . . .

    By the way, note the spelling of my name.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  15. Thanks Horace Jeffery Hodges,

    I would now refine Heidi’s interesting slogan (if she indeed invented it) thusly:

    Thinking is rehearsal for action!

  16. one of the most amazing thigs about this video is the series of comments it’s getting; especially, somme of the posters are textbook definition of european dhimmis, with their anti-israel libel. This is why we have the problem, because of all the traitors among us

  17. @ Hesperado
    I´m Austrian,
    Concerning the translation: Heidi really says “die Linken”, which means “the leftists”, broadly speaking.

    That said, I am not sure, which part of the left she could mean, considering the fact that Germany has one of the most vicious types of leftists you´ve ever seen. That´s true for the political wing of the party “Die Linke”, which has pretty obvious deep ties to the old regime of the DDR, as well as the organized militia who burns police cars and plunders more or less every day, especially on the first of May.

    I know of very few leftist newspapers or bloggers who support Israel, though there are some, one has to admit.

    Hope i was of some service

  18. Horace Jeffery Hodges: I’d translate that more loosely:

    “The way we think is the way we act later. Thinking is a way of trying things out in advance.”

    What has been omitted here by both Horace Jeffery Hodges and Hesperado is the ultimate context within which Heidi said this during her interview.

    Please note as to where this quote was couched:

    In your opinion, what danger is coming from a group like the one around Pierre Vogel?

    This is very simple to answer as well – as we have made painful experiences for almost a century on this area on German soil. We had the brown and the red pestilence. I’m not sorry, I can’t call this way of thinking otherways, because millions of people have suffered from it and suffer still until today.

    our brain is like a battlefield. We people are basically all the same. what makes the difference between us is the way how we are thinking. Our thinking affects our acting. Thinking is test-acting!

    What Pierre Vogel is doing is simply an elaborate brain washing, like it was the case with Hitler, Goebbels, Stalin, Honecker and how they were all called. He is addressing himself directly towards foreign youths, because they often have problems with their own identity anyway.

    Heidi then goes on to note how Vogel leverages Muslim youth identity issues in order to popularize his own Salafist views.

    In light of this, it may be important to note that Heidi is most likely decrying how Vogel’s “thinking” is a trial balloon, test-drive or dry run (i.e., “trying things out in advance”), for actually implementing Islam’s finalization of Hitler’s Antisemitic genocide.

    Otherwise, it is possible to misconstrue Heidi’s words as exhorting her fellow Germans in order that they change their minds and ways of thinking so that they are actualized as physical objections to Islamic doctrine and jihad in general.

    I do not think this was the case. Therefore, I hope that both Horace Jeffery Hodges and Hesperado will check in with their own reflections upon my attempt at placing this ambiguous quotation in some badly needed context.

  19. To Stefan,

    Just in case you clicked the little box follow up on this thread:

    I would like to know more about the vicious leftists you mentioned. If you have any articles showcasing the characteristics of the German left, would you please inform me/us? And thanks for the post.

  20. @ You New

    I´d surely like to give you lots of information, but, unfortunately, it´s mostly german. I have to admit that i do not read english articles about germany. (Except for the once in a while mockery of europe)

    So there´s the language barrier.

    If you´d ask me for specifics:
    A particularly bad role is played by the evangelical church, who has the typical problem of lacking symbolism (in comparison to catholics) as well as some substitute for it (like the american constitution, which delivers formidable symbolism), which results in bending to every direction, typical epicurean behaviour. Examples would be the support of the gaza fleet with their “peace activists” last year, or the borrowing of churches (some of them hundreds of years old) to imams for “ecumenical” services.
    Well, thats not specifically vicious, but it causes severe nausea.

    The party “Die Linke” is far more left than Obama is ever going to be, guys like Gregor Gysi who are high operatives have a known history of serving in the Stasi, the secret police of the former DDR.

    Then there´s the so called “Antifa”-Groups. (“antifascistic” movements). These are the guys who do the work in the street, for example blocking the city of Cologne in 2009, when the anti-islamication-congress was held, not allowing ANYONE to enter the inner city, including people who live there and wanted to go home. The mayor(!) of Cologne took directly part in this, in the street. Police? They just shrugged their shoulders.
    There are riots held every year on the first of may, leaving dozends of policemen injured in 2010. ( I don´t know the official figures from this year)

    The university is pretty much the same as it is in your country and everywhere else, I guess. Just an example: In our seminar about political theory at the university of Vienna, the ONLY thing we learned about Kant was that he was a sexist and a racist. Funny thing: At the end of the presentation, given by one of the sheepish female students, it seems the professor got a little bit embarrassed about the one-sideness, and asked her: Okay, thats all true, but could you maybe tell us more general what Kant´s position was? The student shook her head meekly and said: well …. i have not investigated that.

    I´m tired for now, all I can say is this: It´s really, really bad.

  21. Dear Stefan,

    Thanks for that brief report on Germany. It was insightful and made me think more about evangelicals and the problem of the degradation of religion and ethics.
    I love Germany and feel very bad when I hear it. I see Germany as the lynchpin of Europe.

    So I’m feeling kind of information-starved. I hope you will speak out much more on future posts. Again, thanks.

  22. Zenster, that’s an interesting analysis, and you may well be correct.

    Perhaps “Heidi” was also doing a bit of ‘test-acting’ herself, trying out a countermove to Pierre Vogel’s move. If so, she seems to have had some success.

    Let’s hope for more of her sort.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  23. Horace Jeffery Hodges: Perhaps “Heidi” was also doing a bit of ‘test-acting’ herself, trying out a countermove to Pierre Vogel’s move. If so, she seems to have had some success.

    Permit me one last observation as to how little irony there is in the way that a Christian nation ― which values women and respects their wish to marry for love ― should also be the place where a brave individual like Heidi can vehemently oppose someone like Vogel who would like nothing more than to force her into marriage and ensure that she was beaten soundly for being such an upstart.

    I can only hope that Heidi appreciates this fact. For in her interview, it is not altogether clear that she rejects Multiculturalism or even links the presence of Islam in her country to that pernicious mindset.

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